Vishuddhi and Agnya Chakras

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

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Public Program. Sydney (Australia), 31 March 1981.

Actually, yesterday it was announced that we’ll start around seven thirty. And we did not know what to do because he made a mistake and he went on making that mistake on the radio.

Today is very interesting topic before us, is to discuss the Vishuddhi chakra, which is placed here behind the base of the neck, and which has got sixteen petals. It manifests outside the cervical plexus in the gross for physical action. As you know, for the emotional side, you have got larynx glands and thyroid is the gland which is placed here.
This center, in the evolution, is of greatest importance for human beings, because this center developed its maximum growth when human beings raised their heads from animal stage to become human beings. As animals, the heads were at an angle towards the ground, first it was just touching, parallel, then it was raised higher and higher. Till it came to monkey stage where it was raised slightly higher. And at the human stage only, they raised their heads in a straight line.

Straight line was all right. In the straight line it was the balance between the superego and the ego.

First, there is superego in the animals when they are looked after by human beings. Animals developed certain conditionings from human beings. Like a dog has to be looked after by human beings. Then the dog is told to do this or that and the conditioning starts. And when this conditioning starts in a dog, he starts developing his superego in a human way. But when a chimpanzee raised his head and tried to become a man, first the head of the first original man was bent like this. In the Ramayana, there is a mention of such race, the missing link, where human beings were half monkeys and half human beings. That’s about eight thousand years back.

Now this center was really, fully enlightened by Shri Krishna, who came on this earth in the era called as Dwapara. Rama was in Satya Yuga, and He came in Dwapara. That is about six thousand years back. And Shri Krishna incarnated as one of the incarnations of Shri Vishnu, who is responsible for our evolutionary process. It is only through Shri Vishnu that we evolve. He is the aspect which gives us dharma. Dharma is our sustenance. Through changing our sustenances or our capacities we have evolved. Like, I can say carbon was at Mooladhara chakra. And this carbon, electromagnetic matter, got prana into it by which it started moving as a living thing. This living thing then grew into higher and higher awareness till it reached a stage where you were an animal. And then you had to become a human being.

The first human beings were short people. That incarnation of the short people is called as Vamana.

Then there were people who became very conscious of the nature around and they wanted to have the mastery over the nature. They started doing all kinds of yagnyas according to the Vedas. Vedas actually worked out right hand side growth of human beings. And they developed people who were good at reciting Veda mantras and all such things that would give us mastery over the five elements. These people when they mastered the five elements, they became very ego oriented, and instead of only keeping the head in the center they started pulling it backwards. By pulling that backwards, they started developing their pituitary, and this pituitary was activated so much that they increased their heights than normal, became greedy people, started thinking about the future and the idea of future started coming into the human beings.

It went on till today where the people have tried to master the five elements, they have developed ego to such an extent that they are extremely ego-oriented and this ego engulfs, pushes down the superego as you can see here, the ego that is over-developed can push the superego down. So then in addition to that, people like Freud said that, “Why should we allow ourselves to be conditioned to anything?” It’s only the human beings who can have good conditionings and who can have bad conditionings. But, as the basic wisdom was lacking, you see, gradually we started losing the basic wisdom, and we denied all kinds of conditioning within us, by saying “What’s wrong?”, “What’s wrong?”. And when we went on like this, saying “What’s wrong?”, “What’s wrong?”, what happened was that our ego developed so much, that it pushed the superego. The superego was pushed to such an extent that it could not bear it anymore.

So, in the modern times, say about fifty years back, you can say, about twenty-five years back, a new generation started showing its effects. Young generation came up and they felt that the ego is too much, we are too bound to material things. We are instead of enslaving the matter and material powers, we are enslaved by them. This realization started coming into them. Actually, it started, I should say, about sixty years back. But this grew up very well about twenty, twenty-five years back very much, or little earlier, we can say about thirty years back, when people started seeing that this ego is no good, this matter is dominating us, it is falsehood.

But another thing they felt very strongly was that they are now not integrated with their heart. There was no joy in anything. They did things without any emotions, they were very emotionless, there were no feelings for anything. It grew quite a lot this feeling, till the war came in, Hitler trying to destroy, and at that time with the incoming of Hitler, people who see the ego of Hitler and they started seeing that reflection within themselves, that how Hitler could destroy this world by pampering the ego of the people by saying that “You belong to a higher race” and all those things. And this gave them a big shock and this big shock made the young people of that time feel that this is not the proper way of our progress. And that’s why there is a big disparity in the old people, say who ruled India and the people who are today Indian citizens or who are young people there.

The whole idea of ego became very subtle. They thought it was a show off, if they over-did something, it was too formal. They believed in casual life and they wouldn’t accept anything that was over ego-oriented. But once the ego has developed too much, you cannot get out of it. The more you try to fight it, the more it will sit on you. It’s not possible. And the superego, which once suppressed, can be so suppressed that you just become nothing but ego. And the ego then envelops the heart. Because one of the auras around the heart which I will be discussing later is also from your Swadishtana chakra. And the whole Swadishtana chakra can go round and can completely encompass your heart. And there is a dislocation between your heart and your head. There’s a disintegration. Sometimes, with shocks in life, also a person’s ego is challenged.

As I was telling you that we have to be very kind to our wife and to our husband. If their ego is challenged, gradually after three four shocks, they get disintegrated. We give them diseases. We give them horrible things. We have no business to do these things. This is sinful. First of all, to marry someone with all the show and with all the things and then to make somebody unhappy because you have a ego or hurt somebody’s ego by which making that person emotionally dry. Then a society which is extremely dry develops. This dry society cannot even value the children. Matter becomes the most important thing. Material possessions become more important. Then all human relationships are ended up and sacrificed at the altar of this ego.

Well, these people, after all, are human beings, they have an emotional being within them, which suffers. So to be emotional, people take to drugs and things as I told you, to alcohols. Alcohol’s gross is much more with this kind of a society. Just to escape the tortures of ego, they become alcoholic. Once they become alcoholic, the superego starts developing. It starts pushing the ego on one side and the wobbling starts and the confusion starts. This alcohol, which has been denounced by every Primordial Master, because they were supposed to look after your attention, because the attention, not only gets spoilt but your values go down. Values about human’s chastity, values about your own chastity, values about your own dignity, I mean you can do anything if you pamper this, I mean, people do such undignified things, that if you take a photograph or even a picture of such people, they would be shocked that they were behaving like this.

So first of all, the dignity, the human dignity goes down, the sanctity of marriage is lost and all the values that are built up in your attention as a human being, through all great blessings of these great saints and great Prophets drops off. One by one, you start reasoning without any values for anything. You do not value anything but your ego. Even your material possessions are there to suggest your ego. That’s how a person becomes a dry personality. In these circumstances, he thinks that he must also overpower God’s powers. Sometimes such things came up, that people wanted to have powers like God. And they want to challenge God, and they want to say, “There is no God. How are we to believe there is God?” Because the ego is such a blind thing that you just allow it to think about God and your relation to God. It’s such a blinding thing. It makes you sometimes so stupid. As I’ve told you, last time it was said in the seminar we had, that it really makes you absolutely stupid.

Now the Vishuddhi chakra is the thing which has started the ego within us, in the sense that the superego, the conditioning that was in a society was challenged by Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna was a man who was a witness of the play. He is the one who is the Primordial Being, in the sense He is the one who rises to meet the whole. He is the Virata. And this Being, Shri Krishna, is the one who taught us to witness, through Gita.

Now in short, I will explain to you something about Gita. And try to understand, because it is a very subtle thing to understand Gita and to read Gita. There are – I don’t know how many criticisms of Gita written already- but nobody seems to have hit at the real points of Gita. Krishna was the incarnation of divine diplomacy, divine diplomacy. Divine diplomacy is a thing by which I also play tricks on you. Because if I cannot give you Realization, if you are too argumentative, you try to be a mediocre, then I put you into such situations that you start seeing the point that you are missing the real goal. Now Gita is nothing but a complete exposition of his talent as a diplomat. For that, one has to understand the tricks of Shri Krishna.

First of all, in the very beginning, at the very outset, in the second chapter in Gita, He says that you become a ‘sthitha pragnya’, means that you become a Realized soul, you become a ‘gnyani’, means a person whose awareness is enlightened. Of course, in India, as everywhere, there are people who think, “Gnyani is a brahmin who has read many books”. It means you should have your Realization so that your awareness is enlightened. This is first thing He said at the very outset because He’s not a business man, you see. So, He says the thing that is there. He only tells this to Arjuna to know who He is because He is a diplomat and He knows how people were at that time, that He is not going to tell them that He is an incarnation and that He is not going to tell them what is the truth. Because if you tell them the truth, they will hit you hard, He knew this very well.

So He said this to Arjuna, who is his bhakta, who is his devotee, that, “You achieve that”.
But Arjuna at that time is a mediocre. He couldn’t understand, because He said that, “You are a saint, you become a witness to achieve your Self-realization. And then you go for war to kill people”. They couldn’t understand, how can that be? I should kill them before; after the witnessing, how can I kill them? Even if they are cruel, even if they are wrong, I cannot do it after Realization, because after Realization, I will have to be compassionate. This is the mediocracy of Arjuna. It’s a very subtle point, I think you catch the point.

So Krishna says- He understands. He immediately understands, “Oh, that diplomacy is needed now, it won’t work out to say it straightforward, much”. Like, I would say a son is sitting out of the hut trying to drive a horse cart. Now the father comes out of the hut and the son says, “This cart is not moving, how to do it?” So he said that, “At the first, bring the horse in front of the cart. Unless and until it is connected through the horse, it won’t move.” You have to get connected to the horse, that is the atma, to the Spirit. So he says that, “You are saying that I have to move the cart, and now you are asking me to move the horse. How can that be?” Then father understands that this one is not going to be handled easily. So, he plays the trick on him. He says, “All right. Let it be at the back. But you think, you believe that it is the horse which is pulling the cart. You believe it.” Now how Krishna has said it is even beautifully, more beautifully than this analogy. I gave you this analogy to see the trick of Shri Krishna. And He had to play because people are so mediocre. Since the six thousand years they have been believing into something nonsensical, that you will see now.

He [Arjuna] said that, “If I kill people, then I will have the karmas within me. And after my Realization – how will I get my Realization? If I get my Realization, then I cannot kill.” These were his ideas about Realization. What Krishna said that, “You get your Realization, and then whatever you do is in the name, is really, fully in order to God. If you have to kill, you have to kill! You have to kill the devils; you have to kill the rakshasas.” The idea that if you kill somebody, it’s something wrong – I mean, supposing today, Hitler was to come, to spare him physically is wrong. Will you spare a snake? You will have to kill. And He said, “Nobody is killed there” and that’s a fact. Nobody dies. As I told you that the Spirits cannot be killed [unsure] this will only put them out of the stage just now. So Krishna says that, “You should first become Realized, become a witness, then you are just an instrument in the hands of God. And He uses you for what He likes, and you do whatever He says. If He says you have to kill, you have to kill. If He says don’t kill, you don’t kill.” Because the power starts flowing through you. Now, your own concept of compassion is wrong. How can you be compassionate with people, that one man can destroy the whole world? Are you to be compassionate to that man? For what? The greatest compassion is to him, is to put him out. After all controls, God is watching. This is the way to stop action. That is what Krishna said.

But Arjuna didn’t understand. He said, “Still, how can get rid of karmas?’, and he had those theories. How to get rid of the karma. So Krishna played a trick with him. He said, “All right” . He put a very absurd condition. This is what is the essence of diplomacy is to put an absurd condition and befool a person so that when he reaches a stage and understands that it’s absurd, then he gives it up. Otherwise, he will not.

So, He told Arjuna that, “Very good, you do not want Realization, go ahead. You do all your karmas. And you put the fruit of the karmas at the lotus feet of the God. That’s what you do, so you won’t have any karmas upon yourself.” This is an absurd thing. Before Realization, it cannot happen. It cannot happen. Before Realization, your ego remains as it is, as you see, it is not sucked in. Subtler it will become, you’ll become very humble and very kind and this, but still the ego is there. Ego is there means, it’s a state of your mind, which is covered with ego. It has to be sucked in by the actualization and actual happening. Not just saying that, “Oh you are very humble”. Some of the egoistical people are extremely humble because that suits them, extremely. But inside it’s the ego there. Ego is there. Till it is sucked in, you cannot fight it, you cannot drive it out, you cannot get out of it. It has to be sucked in. To suck that ego, kundalini has to rise, you have to get your Realization. You have to become the Self and not the ego, your identification with ego must drop. That’s only possible if you become the Spirit. But He said, “All right, doesn’t matter. What you do, is to do your karmas. Then go on hitting the cart but put all your attention on the horse, and your cart will move”. It will never move is the point, the absurdities.

So He gave such a proposition by which the horse does not move. And after some time you find, “What is it? The cart is just there. I am putting everything I am supposed to be putting everything on the horse. Nothing doing. It’s not connected. It is just there.” Once this confusion is reached then you take your Realization and actualization. This is the point. Unless and until this absurdity is dawned upon you, you will never accept. Because you are asking questions, “Why should you do it?” “Why should he do it?” “Why?” So He says, “All right, go ahead.” So this is the karma theory that started, that whatever karmas you do, you put at the lotus feet of God. So it’s a misbelief. He put you into a maya, into illusion. That was important. At that stage, it was important to put you into illusion. Because you would not accept even.

See, if you have to take out the butter, you cannot do it with a straight finger, you have to make your finger bent a little, it’s like that. So, Arjuna said, “What about dharma? What about devotion to God? These are organized visions, churches, and our temples and all. What about that?” Till that also, he was [?]. He says that, “Patram pushpam phalam toyam yo me.” “Whatever is the fruit, whatever is the flower, or whatever is the water you give me, I will take it. I’ll take all that. But if you give me a flower, I’ll take it.” But by giving, He is very clever, which I don’t know if people have seen the point or not. He says, “By giving, by that you do ‘ananya bhakti’, that is ‘ananya’. Now the word ‘ananya’ is the word, which is the real devotion: a-nanya, it means when you are not the other, when you are Realized. You can only do bhakti when you are Realized, ananya. The person who’s ananya, means the one who is not the other: you become one with God, then you do the bhakti. Very clearly, He said that, “You do ananya bhakti”. Ananya devotion, means devotion when you are not the other, when you are Realized. Before that, what’s the devotion? Very cleverly said, but nobody sees the point.

I’ve been asking people; the other day a gentleman came from a cult, “What does mean Shri Rama, Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, Shri Krishna.” This is not ananya bhakti. Ananya bhakti means when there is no other, means you become Realized. This is the essence of this bhakti Yoga. In bhakti Yoga, He has said that, “You have to become one with your Spirit.” Also by saying ananya, and by karmas, Karma Yoga is also the same type, “Whatever work you do you put at the lotus feet of the Lord.” You cannot do it, absurd condition.

But after Realization, what happens to you that you do not say, “I do it”. You say, “It’s moving”, “It’s coming”, “It’s rising”, “It’s starting”. “It”, third person. You just say “it”. You don’t say, “I am getting the kundalini”, you don’t say, never. “It is coming”, because you know you are not, you feel that. Because its flowing from you, you have become aware of that. You say, “It is going”, “It is coming”, “It is not coming”. You don’t say, “I am giving Realization to myself or to anybody”.

Like a lady came with Me to America. And she told Me that, “Mother, You must give Realization to my son”. I said, “All right. Let him come.” He came all the way from [inaudible], and the kundalini was frozen, it wouldn’t rise. She said, “Mother please give him Realization.” I said, “You are a Realized soul. You try to treat him”. Or give him a certificate that he is a Realized soul. She said, “How can I do? He is not.

And why not? It’s a good idea, you are listening to my recording morning till evening, to give him Realization. You say you are Realised. Why do you say you are Realized? If I were you, I would say, “Baba you are Realized. Now get out of here”. Because I knew that the Kundalini doesn’t rise. It’s a frozen kundalini. I said, “Why don’t you do it?” She said, “How can I?” I know she is not Realized. She doesn’t give vibrations. How can I take?” I said, “That’s what it is.” The kundalini has to rise. That means that you know it is beyond your ego. It is beyond you. You cannot do it.

You must have that authority within you, then only you can do it. As long as there is authority. You are doing it, that’s why that ego means an illusion that you are doing something. Because you don’t do anything. What do you do? As I told you, all dead work. Dead to the dead. You make a chair or a staircase, “Oh you are a great man!”. So [inaudible] from the mountains, make another mountain, “Oh you are a great architect”. All these are dead energies you are handling, electricity, magnetism, architecture studies. All these things are not living energies.

Living energy is the synthesis energy of all the energies. It is ‘prana’ on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side is the ‘mana’, and in the center is the dharma. All these three energies are synthesized are integrated, I should say. [Inaudible] is again dead to the dead. But we can get completely integrated when the light of the Spirit comes in you, and this is the Brahma, is the one that is flowing through your hands, is the Brahma Shakti, is the Brahma.

So this was about Gita. But in his childhood, what did He do? We have to understand. In his childhood, people say He just tried some things [unsure]. No He was not. As I knew from my very childhood, people knew from his very childhood.

He played with the Gopis when He was about four years of age, you see. There’s a guru who said, “He is Shri Krishna. That’s why he makes you naked there”. Imagine, you are four years of age, and this guru is, I think, 50 years of age. Is it the same? If at four years age, like an innocent child, He just started to make them naked because He wanted to raise their Kundalini as a child. He could try. [Inaudible]. He climbed on the backs of the people and made them just light, made the Kundalini rise. He does it many a time, He uses that [?]. I think that’s the best way. And I told him, “Why don’t you do it in your village?” He said [?]. There are your feet there [unsure] But I must do some [unclear] with the car”.

So the child of four years, playing with the Gopis. When they were carrying the small pots with water on their heads, He would break those pot. Because Ra-dha, ‘ra’ means energy, ‘dha’ means the one who sustains it. Ra-dha, She is the Mahalakshmi. Radha, the one who sustains the energy. She used to have her bath in the river Jamuna, and used to vibrate the water. And the Gopis, the ladies, used to go and fill their pitchers with that water, which was a vibrated water. And He would just break that pitcher from the back, so the water would fall on the back giving them Realisation; see the trick of the child. In those days, there was no [unclear] and hall, nor such good seekers, one could not talk of seeking in a village of Gokul. So He tried these tricks of breaking the pitcher, make the water fall on the back, so that the Kundalini would be able to arise.

Then He has also his Gopis can go dancing with their hands. It’s called ra-sa. ‘Ra’ means ‘energy’, ‘sa’ means ‘with’. Radha used to be there. She’s there and she used to hold their hands, and they used to all dance and the energy is imparted to them. But She was the incarnation of the Energy and He was the incarnation of the Primordial Being. That’s different. Nowadays, you find people holding your hands and passing dead spirits. It’s horrible! It is satanic! Such a thing should never be done, it causes lots of problems. [Inaudible] especially, emotionally, it’s a horrid stuff to do like this, holding hands and passing spirits. Or some sort of a man sitting in the Himalayas [inaudible].

If they are Realized souls, they’ll never pass it. Because they understand [inaudible]. They will never trouble you. They’ll never possess you. Now when you understand that She was Radha, and the energy was passing through them [inaudible]. And He used to play another thing, very beautiful. He used to climb over a pyramid of the boys, on top to get some butter. But the people need it. So his mother used to hang it high so that they could not reach there. He used to take a small stick and hit it and all the butter used to go on them [unsure session]. [Inaudible session] First of all, standing on the top of their heads, [inaudible] Sahasrara.

There was a gentleman who got his Realization in [inaudible]. [Inaudible session] He had never heard about Shri Krishna. He didn’t know all that. And before getting Realization, he went into his subconscious areas and where he finds a very big Shri Krishna. And he described what he made like a pyramid, all these things and how he falls down. And then he saw other things also there, which you can read the book and see for yourself.

But butter, Shri Krishna is very fond of butter. Why? It is at this point [Hamsa] you need butter for your Vishuddhi. If you have got sinus trouble, you heat some butter and take a dropper and pour the heated butter in the nose, regularly, for 3-4 days. Your sinus will be all right. It’s a very simple medicine. You just try it. Your colds will be all right. Why? Because the inner membrane of the nose due to our breathing becomes very, very dry, or we can say cracked. As our hands can get cracked. Now if the butter is put say, even on the soup, we used to do before. Nowadays, people have become so butter-conscious, that they don’t put it. On the soup, you see, the butter on the soup, just goes and lines up the trachea, these places and the throat and these glands. Even the [inaudible] is lined up, you see, so that the whole thing becomes very much soft. Even if you have any problem, you can rub hot butter in here. Now the butter has double quality. It is a soft milk fat, plus salt. Salt is the quality of the Gurus. So the combination of Guru and the butter, as we gargle with the salt, osmosis takes place. It has a very deep significance.

Now this center is manifested outside, as I told you as sixteen sub-plexuses, which govern our nose, eyes, throat, our neck, ears and also the outside of our eyes, the eye lids and also little muscles that control, and so many things by this one center. Sixteen are the petals also of this center, Vishuddhi chakra. Vishuddhi means without, vi-shuddhi, ‘vi’ means ‘absence of’, I mean it is so ‘shuddha’, it’s so holy, that everything is absent, vishuddha is the meaning of this center. Means it is absolutely holy and that’s why He is a sakshi, He is a witness.
He tried to break our conditionings in a different way from Freud.

Our first conditioning we had, in those days, that a wife and husband relationship was too conditioned. And the wife was dominated by husband, by all family people, and they used to torture everybody. In his time, a woman was treated just like a slave in the house in those days. Somehow it worked out. Because women had to be very chaste, to be very good, but the man was dominating and it was a big family’s system that developed. And with this, people started getting strangled in that family system which had become dead.

So, He wanted to [inaudible]. He said that, “There is no harm in mixing with men as brothers and sisters. We have to be pure in heart and they are all brothers and sisters, we should mix up and we should have proper relationship with each other, understand that this is my wife, this is my husband, and others are my brothers and sisters”. Because it was not allowed for any woman even to get out of houses in those days. It was so much [?] because the mothers-in-law were very strong and they would not allow the daughters to go out. The whole episode of Krishna in Gokul is like this. And all the stories and songs are like that. That a wife says to the husband, “Oh my sisters-in-law are a weight, how will I [inaudible].”

So all the story of love, of love between husband and wife, He started. Now He didn’t have Sahaja Yogis as I have today, and disciples around. And He had to permeate his powers, the sixteen thousand powers He had, at this chakra. This chakra is represented here in the head, in front. It’s called as Virata chakra, means the one he became when he became the Primordial Being. So, to have those sixteen thousand conducting human beings, He had to play a drama. He was a great dramatist. He made them take birth as women and he got them arrested by a king. Now a social problem was created. These women were with that man. So, according to Indian standards, they are all finished. They have no value. They are all gone women. Though they were by forcing, not with their own will, but in India any woman, who is even taken by force, at the time of Sita, it has happened. So she should be discarded as Rama did, as I told you last time. So He attacked this king and got all these sixteen thousand with Him. So people said, “You have got these sixteen thousand women, who are not to be accepted in the society, so what will you do? Nobody is going to marry.” He said, “I will marry them.”
[Inaudible] you see, actually they were his powers and He married them. He said, “I will marry sixteen thousand.” It’s all a play, you see it’s the play of the Virata. He married those sixteen thousand.

Now the five elements that He wanted to control. He said, “I want to hold on them, we have to have everybody [inaudible]. So He created five women and He married them also. Now many people say, “Oh Krishna has married sixteen thousand and had five queens and this and that.” Are you Shri Krishna? Are you Virata? Have you got even one power to flow through? If you have one, you can flow through yours. He is the one with sixteen thousand powers and these powers permeated on this earth to give us an awareness by which we felt that there is God beyond, that there is a Macrocosm, that we have to achieve that wholesomeness, that we have to become a witness of the play of the whole. He made us conscious of Macrocosm at that time.

He said in Gita that, “The Spirit that is within you never dies. It again and again comes back to give you Realization and when you die, the Spirit does not die”. “Nainam chindanti shastrani, nainam dahati pavakah, na chainam kledayanty apo, na sosayati marutah” (Bhagawat Gita, chapter two, verse 23). You cannot kill it with a weapon, neither you can burn it with fire, neither wind can blow it off, neither anything can suck it. To prove this, Christ came on this earth. To prove what Krishna had said, Christ came on this earth to show that Spirit is eternal.

They are all one together. We are the people who cannot see Them like that and sometimes it shocks people when I tell them about the relationship of Shri Krishna and Christ is so close.

Christ, the name Christ came from the word ‘Krishi’, and Krishi word means the farming. That means Krishna came on this earth to sow the seed.

[PART 2].

[The relation between] Krishna and Christ is extremely close. But I don’t want to shock you by telling about the relationship they had. Because if there are Christians, they’ll be shocked. If there are Hindus, they’ll be shocked. And if I tell all this to Muslims, they’ll be absolutely [unclear]. When Muhammad sahib said, ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, Akbar is the Virata, is Shri Krishna.

If you don’t mind, I would like to tell you, you put your hands to see if I’m telling the truth or not, that Christ was the son of Shri Krishna. When he talks of his father with his two hands, these are the fingers of Shri Vishnu and Shri Krishna. This is Shri Krishna’s hand. And it is Shri Krishna who called him Mahavishnu in the heavens. And mad hi more powerful than his father.
He was specially created by Radha who was the subtle energy, who came on this earth as the Mother of Christ. Christ’s mother was a lady who lived like a potent energy for Christ. Except for Him, nobody knew. That’s why at the cross He says, “Behold the Mother.”

That’s very important. And He was one of the greatest principle sons of your Mother. Radha incarnated on this earth and She brought this immaculate conception. The whole story about it is in the Devi Mahatmya [Bhagavatam], when the Goddess created Mahavishnu out of an egg, and that’s why on the Easter, you celebrate the egg. Egg is the suggestion of you being the egg and the next birth. Easter suggests the second birth of human beings.

The name of Jesus also comes from the word Yeshoda. Yeshoda was the foster mother of Shri Krishna and Radha thought that her name must be brought in because she was also another power. So, Yeshoda is called also as Jesoda in the northern parts where Krishna lived. She was called actually like Jesoda and the small form of Jesoda is Jesu. And that’s why He was called as Jesu or Yesu. In Indian languages He is called as Yesu, [?] Jesu. And even in Hebrew, He is called as Yesu, not as Jesu. You see this Y and J like Yugoslavians and all these people use, is a confusion between Y, ya and ja. And these two words are confused in the world, Yesu or Jesu.

He came with such powers according to the Devi Mahatmya [Bhagavatam], that He became the supreme support. He is the support at the Mooladhara chakra. He is the one who is Ganesha at Mooladhara chakra. He’s the support of the whole universe. And Krishna placed Him higher than Himself because He incarnated higher than Him [at Agnya], and Shri Krishna is there. If I say that, you should see the vibrations yourself. Just see on the vibrations.

The crucifixion of Christ, which I will tell you later on, is another drama. It’s another drama to be played. Now see the difference between the 6000 years and 2000 years of Christ. So the 4000 years passed in between. In those 4000 years, lots of things were to be decided and it was decided that Christ should be born in Jerusalem, in these places that we can call [inaudible]. Because that was the place which was to be attacked again by the Divine forces and always most of these Primordial Masters, they are called as gurus, they are born in that area, as Zoroaster. You see, most of these people like Mohammed Sahib, Shri Zoroaster, one after another, three of them came. One personality came first.
Then Mohammad Sahib came in there, then Moses came in, Abraham came in, all these people were born in that area.

And then Christ came in [inaudible]. He thought that would be the best place where these great Primordial Masters have worked [inaudible] and that they will be able to understand.

But people as they are, they killed Mohammad Sahib, they also killed Christ. They never listened to Moses, never listened to Christ. People are like that and today I find many people who call themselves Christians are the people who were there to enjoy His crucifixion, who liked it, supported it and crucified Him. Today they are moving with a Bible in their hand saying that this is this, this is this. So unauthorized, so dangerous! Now it is better sometimes to read what Krishna has to say about Christ.

But just now today as we are first dealing with the Vishuddhi chakra, I’ll talk about Christ later on.
Vishuddhi chakra has two other points, which are very important within us. I have to take this up because you people are suffering from Left Vishuddhi. Left Vishuddhi is on the left-hand side and right on the right-hand side. Right hand side Vishuddhi is the Vishuddhi when He was the king and called as Vitthala and His wife Rukmini. They lived in Dwarika [unsure]. This is the ‘raj’, or you can say the ‘rajasa’, means the kingliness or the action, where He wanted to act as a king, is on the right-hand side.
The left-hand side is the one where He was born and in his early life, when He had a sister. His sister was actually the daughter of Yeshoda who was sacrificed, it’s a big story, how Krishna was born in a jail and was taken by his father and put it in a place called Gokul. And the child in that place who was a girl was sent and She is the one who appears as the lightning in the air. And how She became the lightning when She was killed and announced that, “Your killer is still alive.” to the horrible rakshasa who was actually the brother of Krishna’s mother.

And it was announced that the eighth child of this Devaki, his sister, Kamsa’s sister, Kamsa is a rakshasa, is a devil, will kill him. And this frightened him so much that he started killing all the children that were born to this Devaki, his sister, who was put in the jail.
The last one was Shri Krishna and when He was born, everybody slept off and the doors opened up and His father carried Him in a basket, just like Moses story it is, and crossed the river Yamuna and when the river touched Shri Krishna’s feet it again went down, crossed over, went to Gokul, put the child there, took the child of Nand- Yeshoda and brought the child back and he placed it. When the child was replaced, you see, it was a girl. So Kamsa came and said, “The eighth is girl, how can it be?” So then he just found the girl and She went up and She announced that, “The killer of you, Kamsa is born and is living very much and He is going to kill you, beware.” And then the story is that how He tried to kill him, so that, we don’t have to bother about that. But the main thing I’m telling, was this sister of Shri Krishna.

Now the Left Vishuddhi problem starts when we get confused about sisters’ relationship or the pure relationships like a mother, this is Mr. Freud’s business, you see. All kinds of confusions, creating problems about relationships with other men, other women, there’s no understanding. Anyone who is married, unmarried, anything cast eyes towards someone, to have adulterous eyes towards others. That’s why Krishna- Christ at this point had to say, there is no sanctity in the eyes, that’s why He said that, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”. But that’s not possible without Realization, I have seen, when we have [inaudible].

So all these perverse ideas about men and women relationships are there, and in the subconsciously they create a guilt. You know it’s wrong, you know, at the base of your heart, you know that. But the ego has gone so much there, people say, “What’s wrong?” That’s why I see people in the West are at least innocent. They know it is not wrong. But in the East, in India, people know it is wrong, still they do wrong, means they are not innocent people at all, they know this is wrong and still they do, then they are not innocent. So all those Indians, who try to do these things knowingly that it is wrong, are the wrong type of people because they have lost their innocence. Now this is one of the things why we catch on Left Vishuddhi, very much in West.

But the second one is even- another thing is just to sit down and analyse yourself. This is basically, some sort of a funny sort of a guilt that is built in us. Or sometimes it is the superego, some sort of a possession, you start analysing and just murdering yourself morning till evening. “I should not have said this”, “Why did I do it?”, “I should not have gone there”, “I should not”. May be it is Catholicism. It could be anything. Jews also go and weep and they go on repenting things, and when you have repented, finished. If you have repented then it is finished. Why are you go on, still carrying on with the guilt within you? And this left-sided is too much. So much so that My hand gets really paralyzed with the vibrations flowing all the time, this left side. That’s why I say, you go on saying one mantra. “I am not guilty”, “I am not guilty”, “I am not guilty”. Because you go on suggesting to yourself that you are not guilty. All the time sitting down and analysing yourself. And also the society is like this, from the very beginning we are told, “You should not have done this, you should have done this. This, you should not have done, this carpet is spoilt, that is spoilt”. So the whole thing builds like a guilt. For nothing at all you are guilty, I mean it’s such a fake stuff. And you believe in that and the gurus play on it. They say, “These are your karmas”. So, you are doomed in.

So, on the Left Vishuddhi, you have this guilt business. On the Right Vishuddhi, you are extremely talkative and you are being arrogant. Such people can be great orators, they can shout at the top of their voices, they can control people with their oratory. The right side with which they built that kind of an action, is their style.

There are so many things one has to say about [inaudible] comes in, and how it becomes a [inaudible] and all efforts. Let it be, don’t complicate it. [unsure].

So now this is how you develop the complications on the left and the right sides. When the center is upset, then you take the responsibility of everything on yourself. You are running like a mad horse. You are like a bull, I should say. And you do all the gross job. And you think, “Oh you are such a nice man, in your heart”. You feel, “Oh, I will have that” or “I’ll get it, I will do it”. You take the responsibility of the whole world upon your head and you start saying, “Oh I feel so bad that I could not help in Vietnam”. You cannot help, how are you connected? “I’m so bad with Cambodia. I should have done something.” You cannot do it. By just sitting in Australia, you look after Australian problems, Sydney problems, family problems and your own problems! Start it from there. ‘Charity begins at home’. People always try to see the problems of another.

Like if I’m there and you tell Me, “Why there’s poverty in India?” Really, very seriously they ask Me the question. I said, “Who is responsible for your own poverty is”. That, “Why don’t you think of your own problems?” When I am in your Australia, I’m out and out. When I am in India, I am in India out and out. Why would you be anguish [unsure]. That’s how you should be also. You need to face your problems, what are your problems? These are the problems, that you feel guilty for nothing at all. You’ve being conditioned like that. And then if you get out of the guilt, you become egoistical. You say, “I hate you” and when you quarrel, “bapre”, you really bark. There’s no softness anymore. It’s such a horrible voice starts coming that I knew that Australians are fighting.

When you take to drinking, you go to the other side. I mean, when we were coming to Australia, they were blaming. They were drinking so much and talking so much after that, nobody could sleep even for a minute. And so loudly they were talking that I was thinking even fish market in Bombay is better than that. [Laughter]

And they had lost all capacity to understand that there are people who want to sleep and they are talking so loudly that like a there was a mouth piece near their lips, the way they were on and on and on, all of them talking very loudly. You go to a reception, you don’t see any meeting, you talk, all right. But the other one doesn’t listen to you, you don’t listen to him. You go on talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, very fast. You just don’t know what they are talking, what you are talking. They say, “Yes, yes, yes.” You nod your head and he nods his head, and you don’t know what they are talking, what they are saying, and then you say, “Oh, I’ve been to a reception”[inaudible]. Then you come out and go to another reception, go to another reception [unclear], And such and such come in; you shake hands, all right. Such a sad perspective, what is the need? It’s all, there’s no rapport, there’s no understanding. And if there is, it is for flirting, that’s all, which is another one, I told you, is nothing but the play of the spirits through your eyes. That’s why Christ had shown you and He said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes. Any Christian who has adulterous eyes should know that first step to Christianity is not there. He said it so clearly. So very clearly, emphatically he told you, to understand that your eyes are very important and they have to be pure. They have to be honest and pure eyes

I like the way people in Australia like my honesty of telling them anything that is honest. It’s so sweet of you because some things can be quite hard. To believe and to take it, though I speak softly about them, I am very clever to put it through. But the way you see it, because perhaps you see that honesty in Me. I am not here to please you or to displease you, but to tell you the truth in such a way that you will not get a shock and you start absorbing it. Because that is what you are asking for.

So at this stage, the awareness becomes collectively conscious, started becoming collectively conscious. This is the beginning of it. But now the incoming of Christ, the advent of Christ was specially described. Thousands of years back, it was started with an egg. It was created with three Pranava, the Omkara, ‘logos’ as we call it. The sound that is the complete energy, Omkar, as you can say, the word. You can say the word. He is that energy embodied, because He had to prove that the Spirit is eternal. He is the Spirit. At all these centers, He is there. These vibrations are nothing but a emission or manifestation of His being. So He cannot be killed, because He is the Spirit. He cannot be dead, He cannot be destroyed. Because He’s just the energy of Spirit. That was the embodiment of Christ, that He was brought on this earth and He was crucified suggestive of this gate here He had to penetrate. This very important gate here, which is the Agnya chakra, which He had to penetrate. By penetrating this, He created a space in the ego and the superego. This space is the space where they say that, “Christ is the one who has taken the sins of the human beings in Him”. He is the lamb that was sacrificed. In the olden India, they used to sacrifice lambs. If you have done anything bad, you take a lamb and sacrifice it at the altar of the cross. Those who do not know about Christ are still doing it. And those who know about Christ also sacrifice [inaudible].

So the karma theory finishes off at the point where Christ came in. Because He is the one who is capable of sucking your ego and superego, both. On one side He sucks your ego, on the other side He sucks your superego. He is the one who drove the spirits into the pigs and the pigs were dragged into the sea. I mean He did so many such things, but because of these disciples, it is not depicted fully. But He so clearly showed that there are spirits and that you have nothing to do with the dead. But the Christians, who call themselves Christians, are just anti-Christ in this aspect. They’ll have all the dead bodies in the church and sitting on the layers of dead bodies, all the spirits hovering around, your children are attacked and you are attacked.

I am not against the church. Church if it is for the Realized souls, is a very [good?] thing. There is no reliability in a church where they do not have Christ in there. Christ is the Spirit. If the church tries hard to be reborn, then it is a church. Otherwise, the rest of the things are just lip services. They are lip services.

Now another thing, all the Christians, all the Christian nations are very much interested in all kinds of these dead things and clairvoyance. “Oh I am told that there are some clairvoyance”, they are very, very flourishing people. It is very dangerous to go near them. Cancer, blood cancer, epilepsy, heart attacks, accidents, financial ruin, all these things can come to you through these mediums. You have no control over them. They say she is very good lady, he is very good gentleman. He may be good or bad but what about the ones which are coming in. Can you see them? You know who are coming? It’s like having a licence without any passes without any exams.

Why go to the dead? But the Christian nations are resembling England, which is supposed to be the heart of the universe. Every tenth house, somebody sitting with a ‘planchette’ [to call the dead spirits] talking to the great grandfather to know where there are still in the property, or some such a thing. Every tenth house you see, and so much! Then whatever was less then was completed by the gurus from India. Some of them came out of the jail. They had no place to go, they wore those dresses and went out. They remained planning straight [inaudible]. Then some of them are [inaudible], they are [inaudible], and they became gurus.

Whatever they talk is horrible Hindi or horrible Marathi or whatever it is. In Sanskrit, it’s called ?-English. Being English as [inaudible] politically, openly, ego oriented, but these are disturbing [unsure] slyly from superego.
And these gurus are making him dance, there’s one who wants Rolls Royce. Last time, he asked for a Rolls Royce. He has got 58, and wanted the 59th. Actually, he was going to buy a [?] but somehow fizzled it out. And that’s how the people are there, and these very ? English people who don’t want to eat their food without the [inaudible] are held by their tails, by these horrible gurus.

Without knowing how much they are befooled. And even grown-ups and old elderly lords have hit it. There was one lord’s son who died. He was trying to fly in the air. The father was in it– father and mother were downstairs, father about 70 years of age and wife about 65 and they were trying to fly downstairs and upstairs was the daughter in law and the son. And the son collapsed, he died. So the lady, the wife came and told that, “He is dead”. So they were very happy, he is now gone to heaven, he has achieved his last life. Imagine these lords, these scholarly lords. And some Sahaja Yogis went to tell him, he says, “Don’t tell us, don’t come in our happiness and joy, our son has gone to heaven, and we are all going to go there.”

[Inaudible] I can’t understand this. What has happened to their brains? They are told that you take a drum, stand on Oxford street, wear that horrible dress, go on dancing in God’s name and [inaudible], then you’ll go to God. How will you believe such nonsense?

And for Sahaja Yogis, I must tell you, I had six of them. All scholars turned into hippies, scholars from Oxford, and from Cambridge. Oxford you know, ford car combined with an Ox. They really, completely exhausted Me. Four years, I worked on them! I said, “Oh God, these stones, what am I to do with them?” They liked the food I cooked, the liked the house I lived, they liked the way I was, everything, but nothing happened to the Kundalini. And then it did happen. Very difficult nuts to break, but now doesn’t matter, they all found . They found out that Sahaja Yoga, it is spontaneous in Sahaja Yoga. Everything points to Sahaja Yoga. Everything points to Kundalini awakening. It’s there, they recognized, even logically they recognized. It’s absolutely logical. I am here because of them, I should say.

They always failed. They have a guilt about Australia that they ill-treated people for very little offences, like even stealing the bread and all that. They sent away these people to hell. Now [?] I mean, it’s a heaven. You got heaven in punishment, compared to that dirty London, nowadays. It’s nice to go and see. Every time you go out you have to have an umbrella, even people play football with an umbrella in their hand. It’s a mad place, the [dirtiest?] place I know. But it is in Me. It is the heart of the universe. Everything circulates from there. All your laws, all our governing things, everything comes from there. So I had to work very hard, I know. But now we have really beautiful Sahaja Yogis, which are tremendous. And thanks to William Blake *, he has already prophesized so much about Sahaja Yoga, about what will happen, even where I lived, where ashram will be, everything is so much in details. That now things are getting very much better in here.

So now, we come back from there, to our Agnya chakra, the center where Christ came in. There is ego and superego. He came at a point which is in the center of the ego and superego, which is controlled by pituitary, the ego is controlled, and the pineal body controls the superego. In between them, at the optic chiasma, in the center of the optic chiasma, He came. That’s why eyes are very important for Me. Because eyes are controlled by this center. There are two petals to that: ‘ham, ksham’. These are the two sounds that come out of those two petals, ham, ksham. On one side, left side, when the person are in superego. They are sadists, that’s how they call them, people who like domination, who like beating up and all, I mean the extreme cases. I mean, in India we do not have this extreme type, we have people who are submissive or we have people who are arrogant, at the most.

But this, the husband beating the wife with a hunter or some women liking it, this kind of nonsense I have not heard of. But you see, you go to such extremes in everything whatsoever. “All right. If we have to be suppressed all right, let us get beatings, let us go on suffering.” Why should you suffer? Christ has suffered for you. What is the need for you to suffer, I just don’t understand. And make a drama out of it, “We are suffering”. ‘Les Misérables’ like the French.
French are very ‘Les Misérables’, really very difficult people, you can’t carry on with them. They think they are ‘Les Misérables’, making everybody miserable. In the same way, we also take to this kind of an idea, “Oh we are suffering, we are very unhappy people”, We start all sort of nonsensical emotional dramas we play. And “Why are you laughing, why are you enjoying yourself?” Like I went to France. I told you the story. They said, “Mother, don’t say that You are a happy person. They won’t like it. They will say you are not sensitive.” I said, “Really?” Then I went to make fun at the whole stuff. But this is what it is. We go to the extremes, we torture ourselves we go on condemning ourselves, “Oh I am so bad, I am good for nothing, I am useless.”

We had a gentleman like that with us. He did only one thing is to read lord Byron That man, you should never read, I tell you. What a life le led! He himself was a horrible, licentious man and he writes about The Prisoner of Chillon. This lord Byron did it. Now he became the prisoner, you see, without any prison, without anything. He is the prisoner, this gentleman, his name is Bonnie [Bonnivard]. And Ronnie is the one who cries in Indian language, ‘Ronie’.

So this Mr. Ronnie all the time used to cry, weep, sleep in his bed, have his food in his bed, “I am very sorry, I am this and that.” His mother got fed up with him. Wife ran away, also he cried for that. His son ran away, he cried for that. The mother said that, “You cannot have all this nonsense”. So he cried for that, “She doesn’t love me.” And he came to Me, he said, “Mother I would like to wash your kitchen and do-.” I said, “You see, there is no need, I have got my own people here, staff, you don’t have to clean. Now will you please change your attitude towards life?”

He said, “Mother I’ll try this, I’ll try that.” I gave him Realization, tried to. But he had these angles. I said all right. We sent him back to his mother. Three days later she rang me up. She said, “You please take your son away from me. I am fed up of him. He has come here, he is weeping in his bed as usual. He has gone back to the same, and he is doing no work. I have to cook for him, otherwise he starves himself. He thinks he is the most miserable man, you better have him.” You see this is the same style, you see, is the superego people, one style. And another one is the aggressive. Actually, the way aggressive people can become also people, because they are afraid of [?].

Like in England, I was surprised, people are very frightened, very frightened. Extremely frightened people. Indians are not like this. I mean if you need anything, you’d better telephone to them rather than go to their house. Otherwise, if you go and knock at their door, they might die of heart failure. They are so frightened, you see, most surprising. Extremely frightened people. And you cannot say anything to them. They just get like this. What are they frightened about? I don’t understand. Extremely frightened people they are. In India it is not so. In India, supposing somebody comes here tonight, immediately you think, “Oh maybe your friend has come, he may be in difficulties”. Immediately the husband would ask the wife, “You have sufficient money in the house? What have you got? Some ornaments? He might need some money. Otherwise why has he come? Or may be some problem with him.” It’s like that. You just open the door immediately, without thinking. And the thieves in India don’t knock at the door and come in. [Laughter]

I mean, they are not expert burglars you see, as we have in England. They are naïve still. So their thieving also is mostly of no value. Actually, in my house, in my father’s house, we never locked our houses, never. All our doors were open, morning till evening. And father said, “If you lock the house then people will think, there’s something in the house, that’s why it is locked. Please keep in open.” We leave everything open and anybody can walk in. And in the night, mother fixed it. I mean, we were like that. But now we have learnt how to thieve and how to do things and that’s why the problem is different. All right.

So, we have Christ in this place, where this red mark is, sitting at the crossing point. And this crossing point He has done for us. He has taken our karmas, the sins upon himself. The Hindus should now realize that they need not go about with their karma theory, before everyone. They do not want to talk of Christ, because they know their karma theory fails. If He has been sacrificed for our sins, either He was a false guru or we are true gurus. Then how can we build up our karmas? If we become the Spirit all our karmas will be sucked by Christ who is awakened in that. So all the karma theories go away. All the sacrifices go away. All these ideas must go away.

And when I talk about these things, Hindus blame Me that, “You are a Christian.” But when I talk about Krishna, the Christians say that, “You are a Hindu.” Some say I am a Muslim, some say I am – what am I? I am a Musulman, because I know all of them are one, in one body, in one personality, they all exist. In one personality, in every human being, and no use disintegrating them and suffering the problems of disintegration. “I am a Christian”, “I am a Muslim”, “I am a this”. You are that because you are born in that. Do you think about it? You accepted it just because you are born in it. What have you got? What did your forefathers get? All your people have been going to the same thing. You are a Hindu, you are doing like a Hindu rituals. If you are Christian you are doing like a Christian rituals. If you are a Muslim you are doing like a Muslim fanatic. It’s all that nonsense you have been doing for ages together. Did you get your Realization? It’s the first point. Even in the Gita, the first thing that is, that it’s through Veda, ‘Vid’ word means to know, and ‘Veda’ means by which you know. If these Vedas cannot make you know, then they are useless. They themselves have confessed it.

So, we see here Christ, standing at the gate of three centers, three powers, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati. He is the one who’s is controlling all these three powers within us. By one power, He controls all our superegos, He controls all the devils and spirits. If you show the cross the devils run away. It’s common. He controls our ego on the right-hand side. Though the Christians are the most ego oriented. Whatever they profess, they are just the opposite. And then He controls the dharma within us by which He makes us rise above towards spirituality, to be the Spirit. He controls that center within us. And this center is the center where your eyes get pure, that your superego at the back is clear, that your ego is sucked in, and from your eyes flows nothing but just compassion. Just compassion, and love of God and the devotees have adoration and nothing else.

One lecture is not sufficient to describe Christ. Nor it is sufficient to describe Shri Krishna. I have spoken for hours, days together, and this lecture has taken too much time because I have tackled two very important centers together. I hope you will not sit on certain words or certain thoughts and just try to renounce the truth. This is the truth. I have come here to tell you the truth and not to please you, your ego, to please your ego, or to excite your superego, but to comfort you. And to make you your Self, your Spirit.
May God bless you all.

[From 1:24:19 on audio 1]
[Shri Mataji speaks to a seeker]: You have been asking too many questions. You’d better come and sit. All right? That will be better because you must be satisfied. All right? Just too many questions also, why? Just take it. First of all, get Realization. Get Realization. Did you read the book Advent?
Seeker: Which one?
Shri Mataji: Advent.
Seeker: Advent.
Shri Mataji: Hum.
Seeker: No, no.
Sahaja Yogi: Any questions?
Seeker: Question about Cosmic consciousness.
Shri Mataji: [Laughter]
What is cosmic? It’s not cosmic. Cosmic has something to do with your five elements.
Seeker: No –
Shri Mataji: I know, just a minute. I will tell you. Sit down, sit down.
You see cosmic consciousness is a consciousness which develops when you have interest in the matter. Cosmic consciousness, part of it, is shown now by your knowledge of science. This is the cosmos. The Spirit has nothing to do with the cosmos, in the sense, that this matter is just a lamp for the light. Light is the Spirit. The so-called cosmic consciousness is actually achieved by the movement of the mind to the right-hand side, which is the supraconscious area.
In this movement, before Realization you are helped by people who are ‘busybodies’ [dead souls], who are anxious people, who are lying on the right-hand side. Like you feel you are flying in the air, you are leaving your body, you are sitting on a tree. Or suddenly doze, some people know dozing, they know about the water, they know where the water is. All these suggestions come to you from the supraconscious area. Sometimes you start knowing about certain stars. There are supraconscious people in Columbia where women take this LSD and there are some drugs like that, if you take to it, you go into supraconscious area. You start seeing colours and formations. Beyond that also these people were so surprisingly supraconscious! You will be amazed that, I asked them, “Why do you have an emblem as the condor, the big eagle.” They said that, “It is because our old Indians told us that once, it can be from India, God. God Vishnu came on a condor in this country”. [Inaudible].

So that kind of a development is not necessary now. That time is over. When people wanted to build up the right side, they tried to create their knowledge on the right side: like using prana, then using all these five elements, the Vedas and all that. Now you are developed, your ego is developed, all right. Now the time of development is such that you have to become the Spirit. You don’t have to, you don’t need it. By your knowledge of cosmic consciousness only, you discovered the ether, you discovered the gravity, you discovered so many things.

Now all these things that you have discovered are going to help the Sahaja Yoga. It’s meant for this time. Like you make a stage: for the stage you put lights, you put all adjustments for sound, everything. But the people who have to be on the stage are you. Your job is to be on the stage. You are not to bother about the stage arrangements, that’s all done. That’s all finished. Now you see this mike, it is such a simple thing. You know that this mike, on this magnetic emission, I can put the spiritual power to you, as I told you, it is the lamp that carries the light. So this is the carrier. If I put it here like this, say I put it here, then I know that you can hear Me the same way as if you are hearing Me.

*(about William Blake)