Public Program Day 2

University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia)

Media missing. Public Programme Day 2 at University of New South Wales. Sydney (Australia), 24 March 1981.

It was very kind of you to have invited me here to speak to the university students. The word university is itself very suggestive, that you come here to become a universal being. Perhaps you may not have realized that when you joined the university. Many must have been to the university before and must have gone out of it. They might have been somewhere, in something, but if we ask them, “What have you gained through university education?” They can tell you that because of university education they have been able to get this job or maybe this special position in politics, maybe that they have gained lots of money, of business.
Also, they may say that they have gotten knowledge. All these things, through this university. But not that they have become universal beings. And whatever is universal is now being analyzed. When you are not the universal being how can you analyze whatever is universal? For example, if you go to any university, same way as in this university, I found, there is a science section, there is a chemistry section, then the physics section, and sections and sections and sections. So an analytical method is developed. In a different ….. we put different people to tell us different aspects of life. Like human beings too, we study them as if they are different beings within themselves, like we may have a doctor for one ear and another for the other ear. So much specialization that to get the ….. whole of your body you might have to go hundreds of doctors and end up with some sort of a complete execution of money and energy.

When you become a universal being, in the real sense of the word, its a becoming, I’m saying actualization. It is not something for which you can pay. It is a very different thing. It is the living force within you. The living force that works out your body. Now think of your own body how it works. There are so many things which are reflex action within us. If somebody draws on you, sucks on you, it immediately reflects in your activity. It’s all built within you, your digestion is going on without your understanding, so many things are going on in your body which are called as autonomous nervous system, you do not know how they are worked out, what attention you have to pay to them.
It’s just done by itself because the whole being is aware of your body. It knows what are the functions when to co-operate, when to coordinate, when you want to run your hands, don’t move you legs, start moving, when you want to fetch something your hands outstretched. So the being within us knows that when we have to work out something it has to be a synthesis and not the analysis. It’s the synthesis that’s going to help us and this is the basic problem with our knowledge.

We have to work it out synthetic way. So that synthetic now means, of course you know, it’s artificial. It sounded so funny, sometimes I find that there’s a synthetic material means it is artificial. Actually, the synthesis of the being can only be achieved by finding out our absolute. If your absolutely not available, you’re relative, you are living relatively, your body is moving relatively, if there is no absolute. But there has to be something absolute that works out this synthesis within your body without your knowledge and they call it as Autonomous Nervous System. Now ….. is the honesty of human kings that they call it by names.
When they don’t know how to explain it. Because they do not know how to explain what works about this autonomous, but what is the auto, who is the auto. They don’t ask such questions. That’s why human beings have become human beings from this autonomous, but what is the auto, who is the auto? They don’t ask such questions. That’s why human beings have become human beings from amoeba. What is the purpose? Why are we here on this earth? These questions are shut off also. Because to be honest is their job, and honesty can be a very relative terminology if you do not have the absolute within you. For example, whatever you see is honest, whatever you don’t see is dishonest, is a wrong idea.
Whatever you see is honest up to that point, up to that awareness, up to that limit of awareness where you see human beings as they are. But there is something beyond, you should discover even the science has hypothesis. They have got their laws and they refuse it. Now Newton’s law has been challenged, now another theory has come up. You know that Einstein has said that “I do not know how far we have to go in the unknown.” He has accepted the theory of unknown.

Apart from that, a person like Jung has said that in psychology, there is universal unconscious, he recognized that. Despite the fact that they were not universal beings, or perhaps they were, according to me they were, they saw the point that there is something beyond which is universal, which is working it out.
There is some sort of co-ordinating force outside us which works out coordination, obviously. Nobody can explain why. Example, you see SO2, sulphur dioxide, if you see under the microscope you will see there is asymmetrical vibrations, but they cannot say from where it comes. What’s the purpose of that? Who has done it? Lucky they are asymmetric, co-symmetric. They do not know how. They cannot explain. “I only know” they say “this is what we see, that’s what it is.”

For example, in the darkness, if I see there is a table, I can call it that, it is something like a horse because I cannot see clearly. Moreover, I take hold of only the length and then a tail and then I start saying that it was just the hard staff or something and now imagine, the whole thing is very different.
When you know a level it can be much more dangerous than to know not at all, because you just continue as something very honest and you become glued to that idea and that conception becomes a part of your spiritual being. That is why you know so many scientists themselves have suffered in that whenever they tried to propound what they say more than the others they were crucified and tortured.

You know about all the scientists, the history of it. And how the scientists of the divine about which so many have said and talked. When I was born my father said the same thing. He said that the people are born on the first floor. They don’t want to know what you see on the tenth floor. That’s the problem. That’s how they crucified Christ. Why did they crucify Christ? What was the reason? Because of their ego? No. I would say it was stupidity. It was ignorance. It was their- some sort of complete blindness that they could not see what he was and that they crucified him and he said it will continue. That’s what my father told me, and it’s a fact.
Then I realized about human beings, they are really very, very blind. They can’t see beyond. They perceive through their imaginations. Imagination doesn’t become reality unless and until you have something else which is reality. Just now whatever you see, whatever you do, you do not. You have to rise to that awareness, where reality which is the truth, which is the absolute, must become one with you. You will never understand what you are studying, where you are heading to, what you are going to do about it.
Now, you do not know by what power within you, you study, by what power you remember, by what power you can improve yourself. It is a science beyond, beyond our awareness, so you have to tune to it. For example, if somebody said that under the skin there are many cells, nobody would have believed it if there wasn’t a microscope. You have to accept that we have to develop it, but in our own ego we do not want to do it.

And now for an example, Sahaja Yoga has cured cancer. Definitely, it has cured cancer of very, very eminent people and when they went and told to the doctor and said that Sahaja Yoga has cured us, they said: “You have gone mad.” If you are dead lucky then they say you are all right. If you are not like that then they say “you are naive.” Now even then they can produce it as, say this was the case ….. and this was the thing, this was the case history. Now believe me Sahaja Yoga has cured cancer. But they do not want to believe me because they have their warrant they take out their oath. All this we have known so far is all going to be wasted. Now all this is not going to be wasted at all.
Whatever knowledge you have now gets enlightened after Realization for example now, look at Dr. Warren he is a very well educated economist, and he knows a lot about the body and everything. He is such a good Sahaja Yogi because once he got enlightened he knew the answers to many questions which are not yet answered, and he can communicate much better than anybody else who is not an educated person, who knows everything about say …
I myself studied medicine because I know I will have to face the doctors and it will be difficult because human beings have given names to everything and I would not be able to communicate with them at all. Second I had to also study a dictionary I should say the dictionary of Psychology to understand what they call this and what they call that.
So this knowledge is not going to be wasted. But this knowledge is not enlightened unless you see the complete work. It is going to be of no use to you. First, Self-realisation is where we are standing. We are, all of us have to have our Self-realisation. In our evolution, we have grown through all these various chakras up to the point where it’s at this point in the limbic area. If you are a doctor you will understand my words. You do not know anything about auto you do not know anything about parasympathetic and you do not know how the parasympathetic works out. Now, this portion is the one which is called as the baptism in you.
This is the real baptism. It is the living desire within us which resides in the triangular bone called the sacrum. Now as you know the sacrum means sacred. So the Greeks from the unconscious knew it. Like the way (Derek came to have this university) …..?
This has come from the unconscious that tomorrow these young people who are studying here are going to be the universal beings, that’s why it’s a university.
Otherwise, there is no need to call it university and this Kundalini which is there if you see in the triangular bone is coiled into three and a half coils is a desire within us, you. Pure desire within you, to become the absolute, to become the Spirit. It resides there for ages. It resides there from many lives. It resides there and comes back and comes back. That’s your own authority from divine not from some theological college. From a divine realised soul like Christ. If someone comes up he can raise the Kundalini. The one who knows the job can do it and for this you cannot pay. It’s an insult. You have to think of money. Money has nothing to do with it. It’s a very simple thing. It’s Love. How can you pay for Love? Whatever love you have to pay for is not Love. It just flows, just acts and you can see with your naked eyes. For scientists, you should see we have a film in which they have been able to see that the pulsation of the kundalini in the triangular bone is the rising of it and the breaking. Many saints have described about it, know it rises, how it goes up.
For example, Christ has said that “I’ll appear before you like tongues of flame”. How many people have tried to understand this sentence or they may give you some explanations or something. These are the centres which really look like tongues of flames, beautiful they are, in different colours in different areas. And they look extremely alive and extremely gentle and the flame is glowing like this. What is said ‘I will appear before you like tongues of flames’.

You also do not know anything about Christ because he was not allowed to be more than four years in the real sense of the word because most of the time he was missing from here. Now today I would like to know how many of you students will recognize Christ with all your knowledge, with all your Ph.D.’s and everything. You cannot recognize Christ, that’s a fact. Why? Because you have not felt your absolute. Unless and until you have felt your absolute you can’t recognize yourself? So you must get it. You have to have it and it’s a very simple thing, absolutely simple. Because it is living. Whatever is vital, whatever is vital has to be simple.
Supposing for your breathing you have to come to the university and learn how to breathe and how to have your lungs contracted how many of us would have survived? I mean whatever is vital we know very well how to do it. We know how to breathe in and we know how to breathe out. We don’t have to learn that anywhere. In the same way, this happens without any learning but only the educated have a better advantage in these modern times because those who are lost in the jungles you also get lost in the jungles so you can communicate with them because you have been there. It’s a better idea that an educated man talks to an uneducated man. Sometimes an uneducated man also impresses. I have seen some people are also impressed by an uneducated man and he is a Realized soul but when it comes back to them they start rationalizing and thinking how can that be? Everything that is written in the scriptures is the truth no doubt but the people who try to teach them are very hard natured. They have deviated. The only thing that they had to do was to seek themselves. To be born again. None of them … ? They have built big temples and churches and mosques and this and that and big fanaticism around you all.
Your aura is covered with that fanatic suffocating force which does not allow you to see that whatever is God has to be universal. It’s like many flowers on the same tree and they have plucked them and they say, “This is my flower. This is my flower” and the flowers are dead, ugly, horrid. And they cannot grow. They cannot grow, they cannot create a fruit. This is the condition of our so-called religions. Now I do not want to have any confrontations. If they even now excite that you have to do God’s work which you have to do, definitely you have, no doubt. But you have to decide.
Christ has said very clearly in the second chapter of Matthew 2nd verse “You’ll be calling me Christ! Christ! I won’t recognize you.” That’s very true. It is not a question of who recognizes Him, but He should recognize you because the advent of Christ is going to be absolutely terrible. He is not going to talk to you, convince you or comfort you or give you any counsel as I am trying my level best, but He will just come for the last sorting out. Because I declare that the Last Judgment has started. The last Judgment takes place only through Kundalini awakening. There is no other way out. God is going to do it through the living process.
That’s why en-mass Realization is coming and see now in the university you could not even find the people to fill this hall. I would have given Realisation to all of them. But they’re not interested. This is not the fault of God. It is the fault of the people who do not want to see the truth and meet Me. You cannot help because of their ego, their possessions and their conditioning, they have so much lost now that I find that we will have to have selection and this selection will go on to a point and after that you have been given all the chances, all the knowledge as how to correct yourself and how to be in the kingdom of God. But later on this last has to come and that time there will be no arguments, no talking nothing, just the last sorting out. That’s what it is.
It is very hard for people to believe in Christ when it comes from ego. There are many people who think how could there be Christ? How could be anyone? Now I will prove not only his existence but the existence of the prophets and of all the great incarnations on this earth and to show what is their correction. As Christ himself has said, “those who are not against me, are with me.” All those who are with me is a big family, and I want you to get introduced to that family, and to know for definite that they are there. How do we do it? How do we believe it? You should not believe any other way. If you are free, you should not believe Me, because I am not here to entice you or to give you any kind of a charm or what you call a mesmerism, but you are absolutely free. Now, in your freedom, how do you know what I say is true?
First of all you must get your Realization. For that you don’t have to do anything, it’s very simple, I’ll work it out. But after that, you ask any fundamental question, and you will find that you are like a computer. You are now connected to the absolute and you are getting informed with the answers from the absolute. You ask any questions, for example, you can ask “Is there a God?” Immediately you get strong vibrations. You can ask another question, “Was Christ the son of God?” Immediately you get it. Now, supposing you have some fake guru, you ask about it, your vibrations will stop, and stop for quite some time. It’s so obvious. Now this is one thing nobody can do.
Now you’ve talked about the fake gurus and all that, I’m really ashamed of them, really, I’m ashamed of them, they come from such a great country like India. India is a yogi’s home, no doubt, its a country of great people, and a country of saints, where great people lived. But you see, the market was created by seekers of God and the demand came. I’m sorry for that, that this should come from India. But as that country is such a powerfully spiritual country, hypocrisy goes around, and there is no hypocrisy. But there are thugs, lots of thugs and satanic forces that have come up in that country, they are born there to kill the spirituality. So if there is some sort of misunderstanding about these people, I should say it’s an understanding.
I can quite understand that you suspect me, you should! Because I’m Indian you should suspect me. I have to just tell you that I’m not here to sell anything, nothing to sell. It’s just to give you, just for you to have, nothing to sell. It’s love and love and love. I do not know because I see some students are chatting.
Something, I must tell you something, and there are some law students here. Now, for the law students I have to tell, you must know the Divine laws, if you know the Divine laws that is the basis of your, that is the basis of all your human laws. If you learn the science is Divine, then you will know the science is Divine, is based on I should say, the whole of this science is based on Divine laws of science, of God. All these things one must know, because, whatever you see, now is not sufficiently there. We have to go a little beyond to see.
If the room is dark, you cannot see anything, whatever you see is very limited. But if there is light, we can see everything, and retain everything, everything. I will be happy to stop if you will ask me questions, I would like to, but don’t do too much, because yesterday when I told them, they went one by one and there were at least fifty questions, see, and the people were fed up, because most of them were seekers, 90% were seekers, and they wanted to feel the realisation, because too much, and I had to say that “now stop, its too much, you are not interested in getting Realization, but just having fun.” It’s very easy to make fun of Her, you know. It’s very easy.
But to understand something deep you have to be a deep personality. If you are not a deep personality you cannot get near Sahaja Yoga, never. So please understand, it is for your good, it is for your need, this I do not need anything. I have come here because of you’re seekers. So don’t be driven away by frivolous ideas and frivolity. Please try and take it for yourself and you will see how remarkably you will get it.
Only for university students, just as Mother would like to give castor oil, with a cover of some chocolate, I would like to tell you, what nice things that can happen to you. We have many students with us, who have found themselves very difficult to the studies and all that and couldn’t go ahead, some of them really broke down. They had problems, nervous problems, things like that, and some of the students were very backward in the class and they failed every year and it was a big problem for them, but when they got realisation their depression went away and some of them have finished first. Actually, most are first class, first with us in Bombay University, and also in the minor school examinations that we have ….. , and all that they were Sahaja Yogis, special first class.

It’s most surprising that these students should shoot up so much, we were just talking about, there’s a boy who was very backward and they thought he was mentally retarded, they were going to put him in the mentally retarded school, because in the school if you could not pass for three years in class. So they brought him to Me, and he got a first class. A very good first class, and now he is doing very well. So you see what happens, when your awareness is changed. When your awareness gets that light, you definitely become relaxed, and you can be much better. But this is just an encouragement for you. Main thing is that you must ask for the real.

May God Bless you!