Extract of Speech by Sir C. P., Sydney (from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 4, Pages 10-11)

Sydney (Australia)

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English Transcript Version Date: 2015-1120

Dear Sahaja Yagis and Yoginis and dear little children, dear members of what I call this beautiful universal family. For me this is a very memorable moment, a moment that I will cherish, and this is a moment which fills me with feelings which I may find difficult to describe to you. I’m here amidst members of this universal family, and it is marvellous that in keeping with our desire, both of us should be celebrating, as is appropriate, our birthdays with the members of this universal family in this city of Sydney. I want to say how joyous I am, and delighted. I’m delighted because as I mentioned, perhaps in Bombay, you represent to me the symbol of a new hope. I am concerned with the United Nations. The U. N. is concerned with World-peace, world safety, world co-operation, and yet whenever you open a page in the daily newspapers, you see how disasters are taking place, tensions are rising. There are very few areas in the World where there is real peace and joy, and what is needed by mankind at this time is a new evolution, a new force, which would be, which must be spiritual in character. The world has seen the growth of materialism. The world has seen some of the evils which come from that. The industrial revolution was very good in many ways, daily life has been facilitated, at the same time things have gone too far in a particular direction and human beings have within themselves dichotomies and tensions and questions, and all of this is now finding its expression in many parts of this World with tensions, through fears, and what can mankind do ? There must be some way, there must be some hope, and there is hope, and that hope is Sahaja Yaga. What the World needs is really, some spark somewhere. As even in my little field with the U. N. System, the maritime field, 1 find that if you promote co-operation, if you are sincere, if you are honest & truthful, if you really believe in one human family, then people around you begin to believe in that and you see glorious moments of co-operation, of happiness, of joy. But my field is very limited. Her (“Mataji) field is immense, it is the universe itself, and I cannot tell you how proud I am of Her because She doesn’t want anything for Herself. What She wants is this human family, which must be one family, should really grow up spiritually and become a new family for the World where tensions no longer exist, where mutual love is giving more than taking. It is a new spiritual attainment that must be there. It is not a particular view or a particular group or a particular thesis but the universality of Sahaja Yoga that is what appeals tome. I honestly believe that there can be peace and glory in this world, if from our hearts, not from just lips, not in a formal sense, but from our hearts, if we begin to believe that we are all creations of one almighty. There cannot be two all-mighties, there can only be one.