What To Do After Self-realisation, Sahasrara Chakra

New Delhi (India)

1981-02-10 Progress In Sahaja Yoga PP 01 & 02 HD, 78'
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1981-02-10 What To Do After Self-realisation and Sahasrara Chakra, Delhi (PP)

“For the past few days, in the program happening here, I have been telling you about what lies within us along with Kundalini. Whatever I am saying, you should not accept it blindly, but you shouldn’t disregard it either. Because this inner knowledge is not yet within you. And if I say that I have it, and then you should observe it with an open mind, contemplate it, and attain it. Keep your mind open. Firstly, Sahaja Yoga is not a shop. There is no such transaction involved where you give some money and become a member, like in other ashrams or with other gurus. Here, you have to search for yourself, you have to find yourself, and you have to self-realize.” As the Ganges is flowing. Go to the Ganges, respect it, take a dip but do not wash away and come back home. If you want to express gratitude to the Ganges, do it, if not, the Ganges won’t be upset with you. Once a person understands this, that there is nothing to give here, only to receive, and then a certain depth is felt towards Sahaja Yoga. When one needs to receive, like when there’s a cup, you can only pour into it when it has depth. And when there’s a disposition to receive, only then can a person attain it. Another thing is that you have traveled to many places because you are seeking the Supreme Being. You are seekers. Being a seeker is also a category, a classification. Not everyone is a seeker. We don’t tell anyone in our own house to do Sahaja Yoga or to come to Sahaja Yoga. We don’t tell anyone. Besides us, none of our relatives or descendants is Sahaja Yogis. But what isn’t, isn’t, and what is, is. If someone is seeking, Sahaja Yoga is there for them; for the seeker, Sahaja Yoga is there. It’s not for everyone. You know that we have been living in Delhi for years, and my husband has also been here. But so far, we haven’t even spoken to any of my husband’s friends, acquaintances, or relatives, and many people are surprised that ‘we didn’t know that this was Nirmala Devi, whom we knew differently’. So, Sahaja Yoga is something from which you should benefit. First thing. If you understand first that you have to attain something. You can’t give anything to the Supreme Being, nor can you give anything to Sahaja Yoga. You can only receive from them; but from the perspective of the Mother, I want to say that if you are going to receive, then maintain humility towards it. Keep integrity within yourself and accept it. The Mother, who she is, explains with understanding. It’s not like I test you all the time and trouble you, and then see whether you are worthy or not, or eligible or not. Another thing is that the Mother knows her children very well. She knows what faults are in them, what is good, why they stopped. She has deep knowledge about it and understands how to set things right for the children. If scolding is necessary, she will scold. Where explaining with affection is required, she will explain. And this is solely the work of the Mother, and no one else can do it. It’s a difficult task and not for everyone to do. Because all this work is of love. Today, humanity is in turmoil and in such distress and terror; it is so overwhelmed with suffering. There is so much trouble on them already that this is not the time for any kind of further testing on them. And only the Mother can understand how many troubles the children are enduring, how much distress they are in, and how they should bear their burdens and awaken the presence of the Divine within them. Only the Mother can do this. Regarding Kundalini, it has been said that ‘Kundalini, situated within you, is your Mother, who enters you as soon as you are born and never leaves your side until you transcend, she is a symbolic representation of your Mother.’ This means that understand that ‘the symbolic representation of your Divine Mother’ is a shadow, an image. A question was asked, ‘Mother, you said that even after completing the entire creation, even after completing the entire creation of the body, it remains exactly the same, it should be explained in some way.’ Today I will explain to you how it happens. Kundalini Shakti, which is the desire power of Mahakali, has its pure form. It is entirely her pure desire. It means that there is only one desire a person has when they come into the world. Its pure form is to attain union with the Divine and no other desire exists for them. This is its pure form. And when this desire sits in the form of Kundalini, it forms the entire body of the individual – but it is still just desire. Thus, even after forming the entirety, it remains as desire because its desired state is not awakened. Therefore, even after completion, it remains as desire because its desired state is not awakened. It continues to guide you like a shadow, indicating, “Look, if you go on this path, your desire won’t be fulfilled. The complete pure desire within you won’t be fulfilled.” Without fulfilling that desire, you can never find true happiness. Your entire body is created so that this desire is fulfilled, allowing you to attain the Divine. But when you start using Mahakali Shakti, the function of your Mahakali’s power starts to manifest outwardly. Meaning, your desires start to go outward. You think, “I want to acquire this thing, that thing.” When your mind starts going outward, there is also a reason for it. As I said, it needs to be explained in detail. When, because your mind starts going outward, and as you grow older, it starts going outward even more. Due to this, the pure desire within you, which is called pure knowledge, and the pure inner desire within you, is the same: ‘Union with the Divine’. That function doesn’t get fulfilled. You just keep thinking, “Let’s get this, let’s get that, andlet’s get that.” That’s why it remains in the same state. That’s why it’s called residual energy. Now, this pure desire of yours is what pulls you here and there, and you stumble around, perform rituals, search here and there, read books, and you develop a belief within yourself that attaining God means this, attaining God means that. Until you attain it, you think that we will be fulfilled by this thing, by some thing, but it doesn’t happen. But many times, when the Mahakali Shakti, which is our power, starts running around many times and in many places, sometimes even some gurus or people who are very influential in this matter also explains how this desire gets fulfilled. But many false gurus are also in this world. Many wicked people have also assumed the form of gurus. And for this reason, they mesmerize your desire. Meaning, no one can touch Kundalini, but they mesmerize your Mahakali power. Due to being mesmerized, you think that the guru who has mesmerized us will fulfill that desire. He will fulfill it. And that’s why you stick to that thing. And when you stick to it like being mesmerized, you don’t even realize that you’re real desire has not been fulfilled, and you are walking on the wrong path. Until you stumble a lot, until all your money is not looted, until you are not completely ruined, you don’t realize this. Many times people have told me, “Mother, don’t say anything about any guru.” I said that it happened that someone cut my children’s necks, and I didn’t say that they were cutting necks. How would it happen without saying so? You tell me, you are also parents. You tell me, if you know that someone will mesmerize your desire forever and disturb you, will he suddenly grab your Kundalini or freeze it instantly? So, will there be any mother who will not tell? Many people scared and threatened me in this matter too. It was said that someone will shoot you. I said the shooter hasn’t been born yet. They have to see me. It’s not easy to shoot me. He just played a drama like Jesus Christ did, so people believed it, otherwise they would have killed everyone and everyone would have known. But it was just a drama, so it happened at that time. Now, we should think that when our pure desire is to attain union with God, what should be done to awaken Kundalini? Many people have said this many times. However, in every lecture, I say that this is a living process, you cannot do anything for it. ‘You’ cannot do it does not mean that I cannot do it. It means that non-yogis cannot do it. There should be an authority. Like a doctor who knows how to perform surgery, only he can perform the surgery. But if another person does such work, people will say, “He is a murderer,” and not only that, he will indeed become a murderer because he has no knowledge of that thing. Those who do not have knowledge of it, who do not understand it, should not delve into Kundalini. When you reach Sahaja Yoga, after that its rules begin, which are the rules of the court of God – just as when you come to India, you have to follow the rules of the Indian government. Similarly, when you enter the kingdom of God, you have to follow His rules. And if you do not follow those rules, your vibrations will slip away from your hands. The vibrations will slip away repeatedly, and you will continue to be as you were before until you completely attain sovereignty over it. Until you have fully realized your soul, vibrations will slip away from you. Because these vibrations come from your soul. The soul, which is called Sat-Chit-Ananda. I mean, that is the truth. The meaning of truth is that it alone is truth, everything else is falsehood. Everything else is Brahman. Brahman is also their power, and whatever is beyond them – the soul, Brahman, everything else is falsehood. Falsehood means that a person, let’s say, thinks, “I have done a great job”, “What work have you done?” Ask them, and they will tell you, “Sir, I have built houses, made homes, and married off my children,” or someone heavy was given a burden. “I built an airplane and made something, I became a big Prime Minister.” This is also a fabrication. It’s a lie. Because it’s not eternal, it’s not eternal. There are some people, today they become big officers. We have seen many officers, and as soon as their tenure ends, nobody even asks. It’s quite surprising that if you get transferred, nobody asks. You build a house, you’ve seen how many big ruins there are. And nobody knows what calamity this is? Where did it come from? Many such things have ended. Once I went to your Agra Fort. So the night passed there, and there were arrangements to show us something special, so it got very late. And they started saying, “Whenever the crowd goes, then we will show you properly.” Many things were shown. When people were leaving, I saw that everything was completely dark. All the hustle and bustle that was there at that time. Queens must have done all sorts of work and must have troubled their servants, saying, “These clothes are not properly washed.” Kings must have troubled. There must have been grand feasts held there. There must have been arguments for that. I don’t know what these people did in those times. Everything was just futile. Nothing seemed significant. Now the voice had completely disappeared there. There was nothing. Complete darkness prevailed all around. And when we were coming out, when we came out completely, there was not much light. One gentleman had a small torch, everyone was coming out looking at it. When we came out, we saw that a lantern was lit. We came out in the light of that lantern, and then asked, “Brother, who lit this lantern here?” They said, “Here is a shrine, the shrine of a saint, and this saint is very ancient.” “How ancient?” they said, “Older than this fortress itself.” “Well, then, a lamp has been burning here since then. Everyone comes here to pray. This is also eternal. Being a saint, leaving, is eternal. This is eternal. Everything else is false, everything is lost, finished, vanished. Today someone is jumping in the sky, tomorrow if you look, they are lying on the ground. You see emptiness every day in front of your own eyes. How many times have you seen this happening? This has never happened in the fifty years in this country. The most chaos and disorder happened in these fifty years. From this, you can understand that this is not eternal. Nothing is eternal here, behind which you are running.” They are running in the race, today they are roaming as big and important people; What to say of you! Tomorrow you might be beggars on the streets. One should attain that which is eternal. When a person achieves realization, they do not lose it. When one is born, along with realization, they attain another thing, liberation, they come with liberation. They take birth again in compassion. They only take birth in compassion. But they bring liberation with them. One should attain that eternal. And when we realize that we need to attain the eternal, then our behavior, towards Sahajayoga, changes. Those who have crossed should know that we have to be stable. I mentioned yesterday what to do after transcending. There are rules for being ‘stable’. As you know, if there is an airplane, when you test it for the first time, you fly it, see how its balance is. Is it flying properly or not? It is grounded repeatedly, then flown again, then seen. Similarly, when your Kundalini is awakened and you have also transcended, and it is believed that you have got realized and vibrations start from within you. Then it is necessary for you to look and understand what it is. Now, the biggest mistake we make, after getting realized, the first mistake is that we start thinking about it. So sometimes, many people also have doubts. They say, ‘Brother, how is it possible? Maybe Mother has also hypnotized us, who knows? It may have gone wrong! How can we be like this? We have heard that there are big difficulties in this, how did we transcend so easily? If a cool breeze comes, what should we understand, that we have transcended so heavily? How did this happen? 

The first mistake is that you cannot think about it. If you start thinking, your vibrations will abruptly cease. If we give you a diamond and tell you that you have a diamond, what will you do with it? You will go to a jeweler and ask, “Brother, what is this diamond?” At the very least, you would do that much. Would anyone throw away a diamond just by sitting at home and thinking? In our daily lives, when we focus like this, what matters is the attainment of our supreme being. In this, we must remember that if we have found the Supreme, then how can we know whether it is the Supreme or not? And what is there to doubt about it? Many gurus will tell you that you can dance, you can jump. It happens in Kundalini, it’s like that, it happens. You can do all these things anyway. Dancing is not a difficult task, jumping is not difficult, walking like a frog is not difficult either. And nowadays, there are gurus who are teaching flying, so people sit in their rooms and fly, thinking they are flying in the air. Even thinking like this is not difficult. People even jump and sit on horses. With a little effort, that also comes. That’s not difficult either. They can do that too if they try. And you can walk on a tightrope, like in a circus. Or you can do acrobatics. You have seen and can do that too. If you try, you can do all sorts of businesses. What can’t you do? If you see vibrations in a triangular bone, you should believe that it’s Kundalini. You can’t feel vibrations anywhere. Then you can see the rising vibration. Not in everyone, because if someone is a great person, then they may not even know, Kundalini rises instantly. But in many people, its vibration is visible. Its sound is heard on the anahata chakra. So Kabir Das ji has said very well, “Anahat baaji re on the summit of silence.” At the summit of silence, here on the sahasrara chakra, you can hear the sound of anahata. “Anahat baaji re on the summit of silence.” So can you see if it’s ringing? There are some gurus who say, “We’re dancing, chanting the name of God, ‘dance on, dance on’… Brother, what is this method? Tell me straight, that dancing, singing, brings joy to humans, but it doesn’t lead to attaining the Divine. It’s possible that a person may sing or dance with devotion, but they haven’t found yet. Finding happens only through the awakening of Kundalini. It cannot happen without it. And Kundalini awakens naturally. I mean, it’s natural, it’s a living process. It’s your evolutionary process. And today, within that evolutionary process, you rise above. Your evolution is ongoing. Right now, you’re human. Through being human, you become superhuman. When you understand this way that the things we can do, why would the Divine do them, we can do them ourselves. They will do the work that we cannot do now. So what’s the point of thinking about it? A cool breeze started blowing. This is also written in all scriptures. It’s not something new. These are waves of consciousness, the power of the divine. But what are you going to do by thinking about it? Even by thinking, what kind of light are you going to emit? Because your intellect is limited, and I am talking about the limitless. If you understand from here, if you go to the moon, then you have to go there and see, not sit and think, “Brother, when we go to the moon, it should be like this, it should be like that.” What’s the benefit? You go and see. You should directly experience what is there. Now, when this starts within you, then another important rule of Sahaja Yoga is there. The first rule is that you cannot think about it; it is beyond thought, it is in thoughtlessness, it is limitless. The second thing that is very important is that “the activity of Sahaja Yoga has become a great yoga today.” Earlier, only one or two flowers would bloom on the tree. Only one flower. That was the time. In that era, nobody would impart so much knowledge. It wasn’t written anywhere in the books, nobody would even tell anyone. Understand, even Kabir Das has said, so he has only described his own experience, that “on my ‘summit of emptiness, there’s an unstruck melody’ and such ‘Ida, Pingala, Sushumna nadis'”. But he didn’t explain it in depth because he didn’t do that work; he only reported it, he predicted that this is my work. Especially Gyaneshwarji clearly said that Mahayoga is going to happen. A great poet named William Blake has talked a lot about Sahaja Yoga, which is going to happen. So, he talked about the things that are going to happen, that will happen. And today, when it happened, if we are talking about it, many people also think that this is not written anywhere in the books. This is a very wrong notion. Because, consider if someone says you went to the moon. Did anyone write how to go to the moon? At the time you do it, then only you will write about it. Therefore, with such misconceptions, people restrain themselves. It’s not for two individuals. But what is important, what is significant, is to understand that today’s Sahaja Yoga is a work of collective consciousness. People fail to understand this. What is this point, it needs to be understood. Just like we say you are brothers and sisters and should understand each other as brothers and sisters. This is just superficial talk. When it’s not there, how will you understand it? But upon transcending, it is realized that we all have the same mother. Now, for instance, those who have transcended, if we blow in our hands, you will feel the breeze too. If we apply any fragrance, these people use perfumes and such, you will smell it, whether you are here or in England. But in Sahaja Yoga, one is fully connected with us. It doesn’t happen with incomplete people. People say, “Mother, suddenly there’s a pleasant fragrance.” Because all are parts of the same body. Until you fully understand this, you will find it difficult. Now, I see many people thinking, “I will take Mother home, and there I will do it.” Many people even think when they come here, “How come we are here? We are high-ranking officers.” Many people don’t come here because they are high-ranking officers. But where people are deluded and do dirty work, everyone rushes there with their cars. Then there’s no shame. If you want to ask for a horse’s number, everyone will rush there with their cars. But in a place where the work of the Divine is happening, I see that people feel ashamed when they come. Some are even afraid. There’s nothing to fear. She’s our Mother. We know everyone’s illusion, no matter what the situation, we can handle it. So what is there to be afraid of? Therefore, one should understand the nature of the Mother, that it is the form of love, and there is nothing to fear in it. People cannot understand collective work, ever; Until they don’t transcend. That means, when there is another person, no one stays here. “Who is the other?” It feels like this, as soon as the cool breeze starts flowing from your hands, and as soon as you go near another person, it feels like at first, a finger is pulsating, who knows what? Ask them if you often have a cold, any complaints, any discomfort? They’ll start saying, “Yes, brother, how do you know?” They’ll say, “I don’t know why this finger was itching.” This is subjective knowledge, subjective knowledge means knowledge of the soul. If the term ‘subjective’ is used, it means mental accumulation. That is, a person will say, ‘Sir, I know this, I know him.’ This is pure true knowledge, the soul is pure truth. This is absolute knowledge. Look, one person will say one thing, the same ten people will say it if they are Sahaja Yogis. Ten small children, if they are realized souls, people have done this experiment, and you can blindfold them and sit someone in front of them. They’ll start saying, “Tell me, where the vibrations are coming from?” Everyone will tell for him, these vibrations are felt in the finger. There’s a burning sensation in it. Meaning, if there’s discomfort in his navel chakra or if his liver is damaged, one has to learn a bit. You’re sitting here, about any person, somewhere, you can also know what complaints this person has. While sitting. In collective consciousness, you know. You can know for a dead person too. You go somewhere and say this is an awakened place, you can know if it’s awakened or not. If it’s awakened, vibrations will come. If it’s not awakened, they won’t come. What’s true, what’s truth, the soul tells. That’s why it’s called ‘truth form’. And because when the soul awakens within us, then our mind, meaning our attention, wherever it goes, it works. Now, these things also do not come to the understanding of humans. Meaning, if the mind of a yogi sitting here goes somewhere, then that person can be healed. We have a relative. His mother used to be very ill, poor thing. And she has become very old. So they tell us, “Now we won’t tell you because she has become very old, you take her on leave. Whenever we tell her, she gets better.” It is our experience that whenever we tell, they get better. She’s eighty years old now, but still, the same condition arises. Then she falls ill again, we tell you, she gets better. It means the mind becomes aware. Wherever your mind goes, it works. Wherever you focus your mind. But for this, stability should first come in your soul. If the connection is not right, I will talk for a while, it will be heard, and the rest of the conversation will fade away. This is the point, because of this, you also lose vibration, and your connection has become loose. First, you have to fix your connection. Yoga should be complete. Understand this, but one should also understand the depth of collectivity that we are all one. We are all parts of the whole. And when we are parts of the whole, one person cannot become bigger and another cannot become smaller. Sometimes even yogis have the misconception that they have become very important in Sahajayoga. Many people have this. We think we are very high-ranking individuals, but when such feelings arise, we should think that we are heading towards a great downfall. Whoever thinks that we have become high, they should think that we are heading towards downfall. Because as a person truly becomes elevated, they also become more humble. Their voice changes. Their nature changes. There is a lot of love flowing within them. This is the recognition. If a Sahaja Yogi, even after entering Sahaja Yoga, becomes arrogant and says, “Sir, what are you? And what is that?” then they should introspect and realize that they are falling. But this should not be interpreted in another way, which many people do. I have seen, there was a gentleman in America, and he ran a center in the name of Sahaja Yoga. When he came, everyone said, “Mother, this is some kind of spectacle; we put our hands on it and fall down spinning.” “So he’s a big spinner,” I said, “Alright, I understand.” Then I said to him, “Alright, will you show me your booklet?” In the booklet, he had written, “Vibrations – $100 for regular vibrations and $250 for special vibrations.” I said, “This is nonsense.” So I said to him, “What impertinence is this on your part? How much money did you give me? How many dollars did you give to take vibrations that you wrote like this?” Then he said, “Mother, the thing is, how I will earn money then? What will I eat?” I said, “Die of hunger. Did you do anything before Sahaja Yoga?” He said, “Yes, I used to teach in school.” I said, “Teach in school. Do what you used to do.” “But you can’t sell Sahaja Yoga. You can’t sell vibrations,” I said. He started saying, “It’s my center, people come there, and they eat food.” I said, “Fine, take money for food. Why did you write about vibrations? Write, this much money for food, this much money for the room. Even then, you can’t profit from it. Fine, spend as much as you like, but you can’t build your palace on its foundation.” And the vibrations were such that it seemed as if boiling. They got very angry with me. And being angry, they left. They said, “This can’t happen.” But the biggest thing that happened at that time was that they started babbling a lot. When they started babbling a lot, one gentleman, who is our Sahaja Yogi, stood up and said, “If you babble too much, we’ll throw you out from the top.” Then they said, “Wow, look at these Sahaja Yogis.” “There is no humility in them,” I said. “Beware, anyway, humility, whatever if now you said to Sahaja Yogis or to me.  I have listened a lot for now! I said, “The days are gone when you troubled all the saints. If anyone has said even a word, then see, it won’t be good for them.” Many people believe that if someone is a saint, you should beat them with shoes, then you should say to the saint, ‘beat him ten times.’ This will not accomplish anything. If you hit someone with a shoe, you will receive a thousand in return.” Then they panicked and ran away from there. Many people also have this attitude, ‘How did you get angry?’ On the other hand, I met a gentleman just now. He started talking nonsense to me. I said, ‘Shut up, you are a foolish man, talking nonsense for no reason.’ They said, ‘I have read this scripture, I have read that scripture.’ I said, ‘You haven’t read anything.’ “They are talking nonsense. You don’t know anything. Right now, whether they run number two or number four, who knows what happens.” So I said, “Look, don’t talk foolishly. Let others understand what they are saying. Don’t interrupt in between, just keep quiet.” Then they said, “Look, you got angry. If your Kundalini is awakened, you wouldn’t get angry!” I said, “Don’t ask about my anger. It’s quite fierce when it arises.” So then they felt a bit ashamed. But the point is that people adopt such beliefs. You don’t become a trembling person. You become valorous, you become radiant people, and you are capable of wielding swords. It’s not like you’ll take whatever someone throws at you at that moment. Jesus said to forgive. The other point was, its meaning was different. Because at that time, people’s condition was such that no one could tolerate even a single insult. But after getting realized, immediately you feel the power within you. Immediately. So collective consciousness should be understood in such a way that one person stands up and says, “I am doing something special,” another person thinks, “I should do it too.” One person thinks, “I am very close to the Mother,” so he will move away that much. Because churning is happening. A great churning is happening. Maybe you are feeling it or not. When we churn curd, all the butter comes up. Then we add a little butter to it, understand this is an incarnation, understand, and understand that this is the grace of the Divine. And all the rest wraps around that butter. And everything moves together in the same way. Now, if someone thinks, “I am different,” if one or two, four particles of butter are left scattered here and there, people throw them away. Who is running after them? “All are one and in the same state. Don’t think that I am in a higher state. I am in a lower state, and that person is in a higher state, never think like that. Thinking in this way causes great harm. That means, you consider that when we are all one limb. If one finger thinks, “I should become big,” and the nose thinks, “I should become big,” how will it look? It’s a flaw. This is what cancer is. In cancer, one cell starts eating up the other cells by considering itself big. That’s how cancer happens. A person wants to make him unique so that everything comes to him, so that he becomes special somehow. If someone thinks, “Let me become special,” that person becomes cancerous for society. Sahaja Yoga is such a situation, as if I tell a story that there were many birds trapped in a net. So the birds advised each other, “If we all come together and lift this net, the net will rise with us, then we can break it and remove it somehow.” So they said, “Yes, okay.” They all came together, counted to one, two, three, and lifted it. And they all lifted it and broke the net. That’s what Sahaja Yoga is. People cannot understand the collectiveness of Sahaja Yoga, that’s why there is a lot of mess. It means, “Mother, I meditate at home. I do daily prayers. My vibrations have stopped. Of course! You have to come into collectivity. You have to come to the center. At least one day a week, you have to come to the center and see if your vibrations are okay or not. You have to work on others. You were made a lamp so that you can enlighten others. Therefore, you were not made to build your own house alone. Then that lamp may extinguish completely. This lamp can only burn in collectivity, otherwise it cannot burn. This is a special reason for Mahayoga that we do not consider ourselves separate. Come humbly, come into meditation, it may be that someone at the center advises you, ‘Brother, leave this, and don’t do this.’ So, don’t take it badly. Because they have experienced it. They know that this thing is wrong, it should be left, and it should be removed. And whatever is said in the center should be followed because our attention is there in the center. Krishna also said that where ten people sit in our name, that’s where we reside, not somewhere where one person sits alone in the wilderness and calls out “Krishna-Krishna”. He doesn’t have time for that. Kabir said, “Gather twenty-five by catching hold of the five.” Meaning, see how much authority they had in their language. They used to speak with such authority. There was no complaint in them. They say, “Catch hold of twenty-five by the five, tie them all with the same rope.” People like Kabir can say such things. And you can also say it later. When you transcend, you will also see that until all twenty-five don’t come, Sahajayoga is not complete. I come only then they come. Their condition doesn’t remain stable. Some people come, get realization and after that, when I don’t see them, in Sahajayoga, growth doesn’t happen. Try experiencing this with trees too, that if some trees wither, you plant them with other trees, they thrive. They give strength to each other. It’s as if people grow by seeing each other. And this is the same collectivity that is spreading in all nations and all countries. And one day you will realize that whether you live here, in England, in America, or in any Muslim countries or Chinese countries, wherever you are, you are all one. This is the beginning, and Sahajayoga is a big revolution. ‘San’ means good and ‘kranti’ means you know. This is a big, great revolution, a pure revolution which happens with love, which happens from within. First of all, it should be understood that we are the parts of that vast whole. We are not separate. And you will be amazed at how many benefits it has. One of our disciples was a professor, Sahab, in Rahre. They considered themselves a bit eccentric, a lot. Once they started telling me that these Sahibs who do Sahajayoga do well, they help many people to transcend, but they get a little angrier. His wife too is not in good terms with him. I started receiving complaints from all over the world. Even I was there. I stayed silent and didn’t say anything. Then they formed a group among themselves and started saying we will work separately. Still, I remained silent. The third time when I went, I saw that they were saying that it’s not harmful, . have a little tobacco, it’s okay, I do it. Mataji doesn’t know anything. I do it. No harm. So, all those who chew tobacco formed a group. For Mataji, it means Sahajayoga, but for those who chew tobacco, drink alcohol, take bribes, lie, it means Sahajayoga. Such groups were formed. So, I said to them, ‘That place was only for tobacco chewers. It’s very difficult to quit tobacco, very difficult.’ So, after that, I said to Janabeali, ‘Look, please be careful. You have done a lot of excesses. When this group forms, I said it then, then the poison becomes very strong. If there is only one cell, it’s fine. But if there are ten cells and all become malignant, then the person is in trouble.’ Then when I was coming by car, I told the managers who were there on the roads, “Keep an eye on them. I’m afraid they might get into trouble.” And you will be surprised to know that he got blood cancer. Now when he got blood cancer, his condition deteriorated. So, that gentleman reached Mumbai. And in Mumbai, all Sahaja yogis prayed earnestly for him. Absolutely went all out for them. All the doctors who were Sahaja yogis and the people who were there, they admitted him to the hospital, did all the diagnoses for him, ran around for him, did everything. Now, the relatives who were close to him, they all disappeared, no one cared about him. They didn’t have much money or resources. Everything was arranged by Sahaja yogis. People who never used to make trunk calls, were making trunk calls in London, saying, “Mother, there’s a Sahaja yogi, how they got blood cancer? Please cure them.” I said, “They never wrote a letter or did anything. Today, making a trunk call to London is not an easy thing. And whenever you see, they make trunk calls, ‘Mother, make them well, Mother, they are ours…'” It felt like as if  they were losing their own breath. Anyway, they are fine now, completely fine. The doctor said it would be over in ten days but they are completely fine now. Now they understand. Who their real relatives are, they have recognized them now. Not before. They used to run after those people, other relatives, feeding them, giving them drinks. They never talked about Sahaja Yoga with them. And when it came to joining Sahaja Yoga, they would form a group of tobacco users. But such a devoted relative won’t be found anywhere in the world. Most relatives are like that, who pour water on your happiness. And they say they’ll support you from above, but they actually wish you’re not happy. You see, it’s surprising that if someone dies, thousands of people come to cry. They might be happy, maybe in their hearts that there’s trouble at home. And when someone gets a promotion, achieves something good, they start saying, ‘Do you know how they got this promotion? They must have done some serious flattery.’ They’re never happy. But Sahaja Yoga is something else. People are happy in Sahaja Yoga when they see, ‘Oh, this Sahaja Yogi came first. This Sahaja Yogi has achieved so much.’ If a child is born in a Sahaja Yogi’s home, it’s like a celebration. Just now, there was a gentleman’s wedding in the neighborhood. They were from Switzerland. They came here and got married. They said, ‘All my relatives are here. What do I need to do by getting married in Switzerland?’ They came from Switzerland to Rahari – a village. They came here and got married, brought their wife as well, and got married there. They even rode a horse and did everything. They said, ‘Brother, I have no one there. All my relatives are here.’ And everyone celebrated their wedding with such a joy. And now, as they are about to have a child, all the Sahaja Yogis became so happy, they started sharing sweets among themselves. And their relatives couldn’t understand how this all happened. Now your relatives become Sahaja Yogis. They become your friends. They become ‘your own,’ your ‘soul children.’ The term ‘soul children’ is very beautiful. Perhaps no one has ever thought of its meaning. ‘Soul children’ are those who are born from the soul. It is said that when someone is very close to you, you call them ‘my soul child.’ The one who has a connection with the soul has an eternal relationship. I myself am amazed that my dear ones might feel hurt if someone experiences even a little discomfort and repeatedly ask for forgiveness, ‘Mother, please forgive me. You must forgive me. If he’s upset about something. If not…’ I said, ‘Brother, why are you asking for forgiveness on his behalf?’ ‘Now he’s forgetting to ask for forgiveness, and we are asking for it. Forgive him.’ Love rises so much, everyone sees it and feels it. It attaches so much that, how much love, how much care! If anyone faces any trouble, financial trouble, any difficulty, then everyone takes it upon themselves, I don’t even realize. Quietly, everyone stands together, and when all the world’s world stands of such Sahaja Yogis, ‘then think what will happen?’ Right now, we humans are inimical, filled with hatred, and running behind all sorts of competition and futile rat races. All this will end. And such a sense of security will arise within us that everyone is our brother and sister. But those who are not communal, they drift away from Sahaja Yoga. It’s like centrifugal force, it spins and spins, and if one deviates even a bit from the axis, he goes out of the orbit. He doesn’t stay, he doesn’t survive. That’s why one should stick. One should understand its rules, one should know. One should ask others. There’s nothing wrong or feeling bad about it. Those who came yesterday understood more. Today you’ve come, you understand. And those who come tomorrow will get to know you. There’s nothing wrong with feeling bad about it. But when a person comes first in Sahaja Yoga, he comes with this feeling that now we have arrived here, and look, we are showing great pride. They have become different. Their category has changed, they are different now. They may look like you, but they have become different. Just understand that there are boys studying in your college. Some are doing their B.A., some are in the first year. Then someone is doing their M.A. If an M.A. guy passes and becomes a professor, then we don’t say that he used to study with us yesterday and now he’s come above us. It’s the same kind of thing – their category has changed. Your category can change too. I have seen some people struggling in Sahaja Yoga for years. No progress is made, they just keep going back and forth, wavering. Sometimes they get caught up in the circles of gurus. Just today, a gentleman came, he might still come. They were getting realization, then they left; they went to some Shankaracharya, somewhere else, somewhere else. Poor souls went completely crazy, crazy. They started telling me that, “Mother, they have filled me with demons inside.” Everyone filled with demons. They have just arrived; we have cleared them up quite a bit. But their progress has decreased. If they had settled at that time, where would they be today? And the poor ones endured great suffering. They faced great distress. Understand the importance of Sahaja Yoga, it is very important. The greatest blessing comes in Sahaja Yoga. And where there is an attempt to break this Sahaja Yoga, that is, people’s habit of forming cliques, clubbing together with some excuse or another. If you have white hair, then I also have white hair. Alright, we match on one thing. If you are a tall man, then I am also a tall man, we match the club. If you have a government job, I also have a government job, alright, we match again. In collaboration, everything blends together. Which country do you belong to? The country of the Supreme Soul. Whose kingdom do you belong to? The Supreme Soul’s. The Supreme Soul has created it in such a way that you belong here, you belong there. Brother, the Supreme Soul creates diversity everywhere. With the diverse mixture of the three attributes, He has created all of this, and because of this, beauty comes from diversity. Imagine if everyone had the same appearance, wouldn’t people become bored? At least Indian women have enough intelligence to wear sarees even now, and now they wear different types of sarees. But men get bored – with their clothes. All the same. Women, however, still maintain their uniqueness. If one woman sees that another has come wearing a saree like mine, she will go, change and come back. And those who sell sarees are also so clever. They know they have developed a habit. They will display fifty sarees. Poor things never get tired. I say, who knows who is living, this too is not known. And if they ever find out that this saree is with her neighbor’s relative, they won’t take it. The sense of diversity is a sign of beauty. That’s why it’s created by the Supreme Soul. He has created the entire creation beautifully, made mountains somewhere, made rivers elsewhere, and made something else. Because you people are happy in it, you enjoy it. But you have turned it into this country, he has made it that country, she has made it that country, and you are fighting among yourselves. Strange situation. A stranger like us is really surprised, ‘Brother, what’s the point of fighting in this?’ And then gradually, in every country, their own problems, their own ways kept forming. In Sahajyoga, these things break down. You should have seen how the people coming from abroad were jumping and dancing with their villagers. And they were learning dance there, how their villagers dance. If they go to Punjab, they will go there and dance Bhangra, jumping and dancing with them. It’s worth seeing. They forgot which country we belong to. Love, it’s fun, the fun of love. Then a person doesn’t think about what clothes he wears, where he is living; just for fun. These thoughts don’t come – who is big, who is small, who is in what position. There is no consideration. These are all external things, not eternal. Because the eternal has been found. But the most important thing to remember, at all times, is that we should be collective and in collectivity lays the blessings of Sahaja Yoga. 

Alone, absolutely not. Not at all. You will lose everything. I have seen many people like this. People who mostly come to cure an illness, they are mostly like this. They come, the illness gets cured, and then they sit down. A gentleman came to us, shouting loudly, “Mother, I am burning, save me, save me, save me!” I said, “Sit down for a while.” After a while, when I reached him, he was fine in five minutes. Then one day, I met him in the market, and he had my photo stuck in his car. He started saying, “I have kept your photo at home too, and in my heart too.” I said, “Son, what’s the matter, there is no vibration.” He started saying, “Yes, there isn’t.” And now he is getting some new illness. I said, “All these photos have gone waste for you.” “Come to the center for Sahajyoga.” Just think, in Delhi city, we don’t have any center. Here, there are big ashrams for all kinds of thieves. We don’t have any place right now. We are conducting it in someone’s house. It’s okay. The wealth we have is the biggest thing for us. It’s not necessary for it to be lavish palaces or large, well-furnished ashrams. Those will never be ours. And so far, we haven’t been able to buy any land anywhere because we said we won’t use black market money. So far, in this Delhi city, we haven’t found a single person who said, ‘Okay, Mother, we will give you such land where we can directly put money.’ Not a single person in this Delhi city and even in your huge, bustling city of Mumbai! This is the situation. If you tell the government, even there, the lower-level people take bribes. They don’t know about all these things that such things happen. But they do. And after that, even if we didn’t give a bribe, they still allocated land to us. I mean, since we didn’t bribe them, they gave us a place inside the vegetable market. Tell me now! Inside the vegetable market where they tie the oxen, they provided space for the Sahaja Yoga. We said, “Brother, whoever allocated this, did they ever see how the Sahaja Yogis would be sitting where,  there with the oxen are?” Anyway, now people understood that we had to run a lot, for years. Now, after trying for ten years, they said, “We will think about it.” You know what that means as a government employee. They are still considering it. So whenever there is a space available, whatever space it may be, you should take it and do what Mr. Subramaniam has done with his house. And if you find a place, take such a place. There is no need for it to be a very large place. Where ordinary people can come. In this way, everyone is doing their own work. We are doing this for our children. We are doing this for the entire human race. There is no need to make it 50.5. It should be done with simplicity, with straight forwardness. Sahajayoga is such a blessing that those who have joined Sahajayoga have become big ministers today. This is also something to consider how amazing it is. But after becoming ministers, they forgot that they are Sahajayogis. When their ministry ends, they will come back. They will definitely come back. Then you will recognize that, “This person was a minister, Mother.” Now they don’t have time. For this, you will have to make a lot of effort to prioritize Sahajayoga. This is your ultimate duty. Anyone who says, “I don’t have time. When should I do it?” cannot do Sahajayoga. You have to take out some time every evening and every morning. There are many rules in Sahajayoga. Rules include various things like your conduct, behavior, lifestyle, posture, etc. I can’t tell you everything. One gentleman asked, “Mother, you said to show him the postures.” So I cannot show all the postures of all the chakras today. But in this matter, people know. Which postures should be done, which chakra has which problem. You can find out what problem you have, what your difficulties are. You can discuss among yourselves and progress. However, you need to talk to each other and say, “I have a problem.” There should be open communication among everyone. Most people come there and see that he was that gentleman. If they were all doing that, then we’re not there to provide Sahaja Yoga for such people. You have to enter there, stay there, and talk to those people. Because this is an art that is obtained on repeated requests. Any skill, you know, people only give it when your condition deteriorates. So, it’s also a test for you to see how capable you are. It’s not like you come and become a mere puppet and say, “Sir, they were like this and that. They misbehaved with us, so we ran away.” Nothing like that. You have to immerse yourself in Sahaja Yoga and come into it. Although no one insults you. But if you have a lot of pride, you’ll feel like that in every conversation. Like one gentleman came and started telling me, “We came to meet you, but there was a gentleman there who was quite unruly.” I asked, “What happened?” They said, “We came to your place during the day.” I said, “What time?” “3:30.” I said, “At that time, I’m resting.” So they said, “We thought it’s like a Mother’s royal court, you can come anytime.” I said, “Alright, for you, it might be like a Mother’s  royal court, but where did your common sense go?”  Shouldn’t a mother who works day and night deserve some rest? If someone says she’s resting at this time, “You shouldn’t come,” then you should think for yourself if it’s right. But when they stand at that place, what will they do? In this way, many times people run away from Sahajayoga in vain, and the biggest reason for this, I think, is that they are not yet eligible. The one who is eligible keeps entering. They might get angry for a few days, things might happen. Okay, they keep entering. And ultimately he finds the depth. The soft line always takes, the lively thing. Like a seed, when it germinates, its root cap is big or small, just that much. But it’s wiser, smarter. It doesn’t clash with the rocks. It doesn’t clash with any rocks, but if a little soft spot is found on the edge of a rock, it keeps entering from there. And it settles on those rocks, grips them in such a way that the whole tree stands leaning on it. It’s a matter of wisdom that when there’s just a single cell, and it has so much intelligence, then shouldn’t Sahaja yogis know how to reach the depth? Making excuses and running away from Sahaja yoga won’t lead to progress. You’ll be the one, at loss. You should stop all these excuses. This is a game of your mind. Let go of it. It’s just ego and nothing else. It’s a subtle form of ego. No one is going to fall at your feet. It’s important to have the best communication and expression. But if someone even went astray, then what’s the need to run away from Sahaja yoga now? Until you don’t come to the center, none of your work can be successful. The biggest thing is that many people also think that if we are Sahaja yogis, then if anything happens to our distant relatives, like our grandparents’ grandparents, sister’s sister, brother’s brother, then if something happens to them, only Mataji should fix it. There is a gentleman who is a very prominent Sahaja yogi and has been a trustee here for years. His wife as well. Both of them were very ill. They recovered. They have gone through deep waters. Everything happened. Their son’s son fell from above and died. Generally, Sahaja yoga practitioners don’t die from accidents, we’ve never heard of anyone dying from that, and he was the only one. He died in such a way. He was a young boy. But he said, “Alright, something had to happen and it did. But my mother has saved me from accidents so many times. I have told my son so many times to go to his mother. He never came.” So can I take his responsibility? If he had come to his mother, bringing his child with him, then this would never have happened. He expressed the same thing to me elsewhere. They loved that child so much, everything, but he said, “When the father himself doesn’t come, how will the child come?” We haven’t hired your relatives, nor should you. Tell them to delve into Sahaja Yoga. You find Sahaja Yoga. And if you embrace its relationship, then the whole world becomes your relative. But thinking, “My sister is always sick, and so are my cousins,” and the like, brings no benefit. First, you must transcend. After transcending, you gain authority. You can demand whatever you wish as part of that authority. You have complete authority, sir. It’s in your hands. If you understand, go to England and say, “We want this.” Oh, forget it, people there won’t let you step foot in London until you have power to go there. When you don’t have power, it’s wrong to seek blessings through Sahaja Yoga. Like there was a gentleman, very ill. These people called, made trunk calls, “Mother, please cure him.” They were beyond help, nothing could be done. So I said, “Alright, we’ll try.” Their son was beyond help. We tried, I said, “Look, let it go.” Their arrogance was such that they didn’t recover. Then when their time came, they recovered. Their life went on for a few days. But when it’s time to die, a person dies anyway; we’re not the ones to stop it. It’s just that through Sahaja Yoga, a person attains peace, before dying, and avoids sudden unexpected events. So, I said, “One doesn’t die from accidents. Suddenly, something doesn’t just happen and one dies. In reality, when it’s time to die, one dies.” So when it was their time to die, they passed away, poor souls. They weren’t beyond help, and with great difficulty, they were somehow treated. When they died, all their relatives started saying, “Mother didn’t save them.” I said, “Ask them a question: What did you do for Mother?” The first question. People start claiming rights through Sahaja Yoga. Because it’s easy. They think, “What did Mother do for us? Now, brother, what have you done for Mother? What have you done for yourself?” First, the question should be, “What good have we done for ourselves?” What have we gained from Sahaja Yoga? Have we kept our vibrations right? Or have we helped even one person get realization? In Maharashtra, you would be amazed; so many people are getting realized, in thousands. I don’t want to emphasize the importance of Maharashtra; you should go and see for yourself. I am amazed myself that how can so many thousands of people transcend? And then, many more are joining as well. This is also the case with those people. And such things don’t happen there. Now, a rule was made there before by us that if someone has helped eleven people getting realization, only they can touch my feet. People there have a disease of touching feet. If you tell someone not to touch feet, it becomes a problem for them. Even if there are six thousand people, they would still want to touch the mother’s feet. Here, if you tell someone to touch feet, they might get upset and ask, “Why should we touch their feet?” They might touch, but if I tell them, “If you want to touch feet, you should at least have helped eleven people. Only those who have helped eleven people can touch feet.” So some people stood up and said, “Mother, we haven’t helped eleven, but we have helped at least ten. Can we touch your feet?” Look at the innocence. Now they said, “Brother, now make it twenty-one.” If you have helped at least twenty-one people get realization, then you can touch mother’s feet, otherwise the right doesn’t accrue. And this task was accomplished, many people came out who had helped twenty-one. So many came out that I had to say, “Brothers, now let it be, increase the number.” Even if you make it fifty-one, there are still many people who have helped “ten-ten thousand” transcending. Perhaps that’s why it’s named “Maharashtra.” There are people there who have helped “ten-ten thousand” self realize. They will come out. There, and even here, they don’t even get along with themselves, what will they do to others? It’s a completely chaotic situation. They don’t even have self-esteem. They don’t think about themselves, nor about others. They don’t know what they are. We are beings of the soul, what a great thing it is! How powerful we are! We should enhance this power. They don’t even think about themselves. They just put on a facade and that’s it. This doesn’t work. Inside, there’s a struggle going on, and it has to be shared with everyone. In Marathi, there’s a poet who said, “I don’t need weeds, I don’t need gossip.” They started saying that only those who have life should come for this. This is not the work of just any Tom, Dick, or Harry. “I don’t need gossip” means this is not the work of fools. That’s why I have to request you, tell you, very earnestly, that it is very important to preserve whatever you having been given. It is very important to enhance it. You are the first stone of the foundation of Delhi. And today, for seven years, I’ve been working hard here in Delhi, and still, I haven’t been able to add even two hundred stones to this count. This is difficult. Think about it. And those who come are mostly focused on changing parties and forming alliances, which may be influenced by politics. Whatever it may be. They indulge in so much politics that there’s no limit to it. There’s no politics in this, there’s nothing. The only task here is to attain oneself, to attain the Divine, and to transform the whole world into a new beautiful, loving revolution. It’s a huge responsibility. It’s a very noble task. It requires thousands of people, and if you don’t do it, then understands that this is the final judgment. The judgment will be made through Kundalini. And God will not judge you without putting you on the scale. Your judgment will only happen after awakening Kundalini. The last judgment that has been told has begun. And those who hesitate in this, for them in the Kalki Avatar, you will realize that there will be division. No one will give you a speech, no one will talk. Just a piece here or a piece there. Understand this, and tie these things in your bundle, that now, whatever efforts the saints and sages have made here, whatever great avatars have come here, whatever work has been done for the court of the Divine, all of that is complete, and you are on the stage. If you want to stay on the stage, then stay on the stage, or descend below. It is your responsibility not to stay down but to lift everyone up. You are of a different kind. You have a different category. You are practitioners, and you should understand that for this, there must be unwavering determination. In the army, they call it wearing the ‘baana’. Only then can this task be accomplished. It cannot be done by just anyone. You are not just anyone, I know. But you haven’t recognized yourself yet. Upon recognizing it, it will be surprising what power, tremendous power, this divine power, Mother has given us! And as soon as the power begins to flow, a person thinks, ‘I too can become capable.’ When this essence starts overflowing from this vessel, then this vessel also becomes worthy of entering this gathering. In this way, a person’s behavior, their own way of doing things, everything changes. The biggest thing is that the biggest beings want to be born in this world. If the atmosphere in Delhi is not right, then only demons will be born here. Either highly privileged people will be born who will beat you with sticks. Or demons will be born, and this city will become a city of demons. That’s why I am very scared. Sometimes I think they don’t understand yet. You people have a huge responsibility because Delhi is the gateway to this country. If demons come after crossing this gateway, you will not be left anywhere. You should guard this gateway just like the mighty angels and the great eternal beings are guarding your life. Protect yourself and also protect others. Ensure your well-being and the well-being of others, and make the whole world prosperous. That’s my wish. After this, I am going to Madras, but after that, I will come back. And even after that, my program will be in Delhi for three to four days. All of you come there, wherever the program is happening. Wherever Sahaja Yogis come, there is more work. Everyone come there. These people don’t even understand your language, and wherever I went to villages and such places, I kept speaking in Hindi or Marathi. But these people kept coming there, and all kinds of troubles, you know, these people don’t have the habit of living in villages at all. By staying there, they understand that it becomes much easier for Mother. Because you are the path. I use your path. If you understand, how big your this power house is. If there are no channels in it, then how will power flow? You are that channel, so you should come wherever I do, as long as I am there, with determination, understanding the religious duty, and adopt this work for yourself and for others as well. Thank you!