Christ and Forgiveness

Caxton Hall, London (England)

1981-05-11 Lord Jesus Forgiveness Caxton Hall London NITL HD, 66'
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“Christ and Forgiveness, Caxton Hall (UK),” 11 May 1981.

…to seek the truth about which all the scriptures have described. All the scriptures have said, “That you are to be born again.” You are to be born, not to read about it, not to just imagine that you are born again, not to just believe that you are born again or any artificial ritual that certifies that you are born again is to be accepted, but something definitely has to happen with us. Some experience of reality must take place within us. It’s not just an idea that it is so, “Yes, yes we are born again! Now we are the chosen ones, we are the best people.” But definitely there’s something evolutionary that should manifest within us [which] has been predicted by all the scriptures, no exception at all. Right from Hinduism up to the most modern personality, [which] we can say, is the new Guru Nanaka, is the one who wrote a scripture.

In the Koran it is very clearly said that you have to become the pir, the one who has the knowledge. Vedas itself says that, “By reading the Vedas” – veda means, vida means, ‘to know’ – “if you do not know then it is useless.” In the first chapter in the first stanza. It’s so clearly said there that you have to know!

Something has to happen to our awareness, which does not know. That means that we are, so far, away from the knowledge and that something has to happen to our awareness by which we will know more. This knowledge is the pure knowledge of the science of Divine laws, of the Divine powers.

It has been said that there is Divine power, All-pervading Power, the grace of God, all around us. Now if I give you a big lecture on this, every week I can give you a lecture “There’s a Divine power here and oh what a great thing it is!” Like the other day one gentleman came to see me and he said, “Oh I am a realised-soul, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I am a realised-soul. I said, “Really.” “And I am in the Divine power ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Then he said, “It is the Divine power I’m feeling ha, ha, ha, ha!” I started looking at him. I said, “Whom is he befooling?” He’s befooling himself! Who is at a loss? It is he. It is nobody else. I mean he’s not befooling me by any chance. Even if I am a fool, no use befooling me. It is he who is befooling himself. He’s cutting the branch on which he’s standing. He is not understanding that his own personality is not worth befooling. And he was on and on for half an hour before me and I didn’t know what to tell him, because what can you talk to these blind people? Those who are blind and know they are blind and profess they have eyes! They are the most dangerous people to themselves and to the society. Because once they believe into such nonsense they want everybody to believe into that. Some of them could be genuine fools, some of them could be sinister people.

So it’s an experience that has to take place within you. You are not to believe me either on this point. Like I may say, “Oh, this is it!” and maybe I may create a big scene. That’s not the thing that is going to help us at all. We are the seekers of truth and unless and until we find it, why should we be satisfied with anything whatsoever.

So here we are to find out the truth and the truth is very simple. It is so very simple that it’s not possible to believe in it, that you are the part and parcel of the whole, and you have to feel the whole. That’s what you are seeking. All your seeking form amoeba stage to this stage is this simple seeking: is to become the part and parcel of the whole, which you are already, but to know that you are, to know.

So to know means in your awareness you should feel that you are the part of the whole. Once you become the whole you do not seek any more. If that seeking is completed you do not seek any more.

I think today is very warm can you open some of the doors Douglas please. Since I have come it has become so warm!

So the main thing one has to learn [is] that you are not to be persuaded by any talk, by any miracles so called, by any tomfoolery, but the basic happening must take place.

Now this happening has been planted within us since we were amoeba. Like a seed sprouts into a tree, today we are at a stage where we are a human being. And this stage is just a transitory one to jump into another stage where you become that knowledgeable personality. And because that stage is so close that’s why you are seeking very ardently.

Now to talk of God in this age of science is impossible. But scientists, when they will know there is a knowledge beyond their human understanding, and when they get that awareness within themselves, then only they will know that whatever they have known so far has been of no value. That’s why all these endeavours, all these so called manifestations of human intelligence and all that, has lead them into confusions and problems. They don’t know what to do with themselves. There’s an atomic war on top of heads. There’s another shock on their heads. They don’t know what is going to happen in the future. Despite all their good wishes and benevolence they have not been able to achieve any blissful state for us.

Now if I say there is God, yes there is, and there is that blissful state within us which we have to achieve by becoming one with the whole, you don’t have to believe me, but don’t deny me.

Within us lies that pure desire, absolutely that unmanifested desire within us which in Sanskrit language is called as Kundalini. And this is lying in the triangular bone in three and a half coils.

Now in the process of Sahaj Yoga you will see the pulsation of this Kundalini with your naked eyes, the pulsation rising. You can also feel the pulsation on the top of your head, about which many great saints have written very openly, especially one of the latest, Kabira has described it very, very clearly. In the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya has described it. Even in the Bible you find the description, but in a little mysterious way because people were so funny that you couldn’t tell them anything straight off. As it is you know what happened.

Everything that has happened on this Earth has a Divine plan, especially all the advents of people. Like Christ coming on this Earth, Moses taking people away from slavery, Krishna’s advent on this Earth, Rama’s coming on this Earth as a benevolent King. All these things have given us a special power within ourselves. These powers are all dormant. They are dormant, we can say they are sleeping, just like some candles which are not yet enlightened. When the Kundalini rises she enlightens these powers within us. So this pure desire that is within us to be one with the whole, this connects us to the whole; not only that, but it awakens all those deeper powers within us which are yet not awakened.

Today I want to tell you about Christ’s powers which has never been talked about before, because those people who talked about Christ never knew this. They were not realised-souls. They were just ordinary human beings. And even those who are talking about Christ are not realised-souls. They are talking without having any knowledge as to this subtle side of Christ.

Christ resides within us in this evolutionary process, in that crossing point. His Deity is placed there. Now this was not placed after Christ came in, it was placed much before when the human being was created. And then he incarnated on this Earth.

Now this Deity was specially created to cross that point, that door into the Kingdom of God, which is the Sahasrara, is the thousand-petalled [lotus]: that round place which is opened, called as limbic area. On the gross level it is called as limbic area. And He was specially created for a very special job, which was never interpreted by people.

When the Deity of Christ is awakened with us what does He do? It is said that, “He died for our sins.” Everybody says, “Christ died for our sins so you become Christians. So He has died for us and everything is fine!” You are not a Christian unless and until you are baptised. You are not a Jew unless and until you are baptised. Now what is the baptism we are having? Do we really get the awakening of Christ within us? Do we get the awakening of Moses within us? Do we get the awakening of Shri Krishna within us? If so we do not have those powers. When this Deity is awakened within us it is said that He died for our sins.

In India we had a long theory of karma. That was at the time of Krishna [who] has described that, “Whatever karmas you do, accordingly you are born, accordingly you suffer.” This theory was at the time of Krishna, who was about six thousand years back. So by this they wanted to tell people that you build up your karmas and you will suffer accordingly. The suffering are due to the past bad behaviour, or anti God behaviour of human beings.

But they found the human beings were just the same. When Moses bought Jews away from there, they were just the same. When Krishna preached, nothing happened to them: they were just the same. They would not look after their karmas, they were not bothered about their karmas, and they suffered. In their ignorance they suffered because they did not believe in those incarnations. They did not believe in any incarnations whatsoever. So they continued with what they were doing: going against their sustenance, against their dharma, against their human benevolence. So something had to be done by which one could create an instrument, which would absorb those karmas once for all.

That’s how Christ was created with very great effort, with very great understanding of human problems to incarnate on this Earth as an ordinary human being. And when He resurrected Himself, He showed by His life that Spirit is eternal. That’s what Krishna told you: that Spirit is eternal. Somebody had to prove it, that it is eternal, and Christ proved it, that it is eternal.

So far till Christ came in, all the powers of incarnations were expressed as their personal powers: means the Goddess She came on this Earth to kill demons, Krishna came on this Earth to kill demons, to tell them what is right and wrong, Moses came on this Earth to save people.

But we needed somebody who would take away the sins, who would pardon the people, who would go on this Earth as the embodiment of forgiveness. To forgive the erring human beings who were so ignorant with that love and compassion. Not to show off His great powers, which He has still, but just, through his compassion and forgiveness, to absorb the sins of these people.

And this Deity was placed – long, long time back He incarnated as a human being on this Earth, but we never recognised Him. Can you imagine? Now we have so many thousands of Sahaj Yogis all over the whole world. Can you imagine there was not a single person who really, but for His Mother, really understood Him? Till He got his resurrection then they all started saying, “Ah, ah, ah.” Till then nobody would believe Him. Not like you people. But it’s all right because they were not realised, so even that is forgiven. That’s why He said that, “Anything against me will be tolerated,” because He knew people were not realised people. But after Realisation, after getting your enlightenment, if you do not recognise God then He’s not going to forgive. Imagine! The ocean of forgiveness has denied His forgiveness. That would be the greatest crime and sin, not to recognise God after Realisation.

Now, He came on this Earth to absorb the sins of the people. When the Kundalini rises, and if this Agnya opens out, which is a very difficult thing – for others I have seen it’s very much difficult. But in Sahaj Yoga today it has become really easy to awaken Christ – all the sins get lost, completely absorbed. There’s no karmas left.

There are many people still flouting this idea of karmas. They are still harping on that. Because when Christ came on this Earth, and did all His miracles, and when He told them that, He’s dying for the sins of the people – and they knew this, they said it; they started preaching about it – they took Christ like a book. They used Him so wrongly and they never interpreted what it meant: that after becoming a realised-soul, when you are born again; as He said, “You are to be born again”. He said it again and again these things.

I must tell you I went to America in seventy three and when I was talking they were all taping me and people told me, “You should not allow them to tape You. You must have some sort of a patent or something.” I said, “What? It’s very difficult.” And they taped me and they said, “They’ll be printing all this.” I said, “Good material then! Let it go. It’s a very good thing.” After all for Realisation they have to come to Sahaj Yog. Kundalini awakening that has to happen. But let them talk about it.”

So actually human beings are so wonderful they know how to make mess of everything. They created organisations called twice-born because I said, “You have to be born again.” So they said, “All right, we have an organisation [called] ‘twice born’.” And these self-certificate people are all around quarrelling with me. And they said, “This we got it from America.” And they are many like these, who believe in this or that; and they have formed organisations. By forming an organisation you are not going to be born again. It’s a living process. It’s a living thing. You cannot just brand somebody, “You are born again”. You cannot brand someone. It has to happen. But all right whatever has happened to them will come round very soon.

So, the principle of Christ when it is awakened within us, all our karmas are absorbed. What a wonderful thing it is, just think of it! Just think of it! No more sins. The past sins are lost – every sin! And when the Kundalini pierce Agnya you really become thoughtlessly aware, absolutely thoughtlessly aware. This happens to you. It’s not that, because I say, you should believe into it, but it happens to you. You yourself should find out. And when the Kundalini pierces the fontanel bone area – means when you really get you baptism in the real sense of the word, when it pierces through – then you feel start feeling the cool breeze in the hand flowing. It’s a happening; for which you cannot put in any effort.

But then to keep this Deity alive you have to do something about it [so] that furthermore you do not commit this. Your sins are finished at the point when the Kundalini rises and Christ is awakened. But keep Him awakened. In the beginning it happens I have seen that you take to all things again and He sleeps off. You have to keep Him happy. And the methods which are implied to keep them happy is called as Shuddha Vidya or Nirmala Vidya – means the pure knowledge.

Because once the attention is enlightened, it’s not like this light. Of course this has certain powers: when there is light we can see all this clearly. You start seeing clearly all your centres within yourself and you can see the centres of other people by feeling them on your fingers. This is the minimum of minimum that happens.

But you will be amazed, when these powers are properly raised within us, you get an awareness by which, if you pay attention to anything, it acts, your attention acts.

This is what is called as, really, Nirmala Vidya: is the one where the attention starts acting by itself. You pay attention to something, you just think of it, and it works. Normally your attention is nothing but wherever is your desire, wherever you want to go, you can go with your attention. But it doesn’t act anywhere, doesn’t report anything to you. You pay attention to someone you want to know about and you get connected with that person and you know what’s the matter with that person.

So first of all because the Kundalini spreads in the brain, you get the awareness enlightened.

First that has to be established, that the attention becomes enlightened, and that it becomes active. Active not in the wrong way, always on the right side. Whatever it does is good, it is good, good for your Spirit. There’s a Sanskrit word for that is hita. All your decision making becomes very easy because if you use your vibratory awareness immediately you know that, “This is the right, this is the wrong”. You can feel it on the vibrations because now you are connected with the absolute, with your Spirit and you know what is to be done, what is not to be done.

But Realisation is something like jumping from dead to life. The attention that was acting like dead becomes alive, every particle of it. So it’s a tremendous change within you and to establish that tremendous change you have to have patience and understanding. Those who have shown that patience and understanding have achieved that establishment very well. Those who have not shown that understanding have again gone back to [the] as it is position.

I am here in no way to form any cult or anything, no way to get any money or any such nonsense. I am here to make you that knowledgeable personality, which you can be, very easily. Someone has to do it. You can do it tomorrow. There were two people who went to Australia and they got a thousand people realised. In India there’s one gentleman who got ten thousand people realised. You all can do it yourself; first of all you have to establish yourself. It is easy to doubt something, you should doubt, there’s nothing wrong in doubting but one should know that I have nothing to gain.

There are so many fake people, so many money-makers and so many misleading personalities that, when you come to me, it is going to be that way, I know. But I also think that you have come here for seeking. There’s nothing to lose. But if you get this experience, this is what you are seeking for ages and you are born on this Earth in these modern times when this Maha Yoga has started. But it works slowly.

You have to get it. There is no way of enlisting you as a Sahaj Yogi, there’s no way. It has to happen. I cannot have you on the register or something like that, “Put down your names, all right these are the Sahaj Yogis”. You cannot just do it. If it has not happened to you, you are not there. You have to be there. If you are not there you are not a realised-soul. You have to have it. So we cannot behave the same way as others do.

The other day some Sahaj Yogis asked me that, “Mother, they are used to courses, that first day you do this course of pulling your nose, second day pulling you ears, and third day pulling your chins.” There’s nothing like that in Sahaj Yoga, a course. And I have to tell you that this is a living process. It’s something very different. There is nothing like a course because whatever you have to achieve, you achieve through your Kundalini awakening. And you realise it, that from thoughtless awareness you jump into doubtless awareness. It’s an awareness, a state, which is built within us. How can there be a course for it? There cannot be any course as such. But of course you can learn about Nirmala Vidya. You can learn how to awaken your Deities. You can learn how to raise your Kundalini. You can learn how to raise the Kundalini of others.

The other point – which might upset some of the people who come for the first time, I have seen it happens – is that there could be some people among here, who call themselves Sahaj Yogis but are not up to the point. Because the door is open to everyone to come in. All kinds of people come in. Some of them may proclaim they are Sahaj Yogis, they may try to misbehave. But that doesn’t mean that something is wrong with Sahaj Yoga. But the person has not achieved that stage so far. There is nothing to be upset with people who behave like that. You should say, “He’ll be all right.” They get all right afterwards no doubt. We have people who are coming directly for lunatic asylum, you’ll be surprised. Don’t be frightened, but we had [such] people. I don’t know if there is somebody like that today. Directly from lunatic asylum one lady came to see me, in Leeds, and when she went back they said, “We don’t need you here now you are all right.” But now such a person comes in, if you meet that person he’ll say, “Oh I am a Sahaj Yogi. I am this. I am that.” And you are not to believe such a person. You have to believe in your achievements and not the achievements of other people. This is what the Sahaj Yoga is.

While in an artificial place they create a big halo around them: they’ll have ten people dressed up just to attract your attention, to impress you. They’ll dress them up, they’ll study how to influence other people – such books – and they’ll make these people look very attractive and very impressive. And they’ll pass you through such big, big halls and big, big corridors and impress you with that. And you’ll be amazed when you reach there you’ll find somebody sitting seven steps ahead of you and you have to go a bow to the person without asking any questions and you’ll do it. Because you will see all these things very, very much the same as you see if you have to go to see a king, or you have to go and see some pope or somebody, that’s how all these things are very impressive.

But for God it is not at all impressive. He can demolish all the wealth of the world and He can recreate it. For Him nothing is more impressive that your Spirit, the Spirit that is within. That’s the most important thing. Not what country you come from, what race you come from. All these nonsensical differences do not exist in the realm of God. You are a seeker and your Spirit has to be enlightened.

So maybe today we’ve got Caxton Hall, tomorrow maybe we could be sitting near a sea, or maybe somewhere on a hill. We had a problem in Australia, and we had too many people, we didn’t know what to do. So we went to an open space, one of the parks, and arranged a programme. It does not matter where we have the programme, how it is organised. Maybe it is a little bit disorganised sometimes, maybe there’s a little problem here and there. That’s not important. You have to experience, the experience that is very beautifully organised within you. Inside you’re well organised. See that organisation that is within you and not the organisation that is outside. The thing that is within you, the beauty within you, you must see that and experience that and enjoy that.

I hope it will work out with all the new people – I think most of them are already realised – and you all will have a deeper insight into yourself and you’ll enjoy the bliss and joy of the Spirit and feel the power of collective consciousness within you.

This is all for the new people, but today I want to talk to old Sahaj Yogis also, something about them, about the Saraswati power within us, which I have not yet talked to you [about] so far, because you’re already using it too much.

The power of Saraswati…

(Mother drinks some water and pauses)

This may also upset people that shoes are put up. You see, in England people might think, “Why to put up the shoes?” But you see they are supposed to respect even the shoes of a person who has vibrations, because there are lots of vibrations there. These are all things you have to gradually see why it is done. Not to get upset with things but to understand how we have to respect Divinity and the Divine power within us and within others.

Now about, we have three powers within us – so that it will also be helpful to the people who have come for the first time. The one power which is starting from the right side goes to the left side, is the power of desire. In Sahaj Yoga language we call it the Mahakali power. These are also awakened within us. All these powers are awakened within us because whatever we desire, the desire comes true.

After some time you find you do not desire anything that is not wanted. You only desire something that is for the good of your Spirit and the Spirit of others. That’s all you desire; you reach that stage where you do not ask. In the beginning people do ask like this, “Mother my father is sick, will you look after him?” “Mother my brother is wayward he drinks, smokes this that and can you look after him?” Then something else like that. It’s not bad, but it’s not the ultimate. But then you start asking, “Mother please give Realisation to people.” Then you do not say, “My brother, my sister,” you start thinking about the whole. Then you may say, “England,” you see, come up to that point, “Let England be awakened Mother, please try to help English people” like that. Then it goes to the whole world, then to the whole universe. That’s how you start expanding yourself and your awareness starts expanding. The desires change, the priorities change. Absolutely you change your priorities. You hanker after something, specially the desires of your habits. People are used to certain habits, for example some are smoking: you don’t have to tell them don’t smoke, don’t tell them. There’s no need to tell them also it causes cancer or anything – automatically they stop it, overnight. I have known people who have been drunkards: overnight they have stopped. The desire changes, the whole priority changes because it is enlightened, the power of desire is enlightened.

But the other power, which is enlightened within us, is the right hand side power, is the power of action. The power of action is called as Mahasaraswati. You really act quite a lot by thinking, by planning, by physical exercise. Physically and mentally we are overactive, specially in the societies where we are supposed to be developed. We develop through using this power, the power of action. We act, and when we feel we have something surplus we take to violence also, very easily. This power of action within us is absolutely exhausted as it is. That causes lots of problems. But because of your change of desire, action also changes. The persons who were going to pub every night stop going there. They start doing something else which is much more joyful and blissful. The desire changes the action automatically. But you can also change your actions.

But the subtle thing of the action is such that you realise that the power is flowing through your fingers. You realise that there’s emission of power. You go to some place, suddenly you find there’s a release of power; you find some things flowing out in that area. You find out, “What sort of area is this?” You find that some great saint might have died there. Sometimes you go to some place and you find your hands are tingling. You don’t like it. You ask them, “What sort of a place is this?” “This is a place where people were murdered, this happened, that happened people are very, very disturbed, there is no peace within them.”

So the action also changes, you change your movements. You go to places which make you happier. But the subtle side of the action is this: that the movement of these fingers, even the movement of your hand, the speech, the turning of your eye, everything is enlightened. You start growing with it.

When you become subtler and subtler you get to your principle, the principle that is the Spirit. And once you reach your principle you can reach the principle of anything. But for that one has to develop the Right Side in a proper way: is to use your hands properly. For example you’ll find many people raising the Kundalini like this, and may people have a very conventional ideas about things. For example if a pope takes a child, puts it in his hand, and puts some water from somewhere and makes it is baptised, everybody accepts it. Nobody has an objection for that. Or if a priest wears a funny type of a dress, which makes children frightened to begin with, or a donkey hat, nobody objects to that, because it is accepted by all our norms you see.

In Singapore I was surprised that there is a pub down below and a temple on top, and run by the same organisation! Is accepted. Nobody finds it funny! But if anybody says, “I have to raise your Kundalini.” Just moves the hand: “Oh they’re queer people you know, they are mad.” According to the standard of the unrealised they are mad. Now how do you raise the Kundalini? You can raise it with the attention. But it should not be done [like this], because the others should know that something has been done. Because people, unless and until they see something has been done to them they are not going to believe.

Yesterday we had somebody who had bad eczema, very bad eczema. All his hands were absolutely charred and horrible, both the hands, and I asked him to put his hand towards me. Maybe he might have been cured only by putting his hands. But I had to make the mark of a cross and a swastika on his hands and it cleared out, it all became solved. So he saw me doing something. If I had said, “All right, he’ll be all right,” – it happens, with Sahaj Yogis it can. But if I say that and if it happens, because attention is enlightened: “Oh it might be a coincidence!” So you have to raise the Kundalini with your hand, so the person who raises can also see [that] as far as the hand moves the Kundalini moves. You can feel it within your spine. You can see in the spine of another fellow. Then you raise it, “Oh God, it’s coming up, coming up!” You see with your hand movement, and the others can also see this, and this is the action which one has to understand.

When I say you have to give yourself a protection, a bondage, you have to give yourself a bandhan through your aura, you have to take your hand round and put it down like that and bring it back. When somebody does that, immediately people say, “Oh, they are mad people, they are doing hands like this!” I would compare it to Indian classical music: when an Indian classical musician sings. Why not? Our jazz music or this shaky music then they take the thing in their hands and are [making strange gestures] (Laughter). I mean, you feel they are going to break or you are going to break, the way they are all are all, “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  they go on. So in the beginning it was a shock to see what’s happening: “Is he alright? Has he gone mad or what is he doing about it?” We could not accept it. It is, really, for old people like me, it was a shock to see the way people were holding on to it (the microphone) and, “Ho, ho, ho!” And the other people were shaking their legs like this and shaking like that, so they were going like that, this one was raising the head. (Laughter) This was the first show I saw, I think about ’65, when I came here.

And just to entertain us, I don’t know what got into their head! Many ladies had also come. And they invited us to this place called as ‘Talk of the Town’, I believe. And there these ladies came and they were turning their legs on top of the heads you see. All the time and we were looking everywhere, “What are they up to?” They said, “This is dancing.” “Oh this is dancing!” We couldn’t believe that dancing legs is take like that is a dance. According to Indian standards is not. In Indian standard the dance cannot be with her long leg like that, raising up straight like that. This is exercise: according to Indian standard it is exercise. I mean, for us the old people, I am saying. But the young people may accept this kind of a [thing]. And the whole thing filled us with such nauseas. And we didn’t know what was happening to us. I was so stunned. I mean, somebody should have taken our photograph – the way we were ignorant about it.

In the same way the people might find it little abnormal the way we have to do the Kundalini awakening, though it’s not so bad, you see, I must tell you. (Laughter) It’s quite gracious. It acts very graciously. But one should not have fixed ideas also. You must keep yourself open to see that this is the work of the Divine and one has to raise that.

Now somebody might see Christ standing with a finger like that. It has a great meaning, what it means, in Sahaj Yoga you can understand. In Sahaj Yoga you can understand what does this mean, is His Father. You know. Those who know what are these fingers for, you will know what it means. He always pointed to these two fingers. That is His Father, which he described. Everything that…now Buddha sitting with another kind of a mudra, somebody is doing like this, somebody that: you don’t understand why, why they did it. But we have accepted that point. And we have accepted that, so we don’t mind. But when this is a new thing that is happening to us people do not want to accept.

This was a very, very secret knowledge once upon a time. Just like you had only one king who had seven wives, but nowadays everyone can have twenty-one if they want to, in the same way in your inner being you are all now capable of becoming kings. You are all capable of becoming great people.

Outside you have lost inside you have gained. Outside you have lost much by thinking that all these wrong things that these so called powerful people did was something to be achieved. That’s how you have lost, but your Spirit has gained. It has gained a lot because you realise now: you have reached that stage where you realise that it was a mistake. It was a mistake that we thought this kind of power is going to make us happy, this kind of thing is going to give us joy. Now you are realising, all of a us are realising that, that was not the thing we asked for. It’s a miserable state that we have landed ourselves in…

(tape sound drops out here)

…and the inner joy has to be experienced. And you are just ready for that.

So this action power within us has to be kept very clean.

Now for Sahaj Yogis as I say, there is no ritual that way. Ritualistic things always make you absolutely dead. There should not be any. Like early in the morning you start with a mantra go on repeating mantra like a mechanical thing. It’s absolutely paying no respect to the Deity. But in a proper way whichever Deity you want to awaken: think of the Deity, try to cleanse it, with all understanding and deliberations, with respect, with a protocol. And not just to take somebody’s name, just go chanting any mantra you feel like.

It’s not a mechanical thing. Some people just start doing it mechanically because they have done things before also mechanically.

Sahaj Yoga is a thing that has to come from heart. It is heartfelt. If you do not do it from your heart it has no meaning. You may carry on like that but you’ll find after sometime you have lost your vibrations, you have lost the cool breeze. Because heart doesn’t like mechanical things. Every day it does new things – like the living things, they are everyday a new flower, a new style, a new method. It never sticks on to habits. It never sticks on to the same routine of things. This way you come sometime, the other way you come sometime. It’s bubbling everyday with new appearances. And so the mechanical things that you do deaden this power of Saraswati.

One has to do it with complete love towards yourself and towards others; with complete esteem of your being and the esteem of others.  The whole behaviour should be such. While I find some people are still taking to very childish behaviour. And some are taking to very broodish behaviour. Sahaj Yoga should be in the centre. There’s a difference between childish and childlike. You can be innocent like a child but you are matured, you understand things. And the both things [combined] make a special dignified personality of such a person. All these things come to you from this Right Side power when you use it properly. Unless and until you have this properly established you cannot impress other people by your behaviour. Other people, new people, who come to you should see this majesty, this royalty within you, which you are enjoying as a bliss from God Almighty.

May God Bless you all!

I would like to have some questions from the new people it’s a good idea.

Hello! Hello! They recognise me. Let them enjoy, let them have their freedom they know what to do. Whatever they do they have a meaning.

Can I have some questions?

Seeker: Can you be sick and then be born-again after a great illness or something like that? After a great illness, something that you thought you were not going to be here any longer?

Shri Mataji: You mean to say, after a great illness can you be born again? Yes, yes of course yes. Actually when you are born again you are cleansed completely and you get cured. We have cured cancer. Cancer is very easy to be cured by Sahaj Yog. So many diseases are cured just as soon as the Kundalini comes up. It has a cleansing power: it cleanses, your physical, your mental, your emotional being. It does cleanse you, no doubt about it. It does. But it just does it because that’s its job, swabhava (स्वभाव), is the nature. That’s the nature of Kundalini that she cleanses you.

Same Seeker: Yeah, when I came here the last time and they did say I had something with my chest. Well, afterwards I went to the university hospital and all of the other places and they said there was nothing wrong with my chest. And when I came here I couldn’t even breathe and you said there was something wrong with my chest but the doctor never said that.

Shri Mataji: Yes. Now you see, this is the thing: doctors only know the physical side of human being they do not know the mental side. And you’ll be surprised that I found out [that] even a disease like cancer starts from mental side, it’s from the left side it starts. Now the doctors have accepted that there are some proteins within us, which are placed in the areas, which are unknown to us, since our creation and they attack us. So the problem you have had, doctors will say there’s nothing wrong with you, till it manifests its physical side. So if there is any problem in your chest we will know first and doctors will know much later. Maybe it would be so difficult that they may not be able to do anything about it.

Now the other day we had a boy who suffers from asthma, who could not be cured by anything. But it could be cured by Sahaj Yog, because it not only caters to the physical side but to the mental side – you don’t have to go to psychologist and to a doctor; only your Kundalini does everything – and your spiritual problem.

Like we had a telephone call from Australia saying that there’s one gentleman who has come from Transcendental Meditation and he is behaving like an animal: he’s growling and he’s making all kinds of noises and this and that, and he has been to doctors to show this. And the doctor said, “We cannot cure the people who go to TM!” Better ask TM people. He asked TM people, they said, “You are stressing and you are taking out the stress,” and this and that. And he said, “This is an eternal process. For the last twelve years I have been nothing but stressing out, and what am I stressing out? Nothing comes out, it is increasing!” But on the phone I told him something which relieved him of his problem.

So these things cannot be understood by doctors. Even the doctors have to come for this. The psychologists do not know about the physical side and the physical doctors do not know about the psychology. When I said it to you [that] there must be some problem and now if it is clear we’ll see about it. And you yourself will know that. You yourself felt that way.

Same Seeker: Yeah, but I knew it was there…

Shri Mataji: Yes it was there. But doctors won’t be able to. So it’s such a subtle thing. It finds out everything. Even before the trouble starts, which is manifesting outside, you know it inside – even the slightest of it, even the slightest of it.

Yes, what is it?

Lady seeker:  

Shri Mataji: You feel terrible things? Here is our attention in the stomach, you know. Here is the attention within us. And is the Principle of the Guru, is the principle of the Master, the Primordial Master. He’s within us here. He’s to be awakened. Now the guidance we take from others you see sometimes could be upsetting that; or the way we listen to some people. You see, some people talk we just don’t like it. Sometimes with me it is that even if I see somebody I feel something is like that, you see. That sensitivity is a very good sign. And it can be corrected in Sahaj Yoga that you can register it, but you do not feel that sense. You just register, of course, that sensitivity is not lost, but it’s impact is not lost, but it’s impact is not so much: you just feel it and you just say, “He is catching on the void,” you see – that’s how. Then you see that it is happening to another person, not to yourself. That’s what happens to you after Realisation. You get rid of all that. It’s a very good sign to have all that.

Lady Seeker: It is?

Shri Mataji: It is of course it is. Yes, that’s a very good sign that you are very sensitive about it. That means you are a seeker of ages.

Seeker: I had a type of operation on my kidney. I didn’t know I had a damaged kidney at the time, but I went to somebody and they told me that I’d got a stone on my kidney. So at the time I was more dead than alive and I didn’t care about anything. But he decided to operate on me. This doctor was very good man and he told me. And I didn’t know I had anything wrong with my kidneys. But I had to see him for something else and he said I must see him before I go away I must see him and get this thing done. That was in 1952.

Shri Mataji: That’s what it is, that’s what, without seeing what it is how can you say? And you must see it. You must see for yourself. This is what is Sahaj Yog: in which you have to see it. And the knowledge that comes through you is so clear cut, but first you don’t believe it. You just can’t believe it! It’s so fantastic you just don’t believe it.

But like this lady says, now if she goes and tells somebody about this they’ll say, “Oh this woman!” Either they’ll say she’s mad, or they’ll say she needs psychological treatment or they’ll say, “Forget it!” Nobody is going to believe because they don’t have this problem. You see that’s it. Unless and until you see it you are not going to see it, that’s very true. What you say is true: unless and until you see it how are you going to believe.

Any other question?

Same seeker: (Gives a very long speech) At the same time when that happened, I didn’t go for my kidney….and it’s much better now. And I didn’t know it at the time that there was anything like this. It was 1952. I saw him once and I’ve never been back to him.

Shri Mataji: So then how are you feeling now? No it was something else you see which you will know, gradually what it was, it has to be cleared out. It’s not a germ. It’s from the Left Side you are getting it from the back here. It’s the yellow centre you see here, has two sides right and left it moves on both the sides. And on left side is the centre which we call as Left Swadishthan, we call it Left Swadishthana is the centre, and which is for black magic. You see, when people do any black magic on you, you get a problem. And naturally when it starts manifesting it affects the kidney because it’s very close to the kidney. So first it starts as a black magic thing. And then, when we raise the Kundalini it was pushed up to here and it could not get out from there. So the thing is that it moves also, you can feel the movement of it. After some time, if it is not gone you feel it’s here, it’s here, it’s here. The thing starts moving and doctors may say, “You better take B complex to get rid of it.” And you cannot. It’s a Spirit. It’s a Spirit that moves and once it starts moving we know how to take it out and how to work it out.

So there are ways and methods by which we really take it out. There is a force, a satanic force, that does all these things. It’s a fact. He has felt you. He has that sensitivity. You must be that sensitive to act. See on the stomach. Because your stomach is weak. They know how to work, where to work, where to go. I’m so interested in that.

Lady seeker: If the centres get blocked then is there one particular centre that gets blocked then how do you clear it?

Shri Mataji: If they’re blocked we have ways and methods how to raise them.

Lady seeker: If the centre heart got completely blocked up what would happen?

Shri Mataji: I think the first, second, third, fourth one you mean to say? That is the centre of security. And if it is blocked you problems like breast problems and things like that and also breathing sometimes you get. Is a sense of security and there is a Deity there. Is the Deity which is the Mother of the Universe, and you have to awaken Her. If She’s awakened then you don’t have those problems. It’s very simple.

Are you feeling the cool breeze?

Seeker: Yes, I’m feeling as though the electricity is flowing through me and I’m feeling it. (Laughter)

Shri Mataji: (Laughing) .Just put your hand towards me. Yes it’s something like that!

Seeker: Yes, and now I’m thinking that something’s blocked in me.

Shri Mataji: (Laughing). Now all of you just put your hands towards me like this. Close your eyes. Put your both the legs straight on the ground, straight on the ground. Just like that.

But as I told you even if you get Realisation doesn’t mean that you have achieved it. You have to establish it, which is very important, because the whole thing is a transformation and to establish it, it takes time. So just coming today, getting Realisation and finishing off, is of no help. It’s wastage of time for me and you also. And again you’ll come back with a greater problem because once you are realised you must establish it. You must establish: is an essential part of the whole thing.

Will you please place your hands towards me.

Lady seeker: (unclear)

Some people get it really permanently I think, some people do get it permanently but some people leave it for a while. You see, it is for us to maintain it, to establish it. Once it is awakened it is awakened. I have seen people who get lost for about four, five months – again they come back. But then they are not so much progressed as the people who have continued to progress, you see. You must know that you are the seekers and without seeking you are not going to be happy. So why go half-baked about it? It’s not a shopping. It’s something that is real, that’s important, that’s vital. So you must know something that is vital.

Lady seeker: Should you meditate for (unclear)?

Shri Mataji: No, no. There’s no time. Now, no space, no time, nothing! It is all the time you are in meditation. All the time. Whatever you are doing, you are in meditation.

So please put your hands towards me like this. Put your hands out.

Close your eyes please.

She too has a little breathing problem that needs to be corrected.

Close your eyes. Please close your eyes.

Put your hands straight towards me. Straight, like this. Because if there is any shaking in the hands you can see. Little bit away from your [legs], like this. Not on the knees, because in the beginning you must see where is the heaviness.

Now what I feel is more on the heart. Now put your right hand on the heart, right hand on the heart.

Now you have to ask for forgiveness. Saying that, “If we done anything wrong please forgive us.” You have to ask for forgiveness.

Now when I say that ,immediately you start catching the centre which shows that you are guilty. You are not to be guilty. Once you say that it’s finished: that’s why you say it, just to clear it out. Just put your hand on your heart and your left hand towards me.

You say it without any guilt being built within you. Just say it. Because you could have committed mistakes. After all to err is human and to forgive Divine.

Do not build up any guilt at all. What is this guilt for?

Let someone take the baby and take him around.

Do not build your guilt. That is one thing happens very often. You catch on the heart, you ask for forgiveness and you start thinking, “I’ve done this, I have done…” Forget about it! Forget it! Forget it!

So it goes to the third point. This is a very common circuit in the developed countries.

The third circuit is where you have to forgive yourself and forgive others. Agnya chakra you catch.

So you forgive. First of all you forgive yourself.

You have to respect yourself because you are the temple of God. Forgive yourself! Can you forgive yourself?

Close your eyes and forgive yourself.

Respect yourself. You have to respect yourself because you are asking for something because you deserve it.

Whatever you have done is finished now so just forgive yourself.

Now you put your right hand towards me, and left hand on the stomach and forgive others.

Just on the stomach, more on the liver. And forgive others! Forgive others! Forgive everyone!

Even if they have harmed you, just forgive them. Because by remembering that you are miserable for nothing at all.

Now put both the hands towards me and watch me without thinking. Let’s see if you can do it without thinking.

Just watch me without thinking. Watch my face, without thinking.

Now there are many ways you can still feel and you can stabilise with it. But as in your awareness you have everything, but in the beginning you try to raise the Kundalini and establish it. Then only certain things are supposed to be explained to us: how to do it, which is more. Because the truth is helpless, you cannot bear it, change it. They could not bear the truth that Christ was the incarnation, that He was the Son of God, and they killed him. It’s very difficult. Human beings have such a tremendous ego that they cannot bear anything. So everything is not told to you at the beginning. But gradually you will build up that sense.

And once you are ready to receive the truth, in its full capacities, you will know. But not at the beginning (inaudible) of the Diety the Spirit that you are. But even with this you can show people and give it to them.

But first of all you must cure yourself, you must respect yourself, and cure, that is very important.

If you have been to other gurus and you have been harmed by that, then there are certain things that you have to do. If you have left sided problems or anything, there are certain things that need to be done. For that you have to come to the centre, enquire and find out all about it: what has to be done. Because now you are realised you can cure yourself, you don’t need anybody else to do it. Only thing you have to know how to do it.

Once you cure yourself you can get to another people.

For curing this trouble or any of your troubles there are particular things that have to be done. And they will tell you how to do it, how to awaken the Diety of the Primordial Master within us, by which He looks after the void.

And all the other problems can be solved as soon as you know how to solve them. All that knowledge is absolutely free, with love, with great joy. You can’t pay for it, you never pay for it.

I hope every Monday you’ll be the first ones to come here. There may be some negative forces which will come and stop you, but don’t listen to them.

Secondly, ego-business is quite a lot. Just try to establish yourself .

Go deep into yourself. And establish all your powers. These are your own absolutely your own, which you get.

May God bless you!

You can see the feeling on top of your heads. You can feel it very clearly. Feel the cool breeze. So that you will know that there is Realisation.

Then you start seeing things, how it works out. It just works out. Just works out.

So can I go?