Sahaja Yoga: a spontaneous happening within us, of union with God.

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

1981-03-22 Talk: Kundalini, Mooladhara, Hatha Yoga, False Gurus, Divine Love, 55' Download subtitles: EN,TR (2)View subtitles:
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Public Program. Maccabean Hall Sydney 22 March 1981

To all the seekers of truth. It’s such a pleasure to come to this great country where there are so many seekers. So many seekers are born in these modern times. There were never born so many, any time before. For example at the time of Christ, He had to gather crowds of people but they had no seeking, they just listened to Him because they felt it was something new. 

Today, the time has come where many seekers have taken their birth all over the world and they are seeking. This is a fact one has to accept, there’s no hypocrisy about it. Some people don’t understand that the seeking is there and that whatever they’re doing, right or wrong, actually they are seeking within themselves.

Today, in the beginning, I will give you a broad line of Sahaja Yoga, the one that means a spontaneous happening within us, of union with God. It’s easy to talk about it, anybody can talk about it. First, when I went to America, people said you must get a patent on your lectures Mother.  I just smiled at them. I said, what’s the matter? They said they might use your words and use the same things for their own purpose and maybe that they’ll do a lot of harm to you, I said it’s nice, let them talk about it because that’s what has to happen, people have to know about it, what is there to take a patent for it. We don’t take patent for the light of the sun, and the beauty of the stars. That’s meant for everyone. The main thing is that these lecturings and all such ventures are of no use at all unless and until the happening takes place. It should happen to you. It’s an actualisation. It is the becoming which is important. It’s not reading about it, it’s a living force within us which has made us a human being from amoeba and it’s the same living force which is going to make us a higher personality, a prophet. 

As William Blake* has very clearly said, that men of God will become prophets and the day will come when these prophets will have special capacity to transform other people as prophets, that time has come today. William Blake could see hundred years back the working of Sahaja Yoga and today you can see the actualisation.

Before you today they have placed the diagram of our being. It’s a very complicated stuff, they have tried to make it a simple diagram for you though it looks still complicated. For example when you are sitting in this room, supposing there was no light, one has to just tell you that, just push the button and all the lights will be on. But behind this happening there’s a big history of electricity and a big mechanism and a great organisation that does it. It’s not just the pushing of the button. Now my situation is such that I can push the button, alright, but people want to know the history and all the headache about it, so I have to explain to you what is it about. 

Here you see the subtle force, the subtle being within us. This is a human being which has evolved to this stage of awareness and that he has to become that dynamic awareness. If you try to make any instrument, say for example, you try to make this microphone, people would definitely ask, what’s the purpose? Until it is connected to the mains it has no purpose at all. In the same way you are created to be beautiful human beings and you are to be connected to the mains, otherwise you do not find your absolute value.

Now the Kundalini about which many people have talked, I mean they have written books after books, and I was shocked for they do not know anything about it, and how could they write such big books, from where did they get the knowledge?  This Kundalini is a very simple thing. It is the pure desire within us, that one has to become one with the Spirit, is the pure desire. So that through the Spirit, we know God. This pure desire, this power of pure desire exists within us as Kundalini. The whole being manifested, but still it is sleeping. It’s completely there, after creating the whole being as a human being, still it is sleeping, because that power of desire has not got the chance to manifest itself. Now for this desire of power, people think that you can excite it or something. Some people have started enterprises of Kundalini yoga, of Kundalini awakening. 

It is not a commercial stuff, it is not!  It’s a living process. You cannot commercialise it. You cannot pay for it.

We have got brains, you are human beings, you must understand that we cannot pay for the Divine Love. On the contrary, you insult it, if you talk of money. God doesn’t understand money, it’s in your myth, human beings have created it, He does not know what money is. You cannot pay for it! You cannot put in any effort for it. For becoming a fruit, a flower doesn’t put in any effort or any money. How much money did you pay to become a human being from a monkey?  What effort did you put in to do that?  It is spontaneous. Like a seed which sprouts through its primule and the same primule becomes the root and the shoot and the little cell at the tip of the root works out all the digging by itself, spontaneously. Only living things can be spontaneous  And then the shoot rises by itself, becomes the leaves and becomes the flowers and then the fruit.  The whole map of its being is microscopically placed in that seed. 

In the same way within us is placed the primule, the germinating force, called as Kundalini. And this force which exists within us in three and a half coils. There’s a big mathematics about it, which I think I cannot discuss it today, but sometime we’ll discuss it. Now it is very important to see the position of Kundalini. It is placed in the triangular bone, this bone is called as sacrum, the sacrum word comes from the Greek language. Greeks must have known this, that this is the sacred bone, so they called it sacrum, it’s most surprising. 

When they came to Australia, some Greeks, they must have felt the vibrations of your river, so they called it Parramatta. Have you ever thought of what does that mean?  It means the Holy Ghost. Para is beyond, supreme; Mata is the Mother. Some realised soul must have felt the vibrations of this river and they must have named it. In the same way they must have felt that this bone is something special, and this is the last bone that gets burnt up when the body is completely burnt under electrical pressure. Now this force resides in this bone, and you can see with your own eyes.

Today in the university many students saw it, the pulsation of the Kundalini in the bone. Now can you do that, any one of you, by jumping or by shouting or by screaming or by chanting or by paying?  Whatever you can do cannot be divine. Divine has to be something that is beyond human endeavour. You can jump, you can shout, you can do this, you can do that, but you cannot transform a flower into a fruit. And this miracle you see every day, billions and billions of these, we take it for granted. We have taken our human awareness also for granted.  It’s a good thing, otherwise we start thinking about it, we go into another tension mounting upon our heads. 

Now this force lies above the first centre. The first centre is the centre called as Mooladhara Chakra. Now this is a very big confusion, one of the biggest in the modern times. As it is, modern times are known to be full of confusions only. Only in confusions we have to find the truth, unless and until there is confusion, there cannot be that seeking. And this confusion has reached such a stage, that we are confused even about Kundalini. And there are people who have worked hard to confuse us also. This important point, that the first centre within us which is the centre of innocence, is placed below the Kundalini, is extremely important to understand. And that Kundalini resides in the triangular bone which is Mooladhara. So the centre of this power lies below the Kundalini. This is a very important point which I am going to tell you today. 

The last centre within us, the seventh centre within us, manifests the pelvic plexus.  I don’t know if you are doctors here, but I’ll tell you the pelvic plexus, that’s the excretion within our body.  All that is excreted is manifested through this subtle centre within us, which is below the sacrum bone, is a subtle centre. It looks after the prostate gland. Now this is the centre of innocence. Innocence is the first thing God has created on this earth; is holiness, is beauty of God, is love. And this innocence resides within us below the Kundalini, and in my next lecture in the same hall I will be speaking in details about it, how it manifests other aspects in our life. But why this is an important point, that it is placed lower than the Kundalini, because it says that our excretion is done by pelvic plexus which is manifested by this particular centre called as Mooladhara Chakra, has nothing to do with Kundalini. 

It is very important to know this fact, that sex has nothing to do with Kundalini. If sexual manifestation is going to take you to God, animals would be much faster in their evolution than you are.

We have nothing to learn from animals. We are human beings. Those who want to learn from animals will become animals. Are we to become the frogs and earthworms now, or we have to become a superior personality?  A personality who is completely in command, who is the master. Or are we to be slaves of our problems?  How can we become masters of ourselves if we give in our own being, to things that destroy?  So one has to understand this point very very clearly, that sex has nothing to do with Kundalini.

It cannot. 

Before us is placed Christ. I’m surprised that people who have known Christ, how can they accept such an absurd thing, like by doing sex in a perverted manner you will reach God?  Are we now going to become just sex points?  Have we no self-esteem left in ourselves to understand that we are much more than a sex point, a mere sex point. This is the best way of ruining people. This is the best way of enticing people, but I tell you, you are seekers, and out and out you are seekers!  You must not listen until you have found out your Spirit. You are not going to be satisfied with all these nonsensical ideas. You will come back.  I know one day all of you will have to come back.  But that time you will be so ruined that I may not be able to help you. It’s a very clear-cut thing to understand that sex has nothing to do with Kundalini awakening. 

She is your pure Mother. She is the Mother who is individually with you. Forget your concepts and forget your identifications. Please try to understand. She is your Mother, waiting for ages to give you your real birth. She is the Holy Ghost within you. She has to give you your realisation and She’s just waiting and waiting to do it. I have seen some people, who have a Kundalini, which just, like a wounded serpent is bending Her head all sides and just breaking Her body. I have seen people with holes in the Kundalini, how much we have harmed ourselves by foolish ideas, by listening to those people who are just trying to make money out of us and befool us. 

There are some destroying forces that have come on this earth. Not some, but many and they are very speedy. It’s very easy to destroy something, but to construct is such a difficult thing and to construct something living is even more difficult.  Just we are enamoured because we think it’s easy. There are people who think that if you enrol yourself as somebody’s disciple you’ll be saved. How can you be saved ? You have to grow yourself. You have to become. You must know what powers have you got from any one of them. Those who say that you should have sexual freedom, 0h animals have all that, what is so special about getting a sexual freedom?  I can’t understand. I mean in India you know how much people are producing children without going to any one of these gurus. 

On the contrary these gurus make you impotent and they teach you about the sex so that you feel that as if the sexual act is a very big thing to be achieved.  It’s such a simple thing to do and for people who are impotent it is a very great thing, no doubt, but for people who are normal and natural it’s so simple, just like going to the bathroom. Why make such an ado about things which are so simple. This has gone too far now. They have also suggested that you can raise the Kundalini by sex. It’s like the mother being connected to the child in a very dirty manner. People might say that Freud talked about it. Freud was another half-baked fellow, I must say.  Absolutely half-baked without any wisdom about him. He must have had some problems like this himself, he was an abnormal personality to begin with.  Apart from that all these psychologists meet only abnormal people. Do they meet ever a normal personality? Who will go to a psychologist who is normal ? Always mad people go to them. And these psychologists catch from the mad, and become mad. And then they start teaching you something which is really maddening. Now he was so half-baked that he just saw one side of our life. He didn’t know that there was another side and another side. And for him sex became so important.

He could see perversions and things and we are really flabbergasted at that. Those who are simple people, say in Indian villages, if you tell them like that they’ll say what’s wrong with the fellow?  He must go to lunatic asylum.

Now we have to see what have we achieved so far as a human being?  What are we as a human being and what have we to achieve?

If you see in this diagram (of course you should not take me for granted either). 

Today as in the TV they asked me a question, that Mother do you mind if we doubt?  I said no, on the contrary, I’m very happy, it shows that you are so very free. You have to ask me questions, but when it comes to these fake gurus, you just go headlong. You are so mesmerised you don’t even think what you are doing! And you don’t even see what others have achieved. You see some people jumping on the street, you also join them. You don’t want to find out what power they have achieved, what is their situation, are they better off than us or not, if they have been cured of their troubles or not.  On the contrary if you find them you’ll find that they’re recluses. They’re even afraid, sometimes I’ve seen, of vegetables. If you show them a garlic they’ll be frightened. Some of the gurus have this problem also. They are told that you should not take any garlic so if you show them a garlic they’ll start jumping. What is this?  Are we going to be frightened of garlic?  Are we going to be that kind of a horrible human beings who are frightened of this and that?

Now, within us lies on the left hand side, if you see, is the power of desire which comes more from the right. In Sanskrit it is called as Itcha Shakti.  This is the psyche about which Mr. Freud has talked, part of it.  You see he’s a blind man leading everyone into doom like him. Now this is the one is our past, is our conditioning, is the one that is our subconscious mind and we have a subconscious mind no doubt. But that’s not everything that we have, we have many other things. Now this subconscious mind within us has an area beyond it as the collective subconscious and that’s a dangerous area. When you enter into that area, you contract diseases like cancer.  You know that in Sahaja Yoga, we have definitely cured cancer. And I was amazed that those people who have got cancer and who came to me have got cured, were all affected more by the left side than the right side. And that you can find out yourself once you get your enlightenment and you become a realised soul.

On the right hand side there is another power, which is called as the power of action. You desire something and you have to act is Kriya Shakti. This is the future. Beyond the future lies the supra-conscious area, or the collective supra-conscious. People have talked about it without telling you where is it within us. They have talked about Christ. Where is Christ within us?  They have talked about Krishna, where is Krishna within us?  What is the proof that He exists at that particular centre within us? In the centre lies another power by which we have become human beings. The evolutionary power, the sustenance power, the religion, the religion, not the religion that we see but THE religion. 

Carbon has four valencies.  Gold has a quality that it is untarnishable, in the same way a human being has got ten sustenances within it. And this sustenance which sustains it, which says he’s a human being, is the quality of a human being. So, we have three powers within us, in Sahaja Yoga language we call it differently to make it simpler. These three powers exist within us. But the central power is a little cut off, if you see, there’s a gap. This central power by which we evolve has not yet been connected to the mains.  You are evolved as human beings but we have not yet got connected with the mains and the cord is the Kundalini. In our heart resides the Spirit. In our heart it resides. It is the reflection of God Almighty. Unless and until you have got your Self Realisation, unless and until you are connected with it, every religion, everything that you do has no meaning. It’s like telephoning a person without any connection. You spoil it. So you have to get connected. 

As today they asked me another question which was interesting, about Hatha Yoga. I said nobody’s doing Hatha Yoga. They are doing some exercises most indiscriminately because attention is on the body, and that’s why they’re just doing something without understanding why a certain exercise has to be done. Actually the real Hatha Yoga of Patanjali, you have to have Ishwara Pranidhan; that means first your God must be established.  First you must be connected. Let the Kundalini rise and then know what chakras are catching, what exercise is needed, what mantra is needed.  We have a great organisations in this country, and everywhere else where they give a mantra, Now just think of it. There are six centres, six centres, these are the basic centres, there are many more, I do not want to tell you the number otherwise you’ll be surprised. But six main centres and two on the left and right are sun and the moon. And at the bottom is the seventh.

So you can say there are nine centres basically we have to know and there are nine deities on these nine centres. How can you give somebody one mantra?  Supposing you have to pass through six gates and you have only one pass, of the fifth one, and you are at the first gate, how will you pass through? These people have no idea and they have given such horrible mantras I was shocked, If you tell an Indian, if there’s an Indian, they’ll be surprised. One of them means tinga means (thumb). Can you imagine this could be a mantra, like this. It’s such a ridiculous thing to say. Horrible things like inga binga dinga, these are no mantras, nothing, this is nonsense!  And it’s a mafia going on. They come and tell you in your ears, you see you are not to tell it to anybody.  I mean it’s most surprising that at the end it was the fallopian tubes. I said what? Fallopian tubes, how can that be a mantra?  And we take it, we take it, we pay for it.  People had paid £3,000 and they are given to eat for one week for £3,000, the boiled soup of the boiled potatoes. Just that water, for 5 days, and one day the rind and one day the potatoes to make them that weak so that they could become completely out of their minds and then they can be mesmerised very well. 

Be careful about these horrible people! They know that you are seekers, and ardently you are seeking. They know that you have money and they want to play upon your ego by saying that you can pay, you must pay, how much money have you got? These are all parasites, of the worst type. These are all parasites, remember, and the day will come when you recognise them, when you’ll be falling on the streets with epilepsy and all kinds of diseases and then you’ll be coming to me. There are already so many people who are coming to me in that condition. I have to warn you again and again, be careful and understand that these people give no knowledge whatsoever, they are just mesmerising you, just mesmerising you, not only because they want to make money but they are bent upon destroying the Kingdom of God. They are bent upon destroying you all because they are satanic people and they want to establish the kingdom of satan. For us it is easy to take to these things, it’s very easy to fall as I told you. But rise is difficult. It’s not so difficult also, spontaneity is so simple, if you know the job you can do it. 

If there’s a beautiful garden you can easily find out that there must be a gardener behind it who has done the job. If somebody knows the job he can do it.

Now this central path is the path through which one has to rise. The Kundalini rises through a very thin line of Brahmanadi, it’s called as Brahmanadi. In the beginning only a hair-like thing rises, it pierces through, in some people of course, in a big way it rises also. And then it pierces this fontanel bone area which is a real baptism, real. Today only, people felt the cool breeze coming out of their heads. Can you do that by jumping or by paying money? They felt the cool breeze in their hand. It’s written in the Bible, even in the Bible very clearly, that it’s the cool breeze, cool breeze is the sign of the Holy Ghost. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and you start feeling the cool breeze on your head. This is the actualisation. Of course you people don’t read other books which are very good, like Adi Shankaracharya.  People don’t even like the mention of his name who has really and clearly said that it is the cool breeze, the chaitanya is to be felt like cool breeze in the hands. They do not want that you should know the truth. And this is the truth that when you get your realisation, you have to feel the cool breeze in your hands yourself. You have to judge yourself. I’m not going to tell you, it is you who has to see, it is you who has to feel, and then you have to grow and you have to know all and everything, all the secrets of Divine Science. You become the master then, you are the guru. You are the Spirit, and you should get it, it’s your own which is given to you. I have nothing to do about it. I’m just a catalyst I should say, you can do it yourself, once you get realisation you can give realisation. 

Actually Warren came to me, and Terence, and they had been really lynched by all these gurus and they were so unhappy. Just before leaving for India he telephoned to me from Australia, he telephoned to me. ‘Mother, we have got your telephone, can we come and see You?’ and I knew they were seekers. So first I caught hold of them. You see I don’t work much in the cities, I work in the villages because villagers are easier to get realisation.  The other day we were in a village called Kadus, where six thousand people got realisation, it was announced in the paper. So in the cities these gurus work out because they want money and the purse you see, it’s there in the cities. I work in the villages. Poor things had to go to the villages where they don’t even have proper bathrooms.  You have to go to the rivers to have your bath and things and it was very spartan for comfortable Australians. But they managed it somehow. And they got their realisation and when they got it, when they came back here they have given realisation in the first shot to 300 people. And now they know such a lot about Kundalini, about awakening, about enlightenment. It’s all logical after realisation, before that it is blind rationality which doesn’t understand anything.  

This Kundalini is there, your own, sahaja. Saha means with, ja means it’s born with you, it’s within you.  It has to only rise with authority, with a person who knows how to do it, One should not feel hurt about it because I’m doing it.  You better do it, I’ll be very happy. You see I am a very happily married woman, you know, I don’t need anything. My husband has permitted to go about doing this because he knows nobody can do it. I’ll be very happy if you can do it, really I would like to retire. Moreover why should you feel bad if I do it?  After all there are so many things I can’t do. I can’t drive, I can’t type, I don’t know even how to open your tins, I’m so hopelessly bad. So what is there to feel bad about it if I know how to raise the Kundalini, and when it is your right to know yourself and to get it within yourself so that you achieve your real baptism, your real force, and once you have achieved it, first thing that happens is that you become a different personality. You become something so different.

The other day a gentleman, old man, who met me in Singapore long time back, he told me that : ‘Mother, after realisation, actually I’ve not even touched it fully, but one thing happened to me I just gave up gambling, smoking and drinking, just like that. What happened to me?” 

I said, “When you have found out the real, you give up.”When you have found the real diamond, of course, you give up the artificial ones. Because you are bored stiff, because you find life so boring, human beings so boring, life so boring, so uninteresting, full of tensions, full of cruelty, full of problems, you want to take to these things. But once you’ve found out your absolute, your sense of security is absolutely established. And that joy and happiness, the bliss that is promised to you starts pouring down into you. You feel so relaxed. Apart from that, so many things happen to you that it is hard to tell you in this one lecture. I’m going to have many other lectures for you. 

Now first thing that happens is that physically you get fit. It’s not that I’m going to go to the hospitals to find out who are physically unfit and start an enterprise, alright, pay so much money to cure this disease and all that. No, I do not know how many people I’ve cured, really I do not know, believe me. And I do not know how many my disciples have cured. It’s like the sun shining, it does not know how many leaves have become green. You do not keep notes of people whom you love, and whom you feed.  Do you write down how many morsels you have fed the person, do you? This is love. Why do you need the proof ? Why do you need, you are not paying me anything? Do you want to have any proof of the sun? You are not giving me anything.  I’m not selling anything. There’s no shop on. You have to get this gift. You have to get it. So why do you want to judge me?  If you don’t get it, better try for it. What are you going to gain by knowing about me, it’s not easy to know about me. It’s very very difficult. I’m such a camouflage. It’s a very difficult thing to know. Better thing you know yourself, then you’ll learn. Unless and until you know yourself you won’t know me, so no use asking me questions which are rather embarrassing. I won’t be able to tell you because I’ve become very clever now. 

Krishna just told one person, Arjuna. He said, give up everything and follow me. He said that after yoga you’ll get the Kshema, means, well-being. Not before. You get the well-being after that because when the Kundalini rises, as I will tell you later on, different centres are enlightened.  As a result of that you get the well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, materially, socially, in every way.  And spiritually at that. He said after Yoga it will happen, not before that. And that’s what is going to happen to you when you get it. If you don’t get it today don’t get disappointed. I’ve worked for days in and day out and some people have been really very difficult.  In that great England, the Jerusalem, according to William Blake, I had to work very very hard. I’ve worked on only six people for four years, can you believe it? Very difficult nuts to be cracked, you see. 

But once they were cracked it has blown up like anything. And now we have thousands of people who are realised. Of course I do not keep any record of them, there is no organisation, nothing, You only know them through your vibrations by which you know that they are realised or not. Because you become collectively conscious, you become, again and again I say, it’s the becoming. You start feeling others and you start feeling yourself. It is important, vital, absolutely THE thing for you to do. You have to get it, if not today then tomorrow. Why not do it today, it’s a good idea. But after getting it one has to know that, as Christ has described, some seed fell on the rock.  In the same way it happens, you have to look after it, you have to make it grow, you have to master it and you have to become the guru yourself. And as I told this morning, you better go and ask all these gurus to pay back the money. This is the best way we can understand that it is beyond rationality. I’m talking about the unlimited, our rationality is limited, our brains are limited. But many things can be understood. So many people reached the conclusion that it is the Kundalini awakening, is the one which is going to give us Self Realisation. Through their limited brain only they reached it. They also reached so many conclusions, that like persons like Jung, the disciple of Mr. Freud the great, was such a sensible man that he said you must get your realisation, you must get your Self Realisation, and he prepared the ground for Sahaja Yoga. For he said when you get your Self Realisation you will become collectively conscious. He has talked about it.

So one has to understand that this is not only what I’m saying, this has been said by all the great saints, by all the incarnations, by all the great prophets. Mohammad said, you have to become the (unclear). But you know what they’re doing about religion now. I do not want to fall into controversies but you can yourself judge what have they done out of these incarnations. You give anything to human beings they know how to make a mess out of it. You give them the best thing, the highest, they know how to spoil it. Like I would say that Hindus were told, that atma, the Spirit resides in everybody. They had no business to start the different caste system which depends on the birth. Actually Jati (caste) means a person born with certain aptitudes. For example you are Brahmins, because you are seekers, you are seeking the Brahma, so you are Brahmins. Those who are seeking the power, say, we seek in elections, is the Kshatryas. Like that, these are the aptitudes of personalities which determines a person’s birth. 

Actually the one who has written Gita himself, was Vyasa, was the illegitimate child of a fisherwoman and how could he say that you are born in a Brahmin family. It’s a capacity, it’s a category. You are the category of those seekers. You are the ones who are going to get realisation.  That’s why you are the Brahmin and this category can be anywhere. It could be in Islamic world, it can be in China, and it can be in Russia, it can be in England and it is in Australia. I have, through my husband’s job, I have been to all these countries. I was amazed. I’ve given realisation even to Russians, they’re very good for realisation. But they’ll take time to understand it to that extent. Because you are really free people.  You are the people who are free, democratic, who can have more open mind to understand Sahaja Yoga, to achieve it much greater heights. But still I would like to say that freedom doesn’t mean abandonment. It doesn’t mean that. Say in a plane if all the parts of the plane want to have freedom, what will happen to the plane ultimately?  We are part and parcel of one whole being. One primordial being, the macrocosm, and we are the cells. We have to relate ourselves to the whole and so we have to find out our relationship, the coordination between different cells, the love, the love between.

Last of all I would like to say it is the divine love of God, is the grace of God which has made you a human being and it is His grace which is going to make you a super human being. Because He wants to have that power to flow through you, to make you a hollow personality; like the flute of Shri Krishna, so that you might feel His power and you manoeuvre it. And you enter into the Kingdom of God, because He’s the Father who loves you, loves more than any other father can love. He’s the ocean of love. He forgives all your so called guilts, what guilts can we have, what sins can we commit. You are like little little birds who sometimes feel guilty of bringing a little straw from outside in the house.  He is a loving Father.  He is a Father who is ocean of forgiveness.  He cleanses us completely and He grants His beauty to us and you become His own children, who have been granted all His powers, in their own beauty and its glory,

May God bless you!

Can I have some water please. Now, there’s a way sometimes people want to ask questions and they’re very anxious to ask questions and sometimes you see they ask also some useless questions. Wasting the time. Now, if you’re hungry actually you should ask for realisation and see that it works. Sometimes these questions can divert your attention. It’s better to have your realisation first, and then ask questions. But the first lecture of introduction, I think it’s better that you ask Me a few questions, it’s better, without any fear, I am your Mother. I know you have to ask questions. There’s somebody putting up a big hand there. You have to ask loudly. 

Attendee:  Are there any dangers… (unclear).

Shri Mataji:  Not at all. That’s a very good thing. Not at all. Not at all, she is your Mother. You see, the mother takes all the burden upon herself when she give you birth. This is the earthly mother, this is the heavenly mother. No dangers of any kind. But these people are not authorised. It’s like somebody from the village comes and he doesn’t know the electricity and puts his hands into the plugs and says that I got a shock. Naturally you will. The one who knows the job, knows also how to raise the Kundalini. She is your Mother, there is no danger at all. Not at all.

Attendee:  Do the gurus….unclear.

Shri Mataji:  Yes, of course, I mean that’s what I’m going to make you. You are going to awaken others’ Kundalini no doubt!  Yes, yes, hundred times.

Attendee: How

Shri Mataji:  First you have to become. First you have to become which is very simple which I’ll tell you later, all right, how to do it.

A: unclear

Shri Mataji:  It’s for Me to judge. It’s for Me to judge. I don’t find any evil persons much. There are people who are misguided, who have lost their way. There are very few evil people in this world, very few. Actually seekers are not at all evil, poor things they have played into the hands of evil forces. They’ve been ruined, sometimes I weep to see the way they are being exploited. But they are not bad. They are not bad people at all. They are seekers, absolutely beautiful things. Do not think that you are something evil, never think that way. It hurts me.

Attendee:  Unclear.

Yogi:  Are you going to raise Kundalini tonight? 

Shri Mataji:  Yes now!

Attendee:  Unclear

Yogi:  He is asking whether the Chaitanya is the last avatar of Krishna.

Shri Mataji:  Chaitanya means, the all pervading divine power of God, which is love, Divine love. It means chaitanya – is all Pranava.  It has many names it has.  In Sanskrit it is called as the breath, Ruh.  And in the Bible it’s called as the Breath of the Holy Ghost.  (Unclear) is the power by which is the whole universe is ruled. By which everything that is spontaneous takes place. These three powers are the three aspects of the same. But when you get your realisation you get the integrated force. Actually when we consider analysing a person we are really dividing him. For example you might have a doctor for one eye and another for another.  But chaitanya integrates you completely. And the whole power is the vital power of our prana, which is the right-sided, of our manasa, which is the left-sided and of our dharma which is the centre. All these are integrated.

Attendee:  Unclear

Shri Mataji:  This complaint is correct, is correct complaint. What’s your age now?

Attendee: Thirty

Shri Mataji:  Only thirty? About ten years back, when you were hardly twenty years I had proclaimed it but nobody wanted to believe Me. It’s the human beings who are to be blamed for that. Who crucified Christ?  Why did they not recognise? I have to ask many questions also. Why did you not recognise Him? Why did you not recognise Krishna? Why did you not recognise Rama? Why did you not recognise any saintly personality but these fake horrible things?  Why did you recognise them? I talked about all of them, very openly without any fear. Ten years back I went to America and everything. But see, where is Americans gone now?  All mad, what to do?  They have gone mad.

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