Public Program: Aim of Seeking

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne (Australia)

1981-04-02 Public Program: Aim Of Seeking, Melbourne, Australia, DP-RAW, 96' Download subtitles: EN,ZH-HANSView subtitles:
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Public Program Aim of Seeking

It is really gratifying to come to Melbourne. I came here because somebody who had come to Sydney and said that “Mother, You must come to Melbourne. We need You.” When I came here for some other purpose, I felt vibrations of Melbourne are really very good and here it is quite possible that there may be many seekers.
It is really gratifying, as I said, to be here among you. It’s a fact that the time has come for thousands and thousands and thousands and millions of them who are born as seekers on this earth have to get their realization. They have to know their meaning. They have to know why the nature has made them a human being from amoeba. What is the purpose of their life? Unless and until you find the purpose of your life you are not going to be happy. You are not going to be satisfied. You may try anything else. You may have one of those ego trips, you may have other trips like seeking money. You may have other things like going to drugs, alcoholism, livercation, all kinds of things. But these things have not given any satisfaction to anyone. You have to find out that absolute without which we are in confusion.
 That absolute is within you. That’s why Sahaja Yoga is as spontaneous thing, is a living thing. “Saha” means with, “ja” means born. It is born with you, as in a seed. All the maps of the seed that it is going to manifest are built-in. In the same way within you, your spirit and your kundalini are all already existing there and they are just waiting for a chance to give you your Self-realization. Before telling you about the benefits of Self-realization, I have to tell you that you must keep your minds open as you would for any science lecture or any other lecture. There’s no jugglery or there is no shopping, guru shopping in Sahaja Yoga. It is a happening; it’s an actualization. It is within you. It’s a living force, like a flower becomes a fruit or an egg becomes a chick, you get your realization and you become a different personality.
A new dimension of awareness grows into you and this new dimension of awareness is an actualization, it’s not just a mere words or any kind of a brainwash. It is an actualization within you which happens by which you start feeling the collective consciousness. You are a part and parcel of the whole, so many have said it. We also believe in it that we are the part and parcel of the whole, but so far in our awareness, in our central nervous system, we have not felt that. So this is actually should happen to you. In this we have to accept, whatever is nourishing for our growth, after realization. Gradually you start accepting and I tell you why it happens. But the thing is in Sydney I found that people are extremely honest about their seeking and they really appreciated My honesty.
 This is a process which was built in since long within us. Here that you see different chakras. These centers are placed within the human beings and they exist as subtle centers in the spinal cord and in the brain. These are called in Sanskrit language as chakras. These centers exist within us as milestones of our evolution. For example, the lowest chakra, called as the Mooladhara chakra, is the center – at that point we were carbon atoms, we were matter. At that point we were innocent; matter is innocent. So the first thing that was created within us was innocence. This whole universe was created after innocence was created. This chakra is placed below the kundalini, if you see it clearly. Kundalini is the pure power of desire. Pure power of desire. Whatever is pure we call it holy. Is the holy power of desire, which remains dormant. This power is the desire to be one with the spirit. Without knowing the spirit, you cannot know God.
You are to be input to the mains. You are not yet put to the mains. For example, this instrument [microphone] that we have made if it is not put to the mains, it has no meaning. So that has to happen. It’s like the primule in the seed, a germinating power in the seed, that you have got this power, residual power sleeping, waiting for a moment when somebody who is authorized by the Divine and not by any organization or certificate that human beings give you, but somebody who himself is a realized soul as an enlightened person, and he knows what is this power is. It waits for such a personality and then it awakens itself and you get your Self-realization. It has to be spontaneous; everything vital in life has to be spontaneous. The breathing that we have is so spontaneously going on that we take it for granted till it stops, or till we feel that we cannot breathe. If you have to go and read books or putting some efforts to breathe, then how many of us could even exist for more than say five minutes? It is so vital, is the culmination of our evolution and as the whole creation was created by the Divine, as you are also created by Divine, this great happening is to be done by the Divine.
Now some people asked Me that “Can it not happen by itself to us?” We do not know that at every stage of our evolution some aspect of God had to incarnate or some guidance had to come from the Divine to give us a higher awareness. But specially at this time it is very important that somebody has to do it because you have reached a stage where you have to know it in words, and Divine had to speak. It’s a very common question that in – I think people are ego-orientated, they said, “Why You, Mother?”
I said, “You better be there. I [would?] be very happy if you could do it because I am a happily married woman, I don’t need anything from anyone, I have to just give. But if you can do My work, I will be very happy to retire.”
It’s very easy to say, “Why You?” I mean, you should ask God why He gave Me these powers. But they are there, but one need not feel hurt about it so much also. After all you have some many powers which I don’t have. For example, I don’t know how to drive, really I don’t know. I don’t know many things, even I don’t know how to open ordinary cans; but if I know how to open the kundalini, why should it hurt your ego? And why should you feel bad because I have to really work day and day out. To do this work, it’s something just a gift to you. There is no shopping; you can’t pay for it. It is beyond your control. To conceive God, you have to see, as the reality is. You have to give up your conceptions.
Supposing I had conceived a hall before seeing this, I would have had funny ideas, but after seeing it only I really know what it is. In the same way people have written books, thousands of books they have written or even millions of books they have written, so what to do? If they have written the books, have they given you any Self-realization? Have they given you that experience of the absolute by which you know yourself, you know your centers and you know the center of others and you start manifesting your own powers? You become the master of your powers. This is what should be the criteria of your seeking. Why should you be identified with anything else but yourself? Because I get people belonging to this cult, or this group, or this religion, or this and that. But you must understand that you are not here to be pleader for any one of them. I mean you pay them to be their pleader or to be their lawyers or solicitors, whatever you may call it. But you should really try to honestly seek the truth and ask for this truth and then only you will get the truth.
 So first thing one should understand that you cannot purchase Divine. You cannot pay for it, it is an insult, it is an insult. And secondly you cannot put in effort for that. When you have to sprout a seed what do you do? You put it in the Mother Earth, and she sprouts by itself spontaneously. It has got that force in it; only have to put it to the Mother Earth. And the Mother Earth by her warmth germinates the seed. Do you get angry with the Mother Earth for that, that, “Why must you do that?” If she has to do it, she has to do it. Whatever the sun has to do, has to do, and whatever you have to do, you can do and whatever the animals have to do, they do. If we understand that we have not yet achieved what we wanted to, then you will realize that there is a very little gap. The kundalini awakening takes split of a second, but its rising may take more time in certain people because of blockages in the center or maybe some imbalances within us.
      In short I will try to tell you what is the kundalini and what is this picture about. I hope you have got some books with you; you can also open and see for yourself. Those who haven’t got books can also get from them. It will be easier to understand it. At the back of the book you will find a nice chart.
Firstly you have to be honest about your seeking, absolutely honest about it then everything will work out. Now here you see this chart is the first center called as the Mooladhara Chakra, as I said, and the sacrum. See the meaning of the word sacrum means sacred. Sacrum is the bone in which the kundalini is there. I would like you to see from the top this blue color balloon like structure comes down up to the first chakra. Now this represents a subtle force within us, which is the power of desire. It manifests outside the left sympathetic nervous system. This is the emotional side of a human being. It’s not only emotional. This is the one that takes conditionings within itself when we say, “Don’t do that, don’t do that, don’t do that,” and creates by its activity a balloon-like structure called as superego, which is in Sanskrit called as mana. So this is the power of mana, of mana shakti.
English language is a little confused. When you say “mental cases” you do not mean the mental cases that has something to do with the mind which thinks. But when you say mental cases, you mean to say that they are the people who suffer from emotional problems. It’s a little confused thing, but in psychology it is very nicely described by Jung, who was a realized soul himself, the superego and the id part is this power by which we get all our conditionings within us and we pass it to our past. Beyond this area on the left-hand side lies, beyond the subconscious, the collective sub-conscious, all that is dead since creation lies this side on the left-hand side. This manifests, as I told you, the left sympathetic nervous system. Now in the medical science there is no difference between the left and right. But you will find out that they have entirely two different functions. The left sympathetic nervous caters to our emotional side, which can be proved in Sahaja Yoga practice.
 Now on the right hand side there is another power, which is the power of action. When we desire, the desire has to be put into action. And this power of desire is called the prana shakti or the power of action, the kriya shakti some people call it, and it looks after our intellectual side, our intelligence and the mind, with which we think about the mental side and our physical side, through which we go into action. This as a result of its activity creates another balloon you can see there a yellow color balloon, which we call as ego. E G O, ego. And this two powers meet at a point. When the child is about, say, twelve years of age, he is completely calcified here.. But in childhood only, you see, at the age of, say, one year or one and a half year, you start feeling the calcification of this soft bone called as fontanel bone.
In the center is the third power called as the power of evolution, the power of sustenance, the power of religion, which is innate within us. Now “religo” means a capacity, you can say a quality. Like gold is untarnishable; that is the quality of gold. Carbon has four valences; that’s the quality of carbon. In the same way, human beings also have got ten sustenances and these ten sustenance are the dharma or the religions of a human being. It has nothing to do with outside religions, whatever you believe into or whatever you have fallen into or you are born into. But there are ten sustenances within us, which are in this area, call as, we call it Void, but it’s not the same void as the Zen says, but is the visceral cavity. In this area we develop our sustenance. By developing our sustenance only we evolve.
For example, first a fish came out of the water and developed a sustenance by which it started crawling, and it became a reptile. Firstly only one fish came, and then shoals and shoals of fishes started coming out of the water. So the evolution went on like this till we became human beings. In this process, as you know very well, the left-sided and the right-sided animals – the right-sided are the more ambitious, the dominating type, the left-sided are the sly. As you have many nocturnal animals, they are all left-sided, they are frightened and live in the left, and those who are aggressive are on the right hand side. They were discarded, even some vegetables and what you call the plants were discarded in the process of evolution. And they were thrown on the right and left side. And God created man in His own image. That means man has everything that God has. If He is the primordial being, He is the macrocosm, then you are the microcosm, you are a cell in His body, but you are not aware of that. There’s a difference between awareness and just consciousness. Awareness is an actualization, while just to be conscious means mentally you believe, rationally you are a conscious, “I know that. We think we are brothers and sisters.”
Now the centers that are placed within. The first one, as I told you, is the Mooladhara Chakra. You will be happy to know that in the universe Australia is the Mooladhara Chakra. It’s a fact; you will know that on vibrations, if you ask a question you will know. Basically you are innocent people. You don’t know also when you commit sins that this is sin, you just do it very innocently. You don’t do it knowingly, innocently you do it. And the second center is the center called as Swadishthana Chakra.
The first center manifests your pelvic plexus. The right side, as I told you, manifests the right sympathetic nervous system. The center one manifests your parasympathetic which is broken, which is not yet complete. Whatever you have achieved in your awareness as a human being is there, and there is little gap where you have to just break through into that and become united with that force.
Now this second chakra is the chakra called as Swadishthana Chakra, you need not worry about the names, but is the center for action by which you think, think for the future. And this center looks after many other visaras or you can say organs within us. It looks after your liver. All attention is looked after by this center. Liver, then it looks after your pancreas, your spleen, your kidneys and uterus in the women. The most important function of this center is to manifest the aortic plexus in the gross and to convert the fat cells of the stomach to replace the fat cells of the brain because, after all, the fat cells of the brain are to be replaced because you think, think, think, think and go mad with thinking. You think so much that as if two horns are coming out of your thinking. You may say the other day that “Mother, mind is very important because mind is the problem.” Don’t you know that this mind is limited? This rationality is limited. You have to go to unlimited. When I have to come to this hall, we had to leave the car outside. This mind can go up to a point and if you try to go beyond that, then you really go crazy. We don’t bring the cars inside, in the same way this mind cannot take you to the unlimited. It’s a limited thing, you have to go beyond the mind.
This center is doing this work of supplying the fat cells and when you think too much all other visaras or all other organs are not looked after, are neglected by which the person who thinks too much, who lives in the future, who plans too much, also then drinks in addition to that, supposing, and in addition to that he does other things like drug taking in the stomach and eats lots of fat food and all that, so he really finishes that poor liver. And that liver is the one that sorts out all your poisons in the body, all kinds of poison. But this liver gets out of order, and you don’t feel it. Only the heat starts accumulating, you feel always nauseating and you feel so unhappy, you don’t want to face the present, you want to run away. You feel extremely horrid; you don’t know what to do with yourself. All that comes from a bad liver. Also apart from liver your pancreas goes out, and you develop a disease called diabetes. With that you also try some coffee and all those things, which add up. Coffee, the amount of coffee that people consumes, sometimes I can’t understand. And that coffee can really spoil the pancreas to such an extent that you can develop even more serious diseases than diabetes of the pancreas.
Beyond the pancreas lies the spleen. Spleen is the real victim of modern people, real victim is poor spleen. Spleen is the one which is the speedometer within us, it regulates your speed. When you are eating your food, you suddenly open the news on the TV or something, horrible things happen. You get so shocked and emergencies built-in. This spleen is already the busy producing RBCs, red blood corpuscles, for the digestion of the food, and suddenly it has another emergency and a third emergency. The way we take our breakfast, half sandwich in the mouth and half outside stepping into the car, telling your wife that do this, do that and then rush through the rat race, ending up yourself into a very crazy spleen. The spleen does not know how to carry on with your telescopic behavior and it goes so very crazy that it starts producing crazy cells, and these are the crazy cells which create ultimately a very serious disease called blood cancer.
The other day somebody asked Me a question, “Mother, how the children get blood cancer?” I said, “If I tell you, you shouldn’t be angry with Me, but when we are after the life of our children, poor things, they are small children. We are trying to make them good citizens.
So this crazy spleen becomes absolutely uncontrollable, it start producing blood cells which become malignant. They go at random, any time, and the malignancy starts where one cell becomes very big, unique, as we are also malignant people sometimes. You want to be unique people in the society, engulfing everybody, encroaching on other people, in this competition we want to have everything to ourselves, and by the time you are old, you find your hands are shaking, feet are shaking, you can’t walk properly or you develop diseases like say, heart attack or a stroke. This rat race is very competitive. Competition for what? Everybody should be able to grow in relation to others. For example, if your nose only starts growing like that, not in relation to your body or face, what is going to happen to the rest of you? To be on your own, “I’m on my own,” and then you start growing without any relationship or coordination with the other parts of the society, other parts of the world, then you become malignant. You lose all balance; you don’t know what you are doing.
This is the tragedy that when this happens to us we are so ego-orientated that the pangs are not felt till you reach a stage that suddenly you find a person goes – they, you call it in English “gaga,” they call it in American English. You find them, they can’t talk, I have seen in Paris. Some people, not very old, younger to Me in age, walk into a bus and they are talking loudly all sorts of French words, and I asked,” What are they doing?” They said, “Mother, they are talking about last war.” I said, “Why?” They said, “They just go on talking like this, they are gone.”
They are, what did you say, out of the deck. Because you are having such a running jump towards the hell that the progress, so called, will make our society into very funny people, who are jittery, who are twitching their heads, necks and everything, and their children are so aggressive that it is impossible to understand why they’re behaving like this. We have to understand that we are part and parcel of the whole. And anything that is done without the relationship of other can create tremendous problems for the whole world as it is and it is creating.
The second center is very important for modern people, as I told you, because when you start thinking too much also, what you do, you use your right side, and the left side gets frozen. By improving all your thinking processes, thinking too much of the future and planning, and of course most of the plans go waste. Such a lot of energy we waste in thinking that we find that if we had not thought so much, we would not have been that much frustrated. The planning also to such an extent doesn’t help in any way. Supposing I have to come to this hall and I do not know the way. What planning can I have? I have just to ask somebody how do you go there and face as it is. Supposing a seed has to grow into a root, does it have any planning before hand? It does not. What it does is that it faces. It’s a little cell but so wise. It knows that there is an obstruction, no use fighting with this rock, so it goes around, all soft places it pierces and gets itself embedded sensibly and wisely and uses that rock, uses that rock for the strengthening of the tree.
So when we try to dominate others, I mean the sophisticated, the more sophisticated you get , the more sophisticated this ego gets and with that sophistication you are very pleased. “Sorry,”, “yes” and all those things are there, but inside a big Mr. Ego is developing like a balloon. And it presses down your superego, and it comes down. Now the gap that is between the two or the place where it should be is not there, and ego presses down the superego till superego starts seeing the colossal ego. And then such a person takes to escapes, it takes to alcohol, which gives rise to superego or it takes to drugs and all kinds of escapes in life to run away from his own ego because he can’t bear it. Now the wobbling starts, the ego and superego start wobbling, and that’s how you get people who are absolutely confused. Moreover, to add up to the whole problem, the modern times are the ones that in this confusion Last Judgment has already started. Through your Kundalini awakening only you will judge yourself and correct yourself and you will enter into the Kingdom of God. These confusions actually have led human beings to such frantic, precarious ages that Sahaja Yoga had to come on this earth to solve the problems once for all. After getting realization it’s so remarkable when you find your absolute through Kundalini awakening and see people overnight they give up so many things.
Like I know of an old man, very old man in Singapore who is a very well known, very rich man and a very well known personality. And he got his realization and he told Me that “Overnight I gave up my gambling, I gave up my drinking and I gave up my racing.” These are also escapes in life, these are all escapes because we are so bored of ourselves. Imagine a person is imprisoned. If he is just imprisoned in a nice place, he should not feel upset, after all it’s a very good thing to face yourself that’s the most beautiful thing we have. But because we are so [frightened?] of ourselves only that we don’t want to be left alone, we think we are lonely. We want to run away from ourselves. We want to have somebody else, it’s better to have somebody else, and even if somebody else comes in, we do not want to face him squarely, but we want to have something in between, like a bottle of beer or something.
After realization you first time start enjoying each other. You first time start feeling the vibrations on another person and you really enjoy the beauty of another person through this cool breeze that is coming out of the being of that person. And this should happen to all of you. You all should achieve it, it’s very important because you are out and out seekers. But first you must have your self-estimation. You must know that you are not here to play these games with yourself. All kinds of games are available. The industries have provided, the Industrial Revolution has provided, all modern thinkers and the books and all that have got it, and to add to it, gurus have come from India to supply this demand market. So the picture is complete. This should not upset you, because behind all fakeness and falsehood there has to be reality. If you see thousands of artificial flowers, you must know there has to be one real rose. And in the same way behind all this falsehood and confusion there is reality which is so beautiful within yourself, which you have to achieve through Kundalini awakening. In short now I will tell you about the other centers because if you go through this book, you will know about the names and things, but in short I can tell you.
That the third center is the center of our seeking, is the center by which we are seeking, is the navel center, is by which amoeba, an amoeba felt hungry, he was seeking food. In seeking food only we went up to the stage of, say, mammoth and all these big animals. But they were such unwieldy big things that they could not maintain themselves. So then the intelligent animals came in. In that also some of them were very horrid ones like foxes and all that. Then very powerful animals came up who had more physical power than their big body. Like that we developed with this seeking up to a point when we became really human beings and when we became human beings we started seeking things like possessions, if not possessions, like power in politics, economics, social work, social things and lastly the Spirit.
Spirit is the solution for all of them. Without the light you cannot see anything in this world. I cannot see you without any light in there. To me, in darkness you are nothing but darkness. I don’t see. I cannot relate one to another. I do not know who are sitting here and listening to me, but once there is light you can see everything clearly, and that’s what it is happens. That when you get your enlightenment you become the master of yourself. This is the end of the seeking which starts. In this seeking only, around the seeking are, our sustenances are develop gradually, and ultimately we become human beings. And for human beings there are ten sustenances described in the Ten Commandments. When I talked about Ten Commandments, one gentleman got very angry and said, “You are a Christian, you are a Christian, you are a Christian!” But Ten Commandments were written when there were Jews, they were not written … Moses was not a Christian, he was a Jew and the Jew got angry with me that I was a Christian. Moses, Abraham, Confucius, Socrates, Mohammed, Nanak, Janak, Lao Tse, these are the primordial masters. The principle of primordial masters, the Adi Gurus, who incarnated on this earth to teach us how to keep our sustenance. They taught against all alcohols and strong things. Christ did not talk, but it does not mean that when he said he converted into wine means He fermented the wine. You cannot ferment the wine in a minute, you understand that. Wine is a very common word, even today if you go you’ll find that wine means grapes. I mean even the creeper of the grape is called a wine, even the juice of these is called wine. Now to differentiate we have started to call it grape juice. But it is very, very [loose, but your will be very surprised it is a very confusing?]. About fifty years back people must have started, or something like that, in India, but may be abroad, I don’t know. Even today many people call it a wine raksasia, even in Indian language it is called as the wine. Any grape juice is called as a wine. So there are many other things which these people told us that you should not do, to keep yourself in the center.
 Now I divide our mistakes in two categories. The first mistake we have is not to believe that God Almighty is going to look after our well-being. Krishna has said very clearly that “Yogakshema vahamyaham.” Meaning “After yoga, after union with God, I will look after your well being.” That means you should get connected. Supposing I am not an Australian citizen why will Australian government look after me? In the same way if you are not the members of God’s community or if you are not entered into the Kingdom of God or if you are not a citizen of His Kingdom, it is not His responsibility to look after your well being. I mean of course He has created you, so He looks after. But otherwise it’s not certain that He’ll look after you. People demand so much from God, they think they are already connected. They treat Him as if you can find Him somewhere under the stone. They go on demanding. “Please look after my son, please do this,” praying morning till evening. I mean it’s pestering. When you are not connected with God, if you go on doing like this to any human being also, you’ll get arrested. And that’s what happens, that we live under myths, “Oh, I have been praying, and God has given me this, and I have been doing this.” But we don’t see, do we deserve it? Are we the Spirit? Have we tried to be the Spirit? We have done all kinds of things but to be the Spirit. When you are the Spirit then you are really blessed, really blessed not only by His powers but you become the master of your being and you start manifesting your own powers.
This seeking and the surrounding dharma which is looked after by the primordial masters is another center here, above that is the center of the Mother of the Universe, who gives us the security. This one when spoiled, the sense of security spoiled, especially among women, when they feel that their husbands are negligent or they are flirting with other women and all sorts of things, then this center goes out of order. When this center goes out of order, then they develop diseases like breast cancer. Breast cancer is more common in societies where they have divorces. I have given a regular speech on this which you should get from Sydney and you will know all about it.
Now the right side Heart, which you see here, is the center of a Father, the left one is the center of the Mother. The right side Heart Center catches when as a father you have not done your duty or if your father has died very early, you were shocked, then also it can happen. Anorexia and all these diseases can be also caused by this kind of happenings or also asthma. Asthma, is invariably, is caused by this center going out of order. The left side is the center of the Mother. Our father and mother we chose, before our birth we chose them. It was foolish to choose horrible parents. We better pay for it. In one lifetime it is better to pay for the horrible ones so that next time you won’t have them again. But we are not to judge them. If they are not seekers, it’s a very difficult thing to live with them, I know. It’s very difficult to live with parents who are morning till evening counting every penny, counting every tin, which are emptied, every tube that is emptied, they store up, they are so materialistic and you just can’t bear such people, I can quite understand. Even a wife could be like that, and a husband could be like that, extremely materialistic, you will be fed up. They write down everything, every lamp post they must know, count everything.
Today a lady who interviewed Me asked Me, “How many people, Mother, have You given realization and how many people You have cured.” I said, “You better ask the sun first of all how many leaves it has made green, then talk to Me.”
I never write any accounts, leave alone of human beings, even of money. I never write, I have no time and I have no understanding as how to write accounts. Next life maybe I will be an accountant for you.
 So this happens to us when we become against our parents. I don’t say that you should carry on with mad people, there’s no use asking the bull to come and hit you, is correct. But you need not judge them. You can leave them, stay away and do not have them in your life, it’s all right. But if you are taking interest in them as well as fighting with them morning till evening, then you catch on this Heart Chakra. I would say that in this respect Indians are sensible people. They are very sensible that they keep their parents all right. And the parents are also yet very sensible people. They love their children; they give everything that they have to the children, and children start really loving their parents, till they die they look after them. The result of that is of course very bad, because here in all the western countries the parents are still in a bridal mood, I mean they are brides and the bridegrooms, you see, they never become old enough to be parents. Even an eighty- year-old man you’ll find marrying an eighteen-year-old girl. I mean it’s a thing going on all the time. God knows what sort of intelligence is that. But with all that happening poor children do not know which parents to be chosen. And the last judgment has started. Now, what to do? Now you place yourself in their places and think what would you do when you know such crazy parents that today they are together, tomorrow they are divorced. On the streets they will be kissing, hugging each other, doing all kinds of nonsensical things. Very embarrassing also, and if you ask them, “Where are you going?” they say they are going to the divorce case.
These kinds of absurdities are taking place and because of that children don’t want to get birth in all these places: England, Germany, Switzerland, everywhere. The birth rate is towards the minus side. In Germany especially, West Germany and East Germany of all the things people give so much money that a woman if she produces three children she earns more money than their prime minister. But still women don’t want to produce. They want to be free, independent; they don’t want to be mothers. As a result this poor India has to accommodate for all the children born today and we are blamed for overpopulation. Now what to do? We have to bear the load. So also it is your responsibility to see if you do not produce children at least those who are producing children have some compassion for them and have some understanding. Do not blame them. Oh, everybody tells Me, “What about Your problem of population?”
I tell them, “Now, who is responsible for our population? Because in that country, even if you have fourteen children, they love all their children that are there. They are not so ego-orientated that their hearts are not closed, they are not so unemotional, anybody who has no child will go to all the holy places and ask for blessings that they should get children. To get a child is such a blessing in India and child is such an important thing.” But the mistake they are committing is just the other than yours. The mistake in those developing countries is that they do not believe that God Almighty is the One who is going to look after your well being. They don’t believe in the power of their Father, so they do the crime against the Father, or you can say the sin against the Father, when you don’t believe in the capacity of your Father. So there is bribery, corruption, all sorts of things going on, cutting corners and money and all those things. Still in India I wouldn’t say that ordinary people are dishonest. I mean our bureaucrats may be, our politicians may be and business people may be. But ordinary people are very honest in India. But this is what happens.
      On the other side, you see, supposing an Indian comes to your house, be careful, he may run away with anything that you have in the house, anything, see, but if an American comes to your house, be careful about your wife. He may run away with your wife or with your daughter. Or say an Englishman comes, he’ll do it in a subtler way because he’s a scholar. So he reads some poetry to your wife and in the night you find she is missing. This is fundamental, I mean the wife who runs away like this creates problem fundamentally for the household. Just think in a house where there are children, there is husband, kitchen and all the places, everybody sleeping nicely, early in the morning they find that the main pole of the house is missing and the whole thing is collapsed. What will happen to the children, nobody thinks. Nobody understands or they think they are being in love so they must go? Men do the same. I mean there is no difference between men and women. But this is the sin against the Mother that the women have to be respectable and respected.
Housewives’ position is within us here on the left hand side Nabhi, and if a housewife, the deity of housewife, is not in our house, not that the woman but the housewife, then our spleen goes out. We get, children get crazy. Why aren’t they being disciplined. Somebody asked Me today, “What happens to the people like who try to kill Reagan?”
I said, “Ask his mother.” She must be after the life of the child morning till evening, and that’s why he’s taking action, or is a reaction of what has happened to him. How do these complications arise has a basis in the family in the nest that is your house. You have to live in the nest as a father and a mother looking after your children. Children are the most important things in the whole world for human beings. Let the politics go to hell, and let the economics take its own course, but children are to be looked after. That’s your primary duty. But in India we go to the other end: when we start looking after our children we don’t mind selling our countries also in the name of children.
But we live with two extremes, I feel, that we sin against the Mother and sin against the Father. When we sin against the Mother as Australians, as I am now an Australian, let us face what happens to us. We go emotionally absolutely blackmailed by ourselves. We torture ourselves, we live with artificial things. Like if a wife wants to run away with another man we will even go to get a honeymoon ticket for her because we are very considerate good husbands. Same thing with the wives if she finds that the husband is interested in another woman, she should not be jealous. In Sahaja Yoga this is not very much appreciated. Husband has to behave like a husband. He should make his wife run the house. And the woman has to be a woman. She must see to it that no danger is brought to the children. We have no business to hurt anyone like this and we do not know how much we hurt, we give cancers to our wives and husbands. We give all kinds of horrible diseases, mental tortures; we make them mad by our mad, capricious, very shallow understanding of our emotions. A one man starts going to another woman, then he goes to another woman, then to ten women he goes, and then ten men go to ten women and end up in a lunatic asylum or in the orphanage. I have seen in England we had a neighbor who had a very huge house. He died, he was an old man, and you’d be surprised they did not discover his body for one month. Because there’s no family feeling, nothing, even a rat doesn’t enter that house. Can you imagine!
      This is what has happened in thinking, “I am separated, I am individualistic, I am exclusive.” If you are really individualistic, if you are really mature individually, then you know the unity much better. Then you understand that you are the support of the whole because you are so matured. No wonder our children are not maturing. They are behaving in such a manner. We are responsible. We must accept that in our own ideas about compatibility and all this nonsense, we don’t have in India, we are quite comfortable and we are producing children quite all right. We have no problems. Why do you run after these capricious, these shallow ideas?
You will be held responsible for all these horrible diseases that men and women have got and the children that are going to suffer. If you have charity, better start it at home. Better be charitable to your own wife and to your own husband. Be charitable to your children. Don’t go by concept of falling in love, you’ll fall really and make others fall too. It’s a concept, just a concept. I think some of these horrible people must have given you this concept. If you really fall in love how do you get up to marry another person? You fall, marry another person, again ready to marry another person. You are holding the hand of a person who is suppose to be your beloved or whatever it is and looking at another one. This concept is absolutely wrong. You have to grow in love. As your own child is, in the same way is your companion. They are two parts of one chariot, one is the left and other is the right. They are not unequal, they are equal, but they are not similar, they have their own role. And women have to take their role courageously, to be the mother. As I always say, “Look at Me, I am a mother and in no way, in any way, I cannot think I could be anything better than this.”
      Now if I start thinking, “Oh God, I am a mother all right, but I must know how to drive,” then I’m finished. “I must know how to drive a bus, I must know how to drive a train.” What is the need?
      I saw one photographer who came to see Me. He was supposed to take My photograph and all hands were filled with blisters.
     I said, “Let Me first cure your blisters. How you are going to take My photograph?” 1 said, “What have you been doing with your photography?” He said, “No, this, I went to a forest and I cut some trees.”
 I said, “For what? You are a photographer, your hands are soft and deft. Why do you want to kill the deftness of your fingers?” He said, “No, we must do other things also.” I said, “Why must you?”
 You see the nose doesn’t do the work of the eyes and the eyes do not do the work of the ears. Why must you do, your hands are all finished! And this is what it is. To us we feel that men are great so we start saying that “Let’s do the man’s work.” The man thinks, “Why should women be like this?” You are companions, you are eternal companions. You are two beautiful wheels of a chariot. This is to be grown and to be matured within you. And when this center is out, you get the problems of this center by which you get asthma, tuberculosis and the breast troubles. Men get asthma, very serious asthma and other problems of the lungs and ultimately also lung cancer can develop.
When you work too hard with the right hand side, you are ego orientated, is that the ego develops too much. Then your left side is neglected, you become unemotional. That time your heart gives a signal, you get a heart attack. When you do too much sometimes you may escape the heart attack, but you may get a brain paralysis. We are bent upon destroying ourselves. The destruction is going to come from within, not from without. Those people who are trying to shock you, “This will happen, that the sun is doing this and …” Is nothing. It’s all within you the destruction has started. You are facing it because you cannot accept it. You have to accept that this is a challenge, “I am not going to allow myself to be destroyed by foolish and stupid ideas that are around.” And then in your own estimation and glory you will be surprised. After realization you will be enriched, but without realization, I don’t know, it becomes a lecture and a lecture, just a brainwash. That beautiful thing should happen to you, and once you find your beauty within yourself, overnight I have seen people changed. Overnight it happens and I hope that will happen to you tonight.
Today I have talked to you about this center and later on I will be talking to you about two other centers which are here and here. And the realization that takes place out of the limbic area, in the fontanel membrane, which is called as the Brahmarandra in Sanskrit language. Thank you very much. May God bless you.
If you have any questions you please ask Me. But questions should be something which are helpful, something which are not some sort of quarrel. I am not here to quarrel with you. If you don’t want your realization I am not going to force you. Please do not plead for any other organization or any other guru, because I am not interested. I am only interested in you. I see that sparkle in you, that’s why I am only interested in you, I’m not bothered about others. So you do not try to bring others ideas that “This guru has said this,” or “This one has said that and this is in the book.” The proof of the pudding is that you haven’t got your realization. If you have got it, then you can go out. If you are sure you have got it, I don’t want to force it on you. There’s no quarrel about anything. There’s no election on, nothing. You cannot give Me anything. There’s no shopping. It’s a temple; you have come for a blessing. All right? Now you can ask the questions, all right. Thank you very much.
Dr. Warren: Any questions? What commonly happens at times like this when Mataji has been speaking, because of these vibrations which She has been emitting, you enter the silence, you become thoughtless. You find that all the rational things that you want to ask, which is really only our ego just quietly sit down. The noisy radio gets switched off. And this in fact is what happens at the time of realization. You enter the silence.
Shri Mataji: Realize there’s nothing to be frightened about. The kundalini crosses this point, (Shri Mataji placing Her finger on Her forehead) this point, and you feel thoughtlessly aware. This is the first step. You are aware, but you are thoughtless.
      Dr.Warren (repeating question from the floor): Most people find it too time-consuming in this modern life to devote enough time to their Self-realization. What does Her Holiness suggest?
Shri Mataji: Firstly, are you realized or not? Have you got your realization or not? You have got it. Now, if you have got your realization, actually you are in meditation, you are in meditation. Now for doing the meditation, as they call it, there’s nothing like doing. But cleansing is needed, because you have to be on the watch in the beginning – how the vibrations are coming, if there is proper flow or not, what chakras you are catching. Moreover your life pattern also changes, because you do not enjoy the things that do not give you the real joy of the Spirit. And the greatest joy of the Spirit is that you give light to others. If you do not give light to others, you will never be satisfied. You may feel better because you are realized, but the completion of that or the development of your being doesn’t take place, unless and until you come into collective places.
The best thing will be wherever you are, you start a little group there, and meet there every weekend, or some time, and meditate. That would be a very good idea; then you start feeling the sweetness and the beauty of another person. You start seeing it clearly and enjoying it. Then you curtail your timing from other things and you take to it and you enjoy it and also you grow.
Like there was one lady who got her realization, and she told Me that “Now I become very different, I don’t remember all the names of all the things that I had, and all the quality of this.” She was a sales girl, or something like that, she had her own business and she used to sell things. “I do not remember all that and I am not that alert.” And I said, “What has happened?”
“I am very happy and joyous and things are selling much more and I am making a very big profit.”
It’s a fact, it has happened to so many of them. That’s the blessing of God. Only when I say that I am not telling you lies, you have to see for yourself, how these blessing works out. And then you will just, say, count your blessings one by one.
Dr. Warren: The meditation practice is very simple. We’ll tell you about it later. Very simple. The point is, as Mataji says, is to be in meditation – all the time. And that’s what we have to develop. Shri Mataji: Is there any other question?? (Shri Mataji starts the Self-realization process.)