Nirmala Vidya

Rahuri (India)

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Nirmala Vidya (excerpt), Rahuri (India), 31 December 1980.

It is the special power by which we do All Divine work, even forgiving. When you say, “Mother, forgive us “, the technique by which I forgive you is Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which I love you is also Nirmala Vidya. The technique by which all the Mantras are manifesting themselves and are effective is also Nirmala Vidya. ‘Nirmala’ means ‘pure’, ‘Vidya’ means ‘knowledge’. Nirmala Vidya is purest knowledge or the knowledge of this technique. It creates loops, the energy creates loops and creates also different formations by which it acts and [with?]draws all that is unwanted, impure, and fills it up with its power. It is a technique, a divine technique which I may not be able to explain to you fully because your instrument does not do that – you don’t have that instrument.

But now you see, how subtle it is. Only by saying, “Nirmala Vidya”, you just invite that power, the whole thing, the whole technique to attend to you and it attends to you. You don’t have to worry. It never happens in any government or anywhere in the world. You just address the Government. and the whole thing goes into work, in the whole the entire universe, every creation. That technique is called Nirmala Vidya. That technique once mastered, by surrendering into it; it completely obeys, absolutely. But it is Ganesh Shakti, the Shakti of Innocence is the power called Innocence. The whole power because it is Innocence. So the Innocence takes over, which manages. That’s how it works out.
Then It goes on rising and called Para Shakti, beyond power, then becomes Madhyama and all that. It comes up to the Visshuddhi at the left. There you become guilty. Because of your guilty nature you say things that are harsh.
Left Vishuddhi is the catch of the Ganesh Shakti. Ganesh is sweetest thing you can think of, even when you look at Ganesha; this Kautuk, this innocent admiration starts flowing. Just think of Him, you feel so happy.
That Innocence becomes harsh on left Visshuddhi. So to overcome your left Visshuddhi all of you are to use sweet words. Your language should be sweet to everyone, especially [men] must speak sweetly to their wives. Know, that sweetness will cure your left Visshuddhi. Always speak very sweetly, try to find out all the sweet words. The sweet methods of addressing is the best way to cure your guilt because if you say anything harsh to anyone; you may say so as a matter of habit or may be because just you feel happy by saying that, but as soon as you say it, you say, “Oh God, what did I say”, that is the biggest guilt. One has always, to try to find out sweet words. Now, the birds are chirping. In the same way you have to learn all the sounds of everything by which you make people happy by your sweetness – it is very important. Otherwise, if your left Vishuddhi grows too much, you will develop a way of talking by which your lips will get distorted towards left side.
Then the flow starts higher, in the Agnya Chakra, where the Ganesh Shakti becomes the Greatest Power of Forgiveness. Then it rises higher into the limbic area where Ganesh Shakti goes above the Surya, the super-ego comes up and this power is that of the Moon and this Moon is Spirit, this becomes Spirit and it sits on the head of Sadashiva, that is the same. The whole Ganesh Shakti’s evolution, you see, it is so beautiful. So this way our desire itself becomes the Spirit. Your desire and Spirit become one. But this hurdle can be very bad sometimes. You have seen, that all of you who have left Vishuddhi, when you speak harshly you must know it is not you who is speaking. No, because you are the Spirit. Spirit cannot say anything harsh or destructive. It only will say harsh, when it is necessary to little bit remould. But that you don’t take over. That will be done by somebody else.

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(Original Language: Marathi)

lt is a matter of joy to see all these Sahaj Yogis gathered together. When we all gather together in such a way, it is possible to exchange views on matters of mutual well-being. On such an occasion we can also tell each other things we have ourselves learned in Sahaja. One-two days ago I told you about a way to make ourselves pure and guilt-free. Your mother’s name itself is Nirmala and it has many powers [In Hindi ‘Nirmal’ means ‘pure’.]

The first word in this name is ‘Nih‘ which means ‘No‘. Something that has no meaning but which appears to have a very subtle meaning is known as ‘Mahamaya‘ or ‘deception‘. The whole Universe is full of such things. What we see is, in fact, not there. If we become engrossed in it, it becomes everything. Then only we start feeling that our financial position is not good or our social or family lives are unsatisfactory. Everything around us seems to be bad and we don‘t seem to feel satisfied about anything whatsoever!

The surface of the ocean is very dirty and a lot of things float on the top. However, when we go deeper we see that there is so much beauty, riches and powers. We then forget what we saw on the surface. What I mean is that everything that we see around us IS actually just Maya or deception. First of all, we must remember that our impressions of the things around us are not reality, the real thing. If we really want to indicate this ‘Nih‘ feeling within ourselves then we must do one thing: whenever thoughts come into our minds, we must say to ourselves that it is nothing but deception and is thus useless. You will have to do this over and over again. Only then will you all understand the true meaning of the word ‘Nih‘!
All these forms of ‘Maya‘ that you see is, in fact, not totally deception. It is something else too. But we have wasted so many valuable years of our lives looking for happiness in useless things and in the process, committed so many sins against our Spirits. And still we have not found the true happiness that we thrive for all our lives.

Therefore, your outlook should be that everything is Nih or nothing. The only truth is ‘Brahma‘ or ‘the Spirit’. All else is but a facade. You must develop this outlook in every field of mundane life! Only then will you understand Sahaja Yoga. After Realization, many people feel that, “Oh, we are realized souls and we have Mother‘s blessings too. Why then are we not financially stable?” To them the meaning of God is prosperity and a so-called position in society! If you introspect as to what are the reasons for your unchanging attitude towards life, you will see that it is because the Swabhav Nature of your Spirit hasn‘t changed even after realization. You see, ‘Swa‘ or ‘Spirit’ and ‘Bhav‘ or ‘appearance’ together make the word ‘Swabhav‘.Tell Me, have you really found the true nature of your Spirit? If you really become one with your Spirit, you will see so much beauty inside that the whole universe will seem but a mere drama. Until you awaken this philosophy of being but a mere witness completely inside yourselves, you have not really understood the real meaning of ‘Nih‘. And until you instil it in every activity, in fact every aspect of your being, you will be emotional, egoistic and depressed with life. Being trapped in these extremes has a lot to do with the incorrect indication of Nih.You are neither here nor there, neither in this situation or that and are just hanging in limbo!The easiest path to achieving this is through meditation.Making ‘Nih‘ a way of life will also help you to reach the ‘Nirvicharita‘ state very easily.

First of all, you must always be in the state of ‘Nirvicharita‘. Only one thought, whether good or bad, is enough to bring a whole series of thoughts one after the other. It then becomes a never-ending process where each thought gives rise to another. Some people say that we should fight the negative thoughts with positive ones. In other words, if we try to stop a train coming from one side with another one coming from the other they will both stop at some point in the middle. To some extent this is correct but sometimes this too can be very harmful. When a negative thought is suppressed by a positive one it has not actually gone away. And it can, at some point, manifest itself again and in a much more violent manner. This has happened to many people in the past. They usually hide their actual thoughts and keep telling themselves that they must be humble, keep a good character and so forth. These people sometimes get very frustrated and then face problems. All of a sudden they may become so engulfed by anger that people ask themselves how someone so quiet could act in such an egoistic manner.These people also are prone to losing their peace of mind and all their inner beauty.Therefore it is important to always be in die ‘Nirvicharita‘ state and thus have total control over these destructive and worthless thoughts.Doing this will automatically keep you in the centre!

You must always try to achieve the very best. Now, you may ask, ”Mother, how can we possibly work without thinking about it?” What are your thoughts right now? They are in fact merely hollow! In the Nirvicharita state, you become one with the power of God. In other words, the drop [or the Self] becomes part of the ocean [or God]. All the powers of God also enter your inner being. Does your finger think? No! But does it not do its duty? Give all your thoughts and doubts to Him and leave all the thinking on your part to Him. But that may initially seem difficult because you are yourself, not in the Nirvichar state!
Many people come and say that we have surrendered everything to God. However it is usually just vocal and very far from the truth. Surrender is not merely a vocal expression. To attain Nirvicharita which means the complete absence of thought we must undergo complete surrender. When your thought process stops then you come into the centre. Being in the centre makes you Nirvichar which, consequently, makes you one with God. And when this happens, He takes all your burdens upon Himself, He takes care of even your smallest needs. It is surprising. But try it and you will see that it is true and your earlier path was indeed wrong. Once you reach this state you will indeed start getting all the inspirations, powers and riches that you desire. Every thought that comes in your mind in the state of ‘Nirvicharita’ is actually an Inspiration in itself. Anything that you so much as desire will be brought to you on a silver plate. You may get up to give a lecture and even though you may never have given one, all you would have to do is to enter the ‘Nirvichar’ state; And when you finish you yourself will be surprised by the response of the spellbound audience! People will feel awed by the sudden outburst of extraordinary knowledge that you display. The deeper you go into ‘Nirvicharita’, the more convinced you will become that everything is actually coming from this state and not from your mind!!

Now, I will tell you a secret about Myself. You will be surprised to know that when you pray to Me for something, I don’t really think about it!! Simply dedicate it to My Nirvicharita. The whole process starts from there. It is like a machine where your thoughts and prayers go into as raw material and the machine itself [Nirvicharita] acts on them to produce the final product! But you must let it work on its own and give it all your problems. But for intellectuals this is a very difficult task indeed. And it is because they have a tendency to think about every single thing. Try to enter the ‘Nirvicharita’ state whenever you are trying to understand a new subject. Try to develop this ability and you’ll see that everything becomes obvious and logical all by itself. Whatever research work you are engaged in, try to perform in this state. In this way you will always be able to perform it in the best possible manner. I talk about a very wide range of topics. I have never studied all the intricacies of science in My life. Then how is it possible for Me to talk with knowledge about all these fields? By virtue of Nirvicharita, of course. I keep on talking and continue to observe the goings-on around Me, both at the same time. It is almost as if everything was ready-made in My formless vocal computer. If, however, you are not in this state, you are not using this in-built computer called ‘Nirvicharita’ and probably place more value on your own mind. In other words, this enormous power within you remains dormant and all your work is done through the power of the human mind, which in itself is very limited. Nirvicharita is an ancient computer which has helped people make the right decisions even in the worst circumstances. If you always use your own mind without ever taking its support, then it is but natural that you will commit mistakes.

All that happens in the Nirvicharita state is like a ray of light, a blessing. lf you turn on the light in a room it will not talk and it will not give you any thoughts. It will, however, light up everything in the room. The same thing can be said about this form of light called ‘Nirvicharita’, ‘Nirvichar’, ‘Nirahamkar’ [In Hindi this means ‘free from Ego’] and others all start with the same ‘Nih’. Establish this within yourselves and then only will you be able to reach the state of ‘Nirvikalpa’. First ‘Nirvichara’ and then ‘Nirvikalpa’.At this point all your doubts and fears will themselves vanish and you will feel within yourselves that the power is works all on its own without need for any stimulus from your own conscious mind! And you will be surprised at how it is all happening.

The same thing applies to time. I never need to look at a watch. It can also be faIse and sometimes it stops altogether. But My real watch is Nirvicharita. Even though it is always constant, all My jobs get done at just the right time. And there is never any form of guilt for something that didn’t get done at the right time. I never have to worry about it because I know it will get done at just the right time. Yesterday my car broke down. But I was lost in the beauty of the starry sky. This kind of beauty is hard to find in London. Therefore, I wanted to enjoy it. It was the desire of the sky that I watch it. Sometimes it is necessary for Me to put My attention there too. In short, you must never be a slave to anything. In the state of Nirvichara, God Himself takes you everywhere as if in His own hands. He arranges for everything. He knows everything and there is no need to tell Him anything. All you have to worry about is whether or not you are in Nirvicharita. If you are not there then you are standing on the shore. A wave may then come and join you with the mainstream. This may happen once, twice or even three times, but if you are still stuck at the shores then you say, “Mother, nothing really works out for me in totality!” In fact it will never work out to its full extent! The reason: because you are still stuck at the shores of the vast ocean of God’s love!!

The Shri Ganesh Stuti that you sing is really beautiful. In it you say, “To join with the mainstream [Pra + Vah]…“ which means ‘the enlightened mainstream’. Please do not join your own inherent waves [emotions] into it. Another thing that comes in the Aarti is “Nirvane Rakshave” or “Save me in my time of death.” You also say, “Raksh Raksh Parmashwari” or ”Dear God, please save me.” But in reality, you yourself want to save yourself! Then why do you need God to save you? And God says, ”When he can save himself let him do so!” What I want to stress is that you must learn to go in deeper so that you can get everything you want through Nirvicharita. Only then will you be able to reach the Nirvikalpa state! You must remain detached at all cost. Here in India, people say, “My son” or “My daughter.” In England, it is exactly the opposite and none has such attachments. They only think about themselves. Here everything is, “Mine, mine, my son, my house” and in the end all that is left in the thoughts is, “Me” and “Mine!” Nothing else stays apart from that. You should really be saying, ”Nothing is mine, everything is yours!” Sant Kabir [a realized soul] says that till the day it dies, all that a sheep ever says is, “Main, main” [“Me” in Hindi]. But when it dies, cotton is made from its intestines and the only sound that comes during the process is, “Tu hi, tu hi” which means, “Only you, only you.” You too should have the same feeling of “only you, only you”. Only when you let this feeling of, “I am nothing and I have no personal standing of my own” ingulf your whole being, will you truly be able to comprehend the real meaning behind ‘Nih’.

Let us now discuss the last letter of the word ‘Nirmala’: ’Laa’. My second name is ‘Lalita’. This is the blessing of the Devi [Goddess]. It is Her weapon. When ‘Laa’ or the Devi takes the human form, She is known as ‘Lalita Shakti’ [Lalita Power]. [In Hindi, ‘Lalit’ means ‘the working’ or the ‘operational’ and the whole word ‘Lalita’ means ‘the working form’ or here ‘the incarnation’.] This is the same power that you are, at this very moment, feeling on your palms. It is filled with beauty and love. When the power of love is awakened it becomes the Laa’ power. It surrounds you from all sides. When it has become operational then, what do you have to worry about? In comparison to that what is your own power? Can you even make a fruit from a tree? Forget the fruit. Can you even make one leaf or root on your own standing? Only the ‘Laa’ Shakti performs all these jobs! The realization that you have got is also the work of this same power. This is the real shakti that has given birth to the powers of ‘Nih’ and ‘Ma’ or the first two parts of the name ‘Nirmala’. ’Nih’ is the power of Shri Brahmdev and Shri Saraswati. You should inculcate the qualities of ’Nih’ from the Powers of Sarawati. The real essence behind all the qualities of ’Nih’ is total and utter detachment! You should all strive to achieve just that.

‘Laa’ comes from love and it helps us form relationships with others The word ‘Laa’ has its own special beauty. You should try to impress others with that beauty. You should use this power whenever you talk to others. This power of love is omnipresent in even the smallest particle of this Universe. If that is so, what then is your duty? You should surrender all your thoughts to the power of’ Nih’ because all thoughts are born from this very first power. The last or the Laa power should be used for enjoying the power of your Mother’s Love. How should you do that? You should forget yourself in the love for others and become totally encompassed by this love. Has anyone of you really thought seriously about how much you love others? It should keep on increasing. How much do you enjoy yourselves in the company of other Yogis? I cannot talk for others but in My own case, I can say that I get great joy in loving others. Try to feel for yourselves how this love is flowing all around you like the river Ganga! It is such a beautiful sensation. Look at the singer who forgets his whole self in his Raag [or Rhythm] and senses his whole surrounding changing as if in response to the music. In the same way, you too will be able to see the whole Universe engulfing you in response to your love! But, flrstly you must awaken this power of ‘Laa’ which manifests itself within you as the Chaitanya Lehris [or the cool breeze]. In what way do you look at others around you? The lowest types look so as to steal something or at least to make some form of profit from others. Some look for faults in others. I don’t know what they gain from it and, in reality, they themselves get isolated and then face great pains. They themselves invite problems. l, however, like to meet all types of people, whatever they may be like inside.

You should constantly be using this ‘Laa’ or ‘Lalaam’ power of holy love. You should automatically go into the Nirvichar state as soon as you see another person. In this way the other person will also become Nirvichar. Thus, you should give yourself and others this bandhan of holy Love. Let the powers of ‘Nih’ and ‘Laa’ work together. You must thus strive to bring the power of Laa or love which is felt in the cool breeze, into the realms of the ‘Nih’ or ‘Nirvicharita’. It is also benificial to give a bandhan to both of them. Many people are very egoistic and think that they are great workers. I always tell them to raise their left sides. In this way we combine and circulate our own five parts [the earth, water, fire, air, aether] with our Love which comes from the Laa shakti.The love in our hearts (our left sides) should be merged with our power of ’Karma’ or the right side.In exactly the same way that we paint on a piece of cloth. If in this way, the ‘Karma’ shakti is merged with the power of love, a person becomes extremely quiet and understanding. And ultimately, this lights up his or her whole character. It also impresses others and everything he does becomes a beautiful offering to God.That person becomes so attractive that you can enjoy his company for hours and hours. Your love should be enjoyable to others and at the same time, be able to win their hearts. Consequently, everyone becomes your friend giving rise to mutual love. Everyone feels about you, that there is one place where he will always receive love and encouragement without any judgement. Thus you must awaken this power of Godly love within yourselves.

We should always stay in the state of ‘Nirvicharita’. Whenever a thought comes, ask yourself why such dirt has invaded the beautiful Ganga of God’s pure Love. In this way, our attention will always be focussed on the power of ‘Laa’ and we will always feel the presence of Nirmal Prem’ (or pure love) in our hearts!
Please do not criticize others. If you ask Me about a particular person then, all I can tell you about him is the state of his kundalini or which chakra is catching at that very moment. I can tell you nothing else apart from that, in fact, nothing about his character, nature and so on. If I am asked about this, I will ask you what exactly is a person’s nature? It is continuously changing. The river is flowing here right now but who can say where the flow will be after some time! You are standing on this side of the river so you find it strange. I am standing in the direction of the ocean so I know which part is quiet and subtle. Therefore, you should never call anyone hopeless or worthless. Changes occur constantly and it is a fact of life. The job of Sahaj Yoga is to bring change. Believers of Sahaj Yoga should never tell anyone that they have become worthless. Everyone should have their freedom. You all know what your own position is right now. If you all think on these lines you will not only be able to respect your own integrity but also that of others. Someone that has no self-respect of his own can never really respect others no matter how hard he may try! He will always waste his life passing judgements on others!
We must develop the power of ’Laa’ or ‘Lalaam’. I will be unable to completely explain its joys even if I write a whole book. This is because just words are insufficient to explain its beauty. In just the same way, if you want to analyze a smile, all you can do is explain the mechanism by which it works. You cannot say anything about its effects because it is something that has to be felt to be truly understood. On your own part, all you need to do is to awaken this power and let it grow and flourish!

‘Lalaam’ Shakti gives a person a kind of beauty, magniflcence and an extremely humble character. Try to establish it in both your words and your deeds. Some people seem attractive even in anger. This is what is known as the ‘Lalit’ power. People have totally misconstrued its real meaning. They say that it is the power of destruction. But, this is totally false. It is very great power. Suppose a seed is sown. Some of its parts get destroyed by virtue of this ‘Lalit’ power. But this destruction is very subtle and softly done. Then the seed grows to become a tree which has leaves. Then the leaves fall which is also a very subtle process. Next the flowers come and when they become fruits some of their parts automatically fall off. The fruits too, are cut to be eaten. On eating them, you too feel a certain taste. This is done by the same power. You know that without cutting and moulding you cannot create an idol. It is, in fact, essential. The only difference is that an artist does it in an artistic manner and a non-artist would do it in a haphazardly manner. This power thus depends on how artistic you yourself are.

Sometimes, you see a painting and you just can’t take your eyes off it. If somebody asks you what is so special about it, you will be unable to explain in words. All you do is to bask in its beauty. There are some paintings that you may only need to look at and you feel yourself immediately going into the ‘Nirvicha’ state. You then enjoy it much more. This is the supreme state. There are no words, nor any human expressions to describe its joy! You must try to feel it inside yourselves. It is very interesting that between ‘Nih’ and ‘Laa’ is the word ‘Ma’. ’Ma’ is the first letter of ‘Mahalaksmi’. ’Ma’ is the power of ’Dharma’ or ‘Pure Conduct’ and also that of our ascent. You must first understand it, then establish it and finally master it! As an example consider an artist. The power of ‘Laa’ is responsible for the seed of desire [idea] that becomes sown within him. With the power of Nih’ he develops that seed into the tree that it will finally become. Finally, with the help of the ‘Ma’ Shakti he puts everything into practise and thus gives it the physical form that he had conceived! At every point in its development he continually asks himself whether it is according to his conception and if not, what are the changes he must make to it. He does this over and over again. This is the ‘Ma’ Shakti. In other words, if something is not right, is the desire to do it once, twice or as many times as it may take to set it right! One must work very hard to achieve this improvement and we must work just as much to achieve this in ourselves. If this was not so then the process of evolution would have been practically impossible! And God must work very hard to do this. We must awaken this ‘Ma’ power within us prevent it from going away by our deeds. If this is not done then the other two powers will also surely leave us because this is the one that provides the balance and is the centre of gravity. We must stay in this balance and this balance is the ‘Ma’ power. The other two powers will become firmly established only when you perform every deed in relation to this balance. But, for that, you must completely understand this ‘Ma’ Shakti and develop it within yourselves.

Until you are realized it is possible for you to say that when God really loves you He should come to you. But when you become realized it will not be possible for you to say that. This is because with the power of ‘Ma’ you must balance the other two powers inside yourselves Even when you are painting you must establish the same type of balance between the colours. In the same way it is essential that you establish a balance between the ‘Nih’ and ‘Laa’ powers. You will have to work hard to achieve this balance. Many times you might also lose this balance. The Sahaja Yogi that is always able to keep this balance reaches the highest possible stage. Sahaj Yogis should never be too emotional. In the same way one that wants to do too many things at the same time is also not good. You must activate your powers of love and always take care that it never becomes idle or dormant. For example, I work in one particular way but even in that I sometimes make changes. You must have seen that each time there is at least something that is new. If one way doesn’t work then try another. Even if that fails then look for something else. One must not become obstinate about any one thing. You get up in the mornings, apply ‘tika’ to your foreheads and say ‘Namaskar’ to the Mother. It is a mechanical thing. It is not a living reality. You should really look for newer and newer ways. I always give the example of the root of a tree. Avoiding obstacles it is continuously trying to go deeper and deeper into the earth. It does not fight with the obstacles. In fact, without these very obstacles, the roots themselves would not have been able to hold the mighty tree. Thus, problems and obstacles are also essential. Without them you would not have been able to rise and would have become stagnant! The power that teaches you to achieve victory over these problems is the ‘Ma’ Shakti. Therefore this ‘Ma’ Shakti is in fact, the power of the Mother. Discretion is the quality that it requires, in you, the most!

Suppose that a person is very timid and he asks Me what to do about it, I tell him to change and become like a lion. Another one that is very aggressive, I tell him to become like a sheep! Or else life cannot go on. You will have to change your ways! A person that is not willing to change cannot spread Sahaj Yoga because he is always stuck on any one method which can eventually bore people! You must keep on searching for new ways. ’Ma’ Shakti works in just the same way. Women are usually experts in this. They make newer and newer foods everyday and are always searching for new recipes. In this way the husband is always curious as to what they are cooking today!

This is the power through which you can establish your balance and steadfastness. When you are able to establish this power within you in the highest possible manner then you can feel the cool breeze even from your balance and mind. If you do not have wisdom then these qualities will remain uneffected and you will not be able to feel this flow of ’Chaitanya’. Usually a person with vibrations is also a wise person in fact, it is your wisdom that you are feeling in the form of the cool breeze. Using this as a measure, you will be able to see how deep a Sahaj Yogi you really are. When you lose your balance and your sense of mind then naturally your chakras will start to catch. Whenever your chakras start to catch, you can be sure that you have in some way started to lose your balance. Unbalance indicates that the ‘Ma’ power is becoming weak. ’Mataji’ or any other auspicious name begins with ‘Ma’ and this quality is also provided by the ‘Ma’ Shakti. This was not possible if there were just the ‘Nih’ and ‘Laa’ powers. I have come with all three powers but the ‘Ma’ power is the highest of them. You have seen that the ‘Ma’ Shakti is the power of the Mother. It must be proved that it is really your Mother. If anyone comes and tells you that she is your mother, will you believe her? You will not accept it. Motherhood must be proved!

What really is Mother?
Mother has given us a place in Her heart. We have a full right over each other because She loves us immensely. Her love for us is totally selfless. She always prays for our well-being and She has nothing but compassion for us in Her heart. You will believe in the Mother only when you truly understand that your real being or your Atma [Spirit] resides in Her. Go ahead and prove this to others by virtue of your deeds. A Sahaj Yogi should have such a capability! People should know that they are talking to a very wise person. For that you must have a total balance between love and the desire to work for Sahaj. Your character should be so beautiful that people feel attracted without even knowing you. A Sahaj Yogi should learn to instil all these qualities within him or herself.

When you go home try to think about how you can establish these three powers and how you can use them for the upliftment of yourselves and of Sahaj Yog. And the ‘Nih’ Shakti will bring the qualities of utter joy, seriousness and deepness into your family life. You will start searching for newer and newer ways to bring people together in collectivity. Use these powers for the spreading of Sahaj Yoga. For their proper use your Nih’ or the Karma’ Shakti should be very strong indeed! Even though you should also have the ’Laa’ Shakti or the power of love, it should always be working alongside the ‘Nih’ power. If one method does not work look for another. In the same way that a painter first tries for example, to mix red and yellow and when that is unable to portray his emotions he tries red and green! And even when that does not seem to work he tries many more combinations. To be abstinant [obstinate?], to be stuck on one particular thing is not a sign of wisdom. An abstinant person can do nothing in Sahaj Yoga! Your duty lies in the spreading of Sahaja Yoga, then try to make newer ways. Whatever you desire from Me, I accept because I know that normal beings are not like Me.You never know what an abstinant person may do and when he may do it. It is up to you to see that he does not reach these limits. I know this through the ‘Ma’ Shakti. But you, as Sahaj Yogis should not be abstinant about any one thing. Is your mother abstinant about anything? Whatever the situation may be, accept it. You must always keep in mind that you are doing a very important work. I have no desire of My own.I do not have the ‘Nih’, ‘Laa’ or the ‘Ma’ Shaktis. I do not have anything inside Me. I do not even know that I am, in fact, the personification of these powers. I am a mere observer to this whole game!

When this change takes place will you really be called ‘realized’ in the true sense of the word. Only then will you be expert Sahaj Yogis. When you really achieve that you will be one with God and you will have total control over Him. To do that you must surrender and dedicate everything to Him. I am going now but afterwards, see for yourselves, how you are using your realization and in which field you are using it. Sometimes, I tell you not to do certain things, you should not feel bad about that. According to the principle of the ‘Ma’ Shakti, you shouldn’t feel depressed about anything because it is My duty to guide you! Some people however, do become depressed. Always remember that you are realized souls.You must accept it as a fact! Others should accept it too as soon as they set eyes on you. You must make the efforts for that to happen. And when that happens, all else will also be auspicious!

One day I asked you to invite all your friends and relatives for meals or for any other programme. At the same time, invite some Sahaj Yogis too and give selfrealization to all your guests at the same time. If you continue to do that for one whole year, it will be very beneficial for all of you.

My blessings to all of you.