Darshan at Ashram Part 1 & 2

Sydney (Australia)

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Darshan at Ashram Part 1&2

March 25th, 1981, Sydney (Australia)


Shri Mataji: So now some questions would be good idea.

Yogi: Mother, they say that Lord Buddha died of eating excessive pork – is it true?

Shri Mataji: Who says that?

Yogi: I’ve heard this, I just wondered

Warren: One of his disciplines was vegetarianism.

Shri Mataji: They don’t eat pork now, the Chinese?

Warren: They do, they do.

Shri Mataji: They should not. You see pork, people who are dealing with the centre, I mean the void, have a little against the pork always. Like the reason was it is very heating giving. It gives a lot of heat, pork gives a lot of heat. So they were not for it because there is already fire in the void you see, and adding to that, say liver patients taking pork really is not so good. But I would say fish is just the same. Fish has so much of phosphorus, that it can create problems for the liver people.  Allergies to fish. I mean pork proteins, protein because that is pork – is… can cause lots of problems.

Warren: It’s got a much higher parasitic action than most meats.

Shri Mataji: But that could not have died because he is not such an eater. This is all their ideas. But he was not a person who did not eat meat. Neither was Mohammed. It was later on, see these people started all this nonsense of vegetarianism.

Yogi: Mother what sort of meats should we avoid eating, other that just pork and fish ? Should we eat beef for example.

Shri Mataji: You see as I said, that you should know what sort of personality you are. Supposing if you are liverish personality, then chicken is the only meat you can eat, because all meats I think are very heat giving. So other meats should be avoided.  More vegetables, citrus juice and things like that. They flush out, you see. Now let us see what happens to liver. Liver is an organ in our body that sorts out all kind of poisons within us.

Whatever, we eat wrong, create heat in the body. I mean heat creating things are not good for liver. Why? Because it emits it. The poison is emitted as heat, but how does it emit heat and where does it go? It goes to the blood vessels, and then the blood is carried to the skin. Then the blood emits the heat as perspiration and other things and temperature. What happens that when the liver is not alright, something wrong with the liver, then this H2O, that is water, when oxygen is 1 and hydrogen is 2, so oxygen is placed in the centre, hydrogen is here and on the other side. This is a normal thing of oxygen and hydrogen, alright?

But when you take the alcohol or anything like that, then the structure of water becomes like this. That these two oxygens here, I’m sorry, two hydrogens, and oxygen. Now when this goes near the liver like that, see, then the emissions of heat is impossible because there’s no entrance to it, cannot be carried and that’s how the heat remains in the liver. Moreover, you take alcohol or anything like that, and stronger things like fish with phosphorus, all these things, and the heat is more accumulated. Now with alcohol added to it is not possible for liver to emit that heat. So the liver gets spoiled, too much of heat all the time and cells get corrupted and its too much because heat gets expanded too much, then they get corrupted and they cannot function any more. So it’s a vicious circle you get in.

A person who gets cancer also the same things happen to water.  Water element becomes like this and it cannot get any heat into it. But the heat cannot be transferred into the water, you do not get any temperature. So you may get a cancer but you do not get a temperature – is most surprising. You may get some infection but with cancer pure cancer it doesn’t give you any temperature. Same with alcohol. You take alcohol, you’ll find you will fall down. I don’t know all the symptoms you get, but I have seen people falling into gutters and all that sort of a thing. But they have no temperature.

Because alcohol takes you to the left side, first of all, and moreover, it transforms, the water into disuse. So it refuses to take any heat into it, there is no temperature. And without temperature you will think that you are perfectly alright, till you get into real serious trouble. But with other troubles when the liver is alright, you get, everybody knows that there is a problem and immediately temperature people are looked after.  Moreover, those who are very bad liver also, if they get an infection. Say they get a throat trouble, the temperature goes up so high because all of the water is available otherwise you see. So, such people have very high temperatures within themselves and with liver they have nothing. So, this is a very interesting thing about liver, that all heated things, whatever you get is very dangerous for liver.

But, cancer is caused for the left side also. So your liver does not have to play much part as far as cancer is concerned, it cannot solve the problems, of cancer, except that when it is in danger itself. You see when you get liver cancer, then only it starts working on that. Because, it cannot sort out.  The reason is the right side is for all the five elements. So whatever is from the five elements it can sort out. But whatever is from the supernatural from the subconscious that liver cannot sort out.  Now, it cannot. Now what can fight this?

Only the spleen. And if your spleen is also in jeopardy, it cannot fight that. So, those people who have a bad spleen are much more in danger of getting cancer than people who have bad livers. But bad livers, will always get a heart, always, goes hand in hand.

You’ll find the right Nabhi and Agnya, goes hand in hand and this is a combination in a patient.

Ego oriented people have got bad livers, they’ll be tall thin.  They have to be tolerant people. They’ll have Agnya, they are ego oriented and they’ll have heart. They die more of heart than of cancers and they are very aggressive people also. They cause others cancers, themselves heart. But, the people who have this left-sided attitude towards life get cancer more.

Because, I have not yet come across anyone who is attacked from the right. Mostly the left-sided black magic, this that, some guru, blood cancers, mostly such people get it on the left side.  So those who are left-sided people have to be careful about their spleen. Very important this. They should never get speedy.  You see they are not speedy on their own, there is sort of a bhoot I think, who makes a speed. Suddenly, I have seen, if you are going by aeroplane, as the time comes suddenly the bhoot comes in. The person becomes different. Suddenly, “What’s the matter?” “I have to go, I have to go.” That’s a bhoot. So one should know if you are to go you’d better go, quickly, quietly.

There’s no need to hurry up or need to play into the bhoot. But after sometime ego oriented people also get possessed, very badly.

In the beginning they are possessed by the ego people only and they become even more ego oriented. The trouble is the ego in the beginning you do not feel anything wrong because you see it doesn’t give you pain, you feel very successful, you are here, you are forward, you are talking, you are a very assertive person. But later on you find that you start seeing your ego and you get a fright. And also you are possessed by so many ego oriented people. Because ego-oriented people always take to something like alcohol, things, drugs, and try to go to the left side. So any such person enters into you, you can polish off one neat whisky bottle into your stomach, you won’t feel it at all.  Say “What’s wrong I can do  it, why not? I can. I can do this, I can do that.” Once they start doing this, they can also get cancer. But you see they take time to take to cancer, they’re easier to get paralysis. They get paralysis, and they go “ga-ga” in the head. See, those people who are left-sided do not get so ga-ga as the people who are right-sided, surprisingly.

Yogi: Mother just when you were talking about heat generated in the body, it reminded me that sometimes when I give vibrations to  people, if I touch them sometimes my whole body becomes very, very hot and I start sweating and the sweat pours down. That’s if the person is in bad condition. If I touch them with one hand and I put one hand out towards your photo. Is this to be expected as normal?

Shri Mataji: You have to cleanse yourself a little more that means, you  see. If it is already there’s a spark, it catches fire, isn’t it? And so it is better to cleanse yourself more and ask them to put hands on the photograph first time a little bit, immune you yourself – it will work out. If there’s too much perspiration coming that means it’s a left heart. You put your hand, ask for forgiveness. Say, “I’m not doing it Mother, you are doing it”, which it will shift immediately. Even if there’s the slightest consciousness that, “I am doing it”, is very dangerous. Ego-oriented people take more time to understand this. They should just go on saying, “No I am not doing it, it’s Mother is doing it; Mother you are doing it,” you see, and that will work out. And also tell the person that, “I am not doing anything, it’s Mother who is doing it.” So that then you don’t have the problems.

Yogi: So if that happens, know I’m doing something wrong, is that correct? If I start to feel that heat in the body.

Shri Mataji: When you just start saying, “Mother I am not doing it, you  are doing it. I am your perspire there!”

Yogini: Mother sometimes when I meditate, it’s happened two or three times now, it seems to be a very deep meditation and it seems as though my awareness is very much up here, but then it seems to go further up ….

Shri Mataji: That’s not good.

Yogini: That’s what I thought, I was wondering if that was a bhoot.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. That’s something funny experience that you just avoid all that nonsense.

Warren: That reminds me a little bit of supraconscious experiences.

Shri Mataji: Absolutely, I’m worried. You have to bring down your ….  With auto-suggestion, you can bring down our ego, very much down. See when ego expands like this it can go like that, it can go up like that, like a balloon it shoots off like that.  It’s just shooting off like that. So that should not. Awareness should not go up there, should be just in here. Awareness position is here. Only it opens new dimensions in the brain.  This is our awareness, you see. Why should you be there?

Yogini: It sort of feels as though I know that I’m there but the experience seems as though it’s much wider.

Shri Mataji: No, no. This all ideas. Like some people told me I feel I’m in the tree, in the walls, in the. ……. this is wrong.  You see, now you are not to expand outside, one must understand.  To expand inside. Expansion outside is a sign that you are going to matter. Expansion has to be absolutely inside. This is absolutely supraconscious. Be careful, I am rather worried. Put your hands towards me. Raise them, higher. They’re shaking.  Better beat yourself with shoes every morning.

Yogini: I do.

Shri Mataji: Shoe beat. Be careful, I have this little thing about you, always a worry. Somehow this is an ego problem quite a lot.  Superego is much less. You have to condition yourself go on telling yourself, “Now you – sit down, keep quite and don’t know this and then”. Because in progress you must have a balance. You see in the hand, also, this is such a small little hand of a lady and this one is such a big thing – this is supraconscious, be careful. It happens to Rajnesh, it happened. He felt his awareness has gone on the tree he was looking at himself on the tree and that is suppose to enlightenment, you see! This is what is written his book, nonsense you know? Someone should write that this means you became a bhoot. It is nice- not very high so it’s alright you can bring it down, back – alright? Do something about it, it is very important. Now, the best way to do it is to become collective, spread out you see. Try to do for others, work for others, in very humble way.

Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: You see, you should talk less also and maybe some German, can it’s not all.

Warren: But don’t get a left Visshuddhi!

Shri Mataji: That’s one thing. But she won’t just now, she won’t for sometime because ……… left side is very …….. you see.

Yogini: Sometimes when I feel sensations, I can feel that one much stronger that I can feel that one.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. That’s it, that you see you have used too much  it’s numbed out you see it’s numbed out. If the ego is too much then you just don’t feel it. You have surpassed Buddha.  This is the point where you see the Buddha. The Buddha point is here, you see? And if you are attached to this point it is alright, up to that point. But sometimes you could so much that it might come out from here, there, there somewhere. Like that.  You see if it’s too much. But this one is still not affected so you get vibrations there. But this is very much affected, so you be careful.

It is very dangerous to play with it. You know what happened to Hitler? Nothing, but this. Started going on and on and on. He thought he was successful, he was this. He could not compromise with himself, somehow. Then he became mad. You must understand, that we are here to grow, to become something superior.

So if you have too much superego, try to reduce it. If you have ego try to reduce it. Because it’s for our good only. All of us must understand. There’s nothing to feel hurt about it. But I’ve seen if you, if you start thinking that you have an ego then you feel hurt … ego, but superego people, don’t you see, they’re quite proud of it.

Yes, yes, superego people are very proud of it. They say no I’m just the same, still crying, weeping. Yes, they always say like that, “Oh I’m just the same.” Very happy about it, you see. As if everybody should sympathy with them and pity them and ah, ah, ah. And poor ego people who still feel how should I admit. They feel hurt. It’s as if. You know it’s funny. That some of those blind people have pity on them. But somebody is deaf they laugh at it. So a deaf man finds it difficult to say that I’m deaf.  But a blind person doesn’t mind saying I’m blind, because everybody will hear come along, come along, come along. You see it’s like that only with an ego person if person knows that person has an ego so the person who has ego himself feels hurt.  “Oh I have ego, I’m so bad.” And everybody says, “Oh ego, ego, ego.”. Horrible.

But the superego’s are much worst, you see. They’re like scorpions – horrible – horrible. And sometimes they, they give me blisters you see. These superego are. They are horrible and sometimes they start scratching you, you know? They’re just like mosquitoes, horrible things. So they still go, “I’m still very unhappy.” Very difficult to cure a superego, that’s all. You find many women do that and men do that. “Oh I’m very upset, I’m very unhappy, I’m depressed.”

They take pride in saying such things. They should be ashamed.  This what happens and they don’t bother about it. So with such people you should show no sympathies and they’ll come back. If you start showing sympathies, they are finished. You’ll also become the same you’ll also stand.

Even ego’s, you see they become successful sometimes, some egotistical fellow becomes successful in Sahaja Yoga, somehow.  You see, can assert. Others take cue. But no one likes it. You can see a normal person won’t like it. If you get into ego then try to get out of it. See that temper and all these things are there. Controlling your temper too much, it’s not good. But it comes with many things. Some frustrations in life, some sort of a problem, can be cured. See, if you’re possessed sometimes you can get into these things, you see.

So, be careful you have to be normal persons. You’re not your ego or superego. You are you’re spirit. You have to become that.  And sometimes, you know, if you lead too much you get an ego, “Oh, I understand everything, this that. Then, Mother sees to it that it goes down. She punctures it, you see?

So it’s better, that we should forget all of our past and become as a humble child. You have to be like children to enter into the kingdom of God. Just like children, have no ego or superego.  They’re so natural and so balanced and so, so just be careful, alright? No one should try to get an uniqueness in Sahaja Yoga, that’s one thing I’ve said. Have you got that tape with you?  On uniqueness.

Warren: That’s the tape at the seminar, is it Mother?

Shri Mataji: In London.

Warren: We’ve heard it, yes.

Shri Mataji: Oh, that’s good. You see somebody says, “I’m much better than ….. “ definitely there’s some sort of ego. No body is better in Sahaja Yoga. You are all part and parcel of the same body. If this finger says, “I’m better” it will start increasing in size. It’s malignance. Try to be careful, alright?

Yogini: Thank you, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What’s another? Don’t play to much attention to yourself, also. What’s happening to me, where am I catching, what am I happening. You see if you are a that’s a concede, then what sort of a concede, also you see becomes so self centred that you do not grow. You have to go out, you see where do we expand? In the way that you do not disturb anyone. But you start seeing that how you nourish others by your love. Because if you, you see ego oriented person becomes very self-indulgent, selfish for himself. Like this is my bathroom, this is my house this is my, my, my, my, my sort of a thing. So try to avoid all these things. If you sometimes …. now say for example, if you have a house, if you are proud of that better give that up and go and stay in some dungeon, and then come back. That’s how you treat yourself. It’s all the right idea. Now you come along, what as you think of yourself? Then this ego can be corrected. All the time tell yourself that you better be alright. You think this is your Ashram? Alright you sleep on the street. Then it works out.  You see it is easy to teach other like this. You can go on – but to teach yourself is very difficult and that what it is needed.  That’s needed for ego people that why for ego people it’s rather difficult to come up, because they won’t say, like that, you see? It must go that side before doing that.

Yogi: Someone pointed out to me once that was very interesting, every time you point at somebody the one finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you, this way?

Shri Mataji: What’s this?

Warren: Like this – when one finger goes this way there are 3 coming back at you.

Shri Mataji: Like that? You see it’s in an elliptical, you see like that  it moves you see, whatever you give, it comes to you.  Whatever you  give it comes to you. Try to give something that is joy. Very easy. It’s very, very easy you see to tell yourself – off after Sahaja  Yoga. I’ve seen people becoming very much transformed. Especially English people. You know how ego oriented they are and they are not ashamed of it? They think if you are not an ego oriented person you are a weak personality, Just imagine? They think like that. And for them to become you see, a weak personality is very difficult. But after Sahaja Yoga, they’ll manage that, they’ll manage that. In the same way you should try to do it. But, I think your’s a German one, you see. Better give nice shoes to the Germans. You’re much better in London but now, your much better in. But that you have any unique experiences, please give them up. Any kind of unique experiences.

Yogi: I was very suspicious of it when it was happening.

Shri Mataji: Now, that is very suspicious but you better give it up it’s a very seriously thing. One yogi, you see, in the beginning he got realisation, he was giving realisation and everything working out but he still use to take that tabac. You know? Not only he, also this fellow the one who got blood cancer and …  all of them use to take it. And I know they were taking it, because whenever I walked they use to come at the back, you see.  I know it was them. After 4, 5 months he came, “I’m getting a very great experience now.” I said what. “When I meditate, I became like a Hanumana” I said, “What happened.” “My mouth starts expanding like this” ….. I said “and I see in the mirror. I don’t see that way but I feel it going here and here and here like Hanumana. Then I feel I’m lifted up in the body and the whole body becoming very big and all that.” I said, “…  you must know that I know that you still take tobacco.” He said, “Yes, I do.” He was so ashamed of himself. I said, “will you now please vow that I will not take – I will look after it, but you have to decide that you’ll will give it up.

You think that you can carry on with things and it will have no effect, when my attention is there, when you have got realisation?” After realisation you have to be very much self disciplined. You see, you have given a chance, a big long rope, but then you really hang yourself, very badly. He said, “How to get rid of this phase going.” First he use to think he was becoming Hanumana in a big way and then when, I told him, he promised me, and the whole thing disappeared completely.

It’s a nice thing that even ego bhoots and superego bhoots when they face my photograph they come in their own realities and they start showing their effects. Something’s so interesting to see them, that way. Then, then the people realise, what’s this happening to me is he going…….. It happens.

But try to understand what ever has to happen will happen inside not outside. In the program also you might find some people do some sort of gestures, like this. There was one person was sitting like this. I said was this matter with this fellow? Some people will just stand up, put their heads down, all sorts of things. Just to attract attention. Ego people have this tendency to attention of others. Do something to attract the attention of others. Like hawks they’re watching. Some of the egos you can make out they’re watching the break and the other side is like that. So these are two types of people. Never that purely that.  They’re mixtures sometimes, they jump form this to that all that is there. It’s worth seeing all the drama as Sahaja Yogis, you’ll enjoy that. Never get into that. One has to be careful about it. Sometimes you have to take really drastic steps.  Because you are seekers, isn’t it? To improve that. What else?

Yogi: Mother, to help attention, a liver diet helps, is that right? A liver diet to help attention. What else can we do?

Shri Mataji: You see, put you eyes onto the Mother Earth, as far as possible. In the morning also, if you can walk, in the morning time, not during… … I don’t know, it’s not very cold session. In the dews, dews that fallen on the grass, you see, will help you. Also, put your eyes onto the thing. Try to fix your eyes on the Mother Earth, as far as possible. Don’t look at me. And don’t try to become attractive sort of a personality, you see. Then, what happens you always see who is looking at you, you see. That’s a very bad thing. I’ve seen the people who flirt. I’ve seen the bhoots getting out of their eyes going into another persons. Even the person is standing like that, you see, has a bhoot in his eye and a person comes at the back you see, is trying to attract. Both are dressed up very well, to attract the whole world. There’s a competition on, you see.

And this person comes here and stands here and another bhoots stands at the back. So, without even seeing the person, you see the bhoot informs – “Hello”, and the other bhoots says, “hello” and the person turns right about turn and starts looking. And you see them going on like that. And sometimes the bhoots pick on friends you know, I’ve seen them. Say, there’s a group of say, a party of something like that. Receptions I see them enjoy. So one person will stand like a hawk. They’ll put his eyes onto one person, you see. Now that person is picked out, and the bhoots are having a nice time.

And these poor things are just doing all that for nothing at all. For no joy. It’s a joyless nonsense going on. And these two they are just don’t know, they are just playing. Just like this.  Like hawks. It’s a very funny situation you know, for a person like me. I don’t know how to control my laughter. It’s a silly thing isn’t it? And it’s never happened before. I tell you 50 years back nobody did all this nonsense – to that extent. I don’t know about Western Society so much 50 years back. It could not be that bad. Only one or two persons might be like that. But now days everybody has become that king, you see. What was that king who killed seven wives? They all are Henry the 8th nowadays.

In a democracy, everybody has become a demon. The reason is demonocracy, not democracy but demonocracy. Because everybody is equal to a king. What’s wrong? We are … what’s wrong with us?  We are great. If he’s a king, I’m also a king. If he had seven wives, I can have eight, what’s the matter? He did. If he eat filth, I can also eat filth. How can anybody stop me? It’s like that. It’s competition, nonsense, stupidity and foolishness.  That is how ego is. Ego makes you nothing but a stupid fool.  That was it does. Absolutely. Ego is such a thing. It makes such a stupid fool out of you, that you don’t even realise. Have you heard the story of Narada? I must tell you.

I think I’ll have some tea before I do.

Narada was man who was bitten by this ego once. And she started talking, saying “Look at me, I’m such a powerful God that nothing can touch me. Even Shiva was enticed by cupid and that, he had to marry Parvati. Who was Sati actually because he was bitten by cupid. But I’m such a great ascetic Brahma Chari that no one can touch me. And then Vishnu always plays tricks you see, he is the one who tricks people. So he sent two of this Ganaharvas, two of his celestial singers to attend to this Narada. And when he was going in the jungle they met him just by chance, Sahaja.

They said that, “Oh Narada, you are so great, we were sent in search of you; such a handsome man, so beautiful, and this and that,” and his Ego started accepting all that. “Really,” he said. ‘We were searching for you,” “Why?” “There is a very beautiful Queen, Princess, who is to be married and there is a Swayamwara,” swayam, means yourself, and wara means the husband to be chosen. “So we will all go that Swayamwara”, like Sita had the Swayamwara, you see. “And I am sure you will be chosen, because there cannot be a more handsome and attractive man that anybody else in this whole world.”

Now this Narada was bitten by Ego you see he was a stupid fellow that he believed all their stories and he went there they said, “You must dress up very well, and you must have this and that and we’ll get you all the clothes, everything and we will attend on to you and we have always admired you.” …… and you see admiration and adoration they love.

He said, “Really? then I must dress up well.” You see. “Am I that handsome?” They said, “You are the most handsome person, and she is going to fall for you and this is something and she is a lady known for her beauty and there are people from all over the world and you will be there unique. She is going to garland and you’re going to marry her. He forgot about cupid story and about his asceticism, everything. He said, “Alright, I’m going to do that.” So they dressed up him very well and he went and sat among all the other great princes.

And then actually it was Vishnu who created this Maya city, Mayanagari. Just an illusion. And when this illusion was created she walked with the garland and this lady was also an illusion you see. And she walked like this and she looked at him and she smiled. She could not control her laughter, as if she thought, what a mockery it is. He was surprised at himself. You see he thought this garland was going to ….

When she smiled, he thought she is appreciated, but when she couldn’t help laughing loud, you see? Then he was rather surprised and then she went away and still she was laughing and giggling at him. So he was surprised. So he said, “What’s the matter, why didn’t she garland me, she should have garlanded me?” They said, “Don’t worry she’ll come back.” And she never came back and then they said she has already garlanded somebody and she is married and all.

So they came back to their places he said, “Oh it’s horrible.” And he was perspiring with anger and he was very angry and he went. There was a lake, so he went to wash his face and he saw his face. It was like a monkey’s face, absolutely he was like a monkey. “Oh God,” he said. “I was like a monkey there and how these people were saying, then he cursed them,” and said, “You two have  befooled me” and all that, he cursed them. But whatever it is, he had become, then he realised, “That I am such a stupid fool because this ego went into me.” It’s stupid, I mean such people are extremely stupid and that’s why we must be pulling ears all the time…… “Oh Mother, don’t make us stupid, make anything, but don’t make us stupid”, that’s one thing one has to do. Because, really one becomes stupid with ego, so be careful.

When this wind blows, you see, from my mouth, it takes away, dries up my throat, you see? From my nose also there is a cool breeze blowing, ears, imagine from everywhere a cool breeze blowing, what must be the condition inside.

After realisation we cannot do the same mistakes as we have been doing before realisation, isn’t it? At least that much we must do, because now we are enlightened and we have a new light in our eyes. And it’s much easier now to do anything, you see.  Because the whole Divine force is there to help you. If you don’t do that what is good for you, then you’re going against the force that is trying to help you, you see? It is something like a double force is coming to help you.

Warren: Mother, left Nabhi is a very bad catch in Australia, perhaps you could talk a little bit about left Nabhi?

Shri Mataji: I think there is a tape on left Nabhi, about the spleen.

As I told it’s a speedometer within us which creates a balanced atmosphere for us, that we keep to the speed in which things have to be moved. You see, you must understand that Mother Earth Herself, moves with such a tremendous speed, Herself is moving.  And there are so many planets which are moving with a speed, relatively could be higher or lower. And the whole thing is managed so well that nothing collides with anything. We have never thought of it, you see. How it must be worked out that all these planets, which are so many, are going in all directions with a particular speed, with different speeds and all that is so well managed that they do not collide with each other. You must have seen those planes of the Air Force, when they rise, they show these acrobats. There are ten aeroplanes or may be twenty-one, or could be more; they all go with a tremendous speed but maintain a certain distance all the time, so they do not collide. Because they can collide in no time if they are not alert.

Now, in the same way, our spleen keeps the speed of all the organs in relation with each other, first thing, and secondly it creates blood cells to supply for any emergency in any part of any other organ. Now, we have also got this machinery of blood cell production in the bones, inside the marrow of the bones. So there are two places where they have kept this emergency that, if this one fails, that will take over certain things. But this speedy business can spoil both of them.

Now, this one is placed on the left-hand side, why? Because, with the heat on the right-hand side, God knows what will happen, so it is placed on the left-hand side to keep the pace alright. Now, what happens, when we are doing any work. Say, for example; eating our  food. At that time, soon emergency comes up. Once in a while is alright, but everyday if you have news at night and dinner at night and you like to read your newspaper as well early in the morning when you are having your breakfast, you are in for trouble. Because, when you read the newspaper, you react, you being after all sensitive people. You see for those who die, and newspaper will never give you anything; they are not supposed to give, I think. If the planes lands alright, then they will say, “today the plane landed alright.” But they will say there was an accident and so many people died there.  You start saying “what’s the name, is my friend there, is my this one there? He went yesterday!” – Emergency started.

Now, that time you are having your breakfast; we are doing something very important and the blood cells are created. So this poor spleen becomes really crazy and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She produces certain cells to supply here, and then she produces some more to supply there; she really goes, it goes haywire, absolutely and it becomes crazy and when it becomes crazy, the whole nature is crazy. The food goes to the stomach. The speedometer is wrong then, at that time, the food is not digested in the stomach, but the juices start flowing. Say, in the lower part of the intestine. What’s the use? The juices must be secreted in the stomach. Because the speed of the whole thing is so  mismanaged that there is no supply of proper blood to all these various places and people, whosoever, does that kind of thing becomes a person suffering from bad digestion, gases, this, that and a very speedy temperament.

When he talks, he talks telescopically. You see, he always thinks, is worried, is so speedy, so worried that anything starts like, as I told that, if I tell someone you have to go, you have to fly. You should see people when they have to fly.  Suddenly, just, before going, they become so mad, so crazy, because they don’t know what to do with themselves. Because their poor speedometer starts excreting some cells which are crazy and they become so very crazy. And sometimes they arrive much earlier, or sometimes they forget their passports at home, I mean, they do all kinds of things.

Warren: Sometimes they get anxious about the traffic.

Shri Mataji: Traffic! And it happens like that, but the other way round, people say that, “If you don’t do it who is going to do it?”. I said, “But  what’s the need to get upset about it.” Say, for example; I’ll tell  you a very simple example, a very nice story.

When I went to England and while coming back I wanted to go to Paris but I had a through ticket and I could get down at Paris or wherever I felt like. It was a ticket like that, you see? And there was no need to hurry or anything because I knew where I had to go. I was staying in a hotel and the gentleman who was in charge, one of the shipping corporation fellows, supposed to be very bright and brilliant, enterprising, this, that, all the stories about him. He telephoned me at least four times. You see, they think women have no sense of time and women have so, they must tell me four times, you see. So he told me that, “Please send your luggage down at 11 o’clock!”

I said, “Alright!”

“Please send your luggage down at 11 o’clock.” Again and “Please send your luggage down at 11 o.clock.” Four times!!

“Alright , I’ll do it.”

And I’ll be there exactly at 11 o’clock and I must see you.”

My husband is supposed to be his boss you see, but the way he was ordering me about was surprising. He thought I didn’t know time or what ideas he had, I said, “I will be there exactly at 11 o’clock.”

“What is the colour of your bags?”

I said, “It’s white. Everything’s white.”

“Alright, I will see you. Have you written the label? Have you written your name?”

I said, “I have, it’s all there.”

“And then we will take the luggage in the car and you should arrive within 5 minutes.”

I said, “Alright, I’ll be there don’t worry!”

“I will give you a call from down below, and then you arrive.

First, I will put your luggage inside the car.”

All these connections he made and I sent the luggage down.

He said, “Put it at this point.” And all that he told me. I said, “Alright!” I put the luggage in there and I came up, waiting for him to come. It was eleven, eleven-thirty, twelve o’clock; the fellow was not there. He was not to be seen. Now he came about 12.l5 p.m. (gasping). I said what happened? He said, “I’m sorry Mrs Srivastava, very sorry.”

I said, “But, what happened ?”

“You see, it was such a bad jam, I just couldn’t reach you. I’m sorry.”

I said, “It’s alright, but I’ve sent the luggage down. Did you find  it?”

“No, it’s missing:”

I said, “Missing? Now, let it be, what is got to do now, it’s missing.”

We came down, there was no luggage, nothing. Somebody had picked it up.

I said, “It’s alright, don’t you worry, we’ll find the luggage, don’t you worry, it’s alright.”

He said, “but we’ll miss the plane.”

I said, “We are not going to miss the plane, there are many planes going, why should you worry?”

“No, no, no, no, we have to go on this plane. You are booked on that and there is a seat for you.” I said, “I’m going from London to Paris. What was the need to worry so much. I would have sat anywhere. What is the need to fix my seat and everything, on a first class? There’s nothing to worry so much I can sit in front, or backwards, or anything.”

But still, he was so much worried. So we were supposed to go there one hour earlier or something, whatever it is. The plane was late as usual. And as soon as we reached the airport, where he stopped the car to drop me, there was the luggage! You see, one of those people, tourists and all that, they had carried the luggage with them, and they had put them there, so that whosoever it belonged they would pick it up.

I said, “See, the luggage!”


I said, “It is there, now go and put me Paris.”

So he took my tickets and everything and went there. And would you believe it? He booked me for Bombay. That is only the half part of it. I’ll tell you the rest. He booked for Bombay. I didn’t know he booked me for Bombay. He gave me back the ticket, he gave me the…. what you call that?

Warren: The luggage check.

Shri Mataji: The baggage check and..

Warren: Boarding card.

Shri Mataji: Boarding card and everything I got into the plane.

He said, “Thank God the plane is late an hour.” “But.” I said, “I was quite ready when you told me.” “But what to  do? There was a jam,” I said, “You would have started 3 hours earlier out of the house.”

“Really, but how could I know? There was such a …… there was never ……. this was historical!”

I said, “Everything is historical with me. Don’t you worry.” So I got into the plane.

I got down at Paris, nobody checked me, I just walked out. And there was another one, his true copy standing there, a Frenchman. All the time the other goes on like that and this one goes on.

I said, “What’s the matter?” He said, “Nothing. Oh! You’ve come very late, you’ve come very late.”

I said, “I’m sorry, but it’s not my mistake.” “But his Nebi”, he called him Nebi, “You see (don’t mention my name to Sir) this fellow should gave informed me. He never informed. He’s supposed to be very efficient he’s this, that.”

There was no chance, you see, because by the time I come there my luggage was missing. He didn’t think of you, he just thought of the luggage, was more worried about the luggage, and we went to the airport and from the airport he saw me off. I told him you better give a ring. By that time you had come to the aeroplane.

He said, “Yes, I came here, because, I should have enquired what time the plane was coming, the plane was late, so I came quite early here.”

I said, “Very nice.” He was sitting there for two hours already.

Now this fellow was another speedy one.

So he said, “Alright, now what about your luggage?” I gave him the baggage thing, we waited and waited and waited. No baggage came, it had gone to Bombay! So he went to the counter and he said, “What about this?”

He said, “Oh God, this is marked for Bombay.”

He said, “Really?” “Yes, this is marked for Bombay, it’s gone to Bombay.”

He’s got such a temper for the fellow in London. He said, “Look at him, his efficiency, he’s not seen this, he’s not, he’s done it like that, and all sorts of things.”

I said, “But why do you worry? My luggage has gone. Why are you worried? I have to be here for four days, it’s alright because I’ll manage.”

“How will you manage?”

I had that vanity case, I said, “I have a small change with me and I don’t need anything, I’m alright.”

He said, “With one saree it’s alright, one saree you wear for four days or five days in Paris who knows?” to see? Here people wear one dress for one year also, nobody looks at that, only in India it’s a problem, if you wear the same saree people will notice. Not here, nobody’s going to notice here.

I said, “I have to see the museum, that’s all. You don’t have to worry.” I said, “you tell me where you’ve booked me, hotel and all.  The hotel where I stayed there, I managed myself very well. And the day I was going back, you see, he came to see me off with his wife, you see, and his wife said, “All the time he was blaming Neb for this and he should not have done this, and should not have done that I said, then, “Now what to do?” He said now, “Thank God it’s settled down. Now you’re going back, but what will you do without the luggage?” I was going to Teheran to my brother’s place. I said, “it’s alright, don’t you worry, I have to travel , why do you worry so much for me?” So he said, “One has to worry for people who do not worry.” I said, “If you want to fine any excuse to worry you can worry about anything, anything you can worry about, but there’s no need to worry at all for me.”  So, as soon as we reached the airport, there we find my luggage again, back. My baggage had come from Bombay to Paris.  He said, “This is surprising, the luggage has come.” Now, the best part was, I said, “Now you get me booked.”

You see, he had already booked me and when he took the ticket, they said, “No, there’s no ticket. The ticket had been cut because she was booked for Bombay.”  Now, that was too much. His wife got after him, “You were saying such and such was so efficient and this and that, he’s done this, what about you, the great efficient? All the time you’re on my head. You get ready, you get ready, you get ready, you get ready.” She gave him a big lecture. I said, “Don’t you worry, I’ll be going if I have to go, I’ll not go if I don’t have to go, and you don’t have to pay the hotel bill, I’m going to pay it so just don’t worry.’  He said, “What to do?” I said, “You just don’t worry.” Then we discovered the plane was late by two hours, I said, “Alright,” I trunk called to Air India people. “It’s alright, give her a ticket.” I got a ticket and I went. Nothing happened. But this was these two persons really, they were so nervous and I’m sure their speedometers were out. So this is one of the simple stories of how things happen and how we are bothered.

After all, one must know that your are not lost are you lost?  That’s all. As long as you are not lost, you are there. But every time if you think you are lost, then nobody can help.  There is a joke that a boy who was roaming about in an exhibition, his name was called. “Again,” he said, “This am I lost again?” It’s like that, it’s like that all the time if somebody thinks you’re lost, you’ve lost. It’s their mistake.  But the boy was not lost. Every time the parents used to call his name, you see, so he said, “Oh God, am I lost again?” Others think you are lost, but you are not, but sometimes, you start thinking the same. What is there to be upset? Nothing, nothing is dangerous that much as you own fears.

Warren: What is the Gruha Lakshmi quality of the left Nabhi?

Shri Mataji: You see, it is called as Gruha Lakshmi because she is the one who fixes the speed in the household, she’s the one who knows how to fix if she’s a Gruha Lakshmi, if she’s the one who is really a housewife. But housewife has interest outside then she cannot feel it. She has to have interest in the house. She has to have interest in her own children. She has to be a good housewife and she should know as a housewife, she’s very important. When once she realises her importance, then only this speedometer is alright. Even for children, she doesn’t hurry them. She fixes up everything for the children. For example the children have to go to school tomorrow. Now, she gets up in the morning, early in the morning, she sees that their clothes are alright, everything is alright.

When there is time to wake up the children, she goes, sings something nicely or kisses them and gradually she gets them up, so they are not in a hurry to get up. She gives them sufficient time to get up and get ready, and then, husband, she tackles a later on. But the main thing in India, it was a custom that never the women used to eat before the husband had eaten. And there are two reasons, but one of them is this Gruha Lakshmi.  And they would sit with the husband when he’s eating. They used to fan the husband you see, when he’s eating the food and would ….. and. So people may say it’s slavery. That’s no slavery.  That’s how you handle them back. You make them absolutely dependent on you. You ask my husband, he will tell you that story. Once they are absolutely dependent, they just do not go anywhere else, even if  they try some tricks they’re back today.  Because they cannot leave  them.

The speed you see, is controlled with the fan. So, the person is eating and the wife tells everyone, “Now don’t disturb him, let him eat his food.” He’s not supposed to read the newspaper, there’s a fight about the newspaper and she throws away the newspaper. “No. no, just eat your food, eat slowly, eat slowly nothing to bother, it’s alright.” But, that’s not so, I’ve seen many women on the breakfast table. They’ll fight with their husbands, “What about the money? You haven’t given me this.” So the husband gets angry. “Alright, I will not have my breakfast today.”

That’s not they way I mean, I’m not saying there are no cruel husbands, they are so. Exceptions, are there. But the wives can be also cruel. But if they are normal people and good people and if they want to understand how to put up their own speed and the speed of their husband. Alright, first of all they must know they should be very balanced, very balanced and solid women.  They should not be jumpy. If they are jumpy they can make everyone jump. Imagine this Mother Earth being jumpy, we would have been jumping like that all  over.

So you have to be solid, not only that, but you should be able to bear up many things of the men. You see, it is no criteria that if somebody dominated you, then that person becomes more sort of something higher than you. Only those who can bear up can bear up. For this Mother Earth can bear up our weight.  That’s why we can stand on her. Does that mean that she’s anywhere less than us?

The woman has got a special capacity to bear up because she is made like that. She’s a solid personality. Oh, She can take in so much inside herself and digest it and just finish it off. She is a person who does not get disturbed by so many things the husband has to say to wife. He is sometimes harsh on her because he has, after all to face the outside like, and he has to face everything and then he comes home and he says everything to his wife. You see, I’ve seen sometimes even the photograph they say, “You are like that, you are this you’re that, you’re like this, you’re this” and take out everything on the wife and then they are satisfied. Because, they know for definite that because my wife is not going to be embittered, she understands. She loves me and she understands why I’m shouting at her. But this kind of Gruha Lakshmi temperament is gone now. Because, now women are possessed by men and they are even worse than men once they are possessed by men.

Imagine a woman possessed by a man, and the man who possesses must be a horrible fellow. So the men become like women and women become like men. I don’t know what to do with such perverted people. So, a woman has to be a woman and a man has to be a man and they should not try to compete each other but supplement each other. A man must realise that he can’t live without the wife and the wife must realise that she cannot live without the husband. But it should not be anyway one dominating the other.

Because, when the people are possessed they have methods of dominating. For example, they can become extra sweet, nice and charming. They can become extremely reasonable. They’ll give you a proper answer for everything. They’ll reason it out, they’ll sound very logical, but all that logic is nothing but absolutely a kind of a damnation for you. Because, they’re becoming so dominating that you don’t even see. Also, that you are being pushed down into something which is very tight corner for you, from where you cannot get out.

So, the housewife has to be a housewife, and she has to be a proud housewife. Now, Sahaja Yoginis, should know, specially, that I’m housewife and if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you how much I’ve done for him, always and he has been such a busy man, that everybody else thinks that he has always neglected me and he’s been very horrid to me and all that. They think that he has never bothered about me and things like that. But that’s not the point. I  understand that he’s very busy and I’m very proud of him. Because, he’s working very hard. My Job is to soothe him, to relax him, to make him feel happy.

But here the problem is that it is not easy for the women to see that men are just like children. Really, they are just children.  Men should not hear this part. You should know how to handle them. You see. You can please them with small, small things and they can be so very sweet. I’ll tell you one thing. One day, you see, we wanted to buy this house and this and that, he said, “it’s too much, it’s too much money,” and all that, “I don’t know if we can afford it.” Now you tell me, with all this talking you see, we were about to sleep on our bed you see, when he was asking me, “now you just tell me one thing, how much money do you think we will require in India?” So you see, I thought it was too much, and I said, “Can I tell you tomorrow after calculation” and immediately he smiled and the whole thing went off his head. You see, little things here and there, turning of a wife. You see, husband is soothed and he understands that it’s too much, I’m paying too much attention to this and I’m too much worried for nothing, at all, and all that.

So, she’s a supplement and he’s a supplement to her life also.  If these things work out this way, it’s so beautiful. I do not say, you would not work. If you have to work, you have to work, but you should not work so that you have to have a hairdress, so that you waste your money in just self-indulgence. It is not that way. It is work because you need money, if you need money you should work. Otherwise there is no need to work, also to work for women. So many women need not work at all. Because, if the husband is sufficiently earning and if the husband is good and if the money, that he knows belongs to both of them, then it is better that women should look after the children and look after the household and make the house a beautiful nest for the children. But in the case, you see in case there is need, they should work. But understanding that if they have children, their first duty is to their children. They have to look after their children, that’s the very foremost thing. Otherwise, you don’t have any children. If you have your children, you have to look after them. But it has gone so far in the west now, that people don’t want to have children. Women don’t want to have children.  Women just don’t want to have children. Just they do want to have children. Because after children is a problem. Why to have children?

And even the children are born, they are so angry with the children. I’ve seen in England, educated mothers beat their children. Can you imagine? I’ve seen in the trains, I’ve seen beating their children, I mean, out of question for us. You see, our children are equally naughty, they trouble us, they do all kinds of things but they tease us, we don’t punish them so much.  In childhood, if you allow them to do what they like then when they grow up you’ll find that they are beautiful disciplined children. And if you allow them to do it in the house, outside when they are with us they’re so disciplined and so quiet you have seen Indian children how quiet they are. But at home they are not.

At home they’ll do every sort of thing, you see, but when they go out, then they are very well behaved. Then when they come home also, they will learn. Not that you don’t discipline them, you also tell them. If you are a neat person, if you are a person who believes in beautifying your house, and all that, no children will disturb it. I’ll tell you, my both daughters if you ask them, I’ve never told them “don’t”, but they know that I was very aesthetically tempered and I used to do my house very well and all that. If I leave anything there then they would see that it is there and they would again keep it. Just to please me and they would bring things that were beautiful. You see, they developed very aesthetic tastes by understanding that I am so much that.

But you see, we have so many weak weaknesses. We tell lies, the children see that. We do all kinds of things, they see that and then they become like that. We husband wife quarrel in the presence of the children, then the children pick up from us and they learn it and they start many abuses, they pick up from us you see. A husband thinks that quarrelling before, there’s no curtain between the children and the parents they’ll fight, argue out, or the husband won’t say anything, he becomes sulky and the wife will go on saying something or the husband would be saying something and the wife would be keeping quiet. All these things are not good in the presence of your children. In the presence of you children, you have to behave in such a manner that they imbibe your good sides and not your bad sides.  Because, one may call it hypocrisy children you should be honest with them. There’s no need to have such honesty with them. You see, there are certain things in the household like you have a drawing room, and you have a dining room and you have a bathroom. Now, you don’t bring your bathroom in your drawing room, do you?

So be honest, do you do that? So this kind of honesty, of having everything mixed up, is not honesty. So, before the children, you must behave in such a manner that they themselves imbibe the qualities which you relish, which you think is better and gradually, you’ll be surprised. You will give up so many things for the sake of children, so many things you will learn when you will be with children. Because they really tell so many things and then they correct you in their own sweet ways and their ways, specially the realised souls, the way they talk, you see will interest you. You must listen to them and then we realise how many foolish things we have been doing, which we would have avoided if we had this wisdom. That’s what they are, but we must have interest in our children. We must look after them, love them. You see. I find in the West, this husband is the babysitter and the wife is the one who is everything in the house. So she stands up like this -“clean this, sweep this, so that”- I used to wonder what’s the matter with this woman? As if all of them have become servants or what, these men? While my husband is so …… man that he can’t even sweep anything. He said, “Look at these people, what will they think? I’m such a lazy lump, they’ll say, Nobody works.” I said, “Your work in the office, why should you work in the house?” “No, no, you must teach me how to sweep.” I said, “I don’t want to do that, because your sister will say I gave you a broom in your house and hand that she’s not going to forgive me for that.” He said, “Who’s going to tell her? Better tell me how to do it.” I said, “Alright.” So we went to the backyard you see, front yard, how to teach ……

So he took such a big broom, you see, that English broom, and he started sweeping all the filth. There was all these, what you call leaves and all that, he swept them like that again pulled it back again swept it pulled it back and all that he was ….  After five minutes I came, I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “How do you take it on one side?” “see, once you put the broom that side it comes back with the broom. What to do?” He had never seen how to do because he never had to do. I said, “Now will you please give it up that? You can’t do, it’s very difficult.” “Let me practise.” He could not do it. The main thing was, for 8 days I had to rub his hand with some lotion or something, just to get it alright; because it was paining so much in his hand. So it was added work for me, doesn’t matter So you see, it should be such that they are entirely dependent on us. There’s no work, us work is low. Like washing the things or doing any work is not low. But we have to do the work for which we are meant. You see, no use when – your men really have become very gentle – but our men, if you give them anything to wash it will break definitely, 100% be sure. If you want to have a bull in a china shop ask an Indian man to enter into the kitchen! But it’s very interesting that ways isn’t it? To understand them in their true nature, to make them men as they are”.

It is the women who are the Shakti, behind the men, and when they are the Shakti they have to work it out that way. So we have to understand that we are women, are the ones who determine the speed of men and we control the speedometer of men. So we should not be speedy, we should not hurry them up.

Like in India, only the men will say, “come along, now it’s getting late, now it’s getting late!” They are the ones. But here I find the women say that, “What are you doing? Oh! Come along, John!” The John is rushing, “Oh and yes!” His carrying the luggage. I’d seen a picture he went on a holiday you see, poor man had to carry even friend’s luggage up and down.

Warren: Dinner is ready everyone. So Mother should have dinner now. It has been a lovely evening, just chatting.

Shri Mataji: And from Sahaja Yoga how do you cure? It is very simple. Put your left hand towards the photograph and put your right hand on your spleen and turn it, and say, “Mother, you are the Gruhalakshmi.” Now Gruhalakshmi was Fatimabi, who was the daughter of Mohammed Saheb and she was ….. She never went out, she never went out.  She kept inside the house and she made her children so great, two children who fought their way and the husband also and they died in that big war of Grabala. And She stayed at home.

The whole power was inside. She never went out. She used always that, what you call, completely covered, “burtha,” you see. She is the one who is the complete Gruhalakshmi among all the Lakshmis. Like you can say Sita was Mahalakshmi, but she was Gruhalakshmi; just kept Herself. Nobody knows much about Her, but She is the one who created this Shia, Shia you see.  Surprising, that Seetaji is called is called as Shia in the villages and some people who do not pronounce, say Shia. So the pure Gruhalakshmi was Fatimabi.

But men should not understand this way that they have right to dominate women, not at all. They have only right to love them.  They have no right to dominate. You see, if they try to dominate women, you see the result of that. You see, one foot will be on this foot and then another will come on that one. So you see, it’s companionship and love.

Right wheel of a chariot has to be on the right and the left wheel has to be on the left, but both of them have to be equally. If they are not equal, they need to be similar, but they have to be equal, if they are not equal then the whole chariot will be going round and round and round, this way or that way. There won’t be any progress. So one has to understand and one must glorify that you’re born as a woman to play a role fully as a woman and not as a man. When a motor car decides to fly, can fly? But only a bhoot can do that.

Yogi: But, Mother, in our society, then how should the man act, because the man has also lost the ability to play his role well?

Shri Mataji: Over here the men are too good. That I’ll have to tell to Indian men. You see, man, what happens I think in the West what you have studied in western people. You see, they are not the people who are quarrelling and nagging as we women do, you see, you must understand that. I’m just telling this for the Western men and not the Indian men. Modi you close your eyes!  You see, Indian men are very different, but I’m telling you about the Western men are …………. what they do, they don’t know how to cope with the women, you see, they don’t understand, you see, because they’re men, you are women.

They’ll not quarrel with you, discuss with you, or anything, “Why did you do that? Why did you go there?” They say, “Alright, your have it.” They may slap you, throw something at you or do something like that. You see, they, they just have direct methods of dealing with you. You see, even if they have a fight, they say, “Come along, have it.” You see, there’s a fight about something which has nothing to do with the fight. They’ll fight with each other, hit each other and sit down. It’s done, finished. The fight is over. Women are not like that, when they fight they’ll be going inside and ………. “Oh she’s so very bad; she was carrying on with this, this was this, like that.” We are different type, they are different type. Now, what happens if with men if you go on nagging them all the time?  “What did you do about my necklace?” “Did you bring it?” “Have you got the money? I would like to see it.” And pry on them and do things like that and they get very angry. You see.

So you leave them alone, but if you just handle them the way they should be handled, like children, you see, then they are very good,  excellent. So, the trouble is the handling of men is very important. Even if a man is told how to behave, it won’t happen, because it is you who really controls him. It is not he who can control himself. It is you control him. He doesn’t control you at all, in a way. But in a way you see for western woman she thinks that unless and until she controls in a way like that she doesn’t actually control. Actually, you control the man, out and out; absolutely, but it should be done in such a way that he doesn’t feel it. If he feels it he will go on drinking, will take drugs, naturally, a man who takes to alcohol is mostly a man who is dominated by his wife or a man who is very soft outside. …. Say to a everyone, he’s very nice, “Hello, how are you?” He goes home and boxes his wife.

But you must understand he has to do it, he has to box someone because that’s there in their nature to box people, so they have to box someone. Either they will box others or they’ll box their wives. So the second part is better that they come home. You can have a pillow puffed up and make a fun out of it, like a little child who comes home, he gets angry with his mother, he goes on hitting her, “Oh! Why did you do it? Why did you do it?” Like that. Alright, because they think they have a right to do it.  But once you deny that right, then they go mad, then they take to alcoholism. They go to so many thing. Most of the men take to all these vices only because the wife doesn’t give them that satisfaction and love. It is you who control the men, not that they control you. It’s very simple to handle men, very simple.  There are some tricks to be played of course, but a woman is quite tricky, she knows how to do it; but it should be done sweetly, so sweetly, suggestive of your love, suggestive of you love.

You see, now. My husband was with the Prime Minister, so busy with the five-year plans, and the ten-year plans and the fifteen-year plans and I had immediate things to be done. I was building a house for him, and I did not know how to talk to him, because I knew if I talk to him he’ll come on me like a …. “Oh for you this is such a great thing and for me that is such a great thing,” and relatively he would blame me. So I used to discuss five-year plans to begin with, and then we discussed the two-year plans and then one-year plans and then the household.  And it so developed that anything in the office, he must discuss with me, he must talk to me.

Even if he was in England or something, something happened, he must talk to me first of all, he must discuss with me if it is so or not. Everybody would think that I’m such a great government official that he has to discuss with me. But sort of you see, he had an outlet and sort of a thing and felt that I gave him the right advice; what ever it was but it was so always so, it was so. And even Lal Bahadur Shastri, was the Prime Minister; he had such faith in me and he used to talk to me as if I was a great woman.

One day, he came and asked me, “Now tell me what are you priorities as far as the country is concerned?”

I said, “Why are you asking me? I’m just a housewife?” He said, “Now listen you’re a good housewife, a successful housewife. I would like to know what are your priorities.”

I said, “The first priority is food, agriculture that is the first priority.” “Then what is the second priority?”

I said, “Is clothing, housing. That’s very important. Unless and until you have these three things, what’s the use of anything else? The fourth thing is education, so the priorities must go like  that. What’s the use of having plastic factories here? You are importing plastic factories, rubber factories for all this we don’t need. What’s the use of creating another plastic mountain for ourselves?” He was quite happy with what I said. I said, “Now, don’t go in for things like they have in the West.  That’s not going to suit us. They themselves are getting into ditches, and we’ll get into the same ditch.” So whatever we have, try to use pure things made of human from hands, not from machines. See, you can have one plate or you have ten plates.

Now, for example, we went to England and in India I had see to it that in my house we don’t serve any drinks in our house whatsoever. But in England he said, “Even an English crow won’t come into your house if you don’t have drinks,” he said, “No even a frog won’t.” So I said, “If that is the case, you’d better have it.” Can you imagine, at that time, we spent in the beginning, only to open, I mean we never had a bar in the house you see, but to sort of start drinks, only for the tumblers made of wood, Czechoslavakian, this crystal we spent nine hundred pounds, this, this for liquor, this is for this, that is for that. I said, “One is sufficient,” that is how we have exhausted all our Mother Earth. This another mistake we have committed by having and why? This is industrial development, we can say, that English have only whisky and their crystal. They had to sell their crystal so they started that you should have another one for this, another one for this, another one for this. Because their crystal must sell and their whisky must sell. How do you do  that? By having all these permutations and combinations.

So this is what it is, you see. That when you start spending money like this, you have no money for your real things and that what you need is very little. You can live with very little. Of course, I like to have things, I like to buy things for what?  For giving away, for giving away presents, for having things around to make the house beautiful. So that when people come in and see and they feel happy about it, but when they like something, I said, “Alright take it.” I just put it at them as an exhibition, so that people can like it and I can like it and I can give them away.

I’ve given away even heavy furniture to people if they like it.  And my daughters were so much worried about this part that, one day, you see they went opened my locker and put all my ornaments into some other ………. so that I don’t give away all that.  But I enjoy  it, and once I give I get more. So you see, to please men, you should live in a very big way. Small-minded women can never appeal to men. They have to be big. They must like if the guests come in the house, the guests of the friends of the man come in the house, and all that. Sort of you merge into him completely and you start enjoying and people have respect for you. Otherwise, you see men do not enter into some houses. I said, “Why? His wife is horrible, she looks at me like this. I do not want to go into that house.” Then you are not a Gruhalakshmi. So many qualities one has to learn of the Gruhalakshmi.

But if the Gruhalakshmi is alright, the speedometer can be kept alright. And some women have the idea of sulking and misbehaving and going into some sort of a nonsensical impression. That all is …. You have to be there, you have to be joy giving. But men themselves must look after their speedometer very much, very important it is, if they do not get with all this they can defy their wives and they can spoil their health and become absolutely sort of ego-oriented, and they can absolutely can be caught up so much so that they can get blood cancer.

Now, about blood cancer I’ll tell you tomorrow.

May God Bless You.


Even if you are silent you do very much, you don’t know your powers. You really don’t know your power. You can even stop the sun. You have got such powers you can’t believe it. I have made you after the pattern of Christ, after the pattern of Ganesha. You are very powerful people. On your hands the Kundalini moves. What more powers do you want?  How many saints there are who have been blessed with such great powers? You have no self esteem as it should be. If you really develop your self-esteem you see the whole balance will come to your spirit. Self-esteem is the only way really you are going to be self-realised. And then one should not pass sarcastic remarks about each other, you must respect, all of you must respect each other. Somebody is like this, somebody is like that, I don’t like it at all, passing remarks about anyone. I don’t like it at all. And you should not also pass remarks. And a person who might be considered selfish or something like that, it will stand out. It will be corrected I myself will find out, so you just don’t pass remarks. Even in the public we can do that. It’s very bad. Anything – I mean any gesture or anything. Should not do in the public. I mean we are all one in the public.

QUESTION: So Mother, we’ll get our self-esteem by preserving our collectivity and make that stronger?

Shri Mataji: Yes and also that collectively about yourself. You see if you get “Oh, I’m shaking, I’m frightened. This person has come and said something to me”, finished. What are you therefore, you see among yourselves also one person should not dominate another, but if one tries to dominate you should not be dominated but work things out. Self-esteem means that. If you allow somebody to dominate you are good for nothing, you are useless. Tomorrow you have to hold swords in your hands you must know and here you are you, shake, shake. Just think of such swordsman. The only fright will be if the swords will fall out of the hands. Instead of doing any work.

QUESTION: That’s it you know. You’ve just described my problem because on the one hand you know, I really want to help my eldest boy. I really do Mother. And you’ve given me all the tools and everything. Next minute plop! I’m frightened. But what about? What if? And I go back into the past and think about the mess that was and I think I can’t do it! No. So what is this? Is it a bhoot that comes in and gives me the fear or….

Shri Mataji: Maybe all your own. Because you see the past is there is tying up you. You see that’s dead, that’s finished, forgotten. Now I’ve become a fruit. I’m no more a flower I’m a fruit. This is the self-esteem that has to be established. In humility also! “I’m not that arrogant person, I’m not a dominating person. I’m not going to enjoy dominating others. I’m not that lazy person. I’m not that, I’m another personality. I’m a saint. I am a prophet and I have a right to make others prophets! What more do you want. But sometimes if you make a beggar sometimes a king when they come in the beginning sometimes he just puts his hands like this to get something. Forgets that he is the king, he is asking and begging, that’s what it is.

Forget your past. Completely! You are sitting on the throne like dignified personalities. Sit on the throne & enjoy the beauty and the glory. This is what it is. Called assumption. Viraj, in Sanskrit the word is Rajana, means, I don’t know, to permeate, the kingdom within you. Allow it to settle, to sustain within you the kingdom, the kingship. That’s Virajiea, when you sit down on this throne and have all the glory and all the heights of this throne emitted through you and enjoy it. Such a big word is Viraj.

You see like a bride comes in the house. And then the mother-in-law gives the keys to her. And this is your house, Virajiea, and you are the owner of this house, come along and enjoy. So she feels it. Now she is the owner. How should she behave? How should she be humble. How she should be kind, respectful and how she receives respect from others. That’s what is the whole thing with Viraj now. So we have to be that, and then you’ll be surprised at how you can solve the problems. Think that you have to become the king alright. A king has to know when to use which power. A king doesn’t come all the time and hit persons who come to his feet, nor does he touch anybody else’s feet. You see it’s like that. Alright any more questions?


Everybody sat comfortably and how there was no competition. And he was amazed that there was no competition. Because competition is a part of human nature he used to think. And there was no competition except with everybody being good and nice. That’s all. He being very intelligent, he saw to it, and that the ladies were dressed very well, I mean not, in any informal way, that they had made it a formal thing. And he liked it!

When we are formal, we are respected. We have to be formal because we are respected. We are very formal. As to what thing we give what whisky and what gin. But we are not formal when we present ourselves to others. You have to be formal when you are with the public. Very formal. In every respect and that helps because you respect them. They know. They respect. You go to church properly dressed because you respect God. In India when women go to temples they will wear their best dresses, their best saris, and they wear all their ornaments and they go to temples, because you respect, out of respect. And now we go to church. You take out your hat. Out of respect, and women put on a hat to respect.

In the same way in Sahaja Yoga you have to respect the public because there may be many seekers among them. Talk to them with great respect. Know that they are seekers. They may be horribly funny sometimes. Then do not try to be harsh with them. You should say. “If you are seekers you will come. If you are a true seeker you will find it here. No use arguing with you. So many of us were like you. For nothing at all, why are you quarrelling? What have you found so far? Please find it out.  Don’t delay”, like that in a very cajoling, very patronising manner you should talk to them. They should feel that, these people are concerned with their well being and also their respect. Respect is the first thing that we must give to these people. Talk to them in a very respectful way. Make them sit down. Because now you are much higher. So this consciousness is also there you see, so you have to be more compassionate and more congenial to them when you are so high. This is the problem with all the human beings. All pay complete disregard for others when they evolve. Has been with all the great saints I have seen so far now those who are, they throw stones at them, they hit them, they abuse them, they beat them. They do all kinds of things, can you imagine? Because you see they are not yet evolved. You must understand it much more. That they are not yet evolved. So how you must treat them like children. And once they are treated like that you’ll see they’ll be very happy with you because they’ll see what change has come into you.

Arrogance and all these things are horrible things which should not be done in Sahaja Yoga at all. You should never combine in fighting. If somebody’s fighting, forget it, forget it, forget it! If someone is arguing you should say “No! No!, no arguing can do it”. You cannot argue a flower into a fruit. You are losing your time. It is better do not argue. Like that you see. Be at a higher pedestal and pull them out, very delicately. Not to push them down. They will go down much more.

They have to come up, know that they have to come up and when you have to come up and when you have this knowledge you be very soft with them. Among yourselves different but dealing with others you must understand. This is the key note and the rest of it you know very well and as far as establishing a rapport is concerned you do not.

I would say that this Yogi here is quite good at talking to people. But otherwise as a person I would say she is more left-handed so she should be a little more right-handed. It’s sort of indulging sometimes into a little left-sided stuff sometimes. But she’s more appreciated than a person who’s aggressive because people like sometimes a little [ gentleness ] …So in the room I will tell her “you should be more right handed, now don’t try to get into things where you’ll be dominated”. That’s nonsense, can never be dominated. But as far as the dealing with others is concerned such a person is more appreciated who takes you see others aggressions upon oneself you see. That’s the way it should be. That how she has been quite successful organising things and talking to people nicely.

So it’s a different thing what we do here among ourselves but with outsiders you have to become extremely subdued, very humble. They don’t expect a saint even to say anything you see. They expect what Christ has said if they slap one face turn the other face. They forget the other one “Don’t throw pearls before swines” and also that he took a handle in his hands and started beating all those. You are on that level, but still take to another style.

QUESTION: They tend sometimes in Australia, Mother, to underestimate their knowledge of Sahaja Yoga and say “Really I don’t know very much about it, but, but” and they begin with an apology and this is not a good system.

Shri Mataji: No, No. Just be in the centre. Apologeticness is not. That’s what I said. Should not be apologetic by any chance. Humble. Apologeticness is very different and humbleness is very different. Apologeticness is left sided. No. You don’t say that. It’s the Visshuddhi. “You have no idea. I would just like to show you….” In this way if you talk they’ll not feel bad. Instead of, “I tell you this, this, this.”

The style in which you talk NEVER be apologetic.  NEVER be apologetic. Whatever you say, say it with complete confidence. Absolute confidence. If there’s no confidence, ah, ah!!  But how you express your confidence is a different point. There should not be overconfidence in asserting it, but there should be confidence  in yourself and in Sahaja Yoga. Those who are negative should have  nothing to do with Sahaja Yoga. There’s nothing apologetic in Sahaja Yoga. No. No apologies. It’s great to be Sahaja Yogis. Really to be that high. You must have that dignity and naturalness.

It is said that, that the higher you go the humbler you become.

Now there’s a story in India that once a saint was meditating and he was blind and a King came to him and he said “Have you seen any men going by here”, in a very polite manner and he touched his feet. He said “Yes, yes my king, your, servant came here first, then your minister and now you have come”, and the King said, “You are blind , how did you see them?.” And he said, “By the manner they addressed me.  The servant came and he said “Eh. you!”, I knew it was a servant, then the Minister said – not in the way you said it but a better way than the servant. When you came, you respected me in such a manner as you are respected. And I knew you are the King.” The one who gets respect will give also respect because if you are not respected by your parents you don’t respect others. If you are respected in a family, you respect others. Respect is different from apologies. Why should you apologise, why should you talk like that. Now you ask me a question.

Yogi: You have answered everything, Mother.

Shri Mataji: ASK! ASK!

QUESTION: Some people are little concerned about for tomorrow about the strings we are wearing, from the Puja, Mother.

Shri Mataji: No look this you should remove. Second day there is no need to have, just remove. These are material things. Just tie it for the day, next day just thrown in the sea that’s all. There should be no tie.

QUESTION: The ring?

Shri Mataji: The ring you should wear. It’s alright. If you want, tomorrow you need not take it. Depends on, there’s no need to have the ring around just now. Just now you don’t need any protection from them out there. If you want you can take it. You see people don’t like it. They think you are branded. They think your freedom has been taken over. It’s for your pleasure you are wearing it. Better not wear this. Just take it out. We have to be Publicity Department. Publicity Departments for Sahaja Yoga. Do lots of things just to make them come in, come in, come in! And then we’ll have it. I have to try so many tricks you know.

First time we went to Bordi, I had taken over 25 of them. And gave realisation, the first realisation to one of them. Of course I had given one to one lady at home. But the second one of this 25 was a fellow who got it. And all the Maharastrans were very unhappy. They don’t deserve this, Mother, because they are this, that. Nobody told me this but I knew it was going on. The lady who started murmuring is nowhere near Sahaja Yoga now. But half-baked, they joined hands and they were very unhappy. Modi was there. He was one of the first ones.

And that day I really put up a show of anger. After ages and even since then I have never had, and I just lashed. I said, “You people are good for nothing, useless. I don’t know my fate is bad I got such horrible people. If you are thinking of … and Marathi and all this nonsense here better get out. I’ve nothing to do with you”. I was really angry. I was really so angry that I don’t think I’ve put up that show anywhere. I’ve tried to. But not to that extent. And for about one hour I shouted at the top of my voice. Really screamed at them. All the bhoots ran away from me, so frightened and 12 of them got realisation. So the first trick I tried 12 of them got realisation. One of them is Modi. 12 of them got realisation that day. You can imagine. First I really screamed and shouted and all the bhoots ran away and all these ideas got out. When I get angry also its against the bhoots you see. But I really shouted. “Get out from here. I don’t want to see your faces. Just go. I’ll have nothing to do with you! I’m not going to give you realisation”. So frightened. And a gentleman whispered, “Mother please forgive us”. “NO”!!!

He didn’t know what to do you see. And two years I worked them, two years. I used to cure them alright. And I was so angry with them. I said, “you wretched people, you don’t deserve it.” And that woman has gone out of circulation. That one, she’s the one who started this talk. Someone comes and starts saying something like that you people get gathered. And then after that she really got first class. All twelve of them are here except for one she was the first who got it at home.

QUESTION: Mother, talking about Sahaja Yoga there’s often a great interest and sometimes the first move from people even going through to Self Realisation is often fairly straight forward. After that, after Realisation, I find it difficult to know quite what to do. With some people you don’t see them again. Other people it might be, well on one occasion I’m thinking of, two months later he started to come back again and became reasonably regular. Should that be left.  Should the next move after.

Shri Mataji: No. You better tell this to those people. That you see people are so caught up. Some of them just drop out like that. That’s why, you should say that Christ said some seeds fell on the rock you see. And then they come afterwards and we find them lagging behind, so they’ll be warned. You better warn them. It’s very common.

They are very much there when Mother is there. And also when I go away one more problem may come up, so better tell them. Which I am going to tell them. That they start doubting because the bhoots come back you see, like bad pennies. Then they start getting ideas. It happens always. Once I go away they start doubting. Ten people meet together and they say and yes, yes, I did feel and now I don’t know. This is not the last word, there must be something else. Like that. For some personal reason maybe, for any reason they do it. They gather people around them and they start going against Sahaja Yoga, they do. I’ve seen it. And then they come back. You see what happens is they are losers, great losers. No doubt. So you tell them. Doubting starts always. Always it is there because the bhoots you see. For example, there are two friends. One gets more sort of vibrations and things like that. So the one who doesn’t get so much of it you see goes back and says, “Oh I don’t know” – you see it’s a jealousy or some sort of a thing starts. See these human feelings are there so one has to be very careful. If another one hasn’t got it why shouldn’t I get it? In every other thing we behave like that, but in Sahaja Yoga they’re absolutely fooled. If they want they can take two running jumps and go to hell. Much faster than they could ever do because really it settles you down very fast.

QUESTION: Mother is there a risk of losing contact with Sahaja Yoga if supposing you might be married to somebody and because of their job which is a job worth keeping and everything you have to live a considerable distance from the mainstream of Sahaja Yoga. Supposing for example I was very much established in Sahaja Yoga but physically I was separated from the ashram. You wouldn’t lose it?

Shri Mataji: It’s alright. But what I would suggest that for about two months or so when you have holidays come and stay with them. You see it’s alright. You must do your job. Nobody has to sit idle. You have to do your job. Nobody has to give up jobs like that. Except for one or two persons who can afford it. Those who are busy with Sahaja Yoga can do it. But all of you need not. You all should do the jobs and there you meet people and talk to them about it and there you are doing the job of Sahaja Yoga.

QUESTION: Because ultimately that’s where the strength lies?

Shri Mataji: Bring some people from there. You don’t have to live in the ashram but sometimes you must come for the training of your mind. You should learn how to live with others. That’s why. Because ultimately we are all going to live together isn’t it. In India. Or in Australia.

QUESTION: Always keep us guessing Mother?

Shri Mataji: Maybe six months in Australia, six months in India is alright. But what about London. That’s the rainy season. Permanent.  May is good. They’re nice scholarly people I must say. Their contribution to Sahaja Yoga is very valuable. They have gone through all the books, honoured all that is supporting to Sahaja Yoga. See that Chindawara’s book, they said “I didn’t do much Mother, I just saw it here” but I know, Gavin and all those people they worked very hard to find out quotations and things like that. Very scholarly, very scholarly. Their scholarship has come in very handy.

You see people want some support all the time. The other fellow was asking “What is your authority?” You see I could ask him, “What is the authority of Bible? Why would you accept Bible as the authority? What is the authority of Christ? Because you are just born as a Christian and that’s all. An Indian can’t say that “Because Bible says so”. Why, what is Bible? For that to have authority of Bible to see that you get vibrations from the Bible. What is the authority of Koran? Why do you accept Koran? You should say there’s no mention of Kundalini in the Bible but how far could you go.

It is said that I shall appear before you like tongues of flames. In a way that you should be born again and if this is the method then this is to be done. It is written in so many others.

In Indian Scripture so clearly, Kundalini awakening is the only way you can get your self realisation so you have to reach proper conclusions. You cannot have a narrow vision, you cannot judge the whole thing by this four years expression of Christ. It’s very limited.

QUESTION: Mother could you just explain the tongues of the flame again.

Shri Mataji: Tongues of flames are nothing but these chakras. One flame is enlightened. Like these many tongues you see they come up like that. You will see them. Actually Sahasrara is such a beautiful thing. It’s like a lotus. Just like burning lotuses and you see the light, beautiful it is.

QUESTION: I know of a couple of people who are most likely coming tomorrow who believe that they are working with clearing out chakras who haven’t got their realisation.

Warren: They haven’t got their Realisation yet Mother or they’ve only just got it and they very arrogantly call themselves energy redistribution therapists and all this nonsense. This lady in particular that we are talking about came for, her Realisation and got the experience and promptly was initiated by a Buddhist monk and then said she got it all from the Buddhist monk anyway. Now she is going working on patients and saying it’s Kundalini and this and that. I mean I have no time for those people.

Shri Mataji: She’ll lose it. She’ll have a bad time. I’ll tell her “you better look after yourself, you are not alright”.

Yogi: The chakras cannot be cleared by an unrealised person?

Warren: NO! The chakras cannot be cleared by an unrealised person.

Yogi: Mother, may I make one more point? That even a realised man, excepting Mataji, cannot clear the chakras without Sadana, without meditation, penance. If I think I can clear all the chakras, I should know that I cannot clear all the chakras unless and until there is a definite correlation of Sadana with those chakras and definite blessings for those chakras. Then only will I clear those chakras. The basic thing is that without surrender to Mother, nothing will work out.

Shri Mataji: One has to surrender to Mother that is the biggest point. You know any type of thing you see, doing, the lady will have a bad time, I’m sorry for it. Yes. She will have a very, very bad time, she will have all kinds of problems ……. Those who try, break their hands, break their legs, do all sorts of things.

You see if you’re sitting under this roof alright then you are not troubled by rain. But if you go out of this you are troubled, only difference is that after coming to this safety and all that, if you go, then you feel it more, but if you get it normally, you don’t mind. You see even people become mad, they accept it, they become blind they accept it, but after coming to Sahaja Yoga when they do it, they feel it more because they have felt the goodness of it. Then they feel it much more and it looks very absurd and they say “Oh, I got Realisation, why did I break my hand?” Because you were not sincere, you were just playing games.

Sincerity is the essence, from your heart because here is the heart chakra. You have to put me in your heart and I am there, got to put me there – then only if you are insincere you can never progress, there’s no doubt. With all humility I must say that. What to do?

This is what it is, that’s what Christ has said, “Anything against me will be forgiven but against the Holy Ghost will not”. You can tell them like this, that in Indian scriptures it’s written, it is only the Holy Ghost who can awaken Kundalini like this en- mass. Only with Her Sankalpa even if She thinks and desires it can work out. Even by her Kataksha with Her one glance She can do it, you see this is Kataksha. Even without any Sankalpa, even in Her presence it happens and that’s what it is.

So you should say “She is the Holy Ghost” you see, you have to find out about Holy Ghost. There’s nothing about Holy Ghost in the Bible – what is it? They don’t know what is Holy Ghost they say it’s a bird, it’s all imagination.

QUESTION: Mother do you feel that it’s alright to tell people who you are immediately now.

Shri Mataji: No. You see you must tell like this, if it comes to that. If you tell them that (now see they’ll say it’s very difficult) then: “There is something about Mother you should find out, what She is. I found it out what She is. You have to read some other books to find out, you can find out by putting your hands towards her”. You see they ask such a question.

QUESTION: Mother a lot of these people that will be coming tomorrow have a lot of knowledge they have gathered through their seeking and they may try and lure us onto their grounds.

Shri Mataji: You should say very simple thing that “You didn’t get your self realisation with this, you did not. So forget it what ever it is.  We’ve got our Realisation. How do we say?

Because we can tell about our own chakras, tell about your chakras. Can you tell about us? You cannot. With all that knowledge, forget it.

Warren: One thing that is being implied here is we find a lot of people come in with their own little ‘-ism’ or their own little idea and they try to tell us what we should believe.

Shri Mataji: No you listen to them you say we have listened to all this, we’ve gone through all this and we have had enough of it and I will not move but I’ve got out of it because it doesn’t give you anything. “Only through Sahaja Yoga, I found you see, that I could feel my own chakras and chakras of others. There’s no other way out. I want all these things myself.” That’s the best way to tell them. You say “I don’t want to argue, but only one simple thing I want to ask you.” I mean don’t allow them to sit on your head, also that’s not the way, otherwise, you have not delivered the goods.

We have to deliver the goods that’s the main point. Is not our showing our humility there, we are not there to have a show of humility, we have to deliver the goods. I told you the tricks of the trade here. Now supposing they come out with them, you should say “Now this all I have read, I know all this and no use going into it. Only thing I will ask you, one thing, what did you get? Can you feel my chakras? Can you say whether my chakras are caught up? But I can tell about you, about many others, and we always say the same thing.

So that’s how you stop them, but you must deliver the goods. The main thing is don’t have just a show of your humility and apologies and all that. No, No, not that. But you must deliver the goods, you must put this into their brains otherwise what’s the use? All this show, is for what? For getting more in your net of love.

QUESTION: Mother if they ask you questions and you’re not confident of the answers you might give?

Shri Mataji: Then you better send them over to me, to Mother, you see. What sort of questions they can ask, you see just put your attention when you sit down and another thing is don’t give yourself bandhans and all that in their presence, like this you don’t do it. Nothing of the kind, sit very dignified. These things upset people, new people very much. Just talk to them, as professors do to students, just like that.

QUESTION: When they ask questions, Mother about the various deities and I’m not really very familiar with them, I mean who Vishnumaya is and all that, so then if they really want to know, do we send them over to you?

Yogi: Another sahaja yogi can answer that.

Shri Mataji: That’s alright, that’s alright, you should just say that in thing you can see it, without having the books with you. You see the chart, moreover you should say, “not so important just now, gradually you will know everything about it”.The whole knowledge is given to us by Mother free of charge, everything, and you can tally it, you can verify it. You can verify it, you can see the Kundalini pulsating, you can verify it, you have to insist on this point. This is a living process.

You get to see Kundalini rising, you see in many people the Kundalini rising and that you see that people start feeling this cool breeze. This is the living process there is no doubt about it. These others are just arguments and concepts which are dead. But this is a living process.

QUESTION: Giving bandhans and similar things will be one of the things we’ll be teaching them. Is that correct?

Shri Mataji: You should teach them later on, not in the beginning. If they ask for it or something, you see this can be done later when they come to us, or ask for it. Better is to be very discreet.

QUESTION: Some people ask “What do you do a Sahaja Yoga Centre?”

Shri Mataji: Should say that we have: One is collective meditation, where we sit down and meditate and be thoughtlessly aware. And vibrations.

We put on Mothers tapes and listen to it and understand what She has to say because She has talked about all the chakras. There are 300 tapes like that, every tape gives so much knowledge about ourselves.  Because now we have got the power, but we must learn how to manoeuvre it how to take it round. Like once you have got the electricity then you have to know how to use it. What to do about it, all these things we work it out, learn and master it.And you don’t pay anything for it. And then we sing songs and things and enjoy ourselves.And when you come closer and closer to us we will let you know what we do.Because there are certain things, we do not tell to people, because if you tell them, they can’t bear the truth about Mother, then you find out about Mother and who She is. What is Her incarnation and what is She doing. You come there gradually because you should be able to bear the truth.You see where as people could not bear the truth, what Christ was, and crucified him, but now you are going to crucify yourself if you can’t bear the truth, not Mother. Is other way round, alright.

Firstly, I’ll make them thoughtless so they won’t ask anyone questions. The little bees (Laugh). I’ll make your task very simple (laughter). But you give a good presentation, that’s all.

Warren: Publicity dept.

Shri Mataji: That’s a big joke, eh, publicity dept.

Warren: Look good and leave it to Mother.

Shri Mataji: Better smiling also, never laugh. You know, you people laugh in my presence, but if you otherwise laugh, at others, you see, they feel very misled.Don’t laugh at them. They should not get a feeling there is an understanding between you making a joke of them. That’s another thing can work out, that someone will come with an inferiority complex. You see, there are some people who suffer from a feeling that “Everyone is smiling at me, and they are laughing at me, they are making fun,” sort of people like that, so just learn to be nice to them, be concerned with them and don’t laugh at them at all, or at anything, don’t laugh too much, because this laughing can be misunderstood at that level, alright?

I think laughing should be avoided as far as possible if you just see happiness and all that and sometimes, at the sky you can see and laugh, but not make fun of them in any way which is sadistic.

Please see to that; that also happened very common in England. Many people ran away because of that, you see, they ran away more because of Sahaja Yogis than because of Sahaja Yoga. This is a new arrangement for you, suddenly you have to be Public Relations Officer.

QUESTION: Mother, when I have been reading about the Indian epics, something that’s puzzled me is that sometimes, “Asuras” can perform “tapas” to a deity and gain powers which they then use for evil purposes.

Shri Mataji: That’s what Sahaja Yogis do also and then they have a fall. You see, God is a very simple being. At the slightest …

QUESTION: Mother, some people that you talk to, and explain to them the collective consciousness and the way you become connected, if they are following some doctrine of their own before Sahaja Yoga, and they accept what you say to a degree, but they don’t fully accept, should we be persistent with them over a few days, to help them?

Shri Mataji: The proof of the pudding will be the eating. Put their attention to their chakras. If there is no cool breeze coming, then it is a very good chance for you to say something. If you find that there are some centres, you should say “Are you doubting? Don’t doubt”, and find that catch. You see, that’s how on the chakras, if you talk in relation to chakras, they will not know. Because everybody wants chakras to be cleared out. You see, how this knowledge has come, when I went to America, they got all these things about chakras and vibrations. The word “vibration” started through that. Imagine! They did not know a word about it and Kundalini and everything, then Muktananda took a cue from there and started talking about it. They never talked about it.

QUESTION: And even though You didn’t spread it directly, it got spread all over the world, anyway.

Shri Mataji: And now I knew that, that later on they would come to Me alone because none of them can do it. I was so confident, and people said, “You should have a patent. You shouldn’t allow anybody to use the tapes for it, they should not tape You or anything.”

I said, “Let it be, doesn’t matter. They are doing free advertisement, why not do it?” They started this twice born, all these things started with that, born again, and they never thought of it.

QUESTION: Mother, somebody asked me last night if it would be dangerous for them to come and get their Realisation and then leave it. After they are Realised is it dangerous to leave it to them?

Shri Mataji: As you say, it would be like asking if it was raining outside, would it be dangerous to be inside the room. You see? There isn’t … if you are inside the room you enjoy the protection of the room. If you are outside you get all the problems there. There is nothing dangerous, you go ahead whatever way you like. But then you feel more getting out, because what happens is that you have felt the security and the beauty of yourself and to be without it you feel bad.  Supposing a rich man becomes poor, it’s difficult, but a poor man becomes rich, and it’s not difficult for him. But for a rich man to become poor it’s very difficult, he cannot adjust. And the same way when you are enriched, you find it difficult to live like a pauper.  You see? That’s the point.

QUESTION: A very common egoistical trick though Mother, is they get their Realisation, then they take it away and they think they can establish it in their own way, using their old methods.

Shri Mataji: you see, you should say that, “Just now you are, when you come to Sahaja Yoga you will know that you are still at the foothill.  Absolutely, just now, this is just the beginning, and you don’t know how to handle it, really. This is the fact. So you come at the foothill of it.”

Now, to learn how to go further, you have to know about it. Like somebody with electricity and the sun, or fire. You also know how to handle it. It’s better to know through the experienced people how to handle it, what to do. Because you come into mistakes and this advice is available. Of course you may learn gradually, but very slow and steady. But with this it starts, it can move.” That’s all.

QUESTION: in relation to our development in Sahaja Yoga, I noticed that in two of your recent lectures You’ve mentioned the flames of the chakras, and You have said, you can see the flames. Now, if someone was to ask me, if they would come to see this in Sahaja Yoga, what should I say?

Shri Mataji: Well, you don’t, you don’t say anything in Sahaja Yoga. You should say, people have seen it from outside, we don’t want to see flames, we want to become flames ourselves. Alright?

Yogi: Right.

Shri Mataji: You should say, you see it from outside. These people use to see from outside. They were not realised souls, some of them. And Christ has said it because he himself was there. You see? It is a position that he said so. But you see. Sometimes, flames around me, auras and things.

QUESTION: When you give somebody realisation, like when we were in Melbourne we gave realisation to a friend and we were not able to follow it up with her, and now she’s become quite confused about it. Should we give realisation to everybody if we can’t follow it up with them? Because they can….

Warren: If you give realisation to somebody but you don’t have the opportunity to follow it up, and in this case it’s created confusion in the mind of this person, should we therefore, give realisation to people even if we can’t follow it up?

Shri Mataji: I’ll manage, leave it to me, it’s all pervading, it’s all pervading, despite that, so many get it, and so many retain it, develop it, they come back. We have to go on giving realisation, that’s very important, sprout it, let’s see. You see, even if out of 10 only 2 came out, it’s alright. Let’s first start giving Realisation, it’s very important, otherwise nothing they can see. Some are slow, some are fast, it’s alright.

QUESTION: Mother, is it possible, just by our presence for some tiny piece of awakening to become awakened in a person who otherwise refuses to come and get Realisation, or come and see Mother, or whatever?

Shri Mataji: ……… everywhere and now the time has come for you to take new rules in life of becoming prophets and making others prophets.
For Australia I see as a whole not a separate thing. As a part of the whole universe and also as a whole as Australia. One should never get the idea that you try to be separate entities anyway. Once you even think of such a thing cancer is set in. I am always afraid that even in the name of Sahaja Yoga, people start organising.
Now to have an ashram is a very big thing. Very essential for Sahaja Yoga, like in previous lives you were in the ashrams, long time back, when we had the custom of chaturvar which is as the four periods of life. In the first period of life as children, the students have to live with the guru. From 5 to 25 and they keep very clean relationship among themselves and that (innocence) is called as gotra.
Luckily the land that we are going to get belongs to that era where the great rishi called Shandillya, who was my gotra, had his ashram. Perhaps you do not know of him. So, so much was purity maintained among the ashramites, that nobody could marry, even today nobody can marry, people of the same guru of the same university. So ashrams are like universities where you come not to make a convenience, but to educate yourself in Sahaja Yoga. All of you should make it a point to come and stay in an ashram but never, understand, that one ashram has anything another ashram (hasn’t, which is) coming up.
Now whatever is the mother ashram from where everything has started, all the other ashrams must understand the authority of that ashram which is the mother ashram. It is very important to understand this kind of matter.
I think this is the reason why the families also fail in western countries, because we don’t understand that we cannot have two heads. We have to have one head and one heart. So we have to have one head and that head has to be today this ashram where people are living here and what ever you may start today, now there will be an ashram, maybe in Sydney, maybe in Melbourne, maybe Tasmania, anywhere it is an ashram which has to take instructions from this main ashram.
So I want to make it very clear to you that when I go away there should be no quarrelling about it, no complaints about the ashrams must be made, the ashram is your Mothers temple. It is the place which is to be kept just like a temple.
Ashramites must look after it and others also who live here, for example you may bring your children but they should not be allowed to go to every room, must keep this place like a temple, and those who live here also should know they are living here because they are getting a training, not to make a convenience out of it.
I have had a good experience of the ashram we had in London, and in the beginning the first ashram, you know that I had to pay for everything to establish it. But it started, then the people lived there, they were just parasites on me. For everything they were demanding even an ironing board. Such a funny type of thing started (with) the ashram, then their discovered that this was really wrong what they were doing here.
Because your Mother is very lenient but that means she gives you a long rope. So you should not try to assert yourself on me but try to assert yourself on yourself.
I am not the one to say anything because I want you to use your, freedom. To use your freedom fully so that you benefit through your own discrimination power. You have to develop your discrimination power. Now how do you do it. If I keep you in my pouch all the time like a kangaroo does you’ll never grow. So you have to make a decision yourself. Whatever you say – agreeable, but you have to take that decision, discriminate into what is good and what is bad.
So first thing one has to remember that this ashram as it has started will remain, for the time being, the first one. Now as Warren and Terence came first time to India and they got a good training, they will remain here as heads of this place till I tell them that you are not, there should be no competition in this logic, now I tell you how this works out.
It is a very simple method if you try to understand it, very simple. Have you ever seen how the butter is brought out of the curd, first the butter is churned, like this, with a churner. Now when it is done they find the butter is spread all over the surface like the children of God all coming, then a little butter from outside is put into the butter. That butter gathers all the other butter around it because it’s a little more mature, it starts gathering all the butter around, but some of the particles of butter do not get into it, so the person who is churning tries to take out all that also when he takes out the butter.
But if you remain outside it is not possible. It goes with the butter milk and is thrown away. So like that Terence and Warren had to come and especially Warren I must say was very much given lots things to work out.
So as long as you say something, we will not like it sometimes maybe, he’s a human being, he may make mistakes. But somebody has to decide right or wrong, and you have to follow it because if you start individually asserting yourself we will have again cancer in Sahaja Yoga, because you people are very individualistic, just like our London Sahaja Yogis.
But you don’t have all these problems I hope, as they had. Like they would come and enter into the kitchen and polish off everything, no paying any money for it. And all sorts, they used to keep things very dirty and everybody had a problem, but as luck would have it, that I’ve seen that people are gathering round. The more you adhere together, together without challenging anybody’s authority the better it will be. Those who will be left out, will be left out, without progress.
So I’m warning you, it’s not to pamper the ego of Mr Warren in any way. Which I know how to control. Because I can control his ego. I can control him sitting down there. But you are to be controlled through him. I have to have somebody here who controls you. Because you know that in the beginning you need a controller and somebody has to tell you.
It may look dictatorial in the beginning but that’s how it works. Gradually when you grow, you form your Ashrams but you have to keep the decency.
Indians are very difficult for ashram life. Is practically impossible I think. It is going to be very difficult for us to have an ashram for Indians. Because they have never lived without their parents, without their family, without everything. But in any Indian family they have an upbringing while they live there, is very surprising.
See in my husbands family we have got about a hundred people or two hundred or three, and they become so alert when we are all gathered together, I mean they all go and analyse, my husband is out, and everybody is out, I mean even if it’s the fourth or fifth cousin they live together that’s Indian style of life, I mean togetherness is like that, and all of them eat together, live together but there is one head of the family. He has to sacrifice also quite a lot for the family – but there is only one head of the family, and his wife is the other side of it, or somebody who is maybe (cough) of the family, but there is only one head in the family and everyone has to obey.
Now there are systems and systems accordingly, we must accept the seniority of people in Sahaja Yoga. Like, see now we have here Rahul Bai who is a very senior person. In India people accept seniority. We have Modi who is very senior, so if Modi says something, that goes, people respect him and obey. You see, it must come obedience and all those things come because the authority flows from me to all of them, one by one. Unless and until you do like that, there is no other way out for us to be governed in the kingdom of God.
We are individuals, absolute individuals, great individuals, but the connection has to be properly understood. This is very important how to respect. Now first of all, I would ask Rahul Bai also to speak to you first of all. How to respect me. Is very important to begin with. Then how to respect the persons who are in charge to begin with. Because it’s not a question of giving up your freedom but to give up your ego.
It’s ego to be given up. It the ego that says “No, why should I listen to him. Why should he say to me.” Is the ego, nothing else but the ego. And try to understand that the more you love and work in harmony, always in any organisation, where one person becomes the head, it works out.
Every state has one person. Now if the person is not benevolent or if he’s cruel, he can ruin the whole thing. But you have got your Mother sitting on top of all of them. You understand that now. You have to love each other and respect each other. The elders have to sacrifice for the younger ones no doubt they have to, that doesn’t mean the younger people should laze out and should find out all means of labour saving devices, the complaining nature is called as murmuring souls in the bible, and that’s the worst thing. If your mind is in anyway complaining about anything tell it to shut up. Must ask your mind to shut up immediately, because in Sahaja Yoga there should be no complaints.
Now try to understand it this way. We’ve got our realisation for no payment. We have entered into the kingdom of God for no payment. We are there to do God’s work. He is going to look after us. He is going to give us joy and happiness. He is going to shower all the flowers, the choicest flowers upon us, and our life is going to be fragrant and we are going to be very happy people together all of us.
But we must learn the matters of respect. In the west people don’t know respect. This is what we have discovered. I have discovered as Mrs C.P. Srivastava also they have no method of respect. They will respect you if it is a protocol or some sort of written down law that if some if a king visits India or if a king visits England then the Queen must go and see, it’s all written down things but there’s no respect, no sense of respect, no sense of respect, very little.
While in India, because of traditions and because of upbringing people have an innate sense of respect. Now you have seen anybody in India, maybe anybody, but when he sees me he touches my feet, anybody. Yesterday you saw when I was with one Indian he came and touched my feet. To them even to say “Namaste” is too much, they touch my feet. In the crowds you saw, anywhere you go in India, I mean I have seen that even the president of India stands up for me, he won’t sit down, I have to force him to sit down. I am an Indian national … anyone like that will respect unless and until they are westernised, when they are westernised they think there should be no respect.
This is not individualism. People think if you do not respect others then you have been very individualist. You have to respect elders, those who are elder by age, you must serve them. They sacrificed for you, it’s very mutual.
Here the parents have to do a lot for there children, and the children have to do a lot for their parents. But if the parents do not do anything for the children they are not willing to sustain or give them complete love, then the children also become very irreverent and very, I should say, they don’t know, they don’t know what they are doing. They start saying what’s wrong and all sorts of things they start. They are no more children. They start giving instructions to their parents. Here it is very funny, you get your instructions from your children, is never done in India. If your parents are old it is for God to decide, you don’t go giving them instructions.
There are many parents in this country, who because of these kind of complications, have gone to the left or right side too much. They are horrid. No use quarrelling with them or fighting with them. Leave them to God. Because you see they are hard boiled people no use spoiling your relations with them, just tell them alright, it’s alright, and you’ll be surprised, gradually you can bring them around by telling your friends here “why don’t you give a bandhan to my father”, shoe beating, everything can be done by others and that is how you are going to help each other, actually what you need is the help of each other, it’s very important.
Now your left Nabis are catching, that means you are very speedy people, you are extremely speedy, you have to put down your speed, and some of you are lethargic, that’s an extreme. Two extreme work out, somebody is lethargic, somebody has to be speedy, so, some balance must be brought.
First of all the speediness must be brought under control by meditating more on my photograph, it will settle down the speed of it. Sit down before the photograph, not in a hurry but in a settled way, just take it easy, there is no need to speed up or do anything speedily.
There is one person you have to impress and please, is me, and I am the most pleased personality. You don’t have to hurry up, say something is not done, “Mother is coming, let’s do this then”. Is no need. There is no need to speed up at all, in anything what so ever.
Keep yourself calm, try to calm down yourself. Try to tell yourselves that speediness is not good, it causes cancer, it causes horrible diseases. So, this left Nabhi worried me too much, throughout the whole time I was inside I was working on your left Nabhi. I am tired.
For left Nabhi you have to know the mantra that is to be said. It is Gruha Lakshmi, but that shows that you also should understand that you must respect the Gruha Lakshmi, and the Gruha Lakshmi also has to be respected. There is a Sanskrit saying “Yatya naria pujyante, tatra bhramante Devata.” That where the women are respected and respectable, there resides the abode of (.. ……) there resides the Gods – Devata, all the Gods are Devata – deities. They reside where the women are respected and are respectable. So the women have to be respectable, for that one thing is definite. It is that dominating nature, if they are chatter boxes then they will never be respected. If they are selfish and conceited they will never be respected.
They have to be very much giving, dignified, sweet, good and (cough) see, women have to be left sided more than right sided, if they are right sided then there is a problem they are neither men nor woman. I am going to talk about this more in my next lecture, but for you Sahaja Yogis I have to tell you that women have to be women, out and out.
Sahaja Yogini’s should take to dressing that is more womanish. They should not dress up like men at all. Men should have that dignity of men, they should walk like men, they should change there ways, see some people make lots of gestures like women do and all that. All that should be given up, they should try to become men. Dress up like men, dress up like men, live like men and woman should be woman.
So gradually you will find, once you become absolutely what you are, you will be beautiful people. This differentiation must take place. This is also a problem at left Nabhi, is that you have not decided about your sex. Whether you want to be a man or a woman, this is a problem. So man has to be a man, and woman has to be a woman.
Now as I have told you in yesterday’s lecture, that a wife should not dictate to the husband. There is also the head, is the man, head, not the heart, and the head depends on the heart. If the heart stops, the head goes off. So it is a mutual dependence. But people see the manifestation of the head, not of the heart. This is a very powerful personality, she is potent inside, but she is kind, she is loving, she is giving.
There is no need to compete with men. They can never compete with woman. I can tell you, if you are really woman, in sweetness, in greatness in visionary you see you can do a lot (cough) and Sahaja Yogini’s can show such great dimensions to man. That they could aspire to achieve that.
But you have to develop your womanhood within yourself, of being a little more on the shy side, or we can say which are receding, that’s a receding type of thing. See I am your Mother, I am very dynamic otherwise, but you see how I behave, I am very receding type, before my husband or before other men who are not Sahaja Yogis, I just don’t say anything, they don’t know what I am. It’s a trick I know. But you should also understand that other men or other people should find you to be very sweet, good woman, not interested in nonsensical things, but dignified.
And then the men have a great responsibility also they must respect only such women. Actually, the mistake lies with men much more than with women.
To begin with I find that men respected first of all women who were frivolous, it’s their mistake, I will not blame woman for that. When we went to Bombay in 1953 or 54, at that time all the girls who were educated were of my age, quite young. Where we used to meet at parties this, and that, and we were simple, very simple. We used to dress up in an very simple manner, never tried to put up any pretensions, no funny dresses, nothing. They never took to smoking, drinking or anything. For about 3 or 4 years. I found very good relationships with the husbands wives.
And one girl cadet came from England, lady, so called, and she was a big flirt. She used to smoke and dominate people and like she would take the floor first, she would talk and talk, and jabber all the time.
The job of a woman is to listen and say one sentence, that’s sufficient. Her one sentence should be equal to the hundred sentences of men. So wise it should be. I mean women formerly have done all these sayings that we have. Like a stitch in time saves nine sort of thing. These have come all from women, never from men. And that shows that women were so wise, that they used to teach the right conclusion and the right point, to say the right thing. And it had to a meaning. All the time those who jabber they were never respected.
So I was telling you about this (what did I say … murmuring… from audience a prompt – about the woman who came from England) this woman who came from England she started smoking and drinking and flirting and talking to men in such an equal manner. And all the men liked her, they started turning to her and everybody used to try to be nice to her and be good to her and something. God knows what happened to her. She managed them very well. And they liked the women who flirted and this and that. So all the woman said why should we sit, we are no less than her. We are equally educated. They also started, you see, wearing funny dresses. She used to come in a very funny dress. They also went and bought funny dresses. She used to wear like men. They also started wearing like men dresses. Within ten years I found most of them were finished. They were just like that. Because it is the men who make the women as well as their attitudes are concerned. The men run after prostitutes the women become prostitutes. I would not blame woman here her. You see they do not have their own spine, the woman to decide. They take decision after the husbands, always so it is the husbands who make them like that.
If a husband wants, the woman should dress up like this, she will try to please him. In the sense that she doesn’t have her own spine is not a bad thing, means she doesn’t have her own assertion in the beginning.
But when you start doing too much like this and she says “Yes alright to please you I’ll become a prostitute” and she gives all that is prostitution with that.
And she knows her powers and the woman has been blessed by God. Because in case she has nothing in this world, she can earn her living. She can live without men. The man becomes useless after 60 years or so but the woman is alright until she dies.
So if woman takes to nonsense she can go to any extent. One has to respect her wisdom and her qualities. Otherwise the society goes to dogs. Because she can do whatever she likes. Once she becomes a shameless woman. Once the shine in her is disappeared she can do what she likes. She’ll dress like she likes, she’ll talk like what she wants, live like she wants. Who’s going to look after the society.
So it is necessary for Sahaja Yoginis, is to understand their responsibilities. They have to take to methods of women. See like looking they must learn, must learn how to please people who come in the house. Talk to them nicely, look after them, if they need anything.
And the men have to see the outside thing more. That doesn’t mean the women should not go, they should go.
And these women who are womanly only are appreciated. Any women are good organisers because they are womanly, if they become manly they can never organise. Because men can organise as men. But women have to organise as women.
So this is also very important, which is a very important point in this country and other countries of this kind, where the women are getting liberated. I don’t know if they know what they want. Cannot be happy without men. Men cannot be happy without women. There will be nonsensical things going on, its all perversion, this nonsense. But that’s nothing, these are adjustments ad-hock on day to day basis. There is no joy giving. The main thing is that you must behave like a woman.
Its nice to be a woman to dress up like a women, seem to be fond of children like a woman. Sweet like a women. It’s very nice to be like that. And men should be like men you see, and now if women do not become like women, then what happens, the Nabhi chakra goes out then the sense that they are responsible.
So the men also get very bad Nabis. They became speedy. The woman will determine the speed of the man. If the women are speedy, what will happen to men. The speedometer is speedy, what will happen to the man.
You see normally in a developing country, the men are like, they’ll say “Oh you are getting very late, come along now.” Two hours before time they’ll reach the airport. And the women take their time to get ready, dress up, this that. She says “wait for a while I’m just getting ready”, “Oh take too much time”, the men will all the time be saying woman will remain woman and men will remain men.
A very nice sweet little song, “Bindiya chamkegi, churi chankegi” the wife is teasing the husband. He says that when you sleep your bangles make a tingling sound. Then this thing, when it is rubbed against my shirt or something it makes a red mark. Or when you … so she said the bangles will have to make a tingling sound. This thing has to shine. And you are treat me as a woman. I cannot be a man. And she teases him. She says I cannot be like you, without any sound around you and nothing. I have to be like that.
You should learn that song, you’ll like it. It’s very nicely sung, I liked it very much. Little naughty girl, married and she teases her husband. That now you don’t tell me that. I am a woman with a man. And the women never hurries up. See they may have a watch, just for a decoration. They have such little, little watches, the husband will be there “What are you doing? Why don’t you get out its very late? Why don’t you get ready?” Like that, the man shouting at the woman. The woman says alright I’m just coming, just coming. But if the woman is the other way. “What you haven’t got a …………… we have to go”. Finished. Either the husband becomes a woman or there is a big clash. Its only possible when we remain what we are.
You see this is what is called as Swabhava “Swa” is self, and “bhava” is the expression and manifestation. Like a mango remains mango. Whether it goes to Australia or to America. If you put a mango, plant a mango tree, you will get mango out of it. You don’t get peach.
But in human beings we have got freedom. We are born as women and we want to become men. Why? Why did you take birth as a woman. Then what happens, you become unisex. Unisex means no sex at all. You come impotent, become horrid people. I mean all the sweetness of life is gone.
As it is God has not made one person like another person. So many people in this world. Even one leaf is not like another leaf. Just to create beautiful variety, so that you enjoy life. But here we are we are spoiling all his beautiful plans for us. By doing all these nonsensical things. Let us be one with Him.
And let us not assert ourselves, and try to think of our ego or these things. Just be one with Him. In complete surrender.
This surrender (cough) that’s the source of real joy and happiness. Nothing you have to loose. You just loose you horrible ego, or your super-ego. And that’s what one has to learn, that you do not surrender anything but your ego. That’s the sacrifice you make. You do not sacrifice anything, that’s very important, as your spirit is your spirit takes over.
And the spirit of a woman and the spirit of a man is just the same. But manifested through a, say there’s a lamp which has a blue colour and a lamp which has a red colour. So the colour is different. You’ll have to have two colours. How can you do with one colour only at least minimum two colours there should be there. Isn’t it, that why the permutations and combinations took place with these three gunas, that are within us. And all sorts of human beings were created.
Now if you have any questions you ask me. I will make some rules and regulations for Ashram, ! Hope you’ll obey them. Very important, without any rules and regulations one doesn’t profit. Abandonment should not be there. Then later on these rules and regulations will be a norm, and I’ll give you a very sweet example.
You see in India the custom is everybody touches my feet. Anybody. They know what it means touching my feet. So hundred times if they get the chance they’ll do it. Mr Modi wrote down all the rules and regulations and there was nobody should touch Mataji’s feet unless and until she calls for it. All sorts of rules and regulations he read and then he put that reading to one side and touched my feet.
We went to Rahuri and they were touching my feet, 5,000 of them. My feet got swollen up and so at the Puja he said, Dumal said that nobody is going to touch Mataji’s feet … (??unasked … ??unannounced) and he touched my feet. So everybody was very angry with him. They said you very nicely touched and you don’t want us to touch. (laugh) Is very sweet, watched it, is said because your Mother should not be troubled.
End .