The Power of Brahma

New Delhi (India)

1981-03-11 The Power Of Brahma New Delhi Source NITL HD, 51'
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“The Power of Brahma”, Public Program,  Delhi (India), 11 March 1981.

I have told you, the other day that these vibrations are nothing but the Brahmashakti , the power of Brahma. The power of Brahma is the power that creates, .that desires, that evolves and it gives the living force also. It is the power which is giving us the living force. Now, it is not easy to understand what is a dead force and what is a living force. Living force is very simple to understand. An animal, say a little worm, is a living force. It can turn itself the way it likes. It can save itself from danger. It may be a small little thing, but because it is living it can save itself. But something which is dead cannot move by itself. So, the “Self” part does not remain in it, as far as it is concerned.

Now, being a living force we should try to find out, “Are we going to be the living force or the dead one”. Now, when we live in the world, we start thinking about our comforts; where we have to live, what we have to do. When we think of all these things, you see, we are thinking of the dead. But when we think of having a place or a house or an Ashram from the angle that you Will be doing some living work, then you are giving life to that place. That atmosphere should be created from all that is dead-to create the living force.

Now, this is very very subtle thing, which very few people understand, for example, somebody brings me a photograph of Shri Ganesh and says, “Should I worship this Shri Ganesh’s photograph or not”. First of all we should sea if vibrations are coming from it or not. Supposing you take a house You must see that the house is giving good vibrations. We see the comfort, we see other things. We might even see if it is good for other people to come in or not, but we do not see the house from vibrations point of view. For anything that we do, we have, now, to think in terms of vibratory awareness which means awareness that is working upon living things. As in the, say, a cell at the tip of a the root of a tree is a living thing. Of course, it does not think, it is guided by the living force itself. So, it knows how to move with the living force, to live with it and how to understand the plan of the living force to get along with it and how to merge with it.

But, we human beings have got the freedom to decide. Now, once you are realized, you have got that living force within you. This is the living force you feel. So, you have to know how to use this living force to keep your body, mind, ego, superego and everything in the enlightened state, by understanding the planning of the living force.

It gives you all the ideas regarding most of the problems. For example, here in this country and specially in Delhi, I find that you catch on the left Nabhi, also right Swadishthana and then on the Heart and also on your Agnya. These are the Chakras which deal with our being. So, let us try from the left side. What happens ? On the left side the problem starts from left swadhishthna, because that is the first Chakra that starts emitting the negativity within us. Now, left Swadishthana is actually under control only of Shri Ganesh because Shri Ganesh is the beginning of life and also the link between the life and the death. So Ganesh is one who gives the balance, the “Vivek” the understanding to you by which you know how far to go with things. Now, when left Swathishthana catches, you start going to other people who promise you such things, like “I will give you this and that, this will happen, that will happen to you”. But this left sided thing can also come from your own desire for wrong things. For example, we might be desiring something very wrong; we might be thinking that let us have this kind of a dead thing or that kind of dead thing or some sort of a special thing. Suppose, somebody wants a refrigerator and keeps on thinking of it. He thinks that he must have a fridge. He must go to the fridge, because he wants a fringe, and he must get it. Why he wants a fridge ? Because he thinks it will give him more comfort. But, when he brings the fridge, he knows that it is not so. So, the best way to look at all dead things is not to go too far with them. If you have, well and good. If you do not have, well and good. You can live with minimum of minimum or you can live with maximum of maximum of these. But when we start expanding our dead possessions, it is very much bad. Then our attention goes into the dead. That’s how we move into our subconscious then over to collective subconscious. Then it moves higher to the left Nabhi, and at left Nabhi, we start becoming crazy about these dead things. For example, the watch , the Time. Time is a dead thing,. it is not a living things. It has nothing to do with living thing. For example, you cannot say exactly at what time the flower will become a fruit. So this watch or time has nothing to do with the living force at all. It is human or man-made like the watch; particularly time is also man made. For example, today, time here is something, but in England it is different. If you say it is 4-0′ clock in India, it is not the same in England. So, the timing is not important. What time you arrive what time you go, how many times you do it, is not ‘important.

Because living force is infinite, it has no time limit or space limit, you cannot count it, the way it moves, the way it works out. Once we understand that it is a living force which is spontaneous, which is not bothered about our dead ideas, we come out of the dead. We were first stones, then we became amoebae, then we . gradually became human beings. So, our attention is all the time towards the dead. What should we get, what should we have, what are the needs ? We have of this body which is going to die.

We do not see to the needs of the Spirit. By seeing to the needs of the spirit, you can overcome the left side. You start looking after your spirit from which you know that you get your vibrations. If your Spirit is happy, you get your vibrations, if it is unhappy, you do not get the vibrations. Such a common thing ! If you have any disease or a problem on left hand side, to give it a balance, you put your attention to the future. But then people get stuck up on the future, if I say you look to the future. As dead is dead and is ‘Mithya’ (illusion), same way future is also Mithya, is also not there. Both the things are just the same. Whether you go to left or right, whether you go to the subconscious or the supraconscious mind, both the thing are just the same. So, no use going to the past, but if you are too much in the past, it is better to think of the future, so that you are pushed a little bit to the centre. But, it is
difficult with you, human beings.

Now, the other problem starts, when we start feeling guilty about something, when left Vishuddhi catches. We start feeling guilty. “I should have not done this thing or that thing”. Then you start saying, “] am very miserable, I am very guilty” etc., you just start cursing yourself. This is another nonsense. That is how once you start doing that, then what happens is that you again become dead. Because living force will never condemn. No, it will Never. It goes on progressing itself. It sees, which side to move, this side or that side. It is not going to condemn itself. It is not going to aggress anything. It has the wisdom to be in the Centre . That is how people should over-come their left side, by putting their attention away from the dead things. You should watch from the Centre, when you are on the left side. What you want to see, you don’t see. But then ultimately to escape ail this, what you do is to start blaming yourself all the time and feeling miserable. Now, this is the way you start ending up with your left side into a very miserable state, that is the culmination of all these attachments to the left side. So, ultimately you start thinking that you are good for nothing, you are useless, you should have done this, you should have done that.

Now, at this time to overcome it, you have to count your blessings. Count your Blessings one by one. You have got your Realization. During thousands of years how many people got realization ? You have got your vibrations. In so many centuries, how many people got them ? It is written in Zen system that in eight centuries there were altogether 26 Kashyaps (Realized Souls). So, even after Buddha, how many got their realization? You must think also that there are so many realized people, who talk the same language, who talk the same tongue. You must thank yourself also, that every thing can be known to you.

But, when you start catching on the left, you go in the past and you start saying, “Oh God ? I am so useless, I am good for nothing. I am so useless, that I am still catching”. As you know, those who catch on ‘the left hand side, are always complaining, always grudging type because of poor things, they suffer. Now, to match with that is the other side. So, if I tell you that you go to the other side also, it is a very dangerous game. For example, we have so many conditionings in our lives. You see, first of all our desire. Our desire is to become excellent Sahaja Yogis, to become Master Gurus and something great and this and that. That there should be many disciples that we should have who should touch our feet and we should be called Great Gurus etc.

So, in Sahaja Yoga some things are prohibited That nobody should touch anybody’s feet and no Sahaja Yogi should allow anyone to touch his or her feet. This is one of the great Bandhans for all Sahaja Yogis. No one should touch other’s Feet and nobody should ask to touch his or her feet, whatever may be your quality. Those who will touch will lose vibrations, and those who will get salutations will also catch on the heart. So, such conditions, which we have about Sahaja Yoga also, should be removed.

We are all of us growing together. We are part and parcel of one personality. Nobody is higher or lower. One who thinks the slightest like this will go down faster. This is the left side conditioning, where people falter very much. So, such desires must be given up in Sahaja Yoga.

You -,must have very wider desires in Sahaja Yoga that all of us must get Realization-say as many as possible. We should try to save as many people as possible. We should try to improve ourselves as far as we can, and we are nothing yet we can improve and have so many blessings.

Now, the thoughts can come from the left side also. Like, if you have some Bhoots in your head, they can give you the thought that, “Oh, you are useless or good for nothing.” Now, raise your right side and put down the left. with your left hand. Now why do we do this ? Because from your right side, you get the Grace and put down the left side. Such people who suffer from the left side should try this. One more thing, is, that when these ideas come to you or such thoughts., come to you, that you are good for nothing etc., it is better to beat yourself with shoes. Go and sing the praise of the Lord and say that I am so happy. I have got everything around me.

Now, the second thing is about the right side. On the right side, mostly you catch on the Swadishthan. That is because you think. This is another kind of thinking that gives you catch at right Swadishthan.
Thinking, whether it comes from right or the left will first give problem to your liver. The worst comes when both the sides are involved. There are some Bhoots which give you ideas that you are good for nothing etc. while the other thing is when you start thinking that you are so great. In this such a wobbling starts coming and the confusion starts setting in.

So, one must understand that in Sahaja Yoga, you are developing that sharp edge, that central point from which you do not deviate to the right or to the left. This is something so subtle that you are left sided, you are not going to remain left sided. You can become right-sided tomorrow. Exactly, tomorrow you can come with a right-sided problem. So, you must learn that Balancing, just like you start learning a bicycle. You might fall on this side or that side.

Now, when do you learn cycling ? If you ask me, I will say, “When you learn.” I mean when you cycle down, that’s the point when you learn. So, in Sahaja Yoga, to balance it, you have to watch yourself carefully. Now, where is it going ? To the left side, then come to the right side. If going to the right side, come to the left side. Now, come to the Centre, you just separate yourself, you detach yourself all the time. Not to criticize yourself nor to aggress anyone or to criticize others. But use this point just to see yourself, just to see and guide yourself. Guidance is very different from getting lost. Now that is what it is. Supposing the dead thing is there. Say this is a dead thing. When I throw it, it exactly will fall there. Living thing, if I throw it will not fall there exactly. So, the living force knows how to guide itself. In the same way you will learn to guide yourself., If you have learnt it, you have mastered Sahaja Yoga.

No use condemning yourself, in any way or thinking that you are great or small. But watch now, where the horse is going. You are sitting on the top of the horse; now you are no more the horse. Before, Realization you are the horse. Wherever it takes you, you go there. It may stand there, when it sees the grass and eat. Then the horse wants to kick somebody, it will do so, But , now, you have come out of the horse and sitting on the horse as a Rider. Now you are the Rider and you must know how you are befouled by these things. These desires are all ancient age old things within you. See , also the aggression, the Karma that you are doing are also ancient. By doing this you will get this, you will get that. Many people will say, “Mother, we are doing this, we are doing so much for Sahaja Yoga; we have still not achieved anything”. Now, what to do. Just can’t help it. Now, you must find out, what is the matter with you.

Now, if the Heart is catching, such people can never progress. The Heart is the source of Light, it is the source of BrahmaShakti. Heart is the seat of Atma. If in the Heart there is no living force, then how can you progress ?

You must know what to choose. This is what Sahaja Yoga should make out of you. . You should grow mature to that point where you know what to choose. This is Growth. Then you don’t ask of Mother. You don’t ask anyone.

This development should come to you. That, “what I do, I should know what I am doing. I should know what is correct. I should know how to correct it’ . I should know ‘1’, here is the Spirit and not the Ego. No more the Ego exists or the Super-ego exist. It is the Spirit which guides you. You see the Realized children. They don’t ask such questions. They know who is foolish, who is stupid. They know who is caught up. They know whom to shut up and whom to argue. They do not sympathize with the people, who are caught up. They just watch. If somebody comes, they will tell me, “Mataji, this fellow is caught”. That’s ail. Somebody else comes. They promptly tell me, “He is alright”. That’s all. They just certify. They do not hate anyone, they do not get worried about anything. If some body comes with a very bad Badha, they say, “Better please, go away”, without any malice about the person.

Once, you are at the top of the hill, you have not to worry about the traffic. But, you are not yet on the top, that’s why you are worried that, “I am climbing and falling, climbing and failing”. This is just a Myth, just a mental shadow on your mind. This is a fact that you are at the top of the hill. But you have not asserted, the assertion is not there.

The God is the enjoyer. You cannot enjoy. You can only enjoy God, and it is the greatest enjoyment, to feels what God has created for you, what a beautiful life He has given you in human awareness, by which you can know how much He has loved you, how much He has worked for you. He has brought you to this level. What He has given you, you can give to others and make others happy. If you think like that immediately both of your sides will be settled and you yourself will be filled with Divine Vibrations.

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