The Power of Kundalini

Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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The Power of Kundalini, Talk to Sahaja Yogis, Chelsham Road Ashram, London (UK), May 17th,1981

Today I told you about Kundalini, and that Kundalini is the Pure Desire within us, that manifests or is awakened to give us our Self-realization.

Means the desire is only fulfilled when you get your Self-realization, otherwise it is not manifested – it is just dormant; it is still residual.

It has created the whole universe, but until and unless you get Self-realization, unless and until you become one with your Spirit, you have not achieved the manifestation of this power, which will go on making you run and run and run, thinking that you have not yet achieved, or you have not found out your meaning.

It will be there, all the time, sleeping, but giving you a feeling of vacuum, you see.

So this power must be made to manifest, but when it manifests… [Shri Mataji pauses to comfort an infant: “What’s it? What happened? Well, let it be, let him sit down, come. What happened? Come along. What’s happening? Eh? It’s alright.” (Shri Mataji kisses the child) “Alright. Alright?” (The baby: “Yes”) “Good. (Laughter) Now one has to keep quiet, alright?” (Shri Mataji kisses the child.)]

Then, this power has got certain qualities.

The first quality it has got, this is ungrahavati, means it goes against the gravity.

It goes against the gravity. You see, a thing rises, it doesn’t go down. So a person who has to be aspiring by nature. If a person is not aspiring type the Kundalini doesn’t rise. Because, like, you see that, when food passes down our stomach it presses the sides of the intestines. By that these movements of going down takes place. Do you see my point?

So when the Kundalini starts, and starts pressing on the sides of the chakras, she creates a feeling of throwing it higher and higher, so the chakras bounce it upward.

All the heavy things, all go downward, but the Kundalini rises higher and higher and higher, because it is like fire. Fire never burns downward. It always burns upward.

She looks also like fire, and she has the capacity of fire within her. The fire has a capacity to purify, and to burn off whatever can be burnt off. It purifies the things which it cannot burn, and burns off the things which are inflammable, which can be burnt out.

[Aside: “Come along, come forward”.

Man: “Thank you very much”.]

So, the quality of fire that exists in the Kundalini burns off whatever is useless. Like in our house we find all the useless things, and we take them in the garden and burn them off, finished – once for all they are finished.

So when the Kundalini rises, She also burns off all useless things that you have, all your useless desires, your useless ideas of action, all sorts of useless accumulation of feelings and egos, and every sort of a nonsensical thing that is in between. Everything is burnt off fast, because they can be burnt, they are not eternal by nature. They are not eternal by nature. They are temporarily there.

All that is temporary, she burns off, and that’s how she enlightens the Spirit, because Spirit cannot be burnt by anything.

But this burning is so beautiful that it burns off all that is bad, stagnating, all that is polluting, all that is a disease, and cools down the system.

It is very interesting to see how this power of fire becomes the cool breeze, but in the science also you find that electricity can give you hot breeze or cool breeze. You can transform from one to another, but there is no ultimate for these things, they are always reversible.

Supposing something becomes a magnetism, you can always convert into electricity, electricity can always be converted into magnetism.

But Kundalini is such a thing that once she burns off everything that is there, that’s how you get heat, because she’s burning.

But when she cools down and becomes cool then she is not reversible. That’s why it is a living process. Living process is never reversible. All dead processes can be reversible, but anything that is reversible – now, supposing you are grown up: you cannot become a little baby. Whatever you may try – you may have any number of operations – you cannot become that (laughter).

Now you are grown up, now you are modern, over-developed. You may try anything to become a primitive person – you cannot.

You just cannot, whatever you may try.

That will be all very artificial.

You may just feel that you have become primitive by wearing some sort of a dress, by feeling that, ‘Oh, now there’s no modernism in us, and now we have become very, very subdued’, nothing of the kind. It is curable, but not reversible.

But, it’s a living process. So, Kundalini within us expedites the living process within us of our evolution.

So the power of Kundalini is to purify, she purifies us like fire. She doesn’t purify us like water, it’s surprising, she doesn’t purify us like water.

Now, water, what does the water do? Water never burns off anything, but it dissolves certain things. It can take in something within itself, you see? It can contain some of the dirt within itself. Supposing you put a color in the water – it assumes the color. But Kundalini does not assume the color. She burns off. Do you follow My point? So, if you have anything wrong within you, she’ll burn it off, but she’ll not absorb – she’s pure. She cannot absorb those things into her that will pollute her. She cannot be polluted.

This quality of fire – say for example, if you put gold in fire, silver in fire, you can purify these things. Their pure form comes in… That’s how you know. But if you put gold and fire in water, nothing will happen.

At the most you can wash them from outside. But in and out you cannot do it.

So outwardly you can do with other things, but with Kundalini you do in and out.

The face also looks beautiful, as if some glazing has taken place on the face, a new, bright face. It’s not sallow, neither it is horribly burning, nor is it pale and ugly-looking, but it becomes radiant. Radiance, that’s what Kundalini gives you.

It looks also, as if a molten iron, you see – have you seen molten iron? – Pillar of – supposing you take a pillar of iron and, and heat it, to a point where it starts showing, you see, copper, every color in it, copperish and all sorts of color you see, see it’s golden, copperish and all that, you see, like a furnace. But very silently, very silent, it works out.

Now, the sound of Kundalini I have told you in one of My lectures, how it creates sound.

For example at Vishuddhi, it creates the sound of all the vowels that are in Sanskrit language.

The English vowels are very few. Sanskrit language are a aa – i ii – u uu – ru ruu – lru lruu – e aì – o aù – am ah.

These are the sounds at Vishuddhi we can say. But she creates sounds on all the chakras, but when she comes to Nabhi it becomes a vani.

Vani means information, coded information, that’s the nearest you get, coded information.

First it is the Paravani, which you don’t hear. When it rises from the Kundalini point – means Mooladhara Chakra and Mooladhara, then it is not heard – there’s no sound.

Then it comes to the stomach, the Paravani starts. Then it comes into the centre, where, in the heart, always you hear it – Madhyama – where you can hear it ‘Lub dub, Lub dub, Lub dub’, just like heart, properly. With a stethoscope you can hear it.

Then it comes to Vishuddhi. It becomes a witness, means ‘Pashyanti’, the One who Sees. Might have noticed yourself, when you are caught up in Vishuddhi, you feel the thing going on here.

But here She sees. Then this sound, which is the sound with which you speak, when it comes to the throat, it becomes Vaikhari, is saying.

This is even before the Kundalini’s there, the Vani, the coded information, the language, which is first only coded, becomes decoded here, she it called Vaikhari, which talks.

But after realization, the Kundalini enlightens the vani, as it enlightens everything else. Because of that enlightenment, your mantras become enlightened. And that’s how, when you say a mantra, it is effective, it’s lighted.

Before this, any mantra said has no meaning, it’s just ordinary Vani, just like in any ordinary person.

So, it is called as the mantra which is ‘Jagrut’, awakened. So, a mantra which is Jagrut cannot be created out of a mantra which is not enlightened.

Like if you have, say, an earthen pot or an earthen thing like this, or this one as it is, and you have all the oil and everything there: still it won’t give light till it is enlightened. In the same way, the mantra is nothing, it’s just a dead pot.

Unless and until it is enlightened by Kundalini, it is from ordinary vani, which cannot give you enlightenment, and which cannot give enlightenment to the mantras, and that’s why these mantras have no meaning at all.

A person whose Spirit is enlightened, and his vani is enlightened, such a person, whatever he says comes true. Whatever he asks for happens.

Even before he says something, the desire, the desire within us, which is the Paravani, which is the coded information of the desire you have, becomes enlightened, and that’s how you get the results. Suddenly you get something, you said: ‘Oh, I have struck the jackpot, and Mother has done it’. That’s how it works out.

The whole system works out this way, of Kundalini. So this pure Kundalini creates purity within us. Without the purity we cannot see anything. Anything that is impure – say, say my hands are not clean, I can’t see the light. Anything that is dirtied, you cannot see the real picture of it, you cannot see the reality if it is not been purified.

But, even if it is superficially purified or artificially painted, still, you can always say that it is artificially painted, and you cannot see the beauty of this one, because this is done from outside.

But this Kundalini burns off everything – bhasmasat – makes everything into ashes, and whatever remains is the pure gold of the Spirit within us.

That’s why, when people try to raise the Kundalini by wrong methods, she shows her temper. Actually, she never gets angry. If Kundalini gets angry such a person can never exist, is impossible, but doesn’t happen normally.

But it is Shri Ganesha, which is the Deity of Shri Kundalini, gets angry, and He creates this problem of heat. Because she’s fire, and He’s the deity.

So the fire of this Kundalini works out in such a manner that your sympathetic nervous gets excited with heat, and one may get even blisters and things, if you try any tricks with Kundalini, any unholy behaviour… (inaudible words)

The Urdhva-vati of Kundalini, the rising of the Kundalini, is its nature. But when she goes and touches the Sahasrara, that is an important point.

If she does not touch the Sahasrara, then the Grace doesn’t fall in, and the Grace has to come in within us on our both sides of the Ida and Pingala Nadi. That’s how you feel relaxed.

Now, how important it is for us to preserve our being, before coming to realization.

To preserve it as it is.

But we do not preserve. We make mistakes. Kundalini is not forgiveness, she does not forgive you. She is not the one who can forgive, because her nature is hot, like the fire. She cannot forgive. Only the Spirit can forgive. Only the Atma can forgive, because she is the one who indicates all your problems. She is the one who cleanses you. She has to cleanse you. If she starts forgiving you, your dirt will be left there.

As we do, you see, we clean: “Oh, it cannot be cleaned, leave it alone, what to do?”.

She is not like that. If it is not clean, she’ll burn.

Cancer is the cause of neglect of Kundalini awakening. Unless and until Kundalini is awakened, you cannot cure cancer of any person.

So, if somebody, say, has a nice mother-in-law, she might be a relation, and she was a good lady, she also tried to take vibrations and all that, she was quite aged, maybe she might be also a seeker.

But it acts best on seekers, because the Kundalini has to be awakened and she will not be awakened unless and until you have aspirations. And if you have no aspirations, if you just try to get it for your curing, you might get cured, by her awakening, but it’s a very forced action. It’s not so natural, there’s no suction about it.

We can say like that, supposing in this room we light fire, there is no oxygen, it won’t live. So we have to have that oxygen within us of our aspirations.

If that atmosphere doesn’t exist, Kundalini takes time to rise. Unless and until you are realized you cannot keep Kundalini up there.

You may just touch it, go down, again you’ll touch it, go down, again you’ll touch it, go down.

So, as a result of this, some people start feeling the guilt. ‘Why should I have done this? I should not have done that’, and all that. But after realization, this guilt is a big problem. Even before realization, I find, it is. Because guilt is an escape, where all the things are accumulated, which have to be burned off.

You see, all things accumulate on the side, very nicely stored – stored away you see, kept there nicely, so they do not face the Kundalini and get burnt.

And that’s how the left side of a person goes on recurring all the time, all the time, through these two points of left Nabhi and left Vishuddhi.

Allow the Kundalini to burn it off.

Just put this to the fire. And when you put this to fire of Kundalini it will burn off completely.

Don’t build up any kind of guilt. At least after realization. Before realization, of course, one has to worry a little bit.

But, even telling all this, it is convenient to feel guilty. You avoid all problems by feeling guilty, ‘Oh, I should not have done it, I’m sorry’ – English language (laughter). Very simple -‘I’m sorry, I should not have done. I’m sorry. I tell you I’ve done a mistake, all right’.

But you do not say like this, that: ‘Alright, I’m sorry, forget it.’ That should be added, too.

You see, when you say somebody ‘I’m sorry’ to somebody, he’ll say: ‘Alright, forget it’. The other person also should say within you, that ‘Forget it’. If you do not do, try that thing, you see, this is very nicely accumulated here all the time, and this feeling guilty is a very convenient method of escaping the truth, you see, showing that you are very frightened, you are very upset, this and that, and just storing up the whole thing up here in the left Vishuddhi. How will you progress?

You cannot progress with this idea that you are guilty, you are – even if you are, what are you going to do, what? You want to go to jail? Take two running jumps and go there! (Laughter, She laughs) I would say like that. Why come to Sahaj Yog? Just go to hell, you can go very fast, there’s no need.

But, if you are to be saved, accept that you are saved, and do not build up these left Vishuddhi problems. It’s a bit too much now.

I think it’s high time that we should burn, burn all these things, these guilts, these wrong ideas which always keeps us down.

It’s like putting something in the neck, a heavy stone, and saying. ‘I can’t cure, what to do’. Now, the stone must be removed, how can Mataji pull you out?

See, whatever I may try, there’s a big stone and that’s pulling you down. It’s a very big problem, I think now, because Kundalini doesn’t know what to do, and how to reach your left Vishuddhi, to burn out that nonsensical thing which you have stored very sweetly: ‘Ah, I’m frightened, I’m afraid, I’m sorry’.

In Sahaj Yoga, certain few English language usages are not allowed – one of these ‘I am afraid’. Even a politician who is so dominating will say ‘I’m afraid’. I mean, what are you afraid of? Everybody is afraid of you (Laughter).

What is there to be afraid of? So this usage is not allowed, ‘I’m afraid’. This is not allowed at all, to say ‘I’m afraid’. What are you afraid of?

As I said today that ‘Wages of sin is fear’. Alright. But wages of sin is fear, so, if the sin is removed, then the fear should go or not?

But still, it is like this, there is light, still you behave as if you, you are in the dark, still you: ‘I can’t see, I’m frightened’. Arey Baba, there is light, see for yourself! This is a thing one should know, that your Kundalini is awakened, that your Spirit is shining.

Open your heart to this, accept this, recognize it, know that you are a realized soul now, and that Kundalini has purified you.

Now, please do not accumulate this dirt here, on the left side, because you like it, because it’s very convenient to put up faces, to say ‘Oh, it’s alright’.

(Maybe talking to somebody) Little bit heat coming up, send it up here, goes like that. It will be cleaned out. Leave it alone. Let us face it.

Somebody gets a little heat, ‘Oh, I’m again bad, again I’m lost, God knows what have I done?’ (Shri Mataji imitates a frightened voice, laughter of the yogis). Correct?

It happens, very commonly. I find suddenly people… (gestures to laughter) without My saying anything. Just imagine! “Good morning, good morning!” ”Good morning….” (Said by Shri Mataji imitating a shy, shaking voice, laughter) “What’s the matter?” “It’s very hot…”.

Is this the way to greet your Mother?

You are the soldiers, you are the warriors. But, what I find, hands are shaking. Where should I put these swords? (Laughter)

This is My experience now, that this pouch of the left Vishuddhi is a very difficult thing.

My ears are also becoming absolutely clogged with that vibrations, so much flowing on the left side, all this left Vishuddhi, that I can’t hear from the left side. So, at least have some pity on Me, and give up that nonsense of guilt.

Even a minute you feel guilty, just look at outside and look at the birds chirping, look at the sunshine, look at the beautiful Nature that has given you such a beautiful color and all that. Look at that, and just take the beauty within yourself and without.

Enjoy, and give up this miserable look. You should at least look like realized people. Look, at least, if not feel (laughter).

So, this kind of seriousness has no meaning in Sahaja Yoga. A Sahaj Yogi stands like this, and talks like this, and walks like this – normally (laughter). So, feeling guilty is not only speciality of English, but I have seen it with all the Western people have this very good idea of feeling guilty, everybody is so.

Went to France – I told you about French people. As soon as I went there, they warned Me for one thing, that, “Mother, never say You are the happy person, You are very happy people”. I said: ‘Why? Because I’m – I am a happy person, why should I tell them lies?”.

Said they will never believe Me, and they’ll think You are absolutely ignorant of the Truth, You are ignorant of the reality, and that You are an uneducated person. You have not read books on ‘shocks for future’ and things like that. (General laughter)

(Shri Mataji laughs) I said: ‘All right’. But then I really lashed all the French on that, and they laughed and laughed at themselves. ‘Les Miserables’, I said, ‘you people, everybody is miserable because of you’. Any Frenchman coming anywhere, the people don’t know where to sit, they don’t know this camel, which side it is going to sit, on whose head it is going to sit, and the camel is very miserable.

And here everybody is frightened of the camel, how he is going to behave. Very difficult person if he’s French. Everywhere internationally they are known to be difficult. And now, here you are, what are you miserable about?

And English have taken certain qualities from Americans, which they need not have taken, and some from French. They don’t understand their quality of mind is the best.

They have taken from here and there, and that’s how they are also becoming French you see.

Bathroom culture, that’s what it is (laughter). And you don’t have to learn anything from them. It is they, they are who have to learn from you. What have they got? Have they got any scholars? Very few. And you, your this weakness for becoming miserable, and guilty, and all that, is coming from where? I really can’t understand, what is there to be miserable?

If you don’t have a job, you get a dole. Nowhere in the world people get doles. Do you know that? Nowhere! Nowhere people get doles.

While you get your doles quite all right, it will mean (indistinct) you don’t starve. Germany, France, anywhere, you don’t get a good dole. So what is there to be miserable? At least you people be happy people.

At least the English should show the way.

Feel happy within yourself. Then only you’ll be able to see the Spirit. Don’t be miserable. There’s nothing to be miserable.

We are special people, who have got the blessings of our Spirit. We should all sing, laugh, enjoy, be [sprinkling? Indistinct] with vitality. There’s nothing to feel miserable.

I mean, after some time you’ll find really you’ll have to act to be miserable.

It will be difficult for you to be miserable for more than five minutes (laughter). I can bet on that.

With Me, same problem. I find it impossible, you see. I try to be very serious: ‘I’m going to now say something serious’ (She laughs) – suddenly I burst out laughing, because to Me the whole thing is nothing but a big joke on. So don’t have these French ideas in your head of becoming miserable for nothing at all. Be a happy people. Emit happiness, joy to others.

There’s nothing like ‘future shock’, for you at least (laughter). There’s nothing like future problems. Future is beautiful, just you have no idea. But do not lag behind with a big stone tied to your necks. For people who know that they have found the Spirit, they should know that they have found the joy. Spirit is the source of joy, and that should be evident when you talk.

No inhibitions, no curbing, it’s complete freedom. But do not try to mold yourself into the molds of the people who are not realized. Now you are different, you are changed, it is irreversible. Whatever you may try, say after two years or three years, all of you will be bubbling with laughter. But why not do it now? If it is going to happen later, why not have the blossom time now?

We start thinking about it, we start worrying about it, there’s nothing like that. Our problems are solved, our lives are beautified, everything is so nice and good, just to make you happy.

Still if you are not happy, still if you are worried, then the Divine recedes, it recedes. It’s like sunshine. If you do not want to face the sunshine, you do not get it. You have to face the sunshine. You just don’t get it.

Every tree moves to the sunshine, every leaf tries to be towards the sunshine. They have innately built wisdom, in the same way you should be, and you will see that with this – your life will change completely.

Every moment you’ll enjoy. Every minute of life you’ll enjoy. Everything that you do you’ll enjoy. Every small thing you do you’ll enjoy.

People are sometimes amazed with Me, also. Once I climbed up a place called Palitana which is about seven miles one has to walk, with My son-in-law, daughter, and they said: ‘If You cannot go up You’d better sit on those palanquins and all that’. ‘No, no’ – I said – ‘I can walk, let’s go, I’ll walk’.

And I was just enjoying, you know, I never felt I was walking on a thing like that, because I was enjoying the Nature, I was enjoying the people, how they were coming down, and how the people were going up and all that, and their gaits and things, and I was just enjoying all that.

And when we reached there, these people who were going with Me, absolutely fagged out and tired, they sat down: ‘Haaaa’. (Laughter)

And I also sat down with them, I looked up, I said: ‘Look at these – so many elephants of – they made, and everybody’s tail is differently twisted. How they must have thought of so many permutations and combinations?’. My son-in-law said: ‘How could You see the tail of an elephant when we are so very tired here?’. (She laughs, laughter)

You see, I just – spontaneously I saw the thing, I said: ‘How surprising that they have twisted the tail of the elephants’ – there were many elephants created, you see, at least there must be about hundred elephants in that pattern, everybody’s tail was twisted differently. I said: ‘It’s so, I mean, imagine, one hundred elephants with twisted tails in different ways, hundred ways. It’s remarkable for Me’. They said: “How could you see the tail? We are so tired, we want some water!”.

(Laughter, She laughs)

That’s what it is. This is inexhaustible. This power of enjoyment is inexhaustible. I want you all to enjoy that, to drink that nectar of your Spirit, and to forget about all these artificial problems that you have. You just enjoy, because now you are drenched in your Spirit. So enjoy that. Why worry? Some people haven’t got it, they will get it also. Don’t worry about anyone, they will all get it, they will all have to get it, all those who are seekers will have to come.

It’s nice you have come earlier, it’s a nice thing, but now do not stop your progress by lingering with this load around your neck. Let the Kundalini take you up. But She likes light things – she’s a light thing herself, that’s why she rises.

Everything that is heavy within you she’ll burn, but do not make yourself additionally heavy.

May God Bless you.

I’ll have some water please.

[Shri Mataji relates a story about thieves trying to steal silver from Her home, making particular reference to a heavy silver statue She refers to as the ‘heavy gentleman’]

You brought this gentleman here? You brought him? [Yogi: “Yes, Mother”] Ah ha.

[Yogi: “Is it the correct place in the temple…?”]

Anywhere, it’s great, you know.

Some thieves came into our house. And this heavy gentleman had come from India. He was very vibrated. And the thieves came with some silver put in the dining room.

They had collected all the silver, put it on a tablecloth, and put the whole thing on the dining room. And then suddenly God knows what happened. They just ran away, leaving that there. And this gentleman was there, in the passage. They just ran away. Can you imagine, these thieves – I mean they are burglars, competent absolutely, experts – nobody could believe it, except that we saw some steps and our door was opened out.

Otherwise nobody could believe it. Not here, Oxted. But they did not take even a spoon. God knows what happened (laughter).

I was not there. (laughter)

Recently brought from India. You see, poor – were very hefty people who brought our luggage – do, leave it there – and they brought this one. She said: “This is a very heavy gentleman from India”. They were both hot and exhausted (Shri Mataji laughs), but their Kundalini had risen up.

[Showing statue to group]

This is Kartikeya. Hmmm! This is the fire of Christ. This is the one that is going to come. Really. The fire of Christ. The destroying power, Rudras. This is one of the Rudras of Christ.

Hmm, it’s quite warm, I think.

Kundalini is working it out. She is rising.

How are you here? [Somebody says: “Fine”] Alright? Alison? Hm. Come, come. I would like to see all the children on My feet today.

[End of audio]