The Power of Brahma New Delhi (India)

“The Power of Brahma”, Public Program,  Delhi (India), 11 March 1981.

I have told you, the other day that these vibrations are nothing but the Brahmashakti , the power of Brahma. The power of Brahma is the power that creates, .that desires, that evolves and it gives the living force also. It is the power which is giving us the living force. Now, it is not easy to understand what is a dead force and what is a living force. […]

About self control, dedication and behaviour New Delhi (India)

Advice to sahaja yogis, regarding self control, dedication and behavior. New Delhi (India), 11 March 1981.

YOU SHOULD BE LIKE A KING SITTING ON HIS THRONE. INSTEAD, YOU ARE SITTING ON THE THRONE AND WEEPING AND BEGGING! WHAT SHOULD BE DONE TO SUCH FOOLISH PEOPLE? You are a king and you should order your five organs that you have been tolerating them and now they should behave. When you command yourself like this, bring yourself under control like this, […]