Letter in Hindi from Nirmala Yoga 1981 Jan-Feb

(Location Unknown)

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“The time of Mahayuga has come. Thanks to this thousands of people are getting their Self-realisation. At the beginning, only one or two flowers blossomed on this tree of life, but in this Mahayuga, spring has come. All this is a question of time. 

This yuga was predicted by many great people. Recently, I saw the book “Milton” written by William Blake. He was a great philosopher and it’s so surprising how he predicted the foundations of Sahaja Yoga at Surrey Hills and the first Sahaja centre at Lambeth. He also wrote that with a special power, ordinary people will become prophets. And with this wonderful power they will liberate many others. 

I enjoyed very much his poem that had such depth and such clear knowledge. If only the Sahaja Yogis of our country could become aware and alert towards this kind of knowledge, then they will aim at achieving the greatness and the depth of Sahaja Yoga. 

Change can only come through the Kundalini that is germinated by Sahaja Yoga. That which is the power of life, only that can work out the living process. There is no other path than change. 

This is the last step. It can be understood only through wisdom. This is the Last Judgement of God. But this is also the pure fountain of generous love flowing through the delicate heart of the Mother. You yourself have to assay (examine) yourself and purify yourself. Get your attention enlightened by this most beautiful Atma. 
Mother’s many loving blessings to all.

 Only yours always, 

Mother Nirmala”