The Myth of Ego

Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

1980-11-20 The Myth Of Ego London NITL HD, 60'
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Public Program, “The Myth of Ego”. Hampstead, London (UK), 20 November 1980.

I am told that already somebody has spoken about Me, perhaps Me or Sahaja Yoga as well and I am sure you must have understood why we are here. Sahaja Yoga is an eternal process which is not. Today, it has started. It has been on, and on and on.

Like, I started from My house, then I have to avoid some traffic, terrible traffic on Park Lane. You know, it’s a bottleneck, and I have been always thinking how to get rid of it, what one could do to stop this bottleneck. So, to avoid it, you enter into another road, take another road. You find there is another bottleneck, because somebody, some celebrity, is passing that way. Like that, you try to avoid all these roads. When you start

moving you think you have reached there much ahead of time and you may have to wait outside the hall, while you find you land up at that place little late. This whole process is to arrive here and to talk to you. The whole thing is, based on one basic event that I have to reach. In the same way the whole process of our creation is based on one thing, that is, you have to meet your Divine self. Of course, as I said, there’s traffic, there’s a problem, there are hindrances, sometimes [unclear]it’s part of being, but it works. You reach the place, somehow.

So, Sahaja is all the journey through and it is spontaneous. All this happening has been spontaneous. Yoga is the point where you meet, where you meet your Divine self, you see. So, all these journeys, everybody’s, everybody’s doing, because they think they knew [unclear], will be if they get a Parliament seat.

The other day, I happened to meet many Parliamentarians, and some of your Ministers and Opposition Leaders and things, and they were not aware of the news that you have to meet yourself, Divine self. They have not met. They were not at all aware that this

work is done in this great country of England. They were worried about other things, like Laborites were pulling the legs of the Conservative people and the Conservative were pulling the legs of the Labor. It’s a big joke was on. They were not aware. They’re seeking power.

Then I met there lots of people also who were very rich. Women were wearing all the diamonds of the world and everything and all that, big economic development, you see, and they, it was about the two Indo-British associations, so, how to make these two countries meet and what they can do to help [unclear: sounds like Indians or England], and none of them, neither Indians nor British, could say that India could also help, in a way, because they were seeking, still, the economic development.

India is now developing economically. See, we are getting sophisticated. We are learning how to use plastics and nylons. While you are a category of people, you are different category. You are not seeking power. You are not seeking money. You are seeking your Self. You are seeking something, which may be unknown to you. Maybe you are not sure about it. Maybe you do not have full idea as to what you are seeking, maybe. Maybe you are side-tracked. Maybe you have gone to the wrong path. Maybe you are mislaid,

carried away. Whatever it is, but you are a category different. You can see the joke behind all this seeking of other people. That is definite. If you have not yet come to that conclusion and if you still think that all these things are very, very important, then still you may get little bit turn round and look back, as if I have left some luggage behind.

Now we are here to seek our selves. This idea didn’t occur to anyone. Only one gentleman somehow remarked that we have a very rich heritage from India. But it is not that you have. We are complimentary people. Nobody realized that we are complementary to you. We can’t exist without you and you can’t exist without us. And this is, they do not realize, while you realize that there is something lacking which we have to get from others, and they realize that there is something lacking in them that they have to get from you. Now, this understanding … [Mother pauses to arrange seating for


The category of seeking, or the seekers in the west, is a very fortunate category [unclear]. They are very fortunate, because the atmosphere is now filled with the understanding that all these ventures, whatever we have had, have led us to nowhere. We have not achieved what we wanted to achieve. You are very fortunate that you are already satiated. You are over-satisfied. Like, you have a very heavy meal and then somebody asks you, “What

would you like to have?” Then you’ll say, “It’s better not to eat, but if I have to eat, let me have some rustic bread. That would be better. I’ve had enough,” as we say that after having a heavy meal, we want to eat kicharee. This is absolutely the most ordinary that the villagers eat, you see, absolutely unsophisticated.

That’s what has happened to you people. You are very fortunate, and the atmosphere is also built up, and a sort of a fashion is prevailing, that you are seekers. It’s very good to have such a fashion around, you know that you are seekers. You don’t have to quarrel with your society. If you say you are a seeker, you’re respected. It’s a very good thing. It’s really a great, great boon on you, that you are seeking.

And such groups of people are much better than individuals in a society, which is trying to develop onto your life. Go up to the cusp, fall into the ditch, and then come back. Now you have known that all our ventures have led us, not to happiness, but to unhappiness. The others are following you. They are going to bring up the rear, as I said. But, you are the people who have to look back and tell them, “Now, you better be alert, because we have done a mistake. Now, you people who are trying to follow us have to learn that you do not  fall into the same trap that we have been. Don’t run after plastics, but run after the living Spirit within.

Perhaps when I speak to you, you may not realize, because you people have fantastic ideas about India and England, but the conditions are there. England is today one of the best place for seeking. Jerusalem has started in England. In England and in

Hampstead, it was declared that Jerusalem will be built in England. He lived in

Hampstead, and his vibrations have created, really, the foundations for that Jerusalem

which you people have to make, with this understanding that you are the people who are the category of seekers, that you are, according to me, the best placed, as far as your seeking is concerned, in this turmoil and in this darkness, where you see that this is darkness, that you are aware about it, that you can really circulate through the media of your country and your language to other people, the advent of Sahaja Yoga, which is really the only method by which you are going to get to your realization.

They all say the same thing. If you talk to anybody American, he says, “I’m twice born”.

Any American is a twice born. He thinks he is born in America; he’s twice born. They think that American soil itself gives you the second birth. It’s surprising, but anybody you talk to, the President, is twice born. The Vice President is twice born. Everybody is twice born, and perhaps all the refugees who are there must be also twice born, the way they think about.

But they have no idea as to what to expect when you are twice born, and they are having a very simple type of a ego trip, and this subtle type of ego trip, I think, we can avoid by understanding that ego becomes subtler and subtler, the subtler we become. It attacks the reality, every time by which you run away and thrown away from  the reality. That’s the work of Ego is.

For us to see that the time has come to become one with the Divine is rather difficult.

Why? Why should it be difficult, that the time has come? Have you ever known so many people, sitting down before Christ, asking for their realization, anybody? Did anyone ask for their realization in the whole of the Bible, anywhere? Did anyone ask Christ that He should baptize someone? Just think of it! What is the situation today, is that you have so many of them asking for their self-realization. I don’t say that you were not misled. I don’t say you don’t understand. That’s said. But see the awareness, to what point it has come. So why not? This is the time to get realization.

The first Ego’s attempt is to tell you, “Oh, the time has not come.” Because Ego does not want you to accept, really, your self-esteem. It doesn’t want you to accept that you have that capacity to receive God’s blessing, that you should get your realization. So, the first question comes to you, “How can it be?” Now, why not? The first-time question should be asked, to your Mr. Ego, “Why not?”

Second, “How can it be available to Me?” was said. There are some people who came to see Me. One gentleman who was in India, who was sort of trying to help people out, he came to see Me and who got realization. He’s an Indian., He’s a son of a rich man. So he started an organization, serving these people, guiding them, this, that. He came to see Me and he knows many people here, and he said that, “Mother, I think the people are not yet ready for Sahaja Yoga”. I said, “What makes you think like that?” He says, “Because

they say, ‘How can that be so easy? How can we get it? We are not ready. We are frightened.’ “. I said, “At least, do you have faith in Sahaja Yoga, or not?” He says, “I have”. “Then do you have faith in its powers, or not?” “I have.” “Then, why? Let us test whether they get it or not.” Why are they worried?

Before coming into the hall, do you try to find out that what will be the wall’s colour? Do you find out what will be the paneling of the hall, before coming inside? You come inside, see for yourself what’s the colour, how it looks like. That is what it is. Instead of that, at the door people are standing, “Oh, we are thinking whether we should get inside or not, because we don’t know what sort of a colour it has.” What do you call such people? STU All right? And that’s what it is. The ego makes you really lacking. Ego really stupefies you in the sense that it makes you stupid. The more you listen in to your Ego, the more you will find you become stupid.

Now, what is stupidity is not yet defined in any dictionary, but we can understand with our commonsense what is stupid. And all kinds of stupid things you have seen in your life, and you have discarded them because you are seekers. If you were not seekers, you

would have been somewhere else, not here. You would have ended up with some sort of a horn, as I have seen many people carrying, but you are still here. You have thrown                away all these horns and you are still here, thinking that you have not yet found out. So, one has to be careful about this Mister Ego, which really makes you absolutely stupid. And there are stories and stories in the Indian scriptures, everywhere, how a stupid man thinks that he’s the wisest. And that’s what one has to know, that when you think you are too wise, you must try to think, “Am I stupid?”

So, I said, you ask a question to yourself, “Why not? Why not I at this time get realization?” If I say the time has come, you should be happy to know about it, but I’ve seen fifty percent people become unhappy, because I say the time has come. And when I say that you can get your realization just now, the rest of the fifty percent get more unhappy, thinking that, “How can it be? How can Mother say such a thing? It is silly to say that you can get your realization”. This is the advice of Mr Ego again, because it does not know your Self. It’s an artificial thing, which is within you, which is giving you artificial

ideas. He has no idea as to how you have developed, from what amoeba stage you have been brought, how we have been brought to this stage, and how in this process of Sahaja you are today just ready to have your realization. It does not know that. The only one that knows is your Kundalini, your Mother. She sits in the triangular bone there and She rises to give you realization. She’s just waiting. She’s just to be risen and She does it.

Somebody asked me, “How much time?” I said, “How much time does it take for to switch on this light?” They said, “Maybe, split of a second.” I said, “The one thousandth of a split of a second you can count. One thousandth part of that you can count.” The Kundalini takes just lifts up, that [snaps fingers]. But again, for example, in my mind from Victoria, was on you in a second, but my car would not move. So, maybe that Kundalini is there already in her mind but the body doesn’t move, because there are obstructions and there is some sort of a hindrance, which is causing this thing. Doesn’t matter. Have faith!

But Ego is speedy. Ego gives you speed. When you speak, you speak telescopically. One  word enters into another, you think ahead of time, always ahead of time. It happens

with people who are speedy, that they arrive at the station at a time where the first train is about to leave and the second hasn’t arrived, and they reach the time at the station because they have calculated and how calculations have failed. All such speedy things come to us, and we have no patience with ourselves. So, when the Ego is teaching you that, you have to be sure about it, how can you get your realization, and all these nonsensical things. At the same time when it sees that the realization is not achieved, it gives you another lesson. It has failed; it has not worked. Such contradictory things Ego

works out and that’s why there is confusion and this is the age of confusion because of Mr Ego trying to play tricks with us. It gives you one idea, and then another idea, and between the two you are standing between the two stools and don’t know which side you are going to fall off and which one is going to slip out soon.

These are the blessings of Ego on us. The sooner we get rid of it, the better. But

when you try to get rid of it also, it’s not easy, because the more you try to beat it, it swells up. It’s like a balloon. If you release the balloon; it swells up. The only way is to know the reality, so it goes down by itself. The whole idea, the myth, falls off. The myth of Ego falls off, you see. Like a person who is going by an aeroplane suddenly starts thinking that, “I am driving the aeroplane”. He puts up his hands like this and he starts doing, I mean, like a child or a stupid fellow.

Egoistical people, as I said, can become like that. He starts, “Oh, I am driving the plane”. So, what happens is, you see, they start guiding the pilot [unclear] maybe, “Why should he do like this?” and, “Why doesn’t he do like this?” and all sorts of things start. And then suddenly they find that they cannot manage the plane. They find that the plane just lands on its tail or somewhere. The person is completely jammed and he cannot manage.

When they find themselves into difficulties, then they start wondering, “What have I been thinking? Why it has happened there? Was I wrong?” That is the time when the Ego will give you another suggestion, by which you will put the blame on Mr Pilot and not on you. So, again the Ego’s play will start in that fashion, by which you will be again lost. Why I’m saying that? Because Ego plays a very, very subtle obstruction in Sahaja Yoga. One has to be careful about it to begin with.

To overcome this, now here you see on the right-hand side this yellow line is the one, is the one, which gives us the power of action by which we act. We act through our physical being, through our mental being. So, it looks after our physical and mental being. It gives rise to the Ego on the left-hand side, as you see, and this left side Ego is the problem of today because it covers the whole of the head sometimes, so much so that Kundalini cannot pierce through.

Now, on the left-hand side that you see, is the power of our desire. It’s the blue line is shown, is the power of our desire. By this you get your Superego, all your conditionings.

Whatever has been your desire, your past, whatever you have been asking for, and

whatever has been hidden within you, is all expressed in that blue stuff there, called as Superego.

Now, when the people of your category, which are superior most people of any nation, who are the subtlest in any nation whatsoever, whether they are here or in Tehran or in China, just the same, they are the people who can see that this horrible thing

like Ego is before us. They can see it clearly. First, they see it in others and then they start seeing the reflection within themselves. So, they take to another side, run away from it, run away from reality. All this is, start an anti-culture movement. This culture is nonsensical. They can see it. Why do they do it? Because they can see it. Is so artificial. All this artificiality they can see. So, they think they will take to something else, by which you run away from this Ego, but actually, you cannot run away from it. You run away to the other side called as Superego on the left-hand side it moves, but actually in the head it is more on the right hand side. This Superego is nourished by all our lethargic acts.

For example, “We are lethargic”. When I came here, I was surprised. Some of those people told me that, “I’m successfully unemployed”. I got a shock of my life. I said, “Now, what sort of a people I am chasing there?” They think it’s a success to be unemployed. I said, “It’s a problem”. And, that was the Superego speaking. “Why should we work? Why do we need more money? What is the need to work? Why to have action?” Just sit down and dream. Take some nice drugs. Go on top of a hill. Take the drug. Lie down there and just think you are in Heaven, finished. Imagination. That also has worked out. People are out of it now. They are understanding that’s not the way to achieve reality.

So, from Ego to Superego, the future yogis have been moving. The seekers are the future yogis and they have been wobbling from one to another. It’s a dangerous game both

ways, no doubt, but you are seekers, and they are respected, loved and looked after and protected, and they achieve what they are asking for. They achieve it. They have to achieve because behind all these games is the Divine Power, which has worked it out so well, so beautifully. He has made you human being, and is not going to fail, when it has to give you that super human power. That is the power of your Spirit that lies within your heart. That has to manifest.

Now, you have your own concepts because of, Ego has concepts. Always Ego will give you concepts about everything. That’s why, because these concepts never fit in with the reality. Christ was crucified, because according to them Christ should have been born to Herod, not to Mary. According to them it was too humble for God to be born like that. So, they crucified Him. The concepts that this Ego tries to give you can be very dangerous, too, about everything, about seeking, about realization, about everything. It gives you concepts, means it closes your doors to reality.

Keep yourself open to see what it is really, than to have a conception. So, because of this wobbling people have started conceiving things in imaginary world. Sometimes they move to the right or to the left, and they start imagining, “Oh, this means that. This means that. This means that”, and this imagination is so dangerous.

Recently, we have had a big accident [ unclear ] in Brighton. One gentleman came, and told them that he was Mr Michael or whatever it is. People started believing he was St Michael. Imagination starts coming up and can be very dangerous. Now, the whole

Ego and Superego play becomes imaginary. How long are we going to live with

imagination? We have to face reality. And reality is beauty. Reality is joy. It is knowledge. It is the thing you have to have. How long are you going to be satisfied with the artificial thing? You are not.

So, what is the reality? How are we to seek it and how are we to receive it? Do not have conceptions. When you were amoeba did you have any conception how human being is going to look? Did you have any conception about how Sahaja Yoga is going to work out in England? Do you have any conception, even today, how the whole world is going to be transformed? All these conceptions are conjectures. They are not the conceptions of the reality, because you are not there from where you can see and there is a difference between one and another. All these writers, I find somebody saying, “This is the truth”, another is saying, “This is the truth”, a third one is saying, “This is the truth”, the psychologists are saying, “This is the truth.” There is nothing common in them, and this is the problem for us to read them. One person you read, then you read another, and the

third. It’s better to go to lunatic asylum these days, than to go in the library and read any book. At least there you will get treated for your troubles while you’ll get lunatic if you go to these libraries. It’s that mad. And the more you read, the more confused you get.

This confusion is necessary, because without confusion you are not going to seek in the right direction. The earnestness goes up to the point of absolute emergency when the confusion is at its highest. You feel that now or never. You feel so desperate at that moment that if we are lost in this confusion, we are lost forever and something has to happen within us or something we have to face, or to know or to realize within us.

Otherwise, we are finished. Such an emergency, when it comes into your mind, that’s the point for Sahaja Yoga, and there the light comes in. That emergency is settled down already, everywhere in your mind itself because mind is running with the speed of five hundred miles per hour. You cannot stop. It’s mad, the way you think, you know. I told you there was a doctor in Switzerland he came, “Mother, do anything. You can cut my throat or you can take out any part of my mouth or face, or anything that you want to do, but stop thinking. My thinking is horrible.” That’s why you are very fortunate, very fortunate, that you belong to that category and the whole situation is so emergent and you are such fighters and such brave people that I’m sure you will get out of it and you’ll save many more.

Supposing such a situation arrives in India. Most of them will commit suicide, I can tell you. They’ll just shun. They won’t be able to understand. Anyone like that goes there, they’ll think, “Oh, he’s mad. Put him somewhere out, finished. We have nothing to do”.

They’ll never fight it out, because they’re not used to this kind of a thing, this kind of a struggle, this kind of a complete emergence of all the problems of the world on them. All these problems are bombarded on you through different media. You see the whole world going into a shock. They don’t feel this. They are ignorant. They don’t know anything about what’s happening. Anybody today who is aware is feeling the emergency of something happening to us. Something has to happen. They are aware that unless and until this happens, you cannot be saved. Atomic energy problem. There’s another one,

the wars are going on. Earthquakes are coming. People are saying that all the stars are going to fall into one line. Everybody’s feeling there’s going to be something horrible. The reason is the Last Judgement has started. It has started, and you have to go through it. You are going to judge yourself. There is God within you, which is going to judge you, and you are going to be chosen by your own efforts, and you are going to help others, many many thousands of them, to be light.

A certain number is needed. That’s all. For every, every evolution a certain number was needed to create a complete explosion. A certain number is needed and you are one of them who are the first to get it. So, here is your Kundalini, which all of you have.

Except for demonic people, everybody has the Kundalini. The Kundalini exists within you, which you can see with your naked eyes in many people, which rises through all these centers, which are within you and pierces your fontanelle bone area. Only what I do, is I tell you what it is. For example, on your fingers if you get cool breeze, what does it mean? If you get all these fingers burning, what does it mean? If you get a particular finger burning more, what does it mean? I just decode it for you.

Secondly, I am like a candle, which was enlightened first and now I enlighten you. You can enlighten other candles. Ego can also start saying, “Why She?” It’s a very common thing. “Why you?” Once a doctor asked me “Why you?” I said, “You please come here. I’ll be very happy. If you can raise the Kundalini, I’ll be very happy to retire sir, because it’s, it’s better to retire now”. I mean, you get somebody like that, nothing like it. I mean, I would become a disciple of anybody who can raise the Kundalini.

They may say it. They may talk about it. If they could do it, nothing like it. Oh, I would retire. I’m looking forward to My retirement. I don’t know when it will be, but that’s the thing, it is. You see, it has been given to Me to do this job. Now what am I to do? I can’t understand. So that you do not feel hurt. And also, I have a role of a mother, a mother

who bears up everything. Everybody tries to crucify Me. It’s not a question of one crucifixion.  I have seen many coming and being very rude to Me, shouting at Me, screaming at Me, doing all kinds of things, saying things against Me. It’s all right. But I am Mother. Everything I know because you are children. That’s why you are seeking, but you will be all right. I know that you’ll be all right. But it is better to be wise and to get your realization, to understand the wiser you are, the easier it is for you to mature. You have to mature faster and faster with your wisdom and discretion.

Regarding your realization, nothing can be promised to anyone. There is no promise. You know, there is no enrolment. There is no fees, nothing. Like the trees, they do not enroll themselves somewhere, that, “Oh God, oh, give us the sun, sun’s rays, so that we come up”. The sun is shining and all the trees are blessed. Some do not get the blessings; some do get it. Some die at the grass stage, some grow up, become heavily laden with fruits, which they distribute to others, and people say, “All right, this tree has come up”.

They do not say that the sun has done anything; they just take it for granted.

In the same way Sahaja Yoga is working out. It’s just very simple, is natural. There is, you cannot pay for it. How much do we pay to the sun or to the Mother Earth for giving us all that She is giving us? We are giving to all intermediaries, you see, who have created economic problems for us. But do the direct people we don’t give anything. The real sources we don’t pay anything. In the same way, you cannot pay anything for it. It’s so natural. It works out. It helps you and you help others. This is what has to happen to most of the human beings. But first to the number I was telling you which is required, and they have to be sensible, wise, open people who have self-esteem. It’s not meant for useless, frivolous, nonsensical.

So, one has to understand that as you are seekers, you have discarded many things which looked nonsensical to you, and today is the time for you to receive for which you

have discarded all that: the sense of your being; the meaning; the purpose of your being; why you have come on this Earth; everything; all the knowledge of the world; everything for which you have come, for which you were created; the whole universe; the stars. They are going now to Saturn. Why Saturn was created? What is Saturn? It’s not even the dust particle of God Almighty’s feet. What has happened? It’s one of the seats of one of the centres. It’s here, and the Vishudhi Chakra is made out of Saturn, and the circle round it is nothing but the Sudarshan Chakra, as described, of Shri Krishna, because Shri Krishna resides.

Now, what will they know about it? How are we to talk to them? You see, they have to become realized souls, to know whether it is true or not, because there is no way of

judging it. By your imagination you cannot judge it. You have to know it through your feelings. This is what happens to you when you get realization, that you get the cool breeze in your hands. All your fingers get enlightened. Your palm gets enlightened, and your base of the palm. All of them are centres. Seven centres are there, these five, six and seven, and they all get enlightened, by which you know what it’s for. Also, you know if this is the truth or not, because if it is the truth the vibration comes very much more.

When it is the falsehood, it stops.

There are so many permutations and combinations of these feelings, which you learn, and you become a person. You become again and again. You become a person of a new awareness, in which you start perceiving things through your feeling, as reality. For example, the one person is sitting here, and if ten Sahaja Yogis are trying on that person, they’ll say the same thing about them.

One gentleman came and asked me, “Mother, why everybody is asking me, ‘What about your father?’” I said, “All right, what about your father?” I also asked. He said, “He died suddenly and I was [unclear: sounds like with him, or this thing]”. I said, “Then, that part is little bit showing.” “He said, “How do You know?” I said,” You will also know later,” but he said, “Tell me, how do You know?” I said, “Very simple. If this finger is burning, that means your father’s finger is something wrong”. Everybody’s this finger is burning. Whether it is a child or a big person, they’ll ask, “What about the father?” Now, you tell about your father’s problem, and there is a way of correcting this problem. If you correct it,

immediately you get your realization. It’s that simple. It’s everything is so simple in life.

If you to see someone, what do you do? Do you think about it? You just see. In the same way, when you get your realization, what do you do? You just feel. It’s a vibratory awareness. Then you just start to feel within yourself. They have started feeling it. You see a person, you know it’s that. He may tell you lies. Doesn’t matter; you know this [unclear]. You may not tell that person diplomatically, not to hurt the person, but you know this is the problem. But it’s better if somebody tells you. Be thankful. Get rid of it. Not to be angry.

Last of all, I have to tell you, because you have some who have come for the first time, that you can be misled. There could be a guru, so-called, who might have misled you. Or there could be somebody who might have misled you. Still, because you are naive, maybe you might not have understood it. But if somebody tells you that your Void is catching, there’s a wrong guru. Better tell the name. It’s better to get rid of it than to have it there because your realization is difficult, and even if you get your realization the Kundalini will suck back. It’s better to tell and understand how to get rid of it. After all, Sahaja Yoga is only concerned with your wellbeing, and not the wellbeing of all the crooks of the world. Because people have an objection sometimes to Me, saying that She criticizes others.

Do you mean to say that I could sit here and praise Mr Hitler or someone, who is even worse  than that? You need courage to face these horrible people. Only a Mother can do it. And I             have to tell, and I will tell on the top of my worst, that these devils and these negative forces, which are trying to drag down My children, are going to be doomed and they are going to go to hell. But you give them up as soon as possible. I’m not afraid of them.

That’s one thing you should know. They are afraid of Me. May God bless you all!!  Can you ask Me any questions? If you want to you can ask a question.???

Any questions, please? You are thoughtless just now. Kundalini has gone up. Most of you cannot think of a question.

I’m sorry, but she shot up. What am I to do? She is so anxious to shot up, than to ask questions, that she’s gone out. What am I to do? You got it, most of you have? Try to think. That’s it. You will see.

[Audience: question inaudible]

That’s called the Void. That’s the stomach. That’s the void. We call it as Void, but not the Zen style Void. We call it the Void because that’s the place where all the Masters were, the Ten Masters. All our Ten Commandments create this Void, in the stomach, in the [unclear]. Now, for this I would advise you, there’s a book, which is written about Me by a Swiss – French, gentleman, which is actually in English, and there are some papers they have got, which you go through. It’s quite a lot of it. And there are at least three hundred tapes, I think, with Douglas. I don’t know how many there are. I have no number now, but you can see all that, and everything you need, because in one lecture, I cannot cover every point again [unclear]. All right?

All this requires explanation. For I would say like this, that if you come in this room and it’s dark, you just say, “Put on the light”. So you’ll ask me, “Where is the switch?” Just put on the light and then you can ask something else, isn’t it? First of all, have the light.

Then we’ll talk about it. It’s a headache, I tell you, to talk about it. Before realization, it’s a headache. It’s like groping.

[Audience: Is there anything that can interfere with the vibration? Anything that can distort the vibration?

If you are mesmerized, that’s a different point altogether. If you are mesmerized, then maybe you may just think you are. You see, you go into an imaginary world, isn’t it? You get into an imagination. But that rarely happens. If it happens, you see, it has a reaction on you. You start vomiting and you get all kind of nausea feeling. Within two or three days you get out of it. I mean, you know that is something wrong. But it seldom happens. You see, if somebody attacks you like that, mesmerism. With some people it does happen, but one has to be careful. Normally, there cannot be, because this is pure knowledge. This is purity. Is pure knowledge. You will be amazed. Even if your Chakras are catching, your centers are catching, you are not a perfect person yet, according to Sahaja Yoga, there are different stages into which you rise, and you might not have reached to your best stage so far. Still, you’ll be surprised you can give realization to people; you can raise the Kundalini; you can correct the Chakras; you can cure the people. Minimum of minimum you can always cure. You can do all that.

Despite like you see, you have a car, which is new, absolutely new, first class Rolls Royce. Or, you can have a car, say, 1850 or something, it’s still called new, you see. Second-hand, third-hand, fourth-hand, fifth-hand, like that you can have many cars.

You see, once my husband asked someone from France. She came to see Me. He said, “I can’t understand why She has given you realization. Why are you bothered now about it? Why can’t you rise yourself?” So, she said that, he deals with ships, so she said that, “Supposing there are third-hand ships then it is to be mended again and again. He said, “That’s true.” So, it depends how. But still it moves.

You have to correct yourself. You have to improve. You start enjoying it. Then you are not bothered. You see yourself away from it, and then you start enjoying it, you see. You think, oh, you don’t say, “My Ego has gone up”. You say, “Mother, my Agnya. Agnya is troubling me.” Actually, they say like that. You know your Ego. Right Agnya, means Ego, but you don’t say otherwise, “Oh, I’m egoistical”. Or if I say to somebody, “You are egoistical,” I’ll ask for something else, see? So, it just happens. You start seeing all these things even in yourself, and then you don’t mind because you are out of it. You don’t mind, at all. You correct yourself.

But, as I said, you have to nourish yourself properly, in collectivity. Go on rising into it; then there are less chances. Even little deviations take place, you see sometimes, but they steady down. It’s like learning a cycle. You know, how you learn a cycle. You know, first you fall down once or twice and then you get on top of it again. Then you start

balancing. Then you have a discretion. It’s like that. But before realization, before buying your cycle, you don’t worry about it. That will be done. But later on, when you have to ride it, then you have to be careful and to understand and learn it yourself and be a master.

You have to become master of your Kundalini and Kundalini of others. It can be.

There are already in London and there are many others in India, all over the world, they are masters of knowledge. Can you imagine two people who came from Australia have given realization to two hundred people in Australia? Two hundred people in Australia, two people have given realization. You can master it, because you are a master as well. 

Sounds very fantastic, isn’t it, but just think from amoebic stage you have become this. Isn’t it fantastic? Little bit is left, you see, little bit more. Very little, last journey is just breaking through It’s just there, so beautiful it is. Enter it! Enter into the Kingdom of God. It’s your place.

See now, is it cool coming in your hand? Now, don’t think about it, because I put down. See, I can screw up your Agnya so you can’t think. Up to that I can do. But then I allow you to think also. It’s a play, because I have to judge you. Don’t think. Just don’t think. That is the first mantra: don’t think.

How many have come for the first time today? Please raise your hands. Good. How                  many of you are feeling cool breeze in your hands, those who have come for the first time? Or not feeling cool breeze, let us say. Those who are not feeling cool breeze…. at all. Are you feeling cool breeze? Good. You are not feeling as yet? Don’t think.

Now, are you not feeling cool breeze? You are? No, behind you. Not yet? Are you feeling any cool breeze in the hand? Was it tingling? Some sensation?

What about anybody else? Are you feeling the cool breeze? Are you? Not yet. Are you feeling? No, I think his feet are … You tell him to put the feet down. That will be better, yes. It will work out. Yes, that’s all right. You can put anyway. You put your hands like this.

Those who are not feeling the breeze please raise your hand. Honestly. Raise them high. Please raise them high. It’s very important. All of you, who are not feeling the cool breeze, not the sensation.

Now, please work on them. Are you feeling the cool breeze? Are you? Are you feeling the cool breeze?

Now, please raise your hands again? Can you see them? Just see, all of you. Now, those who can help.

Now see, they were just like you; now they can help you. Now come along. Take him also. He’s got cool breeze. You teach him. Paul? You take him with you. Now good. Now next to him is the lady. Now see these two gentlemen here. Let’s see, now, how they

work it out, you see. How it is managed, how it is maneuvered this power, which is flowing from their hands. This is their own power of their own Spirit.

Did you come to me before, sometime? No.

Don’t think. Those who are getting cool breeze, close your eyes. Now, close your eyes. Wait. You are not getting cool breeze. Can you work on him? Just see [unclear].

Now, those who are feeling cool breeze just close your eyes and don’t think. That’s all. You have got it at the back in the corner? No, she has not got. One more person should go there.

Shri Mataji: Hello, how are you? after a long time. How are you now? Good.

What’s happened to Peter? Why didn’t he come? How are you [unclear] better. No after effects. I worked on Ray, just to get out all these effects and now how are you [unclear]        better now. [unclear]  I received a very nice letter where are they? Where is she?  I received very nice letter; I am happy that I have seen it through. Alright! If there is any effects, put your left hand towards me and right hand outside, it will work out. Alright start, I know, sitting down here.

 Better now, close your eyes, close your eyes. You see what happens, if you don’t close the eyes the Kundalini does not pass through. Close your eyes. Let her come, let her come, don’t bother her. Come along, come along. Don’t bother her, let her come. She’s all right. Come, come, come. Give me a flower. What about a flower? That’s heart, center heart. Put left to the right. Raise left and put it to the right. Left side to the right. You all should talk in whispers, you see people there are people who are first time realized and they have to go deep down. They may be disturbed with sound [unclear] You may not be.