Talk before Sahasrara Puja Day: Heart must be kept absolutely clean

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Sahasrara Puja – Chelsham Road, London (UK), 4 May 1981

…Such a pleasure to come back to you all.  I was looking forward to it.  I received all your letter and greeting and all that you told.  It was so loving and so encouraging to know about your progress here and when I was really working very, very, very, very hard, I used to think of you and I would put this idea into my mind that a day will come when the prophecy of William Blake must come.

I went to Australia and I was amazed the way miracles took place in that country.  It is said that in the Puranas there was a saint called Thrissanku, who committed some mistake, little mistake and he was sent as the Southern Cross hanging in the air and was told that you must create your own heaven.  And really Australia is heaven, no doubt, but it’s Mooladhara.  It is Mooladhara. 

The people are of course getting all the ideas, over read, as we are here.  We have accepted all these also wrong ideas quite a lot.  But somehow I feel it still in the heart of heart, they feel that this may not be correct way of life and they still feel that some off the things we do is not absolutely perfect or is not the thing that we really [unclear].

There are all sorts of gurus in Australia, all sorts of people who have got it.  But basically they do not accept now people who come there and preach absurd things without any [unclear] to the ancient scriptures and things.  So they are traditional people in a way, as far as their religious ideas are concerned.  But they are very, very open-minded, for example, the first miracle that took place was that there was a lady who was an actress, who was very sick.  She got her paralysis attack or some sort of thing like that and the doctor said that she will not be cured.  She will die maybe next day and there is no possibility of her getting cured.  So the friend of hers, who is a very big journalist, he came to a homeopath who is a Sahaj yogi, and asked if she could help with homeopathy.  So she said I can’t help you with homeopathy, only thing I have got is – ‘photograph’, which you can take it and put it under her pillow and maybe this might work. 

So he took the photograph because she was a [unclear], there was nothing to be questioned, and put it under her pillow and next day she opened her eyes.  And they couldn’t believe it. And as usual doctors said, ‘oh must be this – must be that, use see, (laughter).  She should not she should not in any case survive, because in any case her brain is damaged, no doubt, we have seen it that her brain is damaged.  But next day she started talking.  They couldn’t believe it that she is talking, that means that her brain alright. She improved gradually. 

But all this click a different atmosphere, a very different atmosphere for Sahaja Yoga, because the one, the friend who was her friend, the one who was very much interested in her here, was a man who is very highly placed in journalism, though he is not a Sahaja Yogi or anything but he sent a journalist to me, to our program, he and his wife, who is the president of journalist association in Australia, got realisation.  And that really clicked the whole thing. 

So these medias can be also use and they can be used you can also do lot of things.  But at the helm of affairs we should have people who are not arrogant, are mild.  You can say people who are humble, humble enough to understand Sahaja Yoga.  Of cause as usual there were some encounters.  One of them was ‘twice born’ had come.  So they came to fight with me, twice born. And this is actually…  Twice born, this has come from America.  When I went to America last time, they had told me that I must get all my lectures registered and all that kind of a copyright I must keep.  I said to her, ‘why should I keep it like that?’ They said, ‘no, no, no, then they will use your lectures’.  I said, ‘let them use it, after all, realisation I have to give it in any case.  They can’t give realisation.  So when I said there that ‘you have to be born again, you are to be twice born.  They started an organisation called ‘twice born’. (Laughter) There are so many, like ‘true vibrations’ all sorts of organisations have started, in America on those lines.

So this twice born came to fight with me, saying that, what is your authority?  I said, ‘what is your authority?’  ‘My authority is bible’. I said, ‘alright, what is authority of bible? They said authority of bible is Christ.  I said, ‘Christ never wrote bible’.  He never wrote it, he had nothing to do with bible.  He never wrote it. Laughter!

So they never knew how to answer me…laughter!  They said, ‘still you must have an authority. I have, I will prove my authority.  Firstly of all you tell me, your authority to ask these questions.  [Unclear] they said…you know if I am Alpha and omega.  I said, he is he is but you don’t accept it.   You believe in Christianity alright, because you were born in it.  If you were born a Hindu, you would have been born a Hindu, because you are a type who would belong to something somehow.  I said to him, that he was the omega and he was the alpha.  Then they started attacking this that, somehow everybody threw them out and it was over. 

It was very interesting because so many people got realisation and they came to programs that we had, so called seminars.  In the open we arranged seminars, because we had no place to go too, with 500 – 600 people.  So, so there is one gentleman who has a big house, which has got a big compound.  So we invited them, all of them there because [unclear].  And the whole [unclear] was there.  It was like a sermon on the mount, sort of thing.  So many of them sitting there and having their food and they talking and all that.  So many people getting cured, it was really remarkable the way these people took such interest and came all the way and from the first time they had their realisation and every day they came for about seven days, every day, every evening they all came from all over the place.  We had people from Tasmania who came down and we had people from [sounds like – Lybon], from New Zealand, from all over, we got people there.  They came and stayed in the ashram.  Ashram itself is another beautiful place.

There’s a miraculous story, they say that, one day Meera rang me up to say that, they have already sold their house, we’ve got no place to go to.  We can’t find a place to live in, because they were expecting some place to come through but there is no place available.  I said alright now don’t worry tomorrow you will get the place.  And she couldn’t believe it, how can that be.  And they had told about two hundred agents, who said that, there is no such place available and we just can’t get you a place. And, when he, Terence, her husband had gone out and he was looking out for things and he came back home very tired so Meera said that, “Mother has told that tomorrow you going to get it.  He said, ‘tomorrow’.  Can it be possible?  Said no there was a telephone call in the evening from somewhere and she gave the number.  So he rang up in the morning to ask that number, what was it?  It was from and agent.  They said, we have found a place for you.  If you want you can occupy it right now – (laughter).  So the next day they moved into the house. Actually they did.   And it is a beautiful place with fourteen bedrooms and a huge big hall. It’s a beautiful place.  So that’s how they got it.

So many things work out this way.  And they said that not only that we have got the blessing but so many miraculous material things are happening that we are really surprised.  But I’ve already told you that it is written that, ‘Yoga Kshema Vahaka’ – First you must get your yoga and that kshema will come afterwards.  The wellbeing comes afterwards.  Of course in the discussion it turned out to be something much more revealing when I was talking to people.  So many things which I have not told you people or Indians so far, I told them about Christ. 

Shri Mataji:  I hope you have received their tapes.  Ha…

Yogi:  Not yet, they sending

Shri Mataji:  Have you heard them? 

Yogi:  Not yet? 

Shri Mataji: What is [unclear] saying?  I think you are going into thoughtless awareness isn’t it – that means I disturbed you.

The thing I told them about Christ was this that everybody did something great for our awareness, like Moses, who brought in the idea of dharma.  He gave us the idea of balance and we had Ebrahem and all these people.  But Christ did the greatest thing in a way, because he came in at a point, which is the Agnya chakra where ego and superego cross each other.  And, but really all these karma theories that was there, so far that you had to suffer your karmas, he came to counter act it, by saying that, ‘He died for our sins’.  Means he can suck our karmas. So this theory of karma is over now because Christ is born.  If Christ could be awakened in your agnya chakra then all your karmas, past karmas, all your sins, will be sucked by this awakening. 

But Christians, those who went to India, were stupid people.  They wanted to extend the empire there, on their own, not of Christ.  So they never communicate – I don’t know if they even saw what it meant – ‘dying for our sins’ what it had relation with karma theory.  So when they went to India, they put Christ in such a funny way, that Indians would not accept, would not accept Him.  And because of that, the integration of Christ’s life, with Indian philosophy could not take place.  On the contrary, they repelled, completely repelled Him.  And they could not understand Bible.  They would not see it.  That’s how Christ who came on this earth, for such a great purpose was to suck our karmas, was completely lost to them.  And still so many gurus are talking about our karma theory and making full advantage of it.  They are not aware that Christ came for this thing.  He has already done it for us.  Once your agnya is established and you get your Christ awakened within you, all your previous sins are sucked in.

But the most unfortunate thing is that those who are supposed to be Christian nations have the worst agnya’s.  This is the biggest tragedy is that they have forgotten the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, which is the mantra for our agnya.  I think forgiving others is a very important thing.  We must learn to forgive.  All the time we must learn to forgive.  That is the best way we can keep our agnya in control and our ego at its proper level.  What right have you got to be not forgiving, because by not forgiving you are harming yourself.  That’s why forgiving others is the only way we can really control our agnya.  Even forgiving ourselves, we have to forgive ourselves and we have to forgive others.

Today is a day, when I should be talking about Sahasrara. Because tomorrow is the day of Sahasrara and that is the greatest blessing of Sahaja Yoga after Christ’s advent. Even if He had sucked your sins, you are to be given realisation. Without realisation it has no meaning and so this Sahaja Yoga which is todays ‘MahaYoga’ came into being because you all have to be realised. You have to know yourself.  The strength that is the Spirit; that is the only way we can know God. There is no other way that we can know God. We have to be our Spirit.

The second thing that we in all the Christian nations have done is to forget our Spirit. It is a double catch. If the ego develops, it covers your heart. You can even become emotionless. When it covers your heart, then your heart becomes like a stone and the Spirit does not shine. All the time what you have to say, that ‘I’m the Spirit!’ All the realised souls have to say: “I’m the Spirit. I’m not this body, not this mind, nor this superego, none of these ‘uphadis’ [unsure of the spelling] as the call them’, but I’m the Spirit, the pure Spirit I am.” If you could recognise that part in you, that you are the Spirit, your realisation will be fully established.

As long as you are identified with other things, this cannot be established. So first and foremost thing you have to recognise that you are the Spirit. You are not the thoughts which are overcrowding you.  You are not the fears with which you suffer, you are not the ambitions with which you run, but you are that pure Spirit, which never changes, which is eternal, which is blissful, which is Sat-Chit-Anand. We all the Sahaja Yogis have to know, that we are the Spirit. This is the mantra that one has to recite for heart catch.

If your heart is not clean, you can never get realisation. Anybody who comes with funny ideas about Me you have seen, he never gets realisation. You have to have clean heart. You have to cleanse your heart, that’s why I sometimes say that you have to put your guru into your heart, who will clean your heart. Just to clean your heart, as you employ a maid in the house, to clean your heart you can employ your mother for that purpose. Cleansing is My job, morning till evening I’m cleansing. That’s My name means also. But cleansing is such a big thing, such a big thing that, that brings forth everything else with it. If there is dust on the diamond, on any diamond which will be very expensive, you cannot see it!  In the same way if your Spirit is clouded with doubts and fears, cunningness, then your Spirit cannot shine. Now, it is such a vicious circle that it is not easy to break. Even there your mind can cheat you.  For Sahaja Yogi it is very easy, is to sit before My photograph, put your left hand here and one on your heart and say: I’m the Spirit. Mother, I’m the Spirit.

Can you try that now? Just put it and say it together.

Yogis say out aloud: ‘Mother, I’m the Spirit’, again ‘Mother, I’m the Spirit’, once more, ‘Mother, I’m the Spirit’ again, ‘Mother, I’m the Spirit’.  Better? And a humbler way could be also: ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’

Yogis say out aloud: ‘Mother, am I the Spirit’, ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’, ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’, ‘Mother, am I the Spirit?’  See now…

Now, Sahasrara breaking took place on the 5th of May 1970. I was just pushed into it. Then I said one has to now break it. And if you see a very thin line of Kundalini really breaks the Sahasrara through the heart chakra. Here is the heart chakra. Through the heart chakra point only it breaks. If your heart is not clean, it will not break. So the first and the foremost thing is your Shiva Tattwa, is your heart. Heart must be kept absolutely clean. There should be nothing, that is doubting, that is confused, that is angry, that is ambitious, that is afraid of; nothing of that kind should be in the heart. Just be confident. Just leave it into the hands of God. Because that is the point where the Kundalini breaks it and if that point is heavy, you can never break the Sahasrara. Then it happens, it’s such a vicious circle again sets in, those people who have a bad heart, they come to Me and they cannot get their realisation. So they have an additional chance to attack Me by saying: ‘We never got the realisation, we never felt the vibrations, so how is it, that You are this?’ Because already your heart is dirty, you see. It starts there emitting manifesting its Spirit.  And it goes and adding up and adding up and then they can build up a big story against Me.

But the main thing is you have to come to ask for something so great. You have to be, have a heart which is humble, steadfast and also proud of it self. Because in this heart is the Spirit which is going to be enshrined. But what do I do about your realisation. My heart is very pure, absolute purity. There is not even the slightest ripple of anything else but love for you.  Even if I get angry it is out of love. Even if I say something sometimes harshly, it is out of love, to keep you out of troubles.  But, in My heart there is nothing but pure love, pure love. And this pure love is the pure Vidya, is the pure knowledge. Is the pure knowledge, is pure Vidya. The complete technique of purity it knows. How does the water purify you? Do you know the technique what the water does to you? The complete technique of purity resides in the heart and how do I give you realisation is to put you in My heart. Bathe you there nicely. Have you seen crocodiles? Laughter!  Crocodiles have – are very ferocious – but when they hatch their eggs, they take all the little, little crocodiles in their big mouth you see and you should see the eyes of the crocodile, like it is full of love and all such… Laughter! … as the children hatch.  And the crocodile then put the mouth inside the water and cleanses them like this. Laughter!  First thing I do is to give you birth in My heart and then cleanse you there in My heart, and then take you through My Sahasrara. I give you your second birth.

Many people ask, ‘that what happens to our karma and this?’  I say, I cleanse it!  It has to be cleansed. So many people have asked one question so many times, that how is it that Kundalini is such a difficult thing and how is it, You can do so well?  I say, there must be something special about Me. I need not tell them who I am. If I say Adi Shakti they say some sort of a (inaudible) woman, see who is about to Adi Shakti or else Shakti itself – power itself is horrifying and then on top of that is ‘Adi Shakti’. But this is the Adi Shakti of love which is beyond human conception. Only by its power you can recognise it and understand it. How it cleanses you. That’s how people get cured. They don’t know how they get cured. Just with a photograph under your pillow.

There is another actress in India who is getting cured, a very famous actress, with Sahaj Yoga. Just they can’t understand and they cannot explain. But this is a pure knowledge of cleansing which is built in that photograph, built in! It knows vibrations. It knows everything.  The whole technique is built inside. Once you have the vibrations, you don’t have to learn any technique, it works out by itself. It is very subtle. It is complete Brahma Shakti. It is a very powerful, very penetrating, very understanding – but it has all its knowledge built in itself. It’s the Shuddha Vidya, is the pure knowledge. When you say Nirmala Vidya is also the same. It is immaculate. It cannot be compared with anything else. The technique is so perfect, that it never fails. It knows all the permutations and combinations. It knows how to work it out.

One has to enter into the kingdom of God to see the working of all these techniques. That is why it was necessary to open the Sahasrara of people. Otherwise everything is Greek and Latin for people who listen to all these great prophets and to great Avataras, they thought they were talking trough their hats. I mean that nowadays we talk through our hats only. Because Sahasrara is there and through Sahasrara we hear and we talk. To break the Sahasrara was very important. Of course you were also ready to receive it. The time had come. Mutual understanding was there and it worked out. It’s a tremendous thing that has happened.

It should work out in England. I should be here on this day because as I have told you before, England is the heart, heart of the Universe.  So we should see what’s wrong with us.  Very important for us to see as English people, living in England, what’s wrong with us, with our heart, because we are responsible for this great happening, because only through heart…. [Tape one ends here]

[Tape Two starts here]… political structure and as an individual.  Because if the English could clear the atmosphere of England, it would be very easy to click the Sahaja Yoga throughout the world and that is why the responsibility of English is much more.

One good thing has started after my visit to Australia; people have started donating land to us.  Now we have got a plot of land in [unsure], Bombay, very near there about, I think, about fifty miles away from Bombay.  We’ve got another plot of land of seven acres which was donated to us.  There is also possibility of us getting a bigger land of twenty five acres, which some of you have seen, along the River Neda.  And also there is a possibility of getting another nice land of seven acres in Pune.  In Delhi they have offered us a very, very beautiful land along a lake and a beautiful surroundings of a forest, very much near the river Yamuna. 

So now, my visit to Australia has materialised but my stay in England must materialise, other thing is the cleansing.  First of all let us all start from our individual, our individual hearts and then try to expand it.  Every time, what I find is this that whatever you are supposed to do, you do just the opposite.  Like ‘liver’, as I said is Europe and liver breaks the most of it.  They produced the best wines; they’re experts in the wines.  The ‘liver’, liver produces the wines.  You see this is the best part – (Laughter).  If you imagine, if you imagine distillery in your liver, what will happen.  So the liver has become the distillery.  This is very surprising.  Now, this is the heart – heart has to be large, heart has to express and one has to be large hearted.  So you have become small hearted.  A man with a heart is very courageous, very bold, very hard working.  Here we have lots of fears and problems and poets like Lord Byron – (Laughter!)

Our idea of universality is so limited that we think we live somewhere away from the rest of the world and we are just here and we should not be touched by anybody else. This is our heart, with the heart has to circulate all over the world and gather all the filth of the world and cleansed it.  You have gathered the filth alright but cleansing part…Laughter!  Circulation they have done alright – They have been up to China, they have been up to every place.  I mean every, every nook and corner they have reached you see, with their little heart.  But when they have gathered all that with them, they don’t know how to cleanse it. That they better do it, this is their job.

So this test you should put to all your problems here and you’ll be amazed the heart needs cleansing, enlargement of the heart, greatness of the heart, the health of the heart and the all-compassing forgiveness of the heart. And ego is the worst enemy of heart, is the worst enemy.  If anything gives you heart attack – it is your ego.  And you have egos of various types.  All kinds of egos can be found here. (Laughter) All kinds see as you can find all kinds of wines in England. 

So we have to also know what kind of food we require for this heart to be kept cleansed. First of all we must develop a heart which has sweet feelings for others, understanding for others, generosity for others.  It is not reading the novel that you get there, but an understanding of a heart that loves, that cares for you.  It may quarrel with someone, may be jealous of someone, maybe that, but you love from the heart.  You can never see that person being harmed by any chance. All the wealth of the world, all the ego of the world you will deny to give your love.  The love giving capacity has to be increased and nourished by things that talk about generosity [unclear], like save the power business is useless.

Save the heart you should start with.  You have to save the heart because it is you the English who are going to save the heart of the universe.  So the Sahaja Yogis will have to have very large heartedness.  Very clean heart.  There should be no cunningness.  No cunningness in the heart.  Well you know English have been the most cunning race all over the world.  People know about war, if there is an Englishmen – had it! (Laughter)  Only somebody who can beat English is Indian (Laughter).  They know how to out beat you.  There is a big competition. I don’t know which one wins.  But if it comes to Indians, they can out beat it. 

Now the latest is the guru system.  From here the English went and all the Western people went to raid all the developing countries.  So the greatest of greatest, our India, has created such cunning people, absolutely cunningness, that they be fooled you very nicely.  All the English went nicely be-fooled and all the Americans and all the Australians.  All of them put together could not find a few cunning people from India.  So I should say for the time being they have an upper hand.  Maybe the English today with their clean heart develops such a sharp such a sharp edge to their intelligence that they can expose all these people and cleanse the minds of the people who have been fogged by the mesmerism of this cunning people. 

So one has to realise that every action has a reaction, but the reaction comes the way the reactor is.  Like the Indians are cunning but sly.  English are cunning but intelligent.  So they do it in such an intelligent way you see, they’ll cut your throat and not even a single drop of blood will fall out.  They know all the laws and regulations, how to cut the throat of a person.  But the Indians, they will not even cut your throat and you will become mad.  Just they know how to do it, they even more dangerous and subtler.  I mean, I don’t know, they might have got first initiations from English and now they are teaching their gurus, like that I believe.  The cunning they all learnt, there is now end to it.  And for everything they have an argument and a suggestion, whatever it is.  You will be happy to know that one of them – Ravana has got a paralytic attack now and he has got a broken neck and he is lying in a hospital secretly.  So that’s one thing that’s already been done.

Now, today is a day of very great celebration, very great celebration, because it celebrates the rebirth of the universe.  It is nice to celebrate the great advent of great people and their birth dates and all that.  Like we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the birth date of Nanaka and all these people – is great, no doubt.  But this is the greatest when every human being needs to be reborn, such a great thing.  It is a very great day and an event when all the humans being were promised to get their realisation.  Without that we would never have known the spirit.  We would never have known God Almighty.  We would never have known the love that is the meeting all of you.  We would never have felt that love, that power that controls the whole universe.  You would have been blind and blind and blind.  So this is one of the greatest days that we have to celebrate with great joy and happiness because it celebrates the emancipation, the evolution and the rebirth of the humanity.

For the advents and all these great incarnations do not need any rebirth.  They are permanently just the same, they are permanently chiefs.  There’s no change in them, nothing.  So what is there to celebrate their birthday, I don’t understand, every year they are just the same, their age is just the same, they remain the same.  What is a birthday, they never grow, they never mature, they over matured already.  But it is a great thing that you all should jump into that great realm of Divinity, that you should know about the all-pervading power and that you should become aware of that flow of the power through you.  Without this everything is useless.  Everything is darkness.  Everything is confusion and relative.

So let us all really today celebrate for other Sahaja Yogis who have received realisation, all over the world.  They are all putting their attention to you and today they are all doing their pujas in their own places.  We have to think of them because all of you are one, connected with each other in love and in common bondage of your Mother.

May God Bless you!

“Can I have some water?” 

As desired by you, we already got a video.  Video tape, did you get the video tape, did you get it?

Yogi: Yes, yes, [unsure] Australia, it’s all coming…

Shri Mataji:  From Hong Kong, imagine in Hong Kong the Chinese are great people.  Chinese are tremendous.  I mean they have our traditions, Indian traditions.  I mean they are very traditional people, and they are westernised as far as other things are concerned.  I mean there is a big palace, Chinese have a big palace and they have not lost their aesthetics as Indians have lost.  You they have all your labour class aesthetics. Indians have plastics and nylons you see, but not Chinese.  Chinese have maintained their aesthetics, I was surprised. 

Any questions?    

Bala, I am so sorry for the whole thing.  But we have done a good job, I must say.  We have done a good job.  I tell you because we had no communication with you here.  Phillip did not know any address, nothing.  I did not know how to contact those people in Ceylon and we had already planned out to go to Hong Kong.  All my plans as usual, were all upside down.  You know this, it all works out this way.

There was one lady called [unsure].  She came from Hong Kong and she wanted me to go to Hong Kong and just to give her lesson you see, it worked out that way.  So what to do?  They say there is no plane direct from Hong Kong now to come back to Singapore, if you have to go to Australia.  So this was a big problem.  We thought that better go Hong Kong and come back and then to Australia. Moreen was there Rahul’s wife was there, both of them went down. 

India has done one good thing; you are getting donations of land.  This is something great.  If we have no place we can at least pitch our tents there.  (Laughter)

What else…something?

Yogi:  Can we do your Puja?

Shri Mataji: Hmm

Yogi:  Are we doing your puja?

Shri Mataji:  Puja, now, alright, let us have it.