Organization of Sahaja Yoga

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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1981-05-10 Organization of Sahaja Yoga in England

Recording starts not at the beginning of the speech […] – personality that everybody wants to follow, to become, to love. This would be very selfish to say that I’m enjoying, it’s something very funny. You see, some people are like that, self-certificated, again I call them. ‘Oh, I’m enjoying myself, I’m no problems, you see, why should you worry?’ This is all nonsense, absolute nonsense it is. It is that you are enjoying your ego that. But to enjoy yourself means you are enjoying everyone and everybody is enjoying you. Everybody likes you. You are not extreme neither to ritualistic. You are so flexible, you are adjustable. That’s like whatever you makes with, takes the color. Wherever you put it, it washes. If it appears in the eyes it makes you look beautiful. It’s like that. That’s the spiritual quality of a person. They are adjustable. In whatever they you are, people enjoy you and love you. […] improved, alright.

Don’t blame anyone for anything, not yourself anyone. Enjoy! This is the time for enjoyment, not for blaming , for sitting down sulking and… – no its for enjoyment. Good. Are you alright now? Good, put your hand towards Me straight. Be alert! You see, some people need alertness.

Be alert! Look at children, how alert they are. When there is an aeroplane going, they’ll all come and say: ‘Bye-bye aeroplane, bye-bye aeroplane!’ Now the aeroplane is gone, so that work is done, (…) they will come inside, you see something else they will get and do it. You see, to them the whole world is their responsibility. The aeroplane is going, somebody must say bye-bye to the aeroplane. People are laughing. So (name – ambiguous) will come out and say: ‘Bye-bye, bye-bye!’ And then they’ll come inside the house and then they’ll get very seriously involved into something else they were doing. Then the pull out these, pull out that, put everything together and whatever it is, you may call it mess, but according to them they are constructing everything. They are responsible for the whole world, you know. If they are realized souls they are even greater. Every time they say something is so remarkable that really the way they take attitude towards things.
Like this time, at My elder Aradnath (name ambiguous) came up to Me and she said: ‘Did You ever study a very nonsensical subject called moral science?’ I said: ‘No, never’. You see, this is such a stupid subject aunty, that you need not study at all. It’s horrible.’ I said: ‘What do they teach you?’ ‘They teach you ‘don’t steal!’ Now, do we steal? Are we servants or what? Why should we steal? Are we thieves? That’s tell us don‘t tell lies. Why should we tell lies?’ So, they are realized souls, they can’t understand. They can’t understand, can you imagine (?) all that. They said: ‚Why should they teach us like this? What is the need? I mean, everybody knows, you see. It is like teaching somebody that ‘food is good for your stomach’ or something else. According to them it is so essential. I mean, it is so much there, what is there to tell them this stupid subject of moral science.

So I said all right, but supposing you have to deal with criminals, then you have to tell them, isn’t it? What is to be done and what is not to be done. So if you become teachers tomorrow you will have to tell criminals: ‘Don’t do it this!’ So the younger one says: ‘By telling anybody, do you think they’ll be all right? They‘ll punch your noses. The audience is laughing. The younger one … [ unintelligible] She said ‚they‘ll punch your noses! No use telling them. It’s useless to tell them ‚don’t do, don’t do’. They’re will do it. If you say: ‚Don’t kill!‘, they will kill you. So they said: ‘Give them realization otherwise they will never listen to You. Because how will they know, that killing is bad?’ Because ‘if you have vibrations’, this elder one tells Me, ‘then you will know that you are loosing vibrations, if you do like this’, but otherwise how will they know. See, look at that.

I said: ‘But still supposing there are criminals, what should we do about them. If there are murderers, what should we do?’ ‘They should be destroyed, no question!’ I said: ‘Really, see the other side of it!’ I said: ‘Do you think there it they do not won’t to take realization, they must be destroyed? If they want to take realization, well and good. Otherwise they have to be destroyed!’ I say: ‘How do you destroy them?‘ So the younger one says: ‚All right, put them in the fishpond!‘ The audience is laughing. So the elder one says: ‚But the fishes will be ruined. Think of the fishes. How can you put them to the fishes?‘ So the elder one says: ‘All right, are there any serpents who can devour people?’ So I said: ‘There are serpents. But then, what about the serpents. They’re already serpents. When serpents go to serpents, makes no difference, you see.’ So, I said then: ‘What do you do, when you get a serpent’. So they said: ‚Fix it to a machine. Machine is the best. Fix it to a machine, keep the mouth wide open. Don’t touch them! Just throw them inside. Because if you touch them, you will be spoiled.‘ You see, without any fear of any kind of violence, this is so innocently. And then, when they become serpents, they will learn. Then they will come back. Then they will be better off and you can give them realization. Otherwise they have to become serpents. You see, simple solutions. But you don’t touch them. Nobody should touch them, they are serpents. No use teaching such stupid subjects like ‚don’t do, don’t do!‘, is no good. I mean, these must be the saints of ancient times who must have realized that ten commandments is not going to help this human beings. You need a better way of doing it. This is what it is. So their way of thinking and their stiles are very different.
Like Ananda, I must tell you about Ananda. He said that: ‘How is it that people don’t realize that Anukampa is…’ – Anukampa is a very special Sanskrit word. It is said that he’ll become a great Sanskrit scholar, you see. He talks the list to the class and nobody knows how he does that, you see. Very clever. So, I said: ‘What did you say?` He said: ‘The God has His Anukampa. His grace. Everywhere is grace. People don‘t know that. Do You know Nanny. They don’t know, that there is grace everywhere. There is something likes God’s grace everywhere and there are many people who do not know. What can You do about this people?’ This is Mr. Ananda stile [word vague]. ‘How can You solve this problem to make people know, that there is grace of God all around.’ But if I tell him, that there are many Sahaja Yogis who do not know, he’ll be shocked. I said, that I’m surprised that people do not know that there is God’s grace exists everywhere.
What is your realization? And the person was not getting realization, he was on My feet, you see. So he went and brought one of My garlands and put it in his back, like that. I said: ‘What are you doing?’ He said: ‘I’m decorating the Kundalini’, and the Kundalini shot off. It shot off just like that. He worshipped it. He worshipped his Kundalini. A little… [words ambiguous] And then he took back the garland, washed it and put it back. What a sense? They are all come up now. (9:23)

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi