Anahatha, Shri Lalita, Shri Chakra

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

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1981-03-30 Anahatha Chakra – Shri Lalita – Shri Chakra (Public Program )

You want to ask a question which you like to ask.

Seeker: [Unclear conversation]
Sahaja Yogi: Hare Krishna.
Shri Mataji: Are you Hare Krishna? I ‘ll talk about Krishna, then we’ll talk about Krishna.
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: Swati, you don’t want?
Sahaja Yogi: [Unclear]
Shri Mataji: What’s he saying?
Sahaja Yogi: He wants to ask me a question, Mother, because I was doing the program.
Shri Mataji: You should not be aggressive like that, all right?
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: You can do it later on. What is there to be so aggressive? Did you come here to quarrel?
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: No, no why have you come here to tell your things. You have come here to quarrel.
Seeker: [Inaudible]
Shri Mataji: [Inaudible] Be quiet, all right? Have some patience.

You see, when you go to other gurus you don’t ask any questions, nothing, you go headlong. You shave up your heads, do what they tell you. There’s no enquiry for them, not a question, nothing. Whatever they say, you obey them, pay them money. Just obey them blindly. Whenever you come to Mother, please don’t try to get this – that’s wrong.

Seeker: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: That’s true, I know. – Why do you want to quarrel? You have come to quarrel. Seeker: [Inaudible] I do Ananya.
Shri Mataji: What is he?
Lady: He’s probably a Sahaja Yogi.
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Seeker: Sahaja Yogi. Sahaja means [inaudible]. He teaches the people [Unclear]

Shri Mataji: I have never heard of follows-up. [Unsure] What are you doing [unclear]? Have you got your? He’s [inaudible] nothing wrong. He has his own ideas too.
Seeker: [Inaudible].

Shri Mataji: No, no, don’t fight. You see, the minimum you are silent, have started spoiling everybody’s mood You take another hall on hire and you give a lecture. That’s a better idea. And you’ll be happy and I ‘ll be very happy if you can do that. All right?
Alright, better do it.
This is what is called parasite.

Sahaja Yogi: [Inaudible]
[Shri Mataji burst into laugh]

Shri Mataji: He was drunk!
[Unclear conversation]
He was just drunk, I think. It’s all right, don’t worry.
Forget it, forget it. Let it be. Better sit down all of you. Now, I’ll tell you.

One had all types of experiences every next day. Sahaja Yoga has an open door for everyone. All of you can come in. Some of you, actually, do not deserve even to come but you are allowed to come in. You do not want your Self-realization but you have come here, I don’t know for what. But it’s all right, it’s a Mother’s house. You all could be here.
But as a Mother, I have to tell you one thing – a very simple thing that you must do all justice to yourself. In all earnest to yourself, you better get your Realization. If you do not get your Realization, you’ll have lots of problems, lots of sufferings later on which may come out as anything: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual but last of all, they’ll be sorted out into something else.

So, I have to request you, that be patient with yourself. As I love you, you have to love yourself. I see that beauty, that sparkling beautiful Spirit which is clouded by your [inaudible] cloud, any sins, problems. But I see that sparkling spark transparent. That’s why, I’m extremely patient.
You will know your beauty also if you are little patient with yourself and try to understand how to be that spark That is what you are. You are lost, you have to find it. That is very important for life; That is the evolutionary process of human-beings. And those who do not accept their Spirit – I do not want to say to frighten you- but only thing is, this is the Last Judgment. You won’t have another chance. So, please, try to get your Realization established. If you think, coming to my lecture, you’ll have more knowledge about chakras and things like that. That is not going to help you neither help Me. I’m not here to show off any knowledge or to sort of, dominate people in any way, or to start a new cult or religion or anything like that.

I’m here to give you what you have, just that is hidden from you, that you have not yet felt. That’s yours, it’s your own right that is sahaja – born with you, spontaneous, the living force of Kundalini, which is the Holy Ghost actually reflected within you, has to do it and that’s what is important, absolutely wise, absolutely logic. But we are not yet so equipped to understand our estimation.
We have no self-estimation of any kind, we are not able to understand what we are. It’s better to get your Self-realization and to understand your own values. This is something so valuable that no words can really prove it.

Now today, we are yet to be with a very interesting – is it all right, can you hear Me?
– a very interesting chakra, called as heart chakra, which is called as Anahata chakra. Though it is not placed on the heart, it is placed very much behind the sternum bone in the spinal cord. In the childhood, this center manifests the power in the sternum bone and creates the antibodies. Now this center is governed by the Goddess, who is called as Jagadamba – meaning the Mother of the Universe, who gives a sense of security within us.

She resides in this center and manifests, till the age of twelve years, Her warriors called as antibodies. Doctors call it as antibodies. After twelve years, these antibodies go into circulation and empty the sternum bone. But whenever there is a problem of insecurity, the sternum bone starts going up and down and you start feeling [inaudible] within you.

This is a very, very important, extremely important center within us. If you have less antibodies, then we can develop lots of problems of insecurity even if we have imaginary hallucinations or sometimes actual possessions, this center can go out in a very funny way and you may develop diseases like Asthma [unclear]. But actually, with this central one, the center – there are three chakras you can see there, so the central one gives you the sense of insecurity specially to women will cause cancer of the breast. Breast cancer is caused by insecurity among women. Mostly women who are insecure do not say that they are insecure. Supposing the husband is a wayward person and he is having relations with other women or she is suspicious about the relationship like that then she may develop this trouble within her and she may not tell the doctor, doctor would not know and breast cancer can be caused with [unclear]

First of all, a woman is a mother, mother of your child. And if her security as a mother is challenged, then she develops this horrible disease called as breast cancer, which is very common these days among women. Men do not understand that women are very sensitive things. They are, of course, extremely evolved; they can bear much more than men can seldom a woman gets a heart attack. They are quite streaky, means if there is an outside attack on them. But they can’t bear their husbands to give them insecurities of this kind.

Now you can understand a woman who is insecure like that, she may not say it, she may not complain, she may not also show it. But in her, there is an insecurity developing which results in the creation of breast cancer. There are many breast diseases are developed by these and also some of the lung diseases are also developed with this insecurity. In addition to that, those people who suffer from cold too much, and those who get exposed to pneumonia or, you can say, even people who go to closed places like cinemas, those places where there is not sufficient air for them to breathe, they develop this trouble in this area very much and more on the left-side of this chakra which is called as the Left Anahata.

Now the Left Anahata is the Mother, is your mother. If there is a problem with your mother – supposing your mother has died very early in life – you have had no motherhood in your childhood. If there has been a problem with your mother, then this left-side chakra catches and it goes hand in hand with heart. So, in this inner if you get a catch, then you must nourish the left-side chakra which is catching, it can be heart or can be this left-side chakra. So, you can ask the patient, I mean I know that it is hard for you to discriminate. If you ask the patient, “Are you suffering from any insecurity from your mother? What about your mother?” and if you find that there is a problem with the mother-
[Somebody is interrupting Shri Mataji]
There are such destructive people always. It’s so common, doesn’t matter. It’s all right. You see, they are the losers, why should you worry?

Now, if there is any destruction of any such feelings of motherhood within you, then this chakra gets spoiled and you can develop diseases like tuberculosis or could be any such diseases that has to do with your left hand. And also, it affects in a way the heart organ.

On the right-hand side, there’s a very, very important chakra called as the chakra of the Shri Rama. Now, Shri Rama was an incarnation of this Vishnu, the One who’s on the Nabhi chakra, who came as the eighth incarnation on this earth and – no sorry not eighth. He was the seventh incarnation and he – there’re ten incarnations out of which he was the seventh – and he came on this earth and he didn’t in any way profess or say that he was the incarnation of Vishnu. He, that’s why he moved from the central path to the right path. He kept himself there.

Now this Shri Rama’s center is very important because Shri Rama was a perfect human being ‘Maryada Purshottama’. He dealed with, or we can say, he created the boundaries in which a human being should live as a king, as a husband, as a father and that’s why this is the center of the father. If you have failed as a father, if your son has no feelings for you or maybe, that your father has not been good to you. Or if you have done some harm to your child, then this center catches.

Now, there was a boy, who came to Me, quite young and always this center used to catch. I asked him, “How is it this center is catching?” His right heart. “Because you have a good father and everything is all right”. Then he confessed to Me that, “Mother, I must confess to You that I was having a relationship with a woman and she conceived. And we both decided to have an abortion”. And that’s why here, his center was catching.

Now the very age-old asthma could be with this. Very age-old asthmas which people have, could be because their father might have died very early in age. Now such fathers, who die very early, feel that their children are insecure. So, they hover around the children. If you can tell your father that, “I’m all right, don’t worry about me, you take your birth,” you’ll be amazed your asthmas can be cured.

We had a Governor of Kashmir, who was a friend of my husband, a very senior man, he wanted to see Me. In India people have a different style of behaviour towards saints. We never behave in this arrogant manner as you see here – never. Even the President of India would stand for a saint. And he, though he was the governor, we were his guests. After all, my husband was an officer much junior with him in age. But he came walking to our guest house and he said, “Today I’ve come to see a saint and not Mr Srivastava”.
And he sat down. He said, “I’ve come to take your blessings because I’m having asthma for twenty-five years.” I said, “All right.” Then I asked him about his father, “When did his father die?” He said, “About twenty-five years back. That time, I was very young, not yet employed, my father was very much worried about me and he died.” I said, “All right, will you tell your father that, “You take your birth again.” He’s a very noble man, very well educated. It’s only that he was a very clever man. And he said, “All right,” because he was suffering too much. Since that day, he never got an attack from asthma – it’s the truth.

It’s very simple to cure anorexia – another disease that you have. Somehow, I wanted to tell you the truth for science but then I’ll tell you about this anorexia [unsure]. Anorexia is also caused by emotional disturbances. For example, a girl’s father dies and she cannot retain this phenomena. And she feels for the father and the father also feels for her. And this mutual feeling brings the father, as a spirit, around her. And then she cannot eat. You see, she feels extremely restless, she carrying on with that feeling. She just cannot eat; whatever she may try she cannot eat.
In London, one doctor, once experimented on this and he said, “All right, we’ll do the last rites of your father.” Just imagine it! He said, “Let’s try,” and she started eating. In the same way, if you can tell your father that, “I’m all right.” When you tell this to someone, they start crying because it is too much to say to your father who was so close to you, suddenly died. And they feel very emotional about it. But once they cry it out and they say it, these things get corrected. Asthma, many times, can be cured by this sentence.

But there can be a combination of asthma which I called- now, I’ve never told you about the ‘granthis’. When the two centers meet, there are auras of every chakra. And when they meet a granthi is formed- ‘granthi’ means a knot. A knot is formed. And when the knot is formed, when you take the name of a Deity, you have to take the name in such a manner that you put those two deities together.

Today I had a boy who had a very bad cough for the last two months. And they did not know what is the reason for it. When we judged him, we just found there Agnya, this chakra, and [inaudible]. When we put them together and gave it a bandhan, we got catches. When we tried on both the chakras, it was better. Because if you treat one, the disease goes to another. And again, when you brought your attention to another, it comes back. So, it is better to attach both of them together. There’s a method, a technique by which you can do it after Realization. All these things are to be learnt and these granthis can be completely opened out. And you can really cure the person of these, so called, physical problems which are really emotional.

In a society where people do not understand how human beings are sensitive, how they are delicate, how they are to be treated and that they are the most delicate things, people become extremely aggressive and their aggression can be very subtle, can be very untrue. They may appear to be extremely beautiful but can be very injurious and can be very, very, I would say, extremely disturbing. So many aggressive characters of women and men have destroyed their children, they have destroyed themselves. One has to understand that all such aggressions end up building problems in the society. Insecurities lead you to problems and problems. Like the wife has a insecurity to the husband.

Now if husband has the insecurity of the woman, then what happens, they go into these funny relationships with men. When they find the women are so untrusting, so dominating, then they try to have these funny relations, just as you see [unsure]. If they meet women who are kind to them and do not try to dominate too much, they’re sometimes dominating in the name of a superiority of it [unsure]. Very much. So, the man can develop in his own way as a man and a woman can develop in his own way- in her own way as a woman. But when they try to be a man, then the insecurities develop and that’s how we have so many combinations which are psychological in nature.

This was discussed by Freud, to begin with. But as I can see, he was very half way. He could not see through that there is not only the psyche that we have. We have also another side which is called as ego within us. So, he said, “You’d better de-condition yourself”. There’s no end to it! And once you start de-conditioning yourself – many gurus are doing that way: they say, “You must de-condition yourself.” By de-conditioning yourself you do not know that you really develop your ego which is, in a way, a more difficult thing to conquer or to recover.

This ego within us doesn’t trouble us, it doesn’t. It may give you success, it can give you lots of things: it troubles others. Like Hitler never thought how he was torturing other people. And if you get a superego, then you get a pain, you don’t like it, so you want to give it up. But if you have the ego, you just enjoy this ‘I’ ness. Now, what is that nice thing? This ‘I’ is the one which is the ego.

Now when the Realization takes place, when the Kundalini rises, it rises in the center and the power of Kundalini spreads on the sides. In the center is the power of the Mother of the universe. And once you know that the Mother of the universe is your mother also – it’s not the knowledge rationally but it happens to you. So, you feel that security within you. All your emotional things stabilize and you become really stabilized into yourself. And you start feeling yourself and staying with yourself, you feel your own glory and your own importance as a human being, as a Sahaja Yogi, as a Realized soul.

Then you change your role completely. You are no more afraid nor fearless. The fear of the unknown goes away. You become absolutely in the center: neither you aggress nor you take aggression. It’s a very beautiful relationship that exists. For example, if somebody tries to aggress you, you just see the drama. If somebody tries to be extremely humble with you, you see the drama. The whole thing comes to you as a drama. You’re never disturbed with all these things. And you must know that these ups and downs are always there to create a variety.

This center is the most important center from one point of view. That all our emotional problems come from this center and the way we treat the chakras, the way you can handle each other – we are not at all aware that human-beings are even delicate, that the delicateness flower like this is extremely there. Whatever you try to do to a human-being, know he has a very deep root. These roots as a result of bearing up become big to horrible weapons within us and when you come across somebody whom you can dominate and trouble, you start hurting that person. You use hurting language hurting others.

You cannot enjoy another person but when realization takes place, you become so fruitful that you enjoy the security of another person. After realization, a person who is realized, never possesses because a person who is realized has felt the freedom and has divided the freedom so he never tries to dominate another person. This is a very, very great disadvantage in sahaja yog that people who are [UNCLEAR] are very nasty, they can be horrible, they are very troublesome and sometimes they really ruin themselves but because those who are realized souls cannot dominate them, they just watch and see who are dominating. If they could do it, immediately such a person will feel that hundreds of slaps coming up from waves but we face those who are real today, also so many of them, and watching you and are sitting down here. I also see what’s happening but they watch and see what others are doing, what harm they are doing and how they are pulling, they just note it down. Of course, this is not so true, that those which are bringing hurdles and inconvenience in the work of God ultimately are taken away from the Grace of God. God is very forgiving, no doubt, He forgives first mistake [UNCLEAR] but after some time He also punishes you. He punishes you so badly that you are amazed how He has [UNCLEAR] you. This center, to keep it clean and nice, one thing you must know, that there is nothing to fear. God Almighty who has created you, He’s so powerful that there is nothing to fear.

23rd Psalm which we read [UNCLEAR] what He says. I would say, that is the mantra for this center. There is nothing to fear in this world but actually what happens, that if we are egoistical, we are frightened because we know we are egoistical and somebody is going to hurt us. It is most [UNCLEAR] that kind of a fear comes in that we have done some harm so we are frightened that this is going to happen. Moreover, when you indulge into things like [UNCLEAR] or strong [UNCLEAR] as you call them [UNCLEAR] and drugs and things they take you to superego. The superego takes you to Collective Subconscious and you get attacked by the Collective Subconscious on and when you are attacked then you get a very different personality which is [UNCLEAR], who doesn’t want to say anything, which keeps quiet, which runs away, [UNCLEAR] shouts and such people are very depressive. They become absolutely depressing, extremely depressed and sometimes they lose their jobs, they cannot work, they cannot pay attention. These people have to then go to the right side to give a balance [UNCLEAR] – it’s to raise the right side of his being. To give them a balance we have to raise the right side, not the left side. And once you raise the right side, you must know you are raising Shri Ram.

I do not know if you have read the life of Shri Ram, who was the [UNCLEAR] king and he sacrificed his own wife just to keep the public opinion alright. That was the greatest [UNCLEAR] thing but you have seen people that for their own children they sacrifice the whole country. There are people who sacrificed their whole country for their wives while he’s the man who sacrificed his wife for the whole country and the whole story is so good to know that the wife had to go and deliver the children in a ashram of a very big saint known as Valmiki. Now these two children were born and when Rama came to call her she went to and disappeared into the Mother Earth. After that it is said, these two children who were Luv and Kush they went [UNCLEAR] two ends of a [UNCLEAR] because they were kids They decided not to stay in India that can the Himalayas [UNCLEAR] and they decided to disappear in the North. So Luv went towards the [UNCLEAR] side and Kush went to the left side. The left side was China that’s why the Russians are called as ‘Slav’ – Luv becomes ‘Slav’ and Chinese are called as [UNCLEAR] Better go and tell them that the descendants of two twin brothers who were children of Sitaji and why should they fight among themselves. Chinese and Russian people, they’re Slavs and [UNCLEAR] Rama’s kingdom was the kingdom of great harmony and great [UNCLEAR]. A king has to be a benevolent king. He has not to use his power to destroy or to make people insecure.

If you make even one person insecured, it is sin and a king can make thousands of people insecured by his terrorism or his absurd ideas about [UNCLEAR] Rama’s life was a message, was so ideal. Whatever problem he had, he used to call his ministers and would talk to them, ask them what are the problems and then he would tell them, “Alright, if you think these are the problems then,” he would say that, “It is better to go to some saint and ask for their advice.” And all his ministers had to go to some saint and ask their advice [UNCLEAR]. Saints have the same opinion, all of them, on any country because they are [UNCLEAR] vibrated awareness. In vibratory awareness there’s only Absolute Truth and that’s how he saw to it that through these saints he could manage them to lead a life of complete harmony and understanding. His own life He spent like a message He would walk without shoes and he sacrificed everything that is meant for [UNCLEAR] And in the end he wanted to have a real faith for [UNCLEAR] of Ashwamedha yAgnya [UNCLEAR] is a [UNCLEAR] in which you put a horse and you follow the horse and wherever the horse goes, you fight the folks which are trying to capture it.. And those horses, whichever country they went, they were not captured, were regarded as the part of the Kingdom of Shri Rama. So this horse went to many countries and there at that time they had to do a great [UNCLEAR] worship of the fire. While he had no wife alongside the day and he said, “I will not have this, if I have to have my wife, I cannot have.” So the people said that, “If you can make a statue of your wife, we can have this whole thing done and the puja can be performed.” So he made a golden image of Sitaji and tried the worshipping done.

It is hard to get a husband of Rama’s style; He’s an ideal husband. Such a loving husband, He even in separation, He never thought of any other woman just of his wife. He enjoyed the separation of his wife and lead a life of a sage. His wife too, so dedicated to him, was so upset, She thinks that He’s going to have this yAgnya, that He may get married again – She was jealous but then she discovered that He made a beautiful image of Her. Sometimes, when they are women, they are jealous but jealousy is not such a bad thing. Jealousy is the controlling factor by which men or women can control the licentiouness of each other. Jealousy is God’s gift but it should not go too far. It should be open jealousy and it should be enjoyed. It is in lots of poems of Krishna and Rama – you will hear the jealousy of their wives and how once Radha was so jealous of the flute that Krishna used to use, that She asked Him, “What do You mean by holding this flute all the time to Your lips? What is so special about her?”

So Krishna said, “Alright, if You are so jealous, go and ask Her. [UNCLEAR – ONLY?] ask the flute.” So she went to the flute and She said, “What is so special about this, how you are all the time uh.. at the lips of My beloved?” She said, “See [UNCLEAR] this.” Something very simple and she smiled. She said, “What is your speciality, you have to tell?” She said, “My speciality is that I have no speciality. I’ve become a hollow person. He flows through me and melody is created and people say that ‘Is the flute that is playing.’

It’s Krishna who’s playing, I just see the flow of that. That flow of that energy that you people use it, I see that and I smile at people who say that [UNCLEAR]. I’ve become [UNCLEAR], I’ve become a hollow personality.” This is what one of the beautiful stories of jealousy is. So, I would not say that jealousy of the worst type, where you may [UNCLEAR] husband is but a sweet jealousy is a very nice thing and a sweet teasing is also very nice thing. Actually in relationship, we have to develop very sweet uh.. connections with each other. Like a, today I was talking to somebody who’s brother-in-law is very hot-tempered or something like that and all that. I said, “Very good idea. So you are the one who can take it down his temper because you are his brother -in-law.” Said, “How?”

I said, “You should teach them sometimes and take his side and do all these tricks and you’ll see how he’ll manage.” That’s a very good relationship but this training you do not have in the Western life While we have quite a lot because we live in a joint family, so we know what is our relationship and how to do and how to enjoy each other and how to make fun of these small, small things so we are always laughing and enjoying ourselves, our relationships instead of just finding faults, “She came very late, she banged the door so loudly, she should have known to sleep on here, why didn’t she do that,” – all these [UNCLEAR] This is how we all can live together if you see to the sweet things but if you go too much [UNCLEAR] meticulous things and to all these nonsensical problems that you have, it is going to be a headache What you need, these small, small things sponsor relationships. Now the Mother of the Universe is the one that is [UNCLEAR – NAMED?] with one thousand names; She has one thousand names and She has got two centers on to which She acts – on the right side is called as the Shri Chakra on the left side is called as the Lalita Chakra and the book that has one thousand names is called as Lalita Sahastranama. All these thousand names, can imagine, how many powers She has – She has thousand hands and with these thousand hands She looks after. So what is there to be afraid of? When there is Yogmaya, who is so powerful and She has thousand powers what is there to be afraid of and when She loves you so much? On one side She has the light on the side of a child. Who can tell you walk so quietly, so nicely without getting disturbed at all. I can see, that it is She who is going to be [UNCLEAR – WORKING?]

who act. Only thing, they must feel Her presence in your chakra and establish Her there. This is what is the central chakra is very important within us. [ASIDE – Should I (UNCLEAR)? Should we?] While I’m not saying, there is one chakra more. First of all, before doing Vishuddhi, I’ve to tell you the imbalances of this chakra, first of all and then you’ll understand what is to be done. The imbalances that come in this chakras, first of all, is when you are extremely emotional. Very emotional people there are. At the slightest they’ll cry, they’re very easily [UNCLEAR] out but whatever you may say, first thing you do is to use your water power and upset everyone; You see, the children are upset, the husband is upset with your water power and the once it starts, it doesn’t stop.

Emotional people, when they go too much with their emotional behaviour they do not get epileptic so much as they get, what you call hysteric and this hysteria spreads from one to another because people see that those who are distressed are affected with their hysteria. Once they become hysteric, other people start thinking, “Oh, God, just look at her!” She’s hysteric so everybody going to her, is kind to her and that is how she also picks up from another hysteric woman and starts being hysteric but actually, it is a possession that comes to you and you become hysteric. Now, this hysteria is to treated in a very simple way. First of all, she is to be told that, “We don’t believe in hysteria, [UNCLEAR], we are not bothered. You have your hysteria well it is not good for us.” It is to be neglected. If you neglect such a person will be much better or if she shouts or screams anything, you lock her up in the house you go out and come back. You’ll find, after some time she’ll not have hysterias. But if it really due to some possession, then you have to give her a regular treatment of sahaja yoga by which she can remove the possession.

So that there are two types of hysterics one is the real – when a person is really caught up and is possessed and is feeling oppressed and the another kind is the one which is just a show because people are there, who are insincere type and they try to show off. You see, like many you’ll find. Now the gentleman here was just nothing but a show off. There was no need for him to be so upset, nobody said anything to him in particular, nothing was wrong, he’s not here to fight with Me – nothing – but he’s just a show off. And this kind of a quality comes in when you are a show off, so it’s best is, to show to such a person that you do not care for the show off. Once you do that, you’ll be amazed that it works out wonders and people who are suffering from all these troubles get cured but there are people who are really sick and hard to find some – a very simple method. That a person who is suffering from this kind of a show off thing, if you put anything obnoxious near the nose of such a person he just forgets, he can’t bear it, you see. He forgets about his uh.. tantrums. All these tantrums are just forgotten. So in India, is a very funny thing they do is to rub your shoe and put it to the nose of the person and can put anything else.

Also sometimes they put a little onion which is not [UNCLEAR] to the nose of the person and then the person just becomes quite normal. But if it is a real, real hysteric, you see, then of course, you have to get it treated by sahaja yoga. I’ve known one lady was going to some guru who really raped her and she didn’t know she was raped but sort of in unconscious state and she was thinking that she was raped and all that and she became pregnant and then she had to get her abortion and all that – horrible fellow he was! He’s still going very strong making lots of money and this woman since then became hysteric sort and she used to get into terrible hysteria so much so that when her husband had to take her to Scotland then [UNCLEAR] boarding house where he was looking after, she used to scream like mad and she used to go into a tantrum where her neck would go on one side and her hands would go like that; It was terrible. Worse that her epileptic mood would go on for 3-4 hours. Thank God she came to sahaja yoga and she got cured. – What are you doing? – I’m drawing [UNCLEAR] – Why don’t you give an extraordinary affair? I’m here to make you extraordinary. [UNCLEAR] Oh, it’s alright but I think you better be extraordinary so I also can be when I… alright?

Alright, finish it soon and you better have it. Now, this one is one of the hysterias, as I told you, on the left hand side and a right hand side, when a person is, say, in the power, he becomes the king and he starts shouting out – he’s not [UNCLEAR], he’s a father. He has to behave like a father and a father has to sacrifice. He has to go on sacrificing for his children. He has to give love to his children. Now, a father will never have a [UNCLEAR – SALARY?] for car and a beautiful house and the children starving. A, any king or any woman who does that, is not a father. If he is the father, then he is the benevolent king and such a king, we should all pray that we should have, within ourselves. Is important that we should have such a king who sacrifices everything for the sake of his subjects and what a character!

A king, who has a licentious life, who kills seven wives and does all such nonsensical things how can you, because unless and until you have a have a character of your own, you have your own principles, unless and until you are an ideal king, how can you rule people and what can you give them except for licentiousness and permissiveness. I was surprised that, now in England all of them are trying to follow this king who kills seven wives. You see, either the wives are killing the husbands and the husbands are killing the wives and once I asked, “Why do you do like this?” “Our kings did it and now we are democratic, so we can also do it.” – they have all become kings now. If you have to become a king, you have to be a king like Rama who loves his wife, cared for [UNCLEAR], above all, His care for His people, His subjects; Nothing was more important than the people whom He governed – that is what it is. But when this happens, you’ll find the wives had escorted in most of the [UNCLEAR], like his son they always gets caught up because they think, “Oh, we’re great!” You see, their nose is up like that, they go in a big car, they have no time to look at any one – they’re supposed to be public servants but they behave as if they are the owners of public properties and public. Specially in developing countries like India, they indulge into horrible things like bribery, corruption and all those things and are least bothered about every corruption leads to [UNCLEAR] damage because they do not believe, that God Almighty the Great, is our Father and when our Father is there, so great, He’s going to look after us. Why should we do all these injurious things to ourselves.

One [UNCLEAR – MALADY?] can kill thousands of people. If a person takes a bribe while building a bridge, the bridge is weak and when the car is passing over it, one, ten, hundred, thousand people can be killed. For taking a little money how much we do harm to others. Now, one side is the sin against the father – that not to believe that he looks after our yoga and kshema, both, He’s the one who looks after all our material well-being. For that we should love [UNCLEAR] at least that is all the developing countries [UNCLEAR – ITSELF?]. The countries who are developed, who have money, who do not have insecurities from money – what they are doing? They are having the another side – is the sin against the mother. They are intruding the security of the family while making the wives suffer of the insecurity or making the husband suffer of the insecurity, making the children suffer of the insecurity; The whole places security is insecure. The women also have seen, when they’re divorced, they start doing very dirty things, filthy.

They become prostitutes – actually they are prostitutes. Yes, what is the difference between the good woman and a prostitute is this much today, that one does it with willingness and the other says that she doesn’t do with willingness. Whatever you may call it, it’s a very wrong thing and for a woman, it’s killing; It’s absolutely killing because woman’s chastity keeps the whole earth moving. Her chastity is the most important thing. If a woman doesn’t have a chastity, then I don’t know what’s going to happen to that earthly, that earth – it’s horrible. All kinds of [UNCLEAR] takes place, the Mother Earth is accidently rolling with agony. She can’t bear her daughters being slaughtered like this for the sake of emotional blackmail or some sort of a thing like this. Women must understand they owe a responsibility to the whole society. If men are responsible for economics and politics, women are responsible for social life. They have to get, they have to stand on their own feet and know that they are women and their chastity is the most precious thing.

Now, in a country like India, where [UNCLEAR] in poverty, but women’s chastity is the fulfilment extremely [UNCLEAR], I mean, you can’t think of what you have even. In the olden days, we had a Muslim queen. Her name was Noor Jahan. She was first an ordinary woman and she went to the king’s palace and met Jahangir, who was a prince and she was a very beautiful and innocent girl and he fell in love with her and he wanted to marry her but the king didn’t like. He said, “No, she must be from a royal family.” He married her to one Shera Afghan of Bengal and sent her. This lady became a devoted wife to her husband and lived very happily. But when Akbar died, this, this Salim her, I should say, her lover became the king called as Jahangir and by mistake her husband was killed by the armies of Jahangir and this upset her very much. Then she was brought to Delhi and she went and told Jahangir that she cannot have him. “You have killed my husband, I’ll never see your face, you cannot touch me.”

He was the Emperor of India. This woman said, “You dare not touch me, I’ve nothing to…” – see the character of the woman. And then he became very sick. He was also a very good husband and a lover, I should say. Became very sick, he couldn’t live without her and the mother was a lady called as Jodhabai – she was a Hindu lady whom Akbar had married, so Jodhabai, mother was very sorry for the son and when the doctor said that, “This girl has to be brought today otherwise this fellow is going to die perhaps,” so he said, “You must arrange somehow.” So this queen, the mother queen, went as an ordinary maid-servant to this girl and worked with her as a maid-servant. So this girl was sick and she said, “What do you want?” She said, “Will you give me if I ask for it?” She said, “Yes, if I can give you, I will give you.” So he asked, she, this old lady asked her, “Will you marry my son?”

She was willing to marry the son of a maid-servant but was not willing to marry this Emperor, whom she had loved for some more time with the idea that she had killed the husband and when, when she discovered that the son was nobody else but Jahangir and she was married to him and she became a very brave queen, Noor Jahan; Noor Jahan means the light of the world. Like that, we have had many, many stories in India because the character of a woman [UNCLEAR – SHINES?] and such a power of [UNCLEAR] that even Krishna and Rama and the greatest of greatest people were afraid of such women who had [UNCLEAR]. If you have to have real powers, then you should be really dedicated and very pure chaste women. You’ll be amazed, every word you say will become and you’ll be such a powerful woman that nobody can even touch you. It’s a tremendous power of which I’ll give you one another example how the women of India behave towards their chastity. Uh.. we had a lady called Padmini, very beautiful queen and once uh.. a king, a emperor or something, he heard – not yet an emperor but he was trying to make [UNCLEAR – HIM ONE?] – he heard about the beauty and he said that, “Oh, I must see this lady otherwise if she does not agree, I will attack.” So all the people said, “No, we’ll not allow our queen to be demonstrated like that.” So she said, “Alright, I don’t want my country to be attacked, so it’s alright, he can see me in a mirror, doesn’t matter.”

So she stood in a mirror and he saw her and then he again became very mad after her. He said, “No, I must have her as my wife.” And he came with all his army and surrounded their fort and sent word that, “You must send the queen.” But this was too much for Indian men to send their queen to be killed. Imagine the seven queens killed in England, imagine! What a story it is! Now they would not accept that so, they said, “Alright, we are sending the queen,” and they got this palanquins and four people with the palanquin and inside there was one another soldier sitting in with all the swords and all the guns and all that. Like that, they sent hundred palanquins saying that, “These are the maids of the queen, that are going,” and the king was in the first palanquin, and they said, “We are going to fight these people. In case we die then we will know because that there will be no fire with us. If there is a fire then we want that we should know that we have died.”

And then these people went to fight and each one of them was killed – there was no fire. These women made a fire and climbed over it and all of them burnt themselves. They would not allow their chastities to be touched by men. We may say, you so wish you were like that but today we have got that – they are so gracious to have died for their chastity; It’s such a great martyrdom for us to see how these women have killed themselves. There are many stories like this – even the wife of Ravana, who was killed by Rama, was like that which I’ll be telling you later on sometimes. That story is also very interesting but that is what it is but we have lost all that, somehow we have lost it. I don’t know how we have lost it but we have lost it – it’s a very sad thing. Very sad that we have lost such a precious thing that we have. With realization, you get it back. You get back your sense of decency, your sense of chastity.

Like, if I’m on the street, people are kissing each other, hugging each other. I mean, these are things to be done in the bedroom, not there, you see, it’s so ugly to do it like this, embarrassing everyone. They’ll be going on the escalator – that’s the only time they can kiss otherwise there’s no other time; They must stick on to each other all the time. And if you ask them where are they going – they are going for a divorce case. [LAUGHTER] And it’s very indecent to be so much showing off your relationship with your husband – there’s no need. You see, there’s no need, all the time, to touch him and what’s the need? It looks so indecent; I don’t understand that there is any need if there is love. There’s more love then you never do that, actually. Uh.. you’ll be amazed that Indian women when they see their husband, they may not even raise their eyes and you make out why because she doesn’t even raise her eye but she knows in her heart and heart that her lover, her husband is so near. There’s no need to say that; It’s so beautiful, it is so much loving that husband just looks at the girl and he knows that’s my bride is there and he just shakes his head and she also.

It’s so beautiful while this vulgar expression and this time you have to think, it’s ridiculous sometimes the way people go on. We are making ourselves very cheap. In our own estimation we should stand into great [UNCLEAR] of our shape and our understanding that we are human-beings – even animals, some of them, are ashamed of these things and how can we go about with this kind of things. Very wrong ideas have come into us, like women must show their body – why? What is the need for women to show their body? It’s a very compulsion out of women, they must show their body – it’s absurd, I mean, to us it’s a priority that the men, doesn’t matter because they have nothing to hide so, why should they every time they meet a man they need to button up his clothes and a woman will open her body. What is this? I can’t understand that a woman, in her modesty and her chastity, should know the value of her private life and her privacy. She must respect. The way she behaved, the way, she’s become shameless, absolutely shameless and then [UNCLEAR] there was a big movement that you shouldn’t even wear under, undershirts for women or something like that and they developed all these troubles of the breast cancer.

They developed with that; Men should also wear undershirts not talk of the women but men should wear just for the absorption of, what you can say the prespiration of but women for their chastity also because they expose themselves and that’s the chakra of shyness, is the chakra of modesty, is the chakra of your chastity and you expose it? – that’s not the way it should be. Only your child should be able to see that, nobody else is allowed. That’s [UNCLEAR] you will be childless. You will see half of your spirit will go if you dress up properly in a proper way, in modesty. Nobody [UNCLEAR – DOES THAT?] The way you walk, the way you behave on the streets, I mean, there has to be a [UNCLEAR] – what else? You created this, I tell you, the women created this, it’s not that the man but the way women are dressed, the way ugly they are – man feels excited, what can he do? They have to behave themselves, they have to do in such a way that they do not distract men so much. All the time trying to attract men is a [UNCLEAR] thing.

Like one American woman was said that, “Indian women are….” I said that, “Alright, to one husband only. We are not bothered about other husbands. We are not all the time worried about figures, this, that to attract all the men of the world. Only one husband is Shri Ram is very…… distract our minds and they respect [UNCLEAR] maybe husband as someone. Maybe a man [UNCLEAR] it’s [UNCLEAR] to play with the emotions of another man who is …. Whatever is ours we enjoy. ….. enjoy somebody else’s thing – why you do that? By doing that, you create such a lot of insecurity in such a lot of people and this is what they have to understand. Do not lay your hands on the other families, keep them off. It’s worse than stealing all their families, everything together. Allow people to [UNCLEAR] and make marriages successful.

I’ve seen people flirting about with [UNCLEAR] – shameful! I’ve seen that and I feel so much shocked. What must be the curses of God for such people who have no sympathy, no desire, no understanding as to what the husband would be feeling of a whore? All of us must know, this hurts us the most. This center hurts anyone the most. Nothing can be more hurting than this [UNCLEAR]. If you take our something, doesn’t matter but you deceive someone and in love everything is fair according to the modern science. You hurt anyone, you do anything, you’ll be amazed – now I had a disciple who was 26 years of age and he had a friend who was 24, mother was about 45, 46 maybe; The friend went with this boy to his house and the lady went away with this 24 year old What a problem it is! Nonsense! And then the son came to Me and told Me, “Mother, this is what has happened, what should I do?”

I said, ” Go and [UNCLEAR].” She was so shameless. She started telling Me, “How nice that boy is, he’s so interesting, this, that.” I said, “Have you forgotten you have two daughters also.” She said, “No, not I’ve not forgotten that. I will [UNCLEAR – MEET THEM?].” I said, “Nobody should meet you.” Then she brought out all the case, everything, the house was sold – poor daughters are, they have no place to go to, they are in our ashram. The father has become mad sort of person and she doesn’t mind she’s [UNCLEAR] all of them and [UNCLEAR – STIGMA?] and the boy feels so heated up, he’s so angry and this foolish woman thinks that she’s such a bride!

How many people [UNCLEAR]. They destroy this life, destroy that life. What are we doing? We’re destroying ourselves. You can rationalize it, you can say it is alright but it is murder, it is murder. Murder of not one one person but of many. With this, I think, today I’ll finish. Tomorrow I’ll [UNCLEAR – BE OR DEAL?] with Krishna because the mood is different today. For Krishna you have to have very playful mood which we’ll use.

Tomorrow we’ll have a nice time with Shri Krishna and Christ. You’ll be a master when I’ll speak to you day after tomorrow and, I’m sure, you’ll be able to do much better. I’m sorry, I had to say these things to you because in India people are [UNCLEAR] stealing, bribing, this, that nonsense once they grow. We have got money now, now at least enjoy each other, do not destroy each other. You see, any husband you have got, just try not to [UNCLEAR] in this lifetime, any woman you have got, try [UNCLEAR] in this lifetime – please. At least that type of a person won’t be there next life – properly. So stop it. Why are you like? If you have married, it’s alright, work it out, be comfortable with each other, be generous, be sweet, look after each other. Do not destroy your lives.

Your people suffer from such horrible hallucinations and things, if you treat them like this. In America I met a child of eight years; Eight years child and his mother told Me, “Mother, he has taken to drugs.” I said, What! eight year old child has taken to drugs?” She said, “Yes, he takes drugs,” and that child I just took that child and hugged him and loved him and kissed him. I said, “What have you been doing to yourself?” He said, “All the time my father, mother – they are quarrelling, this is uh.. another father has come, he doesn’t like me – he has more children, this, that. I don’t like that father [UNCLEAR] Then I kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. Then he [UNCLEAR] very happy and he started feeling My softness [UNCLEAR] – then he started crying. He said, “Do You know Mother, my mother has never hugged me like this, has never kissed me.

She had no time because all the time she was trying to be with my father and my father was trying to be with her. She had no love to kiss me like that.” I asked her and she told Me, “Oh God, I will never forgive me if I touch a eight year old boy like this.” This is Mr. Paul [LAUGHTER] I mean, even one a person, who is 65 year old in India he doesn’t mind getting into mother’s bedroom, behaving like a little child, just taking her blessings [UNCLEAR – I MEAN?] it’s nothing regarded as, never even comes to our [UNCLEAR] You see, My daughters are very big, about 35 years. She sees, when My husband is there, both of them will sleep and say, “Daddy, now we are not liking to go out of this.” Nobody feels anything. Even My son-in-law will be there – everybody. I mean, it’s so clear, it’s so [UNCLEAR]. Seems our brains have been ruling our hearts Clear your hearts, clean your hearts.

Don’t listen to these horrible psychologists; See, they are pathological cases. We are [UNCLEAR], don’t listen to them, don’t develop guilts for nothing at all. Why are you so much obedient to them, I don’t know. Your Christ will be alive, you are the God man and one of the thing is love and wisdom. Isn’t it? I think, this Freud never saw; This is what it is. We have [UNCLEAR – BASED?] ugliness out of all that is [UNCLEAR] We have created horror out of our security. You have created destruction out of all the constructed beautiful things. This is what you have done so from today, build up your hearts sometime, build up your mother and know that we have to be beautiful, decent people.

May God bless you! Tomorrow I’m not in India but day after tomorrow, I’ll be free to have [UNCLEAR]. Thank you very much! Should we have meditation now? [UNCLEAR] into meditation should [UNCLEAR] For meditation, one has to know that it is the Kundalini which clears you. She’s the one who clears you. Now the mantras on the awakening of the deities helps you to expand the area of the chakras which you can learn, later on, how to do but just now let us see. We can say, that there is no need to fear. There is no need to fear at all when the Mother, who is the Mother of the Universe is looking after us. Just you say that and this center will open out and the Kundalini will rush through.

Please put your both the hands towards Me, just like this. Stretch them a little, just stretch them. Close your eyes, close. [Shri MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MIKE] [Shri MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MIKE] [Shri MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MIKE] [Shri MATAJI BLOWS INTO THE MIKE] We have closed the air-conditioner. If you are getting the breeze, you should not think it’s coming now from Me and also from your head. You can feel it coming out of your head. Put your right hand towards Me and feel it on your head. Now you can meditate. Now put both your hands towards Me and just for [UNCLEAR – FEW MINUTES?] close your eyes.

Close your eyes, please close your eyes. Establish your chakra, establish your chakra of the heart by paying attention there and say that, “Mother, I want to feel You.” I fear not, I don’t fear or say, “I feel secured within myself.” Hmm, then it is better. Your left side is weaker – put your left hand towards Me and right hand on the heart center, on the heart center, in the center.