Real baptism

Selfridges, London (England)

1981-05-20 Public Program At Selfridges London Source NITL HD, 59'
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Public Program at Selfridges (department store, organized by a yogini who worked there). London (UK), 20 May 1981.

The scriptures they have talked about our second birth, that you have to be born again. And it is a vague talk one doesn’t know what’s that mean, to be born again. For example Christians say you should be baptized. And Hindus say you have to be twice born. Muslims say you have to become a [pink / PIR ?] but nobody knows what is that mean, at least they haven’t been able to explain it very clearly. But if it is written in all these scriptures either they were all wrong or false or there is some truth about it. If there is some truth, it has to be revealed sometime. Now the time has come that the truth has to be revealed. And it’s such a precarious time that if the truth is not revealed we are out for a complete destruction of this universe. If the humanity has to be saved, if this creation has to be saved then God Himself has to do something about it. Because He would not like His creation to be destroyed. And the most beautiful thing that God has created is the human beings, perhaps you won’t believe it, and you think it is not true because our experience may not tell us that but it is the fact. It is the most delicate, most sensitive and the most alert being created by God. And if the human beings are destroyed this creation has no meaning.

First of all the human beings must find out their own meanings. They don’t know what’s their meaning. Why are you here? Why did they become human beings from amoeba to this stage? What was the need for God or any natural forces or whatever you may call it, what was the need to make human beings? And because we are not been able to find out our meanings all the problems exist, problems of stress, strain, tensions, then quarrels and then fights and wars and everything are because we haven’t been able to find out our meanings. Now as a scientific approach one has to keep your mind absolutely open about it. In the science also when a person is told about something it is just a projection of a hypothesis they put it before you and then they try to prove it, by proving it they make it a law. In the same way we have to see now whether what I say is truth or not and then it is to be proved and if it is proved then one has to believe Me that these are the Divine laws. That’s how we keep ourselves completely open to it.

Now he must have explained it to you about what we are talking about. This is the hypothesis. To start it lies within is this power called as Kundalini in Sanskrit language. Why in Sanskrit language because India being an ancient country it is not separated from the world it is one part of your world, this is yours and that’s the part of it so nothing that it is said in India so it is something foreign to you. For God nothing is like foreign. He only made one world, only we are like that thinking that some countries different that is different. In that country people meditated because they did not have to fight the nature so much like we have to fight it here. Just before coming I had to wear a coat, cover Myself properly because I’ve taken a bath and My husband would say, “Oh! No you can’t go just like that, you have to cover up yourself very well. It is very cold.” This and that but India is a warm country. You can live under a tree, no problems. And they had lots of support from the nature as such because there was no problem from the nature so these people had much more time and much more – I should to say energy left in them to seek within themselves. And they started seeing within themselves, “Why are we here?” This question started coming to their brains – much before here people thinking about it. And maybe that here also I have a feeling that we had lots of people who thought of it because I see the places Stonehenge and all that, I am sure there exist civilization that people thought of it but the whole discovery was lost.

Now this Kundalini is the force that resides in the triangular bone. Now when you try to raise the Kundalini, everybody cannot raise it. Like only an enlightened light can enlighten another light. You see a light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten so if somebody who knows the job tries to raise the Kundalini in so many people you will see the pulsation of this Kundalini with your actual eyes. Now this you cannot do. You can do all sorts of things, there are somebody will say that, “If you do this then you will start jumping on your own.” Jumping on your own is not God’s work. We can do it yourself with our mind. But something we cannot do it with our mind is, the raising of the Kundalini. You see it’s rising, you see it’s waiting there and you can feel the cool breeze coming out of your fontanel bone area which is the real union, baptism. Now this real baptism takes place because it is a living process, living process of evolution. So you are created as human beings, a complete machinery, a complete mechanism and then you are put to the mains. And that’s how you know your meaning and your working. This has to happen. If it does not happen how are we to know what are we connected with.

There are people who give theories that you are a part and parcel of the whole but how are we to know? Unless and until we are connected to the whole and this happening has to take place. That’s the time, today is the time it has to happen, that’s why it’s happening, thousands of people now all over the world. I was surprised in Australia, I mean, we had people about six to seven hundred in a hall and all of them got their Realization. All of them felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost as described in the Bible as well, in all the books it is described that you get the cool breeze as the indication, that’s called as Rooh in, say, in Koran it is called [as a Rooh ?] as the Divine power. This you cannot do, you cannot do this by your mental activities or anything, you cannot do it, it’s just something beyond your mental activities comes from Divine that’s within you, that’s the Spirit that resides in your heart.

This Kundalini rising has been described in all books and later on so many people, Germans and all these people went to India and they have written very big books about Kundalini but without seeing yourself, without getting the experience yourself, if you start writing something about it, it could be something very funny. For example, now I’ve been to Selfridges before also many a times. I came here in 1965 to begin with and when people told me about Selfridges I had very different ideas till I came here and saw the place Myself. In the same way unless and until you have the experience yourself whatever people talk is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and this talking is not going to help us. You have to be there. You have to experience it and you have to get it. Unless and until you get this experience you cannot know what is it like, what it means, what is to be Self Realized.

Now what I said is that it is not talk, you cannot pay for it. You cannot pay for God, that’s one thing that way everywhere they take money. I mean there is no place where they do not sell God, I am yet to come across were people do not take money but really you cannot pay for God. God doesn’t understand money. He doesn’t understand. It is all your own doing, money this business and all that, it’s your own. For God, love is everything. He loves you. That’s why He has created you. He loves you that’s why He wants you to have Realization and to achieve that consciousness by which that you know Him, that personality by which you flow His powers through you that you are empowered to feel His power flowing through you. So you cannot put in any effort either because what effort can you put in for a living thing? For example, there is a seed, the seed has to grow. It grows spontaneously. You cannot make it grow. You cannot – stand on your head and say now the seed has to grow, as soon as you put the seed in the Mother Earth She just sprouts the seed. It’s all built in it. In the same way the whole thing is built in us and the whole thing is like this in a subtle way within us built. Now these subtle centers give rise to the gross sub plexuses within us which work out all the physical side and also mental side. When the whole thing take place, automatically as a by product you will feel better physically, mentally, emotionally.

Now for the last ten years I have been telling people that cancer only can be cured through Kundalini awakening. There is no way out. But people have believed it. Those doctors who come to Me who got cured and who talk about it that we got cancer, we got cured, they say, “Oh, he’s gone mad, how can it be because it is a very [machinery ?] thing.” You can’t think that you can’t be cured by not taking money. I know doctors would accept the situation where he does not take any money for curing people. It is very funny attitude of people that they want to make money out of all these gracious things that God has given us but you cannot sell this Divine love and when this curity takes place people are amazed how this happened. Mentally you feel absolutely relaxed. There are many people who are suffering from mental troubles in the Western countries especially because of the stress and strain of the family life in the society. In India we have problems more of physical. Here we have problems are more mental and these mental problems can be solved if the Kundalini could be awakened. We have got people with us, if you can come any time to Caxton Hall you can meet them who have been cured of their epileptic trouble with Kundalini awakening, even they – the door keeper of the Caxton Hall was suffering from epilepsy. He got completely cured. But it is not for curing you should come. You should come for getting your own power, power of your Spirit which resides within you because it is your own, only thing what I do is just enlighten you because I am an enlightened light and when you are enlighten you can enlighten other people. Like a, say, we can say a candle has everything in it. Only thing another candle just goes near there, which is enlightened enlightens. So there is no obligation, there is no any gratitude about it. It is just a very simple method by which it works out. Everything that is vital, everything that is important has to be, has to be absolutely simple because, supposing we have to pay for our breathing half of us would have finished in a second or we had to make any effort, we cannot read about it either. I mean if you read something or talking to you something, it is not the way you can get it. It is the way it happens. It’s a happening. It has to happen. You have to become. It is not just a brain washing that I give you a brain washing, all right. It is not that. It’s the happening, it should take place, the sprouting has to take place. Once it takes place you know you have got it.

But after getting is the main problem. Once the thing sprouts, it’s like a small little seedling, just now Don told Me there are five, six girls got their Realization here, the sort of you see they go up and down and they got lost. But I have seen some great seekers in this country, very great seekers who have come to Me, got their Realization, they settle down. They have mastered, they have mastered completely the art of raising the Kundalini and giving Realization and this is not their profession or nothing, they have to earn their living as you are earning but this is something God’s gift by which you become that consciousness by which you feel others. It is a collective consciousness that you can feel of other people, sitting down here you can feel what’s wrong with her, what is the center that’s wrong. We don’t bother what dress you are wearing, how you look like or how you talk, of from what race you come, what country you come, nothing matters. What matters is where are your centers, where is the problem, in what center.

Supposing there is insecurity in this region you feel insecure then there is one center, that one, the blue one that you see there, that is in danger. If this center is goes into a greater danger of insecurity, such woman can develop breast cancer. The center that is down below you see there is the center that is – responsible for our evolution, also this center is very important if a person is fanatic. Now you won’t believe that the fanaticism gives cancer, you will be surprised. If you are a fanatic ( a bell or lift bell sounds here) about something you may develop a very serious type of cancer, it can be only cured if you accept that all the religions are the same and the people who were born in those religions are all related to each other, we are only fighting, while they are all related, they all help each other, they are all connected to each other and you can find out their integration completely within us.

Then no conflict because it is such an absolute knowledge that even a child, say about five year child or two years old child who is a born realized, there are many now in England I have seen so many children are born realized. They all say the same because you feel them on your fingers and if you ask them now what is the finger catching they will immediately say this one or this one, this means that center, all of them will say the same thing, they can feel it, they sort of a burning sometimes or sometimes you feel a little [ chart ?] in there or sometime you might even feel a little tingling. And the children know which finger is catching and they say these are decoded and you can verify it. Like somebody talk to Me on the phone the other day I said, “You have very bad liver. What is the matter with you?” He said, “How do You know?” I said, “I know because I am catching on the centers which give you the liver problem.” So I said, “I know that.” He said, “Yes, I am suffering I really telephone for that only to you.” I said, “All right.” Then now I told him what is to be done about it. All these things can be overcome; you can enjoy very good health apart from that all your habits.

Habits come to us because we get bored. You see all habits are there because we are bored of life. We don’t know what to do with ourselves. We have too much time. So once you find yourself all your habits stop automatically. I mean, we had people first time six people who came to Me, out of them four of them were hippies and they were indulging into a very serious type of drugging and next day they gave up, just next day after getting Realization they just left it. They don’t want it anymore. Because they started enjoying themselves, very miraculous, I know of another gentleman who used to smoke cigars and cigarettes, and he is about 80 year age at least, must be about 80, now he is about 83 years, must be about 80 years of age and he told Me that over night he gave up, over night, next day he gave up. And he said, “I just forgot what. I just forgot that I have to smoke.” Now we have French, also from Algeria, and there is we have French from all over the world.

Now whether you are Hindus or Muslims or Christians or Russians or anything this can happen to all of us and once it happens we know that we become part and parcel of one God. We are all children of one God and we have to understand, unless and until we understand this we are not going to be happy. We are not going to live happily. And there are going to be problems and problems. The world is under shock now and they think that tremendous things can happen to us or horrible things can happen to us and they are very precariously placed now. But God is alert, nothing can wrong. He is there to help us and I’m sure one day will come when so many of you will be Realized souls. I mean this is the last chance I should say because this is the last judgement. The last judgement has started. Now how God is going to judge us? Let’s see, is He going to put us into any measuring weighing machines? He is going to only judge us by raising our Kundalini, [ years it has started years full time ? ] correct yourself to be all right. You will be all right and once you are all right, once your are place in such a situation you start enjoying yourself.

Now it is nice to see young people from Reading, especially from Reading I am surprised. Young people have very good quality of mind and that they do feel we have to do something about it and we gone too much head along with this mechanism and this and that whether it give us joy or not. But any extremes are not good but by telling anyone is not going to work out. One has to work it in such way that they find the meaning of their life. And they automatically they start enjoying. They start enjoying themselves because you are nothing but your Spirit and the Spirit is the most beautiful thing. It is the most beautiful thing and once you have that state, a glimpse of that then you start enjoying yourself. You don’t want anything else but enjoy yourself and then you develop that respect about the glory that you are! But it has to be executed, it has to be manifested and it has to be retained and it has to be established. If it happens I have seen people getting it and they are such beautiful people. So beautiful that you can’t believe it that the same people who were just standing on the streets and misbehaving and such destructive things have become beautiful souls. And such joy to their parents and to all.

May God bless you!

And now if you have questions ask Me. It is a very, very vast subject and I must have spoken, I don’t know how many, hundred of times in London, it. Ah, apart from abroad and I would like you to ask Me questions. It is remarkable that to give a lecture like this I should come to a store, that I was saying that it’s a store. It must be unique for Me to come to a store. I am very happy because I have respect for this store and a very well known store for a long time and the first store I visited when I came to England was Selfridges. I have a feeling for it. I am very happy that I can come here and talk to you people. I would like to have some questions from you.

Aside: “Can you give Me some water?”

Question: Raja Yog and meditation is it same or no………..?

Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you Raja Yog people are preaching about is something very outside it is that you do like this and I mean there are Bandas and all that they use, have you done any studies in Raja Yog? No, then I would say that you see, they would talk of creating a situation, for example, Raja Yog can be very dangerous because they cut the tongue down just like that put it back into the throat and they say this called as [Kichari ?]. I mean like putting your tongue back into your throat, if you can get caught, I just can’t understand, how can people accept it. People have accepted it and I’ve seen those people doing Raja Yog with their tongues back. In America there are so many like mad people, I mean one must understand that these things cannot give you God. You see this is how in modern days they have started all sorts of things. They say, “We will teach you to fly.” Now you want to become birds? Why do you want to fly, I just don’t understand.

I mean, it’s absurd, to fly also that’s another thing this Hatha Yoga people talk of . Now Hatha Yoga was actually originally practised in, I should say thousands of years back when Patanjali was there. When the system, the whole social system was different, where the children were sent to school. Some children were selected who were seeking God and they were given instruction and these so called the Hatha Yoga that we do these days is exercise, just a wee bit of it. But we also do exercises, we teach people some exercises but depending on what center is catching. For example, we are suffering from this center, now if you start doing all the exercises, how will you cure this center? Isn’t? You have to know this center you are catching which is the problem. Unless and until your Kundalini is opened out, unless and until She is awakened you will not know what center you are catching. Now doing all these exercises means that you are taking all the medicines at the same time without knowing what’s the problem is so it is absurd some of things has come out of Hatha Yoga. Actually in real Hatha Yoga the first thing was called as Ishwarapranithar means first of all the discovery of God, or you can call it establishment of God, means Realization. The first is Realization and then other things were there and a very little was there with that kind of language celibacy is most important thing.

Now that’s over. Let’s see the modern times are there. We have to have something as you have got we can say, everything is a [mystery? Very discreet ?]. We have to have something that should work out en-masse Realization so many must get it, otherwise nobody is going to believe Me or believe any one of them. Supposing if I was born on the 10th floor I am telling people I see that and I see this, they say, “You’re mad, we don’t see that.” So let’s some people come up to see, all right. So this is what Sahaja Yoga is. Sahaja Yoga the difference between other, these so-called yogas, I called them so-called because there is no yoga, yoga means union, where is the union, first they do cleansing they say you must to cleanse your mind, you can do this but you cannot. You cannot do because supposing you try to cleanse your mind you do it through your mind. You have to get out of it you see and when you do cleanse your mind you develop an ego. How do you cleanse, you cannot, so you have to get out of it. First you must get your Realization. Once you get your Realization they you start seeing it yourself because you can feel it and you don’t like it. When you don’t have eyes how do you clean yourself? You must get your eyes then you see and then you can cleanse it, isn’t it? That’s why it’s called Sahaja, Sahaja means born with you, it’s spontaneous, it’s living, it’s a living process. I am talking of living God and not of something that’s dead. It is what Kabira has talked about, this is what Christ has talked about, this is what Mohammed has talked, that’s what Sahaja.

Question: What is the proper time for meditation, early morning or evening time?

Shri Mataji: Once you get your Realization, you are in meditation. You see, you have to be in meditation. For example, I am in meditation in the sense that for Me, it’s peace inside, I have no problem. I am talking to you and I am doing everything, but inside is the peace established. You are in meditation. There is no time to be taken out or anything but your awareness becomes different. You don’t have to sit down and say, “Now I must do meditation (a bell & announcement in the store)”.

Of course, we have certain things we can do. Supposing you now meet someone and he tries to sort of say something or you don’t like it or something you feel disturbed or upset. Because of Kundalini awakening, we know how to clear out ourselves, you see, through water element, through- we have methods how to clear out and that’s how you can spend some time within. But there is no need to sit down for hours for meditation.

You are a different person altogether. You become the Spirit. So the time is not needed as it is, but you become a different person. You see, like an egg becomes a bird, then you just enjoy, with all the drama finished. First, you see, you are involved in the drama, but then you see the drama going on. There is not fixed time, nothing, you see, they are all the time flowering, even when you are in the shops you are enjoying. You are enjoying every part of it. Actually, every moment is filled with enjoyment. But we have lost, I should say, the sensitivity or we have to deal with that sensitivity or we can say that it has to happen to you.

Once it opens out, you would like it, the entire attitude to life changes. This is how you become a saint. Actually, you become saint but you live in this world. You don’t have to run away. If you are a saint, you should be the most noble person, isn’t it? A saintly person should never run away, I mean if he runs away from the society, that means he is not a saint. He is an escapee, escapist, I should say, he escapes from life. If there is beauty in life, why should he runs away from it? You are just not there, enjoy and make others enjoy.

Any question from you?

Question: I think we all want to know how to get there quick.

Shri Mataji: Ah, that’s like a Puja. This is great. Let’s have it. Just put your hands like this…

[Shri Mataji is giving Realization and continues with working on people]