The Creation of the World

Paris (France)

1980-11-29 Public Program Day 3, Paris, France, Opt, 93'
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Public Program Day 3, The Creation of the World

Subject: This is, Human evolution and what is the situation today?

The subject itself says that it is the evolution of man from amoeba to this stage of creation in one part and the second is what is going to happen to be him after. So what has happened from creation we shall hear today and what is going to happen after today. The part of it which I am going to tell you today maybe is not yet known to many people.The part of it which I am going to tell you later on is known to our science.But is not yet being felt at the subtler level what it has done to us. So the attitude should be about this is when I’m talking about something which is not yet known about creation and then about the future of your being, attitude should be of more listening to me.

The attitude should be to see for yourself, like in science we have a very open mind. Whatever hypothesis is put before you, you should get it and see if it works your laws and then it is called as a law, then it is confirmed with experimentation. The subject is here [UNCLEAR] us of …. have such a very short time so I have to be very fast in it today, and the subject is also very serious.So to make yourself little bit lighter I would say that if the taxi is late I have to be very fast. a [UNCLEAR]…. is choking\-Who?\-He [UNCLEAR]

First I will tell you in short how the creation came into being. First it is the Divine. Say this [UNCLEAR Divine plays]. First it exists just as Brahma in a static state, and then the Brahma which contains God’s attention becomes separated or becomes, forms, a nucleus. This is the static state, forms a nucleus, the whole thing goes into that state. Now, this one (nucleus) does separates, emits around it, this is what is the regularization starts. A circle, it forms, of its energy. This is the power of God, which forms a circle, because now it starts, the formation stage starts like this. Now, from then all this forms a nucleus, somewhere here and all this flows into this nucleus.So we get God almighty and His power. There’s no difference between the two. They are just one. This is the One who is the Spectator, and this is the One who plays. This is the God called Sadashiva in Sanskrit language and this is ‘the Shakti called as Adi Shakti’, the Primordial power.

Now this Primordial power creates everything for the amusement of this Spectator Sadashiva. Now this creation takes place by many methods but one of them to begin with it has to have time and it has to have space. By delimiting the abstract that the creation starts. Now when this one comes up first thing She does, this power, is to go round in an ellipse.

This is as if She garlands. It is a very sweet relationship. And She doesn’t want to leave Her master or She doesn’t want leave Her husband we can say. I mean that’s how human beings understand, so I’m saying husband.

This stage is the zygote state as you can call it or we call it the Pradakshina. Now this is the time what we call the second stage is lasya, in which this is, now this wants to go, doesn’t want to go, for example, it doesn’t want to create, it wants to be born. So it moves forward by which this move becomes like that, you see, but He gives a push to Her promising that You go ahead and I will be always with You, sort of. It is very poetic.

By this push, you see, this goes back, and it forms like that. That’s how OM comes in. The first sound is here created when it breaks bondhere. This is the first sound. Is sound without any percussion. And this is the sound is called as the Anahata or the OM.

Now the second part of creation starts where She returns back from Her creation. One creation She does again comes back then She returns back, comes back again. She creates again and comes back again. And that’s how She returns back again and again there have been many creations, but in one creation there are fourteen Bhuvanas, means there are fourteen layers She creates. For example to create this universe what She did was to come down here and go round here and end around [UNCLEAR turn it all] here.

So that all this became very limited and became very compressed. Because of compression there was a Big Bang. This I have said about 1970, when had gone to Iran. And later on I read it in the papers people are talking about Big Bang. That’s how these fragments are created. These fragments then because of the momentum of this movement of this one go into round round thing, you see momentum, this is Sanskrit word, it is English of momentum, then there are fourteen are caused like this, and then they go into another sort of a bang and then Suryamandal is caused. Suryamandal is the Sun, the solar plexus.

Now, in the solar plexus now what do they do is to…this is The Surya this is the Sun and this is the Moon. For example, now part of it breaks out, the gases and all that they come out and they form. First earth is brought very close, close to the Moon with this kind of a ring which you find on Saturn, sort of a ring, it’s like an yoyo, you see. Now, what happens at this can be moved up and down up to a point, so the whole earth is frozen first. Then it is brought to a point where it starts melting and then it is adjusted in such a way that after melting it fully then they want to adjust it in such a way that it can have life.

All this movement is spiral of the Earth is a spiral movement. This also recently somebody said it of course I have written about it long time back, said about it. With the movement of the Earth like that they really the evolution is generated. How you move towards the Sun and the Moon is adjusted in the centre. So the Sun and the Moon, the Moon gives you the power to desire and the Sun gives you a power to act. Thus two powers are created out of one power of Shakti. And between the two on the Earth a third power is created which gives you evolution. These two powers can be described as a cross. Not the Christ’s cross, but another one, actually it is shown like a ‘Swastika’. When these two powers move like this: this is the first power and this is the second power. When these two powers move like this in clockwise manner then the creation takes place. When they move anti-clockwise then the destruction takes place. Now the evolution is here in the centre. It starts from here. Out of these two powers, first the carbon is produced. This gives oxygen, this gives hydrogen.

This, the third one, when it comes in the carbon, established, when it is fully balanced, established, then life takes place. So you get the third power by which life starts growing. So the life starts coming up to a point. At this point leaves a gap, now human evolution has started from here, up to here. And this is the Grace of God, now there is a gap here. And this gap is to be filled. For to keep this gap all right, not to create any problem, many prophets are born on this Earth.

So you have to keep your attention in the centre. Those who go the left or right go out of the circulation of evolution, like the mammoth and all this big animals who were very very fat and without any intelligence went out of circulation. Then there were very cunning animals who came up and the cunning animals also started going too far, extremes, this side, the movement on the right. They also went down.Then there were many emotional people. They came up here, they also went down, then the spiritual people came here. And that is how we have the fourth being within us. The physical being here at this point actually comes,the mental people, then the emotional, and then the spiritual. That is how our evolution has worked in four periods. And it has left its mark within us and it has left its conditioning within us.

So from the very beginning, from when you were just a matter, this is matter, and then you became carbon, till you became animals and then you became emotional beings and then you became spiritual beings, all these are within us. Thus we have within us basically seven levels plus we have two more centres, which are called as Sun centre and Moon centre.

The first centre which is we should say our carbon state, lies below the Kundalini. It is made of the Mother Earth element. It is innocent. That means it is innocence within us which is established first of all. Before making anything of this world of creation, we should say, before creating this Mother Earth even, this Deity of innocence was created.

And this innocence is within us, which resides in that centre called as Mooladhara chakra.

This is a very important centre, because this centre is the one which informs the Kundalini. This is the innocence of child and the mother is the Kundalini. All of you have your individual Kundalini here, your individual mother. And she is there to give you your Realization. She is connected with your subconscious area. And whatever you have done in your past, in your past lives, in ages She has all recorded by her. But the one who records, I mean who informs, who is the informer is sitting in that centre, which is the Mooladhara chakra.

This is the only centre which is outside the spinal cord that is why it is very sensitive.

But it is innocence, this centre gives rise to the pelvic plexus, which is responsible for sex, for all excretions.

Now, this is a very important centre which we really do not know how we try to tamper. The deity is known as Shri Ganesh, who incarnates later on as Jesus Christ, at this point. This deity was created in the beginning and is a giver of wisdom. He removes all the hurdles and gives a spin.Now this centre is the holiest of holy because the holiest and holy is a deity.

But we really do not know what is the protocol of this centre. The all excretions are private affairs of an individual even the sex. It should not be exposed and talked about and discussed. If you do that and think about it, this moves upward in the awareness in our brain. And you think about sex by which you become impotent. It is a spontaneous behaviour.

Either you become absolutely impotent, in a very early age, or you get possessed by people who are very lusty. And you become addicted.

To keep ourselves in the centre all the time, the institution of marriage came into being through the training of your unconscious. And the conscious has given us the idea of marriage. All the incarnations have been married except for Christ who was innocent, but you are not Christ. So you don’t take this pattern. He is Spirit and He cannot be married. He is married to two women, they say, is one who is satisfaction and the second is the mastery, Siddhi. See, the Siddhi will be doing two things than in one itself. So He is not married, but all the other incarnations are married. He being the Spirit, He is the only one who was resurrected to prove what Shri Krishna has said at Vishuddhi Chakra.

And Vishuddhi is here, to prove what Krishna has said that it cannot be killed by anyone. This was announced so many years back. But you sometimes think that Christ is in your pocket. You think you can build up anything in His name, and do whatever you like.First you get Him awakened within you. First you know where He resides within you and then you will know what He wants.

Now the first chakra I told you in short that a person who has to cleanse this sath chakra has to know that it comes from the Mother Earth.

In the book “Advent” Gregoire has written in detail as to, how you have to outer balance the defects of this chakra. On one side it causes the problems of the prostate gland that comes mostly with [UNCLEAR laxation?? 31:30] also it causes the problems of all improved bad diseases. On the other side when a person does not have interest in sex or things like that or if he is very hard-working or sometimes also overindulgence in sex, both waysit can cause. All these things also causes constipation and all the troubles of the alimentary canal at the other extreme.

Now people have been,  I must say, people like experts, are really half baked, are very dangerous people. Only you could see it because He was a Realized soul, He got his Realization. But his disciples I have seen in India are mostly Jews. And they don’t want to accept Christ as an Incarnation. Whether see, they accept it or not, He is. This is how the effort of Juwa also have failed because He could not give Realization to anyone.

Now the second centre that is here is, though it is looked, the third one, it is the naval centre. Through this centre we have our seeking. Our seeking goes so far as towards our spiritual seeking. And today in the taxi I was laughing aloud, because they told me that somebody is an intellectual and he has read too much and he is conditioned. After all what can the seekers do but to read? But they read tons and tons and tons of books. And their whole tonnage is on their head like a ship carrying the heavy load, any time to be toppled down.

And I, when I have read Kabir sometimes, long time back when I was very young when I was a child I should say, I read Kabir who is very straightforward and very furious, tremendous fellow. But I could not understand one of his things he said that “Padi Padi pandita moorakha bhai”, that means by reading too much even the wise has become stupid. Moorakha means actually idiot, they’ve become idiots.

Then I realized that when my husband started doing some shippage that if the ship is loaded too much it can topple down. The human brain should be able to bear it and some matter could be exclusive to your being. You have to verify everything that you do before loading the ship. And that’s why when you lose your wisdom you don’t know you’re going to take to every self-destructive.

This is the state of our seeking, that we seek in books, and believe all kinds of idiots who’ve written idiotic books. We have no way of verifying. This happens, very often I’ve seen in the west, specially where people are really overread. It is difficult to decondition them. Mr. Freud  took a lead from them. He was really satanic in some way, because, he says that if you follow the Ten Commandments, it said ‘do not do this, do not do that’, then you get conditioning. Because for you to keep in the centre you have to be told ‘not to do this’, otherwise you go on the left or the right. But according to Mr. Freud the Great, all of this is wrong. But he should have said, if he was honest, that don’t read any books of Mr. Freud. He has conditioned you the most. All western countries are conditioned by Mr. Freud who was a Satan of the worst type.

There are many who might say, that “Oh! Nothing has happened to us, we are all right”. But after getting Realization and enlightenment you can see in that light how horrible you are. He has uprooted human beings from their own, fully from their own sustenance, from their own source of wisdom. This is the seat of wisdom.

Children are very wise, you know that. They come out with very wise statements because they have not lost their innocence. I will give you an example of my own grandchildren. The elder daughter has two daughters and the younger one is only three years, when she was three years they went to the school and the elder one was about seven years. She brought a paper from the school and told me “What is written in this paper? Just see.” And the paper was addressed to the parents, and it said that there is a program in which if you come you get your transformation. You have to only pay hundred rupees for that program. Both of them are born realized.

The elder one says that “This is a course for transformation, is it?” She says that “Without Kundalini awakening how can you have transformation, Grandma?” But the little three year old says: “My father has done fourteen courses, his Kundalini is not awakened? So how can you have course in Kundalini awakening and how can you transform without awakening. The elder one says “You may give thousands of rupees to the Kundalini, it won’t rise”.

I was amazed at their wisdom, to grown up people it is very difficult to convince them, but children see the point immediately. They have innate wisdom. The difference is when you get Realization, when you are grown up then you can communicate better. Talk about Sahaja Yoga, write about Sahaja Yoga. But they, you don’t have to tell them anything. They are so beautiful. That’s why Christ has said you have to be like children if you have to enter into the kingdom of God. Now, it’s so spontaneous a child has come today to grace this occasion.

Now the seeking that we have has to be with the wisdom. We cannot seek wisdom in Freud. He himself died of a horrible catch. He had funny relation with his mother. That’s what are we going to do? There are gurus who are teaching you horrible things that “Can you have sex with your mother Kundalini? This is the greatest sin.

In London, they were publishing a picture saying that Christ had bad relationship with his mother. And they protested so much that the Queen had to say no, it cannot be produced in London. And maybe in America they might be allowed under the name of freedom. And I can tell you if it comes to Paris half of the Paris will be booking itself for three years. Because we are reduced to nothing but sex point. We have no human existence. We eat sex, we think sex, we see sex. It’s horrible. To me, it’s nauseating.

I will tell you again and again in this place called Paris where I came first time, I stayed in a very big hotel ‘Sheraton’ I think, yes with my husband. And we were VIPs. VIPs are big people so they gave us a special seat. And they gave me the seat facing a very famous painting. And when I sat down and looked up. I was shocked. A dirty woman sitting with her dirty nudity completely on a chair! And everything in detail, “eww!”. Horrible.

He said, “I am going to the bathroom”. He vomited. He came back, “O God I can’t eat anything anymore”. And the VIPs was left without eating anything. And I also vomited a lot. That was the first day we had dinner in Paris.

This kind of wisdom is lost, which every Indian has so far, thank God. They get westernized, but they know it is wrong. But you are so conditioned that you do not know it is wrong. And in it is filled. I should not say this but you are in the country where people like, ‘what’s his name whom I really was worshiping in this country?  Émile Zola’. He was a realized soul. How he brought out all this nonsense out and how he really protested against this? And here you are, I don’t know how you are playing to the hands of this mad man Mr. Freud who had bad relation with his mother.

You must respect your privacy. How can you allow anybody to disturb that? This is your own pride. Now I need not tell too much on that point, but now I will go to the seeking. Because why I said, because now the seeking has gone into sex.Now see how Kundalini is placed above that. Only the six centres are penetrated.

Shat chakra…. as they call it, not the seven, so what you are doing is to go down at the very beginning of your evolution. Like I have seen people have very nice films made showing how you have to learn from animal behaviour or from fishes, fishes! Are you going to become now fishes? You have to become super human beings, ‘master of yourself’, Master of yourself, not slave of anything. This is enslavement.

Now in the third centre which we call as Swadishthana is the centre which in a way acts in for your thinking. As well as for other organs like liver and spleen, pancreas, kidney and etc. Now this poor thing has so many things to be done but it has to also convert the cells of the stomach fat into proper cells for the grey matter and the white matter of the brain. Now when you start thinking too much then it has got one work is to replace the cells used by your brain.

Now when he has to do this job: one thing only that to look after the replacement of the cells, what can he do? Poor thing, it is thinking, thinking, thinking. It has no time to look after the other organs. So the liver goes out of order. People get diabetes. Because of pancreas they get spleen problem they become speedy because the spleen is the speedometer. Because people just don’t bother about the spleen. When you have taken your food you just want to jump out. When you are taking your food you want to listen to a horrible radio news that some catastrophe has taken place. The spleen becomes crazy. You become speedy and anxious, as if it is like going to take a train about three hours before it arrived. You live in the future all the time.

‘Watch’ is another curse. You always want to plan everything ahead and this planning is very dangerous and not practical. For example now we had to come from our house to this place. Supposing we had planned our car to move out in one direction, do you think we would have reached here? As it is the taxi man lost the way. That’s why all your plans fail. Like in India they are five year plans for three times and I went to one mystic place and saw lots of these tractors like just rusting in the yard. There’s a yard. They said, according to the plan we imported these tractors but there are no roads for us to take these tractors to the village. And so they are becoming a junk there.

It should be done spontaneously. For example if I have to go to London and I have to book a seat I have to book it today, there is no plan. But if I sit down: I have to do it, I have to go, I have to go, I pester myself morning till evening, I have to go on this date and I have to book, I have to book, I may not book at all. And some people have a habit of writing it down in the diary. Once they write it down, it’s done according to them.

Moreover is the brain, works too much, hands do not work, there is imbalance, there is no integration. That’s why for you hand-made things are so precious, because only your brain works, the hands do not. You have lost the depthness, the whole energy is gone into the brain only and the third dangerous thing is by this imbalance by right hand side, as you call it the right hand side working of the brain and the action accordingly, what happens is that your heart is enveloped in ego.

You like only those things which pamper your ego. Now supposing I tell somebody “Don’t go to [gramping] [UNCLEAR]. He says to me, “What’s wrong? I like it”. But which part of “I” likes it? Of course not your Spirit, is your ego. Is all your ego trips, see for yourself? They know, they know it, ego trips [ha you know that Yuva Shakti…].

And the whole society you see, builds up your ego. They will say you, smoke this cigar and you will look like somebody great, get cancer. Also such absurd advertisements coming and it is “Oh! It is great to be like that”. But this ego-oriented personality gets into a freezing attack. They do not talk like human beings but like some “Frankenstein” style. Like this, “Yes…so what? What do you mean?” To their wives they will talk, imagine. Is this the way to talk to your wife, sweet little thing, or to your child? There are no emotions which are flowing out of the heart. The heart is so closed.

Reactions to this came into this world when people started anti-culture movements. They got so frightened of their ego there, they said escape this ego, they couldn’t bear it anymore. They couldn’t bear themselves, because so dominating, that they felt hurt. So they said “Let us get out”, so they took to drugs and things like that. Even alcohol is because of that, you see. Take to alcohol, for the same reason. And as a reaction they took these drugs. And they entered into the area called as superego. This is the area which one gets after getting conditioned.

So, from egoist they became super egoist. Super egoists are the people who are dominated by other people, other spirits who are very sly. Such people are very sly and could be very sexy and all sort of which goes intheleft side. Because they said this is love. They confused sex will love. It’s only with your wife that you can have sex in morality. Otherwise why do you feel jealous? Why do you get diseases? Why you don’t want your wivesor your husbands to have relations with others. Or if that relationship is so holy and good why do you hide it? And why do you tell lies?

It’s all adharmic, it’s all irreligious. Now this heart business is there in another chakra, you can see there. This chakra, it has got two parts in it. One is the mother, another is the father.

Shri Mataji: Why is he crying?

Sahaja Yogi:Just find out.

Shri Mataji: A? I hope nobody is speaking.

Sahaja Yogi: No.

Shri Mataji: He must be wanting to, come here. Now, why do you force him? Let him be here. He is all right.

Now this chakra is of the Mother universe, lives there. Mother of universe. As a child till the age of twelve years the antibodies are built within you at the sternum level. These antibodies are responsible for protecting us later on in life. And that’s how as if She builds her soldiers for us. I don’t know if you do it here or not, but in India as soon as a child is born, the first thing they give to the child is honey. Honey nourishes antibodies within us. Pure honey, not this artificial. And these antibodies are responsible for looking after us when there is any invasion.

On the both side is the father’s and mother’s chakras. The father’s is on the right and the left is mother’s. When the right chakra is caught up which has Shri Rama’s incarnation adorning it, then you get diseases like asthma, and on the left hand side the mother’s thing is caught up, then you get diseases like breast cancer. The right side is the father’s. Is the father is the complete image of a good father, is Shri Rama.

Now if you have any bad relations with your children also you catch on this chakra. Or with your father. If your father has died early, also you can. Very recently in England they found out a little remedy for anorexia where women just give up eating. If the father of the girl has died and the service was not attended by her or there was no service for her, they arrange another service of a thanksgiving for the father. And they have found that the girls get all right, because these are spirits of the father or of the husband can possess such people who have not been able to see them at the last moment even grandfather, grandmother, very much, very much, it’s true and apart from that if your any relation like that has died and you are too much fond of it and you sometimes try this [UNCLEAR plaintiff] things, then it’s horrible.

So, one has to know how to deal with the dead, once they are dead you should tell them “We are all right, don’t worry about us, you take your birth again and you take your Realization. We are very happy and you also be happy. We have no business to tamper with their freedom now when they are there.” You must leave them alone where they are.

But I have seen people have no idea about the dead. For example they bury all the dead in the church! I happened to live near a very big cathedral the oldest one in that town, just there. And I see so many spirits coming out of it every night, layers and layers. And there the children go, everyone goes, that’s why people going to church become little flatter. I know of a Sahaja Yogini whose mother was like that. And in old days she used to go early in the morning to the church. And she could not recognize her own children. But every Sunday morning she would get up, dress up and go to the church andone day she got lost and only some bhoot used to come on a Sunday to her, to take her down to church. Bhoot means possession. And then she became very funny and she had to be put in an asylum. Once I travelled with her on the bus and I saw two-three people walking in one after another. Of about say sixty to eighty years of age, –

Sahaja Yogini: There was only one?

Shri Mataji: No, no There was another one sitting. Yes.

And they were talking they were just talking like mad [incorrectly] and I asked her what is she talking. She said “About the last walk”. I mean all these things happen, when you try to get attached to the people who are dead. You have to live in the present. Not into the past or into the future, but into the present. And you will be amazed when you will beinvolved in the present, how great you will be.

Now the time is coming up and this is the centre, now we come to, which is the centre here at behind which most of you catch. This is the centre of Vishuddhi. Has sixteen plexuses, which looks after your sixteen sub-plexuses to supply your mouth, face, eyes, nose, ears. This is the most important plexus for human being because this is the time when man raised his eyes upward, when he stood up. Because of this movement the life, these two crossed each other.

And that’s how ego and superego developed into our heads. And because of ego development the brain started becoming more triangular. Animals at the most have superego. When they live with human beings they have pituitary body, very advanced.

And it goes down when they start living with human beings. The movement of the ego is from back here, you can say from this here to this side. And the movement of super-ego is from back on to this side, from this here to this. Because of ego development, the super-ego which was developed which was overdeveloped was pushed back. And a shell was formed in the brain. It became like an egg and this “I”ness came in you, “I am” came in.

See, this is the right position. Those who lived in the centre have this kind of a position. And then when the Kundalini rises she sucks in both of them and that’s how your Sahasrara opens out and your fontanel bone is pierced through. That is how you get your Realization.

Now regarding Vishuddhi I don’t want to tell you much but is the Deity of Shri Krishna. Those who have a very good Vishuddhi become witness of the play of the Divine. It has left and right two sides which you can see in the paper and you will know…..

Now between the pituitary and the pineal we are away and on the optic chiasm crossing each other. That point. That’s a very subtle side. This centre is the centre of Agnya. It has two petals, by pituitary it controls the ego, by pineal it controls the superego. Now this centre is the centre adorned by our Lord Jesus Christ. This red mark you see is the blood mark of Jesus Christ. Is the most important centre because this is the door to the Kingdom of God which is the limbic area. His message is not crucification but really it is resurrection. He came to show that you can be resurrected but none of the Christian associations, institutions or countries are working out towards it.

They are just making these churches symmetric, symmetries of churches and in some of the institutions seeking is not even permitted. He has said that you will have to be born again, seek yourself. So we have one group of people who do not believe in seeking. And the other group of people who are self-certified that we are realized souls. Human beings you give them anything they know how to make a mess out of that. I don’t know how did they interpret Christ like that. I said, how? Why? What makes you think that He asked you to do this social work?

So, they told me this: “Once Mary Magdalene brought some oil to rub on his feet and on his body”. And, I think Peter told that, “Why should you do that? Why don’t you give it to the poor? It’s a very expensive oil. Better sell it and give it to the poor”. And Christ said, “That, poor are forever, means that they are headache forever. But I have come for a short time”.

And because of this kind of nonsensical interpretation there’s a great drama going on in the idea of helping the poor. I mean sometimes I just don’t understand, now I come to England and I find that it is nothing but plastic: they have no cottons, they have no silks, they have no brass, they have nothing genuine, they wear plastic, they eat plastic, they sit on plastic, their houses are plastic and they think Indians are poor. The Indians don’t sit on plastic. At least they have their wood there, they wear cotton. I mean how do say you are affluent.

You have no gold, you have no precious stones, you have no silver. Every Indian will have some silver in the house. Every, even maybe a beggar might have. You see the ideas you have given to Indians makes them feel they are poor because they don’t have plastics! Because they have no nylons. When I go to India you know what I have to carry from England – nylon sarees.

That’s being very modern, very sophisticated. You go to somebody’s house, who is rich. He won’t give anything, in a say in a proper ceramics, he won’t use any ceramics. He won’t use any artistic piece which in his country, is so much available. But he will use stainless steel imported from Germany or an aluminium pan from Japan. You see it’s the idea. Idea of poverty is so funny you can’t imagine.

The one who is a saint is not enticed by anything. Nothing can comfort such a person. He is comfort himself. He can sleep on a bare land or can sleep in the palace it’s just the same. For him it makes no difference where he lives and what he has. Because he possesses his Spirit which is the most precious. And that’s why he is the king of king’s. Even if he is born as carpenter’s son so what does it matter. He behaves like a king better than all other kings. He doesn’t need any diplomacy or any kinds of a compromise. He stands on the truth. He is brave and courageous. But that does not mean that you should become poor.I must give the other side of it because some people feel that if you move like beggars of a street then you are very nice. Or if you look like clowns it’s a very good idea. You are a nice target for all horrible possessions to get into you. Both are artificial.

Like even a boy came to me and he had all his hair dishevelled and he was looking like somebody from ancient times, you see, some primitive personality. I asked him, “Why do you look like a primitive person?” He said “I want to become primitive”. I said, “By wearing this rags you cannot, your brain is modern. Your brain is English. You cannot become primitive. You cannot become that, it’s just your own imagination. It will never happen.” Like if you put say a hundred pound notes on a donkey does he become a millionaire?

By changing outside you do not change inside. So you are not to look pitiable, unhappy, nor miserable [UNCLEAR]. Like even Christ, they have tried to do that to him. I went to see this. I today only I told them, this Vatican City, I went to see this, Vatican City. Michelangelo was a realized soul. And in the Sistine’s chapel you see a huge, big Christ with a big stomach he is called as ‘Lambodara’. Tremendous fellow he is. Standing there on top and these Catholics have put a table in front of that. And on a cross some skeleton is hanging miserably. They have no shame.

How did they dare insult Christ like that? He carried his cross on his back. Let anyone of these popes carry those crosses I would like to see, very easy to say carried a cross when somebody is carrying the whole cross in front of him. It is sadism to see Christ so miserable as that. A person of that personality shining as brilliant. Happy and joyful and healthy. It is in “The Devi Mahatmyam” [Devi Bhagavatam], written that He is the support of the world. We mean that skeleton, that miserable skeleton is going to be the support of the universe?

All funny ideas are falling into human beings. Like mosquitoes they want women to look. Horrible. With a very bad heart and very bad liver. There’s no warmth, there’s no love. They cannot be good mothers, when children don’t like bones, I don’t think men also like bones. Imagine a skeleton around you, bah. I mean you feel so miserable in such a company you know so guilty that you are so healthy and this person is such a skeleton. Do you have, got a Mona Lisa? Look at her health. See her face. How radiant? Thousands of people come to see her and then they pay money for these beauty contests.

Modern times are the times of confusion and nonsense. I mean to what nonsense they can go one cannot say. But in this confusion the seekers are going to get their Realization. Because of the confusion they have reached that stage to receive. That’s why they are awakened. They are thinking about it. They want to know what is the end of confusion.

It’s there and you can see it’s the limbic area, is called as Sahasrara. There are one thousand petals. There are 998 nerves, which when enlightened look like flames. And according to doctors how can it be one thousand? Actually they are one thousand whether they like it or not. But they’ll just go on quarrelling on this whether there were 998 or one thousand like she’ll say the one that she wants. Just now, you also tell, but there is only one point there, but why? All right? In the same way.

That’s how it is. You do not see things and then you want to quarrel and argue. This is what Kabira meant that people become stupid. You are so conditioned and your ego is so developed that you cannot see. But the one who sees you should not challenge. Better see yourself. Receive it for yourself. I am here to give you counsel, give Realization with all my patience and my compassion flows ahead of good. But the one who is going to come has eleven destroying powers. And when he will start his destruction then he will judge you on your Kundalini. Not on anything as you must have heard that “You will call me Christ, Christ and I won’t recognize you”.

So, please be careful, please have your Realization and try to give it to others.

Do not take advantage of me. You have been already warned in the Bible. Because I am prideless. I am very simple, to look at. But there’s a lot of thing.

[End of recording]