Sahastrara Chakra, Public Programme

Maccabean Hall, Sydney (Australia)

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Sahastrara Chakra,, Public Programme. Sydney (Australia), 3 April 1981.

The other day I told you about the center of Christ and center of Shri Krishna and their relationship with each other.
Now the last and the most important one within us is the center of Sahastrara, is the limbic area. When you enter into it you become thoughtlessly aware. This is the area to be entered through the Kundalini, through the center of Christ, through the Gate of Christ and that’s what is written that you have to enter through Him. But not like somebody else saying, “I’m the Christ” or saying, “I’m Jesus Christ.” It’s not that way. Christ is within us and when the Kundalini rises, if it stops at this center, you have to take His name. Not the people who are not realized, but realized people have to chant His name, then only the Kundalini pierces through that center, that’s the door, that’s the gate He’s talked about, and then you enter the Kingdom of God. “Thou shalt inherit the Kingdom of God.” Inherit. That’s your Father’s Kingdom and that you have to inherit.

But now the most important is the last center of Sahastrara. When you have all the seven centers placed one after another, these centers are really the seats of all the deities we have talked about. The seats are in the brain, their aura is around the heart but they are actually sleeping in the ” Sthanas” as we call, the places of the centers. So, it is in three ways you can understand. One, in the brain, there are seven centers of the seats and their auras are falling on the heart. Their places are in the center. And the first state of the awakening of the Kundalini only these deities get awakened. That means when you chant anyone or you call Them by name, They react. In the sense They open the chakra. You can feel it; you can see it clearly with your own eyes the Kundalini rising through them. Then later on, when you go more and more, these Deities leave Their places and occupy Their seats and in Them the spirit, which is in the heart, comes up here on the fontanel bone area where there is the heart, seat of the heart center, which is the heart here, open. But it is at a much later stage, that state at a much later time at a much later state of your mind it’s a, you get into that state in which you just achieve that state. It is an achievement. It cannot be a false certificate from somebody or one can’t say this is written in the book. So this and all that. There’s no calculation like that. It has to mature in its living way and you yourself will know that you have got now complete Self-realization.

First thing you get is thoughtless awareness. With this you cross the Gate of Christ. You can cure people, you can raise the Kundalini. You may also be able to give Realization. But still you are capable of falling out. Supposing somebody, a person comes with negative forces and fanaticism he may encompass you. And you may go down. But the second state is called as the Doubtless awareness. If you rise into that then you have no doubt whatsoever. You never fall down. Maybe your Kundalini comes and goes and sometimes you can feel the catches, it’s all right. But after that, you are so sure of yourself and of your achievement, your Self-Realization that you never fall down. But the last one is the very important thing where many Sahaja yogis also falter, is the integration. For example, somebody’s born a Christian, he’s born. He could have been born a Hindu; he could have been born anything. He could have been Muslim. Muslim like see, if he is born today as a fanatic Hindu or a fanatic Christian, these are all fanatics. They go from one swing to another swing and they profess. He will have Koran in his hand, this fellow will have Bible in his hand and another will have Gita in his hand, three of them are fighting. He says I’m correct, he says I’m correct and this fellow says I’m correct. Now what is the authority? Even these people will ask what is the authority of the Bible. What is the authority of the Gita and what is the authority of the Koran? They’ll say what is the authority of The Old Testament? If they ask authority, what is the answer? And you can ask what is My authority? You must ask this question. In the beginning people do ask this question. My authority is that I give Realization. And you ask the question, “Mother are you the authority?” you get vibrations. This is My authority. Then you will understand why Bible is right, Koran is right and Gita is right. Because of the narrow vision we have. Say we are born as a Christian then we’ll stick to it. If you are Catholics you become protestants, if you are protestants you’ll become [UNCLEAR], Pentecostals, this that, Born Again, this that nonsense we go on ending up like that in a Christian genealogy, of one madness to another madness achieving nothing, believing into some sort of a theoretical thing like [UNCLEAR]. I can’t understand it. These theories and these things are not going to give you living experience, which is beyond rationality, which is beyond mind, which is Baptism, the real sense of the word, where you get this breeze in the hand, of the Holy Spirit. But we want to [UNCLEAR]. These things become a divulgence.

Now see one case of Christ. Christ was definitely, as I told you, was Brahma, Omkara, everything was there, no doubt. But when He was born, there was signs and everything. Despite all that there was a king who wanted to kill Him. See the negativity. No intellectual accepted Him. No bureaucrat accepted Him, no educated person accepted Him. He had to actually beg of those very ordinary, mediocre people like fishermen to come and become His disciples. See the situation. And He was allowed to live only for 4 years by these horrible people. They may be born today as Christians and be Christians and say Christ and Christ and Christ. That’s why Christ has said I will not recognize you. They might be the people who might have crucified Christ. And they’re again crucifying Him by denying the living force of the living God. Four years. Now, what can you do in four years? I told you in four years, with all My powers, I was struggling with six hippies giving them realization in [UNCLEAR]. He never even thought of giving Realization because He thought they don’t even have the brains to understand what is Realization. Whatever He said, he said it very precise and deep. If anything that is narrow has to be deep. It cannot go into the heads of people who just listen to sermons and lectures and read books and sort of have big theories built up in them. It will only be possible when you get your Realization, when you get your collective consciousness, when you become baptized. Then only you will be able to see what He talked about. Before that it’s only mental activity, quarrelling, fighting and gaining all artificial things. [UNCLEAR] Your forefathers did it and their forefathers did it and their forefathers were like that. Now is it not time for you to see that [UNCLEAR]? What are you going to lose by that? We form organizations false and false and false. There should be some honesty about it. Just talking and talking morning till evening, you are not going to receive any knowledge about Christ I can tell you. This narrow vision of Christianity has killed Christ and Christianity. The narrow vision of the Jews has killed Moses and Abraham. The narrow vision of the Christians and the narrow vision of all these people has killed. They are dead. Your children are going to challenge you. They are going to ask you, what foolish things you have been doing all your lives. They are going to ask you why did you do it? Have you any answer today? For that one has to understand that we have now found our absolute. You be honest yourself. Have you found your absolute? We have not yet found our absolute. That’s what you have to find. You have to be born again. Not to certificate yourself that I am born again. I have seen many people, I am born again. Really? How is it? Can you feel the chakras? Are you collectively conscious? Can you feel your own chakras? Can you identify yourself with any transformation? What transformation?

Then you have to choose also. Very effective. Muslims have lost even the recognition of God’s mercy and compassion. It is such a sad state. At this sad state and confusion, there has to be the integrating force. And that integrating force is your spirit. That integration takes place in this seventh chakra of Sahastrara. All the seven centers are there and all the centers are coordinated and co-related and that’s how, at the seventh chakra you get your Realization. He didn’t allow any of them to say anything about it. If they’re trying to say, oh it is written in so and so book and it is written in so and so book. Say for example when Christ was born. It was said that a child would be born to a girl. Kanya. In Sanskrit language it’s Kanya. In England there was a controversy about that, I think the Jews started it, I don’t know who started it. Maybe the Muslims. God only knows. They go into all these details to find out about it, said that He will be born of Virgin but it was said there as girl. So one of the Sahaja yogis wrote a nice letter, of course under My guidance saying that at the time when Christ was born, even before that, this prophecy was made and that time, a girl meant a virgin. These are not modern times when a woman who is divorced 10 times and 80 years is her age, and she’s still called as ‘my girl’. These are foolish stupid modern times where there’s no difference between a girl and a woman. That time a girl meant, even today in India, Kanya means a virgin. Girl means a virgin. It’s the same.

All such things have been raised against either Christ or Moses or Mohammad or this and that. I think there only is the raising things against each other, that’s what they are doing. According to them, what they think is the truth? What have they thought? First they connect it or cancel it. That’s it. Let’s have this challenge. Can they bring peace to anyone? Are they peaceful? Have they been able to get over their adulterous eyes? Any transformation? Nothing. So accept it. Be honest with yourself. You have no business to cheat yourself, or anything whatsoever. If you are little bad, awaken yourself. Find what is the best, absolute and the only thing that you have to find, your spirit. Your spirit resides in the heart. It is the reflection of God Almighty. It enjoys itself, by itself. It is the spectator of the world, of its powers, The Holy Ghost. It watches you and is called as the knower of the fate. It knows what you are doing, what are your aspirations, what mistakes you are committing. It goes to a long extent to forgive and forgive and forgive. Forgiveness is one of the qualities of the spirit. It forgives and says it will work out. It will come. But when you go too far, say you pay too much attention to your physical being or to your mental being, if you try to think too much, the spirit indicates its displeasure and you get a heart attack. Heart attack comes to you through displeasure of the spirit. If the spirit is angry with you, you get a heart attack. That means you are neglecting your spirit, you’re paying attention to things which are not important. You are hooked onto things which are not important. You are not worried about yourself, about the spirit, about your seeking. Even if you’re lost, say in any fanatic behavior of reading some books and things and taking out certain things and remembering them by heart and having an argument and quote something and all that, in not genuineness and goodness but stupidity then also you can get heart attack. Heart is very important. It sometimes gives you first warning by giving you a partial paralysis because in the heart [UNCLEAR], is created by the spirit which creates a clot and that clot when goes into the brain you get a partial paralysis, so that you do not move any further. That danger is waiting for you.

Then you start thinking of God, thinking of all the things and then if you come to Sahaja yoga you get cured because again your spirit forgives you. You are taking too much liberty with the spirit. It is true God has given you freedom and He is not going to take away your freedom at any cost. You have to be absolutely free to choose whether to go to Heaven or to go to hell. He is not going to force you. Only thing one can do is to explain to you and tell you that this is the way you go to hell. Even then if you want to go then what can anybody do about it? Even God, He doesn’t want to challenge your freedom at all. He doesn’t want to make you, in any way bound to him, like some people want, bound just bound, without [UNCLEAR]. But He wants your complete liberation. So the first stage is that you have to choose your liberation through your own freedom of choice. Now, up to this point, till you were human beings, there was no choice, but after becoming human beings you were given the choice because you could develop well to understand what is right and wrong in your own freedom, so that you could enter into the Kingdom of God as people who are free and have chosen good in their own glory and in their own freedom.

This is the only small little step where we always confuse our freedom with our ego. For example, now, this hall is here say, for Me to speak. Somebody wants from outside who has been worked up in some sort of an organization and he thinks he is doing the greatest work in the whole world. Comes down here in that ego state, sits down here and asks Me questions after questions, questions after questions, questions after questions, doesn’t allow anybody else to speak, takes away all My time to himself as if this hall is booked by him and all the audience is gathered by him. In this one has to see that this is an ego that is working. So we should not confuse our freedom with ego, that’s what I have to give you or counsel. So I can differentiate your ego from your freedom. When you are ego bound, you are a slave of the ego. When you are super ego bound, you are slave of your super ego, of your conditioning. For example if you are born a Christian, you are bound forever. Fine, you are a Christian but what about the real Christianity within you. What about your rebirth in the real sense of the word. So you become enslaved to these things. So that is not good, and spirit is being freedom, is being free. Being within us. It is detached. It cannot be killed. It cannot be thrown away. It cannot be burnt. It is eternal. Anant. It is eternal. That spirit is joy. That spirit is the source of joy. That emits joy. Joy is different from happiness and unhappiness.

Ego, when it feels pampered, it feels happy. I liked this. This “I” business. In this ego pampering there is no joy. Because you like to drink today and tomorrow you don’t like to have a headache. It has the double side of I like and I don’t like. You like something through your ego, dislike through your super ego. So it is a one point and there are two faces, one is happiness and another is unhappiness. Joy is beyond. Joy is a drama is a seer, it is a witness. You see a drama. You know it’s a drama going on. You just watch it as a drama. You’re not involved and you are seeing it and enjoying it. You are crying if you seeing something, you’re weeping but you know you are not that, it’s a drama. [UNCLEAR WORD] witness. Your spirit is the witness and when you become the spirit you become the witness. You become the witness. For example, you are seeing something through a window. There is something else in the window for example. Now you enter inside the room and you see through the window. Your conditioning is like one way arising in you as a thought, which comes from the past. It rises again and another thought comes up and goes in the past. First the past thought is there and then another future thought is there. You see the thought rising but you can’t see it disappearing. In between that is the present. That’s the place that’s established, that present is established when your attention becomes enlightened by the spirit. Either you think of the future or of the past. But I say none. At this moment, at the present. You cannot stand there because your spirit is not enlightened. Because spirit is the present. When you get your Realization, you find that you are not thinking of the future or the past, you are just enjoying.

Everything becomes different. Life becomes a drama and the joy of it starts coming out and you really enjoy small, small things here and there and you really understand how much joy was lost before Realization. This is not a mental thing that gives you joy but the joy flows on you from your head and just like he said, cool thing starts flowing down. As some people have a feeling of attention rising up, it’s the same way, a cool sort of thing, flow of joy you feel in your whole body. Sometimes this cool breeze that rises in the head also starts becoming like a fountain pouring down that joy. You look at the picture, [UNCLEAR] you see David’s star you see that. When you see that you can think about it or else just watch this. Watch it and don’t think. The joy of the creation of that thing, whole thing, becomes one with you. Like all the creation around a lake is completely felt in the lake because it has no ripples. Completely. In the same way, all that is joy, the Creator, whosoever it may be has prepared. You get the complete joy within yourself because there is no thought. There is no magic. No conditioning. The whole thing becomes one with you and you start feeling extremely happy. Extremely joyous. A feeling, which is indescribable. It is to be just enjoyed, to be felt. While coming I was asked, “Why don’t you speak now?” So he says in Hindi language, he is one of the terrific poets we have, he says, ” Jab mast huye to kya huye. When I have gone into the nectar of the intoxication of the spirit, now what can I talk. No cup can fill this joy, no words can create this meaning. You better be with me and get it and enjoy yourself.” That’s all he could say.

That’s what I say, the narrow vision has closed your eyes to show human beings. Even Christ you cannot understand. About Christ it is written, Devi Mahatmiya, about Maha Vishnu, all his life is written, if you can read it you can find out that before coming on this earth you will see how He was created, what powers were given, how He was the Son and all that is written. But for us, only you think that Bible is the authority. It is. But even to understand that Bible, as I told you, to understand it you have to get Realization. In the same way to understand that Bible also you have to get your Realization. The One about Who it is described had never went to school. None of them have been to any school. For the first time in My life I have learnt this English language. I never knew this language in any one of My lives. Because I know I have to talk to you. I have to tell you about spirit in this language. But to understand we have to read ancient scriptures. Beautiful ancient scripture are there which describes nature of the spirit. It is said that spirit has three qualities. Satchitanand – Sat, chit, Anand. Sat means truth, chit means attention. What is truth now? If you see something white it is the truth. But what is the truth of this shawl. A realized soul can see not you because his spirit is enlightened. He sees the fifth dimension of this shawl. Let him hold it in his hands [UNCLEAR] that this is Mother’s shawl. Immediately he’ll feel those cool vibrations coming out of it. He’ll know that this is Mothers shawl. That is the truth.

The four dimensions, which we know of, is not the truth but the fifth one which is the truth, which is the spirit. Sitting down here you can find out anybody what is he suffering from what are his problems, what are his chakras, it is absolute. This knowledge is absolute. If you have five or ten children who are realized and if you their eyes and ask them about a patient, what is he suffering, they will all raise their fingers this or this or all of them, whatever maybe the case. All are going to say the same thing, which is absolute knowledge. It cannot be argued. It cannot be [UNCLEAR]. It is what it is. And also today the man may be having these problems tomorrow he may not have them at all. So then whatever was then is finished whatever is today that’s what they are going to tell you, so this is the truth. The rest is all is mithya, is false.

I was once going in Kashmir driving through some very remote corner and suddenly I felt tremendous vibrations in My head and I asked the driver “Is there any temple here or something?” because in Kashmir there are many temples which are vibrated. So many things come out of the Mother Earth, as it said in the Ten Commandments that “Thou shalt not worship anything that is created by Mother Earth, reproduced and worshipped.” There are many in Kashmir like that. So, I asked him and he said “No there is no temple, and no Hindus live in this area. I said still I could feel tremendous vibrations so My husband told Me that “All right, let’s go the way She says.” So, we followed about three miles and we reached a colony of people who were Muslims living there. When we asked, “Is there any temple here?”, they said, “No, there is one great mosque.” “What mosque is that?” “Hazrat Iqbal.” That means one hair of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib is there. And even now you take His name, the vibrations start flowing. How can I deny it? He was the truth. Spirit will not deny. It is the first to recognize all these real things. It is the spirit, that gives you the truth, which integrates all that is truth and throws away that is untruth. That’s why you must get your spirit. Before that anybody talks to you about God, about anything they are [UNCLEAR]. They are such stupid foolish people that they can do anything. They’ll argue with you they’ll fight with you, they’ll do all kinds of stupid things but understand you.

This is what My father told Me that You have to find out an enmasse method, method by which You can give Realization to many people so that they can see that there is something beyond. They are all standing on the first floor if You’ve gone to the tenth floor and tell them You see something on the tenth floor, they’re not going to believe You, they will fight with You, they’ll quarrel with You, they’ll put You down because they want to challenge You all the time. So best thing is to transform them, give them enmasse Realization. That is what is the spirit is that every one of you has got spirit but it was very difficult in those days to give enmasse realization, the blossom time had not come. Today the blossom time has come. And the wind that blows the cool wind gives Realization to so many of them. Thousands of people have got Realization, you also many of you have got your Realization. So this spirit is established, you feel you are something different. The transformation has started, the baptism has been done in the actual sense. You have started feeling it’s moving, you feel the cool breeze. Now, when you take to your collectivity, you become one with the others also. You try to give. Now you are taking from Me when I give, it’s time you give. When the light, the lamp is not enlightened, then you might try to enlighten it. After that enlightenment what is the light, is to give people. Spirit gives you, your being.

Spirit gives you your understanding of the truth that is enlightened. Not [UNCLEAR] being, you cannot understand if you are not Realized. You cannot [UNCLEAR]. But those who are Realized can know very well. Even if you might not know. A saint who met one of the Sahaja yoginis, she was American, and he just bowed to her and made her sit higher than him and said, you have met Mother. I have never met Her. And she was surprised that how did he know. There are so many saints in India who are real saints, who know about Me. But those who are very close to Me also, because you know My husband is highly placed in life and we are friends of the elite. As you know, the best of prime ministers of the world, I’ve met them and I’ve met all sorts of kings and queens and this and that and every day I am shaking hands with them. They don’t recognize Me. There was a gentleman who we knew that we helped last, the President of the High Court, World High Court and we knew him very well, a great friend of my husband’s, and suddenly he saw, his wife saw My photograph with one of the famous Maharajas had it in his pocket. So the Maharaja took it out and put it to his eyes and put it back. So she said what is this? Such and such lady, I know Her very well. He said yes, but don’t you know She is the Mataji, She’s cured Me of my heart trouble. She said, really? I didn’t know She’s a Mataji or anything. She comes to the party, She’s very quiet. She sits very quietly. I never heard even Her speaking. For the last 25 years I know, She speaks very little. Oh God, She gives lectures and there are thousands of people. Can She speak? She was surprised. We have never seen Her speaking. I won’t even be able to recognize Her voice. Even my husband speaks a lot and of course Her husband, a lot and I also speak a bit but I have never heard Her speak. She just keeps quiet, sometimes sits by Herself. She seems to be a dignified lady but otherwise She never seems to make any effort to impress us or tell us that She is Mataji. Immediately the husband got such a shock and immediately he telephoned to My husband, I never knew She was Mataji? It is such a thing. You knew I am a seeker, I’m a seeker, a seeker. So My husband said She’s now in Delhi, go and meet Her. Immediately he said to call Me. Immediately he got his realization in five minutes, but his wife didn’t. He sent her back. He sent her by plane, that you better get it. This is the thing one has to get.

Now the emphasis that you have to be the spirit is very much reduced in the modern society. Emphasis should be that your spirit is to be achieved in this life. This is what one has to do, is the only thing one have to do, that is not there in the western society. Secondly for this you have to control your attention, don’t allow your attention to spill out. I don’t know if you know but I will tell you about Raja Janaka. He was father of Sita and father-in-law of Rama. And Narada went to him, another celestial being and He went to him and said, “How is it, you are a king and you move about like a king, you have everything like a king, you have gold and everything and how is it people say that you are behaving, means you are above this, above your body? How is it?” So he said, “All right, I will tell you in the evening, but just now you do me a job. You carry some milk in this pot.” The pot had no brim also. So poor fellow was carrying that. The whole day he was carrying it. He said don’t allow even a drop to spill. He was looking at it all the time. In the evening He got tired and said, “Now you tell Me, I’ve had enough of this.” He said, “What did you see when you looked at the pot?” He said, “Nothing, what could I see? I was just watching this milk that it should not spill out.” He said, “In the same way I am at that stage where my attention does not spill.” That is the state you are achieving when you have Self-Realization, where the attention is completely enlightened by your spirit. It doesn’t envelope anything like that and even if it goes down it comes back as it is. My hand when it touches it doesn’t become this metal, does it? It comes out. It’s absolutely detached from it. I can touch it but I am not that. Just now I am that. I am thinking, I am worried about My children and house and this, but when I get realized I get completely detached. I am a spiritual being.

For example there is no temptation for such a person. There’s no temptation. There is no mental activity I think, there is no stealing or telling lies. This person is extremely honest and fearless, like Christ. He had nothing to do with the prostitute. I mean she was a different style, He was a different style. But when people started stoning the prostitute He stood up before them and asked them, what people who have not committed a sin can stone her. This is honesty and strength. He stopped it. They will always stand by people who are tortured and troubled by people who are oppressed. They are not afraid. They are fearless people. Neither they frighten anyone. They are compassionate. But when it comes to protesting they stand up fearlessly against those who try to torture and ruin others. There is no oppression. Even I cannot force you to get Realization. I cannot argue it out. It has to work out. It is as simple as that. If you do not want it, you cannot get it. Out of question. So as I say, if you do not want it, you cannot get it, forget about it. But still some obstinate people will sit there. No, I’ll get it. For what? Such people also give out very bad vibrations to others and they disturb others getting their Realization. It’s a fact. Still I make them sit on My opposite. You cannot force it. It’s a light within you.

And the analogy could be, like gas. It rises and touches the filament and the whole lamp is enlightened. The filter is in the way all the time and watches. Then the whole thing becomes the truth. Truth is very different from what we know as truth. The new dimension, by which we know this is the truth and this is not the truth. You can ask any question when you are connected with the spirit. Ask any question. Ask the question about Me. Then ask the question about Christ, about Moses, about God. Ask any question. And when the answer is yes, little bit cool breeze comes out of your hands. If you [UNCLEAR] questions, you lose your vibrations. Might get tingling, might get heat. Because now your computer is connected with the absolute and the rapport is established of the truth. This is a new awareness you get by which you become aware of the truth which is the vibratory awareness. Through vibrations a child also can. There are many children who are born realized. And they know where is the Kundalini. They know. They will tell you where is the Kundalini. It’s the truth. Because they know the truth. For that you don’t need too much of mental development. They are very dignified. They understand better than many elderly people and people who are placed very highly in life.

Christ has already said that rich men are not going to enter into the Kingdom of God. He has already said. But I am saying that even though they think they know a lot, all the way, they will not enter. Because they do not want to enter. They know everything. They do not want to enter inside. They want to carry their mind everywhere. They want to carry their car inside the hall. How can you enter inside? They are not willing to keep their mind outside because they are always dependent on that mind which has become like nothing. But to achieve the spirit you have to come there ego-less, to receive. The light of your being is going to enlighten the whole thing. Your temple. And when this light comes in, when this light shines in you, then you can feel your collective consciousness, you can feel it, the cool breeze of the spirit manifest in you, it is described in the Bible in very short but deep.

But, Adi Shankaracharya has written such a great poem, what is called Saundarya Lahiri or Chaitanya Lahiri. It is not easy to talk about all these in such a short time. He wrote treaties of philosophy. Great personality he was called as Vivekachudamani. First of all he says give your conscious a call. Where is your conscience? Vivekachudamani. Then he wrote many books and ultimately he wrote Saundarya Lahiri. In that he says it’s only the description and the beauty of my Mother I can describe and he gives all details of nothing but The Mother. Her fingers, Her hands, Her movements and everything important, saw how the vibrations flow in Her, everything. You have to read that book to understand Sahaja Yoga. It’s very clearly given all these things. As I told you the other day, you can make also such a book about Sahaja yoga, very clearly. But unless and until you have Realization you cannot know the truth. So He’s the truth, “Sat”. Then is “Chit” is attention, He’s the attention. Spirit is the attention. Attention of God. God is attention to you through your spirit and when your attention is enlightened by Him that means you’ve come in the attention of God. You are looked after by God. All His powers flow into you. All His protection comes to you. You will be amazed. For years Sahaja Yogi’s will tell you. How they avoided accidents, what happened after accidents and miraculously how people are saved. It is nothing new with Me. It is the minimum that can happen to a person. This is the minimum of minimum, because all the deities are in charge.

You are on the stage and they look after you. And you really start to feel the presence of that blessing which is the attention of God. So He’s the “chit”. ” Sat”, ” Chit” and “Anand” is the joy. Because God is joy. He created this universe not to make us serious and unhappy and sulky. See how many flowers, how many beautiful things, how many pleasant things He did for us. For us to enjoy He has created all this not to indulge into nonsense, into filth, into dirt, the dirt of the mind, is filled with filthy ideas. But to have a clean heart and to have a clean morality within us. He has created this beautiful world for the spirit without that you cannot enjoy. You cannot enjoy unless and until you have a clean morality in you, you cannot enjoy. And that joy is your own once you get your Realization. This joy is the compassion and grace of God. When the Kundalini first rises through one small thread, she touches the Brahmarandra, just one thread. She opens it and does the job. Because here is the seat of Sadashiva, here is the seat of your spirit. When it touches the spirit, that seat, the flow of the bliss starts coming on your sympathetic nervous system and you will relax. First thing happens to you is relax. The grace. Only one thread has reached and then the flow that is going to take which one is the Brahma is the power of God going through You. This is what you have to get. This is what you’ve to remember, somebody touched Christ and [UNCLEAR]

For us it is necessary to know that we are the first Australians to get Realization. We are the first people to get it. And it’s a great responsibility on you, all of you who have got Realization today and before, to keep it strong. Make it into [UNCLEAR], because you are responsible for all the progeny that is going to come to this beautiful land of yours by which you are blessed. So this is the beautiful place and beautiful people. So many children are following. Today is the last day. It’s a very sad thing that when one has to say good-bye. I hope you all will make it convenient to come and see Me on Sunday. I’ll be looking forward to it. Here I will try to cure also if you have any problems, but don’t bring all the puzzles there. I will teach you how to cure and give realization. Best thing is to bring the case to Me and I will teach you how to cure yourself because if you are realized souls, you can cure yourself. We always in India do, when a cancer patient comes in, we call one of his relations, give him Realization, teach him how to cure cancer and he will start Realization. Because that’s the best way one can do it. He can give Realization, he can look after better, he knows the person better and it works out much better that way. So I hope you make it convenient to come and see Me.

I must say, I was very much impressed by seeing the people who have been so kind to come here and listen and get their Realization. I have to say that because I am a Mother. I cannot just leave it to your senses. I have to request you. I have to be very, very patient, extremely patient and loving so that you listen to Me and take your Realization. I have to actually goad you people. It’s all right, that is Mother’s job, only Mother can do it. When Christ will come, He will take His eleven powers and just sort you out. Before that please have yourself completely judged through your own Kundalini awakening and work it out. Those people who are filled with ideas of their own should go and see for themselves what they have achieved by these ideas. There have been so many organizations, one after another. There is no way to organize God. Better organize yourself through your spirit, which is the absolute. May God Bless You!

Please put your hands towards Me and close your eyes. Those who are still struggling with your questions, I’ll tell you that I went to Melbourne and not a single question was asked, and all of them got realization and I’ve seen those who ask questions never get Realization and they disturb others also who start thinking on their lines and get ruined. It’s very sinful to do that to others. So please try to get your Realization and understand. Questioning has never helped you. Please keep your questions to yourself. Ask them to Me some other time. Just now, get your Realization. Some people who have been to gurus and all that will feel tremendous heat in the body. Possibly, they may feel some sort of a pressure on their necks. If they have been taken to mantras or wrong things, they might feel it. Everybody is welcome in Sahaja Yoga. Whatever wrong has to be brought outside. That is very important. For Me it is important that you get your pure spirit. Please close your eyes, just close your eyes and do not analyze anything. Even if you have problems with your vibrations, do not worry about it. If it gets too much heat then you can just throw it away, twice, thrice as if you are throwing away water. It will work out.

Those who came for the first time may not feel cool breeze, which will definitely come some day. All are welcome. Close your eyes. Close your eyes. The first center is the center of Christ. You have to forgive. All forgiving. Say, I forgive, I forgive, I forgive. Specially those who have been professing, unauthorized about Christ without Realization, damage this center very badly. So you have to ask for forgiveness from Christ for that. Or from any other, like Moses or Krishna or anyone who you have been worshipping without any authority. Without any Realization you have no authority. Misidentifications can be corrected. For example power’s the same. Supposing you are a Muslim, you can ask the question, Mother are you Mohammad? Just ask it. You are a Christian, you can ask a question, Mother are you Jesus? Just ask the question. Because power is the same. I am here at the integrating point. So just ask the question. It will work it out. Ask Christ from your heart. Just ask the question. From your heart. Not just for making fun, from your heart, just ask the question. If you are a real seeker and a true person and honest to yourself, you will ask a question from your heart. But if you are frivolous and you have come here just to be a frivolous person then nothing is going to happen. Just ask a question like that. Any question of that kind you can ask Me.

Put your hand on your heart. Left hand towards Me. Right hand on your heart. Now ask for forgiveness. If you have done anything wrong in your seeking without your knowledge or with your knowledge you have to ask for forgiveness from God almighty. He’s the ocean of forgiveness. He’s the ocean of Grace, ocean of compassion. You have to ask for His forgiveness and do not get any guilt with it. That is very important. Once you have asked for forgiveness, you are forgiven. As I have already told you that Christ has suffered for you and He has taken responsibility of absolving your sins. Once your Kundalini passes through that center your sins are absolved So do not form any guilt after saying that, please forgive me. You need not say precisely but in general that please forgive me if I have done anything wrong against you in my ignorance or in my knowledge.

In all humility you have to ask for forgiveness. Ask for it thrice. That’s all. You cleanse your heart of all burdens, of so called repentance and mistakes that you have committed. Say it thrice. Now ask a question, ‘Mother, am I the spirit?’ Please ask the question, ‘Mother, am I the spirit?’ Ask twelve times. It is a very subtle happening. So you may start feeling the cool breeze on your fingers. It is very subtle, while you are a person suddenly become that subtle being. Just ask the question. You become that subtle being. Like an egg becomes a chick. There’s nothing in the egg. Same way you become the subtle being. You become subtler. Ask the question ‘Am I the spirit.’ ‘Mother, am I the spirit?’ Now ask for your Realization. ‘Mother please give me my Realization and sustain my Realization, let me grow in my spirit. Do not feel guilty. Just say I am not guilty. Ask for realization. Mother give us our Realization. In a very simple way. Do not feel guilty about anything. Not at all. That’s your right to have your Realization.

You have to desire. Your desire is weaker so there is no action. You have to desire from your heart. Your left side is weaker. Put both hands towards Me now let’s see. You are getting more vibrations on your right hand, less on the left. You can raise your left hand like this if it is less, you can raise your left hand like this. Do it seven times with the right hand. Just see how this [UNCLEAR] on top of your head. Good better. Now raise the Kundalini. Now see yourself how to raise the Kundalini. You can see in the photograph inside it is Me and you’ll see how to raise the Kundalini. Now you tie it up. You will feel it. Let’s raise it again. No the other way around. Do it like that. Do it thrice. Now you’ll feel it better. You feel very relaxed. That’s what it is. Its all right, balanced now. Both the sides. Mostly you feel the left side, in any society which is western, is weak. Because of the desire is less. As I told you the desire to achieve the spirit is less. We don’t want action than the desire so you have to raise the left side and put it to the right. You’ll find the Cool Breeze on your head. It’s there. Now you can take it down also like this. Good idea. Put down the pressure on the Mother Earth. Raising and put it down. Again. Do it seven times. You will feel much better. Because now your hands are now emitting the Cool Breeze. Do it with respect to yourself. See now, if you have done seven times. Feel very relaxed. No thought in your mind. I hope you will all make it convenient to come on Sunday and whatever I will tell you, whatever needs to be done.

Thank you very much.
May God bless you all.