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Sahaj Seminar Date : 9th December 1980 Place Mumbai Туре Seminar & Meeting Speech Language Marathi CONTENTS | Transcript Marathi 02 – 15 English Hindi || Translation English Hindi Marathi

Paying attention to all worldly things, like my daughter’s wedding. Gone. Then Mataji’s five hours are used up. There is no awareness here. London has a heart. People here don’t have heart. They have lost their heart, it’s gone. Long time back it seems to have melted somehere. Vanished. It is not a heart, their heart is frozen. Over. The third one is Europe. It is full of liquor. How will the lever be in this case! So this is the condition of great people. 

Now you should be awakened. Your attention should be drawn to the Almighty. Oh Yes, we do visit Hanuman temple. Pay our respects cusorily and that’s it. We do go in the morning! All right. That’s enough. Atleast we bow in front HIM. We do have faith in the the Almighty – As if it’s a great favour to the Almighty by all.  We should ask these people if they want to achieve something significant. The main work of the Sahaja Yogis is – what does a lamp do after it is lighted? What to do after achieving Sahaja yoga? – Should enlighten others. How many people have we enlightened?  So much fragrance is there in all of you. So much happiness is there in all of you. Did you distribute that happiness, or just enjoyed your happiness. It is enough if I am good in my devotion. “I do meditate a lot, sitting at my home, and there is no progress” How will it happen, it has to propagate, right? Till collectivity is not achieved, globalization does not happen, universality is not achieved. Till then there is no meaning to your SahajaYoga. It is worthless.

If a flower blooms in forest, however fragrant it is , what is the use of that. So this news must spread in the society amongst the common people .We should speak, should tell that we are Sahaja Yogis. You get your kundalini awakened and get your realization. This land of Maharashtra is so blessed!. Not only the saints but even the the Ashtavinayakas are here. What do the people of this holy land pay attention to?  Pay attention to what you are and who you are. You are Men of God; you are the sons of the Almighty. The Almighty is all set to bestow His empire specially to you. Leaving all this aside, you are focusing your attention on unimportant things. 

For SahajaYogis, it is very delightful to know that I have explored nearly seven countries. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, North of France and both sides of South. And in all these countries almost 200-200 people have become devoted Sahaja Yogis. I have told you about Algeria. Very devoted. They have memorized the book of “Advent”. They all know my tapes by heart. There are about 200-250 people in Australia. All of them know my tapes by heart. They are well versed with the stories that I have narrated to you. And if I ask you –

  “Did Mataji speak something like this? I don’t know”. 

On the otherhand, the movie songs are known by heart.

This is not Sahaja Yoga. And this is not the method of Sahaja Yoga. People devoted to such a noble cause should lead a noble life. This is a life of sacrifice. It is not something that any Tom Dick and Harry can do. The Mavlas and Marathas (King Shivaji’s warriors) fought battles. This work is greater than that.  Need to remove the negativity of the world. Need to attack the fanaticism of the world. Need to temper everybody’s political thinking with common sense. How this is going to happen? You tell me.

Sahaja Yoga is somewhat like Shiva’s marriage procession. I receive letters from Mumbai. Worth reading! If you read letters from many, you will understand what Mataji has to say. Some people are deep. But the others keep on rambling on and on. Letters with 28 pages! In summary, nothing significant. What can I do? I don’t have time to read 28 pages. Even if I read them in stages, in the hope that somewhere there will be a mention of Sahaj Yoga. No, nothing like that. If we tell Mother like that then finish! She may become happy for no reason. Why? Why to please her even a little bit? Every body has only their woes to relate.

But amongst them, there are some people who are really like lotus. The moment I receive the letter, the vibrations start. 

Now you will be surprised, although the people in Europe took birth in filth, how elegant their living areas are, how amazing their customs are – You should see it once. They worship each one of you like God. They are in great awe of the people from India. They think that a person who takes birth in India must be a holy person or a saint in his earlier life. We are dirty people so we took birth here. You are the real ascetics and saints. They are welcoming you with garlands now. They think that they will be blessed by your mere sight. There is a fair amount of truth in that. To achieve the Almighty is easy, to recognize him is difficult. To sustain it is difficult. One has to open his heart, and with that open heart one needs see ones own sublimity first. One needs to be that noble. And if it is not so, nothing can be sustained. Nothing can be captured in that camera. Everything will be out of focus. One needs to focus. That needs effort.

 Secondly, with the blessing of the yoga bhumi (the land of yoga), we can accomplish with little effort. Very little effort.  We can achieve with very little effort but your attention must be towards the Almighty. If you could do so, then you do not need anything. And once you start liking it then nothing else will do. All your problems will get solved. Now to narrate you one incident. Yesterday a lady had been to me. 

She said,” I lost my diamond jewellery.”

“What then?”

“I sent you a letter and the day you must have received the letter, the same day I got back my jewellery.”

To be honest, I had not read the letter. But it came in my hands. That’s all.  But it is not my job to retrieve the jewellery. It is the job of the police. Is it my job? But she got it. But what I liked about her is that she said,

“I did not receive any response from you, so I thought, who am I to trouble Mataji for my jewellery? And she taught me a lesson. I was very obsessed about my jewellery. ”

It was good that she got rid of the obsession. Only that was my job. That she got chastised, was my job, not that of the police. 

This way a lot many worldly tasks can be accomplished because the Almighty has said, 

“Yoga kshema vahmyaham”

  • Let the task commence and I will protect it. 

But let the task commence first.

Everyone forgets what the Almighty has said. 

Without being realized, what do you ask when you visit Siddhivinayaka?  

Where is your connection? You are connected only to the priest. Means the priest earns whatever he can. But where is your connection with God? 

 “I was only calling Vitthal. Just chanting his name”


“Whatever may be the need, only let Vitthal know”


“I got a vision.”

“I see. Is Vitthal indebted to you in some way? You take him out from your pocket and say- Vitthal do this, Vitthal do that -.”

  At least let the connection happen with Him. First get the connection established. Firm up your relation. Identify your level. Then you need not implore. There will be a shower of blessings. But the biggest blessing – should be able to love the Almighty. This is the biggest blessing. Pralhaad was intelligent that is why when the Almighty appeared in the form of Narsimha, He asked Prahlad – 

” What do you want? Ask anything from this world .” 

He was Vishnu in person. 

What did he ask for?

 “Let me be at your feet.”

( Tav Charana Ravinde).

Even an eight year old boy had this wisdom. If one gets this like  nector, then nothing else is needed. The Sahaja Yogis should aspire to achieve the same as this is an emergency situation. If we win, then not only the heaven (swarg) but the entire empire of the Almighty is in our hands. And if we lose then there will be the reign of the devil.

Hence this is a ‘do or die’ situation. And this time only valor will be victorious. One should not give up valor. You know that your Mother is not afraid of anything. Not afraid of threats, not afraid of anything. What are you afraid of? So march ahead fearlessly. Our country has a great tradition in this. All our deeds will be successful if we follow this tradition and its principles. It should imbibe sweetness, understanding, tolerance and special traits. Our mutual relationships should be that for giving, not for taking. Does not your Mother have a relationship of giving or do I take anything from you? You should keep on giving away. The fun in giving is more than that in taking. Everybody knows that the way it flows from the hands, it flows with such abundance that it cannot be expressed. It should flow like that only. Now after achieving the extreme, achieving the supreme what is the use of these stones and riches. One should have a simple thought like that. 

Sahaja Yoga has started yielding fruits. There will be great achievements in five years. But you should figure out where you will be then. Many people in Sahaja Yoga go out of circulation. Just like a tangent. So don’t get out of circulation. Stick to it and make others stick. You should have prestige. One should have prestige in your personality. People with dignity do not get affected by petty things. Your dignity should have prestige. You should maintain your prestige. 

Some say that our country has such people who need only Bengalees, or South Indians. Then what if Maharashtrians prefer Maharashtians? If all are donkeys then why do you attach a tail to become a donkey? Why don’t you embrace sanity? A time is going to come when the whole world will learn Marathi. Do you know this? That is if you embrace sanity. Otherwise you may have to learn French. Everybody is learning Marathi. In London everyone is learning Marathi.This is so as maximum number of books and discussions on Kundalini are available in Marathi language. But our Maharashtrians have become Sahebs. When Europeans (Sahebs) come to India, they are surpised to know that these people don’t know Marathi. Then what is the use of learning Marathi? They don’t know Hindi at all. Why should we speak Hindi? Are we villagers to speak Hindi? You will not find a single person in London who speaks Hindi. You will be surprised. Everybody speaks English means like our Gujaratees. Great. Everybody has become a perfect Englishman after going there. Very surprising. How come such an old tradition got obliterated? 

 Just a few days back, they wrote a very demeaning article in a magazine about the ras (dance). In that Ras, intoxicated young boys and girls dance together. Their snaps along with the deity’s photo were published. They dance in front of the Deity in an inebriated state. At this time, boys and girls choose partners among themselves and it is allowed to do whatever you please. What to say now. Now there is the deity’s photo. I thought these must be Tantrik (false guru) of some sorts. This goes on for nine days during Navaratri. Poojan and other things are side tracked. They prefer to dance for 8 to 10 hours in an inebriated state. And that too in front of the deity. Unheard of poojas have started nowadays.

Sahaja Yogis must understand what the truth is? What religion is, its true meaning and its immaculate form?  They must understand everything and must stand for it. With courage. 

“Now our neighbours advise us to drink liquor. Now Mataji, tell us what to do? As we are senior officers, we indulge more in such filthy things.”

– Is that so? How big an officer you are to drink liquor?  

He said – It is compulsory.

– I see. Otherwise what will happen to you?

I was very astonished even to hear this. 

– We are from a simple family. Have to have liquor else I  will not get my promotion.

– Why do you need a promotion with this demotion? 

– So how will there be a social life without cigarettes.

When you will suffer from throat cancer, then Mataji will be there to cure you. Otherwise tobacco is needed. Isn’t that too social! 

Means do things that will make social life zero. Ask people who do not smoke, about smokers. If one smoker comes, they feel like running away from him. But you can quit anything in Sahaja Yoga. It has to go and if it does not go away then he is not a Sahaja Yogi. Don’t call yourself Sahaja Yogi then. 

There was one person who used to drink sometimes when Mataji was not around. I got to know. He then came to my discourse and started telling

  •  My face is bloating like Hanuman. 
  • Is that so? What are you doing in my absence? Leave that tobacco.

He got well when he quit tobacco. The other thing you already know. Need not be told. 

Sahaja Yoga is such a self correcting force that you can observe right in front of you. How will Mataji get to know? She keeps on saying things. Now let’s face it. It is such a big mistake – to strike on your Vishuddhi chakra –means it is such a big mistake! Just imagine! It is Viraata’s position. You strike on Virata. Means do you value yourself or no?  A Sahaja Yogi must understand this and even now those of you who call themselves Sahaja Yogi and who smoke should write on their forehead that “we are not sahaja yogis”. Means the Sahaja Yogis should not feel that they can commit any sin and still we are Sahaja Yogis. I call it a subtle type of ego. The sahaja yogis develop this subtle ego that we sahaja yogis are beyond reproach. Even if we commit murder, we are beyond reproach. However, it is exactly the opposite. The more you rise, the harder you all, so don’t fall. Hold tight to the heights you have achieved. If you move a bit, you will fall down. To rise with such a great effort, and then have a fall for some two penny worth filthy tobacco. Who has taught this wisdom? 

Now there is another incident related to this. All Sahaja Yogis were at Jaslok (hospital). Fine. Tomorrow if someone suffers due to intake of tobacco, don’t visit him. I tell you, let him die. If they suffer, they will again come to me. There were so many letters, telegrams, this and that for him… He did get well. His cancer was cured. But now I will not intervene. Why to consume tobacco. You are associated with me for so many years and still you consume tobacco? Then keep consuming tobacco. I will not tolerate henceforth. I had not received as many letters as I received for these people with the tobacco addiction. Everybody wasted their energies on these people. After recovery when they came to me, they had catch on their left nabhi. Everybody’s spleen was affected. Speedometer out of order. Now do I have to set right their problems again? We should not have sympathy for such people. Now we should tell straightaway – Mataji has informed that anyone who consumes tobacco is not a sahaja yogi. Don’t bring him in Sahaja Yoga. First discard tobacco then.

Then speaking lies! Should be forbidden. Your tongue will lose the Saraswati power. Don’t speak lies. You don’t have to be very explicit about it. It does not mean that if you see someone –‘Hey you….’

 There are such inconsiderate people.. One must not be too outspoken. You need not tell everything. But whatever you say, must be the truth otherwise do not say anything. Don’t tell lies.  

I am telling you because we had several such experiences. What is the use of speaking lies with me? I can see far, far, far beyond what is happening. So why to speak lies with me? Hence you must give up falsehood entirely. Absolutely. You must consider it as leprosy. The shortcoming of our country is falsity. We speak any lie with out blinking the eyelid. What happens? What can happen? – Must discard falsity. Sahaja Yogis should take a vow that they will not speak lies. Instead don’t speak. Don’t tell. We don’t have the right to tell others. Imagine a person comes to kill someone and asks me “Mataji, tell me where he is?” then what authority he has to ask me? I will not tell him anything. But what is the truth in telling that he is hiding there, go and kill him. Sahaj Yogi should develop an overall sense – that of discretion. 

There is no need to tell lies. People speak lies when they are afraid about something, when they need something. Why to speak lies when the Almighty himself has awakened in you. When the truth itself has awakened in you, why to speak lies? So we should take a vow that we will not speak lies.  The second vow that we should take is that we will not speak lies – we must give up addiction and we will not speak lies.  This is our vow. And then see the fun. To enjoy ones’s own virtues is such an enjoyable thing. Just relax and observe it. Ahaha. So beautiful are our colours that we spread. If we have vices and to avoid its stench, if we put people in jail, they dislike the jail.  I would feel good if I am put in jail for a while – would feel happy if I spend time with myself. Enjoy ones own virtues. Enjoy virtues of others. Ignore the vices. If there is squalor somewhere in the town, we will not go to that side. Will cover our nose with a cloth. But if we find that someone is filthy from within, then we will not rest till we circulate that news in public. Then it must come in the newspapers. 

“Did you know?  The daughter in law of such and such person ….etc.etc.”

We have editions of these amongst us as well. This does not befit the Sahaj Yogis. It is not becoming of us to spread such rumours and talk so much about petty things. We are dignified people. You are well dignified people of the society. So you must maintain this dignity.

Now the reporters would come. What will they see? Mataji has worn a sari. So how was the sari, this and that? They can’t see beyond that. They are reporters. But you are aware. You should cultivate the seriousness. Thinking about petty and trivial things, – did you hear this thing about – this is called gossiping. It would be futile if Sahaj Yogis spend time over such matters. You have only one valuable life, do not squander it away.  Even this much is substantial. Because we do encounter numerous such people –

“Mataji, have you heard this? We have heard this.. about them.”

What do I care? All town gossips. Such and such ran way with her, and she ran away with such and such person. Let them run away, what do you lose? Why to pay attention to such filty things. Why to even open your mouth for that. Instead of using your chaste speech for the Almighty’s work, there is no need for the Sahaj Yogis to gossip on such things. This is the third vow that you should take. Don’t pay attention to trivial matters. Whether to give two paise to the rickshaw person or three paise.- well,  pay three paise, does not matter. He brought you breathlessly puffing. Why do you further take away his breath? What will you lose if you pay him three paise? Learn to give. Don’t calculate too much. Otherwise you will suffer. People who inordinately run after money also suffer inordinately from it. So don’t account for each paise and reduce stinginess. This is the fourth vow.  

It is good to control oneself especially regarding eating spicy food etc.

The moment they arrived, I knew they had catches on liever. I had warned them not to eat so much fried food. This is very typical about our womenfolk. To feed tasty food to the husband and control him so that he straightway reaches home after office. I have prepared this special menu today… the husband has to come straightaway home …how can he go elsewhere? There is delicious food so he has to come home. Where else can he go? But where does his lever go? One has to pay attention to this. Liever is connected mainly to our facet of attention. Our attention is sustained by our lever. Hence too much attention to food that – I like to eat this, I want shrikhand today (a typical Marathi sweet) – Finish!  Then you are out of Sahaja Yoga.  We have seen about Mataji. Whatever is offered, I don’t even remember. Whatever I get is ok with me. 

“I will be as you wish me to be”. 

Sahaja Yogi should never say,” I can’t relish this.”

You should pay less attention to what you eat. The tongue of Indians is most active and sensitive. Not the eyes. The nose is sharp though. But ears and eyes are not as much. If one swears, then everybody finds it humourous. If someone swears, uses abusive language – people find it as something great, it is like swelling up a sea of humour. Our ears are not sensitive. Whatever songs that are filthy, still they enjoy them saying what delightful songs these are. There is no sensitivity in the ears in that regard.

We must listen to something melodious.  We should listen to praises of God (Sada Sarvada Tujha Ghadava – pray that I should be lucky meet YOU always),   some such beautiful things should fall on our ears. People don’t pay attention to this and absolutely nil towards the eyes. The environment for aesthetic vision has changed so much; there is no compassion in the eyes. And the way of looking at people is either analytical or lascivious. This is not becoming of Sahaja Yogis. Only compassionate, merciful, only benevolent gaze, gaze that throws light, gaze should be such that does not expect anything. The kundalini should be awakened instantly in one gaze. Only then he can be termed as a Sahaja Yogi. Just with one gaze. The next stage should be that of resolution. Just make a resolution, the awakening must take place.  This power must be achieved. Well, you are Marathas from Shivaji’s kingdom. They have since taken birth in England. It may be appropriate to say that the vagabonds from there have come here. Because I am surprised to see their chivalry. They have confused people’s minds in that country. All Britishers were brought to their senses.

 So the main point is that you are people from a special category. You are especially distinguished people. The almighty has opened his kingdom for you. Now that you would be part of it, what should be your state of mind? How should be your existence? What should one feel the moment they see you? You should stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself, “I am a Sahaja Yogi.” You are responsible for such a big cause; we have selected each individual out of several people with such great care. That is not without reason. There is no issue with my choice; I have not made any mistake. But you should not prove me wrong. You were deserving hence we have ferreted you out. That’s why you have been given everything. Nobody has so much knowledge about kundalini till now that you possess. Go and inquire.  There are many accomplished people, ask them, none of them has knowledge about kundalini that surpasses that of Sahaja Yogi. And only your kundalini vibrates on your palms. Even though you have catches on many of your chakras, still it rises fully in an immaculate manner. Nobody misses his realization.  You know that even though you have catches on your chakras, whatever issues you may have, still they do not come in the way of your awakening. I need not tell you about it. When you possess such tremendous power within you, shouldn’t you have a suitable personality “Sash – Shisash?” 

Means our personality should be superior to others.

If you live in an above manner, then you can imbibe that dignity in yourself. And it is a type of personality, a special personality. People must feel that this person is someone unique. Someone special. Definitely. They must feel that there is some charisma about you the moment they see you. Barring this aspect, all other facets are quite beautiful. The main thing is that nowhere in the world there are so many realized souls, no such great gathering hence it is a Mahayog (Great event). Nowhere in the world had people achieved their realization so quickly. Means, how amazing! Look at this. Look at the state of readiness. In the beginning for two years, with great effort and perseverance after working on 25 people we could get realization for 12 of them. And after that it started to happen quickly one after the other. You know how people are getting realization. Just look at their state! Means look at their progress? Astonishing!  No one has seen such a great achievement in such a short time. I have not observed such a thing before. Not even in the mythological state which we term as Satya yug, not even then. So many people to achieve their realization, is a special thing. And there is no limit to your power. Really no limit. Enormous power it is. You just have to use it. Now what else is remaining? You should ask “Mataji, please tell what else is remaining? When you say this thing to us then tell us what is remaining?”

There is only one thing missing that is know – what you are? What grade diamonds you are? How many facets you have? – know these things first. That’s it. Then I need not tell anything more.  First know about yourself. And to know, I have given you Chitta (attention). You have an enlightened Chitta. First know with that what you are then I need not speak anything, tell anything. You’ll see it for yourself.

You have the countenance of devotion, it is all so holy. Only shortcoming is that you don’t have any idea about yourself.  Recognise who you are, understand it and learn to respect yourself. If we don’t respect ourselves, we cannot respect others. First know your value. You may be great for me still you must feel the same about yourself.  Then see the demanour. Once it commences then I have no role to play. Once you know yourself, then it is fine. I have nothing more to do. This is the only task and it should be accomplished. Sahaja Yoga is a vast repository of knowledge. It is such a vast sea of knowledge.  It can flow entirely through you. The entire truth can overflow through you. You can control the whole world.  This is your state. 


“Mataji what are we? I have a salary of only 500 rupees. How will it suffice?”

“What salary did Christ, who shook the whole world, have?”

“We are mere clerks. We have nothing.”

“What else?”

“What to say Mataji. I am only a carpenter.”

“Wasn’t He the son of a carpenter? He also did not impart awareness to anyone which you have done. So value yourself and establish your worth.”

Let’s see. Many blessings to all.

It is a very earnest request to participate in this Mahayog( Great event). All the invaluable diamonds must be decorated  with glory. I do not want anything else. I need to obliterate whatever is abominable in this country.

You are responsible for this work. If you really are true Indians, set right the heads of Indians. This cannot happen without Sahaja Yoga. It needs only Sahaja Yoga. It cannot happen without that. Impose Sahaja Yoga on them. What can one do if they cannot understand it easily, then we need to impose Sahaja Yoga on them.

If you have any questions, please ask as this is for Sahaja Yogis only. Please raise hands those who are new. Oh, I can see a lot of them. Please don’t print incorrect things. Now let the new people sit in the front. And if they have any questions they can ask our Sahaja Yogis.

I have not actually explained Sahaja Yoga. I was just giving an outline. Did the new people feel apprehensive? Come in the front. It is not a complex thing. It is quite easy to understand. I was explaining the things that are to come…. 

Is there no chart available? Ok, doesn’t matter.   You have heard about Kundalini. But whatever has been told is the truth. We have the power called Kundalini situated in us in the triangular bone and this bone is termed as Sacrum in Latin. Even the Latin speaking people had the gumption to call the location where the Kundalini is situated as sacrum meaning sacred. Means it seems that they also had some insight in this.  

The second thing is that Sanskrit language was prevalent in Norway. The language before Sanskrit was known as Pre Latin Language. After learning this language people realized that the odyssey of Kundalini creates a humming sound and we hear the sound of those movements on our chakras and based on these they created our Devnagri language. So on the Vishuddhi chakra – the reverberations of Kundalini in the form of the devnagri alphabets is present. The Gods know this language so it is called as Deva Vani (Language of Gods). In this way, the meaning of Sanskrit language is – San + Krut – San means unblemeished or pure, krut means made of, such a language is Sanskrit. After whatever remains became Latin. This way the Sanskrit language manifested and it started getting used in India. That is why Sanskrit language was called as Deva vani (Language). Sanskrit has its importance because it is known to the Gods; the reverberations are understood by the deities residing in us. Similarly the word sacrum has been derived from the word sacred. The language which was read which was Latin, in that language they called it as Sacrum. Means they have also had knowledge about Kundalini. Otherwise they would not have called it sacrum. According to Medical Science, the triangular bone does not burn even if the complete body gets burnt. That is why they call it sacred.

Now this power resides in us and you can see it with your own eyes. When Kundalini gets awakened, then in many people, Nabhi chakra which is the higher chakra is pressed tightly. That’s why when kundalini gets awakened; it pushes it to open it. The bandh (knots) about which we read in the Rajayoga, happen internally. It need not be done artificially. This event takes place internally and we can see it at that time. Kundalini is palpitating in the triangular bone as if it is a heart. This actually happens. But people whose state is balanced, who do not go to extremes, who have not reached too high, their kundalini rises effortlessly.  Those who do not have any physical, mental or intellectual issues, in such people Kundalini rises effortlessly and they do not face any trouble. Especially, if there are small kids, they do not have any issues. Have seen many elderly people whose Kundalini rises in a second and they get their realization without any trouble.

So this power is present in each individual. It is present in us in a dormant state. Just like the power of a sprout is in the seedling. When planted in the mother’s womb, in Mother Earth’s womb the seed starts germinating. And the power which is dormant, it gets activated and it starts sprouting. Similarly we too have this live process in us, and this live process takes place in us. It can happen in a person only when the power which can activate is present before him. This power is not like electricity. Does electricity understand what I am saying? This is the power of love. This is the Almighty’s love. So it understands everything. It knows who I am. It also knows who you are. It also knows what all mistakes you have committed. It is all taped within you. She is your tape. But she is your Mother and she is only your mother. Your Kundalini is your Mother. She does not have another son or daughter. You are her child and you are her everything. She has no interest beyond this. Any how, this child of mine should take another birth is what she struggles for, birth after birth. And that is what she does.  So people who say that such a Kundalini troubles you, are bloody fools. Don’t listen to them. Your mother who is struggling day and night for your well being, how can she trouble you? Now what they do is an unauthorized attempt. Suppose a person from village comes and he inserts his fingers in an electric socket and says that electricity gives a shock instead of light, and then what will you say? This is a similar thing. The one whom you call as a wise person is knowledgeable but this knowledgeable person should have knowledge not due to his intellect but due to his state, should know his own state. His wisdom has a state, he is not knowledgeable due to his intellect but is in a specific state and that state is achieved by everyone after Kundalini is awakened. This state is called as self realization. 

This Kundalini pierces only six chakras. Seventh chakra is below Kundalini. This is also to be particularly remembered. Means donkeys like Rajneesh,  – even calling them as donkeys is an insult to a donkey – these people do not know I think, that Kundalini is above the lower chakra. So she is not connected to these things. Ganapati is installed there – the one eternal child Ganapati – he is situated there. He has no relation with this. When this Kundalini awakens, it traverses very subtly like a thin hair through Bramha Nadi  –  I will not give the names of all nadis as it will be confusing – this is the innermost nadi (channel) and Kundalini emanates out of this and pierces  the bramarandhra where the fontanel bone area is, which is called as Talu(in marathi). The talu become very soft as a result. And you will experience chilliness.. You will experience cool breeze coming out of your head. Cool breeze will emanate out of your palms. 

Now the position of our atma is in our heart. In the heart lies our atma. But this is Hruday Chakra’s seat of its own. Imagine our seat is at Delhi. Even if you are the president here, you inform Delhi. If Delhi knows it, it will reach him. So when the piercing takes place, immediately the atma knows and the cool breeze that flows out of your palms is the reverberations of your atma. This is Anahat. And this is flowing like a cool breeze from the palms; this flow of divine vibrations is emblematic of your atma. Atma is engrossed in its own happiness. It does not think about happiness. It does not search happiness. It is happiness itself. But when its brightness shines on our chitta then it also spreads happiness in our chitta. So this chitta of a human being is the attention of human consciousness. This is human awareness. When the light of atma enters it, then the entire atma enlightens us entirely.

If there is  a small flame, as we have seen in the gaslight, there is no light to the gas. But the moment the flame touches it, it emanates copious light.  Similarly our chitta (attention) which is in darkness, it gets illuminated spontaneously. Due to this light, it imparts universality to us.  Means don’t have to tell, the event takes place. It has to. You don’t have to say. Or that you all are brothers or brothers and sisters need not be specified. These divine vibrations that start flowing through your fingers, you get to know on your fingers itself, which of your chakras have a catch. Because these are all the chakras. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Whether there is a catch on the leftside or right side, you get to know on your fingers. Not only this, but you also know which ones are affected on someone else. You get your realization and you would be able to indicate about these people. It is like this. It does not require any knowledge.

 Now this small girl here, has already attained her realization. She can also tell you which of your fingers have a catches, because of this you are suffering from cold. Even if you blindfold ten kids, still they will indicate the same finger. Because there is only one truth. Means this becomes subjective knowledge. Hence there is no argument about it. All will indicate the same thing. Even if they have to tell about themselves, still they will say,” my agnya chakra has a catch, Mataji.” What does that mean? Agnya chakra gets affected due to ego. But if we tell someone that he is egoistic, he may retaliate by hitting you. But in Sahaja Yoga, the person himself says,” Just remove this. I can see a big source of ego. Remove it.”  This because we see ourselves after getting detached from ourselves. If our sari gets soiled and someone tells us so, then we would readily agree to clean it. But it is not the same with human beings. If someone tells,”you have ego” then one would retaliate. You are not the ego, the ego is stuck to you. Better to get rid of it. At the end he starts observing himself. He becomes a witness to the events and all of us in this world who have forgotten the Almighty, realize that this whole thing is a play(drama). And the drama in which we think we were the Shivaji, we realize that no, we were just enacting Shivaji’s role wearing his clothes, nothing else. This is when life becomes colourful and it becomes blissful.

Whatever I told you earlier happens very easily. People should agree at least 99 %. There were some people who came to me whom I called druggist or chemist.  Means they used to be in state of coma. Such high consumption of drugs. But they got out of drugs from next day itself. Liquor, cigarette everything. 99 %. But 1% may still be stuck. Some are stubborn, but they should strive hard and they do strive else one gets catches. Then you realize that there is a Catch on the left Visshuddhi, this and that. Then it pains. There is no alternative except removing the catch. 

This way it happens automatically in a Sahaj manner. Sahaja means Sa-Ha-Ja. Saha means that which is born with you. Such a yoga is your right. This is your birthright which you should achieve. But you get this right with the grace of God and you should request for it humbly. If you say that you would go on strike or form a union for that, it does not work. You must be humble, nothing else works. And it happens for sure. How to tell? It does happen. How to tell? It happens what can one do? It can happen but it is better to tell you beforehand the issues that crop up after you get it. You should be able to fit yourself in else you would be wasted. Don’t get wasted. You will meet me again after ten years and tell me, “Mataji, we had achieved it. But we wasted it”. Then it will be late. So enjoy it completely. Once you are in, and then enjoy it fully. 

But this is the issue with Sahaj Yoga. You cannot pay money etc. to Mataji. You cannot tie up Mataji. She will come and go at her will. This is the situation. So a person feels awkward that he has not given any money. If a movie is not worth watching and you have paid for it then you would sit through because you have paid.  So even if it is so painful still you would sit through. You have not paid anything for SahajaYoga so what binding do you have? You need to acquire some insight. When you start enjoying, then even if I ask you to leave Sahaja Yoga, you will say, “ No, not at all. We do not want anything other than this. This is what we want”. But first you have to progress with some effort. They see. The various deities in you observe all this and the level at which you are. If you are not up to the mark they will discard you. So I personally wish to tell you that even if you find me pretty straightforward, I am not like that. There is  a lot of illusion. So do not get entangled with me. Keep a check on yourself. Understood? Because without the use of illusion how can I recognize you? So sometimes I do weave a yarn. Do not get entangled in it. Keep a check. And ask those who have got their realization before you so they will tell you,” Where did we fumble, what mistakes did we commit.” You will understand after they tell you that you should not fumble just like what these people did. 

Now there came a person in Brighton who started showing off. He came and sat in a huff and then he said to me, “I am here to help you etc. etc.” in a very loud voice. If a person is abnormal then he is not a Sahaja Yogi.  In Sahaja Yoga you should be absolutely normal. His clothes should be normal means if someone starts moving around in weird clothes, and then consider that he is not a Sahaja Yogi. Only if he is absolutely normal then he is a Sahaja Yogi. This is his identification. If someone starts behaving in an abnormal manner as if he is someone special then you should tell him that it’s OK, he will get cured. Many such people had been here.

There is this episode regarding Jawaharlalji. Once he had been to  a  mental hospital.. An insane person asked him,

“Who are you?”

“I am Jawaharlal”

“Is that so? Are you the Prime Minister Jawaharlal?”

“Yes, Yes. Its me ”

“Don’t worry. You will get cured. We also used to say the same.”

So this is what it is.

So keep a watch on yourself. Everything will become normal. Do not show off anything. Don’t do anything special. You are done the moment you show off. Many such people used to be there. Used to breathe abnormally, used to shout. I wondered what sort of mental hospital is this? Don’t do any such thing. Whom do you want to show? You are showing it to yourself. You are giving certificate to yourself. Don’t need any certificate from Mataji. What is the use of that certificate? Give your own certificate to yourself. This is enough. Don’t take Mataji’s certificate. Because I am a tricky person. I may tell you something. Don’t get entangled in that. I may not tell you a few things. You understand yourself on your own, you do have that competence. Just keep in mind that I will not be untruthful to myself. Why to do so.? If we start cheating   ourselves, that’s the end of it. What sort of wisdom is this? So do not cheat yourself. Achieve it. The other thing is, you will not get it by thinking. One might say that I will achieve it by thinking.  This is beyond thoughts. This is not within your bounds, it is infinite. So what is infinite, you cannot put a boundary around it.  There is a limit to thoughts. But what you will achieve, you will find it logical. There is logic to it. It is not illogical. But it is not rational. Means you get confused, how can Mataji say this? How can that happen? It happens, you just see. It is possible. But instead kept on pondering…..

 “Recently, I read a book. It was written therein.” 

Mataji – “But did you get it, think like that. You did not get it until now, right?  Then get it.  You did not get it – this is indisputable. Otherwise why did you come to me? Now that you have come, get it. What else can I say beyond this? Get it for free. I am giving you what is yours. Take it.”

Now ask questions if you have any. Not later on.

Question – Don’t feel that Kundalini has awakened.

Answer – You will feel after it happens. You will feel when it happens. Means what will you feel? You will have cool breeze coming out of your palms. After this feeling, how to recognize if one has become realized or not. Imagine, I have given you a thousand rupees. And you are Englishman. And you don’t know what a rupee is. How will you know till you encash it in the market. You need to use your hands to know what has happened. It has no connection with the intellect. You need to experiment it. When Mataji says that one has become realized, Just check, try to raise the kundalini. Does it rise for others? You will be surprised with yourself.  

Met a boy at Paris. He said,”It is too good to be true, Mother. I don’t know how to believe it. “

I said, “It is. I am talking about God; I am not talking about simple things. He is God Almighty. You say that. But do you know what does that mean. He is God Almighty. It is an enormous power. Try it out.”

There is another thought as to how it will it come into us. Well, it is so because you are someone special. Told you hundred times. But people don’t believe that they are special. So again and again I am telling you that you are special and something should happen to this special one, so that his speciality should get illuminated. This event should only take place. Now you yourself should experiment to know if it is true or not. But there is a protocol to it also. Imagine that someone gave you a diamond. Will you say to that person that this is a lie, this is not a diamond? Is this befitting? Then you will surreptitiously take the diamond to a jeweller.

“I did not say anything there. I don’t know how this diamond was acquired. Please check if it is real.”

Then he will bow to you and say,” Oh my God! Where did you get it from? It is precious.”

So, do you sense the cold breeze?

Close your eyes, remove your spectacles.