Evolution: certain number of people have to come out of the ignorance that they have

Paris (France)

1980-11-28 Public Program, Paris, France, 48'
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Public Program Day 2. Paris (France), 28 November 1980.

… now in this world in such a big number. What is the reason that such a seeking [is established?]? Suddenly a great number of people are seeking God? They are like I the evolutionary process anywhere. For example a certain number of fishes had to come out of the sea to become the reptile. In the same way in this process when we have to become something superior – super human beings – then certain number of people have to come out of the ignorance that they have.

In our evolutionary process what has happened is nothing but that our awareness has been improved – evolved. In the same way the category of people as I’ve discussed yesterday who are seekers are the ones who are chosen to be the transformed people or the evolved people of the second stage.

As I said last time that flowers have to become fruits. It’s only flowers who can become fruits the stage is that today that you are flowers and that you can become fruits. The leaves cannot grow like a flower grows.

This transformation is the sign of something prophesized long time back. This is the Last Judgment that has started. Our idea about Last Judgment is sometimes very absurd. Actually God has made us in such a way that a time will come when we ourselves judge ourselves. For this purpose He has placed within us a power called Kundalini and a triangular bone called as sacrum. You can see[…]

This power rests in our triangular bone in three and a half coils. This power has to rise, awaken to give us our Self-realization as they call it. After this realization only the transformation will start. Without that there cannot be any fundamental transformation in our awareness.

Many people think that if they can read about God or if they could talk about God or they do certain techniques they will become one with God. This is a living process and has to happen spontaneously. You cannot force it. You cannot argue it out. You cannot certify. It has to happen within you.

This is the Last Judgment because that’s the only way you can be judged. God almighty is not going to have a balance or something like that in which He puts you and weigh how much you weigh. We have – you can see here clearly – there are three forces acting within us. The first force is the force of our desire and the second force is of our action. By the first force we have our emotional side and by the another one we have our physical and the mental side. This is the very subtle energy within us which is flowing and is expressing itself – manifesting itself outside in the gross as sympathetic nervous system.

Now, the central line that you see there represents whatever awareness we have so far achieved up to the human level. There is still a big gap within us which has to be crossed. This is the gap of our seeking which you can see as the green part here. In this area we seek. We seek through our central – that point there is called as the Nabhi Chakra – is the navel center.

For example, as an animal we seek our joy or our happiness in food. Our awareness develops up to the point of food only. Then we seek power as human beings do. They want to become king and become politicians. Then some of them seek money then they seek success but still they are not happy, they are not satisfied. The seeking is still on and beyond this man does not know what he has to seek.

For this we have got great incarnations and great prophets who came and told that you have to seek your Self. Now, your Self is within your heart, your Spirit, and how do you enter into it to seek? If I say you pay attention to your Self inside, can you take your attention inside? Your attention is towards Me but you can’t put it inside. That is why this happening has to take place. With this happening your attention is subtly attracted inside. Your attention exists in that area and this area has to be somehow penetrated or brought into the realm of Spirit. This Kundalini, when She rises from Her sleep She pushes out your attention just like this [translator later describes: like a cloth], upward. Now, because of this pulling up it also pulls your attention from the left and the right side.

When the Kundalini rises She pierces this area of fontanel bone and this area is called as Brahmarandra in Sanskrit means opening into the hole of Brahma, of divine power. The seat of your Spirit is here and when the Kundalini goes and takes your attention to that seat your attention gets enlightened by the Spirit.

Spirit is absolute. It enjoys by itself. You cannot feel the enjoyment of the Spirit because you are not one with the Spirit. As soon as this happening takes place you start feeling the emission of the cool breeze in your hand which is your Spirit. This is the divine power flowing through you. This is the spiritual power actually this is what that is flowing through you.

If this happening does not take place in you, you cannot be certified as realized souls. When this happening takes place then you start judging yourself. Because as soon as the Kundalini passes through all these great, great chakras, it enlightens all other chakras on your fingertips. You can feel them on your fingertips.

For example today while coming in the taxi (we had no car, we got in a taxi) and immediately getting into the taxi I knew that the fellow was possessed. And I started giving him correction on this center which is the left Swadishthan. Comes out of black magic, fake gurus, all kinds of mesmerism, psychology, any unauthorized behavior.

If somebody belongs to an organization [not of God, he cannot do that?] You cannot organize God. You cannot regulate Him. You cannot conceptualize Him. He is what He is. You have to just see how He is. We have to humble down before Him to see Him as He is. Not to put our human ideas upon Him.

Sometimes people tell Me very childish things and I just laugh at them because they don’t know what they are talking about. But this unauthorized behavior can be very serious like they crucified Christ because they were ignorant. They were stupid and foolish. They can be forgiven but not those who have got Realization and still do not try to judge themselves and correct themselves.

You have to have realization, no doubt. That is the responsibility of the divine and that is going to happen. But it is your responsibility after realization to be humble and allow yourself to grow in His light. Your can fell your own chakras on your fingers but also the chakras of other people whom you want to give realization.

You will realize very soon that only a realized soul can give realization to other people. But I’ve met some very highly evolved people but they cannot give realization, most surprisingly. Sahaja yogis know because perhaps I know how to tell them. They have no one to tell them so they don’t know how to raise Kundalini in a second.

That’s why they are hiding themselves in the Himalayas and in big mountains where they don’t want to face human beings because they know they are of a different awareness. They know about the centers and [many things?] but the Kundalini doesn’t move under their hands so fast. They think they are incapable of handling human beings.

And also I was surprised that human beings have been torturing them – most of them whom I’ve met. Human beings are really very ego-oriented. They do not know how to judge people. The saints are crucified by them but the people who are scoundrels are garlanded. They have been very, very unkind to saints even today, but if they get some guru who can hypnotize them they go all mad after him.

Sometimes I wonder if human beings want to be free at all. If freedom is given to them to achieve their own goals, they just don’t know how to do it. Though you are the category of, no doubt, of that promised personalities called as God’s men, the slavery, the sluggishness within us has to be given up.

We have to be a very great personality. If you are misidentified with nonsensical ideas like […?] and all these destroying taboos and barriers of life you are sure to loose the ground. You have to know that it has been created within you the possibility of getting your Self-realization. Your Self is anxious to manifest itself in your awareness and it will happen to all of you if you just ask for it. But even that much you people sometimes hesitate.

It has to be done in complete freedom. There is no compulsion about it because it is complete liberation I’m talking about. Those who are not free cannot enter into the Kingdom of God. You cannot be forced into it like a pistol you take and push them in you cannot do that.

It is necessary that one should understand that this is the most important time of your life. For example, in the villages of India Sahaja Yoga is working very fast. They are not complicated people and they have very simple habits. They have not gone too much on the left or on the right. They are in the center. Of course, in the Indian cities it doesn’t work out because city people are getting sophisticated. It means really spoiled. But in the villages it is growing very fast.

But in the western countries only the thugs and the scoundrels are working very well. Only those who can cheat you nicely you run after them. Those who can outwit in your intelligence and your ego such people are [big ..?]. For example there’s a group of people in England who are already hundred thousands in number and now it has been declared as a malignant cult.

In England we have another group of people who are about ninety thousands they have now become reclusive and are in a very bad shape of epilepsy but still they can’t give up. They have become extremely poor. They’re on the streets, their children are starving. Still they cannot give up. These are the effects of mesmerism. That means human beings are more adepts to hypnosis than liberty.

On the left and the right hand side as you see here there are two areas within us. The left side is our collective subconscious beyond [?] and the right side is the collective supra conscious. Now, it has been established by doctors in England that cancer is caused by some sort of proteins entering into our beings from some unknown area – unknown, they are very honest. There are, because they may call them as protein 52 or protein 58 or something like that, they have given a name to it. And they also admit that these areas are built within us from the time we were created, created from the time creation was created. So, these two areas exist within us but they do not know what these areas are.

When you go to the left or the right, means if you move with these gurus to the left and the right, their hypnosis and their methods of enchanting you, you enter into these dangerous areas and you are attacked by all kinds of proteins which have gone out of circulation of the evolution since creation.

Virus infection is caused by vegetables which have gone out of circulation. Fermentation of anything, even of cheese or of the fermented alcohol and all those things are again taking you the left side. We are not aware of the problems one can face with these indulgences we have. That is why all the great prophets have prohibited us to have anything that will go against our awareness. And that is why those people who are real gurus if these days existing cannot work on you. Because if they tell you, “You cannot drink; you cannot smoke,” you will run away.

If they say that you have to obey the Ten Commandments t, you’ll say it’s very old fashion and you’ll denounce it. But if there’s a guru who will say, “Doesn’t matter, you can have ten keeps and you can cheat hundred people, you can do smuggling, you can do what you like. Only thing you give me the money then I’ll be your guru.” Then it’s very good for you. It’s a convenient one. You like to have convenience in spirituality also. It is the greatest convenience otherwise; it is the greatest convenience to be religious, to be virtuous. A person who is virtuous has never problems with the police, with his own wife or children. Any virtuous society would be the most [? Translator : heureuse] No deception, no hiding is needed. But human beings found it impossible to be that. So, we have to have something which will give you realization first and then you judge yourself.

Now Marie who is talking to you today, you won’t believe, you must see her photograph, she came to me she was half in coma and half aware. She could not even talk to Me and today you see her that she’s translating Sahaja Yoga. She gave up her drugs as soon as she got her realization, as soon as. The impact was so great because she is one of the great seekers, I would say. Her friend did not come to Me so readily till he got liver cirrhoses and doctors refused to treat him because he was such a [?] and they were expecting him to die within days – a month time. Then he came to Me. He lived in My house.

My husband had gone out. When he came back he was shocked. He said, “What are you doing? If this person dies we’ll be charged of murder.” But the gentleman requested My husband that “I will give you in writing that nothing is going to happen to me. If something happens you are not responsible.” And within eight days he got completely cured. He looked very handsome after that. He went to India and people from India told Me that he was looking like one of our very handsome actor. Then he went to Australia.

No, the thing is, what happens to you is you have not yet found meaning. You don’t know why you are there and you are really fed up with yourself. I mean you are absolutely bored by yourself. Supposing you go to jail, I mean somebody sends Me to jail, I’ll be the happiest person. Because I can enjoy My Spirit there better. I don’t have to [?] with hypnotized, possessed people. But for humans beings being alone is punishment because they cannot enjoy themselves not do they enjoy others.

They say they love, they marry and next day they go for a divorce. In Moscow there is a big [?] a big, you can say a square through which every bride and bridegroom – would be – has to walk. And I asked, “Why this parade?” for these poor things have to walk. They dress up of course with all the formalities and with all the [?] and everything and, “Why this parade for them to go?” Two hundred people, sometimes it rains, sometimes there’s mud. They told Me lest they decide to divorce they will have some chance.

Really we don’t know how to love because we cannot feel another person. After realization you’ll see the beauty of the person. You see how a person can get his realization and how he can be beautiful. I see that beauty in you. You do not see your beauty and that’s why I have patience. But you have to have patience. If do not have patience with yourself what’s the use of My having patience?

Apart from that you have to have humble attitude, because if you expect Me to pamper your ego you are sadly mistaken. I’m here to love and give you your realization. I’m not selling anything to pamper you nor am I here to degrade you. Because in My eyes you are that category which is supreme but you do not have self esteem. If you had then you would have known why I have patience with you.

You can be very beautiful people with this, you can then really start feeling others and you can give realization. All this sounds fantastic because whatever is divine is fantastic. You have not yet known that. Even for a villager a television is a fantastic thing so for you also the divine power has to be very fantastic. But it’s not so surprising.

This light first looks just like little wax pillar or a poor little stuff but when you enlighten it, it is giving light. If you use it for your realization, you can work out this fire. You will see that sometimes this light can become so strong like that. Sometimes they tremble for no reason at all. And sometimes they can give such smoke that the whole room can be filled with smoke.

In the same way you can enlighten the water. This I’m going to tell you later on, all about it. First of all you get your enlightenment then whatever you touch becomes enlightened because your heart has been enlightened. This is your own, this is your own power built in within you, potential within you.

Now for this subject as I’ve told you tomorrow I’m going to tell you more about after realization what is to be done, but for today I think that should do and you can also read through the all the[?] for yourself what I’ve said. Not a word is false in there. You can yourself verify it.

Through your own enlightenment you can enlighten another people, but apart from that you can cure them mentally, physically, emotionally. You can give them realization means you can make them prophets as you are but you have to have assiduity for that and I’m sure it will work out very well.

As I told you yesterday that a farmer in Maharashtra in India has given realization to ten thousand people. […]But now I have many of them who have got realization European disciples. At last thousand are there who are really, really good all over England, so let us see what we do in Paris.

May God bless you!

Also you can get tapes from England I’ve got three hundred or four. I don’t know how many lectures which are in English but they can be all translated and you can hear about all the aspects of life. There are any questions?

Q.: [translator] He says: “What is the correct attitude to meditate?”

A.: Have you got your realization, my child? Not yet. Now, attitude should be cheerful, very cheerful. You are going to enter into the Kingdom of God. You are going to fulfill your seeking of the ages, of expectation and no [?] about it. Sit very freely and know that you are just facing your Mother. Feel relaxed and secured and it will work out.
.: [translator] She wants to know because she says Kundalini is an energy which [shows effect?] in the spinal chord and…

A.: Is the triangular bone, at the triangular bone which is called as sacrum. There’s a triangle. Now sacrum word means [?] it is sacred.

Q.: [translator] She says while meditating it feels a vibration in the body under the navel and she wants to know what it is…

A.: What meditation she has done?

Q.: [translator] She says some sort of meditation which doesn’t have a name…

A.: You cannot meditate; you have to be in meditation. It happens to you that you become. It’s a question of becoming. If you try anything else then you are actually using your sympathetic activity.

Q.: [translator] She says she doesn’t do anything, she wants to know where it is…

A.: The Kundalini is there at the triangular bone as I told you, on the triangular bone, but you see people try to do something about it. For example some people concentrate here is absolutely wrong because this is not the way the Kundalini is going to come out, is going to come out here. You should not concentrate or do anything – just keep quiet, that’s all. You should be in the center.

It is like just sprouting a seed. You can’t put in any effort. You cannot pull out the [?] from the seed […] But it sprouts like that, it’s spontaneous, effortless. Only the one who knows can do it. Once you are realized you can do it yourself. All right? Absolutely spontaneous.

Q.: [translator]It doesn’t answers what she’s asking […] She says she feels a pulsation under the navel…

A.: That’s not good. That’s not good. [..]But that can be cured, that can be corrected. You don’t have to worry about it. Everything is to be corrected. That’s the job I have to do, then you have to do.

Q.: [translator] He says, “What about vibrations in the whole body?”

A.: Vibrations are not the thing. You have to feel Cool Breeze in your hands. Cool Breeze. You see vibrations can be wrong. Only you should feel a Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. Just Cool Breeze, not vibrations. You see, when the car goes out it vibrates, tuk, tuk, tuk, or if there is any heat or anything it comes out of the – uh… you can see that if there is no water you can see lot of smoke coming out and heat coming out. But these vibrations are also misleading to understand that it’s not [?] you shake. You should not shake at all.

On the contrary, Cool Breeze flows within from Me, if you take it, or from any realized souls or you emit Cool Breeze. You see, that is the best car or the aeroplane which does not vibrate at all.

Q.: ” I have something to ask you currently, a question. What is the difference between Kundalini yoga and other kinds of yoga? The reason I ask is [?]other types of yoga are concerned with raising Kundalini with different methods, I don’t understand.
A.: Now, I’ll tell you that. Please be seated. See it was in the ancient times in India we had a system called as Chatur Varna. There were four periods of life. The small children after five years of age were sent to these schools called as universities that you call them were gurukulas, called as gurukula and then these gurus were all realized souls, specially the head guru by which the university was named.

And the universities were called as gotras. Till the age of twenty five years for boys and twenty years [for girls…?] they used to lead an absolutely celibate like, absolutely, absolutely, in the past. And it was so much that anybody belonged to the same gotra – for example My gotra is Chandilya – now, I can’t marry a man who comes from the same gotra. Even today, like brothers and sisters.

Now these students were trained by those gurus and they were chosen – some of the chosen students whom they wanted to give realization were taken up and were given realization. Now Patanjali has written Ashtanga, eight yoga [sama [?]at the same time, eight aspects.

The first aspect is Ishwara Pranidhan meaning realization – Ishwara means God; Pranidhan means… Pranidhan is established. To establish God within you is realization. After that, they had to go into the training of Yama-Niyama means rules and regulations of how to lead a righteous life and also they were given physical exercises according to the need of the centers [properly?]

We are doing the same in Sahaja Yoga. Then all the mantras, the whole science of mantras is taught to Sahaja yogis. But now, what has happened is some of the people who tried to go to some gurus in Himalayas, specially Shivananda, and when the gurus found them unsuitable they came out from there, in recent times, I’d say. And when they had just learned some few uh… few exercises, they started teaching the people.

And those who know these exercises we have found in Sahaja Yoga mostly catch on the heart center [?] because the attention has to be on the Spirit but the attention comes to the physical side. So the Spirit is angry with such people who are so much worried about their physical body.

Modern time is such an enslavement, you can’t imagine. They have got even measurement for the body that you should have so much inches and so much inches and so many inches. If they are left to themselves they will even have measurements for noses and eyes I tell you.

Everybody’s competing in that kind of a nonsense. They all want to become cinema actors I don’t know what sort. Whatever it is I don’t understand is how they get into any competition you put it to. Even if you tell them that “Yyou have to rub your noses and let’s see how many times you rub your noses on the wall,” they will go into any competition. What is there to compete? You are all individuals beautifully created so different. You have to be different otherwise you will be so boring.

In this universe not even one leaf is like the other leaf. If they do their measurements match? But here the human beings like mad they’re having a kind of an idea of measurement. And then what you get? The human beings or they are like pantomimes?

So that is how Hatha Yoga is nothing but standing on your head. We also may use that exercise for certain people, never for French or English. It is meant for people who are mentally deficient not for people who have thoughts who grow like horns. Already you don’t know how to stop your thinking. So, like a complete medicine box people take the Hatha Yoga into their body.
Sahaja Yoga is a systematic training of understanding, logical understanding. You have to know about Mantras, you have to know about physical exercises, you have to know about everything. You must know about emotional side also. Main thing is that you have to become integrated. Sahaja Yoga synthesizes, does not analyze. It synthesizes all the yogas.

For example Raja yoga. Now in Raja yoga actually the thing is when the Kundalini rises all these things happen inside automatically. For example the bandhas you see that take place. Bandhas means closing down. When the Kundalini rises above the stomach then the bandhas take place, doesn’t allow it to come down.

Then your tongue is little bit pulled inside. Then your eyes are dilated; then your fontanel bone area becomes soft. Now, what the people do is like this: Kundalini is not rising. They pull their stomach inside. They’ll cut their tongue here, put it back. That’s how they believe that their Kundalini has risen because can put the tongue back.

Some of them might ask you to make this soft by beating here [Brahmarandra according to translator.] These are all artificial yoga. The real is the Kundalini Yoga where you become one with the Spirit, you know that you are becoming close to you.

It is like this: There was a man who went to the King and told “I can make a huge, big palace for you. Give me lots of money.” He’s name was [?] After six month the King sent [?] He said, “No, yet not ready.” Like this for about three years he was saying, “It’s not ready.” So King went down there. And he asked, “Where is the palace?” There was nothing it was just the ground. So he started telling him a story, “See, such a big – can’t you see a big, huge door here? And now you walk into the palace, and this is the palace…” and he gave a big description. “And see the big darbar of people sitting down, all the court [?]”And here is your throne where you are going to sit.”

And the King rubbed his eyes; he could not see anything. He wondered, “What’s the matter with my brain, something wrong?” The brain was sick. And the King said, “Oh! I can see it’s done.” So the fellow was very happy, he has befooled. So, very quietly the King says, “Now, I want to bestow the greatest honor upon you. Please come and sit on the throne.” And he made him sit like this. In the pose as if he’s sitting. And, can you believe, he could only sit like that for two minutes and he got tired. So he stood up.

He said: “No, be comfortable, I want you to sit like this for at least an hour.” That’s how it [takes place?] All these artificialities and falsehood will be seen very soon by all of you.

Yoga means union with God, which is spontaneous. That’s why it is called Sahaja – means born with you. But now we call it Mahayoga because not only that you become one with God, but you can give this to others and masses and masses can get realization.

This is the time when many flowers for blossoming are going to become one with their Spirit. This is how all the yogas are. They also have something like Kundalini yoga in India, you don’t know. They also have Sahaja Yoga also. They even use My lectures. Ho, that’s [?] Ra, uh, Ra… What’s his name Za… Za… Zararsu… There’s one fellow, he’s using My lectures and he calls it Sahaja Yoga. So, what can I do about that?

You should judge whether you get your realization or not, whether your realization is working it out or not. You have to see yourself with complete alertness. Thank you. So, I’ve told about all the yogas but I have in details given lectures in London. You can get the tapes and see for yourself. It’s very interesting. You’ll laugh a lot. A very good question, I’m very happy. May God bless you!

Q.: Inaudible

A.: TM? That’s the one I was saying. One of them. [?] I’m going to send somebody who was the director of their academy in Scotland. His wife got epilepsy. She was [with him?] for sixteen years and he himself was epileptic who is now a [broke?]. And what a fool he has made of everyone, really!

Q.: [translator] He says: “What do you think about Zazen?”

A.: Zen? Oh! Great! But you cannot practice without realization. Zen means realization first. The same thing with us, you cannot follow… Zen is Sahaja Yoga. What Zen has taught is Sahaja Yoga. Lao Tse, same thing. It’s the same. What Mohammad has taught is the same. What Christ has said is the same. It’s the same but still, also, the head of the Zen today in Japan is not a realized soul. They are just organizing buildings, houses, foreign tours, [?], I don’t know.

I’ve also given one lecture on Zen, completely. I’ve been to Japan Myself and I know Zen means Sahaja, absolutely the same. They are all just the same. They were true people but their followers were like that, what to do? The followers made a mess out of them.

In Japan I gave realization to somebody who started an organization called Mahikari. They know that, and this, his own daughter starting twisting it. She was not realized. But you’ll be amazed and there are thousands and thousands of Mahikari all over the world, maybe in millions. And how many Sahaja yogis there are? Because in Sahaja Yoga you have be, you cannot be member of an organization, just hang something round your neck and say that “I am a Sahaja yogi.” You cannot. You have to be.

You see, it is easy to make artificial flowers. To make a real flower it takes time. It’s just like that. These are all plastic gurus and plastic disciples but poor disciples. They are seekers. Very sad. All right?

Q.: [translator] How can we know that there is a realized soul?

A.: Once you get your realization yourself, you [start?] the Cool Breeze flowing from your hand. This is described in the Bible and is very well described in a book written by Adi Shankaracharya. Now, when you see a person wants to know whether the other person is realized or not you put your hands towards that person and you start getting the Cool Breeze from him. You can also get Cool Breeze from ether, you can see Cool Breeze.

Like, I’ve not met many people – many gurus, sorry, good people and the other day in Spain one boy came up, just said, “My guru has sent me, Mother, to help You.” Uh, I’ve never met him before. He lives in the Himalayas somewhere. I asked him, “Who is your guru?” He told Me the name. And as soon as I heard the name everybody started getting vibrations, cool vibrations.

We had a priest here the other day who wouldn’t get his realization because he was not married. Then he wrote a letter to Me with a friend that “I have a guru in Rameshwaram, maybe because of him I’m not getting realization?” I read the name and I said, “He is a realized soul.” And he then told Me that “Yes, he has told me that Mother has come. It’s You.” And he told him about Me, with whom I’ve never seen before. We just know it.

In Rangun one lady, her name is… uh… she’s an American lady I think. She went down there and there is a big saint living somewhere who doesn’t meet anyone. She came back and she said, “The guru not only called me but he made me sit in his feet, saying that “You have met with Mother. I’ve not met Her.” They know. This lady is in Kuwait, I’ll send you the address you can ask her.

They know Me and I know them and you will know them too. This is the knowledge of the Self. Only through Self you will know God and you will know God’s people. Not through rationality. How will John the Baptist know that Christ is the One because he was a realized soul. It’s very simple.

Let’s have it now. Please put your hands like this straight, just straight like this.