Seminar Part 3

Akurdi (India)

1980-12-09 Seminar India Part 3 Marathi, 43'
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Public Program, Marathi, Penicillin Factory, Akurdi, Pune 1980-12-09

Last year we had a program at Akurdi, at that time I had casually mentioned that we should explore in Penicillin factory; lot of people could get their realization. People did not understand then why Mataji had mentioned the name of Penicillin Factory. The reason was that I had come here at Pune for my brother’s wedding and had stayed in your guest house. That time, I had walked a lot bare foot in the morning and it was my desire that if this place could also become vibrant, then the atmosphere here would certainly have an effect on the workers who would come here. And that is seen today. So we will understand the reason why Seeta and Ram moved around bare foot in this Maharashtra. 

The Almighty has done a lot of work. We don’t realize what the entire Almighty has done for us. Look at the entire nature how beautifully it has been created by Him. We see that in our everyday dealings but we do not realize that whatever food we eat, whatever fruits we eat, these fruits also have been created by the Almighty for us. We cannot extract a fruit from a flower. Cannot do even a single live task. 

Science professes that we became humans from amoeba.  That too has been done by the Almighty. Several times there have been incarnations of God. In The form of Vishnu. And He has done this work of evolution.  But whenever these incarnations took place, people did not understand what benefit it brings to them. That is why we did not have any structure. That is why we did not have any higher pedestal. Why don’t we think over as to why did Shri Vishnu have incarnations as Dashavtaar (ten forms)?    And if we observe carefully,  we see first is matsyavtaar(Fish Form). Why matsyavtaar? That’s because the fish came first out of water. If we see further incarnations one by one, even then you will notice that then the reptiles got created. This way, many different types of creatures that got created has God’s hand in it.  Lastly the humans got created. In that too, the Incarnation of Christ should be believd as the last one. After that Budhha came, Mahavir came. Nanak, Kabir, all of these came. Great saints hermits like Dnyanesha took birth in Maharashtra. There are several others saints like them such as   Namdeo, Eknaath, Tukaram. Great saint Ramdas Swamy was also one of them. These saints did not establish any religion as is the common belief. They established that religion in us. Within us. They have built a religion of mankind. Not as an external entity. 

    Built temples, we became Hindus. Built mosques, we became Muslims. Great. Christians built church, we became Christians. You are only humans. You must accept this first. Christ has also said that all those who do not oppose me, are mine. Who are they? But he was not allowed to speak. He was eliminated in three years. He spoke only for three years. He was not allowed to speak after that. A great blessing of Dattatraya like Sainath had come here. He was a Muslim. Still we revere him, right? We believe that he was Dattatraya. How did we know this? How did we know that he was indeed an incarnation of Dattatraya?    Due to his power. We came to know because of his power.  But now, a state for humans has come that you yourself know your power. Whether Ashtavinayak is true or false, jyotirling is true or false . Not only this but I have seen in London, people out there don’t know anything. There is a place known as Stonehench. There too, there are stones that are protruding. And they have vibrations, those are divine vibrations. They don’t know what that is. They call them by this name or that name. But if you see, then you understand that they have vibrations. So you should be born again is mentioned by everyone. Muslims called them Peer. That you should become a Peer. Nanak has called such person as “par”. There is no difference between Nanak and Muhammad. Not even the slightest. Both are same. Christ has called it as “you are to be born again” clearly. You should be born again. Called as Baptisma, baptism. In Hindu religion it is called as “Bramhatva”.  Should become a Brahmin. Today one becomes Brahmin as per ones birth. It is not like that. If that was the case then sage Vyas would not have been a Brahmin who has written Geeta. He was a son of a fisherman. Valmiki himself was a fisherman.   People are classified by putting in their heads, some deceptive concept that religion is as per birth. How to break the structure of a family, how to isolate them, to break them, how to create disharmony and create an environment of hatred is the work that these people have done. 

But a human is an element of God. If the Almighty is a complete body form then each cell there in is a human, each peshi(muscle) is a human. It is only when he becomes awakened, only then  he understands that he is  a part and parcel of the cosmic superpower(Viraat). Unless this happens, it cannot be understood. Externally whatever worship we do. It happened with Tulsidas. Tulsidas himself applied the kumkum on Ram’s forehead and Ram appeared in front of him, recognized him. Nobody recognized Christ. Had he been recognized, they would not have crucified him. The one who himself is God’s son, incarnation of Ganesh, actual incarnation of Bramha, Bramha who appeared in person, you crucified him.  If they would have recognized that Sainath is an incarnation of Datta, this is very recent, that in your land of Maharashtra he did not even have food to eat. You are such great followers of Datta. Did you recognize Datta? Now after he is gone, they are worshipping him. But you have given immense respect to rogues when they were alive. That happened due to ignorance. You did not have knowledge nor the vision. Could not see. That is why this happened. The Almighty has decided to forgive all for this.  Forget what has happened. Forget all that happened in the past. Only achieve what is there at present. And to achieve that , God has retained  this power in us. Since ages,   this Mother, Kundalini , called as Jagdamba has been retained in us by the Almighty. It is in a dormant state like a seedling. It resides in the triangular bone. It is called as sacrum in English. See. Sacrum also means sacred. Means holy, pure. In those days too, people knew in Latin language that ‘this’ is a special holy thing. It is written that due to awakening of this power, you can have the vision of  atma.  This power must be awakened in us. If this power is awakened – in spite of that  by mere discourse or by pursuing some thought that we are fine, that what we did is right, we agree with that only –  our lives will go waste.  

If we do not connect this machine to the mains then it will not work. It will not have power. All the labour, whatever hard work we put in to make this, will all go waste. What the Almighty has made you by putting in hard work, till you understand its meaning and know what you are, till then you too will go waste. So you should get connected to God. ‘Sahaj’ means since birth. Your relation of being one with God is your birth right. It is in you since your birth. This resides in you in the form of a seedling, in the form of a power, in the form of Kundalini. But this Kundalini too does not get awakened normally. It is beyond dispute.  If you give a seed to a savage person and he does not have an inkling about trees. If you tell him that that this large tree has grown from this seed, then he will say how is it possible. He will break it, demolish it. Will say that we tried to penetrate it still we did not understand. If this power was there, would have seen it. But if you give it to a gardener he knows that after placing it in the womb of mother earth, it will sprout. Because it has this power in a dormant form. That is why a mother’s form is needed. Because mother is ready to toil. To get upset, to get angry is very easy. But people find it difficult to love.  I don’t at all feel it difficult. Also the awakening of Kundalini will happen only in those people who themselves are loving. Those who do not have love, who do not have presence of   God in them, those who do  not have the right for this, Kundalini will not get awakened before them.

Now take this general observation. If a school teacher comes then the children will immediately stand up.  But if a school porter comes, will the children rise?  Only the person who has the authority will be able to do this job and this authority too is in love. We do not understand this. We construe authority only as rule of stick.   But this is authority of love. Only that person can awaken the kundalini who has the authority of love. This is the dictum. Not only this, the person who established the Hindu religion, who was the motivator, Adi Shankaracharya has preached that by doing yoga sankhya etc. by having a debate on that, by having discourses on them, by talking a lot about them, or by standing upside down or by singing bhajans(religious songs), you do not achieve God. You get it due to awakening of Kundalini and this awakening of Kundalini happens due to blessings of Mother only. This is written very clearly. And in his last book, which is known as “Saundarya Lahri” (Waves of beauty), he has not discussed anything. Firstly, he wrote a book called Vivek Chudamani in which he has said nothing else, only praised Mother. The one thousand chakras of mother that he knew, he described  them entirely in great detail, what is the meaning  when she says”hun” , what happens  when she says “ha”, how she moves around and  at that time how the paths(route) of power are created and how the Kundalini gets awakened etc. etc. only this he kept on describing. So people asked him that in spite of  you being such a learned person what is this? He said that there is nothing beyond this. Without this if the Kundalini does not get awakened, then why tell other things. Means if we wish to grow a seed into a plant and if we give a lecture that this seed is like this and that one is like that, this and that  , then is anything going to develop in it? You may do hatha yoga in front of it or stand upside down otherwise lot many people cut their tongue and thrust them down the throat. Try various things. To stand on one foot for hours, keep a fast. Do this . Do that. Keep on chanting names. Keep on parroting things by heart. Try it. Is it going to form a sapling? It will come easily. Will come automatically. Spontaneous. You don’t have to do anything for it.

Today you have become human. What is your contribution in it? Now this invention of Penicillin made by Madam Curie, how did she make it? It is better to reproduce it from her book. She says that I was searching everywhere but I could not find. Once I was sitting quietly when somewhere from the unknown, suddenly I got to know that will get this penicillin at this place. Whatever is known is in front of us. It is available in the library.  Whatever is   unknown when   conveyed from there becomes knowledge. And mostly which is unknown is this truth that you are an atma.  You are atma. You are not this body,   mind, intellect, ego . You are atma.  This is the real truth. Once this truth gets established in us, is felt and the atma starts flowing through us then we will know the real truth means you will become capable. Before that if you say don’t do this, don’t do that, break this break that . wear black clothes or wear white clothes. Otherwise wear this on head and move around like a sanyasi –    is there any  meaning to all these things in the world.  Those who did all this , you have seen since  thousands of years- traditional- does it have any meaning? Till the time you become aware, till the light enters you , till then transformation is impossible.

Take the example of a seed again. There is transformation in the seed only when its seedling gets activated. The seedling should get activated. Till the time the seedling gets awakened in you  till then transformation of any type in you cannot take place. There can be no growth in you. There can be no progress in you. And whatever behavior like a blind person you are doing, it cannot change. Once you get the vision, you will immediately understand that this is black here, this is white here, this is blue here. In darkness, all colours look alike. You don’t understand anything and don’t know what to do. Now one method  is, you came in a room full of darkness. While groping in the dark, you get hold of a chair. You think that the chair is the room. You know the story of an elephant. ( Mataji speaking with sahaja Yogis – come a little forward……  Till 16.5) . They go to  the temple. We want to have darshan. It see this here too . Mataji give us darshan. Even if thousands of people come still they want darshan. Enough of darshan now. How many times you fell at God’s feet. From here you go on foot to Pandurang’s place. There you have  rubbed  even his foot excessively.     Did anything enter inside you? Ask yourself this question. I saw, that even the feet of  poor Pandurang , even the  stones of his feet have been  scraped out. But has anything happened here? Just say that “Pandurang is being dwindled  like sandalwood”. He is being dwindled but what has become of you? Did you imbibe the fragrance of sandalwood? Because the sandalwood is not yet awakened. It should get awakened. Let it happen then we will speak the rest. First at least take the light. If you come in this room in darkness, like what I was telling before, what will you see? You see this thing then  that is the truth, see that thing then that is the truth. If you stumble across a fan then the fan is the truth. Keep on fighting for that. The fan renter to fight with the chair renter, the chair renter to fight with the carpet renter. This happens continuously. They say this is the truth, others say that is the truth. But because everybody’s eyes are closed … Now see, mother will tell you this. You sit down a little quietly. Will open eyes , then see. You know that if you press one button then you see  light everywhere but you need a knowledgeable person. Only the person who knows these lights will know. Only he will become. If he tells you to press this button to light the lamp, the light will get on immediately. But behind this light , there is so much of prior arrangement. Complete history is behind it. That is why it is not only like  pressing the button. Means this Kundalini which is within  us and these chakras which the Almighty has created in us, and those are positioned , those you can see. The rising of the Kundalini, her vibrations are seen in many people. So this work which the Almighty has done is not today’s work. When you were carbon, whatever  you were even before that , it is from those times. And the whole universe is within us. The whole universe is within us. But to know that universe, one needs to first acquire the light of atma.

      In the evening I am going to speak on atma. Today I will speak on Kundalini. Kundalini power is the power of your pure desire, power of pure desire. Means there is no other mixture in that desire. Only to obtain the Almighty, to amalgamate with the Almighty. To obtain the Almighty by achieving  the vision of the atma , is the pure desire that the  Almighty has kept in you in the form of Kundalini. She is there. But is faint. If she gets a little motivation   then she will become  fully awakened ,will overcome all your desires and suck your complete attention inside and give the vison of atma to you. Now if you are asked to take your  attention  to your atma, can you take it there.? You cannot. Your attention is towards me, towards my speech.  But if I say that take your attention there, you cannot do that. But once this event takes place ,then automatically the attention  will be sucked in and the person will recognize the atma. When this happens then there is a sudden  transformation in the person. Sudden. At that instant. The face acquires a sudden glow, the eyes start shining, just like diamonds. Cold breeze starts flowing through the hand. “Sheesham Shivam”. 

    When electricity comes here, we need to tell you how to manage it, how to use it. How to take it from here to there, how to do its connection, how to put in  instruments like rheostat etc. in between. It is similar with Sahaj Yoga. After becoming realized, learn about it. But it is so easily achievable.. .. because inside us, I don’t have to tell you now that this is blue colour. But once somebody did tell  you that this is blue colour. Now we know what blue colour is. Know what is red colour. Need to be told once. Similarly if it is told once that this is Vishuddhi chakra  where ShriKrishna is positioned,  and when it goes bad that  causes diseases like cold cough etc. This chakra also goes bad due to excessive name chanting.  Similarly this chakra, this is left side Vishuddhi chakra. It catches due to consumption of tobacco etc. Or if a person thinks that he is always wrong , means  a person who all the time thinks with an inferiority complex   gets a catch on  his chakra. Then how to overcome this?  Because one can do it only after getting connected. Before that without a connection where will you make even the telephone call? They say that we remember the Almighty all the time. Just like that. Then?  They say that they perform pooja of the pind(emblem of Lord Shiva) by taking it on their hand and suffered from an heart attack. How did you suffer from a heart attack even while you had Shiva in your heart? The reason for this is the unauthorized try.  You still have to go in the kingdom of God. Till the time you don’t go in the God’s kingdom, you are not the citizen God. Unless you become citizen of God,  how can you use  the  blessings of His kingdom?  What right do you have over it.. Imagine you are the citizen of India then you have the right on the prime minister of India. But if you make a protest march after going to England then people will apprehend you. Who are you? Hence a person first needs to go to the kingdom of God and then his devotion really blossoms.  

    Krishna has said very beautifully about this in Geeta. Krishna was a great politician. In fact his entire incarnation was a divine play(leela). He used to create spectacles to explain to people. They normally don’t listen easily.  Give them a whack somewhere then they understand. If one cannot extract ghee with a straight finger then bend the finger slightly. And the time was like that. So Krishna told only Arjun. Did not tell anybody else. And in event if that  was not understood by Arjun, then he did things by bending his finger. I will tell you Geeta exactly in two words. What is its essence. Then you also understand it.

   Firstly, in the beginning itself He said that acquire knowledge. How are you going to acquire knowledge, by reading a book? Kabira has said, “ by reading excessively, the learned becomes an idiot” (Padhi Padhi pandit murakh bhaye) and I see such idiots, they come daily. “Padhatmurkh” ( educated idiots) is a very sharp expression  in our Marathi language. Ramdas must have seen several educated idiots that is why he has referred to  them as Padhatmurkh. With these Padhatmurkh it will not happen.   

   The consciousness that we have inside, when it gets awakened, in that consciousness what we know is knowledge (“Dnyan”). Today we have human consciousness. Imagine there is filth here then  we cannot tread through that filth. We would immediately cover our nose. But if you need  a horse to wade through, it will not get the putrid smell.  It does not have this consciousness. Its mind has not got that awareness. Or its being  does not have that consciousness that this is filth, and one should not go through it. Again if you give him anything of any colour, it will not understand. We understand colour combination, understand what is beauty. The human consciousness has these things. But we understand    sin and virtue only by our intellect. Don’t do this because mother told you it is bad, don’t do this because father has told you or don’t do this because it is written so in Geeta. But it has still not entered in our consciousness. After Sahaj Yoga it comes in your consciousness. Means even if you want to do it, you will not be able to do it. You will suffer. Get the  vibrations. If you think  that  let us try to do something, immediately your head will have a catch. It will happen automatically. You don’t have to make any effort for that. After this dharma gets awakened in you, I will not have to tell you. You can do on your own.   

There was a gentleman. He used to consume a lot of tobacco. After Sahaj Yoga also he made no effort. In  a moment he could have quit it. But he did not try. As he was taking tobacco since childhood , he was unable to quit it. Finally he came to me and said,” Mataji, when I sit for meditation, I feel  my face is becoming increasingly bigger. I don’t understand if it is becoming like Hanuman.”  Now shall I tell you the truth?  I know that you take tobacco. Go to backside and sometimes take tobacco in this way. Isn’t it the truth? He said I do take a lot. No doubt about it. I concede that.  I said  promise in front of me,  will not take tobacco.  What do you gain by hiding from me? On saying this ,the tobacco addiction  was gone that very moment . Gone forever. By different ways such things can be gotten rid of. Automatically Dharma gets awakened within. Needless to say, no need to toil for this. This was the awakening of dharma, that is knowledge. Knowledge means, the persona that is within you, has that consciousness. That consciousness itself must get awakened. Krishna has called this “dnyan”(Knowledge) and that is why he has said that you can understand God with Dnyan only. This is knowledge.

     About devotion, He has then said that if you wish to perform devotion, then it must be ananya (exclusive).   That is very good. Flowers, Fruits, Water- offer me whatever is there. I will take it. I take everything at the time of taking. At the time of giving, ananya.  Now you see that word has a sub element. Ananya. Means when the other one is not there. Means those who have achieved realization. One can enjoy devotion only after he gets realisation. Otherwise whom do you call with your entire might.

Just like what I have told you, there are many types of Sahaj Yoga. Several people got innumerable blessings. We had one architect. Said Mataji I used to worship God so much, used to worship Goddess so much but I was always in abject poverty. After coming to Sahaj Yoga it is said it pours rain of rain. What is rain of rain? So he said I was sent to build houses of a special type at a place, where it rained very heavily and there it was flood of money.

    A very ordinary man. Farmer. His small piece of land. Only half an acre and he was a  Koli(fisherman). Whenever he used to come for my darshan everyday he used to bring a beautiful garland of flowers. I said,” Dear brother (Dada), why do you spend so much? This is too much for you Patil (headman). Don’t do this much. I feel awkward. “Mother, he said. You know it, then why say this to me. He said that in my farm, half the land was barren. And I use half of the land which is nearly half acre.  A fellow came to me and said can I take some soil from this land. If I use this soil then due to this soil, the bricks will turn out to be good. Even if this soil is mixed a little  – and he said he got lot of money from it.  So one garland is nothing. This way the Lakshmi principle within you, which is on the Nabhi Chakra gets awakened. It happens. That is why Krishna has said that do the “ananya” bhakti (devotional worship). Till the time you are not connected to the Almighty, what is the use of this crying loudly. So many varkaris (Vitthal’s devotees) go for pilgrimage. See what their condition is. Poverty. Their health is bad. They are suffering from cancer. Trouble in their throat. The beating they got from the Badwas (strongmen at the temples) and many such atrocities. Their state is like beggars. Would Vitthal like such things? But they are not yet connected to Vitthal. Everything changed the moment it happened. That is why He said do “ananya” bhakti. First get connected to the Almighty. Then that devotional worship becomes enjoyable. Otherwise it seems that it is something imaginary.  

   Our children do not remember God anymore. Because at our place get up at four in the morning, prepare chandan paste, give bath to God. What did they get even after doing this?  They become angry with the same intensity. They drink if they feel like. Have black money so they use black money. All ill pastimes. Only they get up in the morning and prepare the paste. So what did they get? If they did not get anything then why should we toil. Hence they have concluded that there is no God.

   In Algeria their elderly people , they are just like Khomeni. They are called fundamentalist. And their custom, if a person makes a slight mistake then his hand is severed. If someone does something, then shear his neck. Bury him in sand and hit by shoes from the top. Such draconian methods they applied. They came up with a race. Started something similar to what Khomeni did. Excessive religious fanaticism. Seeing that, the children out there became communists. They said that God cannot be like this. How can God be so cruel? But one of the boys  came to our London and achieved realization. One boy. He immediately went and told that there is God. He was not a religious fanatic nor he denied anything, he was in the centre. And today you will be surprised , here there are much learned and well educated children of Muslims. Five hundred children have achieved realization in Algeria. Hence think of your children in your society tomorrow. To tell you further, this is the time of fight till the end.  Hence you should do the “ananya” bhakti.

Third is Karmayog , what Krishna said that whatever karma(deed) you need to do, keep it at the Almighty’s feet. (offer it to Him). Several people ask me ” Mataji, whatever we did, we kept it at the Almighty’s feet”. These are impossible things. It was ShriKrishna’s method that tell the impossible things. Impossible. Even though you say you have kept it in the  Almighty’s  feet, but have you actually kept it? Because till the time you have ego , that thing will not leave you. One must get rid of that ego. Now people think that to leave ego they will have to fight with the ego. They started in that direction. Just like a balloon gets bigger and bigger whenever it is struck. Such a person acquires double the ego. They say we have relinquished this, given up  that. Only given up intellect. Nothing else. People thus acquire lot of  ego. And they live in the false belief that they have left everything to the Almighty. In illusion. It happens only when this  starts flowing through your hands effortlessly. And what do  you say  ? its flowing. going,  coming, something strange. You are someone else, this is divine  energy flowing. Should say,  Mataji , Kundalini is rising. 

      A lady had accompanied me to America.  She said Mataji I came with you with so much expectation that you would  give realization to my son but he is not getting it. I said what can I do? You give a certificate. The lady said, how can one give a certificate. I said, it should happen.  Just like you, I also wish but even then it should happen no? Should  happen. One cannot speak lies in that. One cannot pay for it. Cannot stand upside down  Whatever it  is, is like this. 

   Even in karmayog, this will happen only when,  you get your realization. Then they say its happening, coming, going. Now we have witnessed it ourselves.   Till this does not happen, till then people should not think in their illusion that we have become great farmics( (dharmic). Then we must say that the dharma gets  so much awakened as if a  flower becomes a fruit and the flower  completely get used up, a person becomes gunateet (beyond satva,raja,tama gunas, transcendental ), becomes dharmateet( beyond Dharma). That state should come. These days  there are innumerable types, different types of gurus different types of cults. Mushrooming uncontrollably. But did you get anything? 

     Only yesterday a person had come to me. He said that I  feel I have got realization. Who gave? My guru. I said listen, if feel so then tell where this person’s kundalini is? You must atleast have this much knowledge. I cannot say that. Ok, then tell me where is yours? I cannot tell even that. I said then what realization did you have? Imagine a blind person gets his eyesight. Will say “ my eyes are ok now” then the doctor will ask how many fingers are these. I cannot tell that but my eyesight is back. How can this happen? You should see that , right? Should understand that , right? Should feel that right? Otherwise how is your eyesight OK now? These are the types of gurus. Said that I can feel the action. Is that so? A person came and and sat with his legs towards me. A sahaj yogi  told him you should not sit like this, in front of Mataji.. I know that but what can I do? If I fold my legs then I become like a frog. Is that so?   What our guru said that once you get your realization you will become like a frog. Now are you going to become a frog henceforth after becoming a human? Or a snake or a scorpion? Consider this  simple thought. How come you fly like a frog,  stand upside down means  you cannot even maintain your own balance.  The body whose balance you gained in the human form, that too is lost and beyond that you started dancing erratically, started flying like a mad person, started taking off clothes – means what is this idiocity? And that person said that he achieved realization. If a person was to get realization by becoming naked then first get realization for all animals. Why people? They infer absolutely senseless    things. But one wonders about the limits of these idiots. If you emulate such intelligence then you already have a supply department for this. Many people come after getting ready this way. 

     There was a gentleman at our Nagpur. I know him very well. He was in Saheb’s(my husband) company but a very useless person. His father requested to position him somewhere. His father was also in our office. So Saheb said OK, I will send him to the personnel (department). He did  many frauds there. He did black marketing, smuggling whatever he could do ,he did. Then his father died. He inherited property etc. sold wife’s ornaments, sold the house, did this and did that and ran away. His mother came weeping now what to do, we believed him and gave him ornaments , all of them . Now the son has done the robbery, how to go to the police. The poor lady went somewhere in Baroda at her mother’s place. Now this fellow became very famous. In the name of Gulab Baba. He kept his name as Gulab Baba. His mother said that he sent lot of money to her and did so many things. He established  a house for us again. Used to send money. So once I implored to him. Asked him who are you. How do you send us money. Wrote this in a letter. Later on got to know that he is well known as Gulab Baba. Gulab Baba. Means he is an aggressive ( overbearing) fellow. So I sent a message that inform that Gulab Baba that I am coming to Nagpur. After that, Gulab Baba was not seen at all for three months by anyone. And what was he telling everybody- the numbers(tips) for the horses on the race course. And all the Marwadi people would go there and ask for the number for horses. Now think about this. Does God know the number for horses? But people were standing there in a queue. You  will be surprised. Thousands of people going to him, see the wisdom of people  All such gross things. Of Sorcery.   So what if a diamond is given to you or even a horse ,  doesn’t God have common intelligence?

     Another thing, our ladies get possessed. All the maids get possessed by the Devi. She could not find a better place, poor thing. Started worshipping them. Fall at their feet and that’s it. But how difficult it is to get possessed. How much they suffer? People turn  insane, become crazy. These all are matters of sorcery. Especially in our Maharashtra and they do it in the temples. This thing takes place in the temple of Mahalakshmi. Their trustee told me Mataji you here in person and still these things take place. Said stop it right away. First thing to do. Second thing,  close these shops then I would come. And called them straight away in the temple. Told them that first stop these businesses of extortion that you have started in the name of God. That resulted in their annoyance with me. Said I don’t care. You will get upset today, tomorrow. The government took over in ten days.   You give importance to your own people and they take advantage of you. You will not get God this way. God is within you. Attain Him.

   Then the third type. Nanak told that search within. If Search within then chant those bhajans incessantly. Search within  O man ,search within. Who is going to search? I told you that if you take this penicillin then you will feel alright. Then you start chanting on the road that If I take  penicillin then I will be alright. So what,  did you take the penicillin? Did you treat yourself? Did it give you any benefit? This is like applying  your intelligence at the wrong place. Then using this intelligence make fun of God. There is no God. This is some unnecessary falsity. It is either   “durbuddhi” ( bad intelligence) or   “subuddhi” (wisdom) . Not subuddhi. Subuddhi means  God Himself. Hence we beseech Vinayaka to give us subuddhi. This is our innocent Vinayak who is the giver of  subuddhi. And we ask Him to give us Subuddhi. Let us also obtain God through your(Ganesha’s) subuddhi. 

Now who is Vinayak? Who is Shankar? Who is Krishna? What is their position in us? Who is Christ? Who is Muhammad? We do not know anything about them. Some religious preacher  stands up. Applies black powder made from  tar to us. And gives some  lecture with a blackened face. We fall at his feet that’s the end of it. God has already given you such a great treasure in yourself. Shouldn’t we obtain it? We must obtain it. And you will surely obtain it. Especially in this holy land of Maharashtra. After seeing Shivaji Maharaj I suddenly remembered  those days.  .. and how great was his understanding. As if he was an incarnation. He knew what  dharma is.  He also treated the Muslim daughter-in-law with great respect  and set an example as to how one should regard the ladies  belonging to others. Inspite of being from the royalty, such enlightened people have taken birth in this country. This is one speciality of Maharashtra. But they were realized ,. awakened people. They were the greatest Sahaj Yogi from Maharashtra. But that time whatever action was necessary, that  time our country was under foreign rule hence it was  necessary to fight, they did that task. But as they were  realized souls, they acted with righteousness. Did not   perpetrate injustice.. Today the situation has come where the   subservience that we have within, whatever we did with our subservience, to overcome that, we must awaken    Shivaji within us.   This task is very simple and straight forward. I have conjured the alchemy for it.  Whatever afflictions different people have, I have delved deep in their kundalinis and ferreted those out. I know the minutest detail about  these people and understand that they  belong to this genre, these people belong to this melodramatic group. Then how to manage them, that’s exactly what I am going to tell. It is very easy. But one should not have any illusory  ideas about oneself. First thing. One should not have an inferiority complex. Many people feel, Mataji I am a poor person, what capabilities I have, I am good for nothing. Listen,  if you were, then why would you be here in front of me?

     Second thing is that I am someone special. Supercilious person ( Marathi- shishtam bharti). They say that one scientist is a very accomplished person. I said if is it so. Now ask one question, Mataji do you encompass the entire knowledge of science? Immediately the power started flowing through his hands. This power comes from somewhere. Outwardly the huge tree that we see, where does the power in it come from? From its roots . These are buried deep down. If we become only the tree can we live? In the western countries, people are only  behind becoming the tree. Now they think only about one thing as to  how to end life. Right from morning to evening they are engrossed in how to give up life. The tree will survive only after discovering the roots. And the roots are in this country itself. We have got hold of them. Now entire human life will become pleasant. The power needed for this will be accomplished  by Sahaj Yoga. 

    Today evening I am certainly going to tell you all about chakras. And due to this ,how the state  our political,social, financial and mental as well as physical condition  gets better,  I will tell about this in the evening. Still I have told a lot. Ask if you have any questions. And now get your realization as it is quite late. So get your realization first . Without getting realization ,  nothing will happen. If you have any questions please ask.