Talkback Radio 2UE Sydney (Australia)

Radio Interview, Sydney (Australia), 31 March 1981. 
Talkback program ‘The Forum’ on 2UE Radio. Hosted by Ian Parry Oakden.
Interviewer: Well, hi and welcome once again to the program. And tonight, a program with a slight difference. In the past, on the forum we’ve talked in different ways about finding oneself; about knowing oneself, and we’ve asked you at times to describe yourself in various ways, which has been interesting. Tonight we look at a different aspect of that under the title of Self Realization. […]

Public Program, Vishuddhi and Agnya Chakras Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 31 March 1981.
Today is very interesting topic before us, is to discuss the Vishuddhi chakra, which is placed here behind the base of the neck, and which has got sixteen petals. It manifests outside the cervical plexus in the gross or physical action. As you know, for the emotional side you have got [DUCTLESS?] glands and thyroid is the gland which is placed here. This center in the evolution is of greatest importance for human beings, […]