You Are Part of the Divine Being

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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“You Are Part of the Divine Being”. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 1 December 1980.

I could not accommodate all of you in my house then I thought better to come here all of you would fit here! And today is the last day for our Sahaj Yogis (before Mother’s trip to India).

We have to understand certain very, very important things about ourselves and our organisation that is divine. Now, in broad lines I can tell you, not individual problems and individual things because you are no more individuals now. You have become part and parcel of the Divine Being and you are awakened cells and so in a broad way we must understand what we have to do about it. First thing, we have to know that we are Realised souls, and that you have got Realisation and that you are saints; that you have all the powers that a saint could have. No saint ever had more powers than you have, as it is, which is manifesting. No saint had any knowledge that you have today.

You’ll be amazed, none of the books which have been written so far have been able to tell you about the spiritual being that is within you as you have come to know through Sahaja Yoga. One has to accept it. It is so. Any one of them, whosoever has written any books – even, I would say, Adi Shankaracharya, he could not explain so many things which you know. But the quality of Adi Shankaracharya is very great, or people of his type, Markandeya or Buddha. The quality is very high because they are extremely pure people – purity. They have achieved individual salvation of a very high degree. While you have achieved your collective salvation better. But individually they are of a very, very high quality. I mean, they had no doubts about Divine Power, they had no doubts about God. They never had any doubts and they were very dignified. And they never bothered as to their petty problems of life. For them this was too petty to think about. Anything which is so petty, we spent so much time over it.

I know we had to do it because, after all, we are human beings and are being into Sahaja Yoga with our human awareness and then we got our Realisation. So the purification time is very, very short. And while they had such a lot of time to purify themselves. Now, for example, Moses was an incarnation, a very pure form of a personality or, you can say, Jesus was an incarnation, absolutely purest form of incarnation. But they are there to be our ideals while what we have done is to become, from human beings, a prophet. So, you understand both the things very well, what the weaknesses human beings have, what are their problems, how they get away from reality, how they are deluded. But still we do not use our vibratory power as we should use. And this is what point I want to tell you, that you all have vibratory powers. When we start using our vibratory powers also we do not know what dignity, protocol we should have for using this power. It is the power of the Deities within us and it’s a ritual by which we get their power working in it, in us, sorry.

As you know that people of ancient times did lot of miracles through this power but they were very dignified people. There was no frivolousness in their character and not useless problems within them, absolutely of no spiritual value. When you use your vibratory awareness, you should not use them for useless powers like, for example, going to a cinema and there’s a traffic and you think that there’s a traffic so you must use your vibratory powers to reach that place. Because it’s frivolous; it does not matter. In Sahaja Yoga, it does not matter whether you go to a cinema or not. What matters is what are your spiritual powers, how far you have come in your spirituality. It (the cinema) does not matter at all. You are a saint, and what saintliness you are achieving within you is the main problem. Otherwise, all the rest of the things that you have, has no meaning. Or all these problems have no meaning in spirituality.

So, all the Sahaja Yogis must realise that you are now newly born and you are people of new awareness and you have to have that dignity. For example, people- I’ll just give an example because I was discussing with someone today that, when you give somebody a sort of a bandhan, you just turn your hand like this or like that. This is not the way it should be done. Your hands itself are to be respected because these are the hands of a saint. And all the deities reside on your hands and fingers so when you have to give them bandhan or anything, you have to use them properly. Use them in such a way that it’s dignified to do it. Any indignity or cheap behaviour should be absolutely avoided.

Then dealing with each other you have to know that you are all now in the circulation of Divine Power. You have to respect each other and really love each other. You must respect because you are all saints. Every saint must respect another saint. That’s the minimum of minimum. And if you do not respect each other, your chakras will go out of order, especially Vishuddhi because it’s the collective thing. And also Mother’s Chakra will go out because your sense of security is your collectivity. And the love between each other has to be not only looked after but is to be nourished and to be worshipped and o be – it should be a virtue. You should not treat each other as human beings treat each other. No! It’s a precious thing. And even while talking to anyone very close, say, your brother, sister, husband, wife, you must respect, you must respect, otherwise, it has no meaning.

You must respect your parents much more than you ever respected because they are Sahaja Yogis, because they are saints and they are your parents. Respect is the keynote of relationship with each other to begin with. And respect without love has no meaning. Respect and love for each other. For somebody is highly placed in life, somebody is lowly placed in life, in Sahaja Yoga it does not matter. How much you earn, what is your position in life, where you live is not important. The main important thing is that we are one and we are the people who have become now prophets and we are the ones who have got the powers to raise the Kundalini of others and such a power has come into us because our Mother loves us very much and it is our duty that we should love each other. And how I respect you? I need not because you know that there’s a big gap between you and me. But I respect you because you are saints. And where the saints are not respected that country goes to dogs.

So, first of all you must learn how to respect each other. And that is a very, very important training we should have. Whether he’s your husband or wife, whether he’s your brother or sister, father, mother or child, because he’s a saint – respect!

But I do not know how you will react to this one that immediately you start thinking about people who do not respect you. Think how many people you do not respect. It’s a typical ego-oriented reaction that immediately we start thinking, “Oh, that man does not respect me! That man does not respect!” But just think how many people you have not respected yourself.

When I am not here, I am here much more. I have not been to Australia, and you know how tremendously these people have come up – so pure and so good and so fantastic. But that has not happened so much here because I had to work, really labour here. Not that England is that bad. But all the time to feel that, “Mother is around. We’ll put all our problems to Her and She can solve them.” Even small, small problems you ring to me – it’s all right – but now you are capable of solving your problems as well as solving the problems of others. Unless it is something fundamental you need not bother about me and you need not also ask me about it. You can go ahead with it now. But you must think everything in the terms of Sahaja Yoga by which –  how much, by that, you are doing for Sahaja Yoga? How much you are working out for Sahaja Yoga? This was the meeting of the Sahaja Yogis today.

And fundamentally we have to understand one thing: that we have to grow and we have to let others grow with our growth. Not by curbing our growth, but with our growth. You’ll only grow if you make others grow with you. Otherwise, there will be no growth. Now, whatever I say goes into the books, sometimes into the brains of the people. It has to go into the heart. The whole Sahaja Yoga system works on the heart; that is the Spirit. Spirit is the thing I’m talking about. It’s the Spirit [that] is happy by that.

Some people, I am told, are using their hands like a weapon and all that. This is very dangerous! You are not supposed to do all this for yourself. You are still saints, you are not yet gods! So don’t try such things. Some people have a habit of also hitting a person with the hand like that. In my presence, if I say, it’s all right. But otherwise you should not.

You have to respect. Use all tender and gentle methods, never anything by which you show any disrespect to a saint. Of course, you are hitting the negativity in another person, I know that. But you have no business to do that or to discard anyone or to put somebody out of this thing. You will go down very much. This is a serious thing one must understand. You have all the powers you know how far to go. You must keep to your maryadas. Don’t go beyond, because these things give you ego, and ego is the most dangerous thing which we face always. Try to improve your language. Be gentle. Be very gentle with each other.

I expect that you’ll have many more people by the time I come. I expect fantastic things from you. I don’t know if I should but I have given you something so fantastic, so tremendous. It is unbelievable. I expect it from you, no doubt, because you are specially selected and I have worked with you for years together. You have got the tapes in English. French people, poor things, they don’t have tapes in French and they have to be translated. They haven’t got a book in French and they have big problems of understanding me. But how dedicated they were, how deep they are. Each one of them came and said, “Mother, I love You very much. I love You.” “I have many defects and I offer myself to You. Will you accept me?” All of them said this way. Just imagine! I mean, I was surprised how they were saying all these things to me and the way they were understanding their defects within themselves.

Now, we have to change our mode of behaviour towards financial, material, emotional, physical and all these things. For example, say, one is married – marriages should be successful. If your marriage is not successful and happy, you are not going to be blessed, not at all. Try to make your marriage very happy and successful. That’s very important. Marriage is the institution established by Adi Shakti. You cannot dishonour it. Do not play frivolously with your marriages. Then you must also allow the children to be born to you so that you get great souls coming down on this earth by which we are giving them a chance, a very good chance, to lead a very happy life. But if husbands, wives are not happy, and even if Realised-souls are born, they have a trouble with you and they do not prosper well and they have problems.

So, first of all, create a family of happiness and joy. Some people think if they get away from Sahaja Yogis, they’ll make a good, happy married life. It’s absolutely wrong! Absolutely wrong! If you cannot make a happy married life in the ashram, you cannot make it anywhere else. First try in the ashram. [It’s] worth trying. Otherwise, you cannot make it. Because then you understand how you share your life with others and your married life.

Any such thing like any material thing, like getting a house or getting this thing, that thing is not so important. Your house should be clean within yourself, your temple of your heart. We are not here to build houses, not to accumulate money. We are here to build our temples within ourselves. The real temples which are growing, which are the living temples of living God within us. So, these material things are important up to a point, not more than that. Most important is not how you are substantiated by Sahaja Yoga but how much you have substantiated Sahaja Yoga through.

Many people think, “We should get a good house because we have come to Mataji.” Yes, you do get. You get good jobs. All right. You get it. You get your financial conditions improved. All right. Everything happens to you. But how much have you given to Sahaja Yoga? In the way: how much have you substantiated? People think sometimes that if they donate money that’s sufficient. It’s not. To enrich it with your heart, with your lovingness, with your friendship, with your sweet understanding of each other, enjoyment of each other’s company in the purest form, not with any purpose or with any intention of getting any low type of joy or low type of happiness from someone ego-oriented or sex-oriented. But it’s pure joy, pure joy. Purity is the theme we have to take to. We have to try to be purer and purer. And the purity will be shown brilliantly on your faces, in your behaviour, in the whole being as you would be. Your presence itself will show that you are Sahaja Yogis. You won’t have to certify. You won’t have to wear some special dresses to say, but people will know from your faces that you are saints, from your behaviour.

You have to stand back in the last queue. You should be the people who should look at things. You should not be the first, unique, to getting into the thing first, to getting into the queue first. No, you are the last because you are with yourself. They are not. They have not [got] their own securities. They are trying to find securities in these things. You have your own securities. Change, according to the Spirit, all your priorities, and then joy is your own.

I really expect fantastic things from you and I hope you all will join together and work it out and create something fantastic. I don’t know how to tell individually about things but as it is I have already spoken to these Sahaja Yogis in Paris and I have told them that Sahaja Yoga is a very speedy thing. And it’s very speedy. It’s such a speed and if you do not keep with the speed of Sahaja Yoga, you’ll be thrown out. You have to keep to the speed of Sahaja Yoga. Those who cannot keep by some method or other, or [who] get locked up by something or some misidentification, will drop out. You’ll only grow when you will keep to the speed of Sahaja Yoga.

It is going to be tremendous in India. I know these five years are going to be tremendous in Australia. England maybe; depending on your people putting up the speed. It’s going to be tremendously speedy and you have to understand that, “Drop out all your shackles and drop out all your misidentifications, all nonsenses of fanaticism or of misidentifications that you are British, this, that, all this”. And just become Sahaja Yogis and universal beings. It’s very important. The time has come now. From next year it will start.

So, I wish you a very Happy New Year and a very, very happy and cheerful Christmas.

May God bless you.

Now we have to await for other people who will be coming now but [if] any Sahaja Yogis have any problems or any questions should ask now till other programme will start.

Can you have some chair nearby to talk to them? I think a simple one will do, it’s too elaborate to more. Douglas wants to move the whole big thing? Just an ordinary chair, Douglas, is alright for me.

He wants to move the big one.

Ask me questions, very important, on to small, small things. Later on, “Mother said so,” or, “Mother said so,” should not be there. Sahaja Yogis should ask because new people who have come, who have not got yet Realisation should wait for a while because I am just dealing with the Sahaja Yogis. And then we’ll start our programme  after just, say, ten minutes. Is it all right for new people?

Just put it (the chair) here.

Douglas Fry: Should we bring it further forward?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. I am alright. Just bring it nearer here.

Now, I want Sahaja Yogis to ask me questions. It is important. Sahaja yogis should ask me questions. Please. You have to do everything with consultation with each other. No group should be formed separately.

Ask me questions. Come along! What’s the matter?

Don. You’re getting thoughtless. Then, “Mother said like this,” and “Mother says like this,” and “Mother has told..” – this should be stopped. You see, actually we think outside going, outside doing is the way. No! Inside! Grow inside.

Certain things I am going to write it down so that there’s no confusion about things but, till I come back, the ashram system should go as it is today. Then when I come back we’ll change it. But just now it’s all right as it is. Nobody should take new steps. If you get a house or something, all right, you take a house. But better thing is to stick on to ashram for the time being, look after it and substantiate. I mean [if] somebody is allotting you a house, it’s all right. But you need not take a house on rent or something to get out of ashram. That’s the escape.

Ray Harris: I often find that it’s better to – after telling them the basics of Sahaja Yoga – to wait for them to tell you. And in what they say and their vibrations, what is it that they want to know, rather than really telling them everything.

Shri Mataji: No, no. You should be very discreet. As I have told you in one of My lectures that there are three groups of Sahaja Yogis. One are the people who are in the inner circle. Most of you are here. You need not tell them many things. Everything need not be told. That is being not dishonest but that you are discreet. I mean, you need not tell everything. That’s a wrong thing. Discretion is to be used. Then the second type are the people who are Sahaja Yogis but yet not there. Still [who] are doubting and still are not so developed. Their Kundalini is not up there. They are still [a] funny type. These are the people you have to be careful about. You need not tell them everything because they can’t bear the Truth. They are not yet ready. Unless and until the Kundalini has reached a certain stage they cannot bear it. The sooner you start doing that, the worse they will become. Their doubts will be more because this is too much for them to bear. So you have to wait, wait and see for yourself. That should not be done. Just talk about Sahaja Yoga, direct. You need not talk about me. Now how will they understand me? I mean, you cannot understand me, how can they understand?

The other day somebody asked me that, “Kundalini rises with such difficulties, and they had to purify yourself and all that, and here how my Kundalini has risen like this. Mother? How could it be?” I said, “It has risen or not?” He said, “Yes.” “You feel it?” “Yes, yes, I have. It is risen.” Then I said, “There must be something with me. All right?” He said, “That’s what I was wondering that must be something about Mother. How is it that She’s done it?” I said, “There is something. All right. So just now you need not find out. Just now you find out about yourself. Let it grow. Because I do not want to shock you. There is something about me, no doubt.”

And one of them was saying that, “It’s such a miraculous thing that my sinus has gone, I am feeling so much better. My drugs I have given up. I’m so much better and so fantastic that I can’t believe it. How can it be? I tried all kinds of medicines, I went to the hospital, I did this, I did that, I had an operation. Nothing worked out. And how is it this simple thing like Sahaja Yoga has worked out?” I said, “It is too simple but it is to the point. It’s so precise. It acts. It is something that acts.” “But how is it?” I said, “It does!” Like we were going to Paris. They announced that the temperature of Paris is zero degrees. So, Christine was sitting next to me rather worried. I said, “Don’t you worry! It is going to improve.” Within fifteen days they said, “Suddenly the temperature has gone up five degrees!” Today London’s temperature has gone up after my coming here. It works but they are surprised how it is working.

After all, all these things are promised. The time has come. But you need not tell them! No, don’t shock. It’s correct, Ray, what you say. It’s very discreet. Ray is a very discreet person. No doubt about it. He has tremendous discretion. And that’s what you should use: What to say to anyone and how far to say. It’s a very discreet method. And you must know how to compromise also. You should not be something like a cynic. You must learn to compromise. You must learn to compromise. And understand [that] they are people who are not yet Realised. You are Realised, you are grown into it, you are much more matured. So you have to be much more gentle with them and not to show off to them [that] they feel small. Like somebody is asking a question, maybe stupid, may be, possibly. Doesn’t matter, he’s not Realised. And if you laugh at him sarcastically or make fun of him, naturally you lose him. You are not to lose these people. You have to get them in, and that is their right, they are seekers. They are seekers. We have to really understand this with great compassion and love for them. They are seekers. We have to work it on them, not to just laugh at them or make fun of them or in any way to put them down. On the contrary, show them due respect because they are seekers as you were. Before that what we were? What sort of people we were? How many arguments we have had with Mother? How stupid we have been? We just forget all that and suddenly we become very wise. No! Wisdom lies in understanding that they have to have their enlightenment. They haven’t got it as yet. They have to grow in that light. This is the problem.

Now you have to use your discretion. There’s no need to ask me. I will know from your mistakes, where you have done mistakes. But consult each other, consult each other. Talk to each other absolutely freely. There’s nothing to be hidden amongst Sahaja Yogis. Nothing to be hidden among Sahaja Yogis. But with elders, with other people, be respectful. Maybe you being young are more active in Sahaja Yoga. Maybe children are still not so developed in it. We have to take all of them together, not to be unkind by any kind of sarcasm because I have told you a hundred times and hundred and eight times now: sarcasm has no place in Sahaja Yoga. This is no way of joking! It’s a very sly method. Nobody should beat also, in the same way. It’s just the same, other side of the coin. Beating or shouting or putting up your head like this on other people, like this. Many people have a habit of putting their heads like this when they talk to others. Or French people have a very bad habit of putting their face like this. I was surprised. Anybody you talk to … means nothing goes into his head. I said, “What’s happening here?” Is he like a duck? And you say anything, again they will say another thing. I mean, everything has a tail coming out. So is that these are our tails? We should understand that. We should not put up ourselves to such barriers but accept things as they are. And those who have, who come to you, don’t get angry with them because by talking or argument you are not going to convince them but by only by Sahaja Yoga. Try to give them Realisation. Do not argue!

Some people think, “If you talk to them sweetly, if you are sympathetic.” No! Also that doesn’t work out. You go on wasting your time with them, and they’ll go away. They’ll not be there. Where is their Kundalini? How far is it rising? That’s the point you should see. Instead of just trying to be very nice to them, then discussion, then this. No use! Waste of time. In the same way if you are angry with that person and argue; it’s also wrong. Both are a waste of time. But be gentle and kind and see where is the Kundalini.

Best is to use photographs. And please do not start curing people. Otherwise, I’ll find all the sick patients in Sahaja Yoga. They are not to cure. It’s finished now. Better not do it. What’s the use of curing these people? They are so ungrateful. They have no sense at all and they don’t want to do Sahaja Yoga. We are not interested in such useless people. Those who come to Sahaja Yoga will improve in their health automatically. You don’t have to give them any treatment. They can work it out on the photograph, that’s all. That’s the end of it.

Sit down!

Now, what any other? Maureen? Mark [Rossi], ask some sensible questions. You are good. They have been a very good husband and wife, I must say. Very happy with them. They are a good, ideal couple and I hope they keep it up.

Also there are some people I know who are very much interested in getting everyone married. Now stop it! Till I come back you don’t have all these things. Otherwise the mind, it becomes a marriage bureau. Some people have a specialty about it. Instead of loving others’ children, also create your own children.

Some people like to play with others’ children. It’s also not good. Better have your own children. That doesn’t mean you just love your own children. But that’s how they get that thing satisfied and they don’t want to have children and then who’s going to bear the children who want to come on this earth? That’s a big responsibility.

What else? Ask one or two questions. Gavin, please ask some questions. It’s two minutes more.

Gavin Brown: How do we prevent Sahaja Yoga from becoming a cult?

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Gavin Brown: How do we prevent Sahaja Yoga from becoming a cult?

Shri Mataji: Yes, it’s possible. Because, you see, you think, “I’m catching. I’m catching.” This madness has come also in Sahaja Yogis. This will become really cultish stuff! It will really become a cult. Nonsense! What are you catching? You are pure vibrations. You give Realisation to anyone – none of your chakras catch anybody else. Everybody thinks, “I’m pure,” – what it is they say?  Holier than holy! What is catching? What? All such dainty darlings are no good. “I am catching. I ! You have to be brave warriors. What is catching? “I don’t want to give vibrations with this catching. I don’t want to do it.” All right, use the photograph to begin with. But if you have to do it, you should not be frightened. You are swords!

It is true, Gavin, what you said. It’s very true. But you look after that part – that none of them should become that, “I am catching this and I am catching that.” And “I don’t like this and I don’t like Sahaja Yogis doing this.” This is all wrong. This will make a big cult out of it. Of course, that’s not possible. You try such tricks and you will know what it means! That won’t be possible though. But be careful; you will go out of gear. Nobody has to form a cult. Everybody who is coming to Sahaja Yoga has to be absolutely with both the arms stretched out, “Come along!” Just like your Mother. I should be the greatest cult myself. Why should I bother about anybody else?

This catching business should drop out from your mouth. Everybody comes and says, “I caught it from him.” “I caught up from them.” I am amazed! How can you catch up from anyone? What are you? A dainty darling or what? Now no more it is going to be tolerated! “I caught up from that.” Go and beat yourself with shoes. If you are such a dainty darling that’s what you deserve! You know how to do it! (laughing)

Nobody should say, “I am catching.” Also neglect these things completely. The more your attention you pay them, the more they will sit on your head. Just neglect and go ahead.

What Paul has pointed out is true. This is very common in England, not in India. Nobody says that, nobody. I’ve not heard one person saying, “I am catching from that person.” Never! They say, “This is my weakness so I must have felt for that.” They never say like that. This is [your] speciality – putting the blame on others. This is typical ego style business. Put the blame on others! As if you are pure and you have caught up from another. It’s your weakness. That’s all what you should think about.

You are brave people. You have to be very, very brave. Without bravery how are we going to do Sahaja Yoga? Just tell me. You have to love with bravery. In love you don’t think and consider and all these things – you just go ahead. Such a powerful thing to love someone.

That “Such person should not be there and such person should not do that” – nothing! Now those people who come for the first time, or are not so much – they may not have proper protocol – that doesn’t mean that you get after their heads. Otherwise, it will become a cult.

The first thing is consideration of others! And understanding that they are not Realised, they are not enlightened. This is very important. You must understand this. They are not enlightened as yet. They have not got their vibrations. They haven’t got their vibratory awareness. To get angry with them is wrong, absolutely wrong.

What else now? That’s a good point. One more point you can ask me because some people are coming.

Also do not allow your weaknesses to sit on your heads. For example, some people have a habit of telling me, “Mother I had this, I was this, I went there and still that is lingering into me.” Then you are absolutely useless! Why don’t you take it out? Finish off. Like that. “Still I have been to this yogi, I’ve been to that yogi. I have done this, I have done that.” It’s done! Finished! In the present time you are pure Spirit. Become that.

What is there to be proud of these nonsensical things? They are no parallel to Spirit. When the Spirit shines the darkness has to go away.

If there is still darkness that means something wrong with you, and if you are wrong, then what are you boasting about? I mean, people have a habit of boasting! Try to be alert and loving; loving and alert. You have to be really alert.

What else?

Yogini: [unclear]

Shri Mataji: It’s a little personal question, isn’t it? I’ll tell you separately, all right? Because this is not the problem of many, all right? General problems should be solved. This is very personal. It’s pertaining to you.

What else?

Man: If I follow you, do I have to give up friends who…?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, not at all. Why should you? On the contrary you’ll want all your friends to come and join us. You don’t follow me; you follow your Self only.

It’s a question of not giving up but your priorities change because your awareness changes. Like I could say that if you take a horse through the streets of Paris, he would not notice anything. For him any dirty place, filthy place, is the same as the any street. If you take a man or a woman, she will notice prostitutes standing on the street. He may be repelled towards them, may not be repelled also, possibly. Mostly he would not be repelled. But if you take a saint or a Sahaja Yogi, he’ll have compassion for a prostitute but he will know that she has to learn herself. And he won’t go near her. When she will come to him, he can pardon her and look after her. But there is no involvement in her, in no way.

So the awareness changes. You start giving up things which are not spontaneous, which are not living, which are dead. You start living a living life. It automatically works out. You don’t give-up. On the contrary you get new friends, lots of. They are all your friends and brothers once you get it. Because the language changes, the style changes. You have the light; they are dark and black. They are still in darkness. So they are fumbling, while you see the things straight. You can help them. But if they are fumbling and trying pull you down, you will say, “No, I can’t come that way. Now I’m changed.” You are changed, and they are not yet changed – that’s the point.

It’s transformation, actual, that happens within us. You don’t have to give up, not at all. On the contrary, you must meet other people, you must talk to other people. But, for example, if you have other friends who are anti-God, you won’t be able to tolerate their company and they won’t be friends anymore. I will think, “They are not my friends. They are anti-God. They are anti-love.” You would not like to waste your time with them, having a whisky party or something. You would not like. What a waste! You would not like. But you may be with them but you may not like.

Many people do like that, I have seen. Many people even after coming to Sahaja Yoga try to spend their time with other people. Some of them do it because they have to do it. I know, I have a double life myself. But My life is such that wherever I am, I am with myself. But Sahaja Yogis try to change, I have seen. They spend more time with Sahaja Yogis than with other people like brothers, sisters, cousins. They start changing that. Either the brothers, sisters, cousins try taking more interest in Sahaja Yoga, or they don’t enjoy their company. It’s just they may go just to visit or to see someone but they don’t like their company, they don’t enjoy their company so much. It happens like that, because you are enlightened people. Like drunkards: they don’t like non-drinking people. And non-drinking people don’t like drunkards. If you go with the drunkards, you are frightened.  And mad people like mad people. It’s like that.

So then the company changes. And if you don’t change, you really don’t enjoy Sahaja Yoga really into its fullest extent. But there’s no cult as such. You are saintly people. You are saints. So saints talk in different language. Yes, they are much more congenial and happy with the saints. But they would like to meet people and talk to them and try to bring them, because we have to bring such a lot of people to Sahaja Yoga. But you should not waste your energies with people who do not matter in God’s work. You don’t feel like. I mean, I don’t say that “You don’t!”If you have to go to see somebody, I don’t say, “You don’t!” But it happens with some people. And such people can go down because they have influences on these people, and it happens like that. Your priorities change. You only then start enjoying whatever is God’s style. You don’t like something which is anti-God. Like I don’t say, “Don’t drink!” I don’t say Ten Commandments, nothing. But it happens to you.

There were so many people who were drug addicts who came to Sahaja Yoga. They gave up drugs. Now, how can they be with people who are taking drugs? So they started going to them and talking to them and they said, “We have given up drugs.” All right? There’s somebody in Paris whose husband is drinking such a lot, and he is still a drug addict, and she is a Sahaja Yogini. But he comes to My programme, and I told that she should be very kind to him and gentle because he wants to give up. But a person who is dragging her, “You must also take a drug!” Then you don’t like that aggression. I mean, you should be allowed to be non-smoking also, if you don’t want to smoke. But they don’t allow! For them it is difficult. They’ll force you, “You must drink. You must smoke!” I mean, you must be knowing this that, if you go to any party, and if you don’t drink, they think you are mad! And they’ll go on asking, “Why don’t you drink? At least take this, at least take this.” If you tell them even once, “Why do you drink?” “Oh, you don’t drink?” – finished. Then you are the most anti-social person, you have no manners, nothing. I mean you are telling something nice but they’ll go on forcing on you. You have to go on telling them that, “Oh, we don’t drink. I don’t drink. I don’t like it. The Doctor has told me.” All sorts of lies you tell them but they’ll go on forcing you. But even if you say once that, “Why do you drink?” or “Please don’t drink.” – finished. You are the worst person in the whole world. This is such an aggression! Such an aggression. It’s a very subtle aggression of these people who are licentious.

It’s funny sometimes, I tell you. Like we went to a party, and at that party there was a funny couple came in – that was a woman who was a keep and this and that, and it was a party of married women and married men. And the way the woman was on with everyone, I mean, nobody liked it, neither the women nor the men. And we didn’t like that the man – why should he bring his keep there because it was not a party of keeps? But it’s aggression. And she was so aggressive! She was saying, “What’s the use of being married to a man after all?” She was just saying all kinds of things against us, those who were married women. “There’s no use marrying men. I am very happy. I am a keep. He looks after me better. You better give up your husband and live as a keep with them.” She was just giving us a lecture on her status! And we could not say anything to her. But if we say that it’s nice to be a married woman and to be virtuous, “Oh, they are the worst women. You are victorian! You are  old-fashioned hag!” and all sorts of things will come on you!

There’s a very big aggression on saints. They can’t talk. They can’t say anything. While even your own brothers and sisters and mother and father and children will do that, “Oh, you are very old-fashioned. It’s nonsense!” Like that. It’s not easy to exist with virtue in this country especially, and in the Western countries because now I know what it is.

My husband also doesn’t drink so they tell him, “Oh, is it your wife who has forced you not to drink?” I mean, he said, “She doesn’t say anything like that. Why do you blame Her?” Immediately [they say]. I mean, there’s no shame about it of saying such a dirty thing! I mean, there is shamelessness, complete shamelessness about it. And not only drinking – all sorts of shamelessness goes about. You ask a lady, “Are you married?” “No! Why should I? I am not a fool like you!” It’s a typical answer. I mean, because you are married you have to look like a criminal! Because you are virtuous you should be crucified immediately. When you change that, with these people, you give up, naturally. I mean, you don’t want to meet such people. And then they might say that you are cultish but it doesn’t matter. I mean, we have to save ourselves. I mean, we do not want certificates from them! The certificate has to come from God, not from these people. They are incapable of giving us certificates. That you know very well.

So should we start? Something else?

Who are the new people today, for the first time? You? I am sorry I had to say all these things because today was the meeting of the Sahaja Yogis in the beginning. And we are all going to enter into the same Realm and it will be handy for you to know what is expected of Sahaja Yogis, and with that expectation I request you not to pay attention to what I have said, much. You should not be frightened. It’s not that frightening. You’ll like it later on very much! What I have said it, you see.

So come forward. Those who have come for the first time, please come forward. You come for the first time? All right. Come forward! Will be better idea.

No, no, here, on the chair. On the first row of chairs. Will be a good idea. Yes.

Actually, it happens that your religion gets enlightened. You become that. Then you can’t help it. What to do? I mean you don’t have to tell, “Don’t do! Don’t do!” It just happens. You just can’t do it. It’s so helpful, isn’t it? You just can’t do it. You don’t feel like doing it! Because if you are enjoying your Spirit you don’t feel like doing nonsensical things.

It is better to get it and see for yourself what happens. All right?

That’s the best way to give it a full chance.

Those who have come for the first time do come forward. You’ve come for the first time? Please come forward.

No! You are not for the first time!

Let her come forward here.

You are all for the first time here? No. You can go one step backward, is a good idea. You see, you can receive my vibrations even from there where Kingsley is. Isn’t it Kingsley? Aren’t you receiving my vibrations?

Much more! Yes that’s it.

Now this is a system which is built within us. That’s why it is called as ‘Sahaja’. This is what is the system within us that exists. ‘Sahaja’ means ‘born with you’. This is all born with you. You have achieved it. It’s all within you. It’s a system that is built into this or built into that. In the same way it’s a system built into you. You are just ready. You are to be put to the mains. That’s all is the job is. For putting to the mains also there’s something built into you. If you see the triangular bone called as ‘sacrum’, means ‘sacred bone’, this Kundalini is there. This is the one that gives you your rebirth. By rebirth what happens [is] that your awareness, which is human awareness, becomes enlightened by your Spirit. Your Spirit comes into your awareness. So far your Spirit is not. Your Spirit knows all about you. It is in your heart. But you do not know about It.

So what happens [is] this Spirit, which is enjoying itself, enlightens your awareness and you get a new awareness by which you start feeling a cool breeze in your hand, a cool breeze in your hand. And this cool breeze, for the first time, on your central nervous system starts flowing. So you feel it, actually you feel it.

Now the enlightenment takes place of all these centres which are within you, which are there because of our evolutionary process. And these enlightened centres are on your fingers. They get enlightened too and you start feeling them within you. You start feeling your own centres and you start feeling the centres of others.

Now this happening takes place within you of the Kundalini awakening just to attract your attention inside. Because your attention is outside, you cannot take it in. You know many people think, “You put your attention here, you put your attention there.”  – it’s all wrong. It has to be spontaneously attracted inside and it’s done by this Kundalini, and Kundalini is just like a germinating primule within us, a seed. It just rises spontaneously. And when it rises it breaks through here. And this is what is the real Baptism. You really feel it here coming out. You can feel the cool breeze coming out. You can feel the cool breeze from your hands. This is real Baptism that John the Baptist wanted people to have, and that Christ talked about.

All the religions have taught us to be in the centre. When they said, “Don’t do this, don’t do that,” they did not want to condition us but to tell us that how we are going to be in the centre. And when we are in the centre then what happens to us [is] that you get the desire to know your Spirit. And this desire is fulfilled through the awakening of the Kundalini. Now the Sahaja Yoga at this stage is really a Maha Yoga in the sense [that] it is the Great Yoga because many people can get Realisation. Thousands of people can get it because the blossom time has come. But even if they get Realisation, they are to be looked after, they are to be nourished, they are to be told about it. Everything should be decoded. You will be amazed – everything becomes so logical. Gradually you start understanding it. Your complete freedom is established.

Nobody says that, “Don’t do this!” Nothing is said. But you just don’t do it – yourself! I will not tell you as Moses had to tell, poor thing. He had to face all the mad people. But no, after Realisation it just happens and you just don’t do it. You will not do it. It just happens to you. It is nothing to be told. It just happens. It works out. This is what is Sahaja Yoga.

In the beginning you have to be really ardent Sahaja Yogis. In the beginning you have to be. It’s the beginning of Sahaja Yoga still in England, I would say. Really ardently attached to it by which you develop yourself very well and develop this tree of Sahaja Yoga in your own country. Because you have to save so many. The Last Judgment has started. It’s started. Through Kundalini awakening only you judge yourself. You know what are the centres you are catching, what are your problems. You know what are the centres others are catching. You judge yourself.

Supposing a person comes and tell me, “Mother, my Agnya is very bad.” Do you know what it means? That, “My ego has developed.” But [if] you tell somebody, “You have got an ego.” – you will have a punch on your head! But the person himself comes and says, “Mother, I see my ego.” You start seeing yourself. You start seeing your problems, because you are out of it. And then you can cure it also and make it better. You improve it and you are better. You judge yourself and you judge yourself with love and understanding. You don’t hate yourself by that. It’s only you, yourself. You are going to judge. Within you is the power of God that judges you, is the Spirit which tells you. A rapport is established with the Spirit. The Spirit itself will tell you, “This is the mistake, this is the problem.” We don’t need anybody to tell us. It’s only you who will know. It’s only you who will judge yourself. It’s only you who will grow yourself. It’s your own freedom. It’s your own Self.

Your entire personality changes, entire personality changes. I have never told anybody not to take drugs as such, except for one or two people who were still carrying on. But also very mildly. And I told them how to get rid of it. But you just don’t want to take them, just don’t like it. You find it very filthy. You feel like vomiting. Just like that, the religion is enlightened in your stomach. That the time has come now for you to do it. That was the time when it was not so [then] they taught you how to do it. But today the time has come, it can work out. You are all just there.

The completion of the whole creation has to come this way. It has to work out. But you cannot reason it out. But once you get it – because it’s beyond reason, it happens beyond reason; the Kundalini awakens not by reason, spontaneously, by master only – once it happens then the whole thing becomes logical. You see, there’s a microscope, then you can see through it. But if there is not a microscope, you cannot understand.  The ‘microscope’ is your Spirit.

It’s very simple.

Now, I do not want to go into details about it. I think these people have been given… Gavin have you given them the papers and things?

Let them see for themselves. Have you all got the papers? Have you got? No? Let her have. Let this lady have. You sit a little erect, all right? Straight, sit little straight. All right.

You have to sit a little erect, not much, but a little erect. Not slouchy. Neither like this. Just sit straight.

Put your hands like this, all of you. Just put your hands.

Now close your eyes. Put your feet like this, little straight, on the ground. Not pressing much but they should be on the ground properly.

Come in! Come! There are three, four seats. Here, in front. Yes.

After Realisation you have to go very fast and try to understand it, otherwise you may lose your vibrations. That happens with some people. So be careful! It’s a very, very delicate thing; it’s very subtle. And because we are gross – suddenly we become subtle – if we do not catch up to it, we lose it also. So for one month after Realisation you have to be very, very careful and get hold of another Sahaja Yogis here and we also have an ashram here. We have to work it out.

Close your eyes. Just close your eyes. It just works. Just close your eyes. Don’t think about it. Don’t think. It will work out without thinking.

Put both the hands towards me, please. Both the hands like this.

One of the centres that is catching in most of you is that you all feel guilty for nothing at all, for nothing at all. It’s a fashion to feel guilty. So everybody starts feeling guilty for nothing at all. Or maybe we confess and this and that. Now I have to tell you that not to feel guilty at all. Say that, “I am not guilty.”

Thrice you say, “Mother, I am not guilty.”

This is also a myth that you feel guilty. That will help you a lot.

Once you get your Realisation you have to also have the spiritual education to know how to handle this, how to handle this power. You are getting it because this is your own right, but you must know what you are getting.

They’ve got it, all of them.

All the Sahaja Yogis should receive vibrations and expose completely with their heart, absolutely. Just put it. Be meditative today. And you have to promise in your heart. You have to be much more active and ardent about Sahaja Yoga if you have to save your brothers and sisters. Only your heart can be binding, nothing else. Nothing else. It’s only your heart. As you are attached to someone you love, you should be attached to your Spirit. Spirit you should love the most. Nobody is more important than your Spirit.

Are you feeling any cool breeze in the hands? Not yet? Close your eyes. Have patience with yourself. One has to have patience.

Close your eyes. Have patience! Just don’t think. It will work out. Have patience with yourself! You put both the hands towards me, not meeting each other but towards me, separate. Put both the hands separately, not towards each other but towards me. Please put them towards me. Yes.

Close your eyes. Close your eyes. And just leave it. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it. It will work. It’s like just a flower becoming a fruit – spontaneously.

Just close your eyes and put your hands towards me. Put your attention to your heart. Catch the joy part of it.

Just heart. Just put your both the hands towards me only and just pay attention to your heart. It will work out.

Are you feeling cool breeze? It’s good, great. Just enjoy it. Just enjoy. Do not pay attention in one particular direction. Just leave it free. Just leave it free. Do not fix your attention anywhere. Just leave it free. It will work out.

Gavin, organise for these people behind. Ask people to slowly come along.

Keep your eyes shut. All new people please keep your eyes shut. They are going to check you.

One by one, yes move on. Jill, come forward.

Start moving in the centre. Yes. Good.

Those Sahaja Yogis who want to get themselves also checked up, ask other Sahaja Yogis to do it.

Magda, I think these three people are for the first time or what?

Just see them, their vibrations. They haven’t felt it yet.

Can you move a little coming up here. Marcus? Or who is there?

Those who want to be checked. Also ask others to be checked.

Douglas, go and check Dinesh.

All of you must get checking! Those of you who want checking should raise your hands. Ask people to check you.

Check her.

Vishuddhi, Left Vishuddhis are horrible. I don’t know what to say.

Hester [Spiro], you ask somebody to check you also. Peter [Pearce], you sit down.

David [Spiro] you sit down! Get yourself checked! Linda [Pearce], Peter, all of you. Please. Because I am going away. Let everybody be checked – better is. Marcus? You be checked also.

Better to get it done once for all. Get them checked.

Who can check her? Ray [Harris]? Where is he? Go and check Hester.

He’s got it?

Kingsley you check Hester, it’s better. He (Ray) is a Jew (also) so it would be better! (laughing) Somebody else should do it it’s better.

May God bless you!

But everybody gets checked it’s better!

John, you sit down. You get yourself checked. Sit down.

Marcus? Is he checked? How are they?

Now those who are checking should get themselves checked also, is a better idea. There should be nothing.

‘Prana’ – say the mantra for him. For her, Malcolm [Murdoch], ‘Prana’ is the mantra for her.

Haa! Done. Just broken through. Haaa!

Now this is to be judged a little by yourself. You should know. These are the small things that one should know.

This gentleman? Why don’t you see this gentleman?

Can you check John. John, put your left hand towards me and right hand outside.

Felicity [Payment]. Somebody should check Felicity also.

Brighton people should again get themselves rechecked afterwards.

Everybody should get themselves rechecked. Somehow or other get yourself cleared out. Every one of you. Gavin you also get yourself checked. Everybody should get yourself checked. That’s the best way. And we should be thankful to people for checking us and giving us vibrations. Instead of getting angry and upset.

How are the children?  Jane [Brown] bring her. Is she alright? Bring her here.

How is it? Let everybody check today and give bandhans.

What about this gentleman? He’s got it? He’s Ray’s father, he should get it. Tell him not to feel guilty about anything! You are facing Mother who loves you! Just say, “Mother I am not guilty.”

Just say that. What guilt can you people have?

Jill? Coming?

Haaa! Alright Jill? It’s come up.

How is she?

Don’t talk. Just raise the Kundalini. Just raise the Kundalini.

You give him a bandhan.

Chaya, tumse karab dekho. Regis, you also get yourself checked and others should check and you check others. Every one of you.

John, please put yourself into a bandhan. Now check other people. Come along.

Those who have been checking sit down and those who have to be checked.

You’ve done it? Have you done? You’ve got it? Have you felt anything? Did you feel any cool breeze?  Good, great. Now close your eyes. Enjoy your Self. Now don’t stop at that!

What do you say Malcolm? Better?

What about this child?