All the seekers

Lambeth College Vauxhall Centre, London (England)

1980-11-06 All Are Seekers London NITL HD, 55'
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Public Program, “All are Seekers”. Vauxhall Centre, London (UK), 6 November 1980.

You are seekers. And that’s a category of human beings. Everybody do it from choice. That’s one thing I have discovered. Some are Seekers who are argument seekers, generally speaking. Some are just sort of fashions which are there; they are because they see everybody seeking so they must have the fashion of seeking. And there are another category also who are not seeking God but are seeking something else and find God. They are special cases, somehow.

In any case this seeking has given them sensation as only the manifestation of the seeeking has been changing. At the start with the amoeba we had a seeking of self. You were just seeking food. You were worried about food and nothing else.

Here is the centre of seeking within us which is called as Nabhi Chakra which is the green centre in the picture. There is the Nabhi Chakra which is for our seeking. This centre is a subtle centre. All these centres that you see here are subtle centres. You cannot see that with naked eye unless und until you have your Kundalini union which is settled down in the triangular bone there.

Now this Kundalini is very well settled in human beings that as amoeba your seeking was very limited. Like the seed sprouts you started developing new seed. When you became a human being you started seeking power. The first people who were human being it was important to protect themselves and they started beginning of this organisations or societies or groups and cults just to protect themselves. They knew that there was some other force which was, there but they did not know what it was.

So they started looking out in the nature trying to find out. Some started worshipping this, some started worshipping that. But still they were not satisfied because their power, whatever they got, so-called power, they found, ultimately led them to unhappiness and disillusion.

When the society was better organised they had big states and government and all roof new types of administrations which developed all over the world. But the administratio and all that also proved that by administering other people you cannot administer yourself. We cannot control ourself. We cannot control many things within ourselves. For example, if you are running fast with your, eh, breathing increases, but it slows down by itself. Your heart beat increases but comes down by itself. Who controls that? We cannot do that.

There are so many things within us which we do not control and are called as autonomous, by nature. And as, organisations within us or we can call things instutions within us which are doing this were doing great. And these names are just names. They do not explain anything about them. They say that they should be called an autonomous nervous system but who is this auto? Who is this Mr. Auto? Who is doing the job? After all we should find out. Isn’t it nice to brand someone as autonomous.

Say for example you say automobile, then automobile doesn’t move by itself; there is a driver sitting inside. Now who is this one? That should be found out and if science is to be true to itself and to its ethos then it should try to find out who is this auto who is managing our autonomous nervous system. But they reach at a point where they cannot find further so they just say, so far, so much, not further. That’s how they explain, but they are honest people, I must say. Because they say that there are chemicals within us like gasinolene and asticholene and their behaviour within us is something one doesn’t understand because they augment wherever they like. They direct wherever they like. You cannot say why they behave in this manner. You cannot explain. So they say the modus action of these chemicals cannot be explained, finished.

What is beyond it they cannot see and to go beyond they have to know that their awareness is not adequate. Here I allow myself to expand much more, like for medicenes they had to devise things like say microscope to see what was under the skin. What we have senses. In the same way their awareness has to grow at a point where they can understand what is the essence, what is the base of our life, how we are made. And why we are going into all these modes which they cannot explain.

One day to look at a tree is to see how gib it is. The West if you see is mostly outside grown very big. So the depths must be found, the source to sustain. This fictory has to come from somewhere. For me the tree is the same whether east, west, north, south. ou see for some people east is different, west is different. It’s not so. It’s one. God has created only one world. He didn’t create east, west, north, south. He did not create. He just created one actual people because he didn’t want to create a military or some plastic flowers. He wanted to create a living people.

So the search within started east and they started meditating to find out what is the source to sustain this earth growth out. And when they started going deep into it they found within themselves that there is a force which is called as Kundalini right there in the triangular bone. And this Kundalini unless und until it is awakened, unless und until this germinating force within us is awakened we cannot have that new dimension of our awareness. Our awareness is only limited by our rationality. We cannot yet be, go beyond. By rationality you cannot understand it. You cannot understand God. You cannot understand anything by rationality because it is so limited.

So if you have to go to the unlimited regions you have to be triggered out into that place and the triggering force is this Kundalini. This Kundalini is placed in the triangular bone in the sacrum. Sacrum. means sacred. People knew perhaps that it is a sacred bone so they called it sacred. It’s long.

You see, interesting, isn’t it? This word has come to us from … Greeks and Greeks knew that it was sacred bone. Otherwise why should they call it a sacred bone. So this triangular bone hides this power within it and when you come to Sahaja Yoga, a sign, that it pulsates. You can see the pulsation. You can make it out. You can see the rising of the pulsation with your naked eye. And you can see the breaking also of your fontanel bone – the baptism which is promised, the real baptism. Not in the church or not in any temple, but the real one is a happening within you, is a really happening that has to take place. It has to be done by living God It’s not that somebody just comes und …. puts his hand on the head and says, “You are born again” or he says that, “All right you have become a Christian.” It’s a happening, just like that. Now a realised soul is called as a person who is twice born. Everybody is saying, “I am twice born.” But what’s the proof that you are a twice born person. And then there must be some fundamental proof about it that you are twice born. It’s nice to say I am twice born and self-certificate, you yourself just self-certificate that yes I’m twice born. But there must be some method to find out. And if you think that twice born is such a great thing why not have it. It’s a very simple thing.

One has to understand that if you are created on this earth from amoeba to this state there must be some fundamental reason for it. We are not just created just to be here and to live like human beings without understanding the depths of God’s creation. How can that be? Why has He made us human beings? Is it just to have some money in the insurance company or to pay the house or have a property and then to die? Is that the reason we are here? No. We are here to know the working of God’s love and his Divine power and to manoeuver it; to be an instrument of God and His part and parcel; to know that you are the part and parcel of His being. To be aware of that. Not just talking. That we are all brothers and sisters and we should not fight and there is .. only one personality within us. It’s only talking. It’s not bla, bla, bla, but it is a thing that happens within. You become that, you cannot get our of it and you know that you are That. It’s the actualisation I am talking about.

Now when this Kundalini rises through these varios centres it pierces through this fontanele bone area. And it has to pierce through that fantanele bone area. If it does not pierce then you are not yet realised. This is what is the thing called as self-realised or twice born. Like an egg you can say a human being is made. He is an egg because he is covered with his ego and superego on his head. Throug his left and right sympathetic nervous system. And now he is completely covered and closed. When he is ready the Kundalini rises and transforms him into a new bird. That’s what it is. It’s the second birth. That’s why a Wija means a Brahmin. The one who is a realised soul is a Brahmin. The one who has known the Brahman, the Brahma is called a Brahmin, and he is the one who is twice born. He cannot be born. He has to be realised. He has to be twice born otherwise he is not a Brahmin.

So even in India we have a ritual as you have here of baptisms, we have a ritual. But that is also a ritual,and a ritual makes no difference. Now the same thing is called, is a Wija. Means
the one who is twice born. Now that twice born is also a bird. A
bird is also called a Wija because it is born twice and a human
being is also called a Wija if he is a self realised person or a Brahmin, Brahmin in the real sense.
So this has to happen to us within us. If it does not happen no use giving yourself certificate to yourself. Now, for example, if I say I am the Queen of England, will I become, will you become just by giving the certificate to yourself? I mean people may put you in the prison or in the lunatic asylum. So like that, are you doing anything; by your own imagination you do not. What we are to become is what you are talking about and that has to happen within us.
Now this happening is a living happening as I told you because in this short time I cannot tell you all the details but there are Chakras and all these things you can see from the books and the things you have been…. Have you given them some papers and things? Not yet. You should have given these things … All right, you can get all that and find out what all these Chakras are.
But I just want to tell you about how it’s a living thing. For example, now this flower is here. Now if you want this flower to become a fruit. What do you do? .. Nothing, you don’t do anything. There’s no technique. Supposing you are a flower and you have to become the fruit, what do you do? What techniques are there? …
It’s a living process, it takes care of itself. At the most it has
to face the sun, that’s all, to get the light. If it gets the light, all right, it becomes, automatically.
It is to be connected with the tree and it must get the light. It will happen automatically, spontaneously. This is what is the meaning of Sahaja. Sahaja means born with you. The, the flower it is born the right to become a fruit, Sahaja. And Yoga means your connection with the Divine. So Sahaja Yoga means you are born with the right to be connected with the Divine. And that is your right which you must have and that you are going to get.
Now the times are very precarious, I must tell you. These are the times of last judgment. It has started. The last judgment has started. You
won’t believe. That’s why thousands of people are seeking
and … being born. There are many little realised children I see who are born realised who are born just for the Last Judgment.
The maximum will be born during this time because they are to be judged. That’s why population growth is so big. All of them born to be judged but they don