You have to have complete control over yourself

University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

1981-03-23 University Of NSW PP 01 HD, 44'
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Public Programme Day 1 at University of New South Wales. Sydney (Australia), 23 March 1981.

Such a joyous moment to be with seekers, to be with young people who are seeking.
I have come for the first time to Australia, I should have come much earlier I think sometimes, the way some of the seekers are ruined by some of these horrible people who are around. One has to know that you cannot pay for God’s love, you cannot pay for it, you cannot organise it, it is something that God has given you already, that is within you.
You cannot manufacture it, you cannot copy it. What happened to you when you become a human being from amoeba? How much did you pay for that? Who organised that for you? If there is living God, if he exists, and if there is his living love , then whatever has happened to you or will happen to you, and has to happen to you, has to be absolutely living, it cannot be some sensational thing or some sort of funny gesture or contortions in your body which you cannot control.
You have to have complete control over yourself, that’s the first thing that should happen to you that you should be master of yourself. But, we are deluded very much and impressed by the sophistication. Those who are true seekers will have to come to Sahaja Yoga.
Now Sahaja Yoga means spontaneous happening within you it’s not a rational thing, you cannot put in any effort for it. Some people will not get it what ever I may try or you may try, they just can’t get it, but most of them should get it’s a spontaneous happening that takes place within you. Because now we have reached a stage of our evolution where we have to have the break through into the absolute, otherwise the chaos of this world is not going to die!! That’s your due, that’s your right.
Yoga means union with God. It means union with your spirit. It’s no other nonsense that people talk, Sahaja means: Saha means ‘with’, Ja means ‘born’.
It’s within you, it’s spontaneous, like every seed has a primule in it, you too have that power within you, just placed there in the sacrum, the triangular bone. So many people who are real scholars, who are seekers, have reached the conclusion that it is the awakening of the Kundalini only that gives you your second birth, your baptism, but they do not know how it will work out because it is a living force. You cannot pull our the primule out of the seed, you cannot not force a flower to become a fruit, you cannot pay money for it, you cannot rationalise it or mock at it or laugh at it or if you doubt it whatever it is. It will work out when it has to work out. In the same way today we are at the junction of a great happening, en-masse realisation has to take place, evolution has to take place, otherwise this creation will have no meaning, you will have no meaning either.
So don’t worry for cheap sensations and sensational stuff that is around, you have to ask for the real and that real you will only ask for if you have self esteem, that you understand that you have to get the real and not something that you can purchase on the market!! Whatever you can do is not divine, so, because you are doing no living work whatsoever!
But after realisation you can do, living work because your awareness itself becomes dynamic as it is meant. I had a very long interview just now with lots of journalists and TV people and radio people and I was surprised, they were very, very wise and extremely deeply interested in the real seeking and the questions they asked.
The first and foremost question that they asked was ‘What is this Kundalini?” Was very good because they didn’t ask any mundane questions. Do you play this, do you do this, all this nonsense they didn’t ask me. They said, ‘What is this Kundalini?’ which is a very sensible and a wise question. This won’t come to a stupid man! What is Kundalini? One should know what it is! If you have come here with a curiosity about it, at least you must ask such a question as to what is Kundalini? Because nothing is telling you. You should ask me questions …. and if you go to a Shakti there’s something what we call a gift, if you want to have, you can have it. If you don’t want to have I cannot force it down your throat! You have to choose it in all your freedom and understanding.
Now this Kundalini is the pure desire, the power of desire within us which is placed in the triangular bone called Sacrum. Which remains the whole even after creating the whole of you as you look like a human being. It’s just the same, till you get your Realisation, till you get your absolute, it will remain. You may go to thousands of gurus, do what you like.
There are people I have seen who are so identified with their guru’s that they don’t even realise that they haven’t any powers within them, nothing, and still they are identified with them.
Unless and until you get your spirit you are not going to be satisfied, you try anything else because you are a category and category of a seeker. There may be some who are not, who are just posing, they can be discovered very easily, the Kundalini rises only in the presence of a holy person who is a realised soul, that’s why they say you must get a Satguru, which is a guru who is a Realised Soul, but how many there are.
They are shocking enterprises, they are mesmerising, they have given you no powers whatsoever except to dance according to their whim and pay them their bills, now, the time has come for you to know that you are going to be your own gurus you have to achieve your spirit, and you have to become that, but stupidly won’t understand. I understand that why people go to such gurus sometimes are extremely stupid that they can’t see that we haven’t got the real thing. If they are real seekers they would not accept something that is not real. They will deny and defy all and will say that we must have the power of our spirit.
Have we got the power to know what is wrong with us and what’s wrong with others. This is what you have to ask, this Kundalini rises and gives you your baptism in the fontanel area. The time is so short that I can’t describe the whole lot to you.
There are seven centres within us and the Kundalini is placed about the lowest. It’s very important to know this point about which I’ll tell you later on. It’s here you can see the lowest centre is placed which is your innocence. They never talk of innocence do they? Where is your innocence placed is this point which manifests outside the pelvic plexus and which has got the Kundalini above it.
And above the Kundalini are six centres which are manifesting in your other plexuses in the gross. These are the subtle centres within you. When the Kundalini rises She enlightens all these centres. She enlightens Herself. You have to become, it is the becoming that is important, not that I give you a lecture and say ‘Oh, this is this and that is that’. It is a happening that should happen to your personality in your awareness you should be able to feel the centres of others and you should be able to awaken the Kundalini of others.
If one candle has enlightened another candle, the other candle should be capable of enlightening another candle, otherwise it has no meaning. It takes hardly any time for the Kundalini to rise, but there are obstructions in many people because we are very complicated. Doesn’t matter, whatever it is it can be cured. It can be improved and you have to have it because you are seekers born for this purpose only, you are not here to sell somebody’s pockets and make them parasites on your society. You are not here to just become sex points, just to be lost as alcoholics and druggists and chemists!
You are human beings, created out of l000’s and l000’s of species being discarded, and placed at such a pivotal point. And now the time has come for you to enter into the Kingdom of God. At this time don’t listen to these people be careful I’ll give you a small story about how things work out in the hell.
There was a gentlemen who was a very good man and a very great seeker and he went to heaven because he died, he was a good man so God have him a key to heaven, but he said, ‘What, here the people are so sober, enjoying themselves, they are in complete joy, but there is no fun, I don’t have any fun before this, I didn’t go to any one of these horrible places of sex nonsense and all that.’
So they said alright you go to hell, and see for yourself and if you choose hell you can go to hell, so he came in and he found all kinds of funny things happening, and people doing all kinds of things. Ego being pampered, go ahead, go ahead, do like this, very good for you, come along, be more fast, you must kill your ego, you must kill your super ego, this and that and he says very good idea, you see it’s such an ego pampering thing that he liked the place and a very good thing going on, so the people who are doing that said, ‘What are you doing here?’ He said, ‘I want … I have come to hell. He said, ‘This is not hell, Where is it?
Peep out from there, he started seeing from different peep holes, and he was amazed. People were put into burning fire, some were in the boiling oil and all sorts of things, he got the shock of his life. He says, ‘What’s that!’ He turned around and said, ‘Is that hell?’ They said ‘That’s it. The smoke? ……. Then they said, ‘What are you doing here?’ They said, ‘We are publicity department!’ That’s what they are!
Don’t listen to them. You will develop cancers you will go mad, you will have all kinds of problems. You’ll be broke. I have go now people in England, who were heads of some of those so called academics, they are paupers on the street, while these people have diamonds in their beds, attached to the bed-heads. Those people who didn’t even have a bicycle have Mercedes! They themselves are handicapped, they are sick people, but they are professing such big things and how can you cut it down, all this nonsense.
People develop diseases all kinds of problems with them. You must see the people who go. What do they have, have they any quality … do they understand anything? Are they looking alright? Is their health alright? At least minimum of minimum their health should be alright. Are they sane people?
Have they conquered themselves and are on top of the world, are they, or are they still slaves of so many things? If they are enjoying themselves there is no need to have any addictions you just give up overnight.
I don’t say ‘don’t do this and don’t do that!’ I never say that. It’s not necessary to say it because you haven’t found the real, that’s why it’s a problem. But once you find it you just jump there. You start enjoying life without it, because the Spirit is the one that is the source of joy and happiness. Nothing else I think the time is very, very short and I cannot cover the full subject but I would like to have some good questions from you. Not silly questions because I’m very clever and I can avoid it.
Thank you very much.
(Realisation experience).
But don’t be frivolous, it won’t work out – you are the loser. I am not the loser, I don’t have to gain any thing! Now, how will it work out?
First you will find there is not thought in you mind, thoughtless awareness, many people talk about it, thoughtless awareness … and talk of Self Realisation. But have they done it? Of course, it is needless to say that once you get your realisation you get your khamsha (spelling?).
That Krishna has said once you get your realisation your problems are solved, physical, emotional, mental, all problems are solved and you become absolutely relaxed. That goes without saying. But I’m not here to sort of cure people and go to hospitals. Nothing of the kind. It’s just who are the seekers will be blessed because this is the reward of this last judgement.
(Just close your eyes.)
And the first thing you will feel will be thoughtless awareness, you won’t find any thought in your mind, if you try to see your mind you’ll find there is no thought. Just close your eyes and see if there is any thought there.
Ask your mind – what are you thinking? When there is Kundalini crosses over the Agnya chakra which is the centre of Christ, you become thoughtlessly aware – you become – again I say it’s the becoming; then it crosses the fontanelle bone area which is called as ……. in Sanskrit language. This is the real baptism one can say – you can feel the cool breeze on the hands from the all pervading power around; but that’s not the end of it – it’s just the beginning.
It’s just that your seed has been germinated but as Christ has said – some seeds got lost because they’re places on the rock. So do not have a heart of a rock – just keep it open, keep it open. You’ll feel very relaxed also – extremely relaxed. You have to ask for it.
You have to say, ‘Mother give us our self realisation please,’ you have to knock on the door. If you if you are arrogant about it – it’s rather difficult for me. You are asking for such a great thing which you have been seeking for ages – for many lives.
In humility you have to ask – if it works it’s your own gain – if it doesn’t – we’ll work it out later. Not to condemn yourself for that, you’ve no way to feel guilty please don’t feel guilty about any thing – whatever you’ve done forget it – don’t feel guilty – that’s one of the diseases people have, when I say something, they start feeling guilty about it. Not to feel guilty about because what guilt can have with what wrong can you do – in the presence of God who is the ocean of love. He’s ocean of love. Kundalini is universally there, exists in everyone – She is your Mother – She is you individual Mother. Mother – that is the desire. The pure desire which is waiting for a chance to give you your second birth.
And when She rises, She touches the seat of Spirit on the fontanel bone area and the Spirit – which enjoys itself by itself – shines in your awareness and you get collectively conscious – please put your hands out.
It’s like one flower becomes the fruit, then five, then ten. It has to happen, just it has to happen. If not now, it’ll happen later – you have to have sometime to do this kind of thing it’s such a fast running train that you don’t know where to catch it.
Please don’t doubt me for the time being because I’m not selling anything – I’ve spent my own money for Sahaja. I have come here to give you a gift which you desire. There is no organisation that we are running, you have to become. Just feel it if you are feeling the cool breeze, it’s a subtle thing. It’s very subtle – so be careful.
Our attention is on the gross and if it has to achieve that dimension of subtleness.
Try to still yourself, try to still yourself.
(Long pause)
Now see for yourself. All those who are getting cool breeze raise you hands, now all of you who are getting cool breeze raise your hands higher.
Great! Alright again work it out, for all of you it will work out, I’m sure. Quite a number, at least 50% got it. Keep your eyes shut, that’s very important because when the Kundalini rises she directs the pupil, so please keep your eyes shut, that’s very important.