Birthday Puja

Sydney (Australia)

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Birthday Puja Burwood, Sydney. March 21, 1981.

I’m just trying to remember if I have had a more fantastic birthday than this. The words will not come, the joy cannot be explained, when you become so deep, there is no movement.

This is a great country. Australia has been created for a special purpose in Sahaja Yoga. This is the Mooladhara chakra where resides Shri Ganesha of this world. How important it is to keep this centre awakened within us. The probation about my coming can only be brought past it from this centre then the World Kundalini is going to rise.

When you’re putting your hands towards me then the Divine Love passes through your fingers, goes down through your Ida and Pingala and informs Shri Ganesha about my presence, and then Kundalini rises. So today, we should say, a great day in the history of Divine Work where I came to Australia.

They asked me was there any incarnations in Australia? Did God visit Australia in human form? I said it’s not easy to meet Shri Ganesha, even Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh did not reach Ganesh. And you know that He is placed at the lotus where all kinds of people who are, insulted, tortured, ignored pass Him. Here He really sucks whom to save from hell and who not to save. God’s decisions are very different than human. Human decisions are extremely cruel and dry.

And today you find so many saints in this Mooladhara. This [muni] – this is the work of Shri Ganesha. He has brought you on this great chakra, where Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh also cannot enter it, that you should stay here and grow into beautiful saints of very great magnitude in Spirituality. Such glories to them is put upon this estate is such a blessing that even Indians will be jealous of you.

One has to see how Shri Ganesha acts within us. He’s very important, recognise Him understand him and invite. Otherwise you will be wasting all His energies staying in this place, living in this place so close to Him. Know He is the giver of wisdom. I wonder how many people understand the word ‘wisdom’. Wisdom is the centre of gravity within us which gives us the fulcrum on which we rotate, by which we realise that we are inclined to the left or to the right. This fulcrum we have to be aware of, because otherwise we will not know how far we have gone. Not only should we know that we should know the centre of gravity and our fulcrum are so close, because if your centre of gravity and fulcrum are separated there is no integration. You can be ruined completely. So wisdom means this integration between your understanding, and the understanding of Shri Ganesh within you.

For example we go to extremes, extreme behaviour. I will give you a very simple example. I was going to Hong Kong and the lady who organised it telephoned to me again and again, and she told me that “a big batch of people are coming to see you, and you are going to be on the television for the whole two nights, and this is going to happen and that is going to happen and people are spending so much money”. Describing the scene that I’ll be sponsoring the things that are arranged for you… And she was on and on and on and she also told Dr Warren except for giving the newspapers that we don’t pay for. It was going to such a juncture and I could tell it was not necessary to go to such a limit and plan it out. There would be people coming inside the aeroplane to see me, makes no difference to me, and there will be a car waiting near the aeroplane to greet me. I don’t know who was waiting where at any point.

When we reached there it was six hours late. I told Warren, it’s all not going to work out, anything, and the plane just deposited us in Bangkok. There was no way-six hours. We had to take another plane in which nobody came in, no car, nothing. [We] went out looking for her, didn’t see her. Telephoned the hotel, no arrangements told. Warren thought Mother has gone to another extreme, was quite worried. There was no one to receive us at the airport. It’s all a joke.

Going to extremes has to be corrected in you. Because if you get successful with this type of planning, then you go on doing this type of artificial planning and not the planning of the Divine. Divine has its own plans. We have to feel the plans of the Divine. It works it out. You are just an instrument to work it out. So if you try to do something of your own, something too much, then who is going to suggest this is the balance? It’s Shri Ganesh and that balance, once it is established in you; you will know how to balance yourself.

There is no alternative for Sahaja yogis, no alternative. One must know everything that is living has no alternatives. For example, if a mango tree says that I will create a pomegranate there is no alternative, whatever is there it has to see and enjoy but not to force its way on it. This is one of the things we have to understand, establish our wisdom. Because of our concept, our idea, our anything, even about God for example, about our genesis itself, then we are absolutely wrong if you have no wisdom. But in nature if you see those who grow are never bothered about what shape they are going to take. Does a tree measure itself up know how many dimensions it is going to grow? It grows as much as it can, slowly and steadily according to its nature.

Like that the wisdom is the one that understands. It is an establishment, a state of mind. Where we can reach the state of being when you become wisdom. Such wisdom outside also expressed so beautifully, such a wisdom can create a gentleman and a gentlelady only in a personality which is settled down. If you are frustrated with a problem, if you are unhappy, if you are suppressed, any extreme will not allow this flower of wisdom. So even in frustration you have to look back, you have to stand back and see for yourself. Why am I to be frustrated? Count your blessings one by one, count your blessings one by one, now say again, count your blessings one by one. Once you number your blessings, in such a short time, where are you?

Now the extreme projections of mind can take you to “I’m not going to face, I wouldn’t like to face”, but in wise projection, we can say that you are what you are. You are saints. You were born to be saints in this great country. You are specially blessed people in the heavens and are sent on this earth to do this Maha Yoga to spread it. You have achieved that state, and if you are saints you should not be bothered as to a few things like “Oh! I haven’t got a suit” or somethings like that- which you have never very much bothered with any kind of extreme behaviour. When it comes to materialism you people are not so bad, in a sense you can understand the value of aesthetics. But in possessiveness let us take the wise path.

In wisdom, logically, what can we possess? Just think of one thing that we can possess. Except for your own spirit you don’t possess anything. Except for your evolutionary development you don’t possess anything. For example, now you’re a saint you will be born a saint. This is all you possess. The rest you don’t possess, it’s logical, logical. You don’t have to be realised to understand what I’m saying. So why should people worry about possessions. When you leave this….. [vahakI] [?world?,state?]This is another wisdom this is a higher wisdom, [if you die with this space]. If we leave our possessions our material problems, this does not mean we throw them in the sea, but the attachment is dissolved, dissolves. Like Kay lost her travellers’ cheques, she did not know the way. Suddenly one man bumped into her. I was with her. So imagine, I did not know where but I went to a particular Cashier or somewhere and this man said “do you know this lady? I’ve got her travellers’ cheques for you, and here suddenly I bump into you?”

How the news has been organised, in the nature you see how the flowers bloom, how these bees come all the way, how the birds fly all the way from Siberia to Australia. What wisdom is that magnetism in them; magnetism that is in the Mother Earth which tells them this is the way?

So we have to see to this magnetism within us. What makes us magnetic? Is not what we could have, what are natural things we have, but what naturally we have achieved within and we are not afraid to achieve. In fear, you are never aggressive, but even in fearlessness you are never aggressive. In fear you might say that you are not afraid but you could be aggressive. When people look very frightened, if you push them to the extreme of right, they can come back [at you]. But if you are fearless you are innocent, you are just standing there, watching. Fearlessness never means aggression.

So we clear out our concepts and only we clear out if there is light within us. For us, if somebody is aggressing us then we think if we do not aggress the other person we are frightened, then we are weak, we are weak people. So, should we fight back even when you’re fighting back you are weak. If it were not so, what is there to fight back?

In fearlessness you become the witness. You see the joke, the joke behind all this extreme behaviour of another person, and also you know the technique….. [o shalam]. Yoga also means….. [o shalam] means technique, how to manage the show by which his action doesn’t bother you. If you want to, if you don’t want to, you can even take the action upon yourself, to prove it whatever you are doing is a little silly and stupid.

Like Christ getting Himself crucified, it was a wise decision because if you have to prove life is eternal best thing is to die and show it. It had to be publicly, so nobody could say He was not dead. Today people are saying that He was not dead, still there are people who are talking, and saying He was alive and got out of the place. But they don’t know how it was played. So He had to die publicly and then his resurrection was to be seen by many people. This drama had to be performed for you to have the wisdom to know that life is eternal. It doesn’t mean that He was weak, by any chance. So the idea of our aggression, or our suppression, both come from either fear or some sort of a satanic pleasure to oppress others.

So wisdom lies in seeing yourself also. See how wisdom is so important throughout if you find in every chakra carries pranava, is the life of every chakra, because it is the wisdom that tells you whether you are in the chakra or not. So how wisdom is important that you even become a Sakshi for your wisdom otherwise you cannot. You become a witness only when you have that focal point adjusted to your centre of gravity. That is wisdom.

When people tell me about someone that has harmed them they make such a dark picture of the whole thing, as if it was another war that was fought. Then you go and listen to the other side and paint another horrible picture of this thing. Between these two pictures, you find that one is reflecting the other the other is reflecting other; there is no end to it. It is eternally going on from this to that and that to this. How do you end it up? Only by your wisdom, by understanding it is an illusion. May think it as a mirror, on which it is reflected, is just an illusion that is appearing, and we are worried about it. The whole illusion will drop out as soon as you just see the mirror and don’t worry about the reflections. They come and go. It is for you just to witness that’s all. A mirror is a mirror which is a solid thing and all the reflections are illusions.

That is how we miss all the sweetness of our own. Wisdom lies in the understanding that you are the Spirit; you are not all these illusions. You are the Spirit! You are the Spirit!

The attention as animals was on food, desire was nothing else but food. This grows higher and higher in awareness and came up to the point where he starts thinking he’s a prime minister or he is an actor or an actress and this and that a so-called chief or maybe start thinking they are atheists, agnostics all sorts of things, communists, specialists. It’s a drama going on. They’re wearing wigs after wigs. If they like this wig they’ll wear this, otherwise throw away. It kills the romance completely. You start loving the wig of a person, and wigs can be bought, wigs can be exchanged. You go into the market; you can get, say, ten types of wigs. Supposing you say “oh I like this colour for the hair” so the lady will wear that and come out and you will like her for the wig that she has bought and another may wear the same. Or the same lady, who buys that one wig could bore you completely. Because there is no living dynamism, that tells you every moment is so beautiful, it spreads into new waves of such beautiful colours, beautiful music. That is all lost with these bought images. Every minute the image changes, with a living personality. Into tremendous beauty, but the first point is the wisdom to know that our images cannot be changed for more or depleted, they evolve.

So we have to only see our evolving force. Are we into it, or are we out of it? Are we moving with our evolving force or getting ourselves crucified with all these artificial miss identifications? That says you are this you are that. You are nothing but a seeker. It is continuity that I have told many times, you are a seeker and you have to seek. Now, what do you have to seek? Is your spirit, and once you have found it, establish it, that’s what you are and to know that you are that spirit is so satisfying and itself is emitting wisdom. Which is so joy giving, it is nothing but love, it’s love I cannot go beyond .There are no words in human language to say what is love. To me it is nothing but silence, everything stops, this feeling where wisdom becomes love, and love becomes wisdom. That’s the real integration of love. Open your hearts. Allow Shri Ganesha to settle in that, that innocence which is within every being.

Look at the little ones how they came forward to give me flowers, every step, every movement was so joyous. Was creating such a beautiful, delicate ripple in my heart, and it’s written as history for me, to see these little, little sweet, innocent Ganeshas coming forward, and an instant becomes so full that you know the source of love as Ganesha. For He, did not know anything else but One, who is the source of love. Never questioned, never argued, no alternative, no new ideas came He’s just taking in. Working it out within yourself and the whole thing just works out. The more you enter into it; you’ll understand that you have really entered the Kingdom of God.

If you want to suffer, you go ahead have it you want a problem, have it. It’s all Gods, the whole thing, who owns it but God. He is the One who owns everything, and the One who enjoys everything, and He wants you to enjoy everything. Only through the power of wisdom – that, today I thought I had to show part of that wisdom in which there is no artificial. It is so natural. But natural doesn’t mean base. Some people think to be angry is also natural, but you are a human being and also a Sahaja Yogi. Whatever is natural for a Sahaja Yogi is not the same as whatever is natural for a buffalo. You have nothing to learn from them. They have to learn from us. So whatever is natural for Sahaja Yogi has to be learned in the school of wisdom. Not by any rule, or anything that I say you don’t do this, or you’re not to do this and you are to do it that way not to do this way.

Even in the hand you will see that this portion is Australia.* Now just see. This portion is the source for all the fingers it is the connecting point, but it doesn’t say anything. For example this finger means something, this thumb means something, this finger means something, but this doesn’t say anything, doesn’t do anything. But without it nothing exists. If it is cut out here, you are paralysed, all movement is finished. This is the connecting link with the Divine and a guiding link, this will tell us which finger to move, how to contract which person, and all the muscles are controlled at this point.

*Shri Mataji points to base of Her hand above wrist.

A day will come when information with these will work through The Lord Shri Ganesha in my children, Sahaji Yogis in Australia, and the whole world will pray to get the blessings from Him. You know that Kundalini is in India and only there the Kundalini raises. But one thing you must remember, that you are really placed at a very pivotal point and that responsibility is too much. The responsibility is to keep the whole atmosphere pure and send forth all the fragrance of the lotus, though maybe you will feel you are surrounded by only mud, mud and everything else, but still you have to be very strong lotuses for the whole world. You have to come up and send forth that beautiful fragrance, of announcement that the ‘Blossom Time’ has come.

I was asking for the river’s name. What’s the name of the river? I wonder if you thought about it? You see the river’s name is Parramatta. Parra in Greek means ‘Evolved Beyond’ and Matta means ‘Mother’. Your river’s name itself is Parramatta. It’s a Greek word and how the Greeks have known this word Parramatta? This river had to be here, Adi Shakti only had to be here to bless Shri Ganesha all the time. He’s the one who sorts out, the lamboda. The one you’ll see in the Sistine Chapel, very well painted, a huge big stomach. It is really the Australian personality, standing there sorting out people, throwing to the left and to the right. It’s so beautiful. I wish you could get that picture sometime, and you’ll be surprised it’s an Australian, you can see it, perfectly, it is an Australian character. That is Christ, absolutely an Australian body standing up. I don’t know how Michelangelo could see that clearly, that He had to be Australian like that.

It has been so beautiful to come down, so beautiful. It’s good for you maybe, but for me it is nothing but complete joy, complete joy.

I had told I will come to India after three years’ time. I would just settle down because a saintly person is not supposed to move from place to place, they must settle, they must have their own pita. They are not to leave that. But I’m your Mother moving all over, and can you imagine I’ve been all over the places but never to Australia. To come here first was so great that, even today, I’ve not been able to put all that.

May God Bless You.