Public Program

New Delhi (India)

1981-02-17 Sarvajanik Karyakram Brahma Tatwa Ka Swarup Delhi NITL HD, 48'
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1981-02-17 Public Program, Shankar Road 1981: The Swarup of Brahma Tattwas, Delhi

The warm welcome with all respect and affection, that you all have given me, has filled my heart with immense love. Where else can one witness such great desire for devotion and the attainment of the Divine? In this age of Kaliyuga, seeing people like this, how joyful the heart of a mother like us can be, you cannot imagine. Nowadays, it is the fierce age of Kaliyuga, the darkest of all ages. A greater age of darkness than this has never come, nor will it ever come. The speciality of Kaliyuga is that there is confusion in everything for humans. Everything is confused. Humans are not as bad as this confusion is.

In everything, what we call chaos in English, in everything that is not understood whether it is right or wrong, someone says do this and someone says do that, someone says go this way, while someone says go that way. So which path to take? There is confusion in every matter, but there is the most confusion in matters of religion. But what is eternal, what is beginning less, can never be destroyed, can never be destroyed, because it is infinite. It cannot be destroyed. Some may make something out of it, some may make something else, some may make a cover for it, and some may sell it for money, some may sell it in some other way, some may make its form, but the essence is eternal and that essence is called Brahma Tattva. It is from this Brahma Tattva that the entire creation is formed. The goal of life is to attain this Brahma Tattva. And you have been doing worldly tasks all over the world, in many births you have done and will continue doing so, and you will continue to do in many births. In many births, you have done devotion and prayed to seek that we attain this Brahma Tattva; this is not the result of today’s devotion, and the surprising thing is that it is only available in this fierce age of Kaliyuga. But if you read the scriptures, it is clearly written that only in this fierce age of Kaliyuga, when humans will be trapped in the mess, then this thing will be available. This does not mean at all that what has already happened, those who were seers, who have become Saints, who have become Gurus, who have become Sat Gurus, and whatever is written in our Vedas and Puranas is false. Not a single word is false. And those people sit and argue, saying that it is written in the Vedas and it is written in the Puranas, then how do they reconcile both? These arguments go on a lot, and some become eternal, and some become something else, and it amuses me. I’ll discuss this a little today because it’s a big debate going on in our country. There are three types of powers within us. The first power is primarily the power of desire. If there wasn’t the will of the Supreme Being, why would the world is created? All other powers have emerged from His Desire. In our Sahaja Yoga language, we call this power Mahakali’s power. It is because of this power that you are also experiencing the taste of devotion today. Because internally there is a desire to engage in devotion, enjoying the essence of devotion, staying in devotion, remembering the Supreme Being, calling out to Him. Only humans do this. Animals don’t do it; animals don’t engage in devotion. Only humans do. Along with that, there is another power within us, which is the power that brings the power of Desire into action, the power that manifests action. Call it the power of Action. In Sahaja Yoga language, we call it the power of Maa Saraswati. Whether I am teaching Hinduism or Muslim religion or Sikh religion, that didn’t make sense to me. What I am teaching is the essence, which is the same in all religions. So, nobody should think that I am only talking about Maa Kali and Maa Saraswati, which people believe in Hinduism. If it doesn’t sound good, then you can call it the power of Action. But it is the power of Mahasaraswati. And the third power that resides within us; It is given to us by the Supreme Being. It is with this power that we uphold religion. Religion does not mean that we belong to this religion or that religion, but it is the religion of the inner human that we uphold. Now we are not animals, that’s true. We were amoebas first. From being amoebas, we have become humans today. And as humans, we have ten religions within us. And those ten religions reside within us. We don’t attach to them. If we do not respect them, we become devoid of religion, we fall. This doesn’t mean that you read something, do something, or listen to a speech. It means to stay rooted in religion. Like gold has the religion that its color doesn’t deteriorate. Like carbon has the religion that it has four valences inside it. Similarly, it is the religion of humans. There are ten religions within it. Within humans, there is also awareness towards religion. Naming these ten religions is not appropriate. Now, when we adopted these ten religions, our elevation happened through this religion, we became amoebas. Religion kept on changing within us. When we entered the religion of humans, we started to be called humans. Like if you put an animal in a dirty place, it doesn’t feel dirty. But humans are aware of dirtiness. The human, as he is, his religion is higher than that of an animal. Now, the state that is coming is beyond religion. Now, you won’t have to follow any religion. You will naturally be in religion, beyond religion, which is called transcendent. And similarly, these three qualities are within us. Like, from the power of Desire, the quality that comes within us is ‘Tamas’, and from the power of Action, the quality that comes within us is ’Rajas’, and from the power of our religion, the quality that arises within us is ‘Sattva’. In this way, we have three qualities within us, and from the interplay of these three qualities, many races have been prepared only through permutations and combinations in English. What is this? Whether you call yourself Hindu, Christian, or Muslim, it doesn’t matter. It’s all one thing. Now, look at how many things are similar in humans too. Everyone laughs alike, cries alike. The only difference is language. For this reason, we cannot understand that the same Brahman principle flows in all living and non-living beings, that Brahman principle which has its own language, though it becomes diverse, just as vessels may differ but the nectar within them is the same everywhere. Now, people argue whether the vessels are correct or the nectar is correct, that’s the argument. In reality, both are correct. Some vessels even transform into divine vessels, where the entire nectar fills them up completely. After all, the nectar will also come into the vessel. If there is no vessel, how will the nectar come? This is the essence of the argument, that people perceive the vessel and the nectar differently. That is why the Vedas were written, to understand this Brahman principle. The Vedas were written for this purpose. ‘Ved’ comes from ‘Vidu’. The meaning of the word ‘Vidu’ is to know. And even if you have read all the Vedas but have not known yourself, then the Vedas are in vain. The meaning of the Vedas ends if you have not known yourself. You went there and there were many speeches and lectures, but you did not know yourself. How will you realize that there is God? Is there any principle? Do you have any? Nowadays, your children will not come to the temple. They will say, “What is God?” There is no certainty. That’s why when you know yourself, the flow of Brahman starts from within you. I have come here to give you the very thing that you have been searching for thousands of years. It belongs to you only. It is your own, I am just aware of its key. I am not giving you anything of my own. I have come to hand over what is yours to you. Realize yourself and attain this Brahma Tattva. This is self-realization because the light of the soul is Brahma Tattva itself. This is the realization of the Supreme Being because without knowing the soul, you cannot know the Supreme Being. Just like you cannot see without eyes, similarly, until you know the soul, you cannot know the Supreme Being. But if I say, “Know the soul, know the soul,” then you just cram, “Know the soul, and know the soul.” You can’t know by cramming. You have to attain it. This event must happen. In our country, there are three types of arrangements made with these three things. The first arrangement is that we understand this Brahma Tattva, do some actions for it, perform rituals, and conduct ceremonies. At that time, they were contemplating the formless. They did not discuss the manifest form then. At that time, they only talked about the formless, that we should know the formless. Perform rituals, conduct ceremonies, do this, do that, recite mantras. Awakening happened in some way. As a result, incarnations occurred in the world. When you accepted the nectar, which is formless, it came into the world in a manifest form. It has to come. If the manifest form doesn’t come, then how will you know? Like watching the flame of a lamp. It has a form to see, but it spreads everywhere. Similarly, if the formless doesn’t manifest, then you won’t be able to know the formless. Therefore, there have been many incarnations in the world. Among them, there have been incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The reason is that Lord Vishnu establishes dharma within us and paves the way for our upliftment. Therefore, the establishment of Lord Vishnu does not in any way diminish the importance of Lord Shiva. Many people say, “Brother, we worship Lord Vishnu and not Lord Shiva.” It’s like saying that we acknowledge our nose but not our eyes when they are part of the same body. Understand that the cosmic form of Lord Vishnu is the biggest manifestation. If his heart is within him, then Lord Shiva resides within it. And there is Lord Brahma. He manages their power of action. By his actions, he created the entire universe, beautifying everything. And when people, taking these five elements into account, realized that he created the entire universe, and by considering these five elements, he thought that by serving them or awakening them, they would understand the Supreme Being, then the realization of the Supreme Being, in the form of Vishnu, who is the life force within them, should be said to have occurred. In the world, you know that the ten avatars have occurred. Now, whether they have occurred or not, we have come to give evidence of this in this world. Because someone told you, so you believed it. But these ten incarnations have occurred, and it is through these incarnations that our evolution has taken place. Meaning, initially, everyone was in the form of fish. Life was sustained in the ocean. Everyone says so. And then, some fish started moving towards the outside. The one who brought those fish for the first time was the Matsya Avatar. He was the form of Lord Vishnu. After that, you know that he continued to come in ten forms. This task of leading was to be done only by the Supreme Being. It is the work of the Supreme Being. Humans cannot do it. Nor can a fish. Therefore, for the task of leading initially, the Supreme Being incarnated in the world. There is no doubt about it. But when people started another thing, devotion. When they understood that the Supreme Being is incarnating in the world, they started devotion. So, they got absorbed in that. It means there is honey inside the flower. So, you should take the honey of the flower, this is correct. But honey does not exist without the flower. People said, “Brother, and then talk about the flower.” They started talking about honey, and then they started talking about the flower. After that, they said, “Talk about the flower.” So, those people got stuck in the flower. They started making idols from their minds. They didn’t establish its vitality. They didn’t awaken it. They didn’t seat it according to the rules. And it started. Then people started, “Stop, brother, now talk about the formless.” They go from formless to manifest, from manifest to formless. This debate has been going on. And there is no debate at all. One is not without the other, and the other is not without the first. It’s a simple matter. Because both have become true. One talked about the flower and one talked about honey, and both things remained. Talks remained, talks remained, and until today, talks have remained. So, both things are correct. That is also correct, this is also correct. Its refutation happened because when the common people saw that they were flowing nicely in one direction, they were pulled and brought to the other side, saying, “Baba, sit here properly.” When it was seen that they were flowing too much in this direction, they were brought to that side. Those who are speaking are the same person. Their name is Adiguru Dattatreya Ji, Adinath, Adiguru. They came into the world many times and said, “Brother, yes, its okay, incarnations have happened, accept it.” People stuck to the idea of incarnation. “Ram, Ram, Ram.” Going on the road, “Ram, Ram,” going to the market, “Ram, Ram,” looking here and there, “Ram, Ram.” No one’s intelligence remained to think that one should not take the name of Ram in this way. You’re making Ram so cheap all the time. There’s also a way for that. Then they said, “Let’s stop this too.” They have had many incarnations there as well. They refuted it for their own sake. They came into the world in the form of King Janak. And it was King Janak who gave self-realization to a Nachiketa. You know about King Janak that people call him ‘Videhi’. And people asked him, “Brother, why do they call you Videhi?” Narad said, “How do you call yourself Videhi? You live in the world, so you’re Videhi?”  “It’s very easy,” he said. “Brother, do this, talk in the evening. For now, just do one thing. There’s milk in a bowl. Take it and go. And tell me in the evening.” Now, the bowl of milk was such that the milk would spill out of it. But he had said that not even a drop should spill, keep watching it and it shouldn’t spill, keep watching it and not a single drop should spill. Then I will tell you why they call me Videhi. Until evening, he wandered around for himself. He went around the world with him and got tired. When they returned in the evening, he said, “Now tell me, I got tired all day roaming around with you like this.” They began to say, “First tell me what you saw?” He said, “What did I see! What do I see? I kept watching the milk all the time so it wouldn’t spill.” They said, “I went on a grand procession. Then there was my big royal court and there was dancing, didn’t you see anything?” They said, “I didn’t see anything. King Janak said, ‘Son, this is my condition too. I don’t see anything. I keep watching my mind all the time so that my whole mind doesn’t spill anywhere.’ This is an incarnation. King Janak is also an incarnation. There are very big incarnations. He came into this world as a guru. The one whom we revere today, Muhammad Sahab, is also the same. There is no difference. And his daughter was none other than Sita herself. We can assure you of this. We are not talking in vain. Yes, if Muslims are wrong, that’s another matter. But Muhammad Sahab wasn’t. He also said the same thing. And then when Muhammad Sahab saw that Muslims had become so foolish, he came into the world and you know that he worked under the name of Guru Nanak in the world.” They were all talking about the formless because they knew that humans would get attached to something. And they always preserved our religion, and the last time they came was as Shirdi’s Sai Baba. Many such incarnations of theirs have happened, and they were not human. They were the essence of the most unconsciousness of the Divine, which should be called innocence, their incarnations. And their lives were extremely pure and immaculate in the same way. And that divine power was with them, either like Janak’s daughter Sita, Muhammad Sahab’s daughter Fatima, and you know that Guru Nanak Ji’s sister was Nanaki, who was a true witness. There is no doubt about it for me, but there may be for you. But I can prove it. Because until you see it with your own eyes, you can’t believe it, right? But once you have the eyes to see, you will have to believe that white is white, and false is false. So what’s the argument about then? People are just killing each other in the darkness. Once your eyes open, let me tell you, you will recognize the greatest illusion of this entire world. Everyone is the same. There is no difference among them. Now, whatever these Vedas and so on we created, through which we accepted the five elements… we said, acknowledge the five elements and work with them. Alright, so we’ve discussed the concept of the formless. But there is also the manifest. There is devotion, and there are manifest forms of God like Ram, Shri Ram, Parashuram. Not just that, Shri Krishna himself appeared in this world. He incarnated. These are indeed incarnations of Lord Vishnu, and there is no doubt about it for me. And Shiva doesn’t take incarnations. Shiva doesn’t incarnate because he is eternal. Lord Brahma has also taken only one incarnation. But Lord Shiva has never taken an incarnation because he is Sadashiva. Lord Vishnu has incarnated, and you should understand that by coming into this world through those incarnations, he made us humans today. We exist because of him. And because of him, we have also come to know that incarnations happen in the world. But Lord Krishna only told these things to Arjuna, and that too, just in a casual manner. He didn’t tell everyone, just Arjuna. That thing was the same, just one thing. Now, what was happening secretly came after that. You will be amazed, it’s really surprising that at that time, the two children born to Sita, they are called Lav and Kush. You might be surprised, and do you still know or not, but we do know. Find out, they both left Hindustan and went towards the north. Lav went towards the Caucasus region and settled there, and he ruled there. That’s why they are called Slavs in places like Russia. That’s why they call them Slavs. Their language is Slavic. And Kush went towards China and they were called Kushan. I don’t know if these people even know that Lav and Kush are from the same family and they are fighting each other like fools. Both Lav and Kush belong to the same family. One is called a Slav, the other is called a Kushan. And both languages ​​have all Sanskrit words, in both languages. A bit twisted. Like in Russian, if they say something is very good or when they meet someone, they say ‘Khoshe, Haro Shivaya.’ They will say ‘pravda,’ you must have heard ‘Pravda’ in their own news. They derive from your Vedas, ‘vad’ and ‘pra,’ which should mean ‘awakened.’ You will see that their entire language is mostly in Sanskrit. When I went to China, even now all the words there are derived from Sanskrit. But they also don’t know that we are siblings. And they fight like fools. What to do? Who will explain to them that you are both twin brothers and what are you doing? What are you fighting for? Will this bring any happiness to your mother? Now, the religious system that has been established within us, in which incarnations have occurred and a lot of work has been done very discreetly. At that time, we people did not know about these two sons being repeatedly born in this world, but it happened. We are very clever in quarreling, but we don’t know about that because no one writes about this in history. Buddha and Mahavir, these were both sons who came as Buddha and Mahavir, and we are quarreling. Hey, if Hindus believe in Ram, then aren’t these two sons of his? They are Buddha. What are you fighting about? And still, we can prove that to you. Now, many people say that this thing is not written in books. Not everything needs to be written in a book. Reading books, the whole thing, the Gita, has been understood by very few people in my opinion. Its message is very simple. It is very straightforward that it did not come into someone’s head. It went out of everyone’s head. So, you should understand from this that many things I am saying will not be found in books either. Because I know, and I am telling you, and I can prove you that Buddha and Mahavir were no one else. They were the sons of Shri Ram, Lav and Kush. They were our own, not strangers. Some say we have become Buddhists, we have become Jains. Who are they? They are all eternal. When you say we are eternal, you should also think that the umbrella of eternal is very large. Everyone gathered under it, no one was left out. This is when Buddha came and taught in the world not to worship idols, not to do this, not to do that. Because people had crossed the limits of idol worship, he taught them for this. And then he saw that by letting go of that thing, Buddhism spread so badly and they started so many foolishness, so he himself was born in this world and he was the founder of our Hindu religion, whom we respect, Adi Shankaracharya. He was the same Buddha. They came again to refute it. Because who will explain to these ignorant Buddha people, that ‘Buddha’ means enlightened. How many Buddhas are there who understood? Buddhu (fool). Like he told them, ‘Don’t worship’, so they sat down with a toothpick, sat down with a fruit, and argued with that. Humans always need some excuse to argue. And there is the same element in everyone, the same element in everyone. But why the argument? How do they find it? Someone or the other finds something to argue about. Adi Shankaracharya had said that, ‘Neither through yoga nor through Sankhya’, nothing happens through yoga, Sankhya, everything happens only through mother’s grace. He wrote a very big book ‘Vivek Chudamani’. I don’t know if you people read it or not. You must be reading it for sure, because you people are followers of Sanatan Dharma. But those who established it must be reading it. After writing such a big book Vivek Chudamani, he wrote another book called ‘Soundarya Lahari’. I don’t know if you people have read it. The entire description in it is about the mother, completely. Even to the extent of their appearance, their mannerisms, which oil they prefer, which oil they apply to their head. It’s written in such detail. ‘Vivek Chudamani’ written takes such profound notes of things and now this description of the ‘Maa’. They started saying, “There is no cure other than Her. Except for the ‘Maa’, there is no cure. She will do everything. This is the work of ‘Shakti’ (power). That’s why we are all worshippers of ‘Shakti’ (power). Regardless of which religion you have been in, you are all worshippers of ‘Shakti’ (power). In the Vedas, the ‘Maa’ is referred to as ‘Ayi’. The word ‘ Ayi’, although different in its literal sense, but it’s about attaining power. And what is power? It’s the power of Brahman. And what is Brahman? It’s the desire of the Supreme Soul, and it’s the love of the Supreme Soul. If the Supreme Soul didn’t love you, why would it take this headache?” Creating all of this creation is also a great burden and pain. They created so much of this creation because they loved you. And even today, out of that same love, they want you to enter their kingdom. All these disputes are nothing but misunderstandings. There is nothing in these disputes. The biggest eternal truth is that we are made of divine power and we must attain it. And if you haven’t realized it, then you haven’t found the power. They started saying, “There are people of the Vaarkari sect. They walk on foot every month, every two months. I also used to walk a lot. I used to walk every month, go there. So people used to criticize me. And I got troubled, didn’t find God. Then I thought, let me try another religion. Then I did all religions. I followed this religion, that religion, my hands and feet broke. My condition deteriorated. My health deteriorated. I said, “What kind of God is this? I’m searching for him.” And when they found out that we had gone there, they came to meet us and started asking, “Mother, tell me what should I do now?” I said, “You’re changing sides unnecessarily, switching your group from here to there. Writing on your forehead won’t change anything that I’m so and so, a certain somebody. You’re just a human, first of all. And secondly, you’re the son of the Divine. You are the soul and nothing else. You must attain that.” Don’t impose brand labels on yourself in this way. There are fights and arguments. The soul is eternal, you must attain it, the soul is the only thing to attain. Everyone has said this, why, brother, are you wandering here and there? Search within yourself, there is the soul within you. When you find the soul, only then will you know the meaning of all these idols. What is this thing? And where does it reside within us? How do we awaken them? How do we awaken ourselves? How to establish their life force? It’s not just about Brahman. You have to attain Brahman, and then you have to completely understand all this Brahman knowledge. You will understand all the knowledge of Brahman. This is Sahaja Yoga. It is called Sahaja because Sahaja is born with you, Kundalini Shakti is within you, which is born with you. It’s alive. It’s not a dead thing, it’s alive. Just as a seed sprouts, it is present within you in the same way. It becomes awakened. And after awakening, cool waves of consciousness flow from within you, described by Adi Shankaracharya and others, even Jesus Christ described it. So, after attaining your power and then attaining this Brahman, you need to know this Brahman knowledge. Sahaja Yoga is spreading rapidly in India as well. But most of it is happening in Maharashtra. The reason for this is that it’s the land of saints, and people there haven’t forgotten the saints. The followers of the Nagpanth have worked hard. Even in your region, there are great saints like Guru Nanak and Kabir. But we haven’t truly respected them. In Maharashtra in the south, I can’t understand why it’s not clear to me how it’s possible that Lord Ram walked there on foot, and the consciousness of Sita Ji is also spreading there. But people have a deep understanding of this matter. They know this fact. And Gyaneshwar Ji wrote very clearly that the power named Kundalini is within us. And when the form of Amba Mother will be there, only then can you attain her, etc. He has written many things. Perhaps that’s why he is aware of it. Even in England, people are very aware because in England, there have been great poets like William Blake. He wrote that the time will come when this work will start in England. And he has even written about the place of our ashram. He has mentioned the name of the place where I live. But I will not say that the saints did not work hard here. The saints have worked very hard. I went to Bihar. I saw that the whole of Bihar is filled with consciousness. Bengal, Punjab, all are filled with consciousness. Punjab is so full of consciousness. But I don’t understand what happened to the country’s division? I don’t know, people’s faith has been broken. And a kind of softness has come in faith. And because of that, people don’t turn towards realizing it. They are satisfied. For a while, they went to God, and they think it’s enough. As one walks along, if they encounter God, they think it’s enough. After that, they remain concerned about their own matters. Some effort will have to be made there. Some genuine dedication towards it will be required. Attention needs to be given there. That’s why I see that as much as it should be spread, it doesn’t happen that way. People don’t sit with faith on this. They don’t work hard. But I was very pleased that the last time I came, and this time too, you all have invited me here and listened to me with so much faith. And accept it. Having fully received it, I wish that here, whenever you want, there are many Sahajyogis here who have accepted and attained this thing. There are many people here who know even the Brahmavidya. You can benefit from them as well. 

Just know that in this, no money or anything else is needed. You cannot buy God with money. You cannot buy Brahman with money; and when it comes to attaining, then you don’t even have to make any effort. But after attaining, you have to nurture it. Before that, you don’t have to make any effort at all. It’s already with you, effortlessly. That’s why it happens. Today Sahaja Yoga has come in the state of ‘Mahayoga’ because earlier Sahaja Yoga, which was during the time of Janak, was meant only for a Nachiketa. After that, one or two flowers came, then three or four more flowers came. But today is the time, ‘spring’ has come. And in this spring, many flowers are going to bloom. Just dive into your depth, dive into your profoundness. What actually happens is that now see, these women are moving away. What does that mean? That they lack depth completely! “Get it,” I say. After getting it, dive a little deeper into it. You should delve into a little depth. And in that depth, you have all the merits of your past lives. Immerse yourself in it again. First, put in a little effort and dive into the depth. And after that, you will attain whatever accumulated there. But what are people like this? They listen to one woman’s speech, then another’s. Sahaja Yoga is not for such people. But the loss will happen later. Right now, the benefits of it should be taken. There are many benefits from it. You know, there is a Devi ji sitting here, her son was completely crazy. He is still here. His madness has completely subsided. There are many people here in the world who have benefited from this, whose health has improved. Because all the deities reside in all these seven chakras. When they become awakened, they receive their blessings. All your questions will finish and be resolved when you delve into yoga. Krishna also said, “Yogakshemam vahamyaham.” Before yoga, if you ask God for this or that, how will He do it. If you don’t have a relationship with God, how will well-being happen? Then you say, “I kept pleading with God, but He didn’t do my work.” First, establish a ‘connection’ through yoga. After yoga, you won’t even have to ask for “well-being” again because you have entered His kingdom. You have become a resident of His city, so He will take care of you and watch over you. And as soon as you look around here, every Sahajyogi will tell you, if each individual were to write, they could fill volumes because so many miracles have happened. There have been accidents where people fell from 80-80 feet and it seemed as if someone picked them up. Remarkable things have happened. If I start telling all that, there would be no end to it. Today, many people have come to your temple even from abroad. Some are worshiping Lord Ganesha, some are worshiping Lord Shiva, and some are worshiping Lord Vishnu. Not because I told them, but because they have realized that this is the truth. They know it. They have recognized what is inside them. You can feel on your fingers which of your chakras  are caught and which deities are associated with those chakras. You can ask them if these are deities or not. Not only that, when you learn about Prophet Muhammad, when you learn about Jesus Christ, those who knew nothing until now will also know. And these people know much more than you do. The reason is that there is a difference between these people and us. We are living on the land of yoga. In the shelter of the umbrella of Bharat, we easily get realized. It doesn’t take much time. I know all of you will transcend very quickly. I know it won’t take even a moment. But not everyone is moving forward. Because what is easily obtained is not valued. And I have spent three months on each of these individuals. So, they value it greatly. They have delved deep into it. They have truly realized Brahmavidya. So, an Indian, born in this land of Bharat with the accumulated merits of many lifetimes, falls short compared to them. And you have plenty of merits because you cannot touch your depth. I warn you beforehand that I will facilitate the transcending, but you will have to see what lies ahead. The hard work ahead is something you will have to do. If not done, “what is gained is lost” many times. Many people experience this. I saw a gentleman come and start shouting. There was a big, heavy fire happening in the courtyard, “Mother, Mother, I feel a lot of fire coming out from inside me. I’m dying inside. Please fix me. There are boils all over my body, and who knows what else.” I said, “Well, I will come to you.” There was a lot of crowd there, amidst all that we reached him.His Kundalini awakening made everything okay for him within five minutes. Within five minutes. He’s still here. Right here. After that, he never came again. Never inquired, never did anything. One day I went to the market to buy something, and there he met me. Oh, suddenly there was a touch on my feet. I said, “Who’s there, brother?” They started saying, “Mother, don’t you remember us?” I said, “Brother, I don’t remember, and I don’t even recall. Let’s talk straight.” Then they explained. They started saying, “I have kept your photo in my motor as well. I have kept it in my mind too. I surrender to you.” That’s it, they are. I said, “Brother, look, Sahaj Yoga is a collective effort. It’s not an individual task that you take home or sit in the jungle with, it’s not like that. It will happen where ten people sit. So, we will stay there. And where one person thinks of harming the Mother, we won’t be there to help. We don’t want such people. We want those who work together.” And then after a year, they came again because they started having some trouble. So I said, “Now you’ve come to the right place!” So they started asking, “Have I been punished, Mother?” So I said, “No, there is no punishment. If you leave the shelter under which you sit, what will that shelter do if you leave it? Come back under that shelter again. This is collective work.” And everyone has to do this collective work collectively. If you want to take Mother’s photo home and do daily worship and rituals, then I don’t approve of it. Everyone has to be united. This is a very big collective work. Everyone has to live together. Everyone is a brother and sister. Whether they are or not, they are. You will experience it. Many questions of those who attain Brahmagyaan in Sahaj Yoga have been resolved. Their health has improved. Their minds have become clear. Families have been restored. Their relationships have improved, and most importantly, their Lakshmi principle has also awakened. No one becomes wealthy from this. Nothing becomes ‘a lot’ from this. There is no ‘excessiveness’. But they have become prosperous, capable, and are doing good for others. Take care of yourself and others too. After transcending in Sahaj Yoga, you can awaken people’s consciousness and uplift them. This power comes within you. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether educated or not, it doesn’t make a difference. Who were the learned saints? There is no need to read this. It’s internal. Nowadays, many influential people are being born in the world. Many great beings are being born, and these people are all transcending from their birth. And they know the science of Kundalini. Here, too, there are many children who have known the science of Kundalini since childhood. We also have it, relatives and our four, in which three are relatives and one is a girl’s son. He is also transcendent beyond all four, and since childhood, he knows the science of Kundalini. They know; even small children, even six-month-old babies, will show you. Just now a girl was brought, she is beyond, six months old. She was telling which chakra she is holding. She was putting her finger in her mouth and telling which chakra she was holding. Such knowledgeable people are being born today that to understand them, first you should become such parents, such grandparents, and such great-grandparents that you can understand them. And a very big work is going to happen in the world, and prepare for it. | Today I will say this much and later if there is a chance, I will talk about Kalki, who will not be so good. Because there will be no one to explain it to you then. It’s ultimately a matter of final clarification. Before that time comes, everyone will be transcended. I urge you to experience what you have believed in God till now, and take it, that’s my request to you. And I explain it to you as a mother. Don’t take anything negatively and don’t sit on it with your intellect, on the threshold, wondering why mother said this, why mother said that. I don’t speak a single lie and I don’t want anything from you. Not even to win an election. I have no vested interest. You just have to give. So never think of such useless things like why mother said this, why she said that. Mother has to tell the truth. Although I am telling everything very sweetly, it may be that, intellect, as I said earlier, will catch everything, which might create a conflict, and this conflict is happening from you, not from anyone else, because you have the power within you, you have to be capable, and you have to know your soul. There is no doubt in this. And that is the task, so don’t engage in unnecessary conflicts on your own. You may be literate, but keep it aside. Even beyond all literacy, it’s higher to educate the soul. “Reading even a single letter with love makes one wise.” This love is not about loving your children, this is not love! This is the love of the Supreme Being, which begins to flow as the divine power within you. Attain it. Thank you very much! Now whether you are a doctor, a scientist, or anyone, this thing transcends all knowledge. Attain it. Then we can talk further. Just do it straightforwardly. There’s nothing too difficult about it. Just do it straightforwardly and close your eyes, that’s it.