What do we expect from Self-realisation?

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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What do we expect from Self-realisation? Caxton Hall, London (UK), 27 October 1980.

The other day I was telling you about our growth within, after Self-realisation.

The germination takes place very easily; the Kundalini rises very easily; also pierces the fontanelle bone area very easily. That is really, as you call it, ‘Sahaja’. It’s a tremendous happening. It takes thousands of years for people to get realisation. That’s also a fact. They had to be born again and again and very few selected got realisation.

But today, as I said, the time has come for many flowers to become fruits.

So this happening doesn’t take much time, it’s just [a] split of a second in many people. But about the growth I was talking last time, I ended up at Self-realisation, what is Self-realisation is and what do we expect from Self-realisation. The first thing that happens to you, as you know, when the Kundalini rises, [is] that you start feeling physically better; your health improves. Though the Kundalini rises from the centre most nadi, called as Brahmanadi, inside the Sushumna, in the central part. And first thing that happens is the physical being which is helped. That is not the innermost core of every centre. The innermost core of every centre is the Spiritual. But how is it [that] first the physical being is helped? Is very interesting to see. The Kundalini rises through many centres, passes through Agnya, pierces through fontanelle, and becomes one with the All-pervading Power. So, first thing that receives the information is the seat of Sadashiva, is the seat of your Atma, your Spirit, on top of your head. But the Spirit is in your heart.

So the first awakening takes place, or enlightenment takes place, in your brain. It’s a very important point to be seen. In your brain resides the conscious mind, that means the present, and when it is enlightened that means your awareness is enlightened; you get enlightenment in your awareness, in your attention. As I told you last time that attention is enlightened first. So through your attention you can find out what is the matter with other persons, you can find out what centres are catching, what your centres are catching. So, on the physical level, you know what’s happening. That’s the, we should say, the present. We feel our gross (physical) being enlightened, we can feel them on our fingers. But when the Kundalini is rising in your being, She goes straight on to the fontanelle bone area. Of course, if there is a hurdle or anything then She stops and tries to indicate. At that time, if She is not successful, for example you have got a liver problem, then She will come and throb at liver problem, informing you that there’s something wrong with the liver. That’s why a Sahaja Yogi has to give vibrations from outside.

When the Kundalini rises above the Agnya, She goes up to this fontanelle and pierces. But when She cannot go beyond Agnya She spreads out here. She can spread out here also. And then She starts trickling down, the grace on the…or you can say She starts relaxing this area which is called as murdha (brain) and that’s how She makes more space in the Agnya. And this relaxation works out the outer side of the physical being.

Also when She pierces through in anyone who has a simpler personality, who is not so complicated, first thing that happens is that the grace starts falling through from the sides; and the Grace starts falling into the Ida and Pingala and then She comes down by which She supplies Ida and Pingala. The Grace, not the Kundalini, you should not confuse these two things. Because of Her piercing, there’s an opening made and the Grace starts coming down, and She, I should say the Grace Itself, feeds all the centres from outside. So, first the physical being is improves.

The second one, I’m now going from outside inside, the second one is the mental being. Now the mental being relates to our awareness as well, also to our sense of understanding, intellect and all those things. When the Grace starts flowing more and more within us, then our mental being gets enlightened. When the mental being gets enlightened then you start feeling centres of other persons. Some people you know just get cured. They don’t feel vibrations, nothing, just they feel cured. They get cured of cancer, this, that, all sorts of things. But they do not get vibrations, they do not get a feeling, they cannot make out whether it is this chakra or that chakra, they do not feel anything.

So the first thing that would happen to anyone is the physical gift, the physical being improves – that’s the Grace of God. Because if you are not well, if you have some pains and some troubles and some diseases, how are you going to pay attention to God and Spirit? That’s very important. But before it comes to the mental self, something else happens also, that, when the Kundalini pierces, the falling of Grace first comes down to the lower centres starting from Nabhi downwards. And Nabhi is a great sucker, Nabhi starts sucking the vibrations, or you can say the Grace. And Nabhi starts getting awakened first of all. From Nabhi rises the Swadishthana Chakra which goes round and round, which is connected with Nabhi, so it flows to Swadishthana and then Swadishthana also starts working out itself. Swadishthana sucks in as much as possible and works out all the centres, I mean all the organs, which are supplied by it.

But Nabhi, when it receives surplus Grace, then it starts opening, and its opening helps us in very gross material life also – you are helped materially. Supposing if you are materially absolutely hopeless, then you are not going to pay attention to God also. So it’s the responsibility of God to first give you a little material well-being. Like I received a letter and also on the tape they have mentioned about somebody who wanted to come to India, from Australia. She got her realisation, she felt very much better, and she wanted to come to India but she had no money to come, and that desire was there. Because of that desire in her she may not have put full attention to her Spirit. And that’s how our material desires get satisfied. And her daughter discovered, she had a bracelet, many bracelets and things she had, and she went to a jumble sale, for selling them for some sort of a programme they had for children. And they discovered that one of the bracelets that she had, which she thought to be a junk, was of gold, surprisingly. And she sold it for $1500. She was going to sell it for 20c, you see, (laughing). And that was exactly the amount needed for their travel, for both of them.

Now one would say that – how it works out? It is miraculous, that’s all I can say, because the machinery is such. The pouring of the Grace within you, informs the Lakshmi Principle in the Nabhi. Nabhi just show them where is this. Somebody has to get up and show them, Douglas? Or someone. Douglas (Fry) come along. This is the one. And this has the deity of Lakshmi, She is the deity of your well-being. And this is what Krishna has said, “Yoga Kshema vahamyam” “When the yoga takes place, means when the Kundalini pierces through fontanelle bone area, I look after your well-being.” How does he look after? Through Lakshmi. Now this is a universal Deity. She’s present in human beings and also she is present in material things. It is such a fantastic thing that you cannot explain these things on human level, really it is difficult. Only thing you can see for yourself how it works out. It’s so tremendous. Like if you have to explain about human civilisation to an ant it’s going to be difficult – in the same way it is. It’s so difficult you see. And human beings they are so proud of their rationality and I find it impossible how to explain, but it does work that way. You can only see the working of it. But if you are proud of your rationality you go ahead with it, what can you do? But you just see for yourself how it works.

So the second layer that really is improved is your material being. So many people have been helped, who are here, materially. The well-being has come, actual well-being, apart from satisfaction. But as I said, it does not cross the limit, like you do not become Mr. Ford! Because that’s some sort of a behaviour which is asahaja, to be so rich, I mean it’s ridiculous, vulgar! You become better than what you are, but not the best, because you have to be in the centre at a satisfied point. And everybody has to enjoy you and you have to enjoy everybody. But supposing if you are in dire necessities and problematic things then you cannot pay attention to God and that’s what He understands – that you cannot.

If you have physical problem, if you have cancer, how can you say that, “You pay attention to your Spirit,” when you have cancer? I mean, such a body! After all if this whole house is going to collapse you cannot meditate here. So, first the physical stability is established and second is the material one. And there are many factors which work out material stability, automatically. First of them is that, once you find your Spirit, you just automatically give up your habits. Most of these habits come from your Nabhi, because from Nabhi Chakra you get your seeking. And you think, when you have a habit [that] you are seeking your joy. I mean, many people have said, “Mother, but I enjoy my glass of whiskey,” they have said to me, many a times. Or, “I enjoy a little ride here and there,” somebody has said that, “Mother, I enjoy some Kensington ladies,” you see, sort of thing. But once you start enjoying your Spirit, it drops out. All your attention becomes enlightened and your priorities change. You don’t enjoy these things that you have been enjoying before, so you just don’t do it. I mean, I don’t have to tell you, “Don’t drink!” you just don’t do it now. I don’t have to tell you that you don’t smoke, you just don’t do.

But there are some very weak people, extremely weak, I mean, very, very weak people. They take time, I know. They plod and they are very slow moving creatures, but not all. I would say quite a small number and most of the people, they just give up things. You just give up. So you start saving money, automatically, because the money goes to the races or to the pubs or to other habits which are useless, you know they are useless: smoking, drugs, any such foolish things that you are wasting money on. And you start channelising this money for something better, something that gives you more joy, more happiness and of an eternal nature, not a temporary one, that you take the drink [the] previous night and in the morning you are finished! You get a drink that never finishes, which you enjoy all the time. You get drunk like that. Because in my own life I have seen, it’s such a so-called sophisticated elite life. People drink much more, you see, than normal people drink. And they ask me, “Why don’t you drink?” I say, “I am already drunk! The day I was born I was so drunk that, now, if I have to drink more I’ll fall off, so better not ask me!” They are quite frightened at my, this thing, I said, “I am really fully drunk already!” So they start looking at me! And they never find me anyway less in spirits as they are. Actually I’m always little more than they are, so they never force me to do that. But these things drop out automatically. I don’t have to tell you that you have to drop out. Because most of the things you have done [are] because you have been seeking something. You know, there are people, I asked them, “Why do you do this?” They said, “We are seeking love,” I said “How? How can you find love like this?” Or somebody will say that, “I am seeking God.” There are many people who are taking drugs, I mean, genuinely, just for seeking. But when they have found it, what they were seeking, they don’t take drugs. But this is one of the side issues, I was just trying to make it little lighter.

But mainly what happens is that, actually the principle of Lakshmi, the principle of well-being within you is awakened. And if you listen to one of my tapes where I have described what a Lakshmi is, and how She is symbolised: it’s a very beautiful picture of Lakshmi that the great seers have put before us: That, She is after all a Mother, She is a mother. A person who is a rich man has to be a motherly person. But here you find, in the whole world I have seen [that] those who have even little money their nose goes up like that and if you see them from down below they look like wolves not like mothers – most surprising. And this Lakshmi who is a Mother, wears a white sari, very elegant, with a gold border. That represents that he doesn’t put people into awe by his pomp and show and this and that. She’s standing on a lotus. Imagine any human being standing on a lotus! That means that She’s so light in Her behaviour towards others. She’s so delicate, She touches people with such delicacy, that people don’t feel hurt, they are not in any way pressurised by the riches of people. But you know it’s just the opposite, if your so-called ‘rich’ you see! Horrible! If somebody’s coming in here I would like to get out of that door. They try to pressurise because they have money. You see, if somebody starts talking big, you just find out, 99% he must have won some horse race! This pressurising is a sign that he is not a lakshmipati, he has nothing to do with Lakshmi. So he’s so gracious. I have seen such people. I have seen some people like that. I have seen one in England you will be surprised to know. I have just seen him once. He was a gentleman who was some lord and something and later on he came to India and he was a Viceroy (Lord Mountbatten). And there was a gentleman who was very well known to us, he once met him in a train which was delayed or something happened and they had to get down at another station and somehow or other they were put together. And he was so simple and so good and so helpful that this gentleman was taken by him. He said, “Now better you come to my house because it’s not going to be any train you come to my house.” When he went to his house he was surprised the house was like a palace! And then he told he who he was, and he was amazed! And he even carried his bag with him. Such a simple man. And then, when this person told me that such a person is there, then he re-visited India, then he brought him to see me. But he’s no more now he’s dead this gentleman (killed by IRA bomb).  But he was a very big man in India and a very big person but such a simple man! Such a simple person.

So that’s the significance of well-being. So when a Sahaja Yogi becomes well-being, gets well-being then he has all these qualities in him that, he doesn’t impress on others that he has a property or he has got money and he should pressurise others. If he’s really a good Sahaja Yogi he would be the humblest of all and he would be very generous because in Her hand, one hand is like this. The left hand is like this, means She’s generous, She’s giving. All the time She’s giving. She’s not taking anything, She’s giving. And that’s how such a person is all the time giving.

I have seen people who, after Sahaja Yoga, receive a lot of blessings and are miserly or try to oppress others, lose their properties and lose their money and really suffer a little bit. Because otherwise there’s no way of teaching them. So the generosity flows from Her hand and another hand is like this, which means that She gives protection to people. There have to be some people who are ashritas, are dependents, who just depend, from whom such a person doesn’t take any money, they just live. These systems are still in India. Those people who are well off always have about two, three people being supported by them. Is a system still working in India, in many places. I mean, in my father’s house we always remember we had people like that. They were educated and given higher education by my father free, just free. But never did they feel that they were anybody else, treated with same respect and with same dignity as we were treated. But that was a part of life, one had to do it. This is the ashraya, is that there should be some people depending on you.

England also I’ve seen people have cats, dogs, things like that, you see, little bit they do spend on cats and dogs. But better to spend on human beings. What am I going to do with cats and dogs? Can I give them realisation? (laughter) It’s better to look after human beings than to look after cats and dogs so much! But I have seen that when they are dealing with cats and dogs they are very happy people, but with human beings they are very unhappy, I don’t know why. If you must have seen in the BBC and all that, when they have these advertisements I have seen in television sometimes, you see a person having a cat, she’ll always smile and joke and this. And anybody having children, she looks so miserable! (laughter) That should not be so. There should be somebody dependent.

It’s not important to measure every money, to ask for 2p (£0.02) – “I gave you yesterday, will you return 2p to me?” It doesn’t behove a Sahaja Yogi to be like that. If it comes to that, alright, give some money – forget about it. It helps you such a lot, it helps you such a lot. To be meticulously so observant about how much money you lent – it’s better to be more worried about how much you have taken than to be how much you have given. It helps a lot. It’s a thing one has to realise in life, how much it helps. I have seen in my own life it has helped so many times. I mean you really have people then, around you. It’s a matter of 5 Rupees and 10 Rupees. It’s so important then to some people at a [certain] point, and it works wonders! I mean, you can have a human worth millions by paying sometimes 5 Rupees, it can work out that way. So try to be more giving and then you receive more as a Sahaja Yogi.  Remember that now you are connected with Lakshmi. The more generous you are the more you get it. When you are small-minded you do no receive Her blessings. You have to give, you have to give. Once you give, it starts flowing, the stagnation is over and the flow starts coming in. Otherwise you are stagnated when your hand is, you see, tight fisted as you call it. English language has so many good words, though they are now losing their meaning! They call it you are very, I don’t know there must be some new words for being very, very miserly, some good word, you know, which doesn’t mean miserly but must be some ‘economical’ or something fantastic. But actually miserliness, is miserliness, give it whatever name you like, it’s horrible. And one should not take to miserliness, that is a curse I tell you, it’s a disease, it’s like leprosy, to be hated. Try to be generous.

Now the generosity of maybe, I don’t know, but maybe of money, is not difficult for some people. But generosity of saying something good to others is rare. You see somebody in a good dress, you should be generous enough to say, “Oh, it’s fantastic, it’s beautiful.” What’s wrong? But jealousy, that goes against Lakshmi completely. It’s better that others are wearing it; you don’t pay for it and you enjoy it! (laughter) It’s very logical you just see. You see, if you own this hall, it will be a headache for you isn’t it, to keep it alright. I mean imagine the people who own it, and to put it right because everybody will come and criticise, “This is not good, that’s not good.” But it’s nice to be here, when it doesn’t belong to you, to enjoy it. It’s very simple. Just try to enjoy it, to be generous with people, be kind to them. This generosity is lacking. When this starts, then the inner core of emotional being starts getting enlightened.

Go to the subtler side of material well-being and you start getting into emotional thing. Small, small things work out, very small. It’s very sweet. We have so many examples of this kind of little sweetness being expressed. And this generosity should come to all the Sahaja Yogis, of saying good things to others. Doesn’t matter [that] it is exaggeration, doesn’t matter, because it acts as a buffer. Then the fright of the strangers, fright of the neighbours, fright of other human beings, you know. Every human being has become now [that] he sees another human being coming, he recoils back. Imagine! First, I mean, say about fifty years back it was like dogs; if any human being saw another human being they used to bark! Now it is another way round. So, the fear of your brother, of your own kin and kith, of your part and parcel. They are your own, you don’t know, they are part and parcel of your being, you can feel it, after Sahaja Yoga you can feel it, I don’t have to tell you. You can feel them within yourself, they are within you. And then the sweetness of saying something sweet, of saying something sweet is so nice, is so rewarding, itself, itself, so rewarding.

The movement of Shakti is always this way. If I give you love, love comes back to me. If I give you hatred, hatred comes back to me. And double fold everything. If I give you love, say 1 unit, I may get 7 units of love. But if I give you hatred of 1, that too, 7 units of hatred comes to you. The mathematics is complete.

So try to understand that, emotionally, you have to understand your material well-being. How to express emotionally your material well-being is a very sweet thing. I would give you an example of Gavin because I can’t forget that very sweet incident: One day we had called some people, you see, I didn’t know there would be so many coming, in his house. And he has a house but, I mean, not so big like this. So there were about fifty people, around. And I told him, “Prepare some food for them.” But I thought for fifty people he could not have prepared, at the most for ten people! So I was quite embarrassed  and I was waiting for people to go away, I didn’t say, “Stay on for dinner,” or anything, I thought, “Poor Gavin, how could he have cooked for fifty people?” And when they disappeared, about five, six were remained. I said, “Now let’s have dinner!” He was very unhappy and he was looking this side and that side, I said, “What happened?” But he didn’t say anything. So I slept that night in his house. Next morning I got up – still he was very uneasy. Next day I said, “What’s the matter? What’s playing on your mind?” He said, “Mother why did you ask all of them to go away? I had prepared [dinner] for fifty of them?” This filled me with such joy you can’t imagine! Tremendous joy, tremendous joy. I mean, that I cannot get over such things you know.

And I have just seen so many Sahaja Yogis like that, very very sweet persons. Another is Gregoire, another very sweetie person, you know, the way he does things for others. Sometimes the way he works it out is so sweet, and how he really knows how to express himself sweetly in small, little things. It’s so surprising, how people are very beautiful and how they are working out these material things to express their emotions. Material is for emotions only, you see. My mother had a principal that, if she had six sarees, the seventh one she’ll present out.  She had kept six; not more [are] needed, you see. And she was a woman of great principle, I must say, because she used to spin her own sarees. Can you imagine! And that’s what she used to wear, herself. And she was a wife of a very rich man, I mean, she had no problem of money but this was her principle, she used to live like that. And she said that, “What? I need six, more than [that] I don’t need,” because it’s cotton sarees, you see, so one saree you wash and next you wear and you can just press it. We had people in the house who could do that for her. She said, “There’s no need to have more than six.”  And one she would keep for some occasion, you see, expensive one, if she has to go for a wedding and all that, that’s all. So the seventh was kept (to give away) and out of the six, if she got one more she would donate that to somebody. She would only keep up to six you see, that was her principle, and she managed her life very well. And I was also bit too much of a generous person and she always supported my generosity, always she supported it. And she was very happy when she found that  I would just give away lots of things to people who came to my house and she would say, “Oh that’s very good, she should do that.” Everybody used to say that, “That should be done”. Always used to encourage me for such things that I did.

But I found [that] all things have only value if I can give them away otherwise they have no value. And I keep only the things that are being presented to me all the rest pass out of my hands very easily into people. Anybody who says, “I like this,” “Alright, have it!” You see, I feel so happy to give it to them and it’s really rewarding. Now that person thinks, “What should I give you back?” I said, “Now please! That’s not to be done because you know already, come and see, this house is filled with things, and I don’t know how to get rid of them.”

If I buy anything myself, of course I don’t earn anything so it’s from my husband’s money, I try to give it away . It’s very nice, it’s really extremely nice. After all what’s the use of these things in the house? What are you going to do [with them]? I mean, if you have to have a personal archives, you can have! You see, something like that, putting up this thing bought there, this thing bought there. But normally what do you do? So this kind of a generosity is to be developed within us. The aesthetics of generosity is to be seen. How you give things to others and how you express your emotional being. For people who are emotionally dry because of ego orientation, should learn these things, is very important. That will give them some emotional side also. [It’s] very much necessary for people who do not feel their feelings much, their joy much; they should try to do it [then] they will start feeling it much more. Then the emotional side is enlightened within us, the Grace starts flowing up to emotional side. In emotional side, first of all the purification takes place. That’s very important.

To lead a very beautiful emotional life you must have pure ideas, otherwise you can never be emotionally alright. You see,  like in a tree you have to have leaves you have to have roots, you have to have fruits, you have to have flowers at it’s proper places. Like in your house you have to have a drawing room, you have to have a bedroom, you have to have a bathroom; everything separated. You do not put them into a complete, what do you call that? A mixer. You do not make it like that, isn’t it? You don’t put your bathroom in the drawing rooms do you?  I mean some people may start it with the kind of confusion they have these days! But normally you do not do it. In our own emotional life we must have pure sense. Purity of a sisterly love, purity of a brotherly love, purity of a wife’s love. For example infidelity: infidelity is impurity, infidelity comes when there is impurity. Without fidelity the marriage life cannot be happy. That’s the basis of married life. You see, “I like…”  this “I like” business is impurity. The impurity in you likes it. Gradually, after realisation, you start developing that purity within you; you start understanding these are your brothers and sisters. As soon as your emotional life starts improving your innocence starts awakening up. You see? It is connected with your innocence. The left side is connected with your innocence. And then it starts flowering and you really become innocent.

Now see the practical side: you go to somebody’s house, the gentleman has a beautiful wife, now your bad eyes on the wife, how can you enjoy? You cannot enjoy, the husband cannot enjoy, the wife cannot enjoy, all the time there’s a fear. Maybe the wife may run away with you or something may happen: the whole house will be finished, I mean, you are so destructive! So-called ‘charming’ men and ‘charming’ women are just destroying each others lives. Where do they land? All in the orphanages! A woman marries seven times, a husband marries eight times. All these old people are in the orphanage (old peoples home) and children are in another orphanage. You see, you are just creating orphanages by this kind of impurity in your mind. But by telling you, these things, you are not going to believe me, nor you can do it, but just when it happens. When this happens, the innocence, the joy of pure love, when there is no other impurity but just pure love for brothers, sisters. I mean, here, I have seen people don’t even sort of embrace each other – men. It’s most surprising, I mean, for us it’s something one can’t understand.

So much impurity has gone into our brain that every man, is he that way wrong? When we came here my husband used to embrace every man; I told him, “Don’t do it, people will laugh at you!” He said, “Really?” He said, “But everyone is not like that, maybe one person.” I said, “No, they think everybody is like that.” You see, whatever they found pathological in one person, they think everybody is like that. These psychologists, whatever they read in one abnormal person, they try to see in everyone! Everybody is not like that! I mean there is no harm in understanding that there is only 1% people are pathological -who go to these psychologists! The others who are spoilt are because of psychologists themselves! They put ideas, “You have a guilt, you have a guilt, you have a guilt.” Even if you don’t have, you will have it! (laughter) They go on putting ideas into your heads. All this is supposed to be intellectual expansion, whatever you may call it, it’s all nonsense you see. A person who doesn’t commit sin you say, “Oh, he must have committed sin,” now he doesn’t know what to do he’ll come and say, “Alright baba, I have committed sin, now I have to confess. So I have to confess, yes I have committed sin.” They play about like this. They just try to build you up and all that and then they break you, shatter you completely and then you think, “Oh I am the most sinful person [who] ever lived!” If you were that sinful, do you think you will get realisation first of all? First ask yourself the question, “How did I get realisation? How did I feel vibrations? If I was that sinful, how could I get it?” Throw away all these ideas of these psychologists and tell them that we don’t believe you!

You see, this is very few people who are really basically sinful. I tell you, very, very rarely, I have not seen anyone so far, except for these horrible gurus who are well known! After all they are the people who are rakshasas, they are not human beings, you see, so that’s a different category. But, otherwise, I have not seen basically a person who has nothing good in him. Because everybody has the Spirit. And definitely Spirit is superior much more dynamic than all the sins put together. What are these little, little sins here and there? What are you doing? And there’s nothing to feel so diffident about it. After all you are realised people, you are saints. You are to be respected. You have to respect yourself first of all. You are all saints, do you realise that?

Once you realise you are saints you will start acting as saints, how the saints act. You will put yourself onto that pedestal of understanding that you are really saints, otherwise you won’t get vibrations. Go and ask anyone of these! They will tell you: the vibrations, only people who are saints get it. In India all the people are burnt when they die; not the saints, realised souls are not, they are respected. They say when the saints come to your house, that’s the day, is the day of festival. And all of you are that so don’t think that you cannot do this, and you have this guilt and you have these things – nothing of the kind! You are pure Spirit. Be very lavish about it! Of course, I mean, too much indulgences into these things, emotional life also, can lead you to a stagnation point. Like I hear people saying that, “There’s a lot of love between us.” But one has to be discreet in that also: does it make you universal or it makes you localised? You see, like Britishers for British, Indians for Indians, finished! If that love makes you universal, by which you say kindly things, by which you enjoy the love of other people, their vibrations. Whatever creed, race, it is, whatever part of the world they come from, they are Sahaja Yogis; if you start enjoying them, then know that that is love. It should not be localised in any way. If there is any group forming, then must know that it is not love, it’s not Divinity, it’s not. Divinity is universal, it embraces everything, everything. It has no discrimination of any kind. It only discriminates between evil and good, unrighteous and righteous, Christ and anti-Christ, God and anti-God but it does not discriminate on these three levels that is physical, appearances, mental approach or mental development or emotional expressions.

Some people are emotionally very expressive. I would say English are less expressive by temperament maybe, that’s their temperament. Indians are extremely expressive. If you go to India, to a village, say, you go to Rahuri (Maharashtra), they will just take you in their embrace and would start weeping and crying with joy. I mean, you will be amazed the way they will love you, I mean, imagine! And for them it would be like, they wouldn’t mind even if they have to spread themselves on the ground for you to walk smoothly so that you don’t feel the horrible roads of India. That kind of tremendous emotions, the expression you will be surprised. You will be overwhelmed and sometimes shocked, you know, the way they are. But that doesn’t mean that English don’t love. They love in their own way; they understand that. So that’s how it should be that it is all embracing, all shades, all types, all permutations, combinations. Because this variety is created by God to create beauty and all the varieties must be accepted. Imagine you all looking just the same, how would it look? Horrible and boring! Every leaf is different, then what about human beings? But in that difference there’s the unity of Spirit and if you can feel that unity then you are emotionally absolutely correct and you are a realised soul.

And, last of all, the most important, is your Spirit, Spirit that resides in your heart. All this beauty is only perceived when there is light in your Spirit otherwise you cannot see all this beauty, you cannot enjoy it. Spirit is the one which is the diamond which shines on this beautiful ring of your body, mind and your emotions. That’s the most important thing. That is to be achieved, to be absolutely absorbed into your being. That state should be achieved by all of you. But the growth, if the outside is not alright, then the inside cannot be carried by that weak outside. It’s such a strong thing spiritual life is a very strong thing; it’s so dynamic, it’s so powerful. Sometimes, you know, it floods me completely. I mean, I have to control myself; the love just shoots off from the being and just I want to give it but I wonder whether you’ll be able to bear it, so I have to control it a little bit [because] that flood may not be borne.

So you have to enrich your outside to bear that inside beauty. And the more you enrich it, the more you make it strong, the more it will shine. It’s so simultaneous because one must understand that Spirit is love, is all intelligence, is all awareness, and it knows your problem. It slowly shines. It sees how far you can bear, how far you can go.

Then after realisation, when you start looking after your outside, the inside starts shining by itself. But attention should be towards your Spirit. All these outside qualities are so joy-giving to the Spirit, you can’t imagine. Try them! You will enjoy yourself. We have not been able to enjoy ourselves much. If we could we would not [even] shun the jails, I mean I would be happy in a jail I tell you, because I can enjoy myself there better! But the one thing is there, you cannot enjoy yourself so much when you cannot share it with others also isn’t it? It becomes like that. Without sharing you cannot enjoy yourself. And that’s what should happen to all the Sahaja Yogis. At that level you should come. We should be at that level. Try to keep your level that high, is important. Sometimes you come down, you start criticising others. Others are also not right, for example, somebody sees somebody filthy, dirty, something like that. The person who’s filthy, dirty, of course there’s something wrong with that person, no doubt, but that person should be pitied. At least he should be clean. I mean, that’s the minimum of minimum. But instead of that if you start criticising that person, you also become filthy in your language, filthy in your mind and everything, so why [do it]? Leave it! Let that person improve by himself, to see that he has to be clean, he has to be neat, he has to be sensible. This is to be seen by that person himself and not by you. Where is your attention? It’s a habit in India, all the parents will ask the children when they are standing, “Where is your attention?”  “Where is my attention?” alright. Then again he’s standing there, “Where is your attention?” Again he’ll be on the watch [out], “Where is my attention gone?” We have to look after our attention, that’s all. “Where is my attention? Is it on the Spirit?”

Next time I’ll tell you more about the Spirit part. I hope you have understood how necessary it is to develop your inner being. In your mental being, egoistical nature is to be controlled very much.

I have seen people who go from left to right, they become a egoistical. Those who go from right to left, they become frightened. All these side movements must be brought to the centre. You have to understand that from basics we have to rise higher. People have explanation for everything! No explanation is needed. Whom are you explaining? You are explaining to yourself, you are judging yourself. You have to judge yourself, [to] whom are you explaining? Mataji? She doesn’t need any explanation. I know, perhaps, everything, perhaps. But I don’t condemn you and in any way I do not want that you should be condemned by any chance at all, why should I? You are all saints after all. For me it’s the greatest satisfaction. But for your own growth I want you to understand that you are saints and you have to come up to that point. Saints have to be self-disciplined, nobody has to tell them. Discipline yourself, tell yourself, “I am a saint now.” What an opportunity it is to grow! What an opportunity!  And people are only going to believe in you when you are really the saint within and saint without.

In Sahaja Yoga, people become saints within and not saints without easily. But in other systems they are first made outside, you see, they are made to work for 25 years just washing the temple – finished! Then they are made to do something else for 25 years. By the time they are about to [be] dead they’ll say, “Alright, next time we’ll give you realisation.”  It’s like that. But here, from inside you have really achieved your realisation no doubt, and you have greater chances of improving. This is what I thought, that, “This lifetime I am just going to give realisation to all the people who come to me – let’s see.” And you are going to do full justice to my bold step because now you’ve got it. It is going to work out much faster. It has to work out. This was the only way it could have worked out faster than to make you, first of all, wash yourself every day, get up at 4 o’clock and make you like military people . I said, “No, let’s try this way.” And it’s done, it’s happening, it’s so simple.

Then the self-discipline must start. And you must try to improve your light, which is just kindled, to make it a beautiful light, clean light and generous, giving light, the light of love. It will work out I am sure.

Keep your standards high. Do not fall down. Put your attention into proper gear. It’s all prophesised, as you know. Blake has prophesised it. The more I read the book the more I am convinced that England is going to be the Jerusalem. Now think of that. No lethargy allowed. While I find Australians are coming up much faster. You have to prove Blake’s prophesy.

May God bless you. All of you.

Cooly, can you give me some water please? Look at the children!!

Thank you very much.

If you could arrange a seminar Gavin, anytime, for three days, I can postpone my going to India. As I would like to have a seminar sometime.

Gavin: We can get a place in Sussex, from the, I think it’s the twelfth, no the eleventh, to the thirteenth, that’s a mid-week time. We can have about 45-50 people.

Shri Mataji: We have many more. I would like to have it on a Saturday Sunday somewhere.

Gavin: We can find somewhere but it is difficult to get these places for a weekend. We’re still trying.

Shri Mataji: I think in a, any place, like Brighton or something you might get it, or why not hire a boat? Isn’t it a good idea?

Gavin: We can see what we can do.

Shri Mataji: Isn’t it a good idea? Actually I was looking out for a ship. If one of the Shipping Corporation ships had arrived, I thought we’ll go and stay in a ship, would be a good idea, because it always is there for about three four days. But there’s no ship arriving in this month otherwise, we could have done it. Some sort of a boat for two days you can hire, a big boat where all of us could be there on a Saturday Sunday. We should be there, it’s important. Before I leave I would like to fix some certain screws.

I mean, you can have it on Thames River if you want. Or Brighton, do you have boats or things? No? Just find out. So that should be resolved and then I will arrange my going accordingly. If there is any program like that I will postpone it. But I would like to know as soon as possible.

As I have told you before that Sahaja Yoga has no technique; it’s a spontaneous happening which takes place. Now the flower becomes the fruit, it has no technique, but the sun has to come to do the job, you see, and that technique is beyond our understanding. In the same way it happens – just transformation. But later on you must know how to maintain and how to keep it up, that’s all. Once it is managed it can be worked out. Many people have done it, and you should be able to do it also. But try not to see others. See yourself first. That’s very important. That is a very important part.

If you can put your hands towards me, like this just, and close your eyes, just close your eyes.

If your hands are shaking or your body is shaking or your eyes are fluttering, I mean the eyelids, then you open your eyes and just watch me, just watch me on my forehead.

Have you been to some guru or someone? No one? What do you do for your work?

Seeker: I’m a clerk.

Shri Mataji: Ah, that’s it. Ah, the right side is too much used. Should work out. Are you shaking also? No? You are getting cool breeze? It’s great. Are you getting? Not yet. None of the fingers? Which one? Did you go to any guru or anyone? Did you to anyone? Guru or anyone? To spiritualist or anyone? No?

Are you getting cool breeze? Good.

Put both the feet straight. Relax. You are getting? Good. Close your eyes and enjoy your Self.

Better now. Just do it like that, you see. It’s more on the right side, is a problem. It’s because too much thinking, thinking, you know. So the imbalance of…too much thinking also gives an imbalance, you see. All the time you’re thinking, thinking, thinking. That gives you a trouble. It should work out.

See, put your left hand on the stomach, the centre, yes. Put your right hand now towards me, like this. Now the shaking will be less. Put it there so you will be comfortable. It will reduce gradually.

You See? This is nothing but there’s nervousness inside, which has to go out. You see the nerves have been too much tortured by thinking. (laughing)

Now it’s better, soothing down. Much better, see? It will soothe down.

Anne, there are some new people I see on the left hand side. Just see them, if they are realised, all of them. Just see some of these people who are there. Yah, just see. Have you got cool breeze there? Have you got cool breeze in the hand? What did you say? You have got it?

Seeker: Yes

Shri Mataji: Good. Good.

They are from Brighton are they? Have you come from Brighton? No. Good. Jason, just see if they are getting cool breeze on the head also. This side, are there new people? You got the cool breeze?

Seeker: Not sure

Shri Mataji: All right, it comes so much that you’ll get sure of it, all right? Just work it out. You can work out.

There also. Peter, in front of you there, just see, someone. Behind is there someone sitting? He’s come for the first time?

How are you, Anna? Better?

She’s got it. Better now? It’s better. Still there? Less, but much less. Just do it like that. Just throw it away. Throw it away. It has to go out. Now, let’s see. Just imagine. Throw it away again, it’s horrible.

Who’s there? Left to the right, you just put him, left to the right for him. Come along Ruth, put it left to the right yes. They will do it. You put your right hand, yes.

Are you better now? Are you feeling any cool breeze?

How many years you have worked as a clerk?

Clerk: Twelve.

Shri Mataji: (Laughing) Look after his Vishuddhi and centre heart. He’ll be all right. Yah! Vishuddhi and centre heart.

Terrific, they are terrific people. All right, is she all right? What? Put your left hand here. All right? A little bit and put both the feet straight like that on the ground would be better. Like this, both the feet. Yes, let’s see.

She’s all right, I think, she’s got it. She’s all right.

What about this gentleman? Left to the right. It’s nice you came to see me. Really, because anything could have happened, you know, with this kind of a tremendous pressure on your mind. It’s still there. It will be.

That’s how people get all these troubles, like diabetes, you see. Then even if they don’t listen to that then they could get heart. Then you get other problems on the left hand side, you see. Even paralysis can be due to this. It’s a very bad thing to work like that, worrying about it.

Are you all right?  It will work out. What is it, John?

John Watkinson: Nabhi.

Shri Mataji: Nabhi? Nabhi. Put your left hand on the stomach. Stomach, yes. What about him?

Yogini: Left Nabhi

Shri Mataji: Are you married?

Seeker: I’m not

Shri Mataji: You are not married?

Seeker: No.

Shri Mataji: You don’t want to marry?

Seeker: I’m a widower.

Shri Mataji: When was that?

Seeker: About eight years ago.