Public Program

Laxminarayan Temple, New Delhi (India)

1981-02-18 Sarvajanik Karyakram Delhi Source NITL HD, 64'
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Public Program. Lakshmi Narayan temple, New Delhi (India), 18 February 1981.

Press the button and the light will start coming. If I tell you what is its history and how it came into being, what is this electricity, then you will get a headache specially…(UNCLEAR WORD).

If you are ready to break your heads, I am even ready to do that. If you want to discuss your intellect, let’s do that. I know that also, but you won’t be able to find God. I have to ask you, we have read and debated a lot but you do want to find Him or not. Ofcourse you did a lot, you reached as far as your intellect could guide you, now think of yourself, and think of the meaning of yourself, you would think Wah! Wah! What miracle Shri Mataji has done, She has raised it. Do you have to follow it or not, first decide that because we have big pundits and intellectuals otherwise I can also unlayer their intellectual conditionings? (This is influence; literally Mother said “that She could take of their (intellectuals) peepal leaves.), but I do not have time for these sort of people (Mother is referring to intellectuals). Those who want, they should acquire their own powers in a humble and totally dedicated manner, because the secret of the secrets has never been told until now. You will be told everything, but before that you must get your self realization, otherwise it will be like ……”you don’t have the eye-sight and I am telling you which one is red colour and which one is green. You get the self-realization, once you start seeing, then I will tell you everything, which colour is this and which colour is that. Please seek it with humbleness and faith, but faith does not mean blind faith, you have to seek a very big think from me, but if you are sitting on the road, then Gods also see you and you must know that they know everything about you. There (means in God’s world) you cannot get self-realization. Keep in mind even while giving the lecture I am playing my game, because I am Mahamaya. I say some things like that, that is someone has to get stuck, then they are just stucked, but please don’t fall into these games, get self realization, these are all dramas/games. Those who have studied and read a lot, and are very egoistical, I get them stucked for sometime and they are left handing in there, When their ego goes down they come around. So you tell your ego, Mr a lot had been done for you, but now you stay put and let us get self realization and self realization only is “the ultimate”. That’s the duty, that is the aim, that only should be in your attention, that’s everything and that’s our goal, until you get your self realization, your life has no meaning. (PREVIOUS SENTENCE UNCLEAR)

Today is the last day, so if you have any questions, please do ask, but I am very clever and very smart, so please be careful. Please ask, 5minutes or more, ask ask, and please stand up, what is it. What gift have you got, what have you brought?


Mother’s answer – Son, I don’t eat paan. OK I will take green cardamom.


Mother’s answer – These people disgraced me. There was one lady who had come to interview me and she said, “Mother was eating a lot of paan. So I said, ” I don’t eat in this birth, but I do not know in which birth of mine did you see.” She wrote, “Shri Mataji was eating a lot of paans.” But I don’t even touch them. Yes, previous birth, no the birth previous to that I used to take them. Then I asked her, “Which birth of mine did you see. How could you see I was eating paan, when I don’t even eat it.” These are dramas, so please be careful.

[Yes, previous birth, and no the birth previous to that I used to take them, then I asked her which birth of Mine did you see. How could you see I was eating paan, when I don’t even eat it. These are dramas, so please be careful.]

(TRANSCRIBERS NOTE: Paan – It is a betel leaf covered with some paste, betel nut pieces, tobacco and rose jam. It is eaten widely in India. It is a major cause of mouth and throat cancer in middle part of India. However, Goddess Chandika who is the destroyer of demons is offered paan by her devotees, traditionally


Mother’s answer – What question do you have? What son..

No no no no no, not all these things, you cannot take alcohol. I will not tell everything now, otherwise half of the crowd will run away. Nothing first get your self realization. If I tell you not to take alcohol, half the crowd will run away and if I say don’t take cigarettes, probably everyone will run away. If I tell the ladies, don’t talk, they will all get up and walk away. I am not going to say anything. I have understood a lot now.

But the issue of vegetarism is not in sahaj, but please make the issue of eating is less important. In our country from morning till evening we think of food and nothing else. We think we will find God by eating. The kind of understanding we have about food, the rest of the world hasn’t got it.

You will be surprised I had gone to Japan and the people of Japan are……………. (UNCERTAIN of word). I was surprised that a boy was sitting near a spring and was eating his food and I asked, “What are you eating? He replied that there are small fishes in the water, I catch then break them and eat them.” Then I asked him if he eats them uncooked and he replied yes, everybody eats like that. I thought they take these poor creatures out of the water and eat them.

Whereas at our place (Mother refers to India) there is no dearth of tantrums, eating is the prime most thing. The first thing in the day is what is to be cooked, i.e. Indian mentality understands this. Then the women started the drama that “today I am cooking this for you.” If the lady is a Punjabi, she will say, “I am cooking sarson-ka-saag.” (SPINACH COOKED WITH SPICES, A DELICACY EATING DURING WINTERS). Some of the women are very clever here; they keep their men wrapped into these games. These men do not know how to cook, so they can’t leave their wives, even if they hit them.

Mother laughs. Now she’s playing the game, that I am cooking this dish, ok, if they are from Uttar Pradesh (UP) then methi aloo………. (uncertain of words) will be cooked. There are really small potatoes, which I have bought then will cook them. The men who are supposed to leave wok by 6.00 pm reach home by 5.00 pm.(crowd laughs).
The whole day we spend thinking what did we eat today and what we ate the previous day and what’s going to happen to that food.

Now it is fasting, the whole house is in chaos because the grandmother is fasting today. A big storm in the house, like Shri Hanumanji has arrived………. (uncertain of words). No body can go near the grandmother today. She could throw anything on anyone and hit someone just because she is fasting.

What’s the point of fasting is she (grandmother) the God today. The desire of fasting is so prevalent in our country but nothing is achieved our of fasting, every time the thought is “what do I eat while fasting” all thoughts are around what we eat today. There is no other thought. Fasting is just for namesake, it is an excuse. To think if I am going to eat some delicious food today, like buckwheat flour, trying to find if buckwheat flour is available today or not, everybody is worried, if buckwheat is available. The fasting was created because by eating some kind of food, there’s no balance. Therefore the food should be balanced.

Now about vegetarism, in our country, we have plenty of fruits and vegetables, so we should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. This is a warm tropical country; other foods generate heat in our body. So we must eat more of this. But in vegetarism there are many people who do not eat garlic and onion. If you show them garlic, they will just run away, but if you want to scare someone, first show them garlic, so scared of garlic.

Now a German Doctor has told that you don’t eat garlic and onion, you can get heart attack. Arteries in the heart get hardened just like as in alcoholism. If you drink alcohol, your heart will have some conditions, as you don’t eat onion and garlic. Now we have a lot of people here who are staunch vegetarians. Now there is someone who visits us, listen to her description. It is her condition that nobody can serve her milk with a think film of cream settled on the surface. What will you do? She would drink it. Who are you? Nobody can serve her with garlic, whatever suits you, and you should eat. What you eat or drink is not important. I don’t remember what I ate in morning or evening. I don’t want to know even I hadn’t eaten for 4 days is someone gave me food or not. It’s not for God. Food has to be balanced.