The Eternal Spirit

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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The Eternal Spirit, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 10 November 1980.

(A yogi introduces Shri Mataji as well as Sir CP who is attending the program for the first time, having just been unanimously re-elected as Secretary General of the IMO.)

Shri Mataji: Somebody has done some introduction, has someone done?

Peter? Is he there? Peter, you have to talk to these people about what I told you.

Today we are going to have a short session, because you are all invited today to a dinner after the programme. Thus, host is my husband who wants to invite you and he’ll be coming about 8:15 or 8:30.

So, today we are going to think about our Spirit, which we have neglected throughout. We are not even conscious that we have a Spirit. Through Sahaj Yoga those who are now conscious, because they can feel it through their vibrations, they can also get lost and can forget it.

The Spirit is the only eternal thing within us, all the rest are transitory and evolutionary. Everything goes into evolution and the better is the evolution, the higher the Spirit starts manifesting itself.

Like the reflection on the stone of even the sun is zero. And the reflection of the sun on the lake is sometimes I think, is a reflection that is felt in the Sahaj Yogis, when they see it, feel it, it flows, they can feel the breeze in their hand. But still their attention is not fully enlightened. The Spirit has not permeated inside. It’s just reflecting still.

In the mirror you see the reflection of the sun. But even then, when you remove it you cannot reflect it. This is the difference – that even if you become the mirror of the sun, unless and until it permeates into your being and transforms you into something new, you have not done full justice to yourself and nor to the powers of your Spirit. The Spirit has come just like a vision to you, an experience to you, but the growth of your being has not yet started. And if it has started it’s so slow that you may not achieve much in one lifetime. Because your attention is on all various things.

You have been misidentified from the very beginning. Since the time you were amoeba you have been misidentified. The matter played a big role in your life, so matter was important. Then all the five elements that are within us were very important to us. Because we can see them, feel them, we have lived them for years, thousands and thousands of years. So they are part and parcel of your being and that is why you are so much identified with it. Naturally, no doubt.

But in the living process it never happens like that. There are some seeds which grow so fast that within one year they become trees after they have been sprouted. They bear fruit in one year’s time.

Some trees are such, but some of them linger on and linger on and linger on and they take too much time, so much so that maybe when they are not yet fully developed any storm, any wind, any one of these things can just push them down. So you have to make a rapid growth within.

Even after Realisation I have seen people do not pay attention to their Spirit. So for every Sahaj Yogi today I would say they have to ask, “Where is your attention, Mr?” Or Mrs. or Miss, whatever it is. “Where is your attention?” For example we can be enveloped with problem- solving something absolutely useless! Specially in the West, we do it much more than in the East because we take it for granted in the East, many things. But here because we think by planning we have achieved a lot, we start planning. We start planning about going to a place, and buying a ticket, and doing this and doing that; everything is too planned out. All the time we are wasting on something which does not require any time at all.

Supposing you have to go somewhere, alright. First of all, I don’t know if going is that important, but to some people that is much more important. Like one gentleman today came with his family to see me, specially to meet me, according to him! I don’t know how far to believe. So he wanted to have a special interview with me in my house. He had it and that’s how I am late. He doesn’t mind that. Then now he cannot come to the programme because he has got some friends whom he has to meet. His wife has not got Realisation, does not matter [to him]. Because his friends are very loving people, very good, they have been very kind to him, he must meet them.

Where is the attention?

All these misidentifications we have, like marriage also. Some people come to me and tell me, “Mother, we are very happily married,” or unhappily married. Or the one who is happily married is equally a headache as the unhappily married. The unhappily one you can understand why he’s a headache. But the happily married also says, “I must do something for wife. I have not done anything. I haven’t bought her a diamond ring. I must buy for her”. “I haven’t done this thing for her, I must get her a Rolls-Royce, and do all this and that”. But where is your attention?

The whole attention is diverted to things, which has no play, which has no meaning, which helps you nowhere.

Then the attention is, in a subtler way, in many other things, like children. Now children is sort of- if I say anything, they’ll say, “Mother, do you want us to neglect the children?” This is the problem. Children are not looked after by you, they are looked after by God. You are just a instrument of God to look after them. The more you are with God, the better you are with your children, you know how to handle them, you are kinder to them, you know how to solve their problems much better if you are getting your power from God.

But if you are not interested in God, He is not either interested in you. That’s the thing we do not understand. We think that if we are interested in God, we are obliging Him. Supposing you are interested in a job you never think that way that you are obliging the job. But as far as the God is concerned, we think, “Why? We are obliging God!” Aside: Where is she going? [Hindi]

You are not obliging God at all. He is obliging you. The attitude is so funny among human beings that you can’t imagine! All the time, they feel they are obliging God and they are doing something for the God. What can you do for Him? Just think like that.

I met a lady, she said, “Oh, how did I get cancer? I don’t understand. I used to always pray to God.” According to her, if she prayed to God, she thinks she’s paid Him the money for His job and He better look after her! It is you who are obliged by His kindness, by His compassion. He is so gracious that He knows that you are stupid. He knows that you don’t know this. He forgives you for your stupidity. He knows that you are naive and that you are children, that you are small, still not grown, you are not matured enough.

If you are egoistical, He forgives you. Because He’s compassionate. But do not take it for granted! Do not take it for granted! Those who think that, “We can do whatever we like and behave in whatever way we like, as long as we pray to God. Yes, He’ll do everything for us.” Why should He? Where is our attention?

What is yoga? In simple words, it is taking your attention to the Spirit. This is yoga. What does the Kundalini do? She raises your attention and takes it to the Spirit. Only after knowing the Spirit you can know God, not before that. That’s why all religions have failed. The incarnations who came to propound these religions said that again and again. For example Christ said that, “You are to be born again”.

All right, if you have to be born again, what did we do? We got some people, certified that they can give you rebirth! So they will have some water very nicely put in a very beautiful place in the church and you very solemnly walk down, and they put some water on your head and they said, “You are now reborn!” And you accept it! You just accept it! As a child – because you know I was born in a Christian family – I used to laugh, I used to say, “What’s this mockery going on?” I thought they are just playing like children, though I was a child, but I used to think they are really playing. I didn’t know they were seriously doing it! (laughter). Really, I did not know, till quite some time. When I grew up I was surprised, they are serious about it! I mean, they believed in it, they believed they were getting rebirth and “It’s baptism, that’s the way it should be.” I really felt it. I was amazed! And how people were satisfied with that was a greater amazement to me! They would not ask, they would not challenge, they would not say anything about it; whether, “Am I really Realised or not? Am I really reborn?”

In the same way among Hindus, they do the same nonsense. Same thing they do. When the child is about eight years of age, or say, from five years to eight years they call it as a ‘Yajnopavit samskara’.  (sacred thread ceremony) That is the day they have to invite lots of people for dinner as we have – you see, everything must have a dinner with it! The attention is more there (on food)! And then they have a big function and then they have a big puja, this that. And the Brahmins, who are not connected with God, are doing all the puja and worshipping and everything and God is nowhere there! And then the fellow gets a thread which is to certify that he’s a Brahmin, from a person who has certified himself that he’s a Brahmin! It’s all self-certification and falsehood! For a person like me it was amazing! And I used to wonder, “What’s the matter with these people?” How have they taken all these things into their hands? Why don’t they question themselves once for all? “How we are doing?”

Not only [that] but I found them to be completely mesmerised with the idea that they are doing the right thing. Every Monday I hear the people singing next to my house. What are they singing? God alone knows! They come, very well organised, just to sing some sort of hymns and things like that, which has no meaning, which is not going to reach to God. Where is their attention? The attention has to be on the Spirit and that cannot be there unless and until something happens within you.

But those who have been seeking that attention, those who have been asking that, “Oh Lord, keep my attention on God and on seeking,” are, the people, going to be blessed; not the people who have their attention [elsewhere]: now supposing in the morning they go to the church and next day to the races, and third day somewhere else. Again on a Sunday morning they are there back in the church, regularly. And they say, “I regularly go to the church!”

The attention has to be on the Spirit, even before and after Realisation. Many people ask us, “Mother, then what should people do before Realisation?” They should put their attention on their Spirit, asking for it, that, “Take my attention, Oh my Lord, to my Spirit.” And not to accept something which is false and nonsensical. Because once you start accepting something false it sits on your head. It’s a vicious circle: you have to go ahead with it and you don’t know where you are and by the time you realise, you find you are too old to give it up and you carry on, somehow. It’s like intoxication.

All falsehood of the world is an intoxication! Because if it was not intoxicating or hypnotising, why people carry on with it? I mean, to me, I don’t understand: when you know it is falsehood, why should you carry on with it? Of course, you can play with it. That’s a different thing, just to play. Just like children: they build everything. If you tell “Put them on the sand,” they’ll build a big castle and they’ll make a house and they’ll make a cowshed and everything. And [afterwards] just they break everything, take it out, clear out the whole thing. They know it’s just a play they have done it. They are conscious of it.

If this consciousness is there, then one should say that such people are seekers. That is the category of seekers, where they are not satisfied with falsehood and they want to find out the Truth.

Now the Truth is that the Spirit is within you and you are the Spirit. You are the beauty, the bliss and the joy of that Spirit. That’s what you are. Because your attention is not there that’s why you cannot feel your Spirit. But your Spirit exists, it is within you, in your heart, waiting for a moment to come into your conscious mind, to be felt by you in your central nervous system. It’s all there, built within you.

Man in his madness doesn’t realise that God has made him from amoeba to this stage for some purpose. There is a big purpose behind everything, and the purpose is that now you have to know your Spirit by which you enter into the Kingdom of God. You have to enter into the Kingdom of God. How? What is your passport? Is your Spirit. Because when the Spirit starts shining within you, you start transforming. You start transforming into a new being, into a new personality with a new awareness and you are a different person. Your priorities change.

But those who are not really good seekers I would say, may have a three-legged race, as I call that. They’ll be identified with something else. What is a three-legged race? Is that you are tied with one leg to another personality. Now this could be the job, this could be anything else, and you are tied with it and the progress retards, it goes down.

The progress in Sahaj Yoga is only possible when your attention is on the Spirit. How do you nourish it? That’s another point. The only solution is collectivity. A person who is not collectively nourished cannot grow. He cannot grow whatever he may try. These are the two very important points of Sahaj Yoga and one has to understand [that] this collectivity is to be grown within you. But what do you become? Actually what do you become after your growth? You become a collective being. So you have to nourish yourself in collectivity. People just don’t understand this simple point that you have to become the Collective Being. And that nourishment, if it is not growing into you, then you are not a Sahaj Yogi at all. You are just having the trip of your ego or your super-ego. And this is very important. By saying you are brothers and sisters and this and that it’s not possible, I know that. It’s wrong. It’s another game.

Just like baptism it’s another game to say, “Oh, we are all united together and we are all brothers and sisters and nothing should prevent us from being that.” Socially we can be alright, but politically may not be, or economically we cannot be and all sorts of things can come.

But after Realisation, when the Kundalini rises through these seven centres and pierces you through on the Sahasrara, then you start feeling the vibrations, feeling the cool breeze in your hand. This is how your Spirit is talking to you. The rapport is established. You are connected with the Spirit. That’s the sign. If you are not connected then you have to get connected, then we can talk about it. Before you are connected what is there to talk? What is there to say? Supposing this (mic) is not connected, how can I use it? Tell me. Is there any way? It’s so simple as that. Everything is so simple which you people have made so complicated. To me, a simple person, I don’t understand. I mean, it has to be connected or not? Any telephone is to be connected to the mains or not?

So the connection has to be there. And once we decide the connection has to be there then what are we doing about it? That we are doing Sahaj Yoga. What is Sahaj Yog? Is the right of every seeker to have this connection with the Divine. This you are doing in your own right, no doubt. There I cannot challenge your right. It’s your right. Say for example, in a government it’s decided that all those people under sixteen must be given £5 each. Alright, as long as is under sixteen you have a right and the government will see to it that they fulfil that promise, isn’t it? In the same way you are promised that, in the modern times, all those who will ask for Realisation will be granted. What a promise to make! Just imagine! And use me for that purpose, or Sahaj Yogis for that purpose. This is being promised in many scriptures, by many incarnations. The time has come and I have to give you Realisation. More and more people have to be given Realisation, all those who ask for it. Of course it cannot be forced onto anyone! This is your right! It is your right to ask for your property but if nobody asks, the government won’t go back on them and tell them, “Now, please have it, we beg of you, we fall at your feet,” and this and that. Do they do that? In the same way, nobody is going to fall at your feet, but if you ask for it, that’s your right, and you can have it. But the difference is that the right is to be exercised in a full way. If you ask a right that, “I want to become the governor of a particular place,” then you should be able to assume that power. In the same way, if you think you have right then you must assume also the power of Spirit within you. You have to keep your attention to your Spirit.

Now, the whole system of Spirit is so dynamic and beyond human comprehension that you are suddenly amazed and surprised at it. First of all you are amazed. Then you start thinking, “How can that be so simple? How can that be so easy?” I mean it’s not simple! In the sense that you have been made from amoeba to this stage. Is it a simple thing to do? Can you make one dog into a human being? Or even a horse, which you like very much. Can you? To make so many human beings out of amoeba, isn’t it a difficult thing?

And if you are made that, that evolution must have rendered something within you, in that something is built in you.

And when it works out it looks simple, but it is not. It has a big background which is being worked out to bring you to this stage, just to know ‘thyself.’ “Know Thyself,” simple words. It’s too simple for human comprehension that’s why it is too difficult. Because they cannot go to simple things.

“Know thyself”. What is ‘thyself’? You ask somebody, “Yes, I know myself very well.” “Now, what do you know about yourself?” “I like to go to pubs!”  That’s thyself!  “I like to become something great.” “I like…” That’s what you know your self? What you like? Or else, “I am afraid.” “I am frightened.” “I don’t believe in this.” “I don’t do this.” “Is this ‘I’ the one you are? Is it?” Then they will say, “I am not sure.” But when you are the Self, that’s absolute and that’s sure-shot that’s what you are. You know this is it.

When you talk as a Spirit, you have no doubts, you have no doubt at all, because the absolute is established in you. For example, you take ten Sahaj Yogis, ten small, little children who are Realised-souls, and ask them to face a personality and ask them, “What is the problem with this gentleman?” And immediately they will say that, “This gentleman has got this finger problem or this finger problem.” All of them will say the same, with their closed eyes. Everyone will say the same thing. They’ll not criticise each other, because everybody will feel the same thing. All the children will feel the same thing. You cannot befool children. They’ll say, “Yes, they are catching on this finger!” And you ask the person, “Have you got bronchitis?” He says, “Yes, I have!” Or something like that; even liver, anything which is not even diagnosed by doctors. Not only on physical side, on the emotional side [also] you can say.

I met a lady the other day and said, I asked her, “Do you believe in anything?” She said, “I don’t believe in anything whatsoever!” What sort of a thing is that? A personality and a personality I meet, I tell you! One ‘better’ than the other! She said, “Only I believe in myself.”

“All right, doesn’t matter! Even then I am agreed that you believe in yourself. But where is your Self? Where is your Self; in what thing do you believe?” When that Self manifests, then you have no questions, you are doubtless, you know this is it. You have no question about anything whatsoever, you know everything.

That’s how the vibrations tell you. This is the Spirit that tells you. The Spirit within you tells you. You ask the Spirit, “What is to be done?” You ask any question. For example, I was born in a Christian family and in India people felt very funny that a lady who is supposed to give us our moksha and our Realisation should be a Christian lady because they thought she has to be a Brahmin or something like that. I am a Brahmin in a way because I am a Realised-soul. I have no caste and community, but I am a Realised-soul. So, they asked me a question, “Mother, how is it you were born a Christian?” I said, “Alright, you ask on your vibrations: ‘Is Christ the son of God?’.” Imagine for Hindus and Muslims, to accept this is very difficult. And the vibrations [started flowing], and the most orthodox of Hindus immediately, immediately accepted.

For them one advantage is there that they know that the cool breeze is the way you can make out that your Spirit is flowing, that’s the only way. They know, that’s an advantage they have.

But they gave up all that, and a revolution came into them! Imagine Hindus of India, who are such orthodox people, have been dominated also by Muslims. Now they take the name of “Allah hu akbar,”! They are trying to know the Namaz. They are trying to do the Namaz. All this fanaticism is going to be finished, absolutely crushed, as soon as the Spirit starts manifesting itself. Because only truth will be accepted.

In the same way, we have Muslim disciples: they have accepted Christ, they have accepted Ganesha, they have accepted everything, because on the vibrations you see the truth is there!

Fanatics will also have to come around. But first those who are doubting fanaticism will first of all get it. How can any fanatic be correct? Because they are talking about one God and they are in juxtaposition with each other. How can that be? But it’s so. If you talk to a fanatic, who is an ardent Muslim and an ardent Hindu – they hate each other! They cannot understand how God could create them, the one Person can create both of them. They think they have separate Gods! I don’t know how they carry on with their fanaticism because I can’t understand.

But the entire truth about everything can be known through your vibratory awareness! And this vibratory awareness comes to you through your attention which is enlightened by your Spirit. This Spirit resides within us. All the time it knows everything what we do. It’s the one which knows all our feelings, wherever we move. But the same Spirit, when it enlightens our attention, the thing that He’s enjoying, itself, or it is enjoying itself, becomes our experience. Because the Spirit is collectively conscious and we become collectively conscious.

Those people who are not collectively conscious are not Sahaj Yogis, they are absolutely just ‘so-called’. First collective consciousness comes in, within us, by feeling the cool breeze blowing through our hands and by feeling all the fingers and feeling all the chakras.

Some people don’t feel it in the hands if their Vishuddhi is not alright, but still they can feel within themselves. Like there are devices I feel, as, if the gas fails, then the electricity works out! That also works out in many people.

You can feel it within yourself, where is the problem and you can feel the chakras. That’s the first thing happens to you, that you feel the collectivity within you. That you are a collective being you feel. You also feel about yourself, what you are catching, where you are catching. And ultimately, then, you start feeling, nourishing your collectivity. Which is the point very much missed in the individualistic society. Because the whole of the individualistic society is based on competition and there is no competition in Sahaj Yoga. It’s just the other way round. That you nourish on other people. The person who cannot carry on with other Sahaj Yogis is a sure and certain person who is going to get out of this.

You have to nourish yourself on collectivity. And once you start doing it, somehow or other, you see, I have seen some people, it clicks with them, sometimes. But with some people I go on telling them, “This way, that way” in so many ways I try to work it out, it never clicks. But with some people it suddenly clicks and they become different people. Everybody then certifies, “Oh, they have become very sweet now.” But some of the people just go on, just like, all the time they are like thorns, and anybody they touch, that person gets a fright. And then that person says, “Alright, I am getting out. I am not talking to anyone, I am not doing this. I am just keeping quiet.” That’s all they can do. They cannot take out that thorn from themselves and can become one, articulate with others. And when this thing happens, one has to know that there’s something wrong.

After all, from where are you going to get your nourishment?

The Spirit is shining, the sun is shining, but your tree of life has to get your nourishment from collectivity. Once you realise that, it works wonders. It has worked wonders with so many people all over the world. But there’s a greater danger for people, where individualism is regarded as something great, where people think to be individualistic in their attitude towards their selections and choices and the decision-making. For every small thing they will make a decision. Why? What is the advantage? What did you gain by wasting so much energy in decision-making?

Whether you’ll have the fish and chips or you’ll have hamburger! What does it mean? Why waste so much energy on that? Where is your attention?

All these things, all this attitude is nothing but ego-oriented and is competitive. And also all the medias that are used are just trying to exploit it. Like, they’ll say “If you have a cigar it’s sufficient, you need not have a Rolls-Royce,” or something like that. So you buy a cigar like a madcap. But if they put it in the television then fifty percent [of] people will do it, as if they have no brains to use. It’s a mad world that way. To me, it is not, in a way, because you are seekers. Have you ever seen so many seekers? Seekers of Truth. They are not only claiming, they mean it. I know, they mean it. They are not just claiming. It’s not a fashion with them, they do mean it. And I am really very happy about it that there are seekers, those who are seeking, who are honest and intelligent and who want to know who they are.

Today, as I said, we’ll have a short programme. And there’s no end to my speeches. I don’t know how many speeches I have given now, I’ve lost count! This is only just to make your attention a little steady – then the Kundalini rises. Without that happening your attention cannot go inside. Once the happening takes place your attention is pulled in. The whole attention goes inside and it is carried and is brought to this point where it breaks: this is the seat of your Spirit and the seat resides in your heart [at Brahmarandhra]. And you are blessed with your Self-realisation.

Now, the growth has to come, that you have to move your awareness towards the Spirit. And when that happens, that your Spirit dominates your awareness, that your awareness becomes the Spirit, then Satchitananda [begins]. ‘Sat’ is the essence of your awareness, is the Truth; through your awareness you know the truth. ‘Chit’ is the attention and ‘anand’ is the Spirit. The essence of the Spirit is joy. All these things become one. That has to happen. Then the growth is much faster. When it is half way round, the growth is less. And the growth is to be felt in your collectivity not in how you organise some things and all that – no! In collectivity. How you feel about the whole world, how you are connected about the whole world. What you are doing about it. Can you work it out for them? Where is your attention? – Again.

As soon as you go on your Spirit, you will start worrying about the whole universe. It will happen. The priorities will change, “Oh, I am here, I am the Spirit. And my work is not this. This is useless, this is not meant for me!” And the attention will start going from all mundane, gross things to the spiritual side. But by going there you become so dynamic that all material things will work out just like that. [Shri Mataji clicks Her fingers]. You’ll have no problem with material things, they will work out.

Like I’ll tell you that a few examples are like this: You know I am a married woman and I have got grandchildren. I run my house very well and I have a household and mine is a marathon race! I mean, all of you have a relay-race but I have a marathon one. And it works out.

But apart from that so many problems are solved. I’ll give you a simple example. Some girls have come from Australia. They told me, related, many problems they have solved. But one of them was very sweet that, there was a lady: she very much wanted to come to India to see me, and she thought her money was not sufficient. Now, money is absolutely material. And the little child, daughter she had, she also wanted to come. And the girl was having a jumble-sale, something. So she collected some of the trinkets here and there and went for a jumble-sale. And they discovered that she had a very expensive bracelet of gold, suddenly, which sold out for the amount of money exactly required for the ticket of the mother and the child. Exactly! Oh, this is nothing.

There are many people who have known how materially it works out. For example we have a doctor of physics here (Regis), who was doing his doctorate and he did it for years and years, I don’t remember exactly how many years. And he brought his papers to me, he said, “Mother, I cannot now have anything more done, now I cannot even make it a fair thing. I cannot put it in the bound. And this is how I’m going to now present it. I am fed up. I have finished every single pie (1/192 Rupee) I had.”

I said, “All right.” I just did like this to the thing (gave a bandhan). He said, “Are You not going to read?” I said, “No, what is there to read? It’s all right.” You won’t believe – he went next day to see the gentleman and he became a doctor of physics! That’s how materially things work out. Krishna has said it, “Yoga kshema vahamyaham.” Yoga, when you get your yoga, when you are connected with God, then He looks after your kshema, your well-being.

This is so simple to understand. There’s another very simple truth one should understand that, if we are not connected with Him, how can He look after us? We have to be connected with Him: so we know His desires, we know His ways, we know how to please Him, we know what to do and so we can ask for what we want.

You don’t even have to ask! You’ll be surprised how things work out for you, how family relations improve, social relations improve, economic relations improve. All these things are on your centres. And as the Kundalini rises, she starts spreading sideways also and you start getting the effect. The first you get is the material and the physical, and that’s how you know how we have cured people of cancer and things, just like that! (Shri Mataji snaps Her fingers)

People don’t understand how we have done it but we have. Because Spirit is the dynamism within us, it is THE thing. Like one diamond which is put in a ring and embedded in the soil, saved permanently, just to keep it out of problems, is suddenly discovered. And that’s why it is all we seek. The basis of all our existence is nothing but our Spirit. That’s the basis, that’s the adhara, that’s the support.

And to us it should be a special blessing for our Lord, Jesus Christ, was the embodiment of that Spirit. He came on this earth just to show you the way of your resurrection. It’s a special blessing to us. But Him also we have made it into a fanatic stuff. We are ‘great’ people! Give anything to human beings and they know how to make a good mess out of it. That’s what I have discovered. He was crucified; that was all right, because He cannot be crucified, He cannot be killed, that I know. But the way now He is clouded and how He is plucked out of reality and put into something false, sometimes it’s so shocking, frustrating and so humiliating that you can’t imagine.

Whatever done is done. The quality of Spirit is forgiveness. The symbol of Spirit is Christ. And the power He has given us is to forgive, because He has that power to forgive. He’s the power of forgiveness. He is the ocean of forgiveness. So, He’s so powerful that He cleanses you through forgiveness. Just by forgiving you He cleanses you. And that’s how it works out. So you should not try to build a guilt in your mind. That’s the only thing most of the Christians do, is to sit down and build a guilt by spoiling this part of the chakra here. It’s amazing how it has come to us, this guilt. Perhaps the psychologists or confessions, I don’t know what it has been! They are guilty in imagination. And that part is very sad. That does not help. You are not to be guilty. You are the Spirit! What crime Spirit can do? Nothing! Only you have to get out of it, to become that.

That’s what we are going to have. And let us work it out. We have some new people over here. I am sure it is going to work out. But for all the new people now, I have to say one thing, that Sahaja Yoga is not a thing you just go for a programme and get out. It’s dangerous if you get your Realisation and still you do not recognise Sahaja Yoga, it will be very difficult for you to come back to Sahaja Yoga. So, please understand that, if you have found the way, do not lose it. Try to follow it. I have nothing to gain from you. It is you who has to gain; that’s your right. You better have it.

May God bless you all.

About these chakras and all that: we’ve got some papers, which you can see yourself and read and you can understand. It’s there? So, let us, put your hands like this and we’ll work it out.

Are you feeling the cool breeze? Are you? Good. Today I’m talking about! Absolutely about this awareness. This is not on faith. You’ll get it. It’s working out. You’ll get it.

Can you see that? It’s working out.

(Gavin and Bala make a brief speech each to congratulate Sir CP on his re-election)

Sir C.P.: Dear Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, I am very, very grateful for all the kind words that have just been spoken about me. And I am truly delighted that you find it a source of happiness that my wife will stay on here for another five years. I now see how many good wishes there were and those who wanted to wish. I am sure it’s because of your will and your desire that my wife should stay on here and they helped me! I want to thank you very much for this, this evening. It’s a great pleasure and privilege to be with you. And I say this because you represent the fulfilment in some ways, of the dreams and ambitions of my wife. She has been wanting it many years to spread her message and the only person, as a student, who was available was myself.

I can assure you that She will be here, She will be with you and She will be with ?? and with family that you are building up, all I can say, may you work like a treat and this world become a better place to live in. May all [unclear] …that we are all brothers and sisters on this day, whatever the colour of our skin. And whatever [muffled]. Thank you all very much for this.

Shri Mataji: To hear everything, I don’t know what to say. I must say that, if this kind of a thing starts working out in the whole world, then people will take to Sahaj Yoga, because they will think that there has to be a sustaining power. You see, as a seed grows who has to come up and that’s the very thing that happens to you. And always you get this working organisation in the office also. They had the same feeling of a family which works wonders also. So even before Realisation, people can break through everything, and why not after Realisation? Thank you very much. All of you are very happy.