Talk to Sahaja Yogis: Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Europe

London (England)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Spreading Sahaja Yoga in Europe

So today I called this meeting because, you see, big announcement of Gregoire getting married. He’s been very sweet to his bride. I liked it. He was very gentle and nice and really took it in the proper sense. I know Rajesh also came with his fiance. He is getting married in August 12th. And the another thing is about how to develop England and Europe together. In England a very substantial force is there no doubt. But we have to think about how to propagate. Now I have thought of one or two things which are lacking in Sahaja Yoga in here, I think. One of them is we have no publicity done. We have not been able to get people for publicity. Now this Times fellow; before I leave, we have to do something about it. You can take it, note it down, it would be better. Note it.

(Sahaja yogis talking)

[NOT CLEAR] better be written down some points, will be better. Behind Me, paper and pencil, you take.

(Sahaja yogis talking)

So what is that you’re taking? It’s better to write it down in short.

Agnya? Alright. Everybody is catching left Agnya. Look at her, with the hands she is trying to… I mean cover her feet or if you have socks, better. It is getting blue with that. Hmm…it’s cold.

o, first this gentleman, what was his name? Mascar or whatever it was, to be contacted. And there is a doctor in Geneva who has taken lot of interest. His name is Dr. Masca. In his presence, I cured about 5 people. So, he sent back to [UNCLEAR] deliberately in My presence. I said alright. Now he is going to study those things. So you tell Gregoire to get after him that he goes and sees these people and they should try to convince the people whom I’ve cured that by giving something in writing they will be helping other people to get cured of Sahaja Yoga. See this is the only way we can really approach these gross people. So, he is going to give an article starting with this, that he saw this miracle, then he saw the raising of the Kundalini, he saw the, I mean the kind of a article you would like to publish if you’d give him a little lead to Gregoire, on these lines. You have to prepare on what lines we are going to publish the thing. We have of course concrete examples you can give, he being a doctor, you see. It will have an effect and that we should publish it in England, because he was also practicing here. He has a house in this merrily ground road or somewhere. So, we can publish in his name. So one of the advantages would be that he being a sort of an authorized person, you can publish this article about Sahaja Yoga in his name. And we can contact Mr. Mascar. Then, in case we are successful, we can have a press conference or something, before I leave, if possible. Or when I come back, I mean we have to work it out in such a way that we also have a press conference later on.

For publicity, see what we have found that this poster business works out wonders. So, when I come back, we have to think on those lines of posters. And we can get very good posters done in India, if you want and can get them by the ship, but if they arrive after four years, don’t blame Me. Find out all the methods by which you can publish. Now, Gregoire’s book, we can take to some publisher and ask him if he would like to publish. Then what about Don’s book? That has to be ready before I leave, so we’ll get it published in India.

Yen, so what’s happening now the little dolly baby? She knows her mother. She knows her mother very well.

So, when we have, I mean we should all sit down and find out how we can publish about or sort of advertise about Sahaja Yoga. You see today even ordinary thing like punk crop or something you know that goes into the eyes of these people, because they create a controversy. Now, you can start a lecture CDs on the false gurus. You people can go ahead with it. You can go on talking about this false guru is like this, that false guru is like this and nowadays another thing they started is magnetism. They put a magnetism and with the photograph of the guru. And they turn the magnet in a different way, you see, and then the bhoot comes in. I mean so many ways they will use, I don’t know this is one of the latest I have seen. So, you see all this. Then there is another thing is that they get the photographs of the terrestrial or some sort of a beings you see out of reach, more surprising! The God, Who is on this earth are My eyes, and [as if?] (beautiful?) the photograph is taken from here so the nose is like that and there is a mike in front. I don’t know from where they got this idea. The lady showed Me, so I said you better write to them. They can find out, I mean look at, what point they are! This is so subtle. And also for this I could say that [Peter?] she has to go around. So I will first give you the way it should be done is you write to Marie. She wants to [UNCLEAR] to go there, Marie. In Switzerland, everybody wants to know about [TM?]. And they said they can arrange lectures for you. But there is one doctor in Germany, who is very anxious to meet you. He is the head, sort of a head in [Trigo?] or someplace. Yes. This doctor, his name I forgot. And he says, ‘No, no there are 20 names and this and that’ – but I told you. But he has got his Realization surprisingly despite the head of a nonsense. I tell you he is so gracious, Sahaja Yoga is so [NOT CLEAR]. Such a man like that, who has been in Sahaja Yoga for years. Ten years or so, is the head of that thing there, he got Realization all right.

(Sahaja Yogi talks)

[NOT CLEAR] (forgetting?) But they will all write to… Gregoire is going to write to you. Thomas. Thomas was so sweet. His wife was, wife means his friend was quite opposing Sahaja Yoga, and, but still he organized on his own and very, very sweet he was and I mean he didn’t have much money but still we arranged all that, but the rest of it was so sweet he did. And, very sensible. He is a very good man. And another was, another was Jack, you remember Jack? The one who came with his wife, who would not give her name.
But this girl from Sydney did not meet Me.

(Sahaja Yogi talking).

Huh? Oh! That’s it! Carrie.

Sahaja Yogi: Another Carrie”.

Shri Mataji: Yeah. Australia is doing very well. Everyday I get a letter from there saying that, “I’ve got Realization, I’ve got Realization,” and it’s a very good way because you see they are writing about what is happening to this. So we have in writing, everything.

Now, this is very important is to go down there. And, one day I’ll sit down with you and tell you what are the points to be covered with these people. They can’t believe it! They can’t believe it! They are so brain-washed, they can’t just believe it. And they said, you see all the head is divided into sixteen parts, I tell you. Horrible Agnya and they don’t want to believe it! They said, “No it is doing good to us, it has done good to so many people,” and this and that. I really, I can’t imagine! But I said there is somebody like this will come and talk to you. They have taken your name, but I wish I had not given the name, because then they will ring up the main head and there they might tell them that some (brain wave?). But in any case you must go and see this man. And then we got two other TM people there, who came to the program, of whom Thomas was rather worried, because he was also in TM. But when these two people came in, they told Me that he is a devil incarnate. I said all right. So, there it started working out. You see then, Thomas got back his confidence also. So, the whole thing turned out very well. I think so, there was something.

[Sahaja yogi talking: blue suits and red tie and…]

[NOT CLEAR] Blue suit was not there, but something he was little elegantly dressed I should say, quite nicely dressed. But not exactly blue suits, but elegantly dressed people. May be they might be Initiator for [NOT CLEAR] but they said that he was the incarnation of devil. They had no doubts. So, this is what, so now you have to work it out.

Now Spain people, out of only their phone numbers, I will get their addresses. And Portugal. All these things are to be looked after. Portugal, Spain, France, Nice. Nice, we’ve got a very good center in Nice. But now, I think Marie is looking after, Marie has been really spending lot of money, she did a lot. She did a lot, I must say. And, she is going to look after Nice. But still you should find out about it, what’s happening. So, we’ve got Portugal, then we’ve got Spain, Madrid, then we’ve got Nice. And the addresses of all these people should be brought in. Today I’ll give you the addresses of California people. Addresses of California is coming. So, Pradhan may be coming here. Then what else? Then we’ve got Paris, Lille. Write it down all these places: Lille, Paris, then, I went to Geneva, then Lausanne, then where did I go next to that? Zurich, Bern. Bern, Bern, Zurich and then Basel. Basel. And then to this Freiburg. Freiburg, where our Rustam has done some job. How are you? How is Mr.(?) I don’t see him at all.

(Sahaja yogi talking)

He is alright now? Upset? So then, what did I say? Then Bonn, Freiburg, then Bonn. But you have to immediately write to Thomas, find out from him what is he doing about it. He wants somebody to go to Bonn, Freiburg. So we have to arrange all these things, you see. There is one lady who is going to Nigeria form there. She might work out it. So, get the list of people. All the list of these
people and their addresses. Portugal, I don’t know if you have written to them, Portugal people. What have you?

(Sahaja yogini talking)

But you wrote?

(Yogini talking)

They sent a letter to this girl. They have sent her a letter. So better, write to her also so that form a complete circuit with them. So, this is the she is unhappy about something is to be put on the other side I think . She is on one side she has been too much. Little move her to this side. So, now for England. Our great poet Blake has already… Did you read that Blake’s thing? Wonderful! Just imagine! What a prophecy! What a prophecy! So correct – and foundation so laid. See actually, he is seeing, just imagine how great they are in the laws of divine! You see that he prophesized, but for other people, you people don’t understand the value of all these things that you’re doing. And we should see the profoundness of the whole thing – how profound it is, how we are handling the whole situation ourselves, I mean you are not understanding and realizing how deep it is and what it means. We are taking it still in a stride I think. Imagine him to write all these things and all the prophecies he has made, now at least that will give I think some boost to London Sahaja Yogis. How? That they will realize their importance and that what important, I mean Jerusalem means the pilgrimages. That means Jerusalem is now going to shift from there to here. So what a great thing! Great prophet. He was a prophet. You see, I picked him out. Gavin, you remember? I went to see all his works. I mean, I picked him out. I didn’t know all this that he has done it. I didn’t know about this poem also this Jerusalem one. And I think Warren has given Me one book but I read a little bit here and there not much. But I’m now going to read all that. Look at him. What a poet you had. Prophet, a real prophet he was. What a prophecy! He might be [NOT CLEAR]. So precise. So precise, imagine! And beautifully described! Really beautifully described. This is, who has done this? Jeremy has found out, is it?

Sahaja yogi talking: Jeremy and then .[NOT CLEAR] and then Jeremy found this thing.

Shri Mataji: One has to go into his works to find out what he has prophesized more.

Sahaja Yogi: He got the whole, complete and also he got the complete work…

Shri Mataji: Great! Jerusalem. All right. So now for Jerusalem, what is to be done? That we have to find out. That is to be little bit worked out in various methods, you see?

Gregoire has certain ideas. He said that we should materially improve ourselves first of all. Little bit. For presentation it’s important he said that. Gregoire, you see, he is very practical. He said, the presentation should be, if not blue suits at least there should be some proper English suits, that should be worn because an Englishman like a hippy won’t be accepted anywhere. An Englishman to be dressed up properly is important. So, that is something you find out what thing proper is. But need not be absolutely one-color stuff but everybody should try to. For presentation, when you go to a, say, a meeting or something, it should appear that it belonged to old, old style English traditional person. See, so people take you seriously, which was Gregoire’s very good idea because for all these functions, he told all the people in Switzerland that they must dressup properly. And then how to behave in a program and all that, he is very particular you see? For a newcomer, as he said to Me that for a newcomer, what matters is your outside. They don’t know about your inside and how you behave and all that. He said that, “Mother you make a little outline for that and discuss with all the London people also.” How to work out the outside behavior of Sahaja Yogis when they go to a meeting or hold a meeting or work it out in a way. Because it should look like one group and working out together. One group is the main point is, you see? And everybody should support each other in the presence of others. See otherwise it looks as if some blind people are trying to lead other blind. It should appear that you people have achieved something and that you are all in one tune with each other or there is no quarrel between you and there is no indignity. Because if others, when they see you in this manner, they get frightened and they run away. So, he said that for that I have to make some outline, but I would like to have suggestions from you people and also on top of that, I hope you’ll make it ready by this week. All of you to give Me suggestions as to what sort of things we should have, which will look presentable to people. Like you see, they expect something of an Englishman and if that is not there, then they tell, “These are some of the craps,” you see. So, Gregoire’s idea was correct that they should appear in this way and I think you should think over it. What should be done for. And secondly, we have to find out, see the places where I visited and try to allocate places to every Sahaja yogi, who would like to look at those places. Now what happens to people who come and go away? What is the reason? You should find out. Go and talk to them. You must make a study of that. Why do they come to Sahaja Yoga and then disappear? One of the reasons, as these people discussed was this, that, people are very naive. They don’t know what to expect. So, Don’s book is also after realization, you see? There should be a small introduction of Sahaja Yoga according to them a small little introduction to Sahaja Yoga, what to expect, what to find. I think, one of My speeches is there which I gave you. We can sit down and chart out an introduction to Sahaja Yoga. What are we to expect, you see? And a very direct thing should be there. And, I mean for advertising, say for example you want to have a meeting somewhere, you can even have pamphlets, you can even distribute and things that people can come and intensively we should work out in every place. Then it will grow faster. Pune is doing very good work, Pune. Tremendous. Apart from that, Bombay is doing very well. Rajesh was saying it is going very well in Maharashtra. But the only difference between Maharashtra and other places is this: that they know about it beforehand. They know Kundalini, they know what to expect, you see. This is what is missing. So if you can give it in writing, what to expect out of Self Realization, and very directly – the points. First what to expect, what is Self Realization? What is Self? Very, very directly, you see, absolutely. So that anybody who wants to read can see that. And then he should see that what to expect and all. If we can prepare something like that, then you prepare a sort of a, what you call a framework and then we can fill it up. But should not be complicated, simple and very direct. Because even Don’s book is after Realization. Before Realization, that book is bit too much. We can do it in small, very small way. There is no need to question and answer sort of thing we can do it very direct. Now, after Realization, people go away, you see. Now for that also we have to understand why. Why people go and what should we do to stop them? Some of them whom I talked to, you see, why they went away is that some say there is no love between Sahaja Yogis. This is a very important point. They do not talk to each other with love. You see this is the fellow from Rajneesh, he was, and he said in Rajneesh there is lot of love. Well, you see it is filth, you know there, but doesn’t matter. To him outsider he sees everybody, you see, very friendly and nice and this and that. So, the kind of dryness and arrogance or we can say fighting and all that nonsense should be avoided. So, all this we have to chart it out, but this is one of the reasons. Secondly, they said that some of the Sahaja Yogis talk in such a manner as if they are great, you see. They have achieved a lot and very egoistically they talk. And that repels people. They should talk in a softer way. That might be hinting at Gregoire, maybe, I don’t know. But I must say Gregoire’s shouting helps other way around. I mean many people become very alert. But his style is different you know. So everybody should not take to the same style. You can have different styles of approaching people. It’s like Gavin and Gregoire both go hand-in-hand very well. I mean if they both of them approach somebody, then the left and right both are put together. Such combinations should be found out. You see where, the great thing is the friendship of Sahaja Yogis, you see. The great friendship must be developed.
That friendship I don’t know, should be like, Ram said that Pradhan is coming everybody felt very happy, you see. Why? After all Pradhan is such an old man, 75-year old man coming here. But you feel so close to him, why? Because you are born of the same Mother and you are doing such a tremendous work and all these fellow feelings should come like a soldier fights with [INAUDIBLE] others are also fighting the same way. But that is not there. You see it is more artificial. Sort of… I think that is what is… huh?

Sahaja Yogi : Everyone’s attention is on very petty things all the time.

Shri Mataji : I think so.

Sahaja Yogi : There is not sort of enthusiasm and fire. Sort of, you know, energy [NOT CLEAR] It’s all whose turn is it to do this
and I mean.

Shri Mataji: That, that should be stopped completely. That’s what I was saying. Why not get a maid servant for the Ashram? Better get a maid and pay herthan to worry about it. This is something that will pull you down so much. I tell you so much. Hopeless.

Sahaja Yogi: Also I think there is a tendency to become a kind of hypochondriac, Mother. People become obsessed with their catches, you know, and they sit there and just worrying about what catch they have got and all this, and they won’t do anything
for Sahaja yoga, you know. They just worry about themselves all the time.

Shri Mataji: See? Now, for this I’ve told Harry that you should not worry – now leave your hand, just sit, still I will look after it. You should not worry about your catches at all. The more you worry, the more the, they will be there. Now for example, you are very subtle. Gavin knows this point very well. As you were subtler and they were subtler also. Very clever. They would like to come in the program to disturb Me. I’ll give one of the examples. That in the program, they’ll come just to give a feeling that you’re unwell. You start behaving like that. So the other people, who are there they say, see they are unwell why should we be here? Then they start clearing yourself out like that. See all these things go against good publicity. Then their attention is on your, ‘I’m catching here I’m catching there’. The more you do that, the more they will be there. It’s all not catching anywhere. They will run away. See, they are there just to create a problem for Me and for Sahaja Yoga. So, better tell your mind that, “You get out from here. We don’t want any help. Had enough of you.” If you do that it will work out. Or you should, best thing is to say, ‘Surrender’. Surrender is the only way. Anything comes, “I’ll surrender myself to Mother, finished. All these things will go away. That’s the best way. Then you start seeing [?] very clearly, which I’ve been talking to Harry. That he would used to worry like, “Where should I put my attention?” I said you just don’t worry just say, ‘I surrender everything to you Mother’. Finished. Don’t try to do anything. Don’t try to take out. Just surrender. They’ll all run away. Otherwise they will be there creating a nuisance out of you.

You see the trouble is the whole society is individualistic, you see. So to get out of that individualistic society into a real social being, in the sense that it has to be a real Sahaja Yogi collective being, then one has to remember not to pay any attention to yourself. What is so important? [NOT CLEAR] who am I?

Sahaja Yogi: This is what I’ve been saying on Friday night.. It tends to be that people come in and they just think about themselves and they work on themselves without going to someone and saying, ‘Can I help you? Can I do this for you?’

Shri Mataji: No, No. That is also another subtler work is that I’ll help you. I’ll do this for you. Because this is again the missionary part of it. I must tell you because Christians should be aware of it. What these missionary business of helping you. Whom are you helping? You are helping yourself. The more you are with others, the more you are enjoying yourself.

Sahaja Yogi : Being collective.

Shri Mataji Just be collective. Just do it because you like it, you love it and by which you are the winner not the other. You are the ones who are going to gain not the others. The more you [you will do it?] the more you [will gain?] But, [it’s becoming?] subtler and subtler. Like one would say that I am doing it because I become more powerful. What am I? Because after all ascent is the point, isn’t it? You have to ascend. How far you have ascended in Sahaja yoga, how far your vibrations are alright, how far you have gone deeper is the main point. And that can only be achieved, only be achieved through surrender, nothing else. Nothing else. Before and after. Putting your attention, complete surrender. That will work out. That will absolutely neutralize all these things [UNCLEAR hypochondriac …?] just put all the troubles onto Me. Even to this point [INAUDIBLE] like he, Harry, I’ve been studying you people through him very well. That, just now I talked to Harry and I told him that how subtle it becomes that, he’s a very nice person, good-hearted, everything. But the bhooths are not. So, today I talked to Maharaj, this fellow from Africa. And in his talk, I discovered, he said, I was talking about a doctor, and he told Me a sentence, “Mother, he is judging you”. And that’s how he got
hot and I said, “That’s it.” Anything that judges Me is wrong, like, “She’s doing this because She loves us.” Even this point. Who are you? You see the subtleness, the subtle point behind this. Can you see it? That’s what I told him. See Hanumana gets angry on this point. Hanumana, absolutely hundred percent. Who are you? Why should She love you? And because She loves us that’s why you
must accept what am I saying to you.

What’s that? Hello? Just open the door. Who else has come?

[Sahaja yogini talking]

Hello your friend is coming is it? Who is coming? She is trying to talk to Me. She doesn’t like when I don’t pay any attention to her. All right. Hello. How are you? It is nice to see you. Sit down. Sit down.

So, how it becomes subtler and subtler, one should see. And one should face it. And when the subtle ways, I must say there is a difference between the senior Sahaja Yogis and this thing. You just see this. There is a understanding, there is. Anything should be done from the Sahaja Yoga point of view. Are we helping Sahaja Yoga or not. I think maturity comes with age. The concern should be Sahaja Yoga. And even if you, I mean I said you must take up jobs. You must earn. Have to work. You have to improve your styles and things. Somewhat, but for Sahaja Yoga. It’s to be done for Sahaja Yoga. That’s not the aim. Aim is Sahaja Yoga. That’s the main point is. That Sahaja Yoga should be placed as the highest thing and then only it will work out, because all these subtle things will disappear. Otherwise these subtle things swallow you. And they come as [UNCLEAR], you see, and they will give you ideas and things and it will start losing sight of it, because you must know that you have been prophesized long time back. And you are doing such a tremendous work. It’s such a great work you are doing. I wish you could realize it, because even that understanding is very subtle. Then all other things you just throw away. That Sahaja Yoga itself is self established and have this self-esteem thing. It does not need from you. Only thing by taking it up yourself, you improve in your status. Like that. Now see you understand. You’re doing no favor to Sahaja Yoga or to Mataji Nirmala Devi. You’re doing favor to yourself. Now, this point is the point I tell you. All right? So you surrender. Surrendering is the only way. There is no other way. And that’s how these problems can be solved.

Now, so how do we do it? [UNCLEAR] Good, good, come along, come along. How are you? Good. Who else is coming from Cambridge? John will be coming. Dalla would come, I’m sure.

[Yogi talking]

Not yet arrived. Hmm. How to do it? By not doing it [is?]. By surrender. Then you do everything. You see, when you become dynamic if you are not becoming dynamic that means you are a gone case. You see the judgment point.

[Yogi talking. Everyone laughing]

You can’t say that now. You think so? I don’t think. I’ve been tracing you people all over. Of course sometimes I used to get [UNCLEAR] I must say the people in this country have only one problem, is lethargy. [UNCLEAR] get active also, they can be only bathroom cleaners. This is the problem. So, the inactivity can be dangerous. But I’m saying of non-action, I’m not saying of inactivity, where the feeling that I’m doing something is not there. You have to be active, extremely active, but say, “I’m not doing it,” surrendered. If you are lethargic, then you are no good. I mean you are absolutely [UNCLEAR], tamasik, left side. Well, if you are active and you know that it’s all surrendered, “I’m not doing it”. Then inactivity, is not non-action. Non-action is very different. Like the sun comes and gives you light, it just emits. It is non-action. It doesn’t say, “I’m doing it”. You see the difference between the two. It should be clearly understood.

Sahaja Yogi : [There is a feeling?] Mother that sometimes there is a tendency to feel that if you do something in an active way, that you may get a catch in the left or right heart … and sense of and there is a tendency then not to do anything since we go closer of your… [UNCLEAR] worried of catching or doing something … And that’s the hypochondria, “I’m catching on left heart so I
can’t do anything.”

Shri Mataji Sahaja Yoga is not for such cowards. They are useless, they better get out. You see, it’s meant for people, who are real warriors, you see, we need soldiers.

Sahaja Yogi : We must fight now. We got to get out and fight.

Shri Mataji They will go out of circulation. Don’t you worry. All such people. Very soon. So, those who are afraid of catching they go out of circulation. Here we are not here to look after your chakras. We are here to work for Sahaja Yoga. When you start working for Sahaja Yoga, you are automatically cured and geared up. That’s what it is.

Sahaja yogi : Donna(?) said something appropriate when we were talking. She said one has to look after little ones [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji She is working for all of you left, right everywhere. That’s a game. That’s a game she’s playing. The game [UNCLEAR] and smiling too.

Sahaja Yogi : This is what we must realize that they work very hard.

Shri Mataji Extremely, extremely hard. And they scream and shout and everything

Yogi: It is quite obvious that when someone comes in, you got a bad catch, because the working-out starts immediately with things.

Shri Mataji What things? Better you learn from someone. I should be the one, who is catching the most. Yeah. What [UNCLEAR] may be now, hmm, may be that is, I don’t know. You see it’s the mathematics, which cannot be calculated easily. It’s the thing you go five
steps forward, three steps backwards, eight steps forward, four steps backwards, ten steps forward, eleven steps backwards. And where do you reach? What is the speed? That’s what England is. That everybody of the whole is progressing. No doubt. Slow and steady. We’ll win the race.

Yogi : I mean the wind of change came in the last week when this girl arrived from Australia I mean it was really some [UNCLEAR] so positive and everything else like that.

Shri Mataji: They are the children of convicts, you see? So, so fresh. Anik, there is another one. Her name was Anik. She met us in [UNCLEAR]. She came all the way to meet Marie. She went round and took all the posters. You see Marie as usual product of England. So she said, ‘Mother’, she didn’t tell Me beforehand. She had put the advertisement in the paper. But, she didn’t find out