The Way of Kundalini

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1980-10-20 The Way of Kundalini, 74'
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“The Way of Kundalini”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 20 October 1980.

It is said that Sahaja Yoga is the culmination of all the yogas. But it is a very contradictory statement because Yoga means union with God. Then how can it be culminating? That means the first thing we have to know is the meaning of Yoga is the union with God. If union with God is the thing, then how can it be culminating? I mean that is what it is. So others are not yogas. They are maybe stepping stones. Till you have not met Me you have not met Me. Before that whatever you have done. For example you got into the car, then you got into the train. You came all over here. Still it is not Yoga. Till you have not received your Self-Realisation it is not Yoga. So all other yogas should not be called as yogas as far as union with God is concerned. So what is the meaning of word Yoga in other sense, like Raja Yoga they call it and other yogas they have got. Like Manana Yoga, means meditation Yoga. And other systems, many other systems they try to preach about. Like Hatha Yoga. Then I saw today some more names about it, Sanyasa Yoga. So Yoga has become sort of a tale for all the names that have something to do with God I believe. But it has no meaning. Because if the culmination is Sahaja Yoga, then other yogas have no meaning.

So what is the meaning of Yoga? It has double meaning. One is the union with God. Another is the technique, the kausala, the technique. So the first part is of course Sahaja Yoga, is union with God. The other part is of technique. Now if you see that union with God is the culmination and if that is the goal there cannot be any technique, because it is a spontaneous happening. We spontaneously become the higher personality. Like a chick in the egg becomes the bird. Or we can say the potential egg becomes the chick. Now what does he do? What is the technique? There is no technique. No technique for the egg at all. Now what is the technique the mother does? Nothing. The mother bird also just gives the warmth of her love to the egg and spontaneously it becomes a chick. Because in the egg it is built in to be a chick. Only thing is that she gives the warmth. There is no technique. Does a chicken know any techniques? Can chicken read books? Can she go to a Guru to pay money? Can she do these things? If she wants to transform a little egg into a little chick, she only knows instinctively that she has to sit on the eggs with care, instinctively. And to give warmth to the egg. And spontaneously it is done. It is all done already by nature by God. So she cannot do anything about it. Once you understand the right meaning of Yoga, that it is technique as well as it is union with God.

So one can understand when people talk of technique, what do they talk of? It is all imaginary blah blah blah. Supposing I want to become a guru and I am an Indian, or say Mexican or someone like that. I can come and tell you “Oh, you can get your Self-Realisation, but first you have to cleanse yourself.” Now how do you cleanse? Water of Life should be there to cleanse you. Bible has talked about Water of Life. But where is Water of Life? How are you going to cleanse yourself? We must ask question to ourselves. How are we going to cleanse ourselves? How did Christ cleanse them? Just by touch or looking at them. Finished. What technique did He use? Did He make them sit for hours together in padmasana or did He make them stand on their heads? Did He? He just touched them. And how did He cleanse? Because He was an authority on that. He was the power of cleansing. He was that pure Himself, that anybody whom He touched got purified. So there cannot be any technique as far as cleansing is concerned. That is why it is said that you must find out a proper guru, a real guru. Because in the company of a real guru, your attention starts moving out from useless frivolous things and you start thinking of your Spirit. Because your guru is spiritually endowed. You see the lifestyle of the guru. You see how the guru is. You see how he behaves. How compassionate he is. How patient he is. How unassuming he is. How simple he is. And you start thinking that I should be like him and there must be something about him. The way he is so kind and so patient and so peaceful and so loving. This should impress you. Not how much money he has got, how many castles he has bought, how many houses he has got, how many kingdoms he rules. The kings and the queens have nothing to do with religion and God. They have nothing to do whatsoever. They have to look after the kingdom. The man who lives with his own earnings, like Christ was a Son of a carpenter. So He used to live like a carpenters son. He did not buy any castles or any big place or anything, and He used to go to a mount and give sermons to people. In the same way we have to see that when people talk of technique we should also find out what sort of personalities they are.

First of all such a person is to be compassionate. At least on the face there should be some light of love. All kinds of dullards, hypocrites, swindlers and criminals can become gurus by your naive understanding of spirituality. They have to be very very simple people, easily approachable, knowledgeable and extremely humble and simple. Now the technique people are talking now, as I’ve told you there cannot be any technique for Realisation. And if there is any technique it starts after Realisation. For example there is no technique to put these lights on. It is the simplest thing. Just press the button, is there. It is all built in, done. But if you have to correct it or if it has now gone out of order, there is a technique. Also there could be a technique, once the power flows how to manoeuvre it, how to take it around. If you have to decorate say this room with small small bulbs, then you must know how to connect it with the mains. But if there is no electricity what technique are you going to do? First of all there should be that power flowing in you. It would be something like a bankrupt planning a trip to America. It is that absurd. First of all if the power is not there what technique can you have? It is as simple as that. But because we are supposed to be intellectuals, we like some sort of a difficult stuff, you see we don’t want to eat like this we want to eat from this side. We must have a technique to eat our food like that, and if there is a simple method we think it is very silly; How can that be? It has to be absolutely horrifyingly difficult and complicated. Otherwise an intellectual is not satisfied. It must be something that you normally do not know. For example pulling your hair, normally you don’t do. Somebody might say that. Or somebody might say that take out all you clothes and start jumping. This is a technique. For that you immediately get nine hundred Englishmen running up to the point, paying five pounds each and jumping. And we have got.

But when you say there is no technique, people are not happy. Because there is no satisfaction of the ego. “What are we doing about it?” Now what did we do to become human beings? Did we cut our tails? We just became. It is built in, Sahaja. It is spontaneous. It is within you. You do not have to go anywhere to find it. It is within you. Everybody has said the same thing. They were all false people. Now these new people have come up and giving you ideas. They cannot embrace anything that has been handed over to us from generations. They cannot see the unity of all the religions. They cannot see anything. They have to earn their own living. Not living, their own comforts and their own palaces. So they have to take out something new. Have you heard anywhere in any religion which is established, that you take out your clothes and jump, you get to God, I mean every animal does that. And how does it go in to the logic of intellectuals? I don’t know what is happening with the intellectuals. The intellect has become a fermented nonsense I think now. Because how can you accept such nonsense, absolute nonsense. That you pay for it and get yourself hurt. I don’t mind. You do what you like. You can be absurd, foolish, stupid, do what you like. But you hurt yourself. Your inner being is hurt by these things. Hurt beyond repair. It can be a very dangerous game these people are playing because they mesmerise. If they would not mesmerise you, you would not believe them.

So we have to understand that there cannot be any technique if it has something to do with God. It has to work out spontaneously, just by a touch, a glance is sufficient, if the person is that pure. What are you purifying yourself for? Why? Like many people believe that we must suffer. Who has told you this? You mean to say God created you, His own children on this Earth. Filled you up with all His bounties and then now He wants you to suffer. Is He mad? Will any father do that? Is there any father alive on this earth who wants his children to suffer? Christ crucified Himself for your sake. Actually it was your stupidity which crucified Him, that you could not recognise Him at all. Now why do you want to suffer for that? All these self destroying, society destroying, nations destroying ideas cannot come from God because He is constructing you to be the citizens of His beautiful Kingdom. Why will He destroy you? Why will He make you suffer? It has to be a beautiful thing that should happen. Now I want to tell you about this technique today because it is coming to my notice many a time that people are of two types. Some of them ask me that you must give us a technique. So many people have suggested to me, some pale white Sahaja Yogis, that “Mother unless and until they get some sort of a technique, people wont do Sahaja Yoga.” But I say what is the technique? Am I to tell them lies? So now a new type of people have arrived. Who are now saying that this is one of the techniques. I mean you cannot satisfy human beings, if they want to escape, good. They will escape. They’ll find out some method which their intellect soups up to escape. Intellect has a special quality that can also cheat you very well.

Now you see within us these are the things that are already present. What do we have? First of all we have this power of desire. This is expressed outside as left sympathetic nervous system in the gross. Then another we have got here the power of action. Which expresses its self as right side sympathetic. When you go into too much of action, ego is speaking. When you too much go into inactivity and lethargic then super ego comes. [INAUDIBLE] that when you try to do too much of this, or you go to people who are mesmerisers and things like that. Or you take to drugs and take certain types. And you take to certain methods or so-called techniques, then you can move from here, which is the subconscious area within yourself, into collective subconscious. Now this is another power, which deals with the action. Over activity or any such techniques will give you activity can move you from this to this side, into collective supraconscious. And down below here is the hell. Now so what have you got? One side is collective subconscious falling down, where all the sly nonsensical people are still being together as they are being punished to the absolute. On the right-hand side we have got supraconscious very ambitious people, and Hitler and all that sitting down there to give ideas “I am this, I am that, I am”. Down below you have got Hell where you can go very fast. But the Kundalini doesn’t just go down. To think of it, you don’t need much technique.

So in the centre we have got this path of our evolution, by which we have arrived at the point where we are human beings. So you are a human being. On two sides you have got these collective horrible, dead things. Down below is the hell and I don’t know what you can do put this down. That also you have to plan out well, otherwise you will miss it. There are now people who are trying the level past Ganesha. See there is a technique for that also perhaps. Now when this day they want to give you a technique for today. They can use your ego or super-ego, because of only two things. The main thing is that Kundalini which gives you Self-Realisation is sleeping nicely. You cannot have it at all. You cannot touch Her. So what do they do? Well they basically. They say that to awaken Kundalini will give you a [INAUDIBLE].

Actually what they do is to use your ego to suppress the super-ego, if it is too much. Or they do is to suppress your ego with your super-ego. Now say the psychologists. I’m sorry if there are any. With due respects. What do they do? They try to develop your ego to suppress your super-ego. Like they’ll pamper if there is an alcoholic, technique is yours. They put the one before him or maybe the whiskey that he likes very much, and tell him and condition him by telling him that you are so powerful. You are not going to drink. Just one drink. Now what does it maintain? Where does it go, all this value? It goes into the balloon of Mr. Ego here, which suppresses this ego, super-ego, and they feel better. You do not drink. All right you do not drink, but then you start beating your wife. Because what is the escape? Because if you give up super-ego, then you, they’ll have your ego. Now the other technique would be to develop your super-ego by mesmerising. There are many people, I have seen, who are taking to mesmerism very seriously. I mean in the medicine also. I’m sorry to say there are people of medicine here. They are mesmerising people for their own comfort without understanding what they are up to. Both things are unauthorised. Means if you mesmerise people you put them into super-ego. So a person who is very violent, he becomes subdued. A sadist have become masochist. I mean they’ve [INAUDIBLE] subdued the violence. So all these techniques are very temporary and will pass out. Because one side develops, the other doesn’t. We have to see this point clearly, because Sahaja Yoga is not meant for such people who want to go into all this surplus and all this kind of actions. It is a very simple thing, that there is a Kundalini based in the triangular bone, which is to be awakened, which passes through all these centres, pierces through this and gives you a real balance.

The other technique is that you get somebody from church. I mean it makes Me laugh when I see all that. Very seriously they’ll get some water. Bring the child, put it on the head and baptise. How can you? What sort of thing is it? It is just mechanical. It is so much mechanical, people are discovering it so rapidly that all over the places I find the churches are [INAUDIBLE]. Because there is no living work there. It has to be living experience itself. It’s a mix up. Mix this and this together. It is that absurd. That the person who may go to church every day, there is no transformation within him. At the most through ego they might control his super-ego. Or through super-ego he might manage. But living thing is here, which has to go to your heart. And in any living growth people move in stages, in the same way in Sahaja Yoga also. But for some people it can be very fast growth, very, very fast. If you are complicated. If there are problems. If there is something wrong with you chakras, you are being misidentified, you have habits which you cannot overcome. It takes some time. It doesn’t matter. After all what have we been doing so far? So the growth takes place. In the first stage when the Kundalini rises She touches all these chakras and She indicates all the fingers of the Sahaja Yogis, what is the problem. Then the Sahaja Yogi, because he is connected and the power is flowing from his hands, he can correct. he can try to manoeuvre the Kundalini , which is awakened. Takes it out from here and when it pierces through the fontanel bone area. You can see it with you naked eyes, and you have seen all of you, most of you, if the Kundalini passes, She goes out and pierces. She also looks after other organs and this and that. Now when She goes up also Kundalini falls down. It is a common experience of Sahaja Yogis that

Six steps forward, six steps backward, then four steps forward, two steps backward, then eleven steps forward and twelve steps back. Where do you reach? Because of these seven chakras and their permutations and combinations within. Now within western mind is a big machinery here going on. They are very speedy people you see. They never arrive at a point. After, always before. That’s why making a point to come late. They’ll arrive… suppose the plane has to go – leave by eleven o’clock. At seven o’clock they’ll start saying “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” like a jockey, you know. And they are on the horse already and the horse is saying: “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go”. By the time they reach the airport they find that there’s no plane going today. All such things happen. And because of these western ideas and things, a big problem arises which we should bring solution [INAUDIBLE]. When the Kundalini rises – here, She ends up on the Sahasrara. Now within us are three very important problems; one is heart, other is liver and the third is the brain. So when the Kundalini first rises you should see it clearly, She goes to the brain and not to the heart. So the enlightenment of the brain or awareness we can say, awareness.

So the truth is gone in the brain but not in the heart. First stage is that clearly that the Kundalini goes there. Now on top of the head here is the spirit sitting down. The Kundalini has to go and meet the spirit, the seat of the spirit. But the seat is there the spirit actually is in heart. So the information goes to the spirit that Kundalini has risen and every information goes to the brain. And then the spirit starts emitting these vibrations. Now after that it is very necessary to keep it still in your brain. Because the sound [INAUDIBLE] of Kundalini has arrived and as soon as you go out of the hall you start thinking of about it. The Kundalini goes down actually [INAUDIBLE]. So I’ve told people that for the first seven days mantra should be “Don’t think”. Because when the Kundalini goes down, She is hurt. I’ve seen some Kundalinis [INAUDIBLE] they have been [INAUDIBLE] really, really terrible. Horrible, and some of them I’ve seen big, big bhoots and all the time pain in head, suggests the helplessness. Because a seeker who is the only child of this Mother Kundalini, She’s your individual mother, does not understand that I should allow Her to work it out and take over and leave everything to Her hands. They get Realisation, the vibrations start to emit. “Oh”, they think, “Oh how can it be?” How can that be so simple? How can it work out that way? This is, there is no big thing. Nothing, started cool breeze coming. So what is so great about, what is so Kundalini about? And we don’t believe it. For them it suits better that every Sunday in their tradition, go to church and come back. At least you have to buy your shoes and your dresses. Must wear nicely and go to church. Here nothing. You must sit down and get truth. And if you hear Me, My, [INAUDIBLE] what a worst part. Like you have to stand on your head thirty-five times. You have to wash your hands hundred-and-five times or hundred-and-eight times, maybe fully. You have to pull out your hair and not to go to a barber. We have such cults you’d be surprised, that just pulling out their hair morning till evening. They are not supposed to go to the barber. Imagine by going to the barber is God going to be angry with you? What is the justification for all these silly things you are doing in the name of God? It’s a happening inside, it has nothing to do with outside.

This is one of the reasons why Kundalini falls down. It is very common. Because it goes into three stages. First stage is when the Kundalini catches, whatever may be your problems. What ever may be the conditions of your chakras. Whatever may be your previous lives, past lives. She forgets the past and says give them the Realisation [INAUDIBLE]. Let the power flourish. Like whatever may be the condition of these gurus. First the light comes with us a little; you show that there is light, gradually. But if you start thinking this after that. The wobbling of these two, ego and superego. She thinks they are not interested in Me; She just pulls down. This is one of the reasons. Second thing is our attention, is. It is covered in this portion as I told you and covers Nabhi as you rise above like this. The attention is there. So the attention is also there just kind of tent pulled out here. Now if you are attached to, say some guru, or somebody who has taken to the left or to the right and you are like that. Then because of the force of these gurus you are pulled down. Poor Kundalini what can She do? She is again pulled down. There are so many subtle things in you, which start working and She is pulled down. And once Kundalini is not there, people cannot have any feeling in Sahaja Yoga. They also forget they felt the cool breeze. They do not want to find out what was it like, what does it mean, what it says. Because they got it free. If they had paid for it, they would have at least worried and found out, are we befooled. Because supposing they have to file a suit, or sue Me in the court, they would have to find out at least, what I was telling. But there is no such a thing, because you came in your own freedom, you got your Realisation, you lost and finished. Nobody is going to ask Me questions, so it is finished. Imagine Realisation you get; the last thing, the epitome of happiness, every happiness in life, the highest that you are seeking. For ages you have been searching. You have been going mad in to the hills and dales and in the caves. You have been asking for it in your prayers in everyway. That you see even in Zeus. Because of the evolutions [INAUDIBLE] and these ego activities try to crush the Kundalini, She goes down and then to raise it as a temper. But She doesn’t want it. She thinks let’s give it to you in the next life. She feels insulted and hurt. And that is how many people come to Sahaja Yoga, they drop out. It is their loss. Not the loss of Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga is established by itself. It is your loss. That is what is to be told to people.

Then second thing is about the attention I must tell you. As it is in the West we have problems about attention, much more than here. In India we have some other attentions, here some other attentions. Let’s deal with the western mind. But we can say that Indians is going in the shocks, say in Oxford circus. He would be going mad with things, plastics, this that he would be buying there. Spending lot of his time in plastics. I mean they carried plastics than nylons. That makes you laugh, but what makes them laugh also we should understand is that the way you are going in the string. You go to the market and you’ll look at women. I mean you are not going to purchase women; you are going to purchase a thing. And by the time you finish your shopping you find you have not bought what you wanted to buy. Woman will go buy, say shirt for the man and they’ll end up with the spectacle. Because attention is so wobbly, and conditioning of this too much in the West also because of your media. The way people talk about women and sex and this and that, is bit too much. What is there to talk about it? I just don’t understand. I mean are you going to go ruined? You talk so much and produce nothing. You have such a minus a growth in this country, that no wonder you are afraid of the immigrants because they are having a proper growth, while you people are not producing anything. You don’t want to produce and then you cannot. In Switzerland I was surprised, out of five only one family can produce. You are ruining your attention completely, and this attention is the only thing which we can little bit control. There is no technique about it.

On this point I would say, that in places, eastern places, even in China also. Now I don’t know. Americans have gone there. I don’t know what they are going to do there. But in China also I found that the attention is controlled. Chitta Nirodha is to control your attention. It is said that you should not see which your mind tends you all the time to see. There might be some bhoot; there might be some possession which might be there. Keep out your eyes. This is basically a very wise attitude, but somehow it missed in the West from out. I don’t know how. The attention becomes such big nonsense. But this is a very big problem, that our attention is bored. It has come to us because of our circumstances, our atmosphere, our style in thinking. People don’t understand what it is and how it affects us and how it is dangerous to have this kind of attention. The liver sustains our attention, imagine. How can your liver be all right if your attention is going there, there, there like that? Just think of it. It has to be in a position from where you can control your attention. Imagine a pilot is sitting in the plane and his attention here and there. What will happen to the plane? In everything we talk of concentration, but not as far as our heart is concerned. They will fall in love hundred times and I don’t know how many hearts they have got the way they are.

It’s a very sad thing. It’s a very sad thing that has happened to us, by which our attention is so disturbed. That’s why we are so speedy. We don’t know. We are wobbly. We are nervous. We are tense. This is the thing is most important, is our attention. That’s the only thing we could have get all right. But either it is drawn by materialism by material things, plastics and things like I told your, or by other nonsense; women and other nonsensical things. That’s how our esteem gets very much reduced to some sort of an attention. I mean so frivolous that you can’t imagine. I’ve seen even people who in very big positions, I mean very big, supposed to be kings, queens and things like that. Their attention is like that. Our queen was so dignified when she went down to Rome and her attention would not go to the nonsensical thing. I must say she is a real Lakshmi Yogi, such a dignified guru. Her attention would not go. It was most surprising. When I read it I was surprised that she was not affected by all this nonsense. I mean it’s vomiting, maybe. Is horrible. But we must develop that within us, that it is nauseating. You have a feeling of nauseous about it. Like in India, you see, there are seekers who clean all the bathrooms and things like that, they never get the bad smells, you know. It’s like that. We have lost that sensitivity of chastity and that’s how this attention is very much ruined. So only thing that we could have done is to put this attention right. It was done with Judaism.

Then Moses came in, He talked of our ten commandments. That was the time; I mean thousands of years back. He talked like let us first of all establish our attention. That what He said, that’s what we have to do. Then Christ came, but the attention was to be fixed. I don’t know how far He was successful. I have not seen any Jew who has got his attention properly fixed. So Judaism failed completely and the scriptures who came out the Old Testament to the New Testament are much worse. Because they started thinking that now we are very physical. Christ came for us. We are the chosen ones. So we just ask Christ to put the attention for us and we do what we like. Very nice ideas. But you do not respect your attention at all, just spoil everything. Which was the basis. Which was established thousands of years back, in the Old Testament. Even earlier in the Vedic scriptures of India. But somehow in India they know that. I don’t know they have still kept it. Perhaps we were so much invaded by others that we wanted to preserve it and see that it works out. That was the only way we could sustain ourselves. So we have been able to, at least know, that this kind of frittering away of attention is not good. Every Indian knows, he may do anything worse than what you are doing, he know he is doing a wrong thing. The idea of sin, or perhaps say the unrighteous thing. But not now. I don’t know. Within ten, fifteen years it may just go out. Now this attention that is within us is the one which is to be taken to the spirit. Spirit has to be dawned into our attention. Our attention is to be enlightened by that spirit. Because spirit is enjoying by itself. The enjoyment of spirit should come into our awareness, because our attention is enlightened by the spirit. It has happened to many of you Sahaja Yogis.

This is the point. That’s why our attention is to be controlled and only way is that when Kundalini rises, She attracts attention of the people and She gives the concentration. Because as soon as this attention is fed up with that quarrel, you start collecting all that attention as is frittered away like a sari as I told you, and whole thing goes up. But still you may fall down if your attention is not properly fixed then. It is like fixing a tent, you see. Have you done it any time? It is a headache. Sometimes I find that, I find that [INAUDIBLE] My then I try to fix this properly here somehow, and you try to pull this and the whole thing will fall down. So the central part has to be fixed properly. That is very important for Sahaja Yogis. And when they come to you for the first time, you have to tell them that it is just an initiation. You should tell them you are Self-Realised, either they will be bloated with “Ah, I’m Self-Realised, I’m this that.” Don’t know. All kind of things our [INAUDIBLE] nonsense is no good but. But initiation takes place in the centres of [INAUDIBLE] takes place. She touches your fontanel bone. [INAUDIBLE] may also go down. And you get Self-Realisation in the sense the new awareness starts within you, on your fingers. You start feeling the chakras and all that happens and only with the awakening of Kundalini you can cure people. You can also raise the Kundalini, but you may not give up his Realisation. It is that tremendous. And then a question comes in; people say that is a very difficult thing. How can it happen so Sahaj? We have done nothing. Then it’s very [INAUDIBLE] for Me to say something. Maybe there is something about Me that happened here. You better find out. It is better to find out, what sort of a Lady is this, that She gives us the power to give realisations to others. Ninety-five percent people didn’t know. So if you have to be one of them, you have to know that you have to steady yourself. Get rid of your ego first of all and tell your mind that we have had enough of it. Now let’s have the way the spirit works.

Then another advantage we have in India is this that is already written about Kundalini, especially Maharashtra. In Maharashtra and also among all of those who have been following Adi Shankaracharya. Very clearly about Kundalini, about left side, right side, everything is written there and that the Kundalini awakening is the way to get to Self-Realisation. It all over written about. Very clearly it is said that it is She only who can give realisation en masse. When you know what is the goal, is very easy to establish you there. But when you don’t know anything, even if you come to London. Like somebody went to Bombay. They are now sitting in Santa Cruz airport, Bombay. So he will not know that Santa Cruz airport is in Bombay only. That’s the name of the airport. Or say the De Gaulle’s airport. You’ll reach Paris and now they say we have arrived De Gaulle’s airport in Paris. You say what is this? This must be some suburb. You go on sitting in the aeroplane, thinking that this is the suburb, why should I get down here? But if you know that this is what is you have to achieve. You [INAUDIBLE] or are found. But it does not happen to you that way. Because some people expect Self-Realisation means absolute, some sort of a trance. There is no trance at all. Otherwise Samadhi has been very much corrupted by people. Samadhi means the one, He is awareness. Or you can call it the intellect that is awareness which is being enlightened. Awareness which is being enlightened.

So we get first step of thoughtless awareness here, just crossing this, entering into this area you get thoughtless awareness, Nirvichar Samadhi. The second stage you get when you cross this is Realisation. And the third stage is when you become Nirvikalpa. It is not a state of particular [INAUDIBLE] in nomination, but it is a state which has a certain power in it. For example when you get thoughtless awareness you become thoughtlessly aware. The power you get is the awakening of Kundalini [INAUDIBLE]. Even if you are not getting vibrations you can do it. Just imagine how pure is the vibration. It is so subtle. It passes through the subtlest, subtlest channel inside. And that’s why it is not disturbed despite your efforts to put your thoughts and this and that nonsense on it. But even that clearing can go away after some time. And the second stage you get your realisation, you get your cool breeze flowing, and the power you get is that you get Realisation and the power is you can give Realisation to others. People have very bad chakras you see, all burning, this thing, but they can give Realisation all right. They can tell about other what is wrong with them. They can say what chakras are catching, but they are worrying, there is problems, still they can see. It is that power. It is so subtle, so protective. Now this Realisation when you get, is not really satisfying, is not joy giving, because we have to still we have to cling to the thought.

In the third stage you become identified with the spirit completely. When it is Nirvikalpa. When you have no doubts, you know this is it. Then that joy starts. That is the beginning. And you cannot be taken by the fruit. The beginning. People see your face, so lustrous. They see your lives. So happy, so powerful. Your lives interests others. But the power you get, when you are realised fully, you never catch anything. You just record. You are not worried about catching, you are not worried about anything, you just record it. Catching here catching. It will become just like an ordinary recording machine and even any distance you come in awakening. Lots of powers are there of Nirvikalpa. It has to mature from this to that. At the end of Nirvikalpa you become absolutely the master of all the elements. You start controlling the elements. If you want you can have the Sun coming out. You become master of elements. Water you touch becomes vibrated. Anything you do becomes simpler. If you give a slap to someone he gets cured. If you say something harsh to someone, then he chops of all your badhas, all your obstacles. Such a personality develops. But such a person is full of compassion and love. Nothing but compassion. Their concern and feeling and the genuineness of such a person is not to be certified, it is there. You see it clearly, as clear as a [INAUDIBLE]. This is the real transformation that has to come. But the person is not [UNCLEAR] hankers to control anything. It doesn’t want to have – after your Self-Realisation actually your priorities change. You just want to merge, and become the joy and you do not assert yourself as ego, you do not fuss about things, nothing. After Self-Realisation also. At least from given this should happen. Otherwise that Self-Realisation has no meaning. So at Self-Realisation point you do not fuss, you know how to handle situations, you take everything in a stride, you are a very congenial personality, everyone loves you, you are magnetic. This happens. And then the last of all as I told you, you become that power.

Now what is the difference between Gods realisation and Self-Realisation, which I will tell you next time. And also I will be able to tell you how far human beings can reach and what is their ultimate that they reach. About this, I think I have told it clear now. Before I tell it clear [INAUDIBLE] I tell you about it. But by no means you should think about it. By thinking a flower cannot become a fruit, and by thinking a fruit cannot ripen. It has to ripen by itself. We have so many methods and techniques, after Realisation, which you have to work out. All other yogas that are described are nothing but to establish your attention. Hatha Yoga is to put your attention to the centre, but the way they are practicing now is nonsensical. All the religions are for putting you in the centre, keeping you in the centre, giving importance for you sustenance power, to give importance to the Ten Commandments, which guide you. All religions are based in that, but later on I would say Christianity is a religion in which Christ came and showed His ascent, resurrection. People did not accept Him then and they do not accept Him now, because all the churches put together are not that; one person who is a realised and who is a priest. This combination I’ve not encountered. I wish I could meet one person like that. People say there are, but I haven’t seen it. Because the seeking is not there. Everybody has said that. John has said you have to get your Self Realisation; you have to be born again. Christ has said it, everybody has said it, you have to be born again.

We are at the same stage where Judaism was and is and we are at the same stage. That time people did not accept Christ and still just the same. See, that was the beginning. That was the late thing, that started and the light had to come. That was through a play of the elements and then the light has to come. And He came on this Earth to show you the resurrection. Resurrection is the message of Christ and not this cross. We like the cross very much because I don’t know. Why do you like the cross? I mean. I like to see the simple question, you see Christ on the cross. It’s too much. It’s barbaric. And then you put some hanky-panky bones on top. This is too much. I went to Sistine Chapel in Rome. Michelangelo was a realised soul, dynamic. He put Christ with such big stomach, Lambodhara you see. And dynamic personality. He showed Kalkis such big, big hands and huge big muscles to throw away people into hell and all that, sitting place. Tremendous. I’m sure the pope must have fought with Him. All the people must have told Him, “Oh”, but He said “Never mind”. And then in front of that tremendous thing is a little hanky-panky bony fellow on a cross, supposed to be Christ. I said: “What is that?” “This is Christ.” I said:” Really?” This is the result [INAUDIBLE], this is nonsense, it is an insult of Christ. Make Him look like He is troubled. How is He going to save you? You want Him to suffer. You have made Him suffer. You want to see Him suffering, even today I think. I just can’t bear those things. Can’t bear. It is too much. Such a person has to be tremendous, has to be very powerful. How can you expect Him to be such a feeble patient? It is too much.

Now this is the message we have talked today. And in the same way we must understand that all the religions have predicted about Christ, and supported Him. As you know in Markandeyas book, He is described as Maha Vishnu. They all have talked about Him and He has come on this Earth. In Hindi to support the adhar, to hold him. Because He is from the very beginning. As Ganesha is adhara and as Christ also is adhara. But what you have done of Him, His spirit, His intellect. So give anything to human beings and they’ll make up a laugh of it. Just think the brain is like that. I don’t know how it can do it to Him. It is another crucifixion every moment I feel it the way people have done it. In you He resides, awaken Him within you, and become the spirit, because He was the spirit and you can become the spirit. Everything that has happened before has to be proved today. Everything that is said about sustenance and all that is to be proved. Moses has to be proved, Socrates has to be proved, Abraham has to be proved, everyone has to be proved, but this is not necessary. Why should anybody prove them? Only in realisation you in yourself you have to accept, because not taking Their name the Kundalini won’t rise. They are true to Kundalini. She proves. She proves it to you, that They all were absolutely true people and They want you to receive the truth. She is within you. She is the sensible part within you. She is the wisdom within you. She is the one who looks after you [INAUDIBLE] and She is the one who keeps you on the right path. To such a Kundalini we bow and we have our Realisation. May God bless you.