Tattwa Ki Baat

University of Delhi, New Delhi (India)

1981-02-15 Tatwa Ki Baat 1 Delhi NC Source NITL HD, 61'
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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Talk about Tattva (Principle) 

Delhi University

15th February, 1981


Yesterday, I told you that today I will tell you about the tattva (principle). If we look at a tree and if we see the growth in the tree, then we realize that there is some or the other power flowing inside it, due to which the tree is growing and will attain its full growth. It has this power within, otherwise this growth cannot take place. 

But from where does the tree get this power? What is the meaning of it’s tattva? Whatever is visible outside, like the tree is visible, like it’s fruits, flowers, leaves are all visible. This is not a tattva. It’s not based on any tattva. There is something more subtle than this. We are not able to see that subtle. If it was in a shape, it would have been visible. But it’s in a formless state, meaning that the water flowing inside it, although it bears the power, it alone is not it’s tattva. Water is carrying that power but if water is everything, then why doesn’t a tree grow, if water is put on a stone?

Then in tattva one must know that everything has its own tattva. Water has its own tattva. Trees have their own tattva and stones also have their own tattva. Similarly, human beings have also got their own tattva, based on it’s capabilities, he is moving, growing, by which he achieves his targets. 

These tattvas cannot be the same. As I have told you, if a plant is growing due to the water principle (tattva) then why a plant cannot grow out of a stone? If the seed is growing from the principle (tattva) of the seed itself then why does it seek help from Mother Earth, and if everything is happening due to Mother Earth, then why do the stones not grow because of Mother Earth?

It means that there is one tattva in many tattvas, but there are many tattvas. All these different tattvas are all settled within one, and all these different tattvas also exist within us. They reside in different centres, but they are merged in one body and all their movement is only in one direction and they have only one target and only one thing (inaudible)

Like the tattva of Ganesh ji exist on Mooladhara Chakra. It is the Ganesha tattva due to which we are seated on this Earth and not thrown away. If Ganesha tattva was not within us, we could not have stayed fixed on this earth. While this earth is rotating everyday, we are glued to it. Someone may say that there exists Ganesha tattva within Mother Earth itself. That’s also true! Due to Ganesh tattva of Earth we are fixed on this Earth, but the principle that exists in Earth is called it’s Axis, meaning the line in which this tattva exists is called Axis, but actually there is no axis. There is nothing like a line, but it’s believed that the power of this tattva exists in that line and the Earth rotates on that line.

So, in what form does that tattva exist within us, that gives us the knowledge of direction? This tattva is more in the animals. Birds have it in abundance because they are innocent. They do not have any deceitful hypocrisy in them and they cannot think. They do not have the power to think and also they cannot think about the future. Also they do not think of the past. Whatever comes before them, that’s the reality for animals. They think nothing of the past you will be surprised to know. If a monkey dies, till he dies they make so much fuss, but the moment he dies they will leave him and run away. They have nothing to do with it. It’s all over! It’s dead, it’s like any other stone. There is no relation with it. Absolutely useless! But gradually, definitely within them they get the experience.

Like if you try to catch hold of a lion and catch him in a net. If it happens two or three times, he is caught but escapes, then next time the lion sniffs out that there is some kind of danger! Certain knowledge is God given, and few things it learns with experience, what tricks people are playing and how to escape them. With experience too animals learn a lot, still there is a lot of God given knowledge by which he keeps learning, by which he keeps getting agility. 

Like in Japan, there are certain birds. When they start flying more, and start running about more than usual, then people understand that the earth tremor is about to come, an earthquake is about to come, because the birds start hearing it’s trembling much before human beings.

Animals also hear sounds much before human beings. They have great power to hear, to see. Even if an eagle sees from a great height, it understands whether the person below is dead or alive. All these powers of the five sense organs  animals also have like humans. And the greatest power animals have, which is achieved due to Ganesha  tattva, is sense of direction. In which direction one should go. Yesterday I told you that the birds fly from Siberia and arrive here. They know because of this tattva, if they are traveling to the North or traveling to the South. When the Ganesha tattva goes on reducing in a person, his  knowledge of direction starts reducing.

Among human beings, any person who thinks too much, ‘Whether I should do this or not? How much profit will I have? How much loss is there? Should I invest money in this or invest in that?’ A person who wastes his time in such nonsensical things, he has little sense of direction. You make him stand and tell him to go to say North, now go to North, this is North! After sometime you will see that he is going towards the South! He loses all sense of direction. You make him stand at the night time and ask him about East, West, North and South. He will say how can I tell? There is no sun either.

When your attention is too much  outside. You have been either outsmarted by someone or you want to outsmart someone, both the things. You are either afraid that the other person is clever that he may uproot you or you are cleverly planning to ruin another person! In both the situations your innocence goes on reducing. When such a state arises then you lose all sense of direction.

I will tell you a simple thing, don’t mind! I notice this nowadays. Earlier girls did not indulge into this but now I see this in girls. It’s more in Delhi – to raise their eyes and look at every man! Earlier men used to look, now women have also started! Now you will think it’s an insignificant thing, what’s the big deal! But now it’s a must to look at every man. They will say that mother is talking perhaps about etiquette. No, it is a very deep thing mother is telling. The more you see, the more your attention moves outward. The more your vision goes outside, the more your Mooladhara Chakra will be damaged, especially due to these kinds of activities. Or many people have this habit of looking at everything while walking on the way. They have to read every advertisement and by chance if they miss something, they will turn back again and again to see it. Or whatever is being sold in the market must be seen by them. What is this? What is this? What is that thing?

The relation of our eyes with our Mooladhara chakra is very significant. Mooladhara chakra here at the back is very much related to our eyes. That’s why I want to warn those people, who keep moving their eyes here and there, that their Mooladhara chakra is in a bad condition and they have to face all kinds of strange problems. The most important thing is that the attention of such a person is not stable because he has forgotten his way of life. To look at everything unnecessarily is also a kind of forgetting the way. 

A person who knows his direction, he goes straight. Only human beings can forget the direction, not the animals because they have no reason to forget it. Suppose an animal kills another animal and leaves it somewhere. He knows where he has left it, he will get it’s smell and he will reach the exact place! Cannot get lost!

If you want to throw out a cat from your house. Go and drop her seven miles away. Then also she may return. And dogs are so wonderful! They smell things so well and immediately find out where the thief is and where the missing items are!

But the smelling power in human beings is destroyed. He starts getting a foul smell of filth, but not the foul smell of filth of sin! He is not able to smell whatever is living within us as sin or that he is standing next to someone who is a big sinner! He will definitely smell that it is something dirty, complain about lack of sanitation, but even if a sinner is standing next to him he won’t feel his foul smell. And if that sinner is a big man, if he is a big minister, one will not mind even licking his feet.

Due to Ganesha tattva going out of order, the whole existence of man is destroyed. The Ganesha tattva is affected by the moon. When the moon in a person goes out of order, the person gets lunacy. He becomes mad. And what is this madness? When a person has roving eyes his attention does not remain in his control and any evil spirit can attack him.

I asked foreigners, ‘What are you doing to your eyes? Jesus Christ has said in clear words, ‘It’s written that- Thou shall not commit adultery, but I verily say to you, Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.’ We spoil our Ganesha tattva in this manner. When the Ganesha tattva gets spoiled, the Kundalini does not get settled and pulls it back no matter how high you take it, that Kundalini like there is (unclear) in that manner Kundalini. Firstly, the Kundalini of such a person does not rise and even if it rises it falls.

Therefore, say if a person is a thief, he steals things, it’s not a big crime in the eyes of God. If he steals from the government like he doesn’t pay income tax, he doesn’t have that much income too and the government levies so much tax. One does not know how much tax the government will impose? It has no limit! God knows who is actually the thief? The government is a thief or the person who is burdened with so much tax is the thief! This doesn’t mean that the Sahaja Yogis should stop paying taxes! (Laughter) But the thing! 

In the eyes of God that person is impure whose intentions are not pure towards women. One should learn to look at all other women, except for your wife, with purity. Nowadays, people do not believe that such a thing happens, but that’s how we used to see most people during our time. Nowadays, I see people of my age who are old, they too are ruined. In old-age they have picked up wrong ideas from youngsters. Now old men are much more ruined than youngsters. One cannot understand when they will get wisdom!

When we were small, there were young people around. Nobody dared misbehave. There was never such a question, hardly any, I used to go alone anywhere. I have also studied in Punjab. In Punjab who could dare misbehave with a woman! Everyone will tear that man to shreds. Every single man was afraid to misbehave in that Punjab. Now Punjabis of today- don’t know if they are Punjabis or what! If anybody raised an eye towards a woman with wrong intentions, the sardars did not tolerate it. There used to be bloodshed and today the condition is such that nobody knows anyone.

And now we say how can this happen? Our attention cannot get stable! Fifty years ago it was not so, forty years ago it was not so what has happened now? Where has the shame of the eyes disappeared? There was nobody to tell them to have some shame. It used to happen automatically. People used to know. This is how they used to live. Nowadays we have become very ‘qualified’. So much ‘ability’ has come that our Ganesh Tattva is damaged quite a lot.

Yesterday you asked me that’s why I am telling you otherwise I don’t say because people feek offended, but the atmosphere nowadays is very bad, very harmful due to which all kinds of indiscipline, malfunction, insolence and wickedness exist. When you start indulging in these kinds of activities, now even women have become like this, then what about the condition of men? 

Shri Mataji (addressing someone in the crowd)  Sardarji, what made you feel so bad?

Sardarji: No, No!

Shri Mataji: Then why are you leaving the program midway?

Sardarji: I’m just coming back.

(Shri Mataji continues) In this way women are also like that. Not just men, now women have also started becoming like them. It is very difficult for the kingdom of God to come into such a world.

Nowadays, there are also gurus who teach people to indulge in such wrong things to achieve God. Lakhs of people go to such gurus! They are garlanded. They will have ten times more people than what we have here. Nobody likes to hear about purity! So these fake gurus tell you to do whatever you like, crush and damage your Ganesh tattva and (unclear) Ganesh ji!

In the tattva it’s not a matter of science but of purity. A person should be holy. People address me as ‘Her Holiness’ but do not understand when I talk of holiness, because nowadays no guru tells that one has to be pure. Mataji is a strange guru because first and foremost she talks about keeping purity. But this is what most of the gurus tell their disciples, ‘Do whatever you like but deposit your money with me. That’s it! Have you deposited the money or not?’

Now, awakening of the kundalini is the reality. It’s an actualization. For this it’s necessary for human beings to be pure. If you are impure then one should not get the right to get awakening of Kundalini.

Still there is this relation of a mother. A mother never wants to accept that her son is immoral. It becomes very difficult for her. She thinks that somehow I should give him his self realization by using all the power of my virtues. You must know whether you like it or not that you have to make your life holy after getting your self realization. It’s a must that purity must exist in you. It doesn’t mean that you become a monk, not a monk but be a Sahaja yogi.

I doesn’t mean at all that you live in an unnatural way, not at all!  By that a person becomes very dry, becomes a very dry person. This is also prohibited. Auspicious married life is blessed in Sahaja Yoga. In fact there are marriages conducted in Sahaja yoga which are very beneficial. We organize marriages in Sahaj yoga which have many benefits. Marriage is an auspicious event and you all know that we always worship Shri Ganesha. 

If there is no purity in you, then you cannot talk of God. It’s absolutely true! That’s why many people ask, Mother, what will happen to the fruits of our actions (karmas) which are not good. You needn’t say these things before me, because for a mother nothing is difficult. Her name itself is Papanashini (one who destroys all the sins) so why worry, but all wrong doings are forgiven till you get your self realization because you are in darkness, but after getting realization you must know that you can awaken your Ganesh Tattva very easily.

When foreigners have been able to achieve it, why can’t you do it? When these people have learnt what is purity then can we not fix our Ganesh Tattva? At least I haven’t come across any Indian who considers impurity a virtue. He does wrong but knows that this is a sin, it’s a mistake. Any Indian whether he lives abroad or here. They indulge into wrong things and know that it’s wrong, but these foreigners don’t even know that it is wrong. They think it’s good. They feel that their welfare is only possible if they indulge in wrong activities. They are so naive in this matter, they are too simple, poor things! Yet they survived (after coming to Sahaja Yoga), but the responsibility lies with you to maintain this Ganesha Tattva.

Like Shri Ganesha- where is his Mooladhara chakra? Whatever the excretion activities are, all are done by this centre where Shri Ganesha resides. He does all that work because, Shri Ganesha is like a lotus in the mud, who spreads so much fragrance with his scent that even that mud becomes fragrant. You will be surprised that as soon as your Ganesha tattva begins to solidify, so much joy, about which you have never known, will start rising from within because the tattva is immaculate. The tattva itself means immaculate. When it has achieved its tattva, meaning it has become immaculate because all its impurity is gone.  The one who does not let any impurity settle within is pure immaculate. Anything that purifies can only be a tattva, because nothing can stick to tattva. It always remains the tattva.

That’s why first and foremost we invoke Shri Ganesha, we worship him and we respect him. But nowadays there are people who are disrespecting Shri Ganesha morning till evening in the name of Kundalini. They are insulting him so much that I can’t even tell you. Kundalini is a mother and that too is a virgin. 

When Shri Gauri was in a virgin state and when before the marriage she had gone to take bath to welcome her husband, marriage had taken place but she had not yet met her husband. So when she went for a bath, she created Shri Ganesha and kept him outside the bathroom. It’s a fact! It has another meaning or it has another dimension, that he should protect his mother, protect her honour and her protocol and protect her chastity, because she is a virgin (Kanya).

Similarly the Kundalini within us is in the form of Mother Gauri meaning she is a virgin. She has not yet met her husband and her husband in the form of Spirit is Shri Shiva, and Shri Ganesha is sitting there. Where Shri Ganesha is seated from that door even Lord Shiva cannot pass through! It is such a pure entrance! And these evil people who should be called Tantrik try to move towards Kundalini from that side, due to which they get into all kinds of troubles!

An unholy person has no right to awaken the Kundalini. If such a person will try, Shri Ganesha will definitely get displeased and as a result many kinds of ailments will attack the person. Some people I have heard start dancing. Some people start yelling, some become confused and some start making sounds of animals. I have seen some people get blisters because they get in touch with people who are impure and have no knowledge of Kundalini and when they take to Kundalini awakening by wrong methods then they face the fury of Shri Ganesha and the seeker has to suffer a lot. All tantrik vidya is achieved by upsetting Shri Ganesha. People called tantriks are not real tantriks at all!

The real pure Nirmal tantra is actually Sahaja Yoga, because if the meaning of tantra is kundalini, yantra means Kundalini as well then this knowledge is only in Sahaja yoga and rest of the tantriks are against God, they are selfish people, evil people, who by upsetting Shri Ganesha, by upsetting the Goddess, by indulging in impure activities in front of their statues, create a world where they can perform their evil practices, and by doing pret Vidya and shamshan Vidya (black magic) they can cheat people.

It’s very important to understand that tantriks can never touch a person who has a strong Ganesha tattva. Never, no matter how much they try! If the Ganesha principle of a person is strong, the tantik may die in the process, but is unable to harm him.   That’s why Ganesha tattva is the security. The greatest security comes from Ganesha tattva. That’s why you should keep your Ganesha tattva very strong.

Firstly keep your eyes under control. An incarnation like Lakshmana also kept his eyes lowered and only looked at the holy feet of Sita ji. He was sinless. Not just Sita ji, he used to only look at the feet of other people as well. Because he knew that by looking up, or running after someone would only result in damaging his attention.

Ganesh tattva has come from Mother Earth. She has given us Ganesha tattva and that’s why we should be thankful to Mother Earth again and again that by giving us this Ganesh tattva she has given us the sense of direction. When the Ganesha tattva is awakened in a person, he gets wisdom and discretion. We always pray to Shri Ganesha, please give us discretion. Please give us wisdom.

It doesn’t matter if human beings don’t have the sense of direction, but 

they must have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. That’s why we ask him to grant us discretion and that’s why he is known as the giver of discretion. Now this is the Ganesh tattva.

The second most important tattva within us is Vishnu tattva. From which we sustain the dharma which is affected by our Nabhi chakra. We have our dharma, in our Nabhi chakra. Like when we were amoeba, we were seeking food. When you rose from the state of amoeba and became a human being you start seeking power. And when you went further you start seeking God. It’s the  dharma of human beings to seek God. Animals cannot do that. No other living being can seek God. Only a human being can seek God. This is the dharma of human beings, which is looked after by Shri Vishnu.

Now, many people think that we get money from lord Vishnu, we get many financial benefits from Vishnu ji, but it’s not so that we get only money from him. See we have such wrong ideas about it. From Vishnu ji we get our (kshem) well being and nothing else. What benefit one gets from well being, let’s see! When a human being gets his well being- let’s take an example of a fish who is fully satisfied with the ocean. It achieves satisfaction. It feels that it has completely seen and understood the whole ocean and has learnt the dharma of the ocean. Now it wants to know the dharma of Earth. So it moves in that direction. 

First one fish came out. When that fish came out only one fish, that what is born first is considered an incarnation. So that one fish pulled many fishes along with her. For learning what ? Which dharma? Dharma of this Earth! What is the dharma of this Earth? First we must understand that. That’s why those fishes came out crawling, now they were curious to know the dharma of Earth. Till now they knew about dharma of water. First they learnt dharma of water, now they started learning about the Dharma of Mother Earth. When they started learning about the Dharma of Mother Earth, they started crawling and saw that there are trees and they can eat the leaves of the trees as well. 

Thirst is the first thing by which a person starts seeking. The power of seeking exists in the nabhi chakra because you have a thirst or you have a desire to quench your thirst somehow. So when they saw the trees they realised that they are crawling and cannot eat the things hanging on the tree. Gradually they acquired four legs and became a tortoise, who saw huge trees around and thought what to do. So in order to quench his thirst of seeking he thought why not grow higher and that’s how he became an animal.

And after becoming an animal it thought of raising his neck and see things around. Lived so long with head bent down now time to raise its neck and see! When it raised its neck it became a human being. Gradually it became a human being. So this dharma that we have within us, we sustain it. 

Like first it was dharma of a fish to swim in the water, after that it was the dharma of the tortoise to crawl. After that the Dharma of the animals was to walk on their four feet, although their necks were bent downwards. Then came horses who had their neck held high. Afterwards they made their body stand straight and stood on two feet. This is the Dharma of a human being that he is standing on two feet and his neck is straight. It happened outwardly that you understood in the gross way but what did humans achieve in tattva? Whenever you do something the tattva should flow in whatever work you are doing.

For example, today I am talking through this and you are listening to me but imagine if something better than this comes up in future, so it’s machinery that will work will all be new or not? Similarly the tattva in the human beings developed and that tattva is that he seeks God. In this tattva one starts seeking God. So the first tattva of human beings is to seek God. The man who does not seek God is worse than an animal. When he started his search for God his tattva of seeking in the Nabhi chakra became complete.

Now he came on another tattva, so now when he started seeking God he saw that this universe has been created and it’s quite possible that God exist in these stars, these planets and other celestial bodies. His eyes turned towards that. Then he thought of (Hiranyagarbha) Shri Mahabhramadev. Then human beings wrote Vedas and their attention moved towards fire and the five elements. He tried to learn about them. After learning about them they performed the yagnya and worshiped Shri Brahmadev and Goddess Saraswati. After doing all that they felt that they have learnt everything.

Like in science we all know a lot. We have learnt everything, but when the result of science came we realized that we have ended up making atom bombs!! So the scientists reached the brink, when they started thinking where to go next. If we take even one step forward the whole world will be destroyed in seconds. If you read the books they have written, one is named ‘Shocked’. What a big shock it is, and how many people are in ignorance. That’s why they are sad.

Like the people of France they always look so sad. So I asked, ‘why this?’ Sahaj yogis told me, ‘If you tell them to be happy and joyous they will think there is no greater stupid than you. You know nothing about this world.’ So, ‘I said really?’ These people say that they have read a lot and have read books by which they have learned that a great calamity is about to hit the world and the whole world is about to get totally destroyed and humans are totally prepared to destroy themselves in seconds. This is a big disaster and how can anyone be full of happiness and joy under these circumstances? These people cannot believe it.

So I asked, ‘Is this this reason why people drink? Is this the reason for their drinking because they are very sad people, miserable souls isn’t it?’ They hang their faces meaning they are sad, then why do they take alcohol? It can be that they want to kill the sorrow, this can be one explanation that they are trying to kill the sorrow, but at every corner you will find a bad woman standing on the road in Paris. What’s the purpose, why? See, human beings have created a big drama here. That I am very sad and therefore I must drink and also commit sin, because if I do not commit a sin how will I get rid of my misery!  People say such stupid things.

So, if seeking God in tattva is everything then you must know that you cannot achieve God through science. Whatever you have achieved through science, whatever great knowledge you have achieved, nobody has got joy out of it. That’s the first thing, that you become more  lethargic. Now you cannot walk in England, if you visit a shop. If they have to add two, four and six they cannot do it. They need a computer for it! They cannot do without it! If it get lost then they will lose their head. They cannot think. First by excessive thinking their hands became useless. they can’t do any embroidery work, any cooking.

When their brain started working excessively, it became a machine. They put their brain in machines. Now machines have come, and the brains have become useless. Machines are now everything for them. They cannot do without machines. People commit suicide if there is a power cut! Here (in India) by God’s grace it is still better. People are used to these power cuts. But people there are worried, what if there is a power failure! Once there was a power failure in America, I don’t know how many accidents took place, how many troubles and how many problems cropped up. So much drama, as if a storm has come like if a flood has come. This is how they have got enslaved to electricity and now they are discovering that they have created mountains of plastic. Now what to do with this plastic? How to destroy it? They are putting attention to this problem and now worrying about it.

If you visit even one house abroad, you will find a variety of things made of plastic. Even Indians are losing their minds because they ask me to get nylon sari from abroad. Here we get such good saris of cotton and saris in silk, why wear nylon? But we are now taken up by nylon. Tomorrow we will develop a liking for plastic. Abroad, if you tell someone they don’t believe that we are so stupid. For them cotton is like God, because it’s not available. Earlier they use to make a lot of cotton clothes.

As they consume a lot of alcohol, they will have ten different types of glasses in their house to serve it. If they sit to have their meals, there are a number of spoons and different types of plates for different servings. Why not just take a thali (a big Indian serving plate made of metal)  and eat by hand! Why large numbers of glasses and different types of cutlery, different types of plates! God save from them!

The situation is such that they have extracted all the tattva of Mother Earth and now they have become hollow. So, now what are they eating into? From morning till evening they eat in the paper! One of our relatives went to America. Poor thing he is old styled and he said, ‘I am really fed up. I got tired of every day’s picnic. Everytime you see either plastic plate or paper plates!’ This is the condition of their houses. While we think they are so affluent and prosperous. But what do they have except plastic? Eating in plastic, living in plastic and dying in plastic! And the condition of their houses is such that they live in hotels and die in hospitals. They have become nomads. they have lost everything. There is no tattva left.

These science related people, if I tell you anything about them you will have a good laugh. Take the case of Medical science. People say so much has been achieved, but just see what has been achieved! Nothing has happened! Just see! I was told, the toothpaste they are using, they add chloroform in it! Due to this they are now getting cancer! So some people asked me to get neem toothpaste from India, because it does not contain chloroform. I said alright! Chloroform is expensive. How can we (Indians) use it? We cannot add chloroform in them. So we started sending toothpaste from here.

The soaps they use for hands also contain chemicals and they are not really soaps. You will see that the soap of India will be used all over the world in the coming days. All of you, no need to buy shares (laughter) because Indian soap is pure. It’s made on the basis of tattva. It’s not artificial.

All the things abroad-I do not ever use any foreign products, because all their products if you notice- they have this high scents, something called Tabac. It’s all made of tobacco. As it’s made of tobacco it’s called Tabac. Because the tobacco gradually starts affecting, the person starts getting intoxicated. And he thinks that he is addicted to it and uses only Tabac. It is tobacco and in our country only tobacco water is used. They too must have been made in the same fashion.

The perfumes in our country are real. They are actually perfumes, but here it’s just chemicals. Like they use dye in the hair. In our country they apply (mehndi) Henna for that but whatever these people apply in their heads gives cancer! There is so much artificiality here that people lost the hair of their eyebrows, and some lost their hair in their youth. Some don’t get hair in their beard and others somewhere else (laughter). It’s a weird and strange situation! It was found that they used such products that all their natural hair growth stopped! Sardarjis (Sikh people with long hair and turbans) will have a bad time there. (Laughter) And if they take more alcohol, it will be worse.

Anyways, whatever may happen, what I have to say is that by indulging in artificial things, and since we are unaware of our tattva and we tried to get on the tattva of these five elements, we were still in the gross. It’s grossness is not it’s tattva. The tattva of all the (Panchmahabhut) five elements is this Brahma Tattva. And what is Brahma Tattva? Simply by achieving the spirit that Brahma tattva starts flowing from within us. 

We didn’t search for that tattva but something else. We went on searching and searching and reached outside, where we came to the gross. That’s why no one is happy in other nations. So much science, media, they are all very learned people, so educated, but are now standing on the point, that if they go one step further all of them will fall very badly! That’s why everyone is shocked and move about in a very sad state. They are so upset that very few people you will find there, whose one or the other body part is not twitching! Either the eye must be twitching, or the nose must be twitching, otherwise their head is like this. You will not find one mind which is peaceful. Women beat men and men beat women. Parents kill their children. Two children are killed every week by parents. They actually kill! It’s the statistics there. Minimum two children must die and they are killed by their parents! Where we have this kind of culture, we must  understand that these people have not understood the tattva. If they would have known and got the tattva, their condition would not be like this, because tattva is the giver of joy! They have removed the tattva from there. So even the Brahmadeva Tattva has gone.

Like in our country as we say, there is formless God and we should achieve him. It’s written in the Vedas but they have prohibited it. But even in Vedas it’s written that Veda means Vid means to know. If, after reading all the Vedas, humans do not know themselves then all this reading of Vedas has been futile, isn’t it? The first thing we must know is that by reading Vedas you cannot get self knowledge. By reading all other things can happen, but self knowledge cannot be achieved.

There is Gayatri Mantra. People go on reciting Gayatri, Gayatri! By this kind of nonsense, can Goddess Gayatri get awakened? Have you seen anybody’s deity awakened? You don’t even know why you recite Gayatri Mantra! To awaken the Gayatri, it’s necessary that human beings first awaken their spirit. Gayatri is one of the powers of God Almighty. Until and unless you know God Almighty, how far you can carry on with the help of Gayatri. 

Supposing the Prime Minister is displeased with you then you are in trouble. Even if you have been able to please someone else, you are still in trouble because no-one can save you. Unless and until you achieve God all these powers are useless. This is so obvious. And Spirit only is the Tattva and it is to be achieved. By getting all these powers you cannot achieve God. By achieving God you can get to the tattva of these powers.

Now, we should put our attention to the power above the Nabhi, which is known as the power of the Goddess. It resides in your heart chakra. Heart chakra means heart. (Addressing someone in the audience- Who is it? Don’t behave like that child while sitting here! Don’t behave like that! Okey ) Among the children, if one child is not alright all the children get affected. Sit peacefully! 

So, now the other chakra that we have, which we call the Heart Chakra, it’s tattva is called the Devi Tattva. Now what is Devi Tattva within us? When it goes out of order what problems do we get, one must understand. Due to Devi Tattva, security gets established within us by which we are protected. Till a child is twelve years old, according to this Devi Tattva we have the sternum bone in front, by which the soldiers are produced inside, which are called as antibodies. They are the soldiers of the goddess and they spread everywhere inside your body and they are all ready to stop any attack that comes on you. When somehow your security is disturbed or challenged at that time this chakra gets caught up. 

Like I told you a few days back, a woman loses her sense of security very fast. Suppose there is a lady, she is good and virtuous but her husband has not given her security.   Suppose there is a woman, she is suspicious of her husband. Suppose it’s just a suspicion, that he is a loafer and he’s having an affair with another woman. So her heart chakra will get caught up. In such a situation, instead of getting upset with her,  the husband should correct her heart chakra. Tell her, ‘There is nothing like this.  There’s no other woman in my life apart from you.’ There are ways for that. One must learn how to make a lady feel secure instead of getting angry with her. But people do not listen. They start shouting at the wife, ‘Who are you to say anything? Who are you to interfere?  You are like that, you are very skeptical. Go to your father’s house!’ Second time her security is finished!

A man, especially in India, feels whatever he does is alright. He never commits any sin. He feels that maintaining chastity is the responsibility of women. Men do not need any chastity. Such are the views of people here. Then their correction is done in the proper manner by nature. Like if you go to England. All men are like labourers! They work morning till evening like a donkey. If a man divorces his wife due to any reason his house is sold out. Half goes to the wife and half remains with him. If a man does this thrice or it happens three times with him he comes on the road! He will die due to over consumption of alcohol but the wife will become rich. If she gets married thrice she has the advantage.

If the treatment would have been through the tattva from the outside- then the men there would be different. You won’t believe that the men there are always running after their wives, trying to please her, and She keeps ordering him, ‘You didn’t clean the dishes? Is this how the dishes are cleaned? Now go and sweep the house! (Laughter in the audience) You do not know how to sweep. How are you sweeping? Haven’t your mother taught you how to sweep?’ And this is how a man is always sweeping! I have seen with my own eyes. I am surprised! He has to clean all the brass! He had to keep everything clean! If it gets even a little bit dirty, even if a few guests are sitting there, the wife will say pick it up and he will start cleaning.

And that’s why, if you have noticed, kitchens are very developed in foreign countries, because men have to do everything (sound of laughter from audience). If you work in the mill stove here, then you will know.

In India men do not know how to do any work! Can’t do any work! They have nothing to do with household. Like I have noticed when they go abroad, they are totally vanquished! 

They do not know how to cook! They don’t know how to wash dishes! They don’t know how to hold a broom! They don’t know how to do any work. There are no servants available abroad, so when Indians go there they are in trouble. Someone says, ‘I am missing my mother!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because we don’t get proper food to eat.’ ‘Why don’t you cook?’ ‘I don’t know how to cook.’ 

There was a secretary in the Education department at that time. I was really surprised to hear the things he said, ‘In the next ten years only women will remain, men will be all seen sweeping!’ I asked, ‘why?’ He said, ‘Men are so useless.’ In students if you notice the leaders of the boys are all goons. Those who never pass the exams. Those who do not pass any exams, sometimes for ten years they stay in the same class. I said, ‘that is why our country’s situation is like this.’ And the girl’s leader is the one who always comes first in class, who is brilliant, whose nature is good, the one who has wisdom and discretion, such girls are the leaders. If you explain anything to girls they will surely understand. If you say to boys they are always ready to fight. They are such hooligans, they are such devils that you cannot talk to them.

From morning till evening, girls are trained that they have to go to their husband’s house after marriage. But boys are trained that if you go to sasural (wife’s house) at least bring a car from there. (Laughter among audience)

So If we don’t treat according to the tattva in any system then we get lots of problems within us. And that’s why we must understand the tattva of marriage. And that tattva is, that my wife is my wife. I am telling this to Indians. Abroad I have to say just the opposite. There the security of men is totally disturbed. Their condition is very bad.

But in India, any woman whose heart chakra is out of order, may get breast cancer or may get tuberculosis. Mostly breast cancer is caused due to this. Now, if this disease has to be cured and if I tell a husband that give security to your wife, he will not listen. He can never agree and doctors can never cure it. They will just advice for conducting an operation. That’s it! If it’s cancer! Cut the nose! Cut the ears! Cut this and cut that! If it’s cancer, cut half of the things. Whatever little bit is left, it’s running on support system.

Sahaja yoga is not like that. It takes the tattva in consideration. Which tattva of the person is damaged? We will find out and correct it!

Now around the Nabhi chakra, the great tattva we have, we call it Dharma tattva. The one who looks after this Dharma tattva is the Guru Tattva. And if this guru tattva gets spoiled then cancer sets in very easily. If you have to find the easiest way to have cancer, then you visit a false guru. Within five years or so you will definitely get cancer!

For the last ten years I have been telling you the names of the false gurus. How come they are fake, do not go to them, they will harm you.  All this I am telling but everybody tells me not to speak openly. They will shoot you. They will kill you and so on. I said, ‘if anyone has the courage, shoot me.’ I even told you their names. I did everything but still everyone went to those false gurus, got harmed and then came back to me.

Either you will get a heart attack, but suppose you don’t get it. If fake gurus have been kind enough to spare you from this then they will give you lunacy or epilepsy. If they are not too happy about it,  they will give cancer straight away! Have it! Since you have offered them money they must give you something in return. After all you have served the guru so much, you have filled his pockets with money, you must get something in return!

When Guru Tattva is damaged, then there is no limit to the types of cancers one can have. Like this forehead, there is no need to bow it before anyone. There is no need to bow down everywhere. It’s okay if you bow to your parents but don’t even bow before someone you accept as guru. First you must know that the one who unites you with God is a real Guru.

It’s just the opposite in my case. I tell people not to touch my feet. Around six thousand people touched my feet. My feet get swollen due to vibrations. I tell them not to touch but they get upset, that mother is not allowing us to touch her feet.

This disease people have, that if someone announces here comes a Guru 108 420 (laughter among the audience). Everyone will rush forward and prostrate before him and after that they faint and fall down. Guru blessed us, we felt dizzy and fainted and it’s observed that such people will finally land up in the mental asylum in the next five to six years. People do not notice that at least the health of this person, who is following this guru, has to be good. At least he should feel comfortable. But thousands and millions of people visit such fake gurus.

What does your guru do? He sits on the 7th floor. He doesn’t speak. He is a mauni (who doesn’t speak) baba. Doesn’t he speak? What will he speak? If there is something in the brain then only he can speak (laughter among audience) So he doesn’t speak. If you go to see him he will simply hit you with a (cheemtha) tongs! (More laughter) People will pay Rupees Hundred each for getting hit by tongs! Afterall he is a Mauni Baba. The more drama he does the better it is for him! They create new and different dramas. Like one Guru said, he started a new drama by saying, ‘I will teach you to fly.’ (a child laughs aloud) children understand, but the elders do not understand (Shri Mataji laughing) They took 3000 pounds from each person. Imagine three thousand pounds to teach flying! So I said, ‘You unfortunate people, why don’t you ask your Guru to fly? They said he doesn’t fly and gave money.

The guru asked them to first boil the potatoes. These followers are so naive, absolutely donkeys! Then they were asked to drink that water for three days. They said that your weight should get reduced. That too in three thousand pounds! Do you know how much is 3000 pounds. I think 6 lakhs. He took six lakh from every person! Is it Six lakhs? (A sahaj yogi -sixty thousand) So sixty thousand each! Then for the next two days he gave them only potato peels to eat! He said your weight should not increase. Later he gave them the rotten potatoes to eat and everybody had diarrhea. So they said it’s necessary because that’s how you will lose weight! 

After a few days he hanged them upside down. Told them that you are  losing weight by this. Then they were asked to jump on a foam mattress. Try jumping on it like horses. These people started jumping. There photos were taken and the news was printed that they are flying in the air. Outright lie, total lie, big lie! Absolute lie! That we are walking in the air! Just think you have cars, what’s the need to walk in the air? You will be hit if you walk in the air like this! What is the need just think about it! Does a man needs to be a bird? He is a special category. He should get the highest. He should achieve the highest state or get this?

When you lose your wisdom in the Guru Tattva and go to such stupid people, then your Guru tattva gets spoiled. You don’t even realize. Yesterday a gentleman said to me, ‘Mother but what about my karmic debt?’ So, I asked, ‘What does your guru say on this?’ He said, ‘My Guru has said that whatever sins I have committed, he can eat 1/68 of them!’ (Laughter) I said, ‘what kind of calculation is this? Who will eat the rest of the sins? That means (Shri Mataji voice fades out. Lecture recording ends here)

[Translation from Transcript continues]

At that time surrender is not needed. Surrender state should happen later. When you are surrendered there is a seriousness about it and at the same time it’s a play (Lila). All this play is for the spirit to become surrendered. So with complete peaceful attention put both your hands forward. There should be light. Lighten your attention. It doesn’t mean that there should be any immaturity. Even in this light, You should not touch my feet. Maybe I too am Guru 420 108! Who knows? That’s why we talk about tattva, otherwise how will you know if I am that or not! I have told you in a very simple and light manner, even if I am talking nonsense, how will you know that it is a very deep and important thing that I am telling you? Will you know? No! You won’t till you get your realization and achieve that depth. That’s why, do not touch my feet. Depth is what we must acquire. Once you achieve that you do not get oppressed anymore by anyone. You only worship the one who makes you one with God. 

I think most of the people have got realization. I think one should not accept anything which does not have Shiva Tattva in it. At the time of achieving your realization you will feel the cool breeze like I told you yesterday and you will become thoughtless.

Today I will tell you in detail about the tattvas. Try to keep yourself thoughtless. Keep your eyes closed.। i am very happy that somebody said nobody will go to the cinema but will come to Mother’s programme. Today my husband is going to London. I did not even go to drop him. I just came here because I was hoping for all of you to come. And I am glad you all came here instead of going to the cinema. You must get your tattva. This is the purpose of life.

By God Grace you will be getting realization! It will be so wonderful. You will get the Brahma Tattva which is the tattva of the spirit. Bring more people tomorrow. I told you very lightly about this serious subject, because there should be no burden on your attention. 

It’s very deep and subtle to achieve the Tattva. So now you see this Brahma Tattva with that subtlety. Achieve that Brahma Tattva which is the tattva of the spirit.

May God bless you!