Swadishthana Chakra

New Delhi (India)

1981-02-06 Swadisthana Chakra New Delhi NITL HD, 56' Chapters: Talk in Hindi, Talk in English
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Public Program, New Delhi (India), 6 February 1981.

[English from Hindi translation]

You have requested to speak in Hindi. The thing is that it was decided that in this place I will speak in English. The reason for this is that till now I have not spoken anywhere in English in India and the guests who have come so far have not been able to hear my speech. So told them that here I will talk in English and when in temples or I think the speeches that are going to be held in the Vidyapeeth of Delhi will be in Hindi language only. So please, if you come in other speeches, then I will talk in Hindi. Hope you people do not feel bad because they are guests, a little bit of them should be taken care of. Although you all understand English a little bit and I do not speak such difficult English. If you have any questions then I will tell you. Sorry about these five-six lectures that I am going to give in English.

[English Transcript]

Yesterday I talked to you about the subtle centers, which exist within our being. The knowledge of this was known to Indians, to many Indians thousands of years back but, they did not disclose it. There were two types of people who became aware of the higher powers of Nature. One of them were the people who thought we may be able to excite, the Nature itself, so they started worshipping all the five elements, through the Veda mantras and all that. They tried to awaken the five mantras the result of which we see today is the manifestation of science, that they have been able to harness the energy of those five elements.

The second type of people, who became aware that there must be some force which is giving us evolution, they started singing the praise of God in bhakti, and requesting God to Incarnate on this Earth. These were the bhakti margis (bhakti path followers). That is how, in the Virata, in the Primordial Being, there are two forces as there are in the human beings [as] I told you yesterday. One is the emotional force, which is the bhakti, which gives us existence. This is the force through which the whole Universe was conceived, was desired, and in our Sahaja Yoga terminology it is called as the ‘Mahakali Shakti’.

On the right side of the Virata, as we have in the human beings, is the power of action where He uses all the five elements to create – is the power of Mahasaraswati according to Sahaja Yoga terminology.

The third force, that did not operate so openly, started thousands and thousands of years back in this country, where people started giving Ishwara pranidhaan is the basic of hatha yoga. That is to establish Ishwara (God) within you. First the Ishwara must be established. The light of your Spirit, your Atma must be awakened, and then, the cleansing must be done. And people must be established into their Self-realisation. This line of action was taken for very, very few people, extremely few. So much so that after Buddha, when Vidditama, one of his disciples, went to Japan he started a cult called as Zen which is the same as Sahaja Yoga and there, they have mentioned that in six centuries they had only twenty-six kashayapas – means the ones who were Realised. Even Indra was given realisation. Even Brahmadeva was given realisation. So, it extends up to the date when Brahmadeva was created out of Shri Narayana, Shri Vishnu.

To us, all these Deities are mythological things. Actually, they became mythological because when people started talking about the flower in which the honey was, people started worrying about the flower. They are more worried about the flower than the honey. So, then the people came up, like Buddha and Mahavira, who said, “Better not talk about the flower at all.” If you talk about the flower people get stuck up at that point. They go discussing, arguing and also getting into rituals which were dead. Just trying to do some kind of a dead work, and the progress of their being was completely, obliterated and they could not go any further with it. It was then desired that something should be done to overcome this hurdle of human beings by which they get stuck up to forms.

So many people on this earth came as Gurus, as real Gurus, the manifestation of this great principle of the Primordial Master [which], as I told you yesterday is called as ‘Dattatreya’, came on this earth many-a-times. And they tried to establish within us our sustenance our dharma with this central force of evolution. It is only through establishment of sustenance that we can evolve. As I told you yesterday about: carbon has its own sustenance, gold has its own sustenance that, gold is not tarnishable; in the same way human beings have their own sustenance. These Gurus came on this earth to establish that sustenance within us. All of them are the incarnation of the same Spirit: like Raja Janaka, he came as Nanaka also Mohammed Sahib was the same personality; absolutely the same personality as Guru Nanak. There is no difference in their personality, just the same, that’s why Guru Nanaka came on this earth to tell people that you should not find (discriminate) on this basis of Hindu and Muslims. Because He realised as Mohammed Sahib that He had done a mistake. To tell people that all human beings are just the same and one should not, force things in this manner. Actually, the whole thing gets perverted as soon as the disciples take the place of the Gurus. Thus, we had the middle path built in by the Gurus, in the center of our being, called as The Void.

The first chakra I told you about is the center of innocence. It is bestowed upon us by the Deity of Shri Ganesh. These Gurus did not talk of the Deities too much because, as I told you, people were talking more about the flower than about the honey so they said, “Talk about the nirakaar (formless) talk about the formless by which people will pay their attention to the formless.” But still it became talk and talk and talk. When they talked about the flower, people got stuck up with the talk about the flower and when they talked about the nirakaar and formless, they got stuck up with that. So, human beings are such that they get stuck up with their thoughts which are limited, coming from a limited area of their intelligence and their rationality. So, what was rational became a problem for saints to give realisation. So there again was a revival, at the time of Shankaracharya. Again, Nanaka came and talked of nirakaara. Like that they were trying to bring the people closer to reality by telling them, “Now forget this, now take to this,” “Forget this, take to this.” Somehow that, by giving up things, they might be able to reach the reality.

Now the center of Mooladhara is a center, is the Mooladhara chakra. One has to understand the importance of this center being separated from Mooladhara itself. Mooladhara is the place where the Kundalini sits – is in the Sacrum, is in the bone called Sacrum. ‘Sacrum’ means sacred. That means even in Latin language it was called as a sacred bone. That means they knew that there was something sacred, holy, about this bone. It is said that when the body burns, the whole-body burns, seldom does this bone burn, and if it burns, it requires very tremendous heat. This triangular bone had this power within us which is the power of Kundalini, which creates the whole being still it remains the whole, that’s why it is called as a residual power of Kundalini. Now this Kundalini resides there for ages together and it comes back with you whenever you are born again. She’s your Mother. She has been your eternal Mother. She is your individual Mother. You do not share her motherhood with anybody else. She is the one who has loved you all your life and She’s anxiously waiting for a moment when She can give your second birth, your punyajanma.

Now, such a Kundalini, how can She be dangerous? Many people have told me that they have read some books which say that Kundalini awakening is a very dangerous thing. I have also seen some of the very, very old books written – so big as that – with such ignorance, saying that Kundalini is in the stomach! I was surprised that, when you don’t know anything about it, why should you write? Kundalini is not there, She is in the Mooladhara, and the Mooladhara Chakra is protecting the Mooladhara. You can see with the naked eye, when you come to Sahaja Yoga, the pulsation of the Kundalini in the triangular bone if there is an obstruction above; but if there is no obstruction the Kundalini just shoots up.

Now this Ganesha chakra is very important, as I told you yesterday, because the first thing that God created was innocence and this innocence is Shri Ganesh. It’s so delicate, it’s like a flower. If you try to play about with your innocence Ganesha just gets angry with you or He sleeps off. Now, these people who have described the Kundalini being troublesome or coming up as a lightning or giving you kriyas, as I told you yesterday, are the people who are naïve. They don’t know how to handle the Kundalini and that’s how they have made mistakes. By committing these mistakes, they have been so popular people like people who have committed mistakes and telling something wrong. All these things happen because you have no idea as to how to handle the Kundalini. It is Ganesha who gets angry, not the Kundalini. It is he sitting down there [that] informs the Kundalini that, “Now you can rise because there is somebody who has the authority to raise you.” Now Shri Ganesha is a very important deity within us. Shri Ganesha is made by Mother Earth. Mother Earth has created him. Mother Earth has got the power within itself as magnetism. Magnetism is the power of Mother Earth. This magnetism within us resides as Shri Ganesh. We too have this magnetism within us. The birds have this magnetism within them. The fishes have this magnetism within them. When the birds fly all the way from Siberia to India, how do they do it? How do they know the direction which way to fly? They have this magnet within themselves and that’s how they can fly. They are innocent, animals are innocent. Only the human beings have the freedom to completely destroy his or her innocence. A person who is absolutely innocent has a great sense of direction. As soon as he is misdirected, immediately he knows where it is wrong. But once the Kundalini awakens, he gets a [sense of] direction so enlightened within him that immediately he knows within himself that: this man is not a religious person, this man is a thug, this man is a good person or this man is a Realised soul.

This center is very important for all of us. By God’s grace India has got a speciality as far as Shri Ganesha is concerned. As I told you yesterday that Indians, on the whole, are innocent people; on the whole they are innocent. But we have really tried to destroy it by getting sophisticated and over-intelligent. This center is to be preserved and to be maintained through Sahaja Yoga practice after Realisation. There are certain asanas which are to be done. There are certain mantras that are to be recited to keep this center alright.

Now the second center that we have within us is the Nabhi, which is placed inside The Void. It is the second in creation, that’s why I call it the second. Through it arises the third center called as Swadishthana center. Now the Nabhi center has got ten petals, it has got ten petals. In the same way, the solar plexus, which is a gross expression of this subtle center, also has got ten petals or ten sub-plexuses. Now this center controls most of our digestion on the grosser level and basically it gives us evolutionary power by which we have evolved. Only through this center we have evolved to be human beings. In the animals or in the very, very small animals, even in the unicellular animals like amoeba, it acts like a seeking. They seek food. Basically, they seek food. As they grow better and better in their evolutionary process then their seeking changes from one to another. Even in the human beings the seeking has been first to overpower the nature, then overpower the human beings, then affluence, money, possessions, emotional possessions. All these seekings have been in human beings. They all came to you through Nabhi chakra. But as I told you yesterday: anybody who gives up the path of moderation, falls into the trap of left and right and goes into the two areas which are built within us. One on the left is called as the collective subconscious and the another one on the right hand side is called as the collective supraconscious. So, all the extremes of the Nabhi Chakra can be very, very difficult. For example, those people who fast, just for fasting sake: it’s alright, sometimes one should fast. In the name of God if you fast it is all wrong because God never wants you to fast. This is something wrong that you want to torture your body, for what? Like people who want to call God would like to sort of stand on their heads, stand on your one leg and do all kinds of torturing things. This is the way; we deny God’s existence and His love and His affection. If He is there, we are going to meet Him. What is there to fast and put him into trouble by making Him unhappy? If you want to make your mother unhappy you do it this way: “I will not eat my food.” And that’s how the mother gets very upset. So, there is no need for anybody to fast in the name of God. If you have to fast then you can fast for your health or for your stomach trouble because you have eaten too much – [that] is a different point. But there is no need to believe that fasting for God is a good thing. The fasting takes you more to the right hand side of the Nabhi Chakra by which a person might become a very dry personality, extremely dry. The more you fast the drier you become. Such a person the day he fasts actually they fast, thinking all the time about food. What thing are we going to eat while fasting what after are we going to eat. So, the attention is all towards food, no doubt. But this kind of a, pressure or zabardasti as you call it on yourself pushes your attention to the right hand side. By that you enter into the area of collective supra conscious. Fasting people become emotionally dried up, their emotions become dried up, because only the right hand side is the action towards it takes place, but the desire is not fulfilled, and that’s why the left hand side is frozen.

You must have heard of so many, seers we have had so called rishis who were very hot tempered. They used to curse people they used to just bhasmisa just make them into basmas and they used to just curse such people. These were the people who developed the power of the surya as they said. Like surya they became because this was the surya nadi and they could by their power could just kill anybody they liked. Now this is a power which is extremely destructive. It does not give any kalyana to anyone. It is of no use, you become such a person that you look at someone and the person becomes ashes. Imagine, you have been made human beings, with such difficulty, from amoeba you have come to this stage, now anybody who tries to do such tricks is absolutely anti-God. He doesn’t understand the purpose of God, he doesn’t know where does he play his role, he becomes a destructive force. So, these are not powers but these are negative forces and how they work out, how these forces come into us that I will tell you later on.

Now on the left-hand side the people who are too indulgent into food, they eat too much they are lethargic and they are all the time thinking about eating, eating and eating. Such people pass into the left-hand side. This is also a very dangerous state. When they go on to the left hand side much they are again attacked by the collective sub-conscious and you may develop any disease accordingly.

But the third chakra which is Swadishthana, is very important, because this is the center which revolves round the Nabhi chakra, and the main work it has to do is to convert the fat cells from your stomach for the use of your brain. When you think, you have the use of the brain cells but they are to be replaced and this replacement is only done through the help of the Swadishthana chakra in the stomach. I think the medicine people do not know about it, if they had known about it they would have cured many diseases. Because it has to do this important work, and when you start thinking too much, planning too much, then the work of this poor Swadishthana chakra increases, to such an extent that it neglects other centers, other, you can say, the other functions that it has to perform. The other functions are that it has to look after the liver. Now liver is a very, very important organ within us. By liver we sort out all our poisons, all kinds of poisons are sorted out by liver, and the poisons are liberated in the blood stream as heat. When you have too many poisons in the body, then you get your temperature and it is evaporated from your skin. That is a natural way the liver throws out all the poisons within your body. But when the liver is out of gear it does not. Those people who suffer from liver do not get temperature. Cirrhosis of liver, even cancer has the same principle. In cancer also you do not get temperature. The heat of the body is not eliminated because cancer cannot be cured with the people who have such a bad liver. It cannot be sorted out because the poison of the body cannot be taken out and these people never get temperature. That’s why one can never know if one has cancer till it reaches absolutely a galloping stage. There you might get a pressure because of other reasons. But the first indication that a man gets from his body is the temperature which never rises with cancer.

Now this same center Swadishthana is to do other jobs like looking after your spleen and your pancreas, your kidneys and your uterus. Now spleen is a very important organ again which we neglect in these modern times. One has to understand what is the specialty of spleen. Spleen is the speedometer within us. It controls our speed. These days if you find people speak so speedily that you don’t know how they are speaking it goes telescopically. They walk so fast that if they have to go to the station, you’ll find them in the other station. They are so ahead of time that it is impossible to connect them with the reality. Now this speedometer is the spleen. Supposing when you are having your food, we used to have a very good system even, in Bengal the husband would be sitting eating his food and the wife would be fanning him and the fanning would determine the speed of the person’s eating. Now, she used to control. And another thing is that, say even in Maharashtra people are eating they say saukash slowly, slowly, have the food slowly. They go on saying. It may look little funny to some people but it is so that saukash saukash go on slowly, there’s time, there’s time, don’t be in hurry. But these days the way we eat our food is responsible for creating problems like blood cancer within us. We do not realise how blood cancer is created within us because I told you yesterday, I will let you know how cancer is created. Now this spleen has to work out all the emergencies within us. Supposing we are eating our food and suddenly we have to run out. It is already producing more blood cells for the consumption of the food we are having. Then suddenly we want to run, we want to run then it has to produce more blood cells. Supposing at the time, many people have a habit of reading the newspaper at the time of eating the food, it’s very wrong idea. Absolutely. Because you know newspaper are the most ashuba things that you can think of in this world. One should not read any newspaper in the morning if you listen to Me. They’re absolutely inauspicious, because they always give something horrible on the front page. It’s all so sensational that they don’t want to give anything that is good. And once I had an interview with one of the journalists and I said: ‘Why don’t you give something about Sahaja Yoga, because we are doing good work. People are getting out of their drugs and they are getting cured and all that.’ He said: ‘This is doing good; you see it’s good but this is no sensation see.’ They said that when the plane arrives in time in London nobody announces it but if there is a mishap then only, we announce, otherwise we don’t. So, if you read such horrible news at that time or open the TV at that time where you see a horrid face or some sort of a horrid idea immediately your speedometer being sensitive thing starts producing more blood cells for the emergency, God knows what emergency has come up.

With this, the speedometer becomes really crazy becomes mad it doesn’t know what to produce when to produce. It loses its control with the whole and it starts producing blood cells which are crazy blood cells. These blood cells like mad start attacking other blood cells and that’s how the blood cancer is produced. It is triggered as I told you by the attack from the left collective sub-conscious. As I told you yesterday it happens like that. So, one has to realise that this kind of madness of speeding up yourself is not needed. What is the need? I have seen people, they’ll be all right, but before the plane has to leave about three hours before that suddenly goes wrong in them, suddenly. They go mad. They forget this, forget that forget everything, land up there without passport without their money without anything. Till three hours they’re all right. Suddenly the idea that they have to go they go crazy. This is also the work of speedometer which spoils your sense of judgment sense of stability and you start behaving as if you have gone mad and anybody who sees people at the airport, I get really frightened the way they are. They don’t know where they are going what’s happening to them there’s nothing to be so frightened about. What is there to be so much worried? I mean I have never worried about time all My life. I have never missed a plane; I’ve never missed a train. I don’t know why to worry. After all, if you have to miss it, you’ll miss it. Mostly I have seen people plan out to miss to leave things at home. Most of those people who plan out too much always miss things at home and also miss the plane. Is a common thing or they will not find out if the plane is out, or is not coming or something like that. This is one of the examples I have told you because these days people try to save the time. You are trying to save the time. Everybody seems to be trying to save the time. Somebody said that: ‘I must go to London can you arrange my passage?’ I said: ‘I don’t know anybody in this airlines people I don’t know how will I help?’ ‘No no no you must arrange a relation of mine.’ I said: ‘Why what is the need for you to go to London fast? After all you can go tomorrow it’s all right doesn’t matter whenever you get the seat you can go what is such a hurry? I mean at least the government of Britain is not going to fall down. Maybe Indian government, many government servants think that the Indian government is there because of them. It’s all right. I don’t mind they admit but even English government is not going to fall out because of you what is such a hurry?’ He said: ‘No no no I have to go there because I have to attend a ball’. So, you can imagine all this time saving and all this horrible thing is to waste time there. People try to save their time just to go for a discotheque or for a drinking party. Just imagine they must go in right time for a drinking party. What is for a drunkard whether you go earlier or later. In any case you’ll get drunk, no problem, and others who are drunk will not know when you came or when you went away. So, there is no need to hurry up so much. That doesn’t mean that you should be always late at a place, I don’t mean that but one should not hurry up. You’ll be much more in time if you do not hurry up. You’ll be just in time if you do not hurry up. It is better not to hurry than to be such a slave of your watches because the time that is to be saved, is not for all these nonsensical things but is an urge from within to save the time for meditation.

The time has come for us, to get our Realisation and to meditate within ourselves and to grow within ourselves and to transform into the new awareness of God’s Realisation. This is why we are seeking the time. That’s why we have to have the watch to know how many hours are there left for us to meditate. This urge has been misunderstood by human beings and they are misusing it for some another purpose. I’m sure after sometime they will realise because this kind of madness leads to horrible diseases. Another disease that people normally suffer from specially in Delhi is very common, is diabetes. Diabetes is caused because the same center, which is using its power to supply the cells the fat cells for your brain has to look after also the pancreas. Now the pancreas is the one which digests your sugars. Now if all the time you are thinking all the time, you’re planning then what can the poor one center do? It cannot work out the pancreas and that’s how only the so-called educated and planners get diabetes. It’s a balancing. Because they use too much of their right side and the left side is completely frozen, what happens that all their left side problems start. The nature takes its respite. It tries to teach you through these methods. If you do not understand that you have to lead a balanced life the other problems can crop up like kidney troubles.

But the worst of all is the heart attack. Only a person who works very hard, thinks too much of himself and thinks that he’s the one who is the support of the whole kingdom and the one who stands like Girdhariji with the finger in his hand, all such people are apt to get heart attacks. Absolutely no doubt about it. Because they work so hard. They work out their right side and don’t worry about their left side. The left side goes to a point.

Another type is the type which worries too much about their physical body, physical health, like hatha yoga, now so-called hatha yoga of the modern times. If you do too much of exercises and too much of physical exercises you neglect your Spirit which is your heart. There’s no balance between your heart and the Spirit. The heart is all the time working for giving you more blood for these horrible exercises that you are doing. There’s no need for you to take out all your intestines and put them back. Some people do such horrible, these exercises, I don’t know for what. What is the need to do such exercises indiscriminately?

Of course, in Sahaja Yoga also after Realisation you have to do certain asanas according to the need of the chakras. If the Swadishthana chakra is caught up on the left side or right side, there are certain asanas one has to do. But if you do at that time some other chakra, other exercise you’ll spoil it first, because you spoil that center which is all right because it is all right why are you bending it. And the another one which is spoilt is not attended to. There’s a big knowledge about it. I should say there’s a big science about all these things. If you do not know that and if you just do it indiscriminately it would be that you just have a little cold and you are taking all the medicines right from cancer up to TB. This is so indiscriminate, doing all the asanas all the time and then end up your life with a heart attack. Those who pay too much attention also outside get a heart attack. Actually, these are all ego-oriented people. You see on the right-hand side when you think too much, when you use the right side you develop your ego. It can be very subtle. It can go very subtler. If you hear of a person, he’s a great gentleman know that there’s a very cunning ego there, because he knows that you have to be very polite with your ego otherwise people will know that you are egoistical, so they are extremely humble. Ego can only disappear when you get Realisation. Before that ego exists in a subtler and a subtlest form. After Realisation when the Kundalini rises, She sucks in both the ego and superego and you become the Self. This happening has to take place; otherwise we live with ego all the time.

Krishna realised it long time back. Six thousand years back Krishna realised it that people cannot give up ego easily, [SOUNDS LIKE: tere kire], it’s not simple to explain to them that you have ego. Because if you tell somebody you will have it, so is better to do it in a way that they would understand and that’s how the whole Gita is nothing but a great diplomacy of Shri Krishna, the great Incarnation the complete Incarnation of diplomacy. He has played tricks with Arjuna and you are all still playing the tricks, you are still with it. When He said that: ‘Get the gyana’, means that your awareness must be enlightened you must get your enlightenment. That is the first thing He said. He’s not a shopkeeper so He said the direct thing that you get your enlightenment; get your gyana, that’s the first thing He said. Gyana means not reading the books but gyana means, your attention must be enlightened, your awareness must be enlightened. You should become a gyani means you know, just by feeling on your fingers you can know what is the problem with you and what is the problem of others. You become. It’s not question of just giving a lecture to people that: ‘Do this and do that and do this.’ But it just happens to you that you just become, and this is what He has said that: ‘You become the gyana.’

Now, Arjuna asked that: ‘You are saying that you become a sakshi and a gyani and here You are saying that you go and fight in the war.’ You see when you are Realised you fight in the war you don’t fight. You just see as a sakshi. You are just used as an instrument of God to fight the horrible people. But he did not understand. He did not understand this subtle point, so Krishna tried a trick on him. He said: ‘All right. What you do is to do your karma and put it at the Lotus Feet of the Lord,’ which is an impossible situation, is an absurd condition. This is the best way of diplomacy, to put an absurd condition so they fall into their own traps. He said: ‘You do all the karmas of the world and put it at the Lotus Feet of God Almighty. Now it’s an absurd condition can never happen. But many people believe in this Brahma, that: ‘Mother we’ll do all the work and put it at the Lotus Feet of the Lord’. You cannot. In a subtler way you may say, rationally you may say with your mouth you may say but you cannot because the ego exists within you. It is there. Now how to get rid of the ego? If you fight with it, it will become even bigger, just like a balloon if you fight with it, it goes bigger and bigger and bigger, and some people have an ego so big that if looking at them I sometimes find that it might grow into a horn. It can be horribly bad. You see people have, ego in the places, like India most surprisingly when we get the idea of getting developed we should know the people who have done that job in the west have got such an ego-oriented personality that they want to run away from this ego morning till evening. They are so fed-up with it that when we are trying to develop ourselves, we are just doing it by increasing our ego.

When we work out our right side our ego develops as a by-product and this surrounds our heart. It surrounds our heart. A man who gets egoistical becomes so much dry he cannot talk to anyone properly. As I told you they bark. They suddenly become so dry that if they have to talk to someone, they think that it is too much to talk to someone who is so low. They start feeling that they are very high people; they are of very great positions. They are very rich and these are all low people. All such nonsensical ideas start cropping into their heart and their heart becomes all enveloped with ego. Then it goes to a point where the ego becomes too much then you get a heart attack. All those people who say Gayatri mantra without any authority, working on the right-hand side also. If you say your Gayatri mantra without any authority you will get a very weak heart. All such people will get heart troubles.

Now it is important for all of us to know what is the problem with us and how to look after ourselves. We should not try to put our attention outside to such an extent that we neglect our heart. If God has given us say some position, must know that you must love. Must have your emotions. For example, I’ve seen Government servants in Delhi, because My husband has been a Government servant all his life I know. They have no time for their wives and no time for their children. They are so busy you know you never see their faces in the daytime. You have to always put the light on and if you see them in the daytime you don’t recognise them. Once they wear their pants they are out of gear. You can’t talk to them except for five-year plan which has failed many-a-times. So, these people should know that you must spend some time with your emotions, with your family with your children, with other people. Have some loving rapport with other people of the society. Look after that side also. Those people who do not do such things are in for trouble. I have told so many people that be careful, that you should not get a heart attack. There are some gurus who are very good at giving heart attacks.

There are many gurus who just give a heart attack to the husband whose wife is his devotee. Is very common feature of many gurus who gave a heart attack to the partner of his devotees so that he gets all the money, all the property and the wife of the husband at his lotus feet. All such things should be avoided. We have to be affectionate, we have to be kind, we have to control our tongue and be sweet to others and nice to others. Not that thinking if you are nice to anyone you are doing something great. We have to be generous people. We have to give as much as we can we should give. What is there to feel we are doing anything for anyone. This is the greatest subtlest ego that people think: ‘We are serving the nation, or we are serving the poor. Who is serving who, who is the other? If this finger is serving this finger do you say that: ‘I am serving this finger?’ Who is the other? If they are all the part and parcel of the whole of One Primordial Being then you are just helping yourself, you are not helping anybody else. But this is only possible when you get your Realisation. Without Realisation all this talk is talk, talk, talk, and talk and talk. If you have to have any such idea that by just telling yourself you’ll forget it you cannot. You have to have your Realisation by which you become another person.

Then how you talk. What Krishna has said that you become akarma. The akarma becomes in. Then you just don’t feel you are doing anything. For example, now if you have a Sahaja Yogi here and if you ask him to awaken your Kundalini, he’ll just tell Me: ‘Mother it doesn’t come up. It doesn’t come up. It doesn’t go. It doesn’t…’ He doesn’t say: ‘I am not doing it’. He doesn’t say so. It becomes an akarma. He doesn’t have to say that: ‘I have done this Realisation. I have cured this person.’ No. He said: ‘She’s not getting cured. The Kundalini is not rising. The Realisation could not be established. This is going wrong’. Because the whole concept of doing the work is finished as soon as you become a hollow personality. There’s a beautiful story of Shri Krishna and Radha. Once Radhaji felt jealous of the Murali and She said that: ‘Oh Lord why do have this Murali all the time at your lips, what is so special about her?’ She went and asked Murali about it. Murali smiled and she said: ‘Don’t You know that my speciality is that I have no speciality. I am a hollow person. He plays and the whole thing flows through me, I see that. People say the Murali is playing. I laugh at it. It is He who is playing through me. I become a hollow personality.’ In the same way, when the akarma is established, you become That.

Same about the bhakti. When people start singing too much like mad you see: ‘Unless and until I see You I’ll cut my throat, or jump before the, fast-moving train,’ and all those things when you try such tricks you must know that you’ll be attacked by some possession. Some people dance like mad thinking that they have got God in them. God doesn’t dance that way. Some people get bhoots into themselves and they say that Devi has come into me. Devi, to be borne in the body is not an easy thing. It needs a special type of a body to have thirty-five crores of Gods to be settled in the body, to manage the thirty-five crores of chakras. Is not easy for the Devi to enter into any Dick Tom and Harry and to make the person dance. Moreover, one has to know that if you have got the Devi tattwa or if you are a Realised soul, you become completely controlled with yourself. You do not dance as the so-called Devi or so-called bhoot comes into you and makes you dance. Anybody who does anything out of control or anything that happens out of control one must know is not done by you but by somebody else because you have lost your possession and somebody else has possessed you. It’s a very, very common practice of all these fake gurus. They’ll give you a mantra. Now this is another thing I’ll have to talk about because today somebody requested Me, is a very common practice of people giving Nama. I don’t know from where they get this idea. This is something I just can’t understand. Nama was given to people at the time when they had a particular chakra’s catch. For example, say nahbi chakra say is caught. Then they would say that: ‘Take the name of Vishnu or Laxshmi Narayan whatever may be the case. Or supposing your void is, then they may say: ‘Say Mahaguru or say Guru’s Name and all that.’ But that’s a different thing when the Guru is a Realised soul He knows where is your problem. But how can you give that name permanently to someone? It is impossible because the Kundalini moves. As soon as you take the Name of the Guru the Kundalini will move upward. If there is an obstruction you have to take the Name of the Deity that is here. If there is no obstruction It will move here. If there is an obstruction here you have to take the Name here. It’s a living Force. I told you it’s a living God and it’s a living Force. It doesn’t stay. It’s not static permanently at a place that you go on saying the same thing again and again. Maybe your Kundalini is just here to burst out and you are just taking the Name of something much lower. That’s how we spoil our chakras.

You’ll be amazed, those people who do Shiva puja in the hand, I’ve seen people who do Shiva puja in the hand. They’ll put the linga; turn on one head I don’t know what else they’ll do. Must be tying up their shendi somewhere and I don’t know what else they do. But whatever they do they worship God. They say: ‘Oh we have done this.’ Then they put so much of belapatras and thousands of belapatras and they’ll make people take out the belapatras with the bhaat and everything so that all of them will have doing this puja will have self, get into great sickness. All this nonsense they will do just to say: ‘Oh I have put one lakh of belapatra to Shiva. Now this kind of nonsense is taking you away not only from God but from good health also. All these rituals are of no value to you unless and until you know what is to be done in your case. There is no light supposing in this room. Now you have come to put a curtain here. Now you don’t know where is the window you don’t know where is the rail. Where will you put the curtain? You may put it there and it may be all spoilt. It is like that. You must know where is the problem. You must know how far to go with it. You must know how to correct it. It’s a knowledge. It’s not a blind man’s work. It has to be done with light within you to understand where is the problem.

And that is how these people just give names. It is to such an extent that some people are charging three hundred pounds for one name and the name given is tinga and Inga. There are some foreigners here who have had this kind of a name also, and they were told that it should be without any meaning so it is even better. And then some of them have been told that if you pay three thousand pounds then you can fly in the air. I said put your guru on this leaning tower of Pisa and throw him down. Let us see if he can fly. If he can fly then you can fly. At least make the guru fly for a change. All such nonsensical ideas are given with this kind of a basic ignorance of people, that name cannot be given by anyone. Only thing is when the Kundalini is rising, you yourself should know where is the Kundalini and you should be able to raise it. Of course, at the time of Gyaneshwara we can say He gave a name to His sister, to a point. Because He knew she had a problem at a particular chakra He said: ‘Now you take this name.’ Only once. He didn’t give it to every Dick Tom and Harry. Here if you go to a place there is a big box kept, seva. For seva there’s a big box first of all, with a big slit. Supposing you have a big cheque or a big dollar note or something, it must go in straight. So, there is a big box of seva kept, you go and put the money there. You go there the guru is sitting at the seventh floor, who doesn’t know how to talk now who has had three heart attacks with sitting with a lumpy face and you go there and you get a name. Somebody comes and tells you in the name: ‘I’ve got the name.’ Then you can drink you can smoke you can smuggle you can do what you like. Doesn’t matter. There’s no transformation nothing. They are just the same as nonsensical people they are. This is not religion. The religion that doesn’t give you transformation doesn’t give you a personality has no meaning at all. It means your sustenance. And that is what is happening in also in so-called temples. I would say there are many places where we have, the Deities which are Realised, which give vibrations there are but I don’t want to tell you in Delhi because when I told them the fellow was sitting there made all the money. So, the thing is you cannot make money out of God. These vibrations are flowing free just like sunshine. You cannot make money. Money and God doesn’t go hand in hand. God doesn’t know any money business. You must know that He does not know that there is a way of creating money by just painting papers. This is impossible for anybody to get God through money. This is your own problem, this is human problem, this is human beings have created. You better deal with it.

God has created this universe. How much money did you pay to become a human being from a monkey? How much money do you pay for sowing a seed in the soil, to the Mother Earth? Do you pay any money? How much money are we going to pay for our Realisation? What do you have, what is your, wealth, what can you pay? It is something so invaluable you can pay anything you like; you cannot pay what you have got in your Realisation. It is all God has given you. He has given you a beautiful Kundalini. He has given you your old yantra. He has given you your Spirit. Now what can you pay Him except for complete gratitude, for what He has done. Just to sing His Mahima to sing His glory that’s all you can do. But just to think that you can buy Him and purchase Him and also organise Him, is another foolishness and stupidity. You have to be sensible enough. Everything should be logically understood that how can you purchase God in the market.

People asked me the other day the question: ‘Mother You have an ashram in London?’ Of course, surprising I could not establish in India, because they all wanted black money black money black money. I said: ‘Baba I have no black money and I do not want to pay any black money. I want to do it straight at least there should be one place without black money can’t you do it?’ At the last minute they would say: ‘Give us a bribe or give us a black money.’ And I could not establish a center till today in your great yoga country yogabhoomi India. But in London we have a center for which I don’t know these people have collected their own money, because they are paying for the rent of the house. They were paying the rent. They’re all paying the rent. They have combined together taken a house and they are paying the rent, finished. What money do you need, for what money do you need? You need, for this hall, supposing you need a money, all right little bit you can arrange a money and you do it. What is there to have the money for the Guru? A Guru if he’s poor he lives like a poor. Christ was a carpenter’s son. Did he collect any money for himself? If he is a rich man all right he can enjoy his wealth or he need not. If he’s a rich man it’s better that he should pay some money for this work, which I have to pay Myself sometimes. In the same way one has to understand that money cannot buy God. It is too valuable, it is so, great it is so prem and the one who wants God should not ask anything that is material, should not. Should ask for the parama ask for the highest, the central thing the tattwa the Principle of it, from which everything flows as I told you yesterday Krishna has said: ‘yoga kshema mahamayam.’ He did not say: ‘kshema yoga.’ You have to get your yoga by which your kshema will be worked out. All your problems, all your material problems all these things will be worked out and how they work out I’ll tell you tomorrow. How the Lakshmi tattwa is enlightened within you through the Nabhi chakra.

But today I have talked to you about Swadishthana chakra. Now you must know that Swadishthana chakra is like a lotus, and the Deity of the Swadishthana chakra is Brahmadeva and Saraswati. It moves on both the sides, it can go in the inner areas also. It can move everywhere because it’s a very flexible stock, with which it moves so it manifests outside. In the gross the aortic plexus and it supplies all these areas with blood, but, the real energy comes from the subtle Swadishthana chakra which is placed in the spinal cord around the Nabhi chakra as you’ve seen. Now this Swadishthana chakra is to be looked after. In Delhi Swadishthana chakra is the first problem. Firstly, because you think too much. Secondly you think you are running the show. Thirdly the water of Delhi is not good. I’ve requested all the people, all the Sahaja Yogis to boil their water and drink it and never drink water outside. At the most if you have to drink then you can drink something bottled. But try to boil the water all the time to keep your Swadishthana chakra all right. It causes jaundice and all kinds of problems because water is the basis of Swadishthana chakra. So, if you try to spoil the Nabhi, Nabhi is the basis and if Nabhi gets spoiled then Swadishthana also gets spoiled. Because from Nabhi the Swadishthana chakra has arisen. Moreover, one has to know how to give balance to oneself, when the Swadishthana is out.

Now on the Photograph or towards Me if you put your left hand like this, you have to move from left to the right, all right. By moving left, what you are doing you are awakening your left side, you are awakening your left side. You can do it now. Raise it from your left.

Go higher and bring it down, you see? Now what you are doing is you are awakening your frozen left side. So, for your heart attack and all that it is very good, like that. Now from the top you are bringing down the power of Saraswati. By this you are giving power to the Swadishthana chakra which is absolutely tired. You do it seven times; you’ll feel very much better. By that your ego will come down also because it moves downward and it creates a space for superego to come in and a balance is established, do it seven times you’ll feel very much better, very much better you’ll feel. All of you should try. Because after that you’ll say: ‘Mother we have not got Realisation.’ Then I’m not going to listen to that. Please do it. It’s very simple. Now, now put your hands towards Me. Some of you will start feeling the cool breeze as it is.

H H Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi