Improving The Spirit

Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

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Public Program, Hampstead Meeting House, London (UK), 4 June 1981.

We, on Earth, understand God with our earthly understanding. We understand Him through our mind, through our imagination, through our books, and other things where He’s described as such and such. There is a big mystery : God and His divine power. It’s a big mystery, mystery for all the human beings and you cannot conceive it, with your limited mind.
The working of God’s divine power is also very mysterious. Whatever we call mysterious means that it is beyond our mind, we cannot conceive it in our mind. His power of love is very mysterious. What we think is love, is not the way He loves us. Or His power of compassion, His power of forgiveness, is extremely mysterious for us, because we are so imperfect. Because of our imperfection we cannot understand a person who is absolute who is perfect. When we see Him, we see through our imperfections, and that’s how we form our ideas according to our own imperfections about God.

Say for a small little ant, if we have to convey the political issue that is facing Britain today, is it possible? Because for the poor little ant, it is not even conceivable that we have a mind which thinks, which has imagination, which projects like an octopus, goes all round, catches this, catches that. It cannot even understand that we have a kind of a freedom by which we can do what we like. The conception cannot be contained in that little mind or little head of that tiny creature. But the difference between an ant and a human being is, that ant has no ego.
Now the problem with human beings is this [Shri Mataji smiles], that despite the same co-relationship, or we can say, despite the same parallels as a human being and God, and ant and man, to top the whole thing is the ego part, which in a way makes us even lower than an ant. Because our reception is so poor, that we cannot see that there must be something mysterious about God.
God has to be a mystery for human beings. And to understand the mystery, we have to enter into a new realm, more than what we can really understand with this human awareness. There has to be another plane from which we should try to see this mystery, because we cannot understand anything about it, how He does it. I mean see now, in chemistry if you see the periodical laws that exist it’s fantastic ! Absolutely fantastic. Look at a little ameba, how it acts, and look at small animals who live in the rivers and who live in the seas. The number of creatures that are living harmoniously, not like human beings, but quite harmoniously, accepting each other’s demand, even on the life.
So with this freedom, and such a big mystery and a big ego in between, it’s difficult for us to conceive Him, His greatness, His compassion, His love. That whatever He does, is for the betterment of our Spirit. Even if he kills someone, it is for the betterment of the Spirit. Even if He thrashes someone and throws him down many hills, it is for the betterment of the Spirit. When he puts you to problems and troubles, it is for the betterment of your Spirit. Anything that happens to you is a testing ground for the betterment of your Spirit. He’s working day in and day out just to improve your awareness in your Spirit, to feel your Spirit. Everything, the nature, the beauty, everything is working it out, so that you, the human beings, should feel His beauty, should know Him in your own awareness, should feel the vibrant love of God. For ages it has been worked out imagine! Since this world was created till today, with various Incarnations, who came on this earth to represent Him, to talk about Him, to work about Him, to improve our different centers within us.

And then suddenly, when we are placed face to face we can’t believe that it can happen to us, which is a mixture of, I think, ego and superego, both. First of all we cannot believe ourselves that we are capable of getting Realization. And secondly, I think, that we are afraid to get Realization. Thirdly we do not trust anyone who talks of Realization. The third one is a good idea, not to trust anyone, but at least trust yourself, you start from that point. You trust yourself that you should get your Realization, otherwise why do you call you’re a seeker. You have to get your Realization, no doubt about it. But when it comes to trust, whom do we trust? 8:36

Say for example, when Christ said that, “God is My Father, He has sent Me specially to do this work,” we couldn’t believe it, this man a son of a carpenter talking like this, better crucify Him! And our compassion went to a confirmed thief, than to the adoration of the Son of God. Now when He’s dead, of course, He’s Son of God, there is Holy Ghost, everything starts, I mean, when He’s no more. Then people start believing. I don’t know why, even today they believe He was the Son of God. Why do they believe even the Holy Ghost? I mean even the Bible, why should we believe it? What is the authority of Bible? I mean, Islam can ask that question, a Muslim can ask a question: “What is the authority of the Bible. Why do you believe in Bible?” I mean, if you take out the Bible they say, “What is the authority?” They might say, “Christ is the authority.” But Christ never wrote Bible.
So what is the authority is your own ego. You want to believe in it. You want to believe in it, that’s all. You want to believe in it. That helps you to sort out many questions. Because anything happens, you’ll say: “All right, it’s God’s wish.” Because we can use Him better when He was crucified. Before that we cannot use Him, because he was independent, He was living there. When He died it’s very handy so we accept Him, we do not question. So was that a mistake, for Him to say that He was the Son of God?
Do you think it was a mistake that Christ said that He was the Son of God” Because of that He was crucified. Do you think it was a mistake that He said the truth about Himself? Would you say that? How, how can you justify Him saying that : “See, if He was crucified for that, then He was indiscriminate” one would say that: “To say such a thing, there was no discrimination; it was not wise to say, after all He would have lived longer, He would have spent better time with His Mother, He could have built a house or something like that.” He would have amassed some money or some sort of a very important thing He would have done.
But there’s the mystery.
That’s the mystery we do not know, because we want to see it from our angle and at a point we just give it up. We don’t justify, then we do not rationalize it, at a point we just give up, “Oh, it’s all right, He’s God.” We reach a point where we say, “All right, He was Son of God, let Him, whatever He wanted, He did. Whatever He thought proper. How are we to judge?” But now, not when He lived. I must say God is a mystery, but human beings are greater mystery than God- to me at least. I mean, they know how far to go and how to switch off, suddenly, to something, “oh that’s divine”. Up to a point they go on rationalizing, intellectualizing and then they say, “Oh that’s divine, finished.” None of you have seen Him walking on the water, did you? Nor He being resurrected, none of you have. So why should we believe that He did that? That’s the question we should ask ourselves.
But He did, that He was the Son of God, but how are we to believe into it. We have to become something more to know the mystery of His life. Why He crucified Himself, why He accepted that life and why with all His powers, that He’s going to come to destroy the whole world now, why did He not destroy these people who were trying to crucify Him? What was the role He had to play in his lifetime? We cannot understand it with this human awareness, we have to become something more. And that’s why He again and again said, “You are to be born again.” How many of us think that we are to be born again, are we born again? We certify, many people certify, “I’m born again, I’m a Christian,” meaning born again, isn’t it? Musulman means the same, and Brahmin means the same, those who are born again. Now how are you born again, is again, a make believe, that I am born again, self-certification. Walking around with the certificate, that human beings giving the certificate to human beings.
So where is the truth? But if you are ardently seeking the truth then the mysteries can be open to you. But you have to seek the truth, and truth, and truth alone and nothing else. If you want to live with your ego, go ahead, nobody can cheat you. When you start seeing your ego you have to know that this is not yourself, there’s something beyond. Because through ego, whatever you have known is all a chaos, all that knowledge that you got with ego is creating all the problems of the world. All the fears you have gathered through your superego is another disaster for human beings. There must be something that God must have put within us, some light, by which we can see something beyond our ego and superego. Unless and until that happens to you, you cannot understand the mystery of God and His love, you cannot understand. Human love has no depth to feel the depth of God’s love and His heart, is so self-centered, is so ego oriented. His heart has to melt, open, it has to melt completely and flow. This frozen heart is like an iceberg, has to be dissolved in the ocean of His love, otherwise you can never get to the depths of His love.

Some people write to me, “Mother I am not in love with some and some and so how can I be happy with that person, that person will be miserable?” Now you are living with that person for years, your are having children from that person you don’t love. You don’t love anyone, you cannot love, you don’t know what love is. They fall into love, you see? Falling. [laugh]
And some sort of a thing for them is love, I don’t know what is love for human beings, to be very frank I don’t understand. Here they fall in love and next day they’re out to the courts. And according to them falling in love is something, you see, out of the blue : “Oh! I’ve fallen in love, you see, oh, done.” I’ve yet to come across a person who has really fallen in love. Because as soon as something comes up, that companionship, and that love, that enjoyment of oneness vanishes. Heart has to melt. Hearts must meet where they have no stones in between, otherwise the stony hearts will just break each other. [Shri Mataji laughs] Imagine, two stones trying to meet each other, loving each other. How can they love? I can’t understand. It’s a big mystery that human beings know how to live with artificiality and with false beliefs, you see. They compromise, but Spirit does not compromise with it, I tell you, it does not. It forgives, because it loves. It just forgives goes on forgiving, forgiving, because it loves. And then it punishes also, because it loves and it destroys also, because it loves.

Thus the Spirit has to shine through your Self Realization. Talking big about Self Realization, pay hundred rupees get your Self Realization, all this nonsense is at such a low level and such a horrid thing, that the beauty of His mystery is just left alone. You are in the chamber of a Satan to believe in these things.
Here, in the Kingdom of God, there is forgiveness, there is love, there is compassion, there is understanding. There is complete all pervading assurances and a support, and a hand that wants to raise you. An anxious Father who wants to soothe you, to give you joy, to give you eternal joy. Can you think of someone like that in this world? He has problems, many problems. He has problems, but the greatest problem is that He cannot have a rapport with His own children. That He cannot give what He wants to give to His children, who have a heart, which has no emptiness in it, which cannot be filled like a cup with His love.
Kundalini does that suction in our heart, no doubt. But first, She enters into the brain, into the limbic area, and then it proceeds towards heart. So this mystery is solved once we start engulfing our brain, our thoughts, our thinking, completely drenched in the showers of His Grace. Otherwise this spiky mind can never receive those beautiful dews of love which fall, these dew drops. You have to be a flower to receive it, a very soft, tender, receptive person. And then only the fruit appears when you mature the heart, heart of a saint, which is larger than all the oceans of the world. Such wisdom of enjoying one’s own love, just that love, that flows.
This mystery, I wish all of you could achieve in this lifetime. Give up your ideas of judging something on gross levels. You have to become subtler. Try to enjoy things, do not be joy killers and you will get the benefit of this, in such immeasurable quantities.

Try to receive, receive more of the grace, drench yourself with them, it’s so soothing. It is the energy that sooths you. Can you think of an energy that sooths your mind completely, that gives you wisdom, that co-ordinates the whole atmosphere to make you happy? This Divine energy is all pervading, and to understand the mystery of that All Pervading Power, you have to become self- realized, you are to be born again, there is no other way out, and to mature after this rebirth. It’s easy to make fun of someone, very easy, but what did you get all these days making fun. Now you are here to get really something substantial, better have it. Thank you very much. May God Bless.

(DELETE Today I would request you to ask Me some questions, because there’s such still time and would be better if you ask some questions to Me. Some questions, David, you shouldn’t get so serious about it. What’s the matter, are you not all right? You’ll be all right you just put your left had up just like that. Left, no left I said. You see when they feel, you see)

Doctors treat physically, psychologists treat mentally, others treat, I mean, as I said that, “There’s one doctor for one hand and another for this eye. DELETE(Seeker interrupts) No integration and no understanding among themselves. Now, even I’ve seen that, psychologists when they treat patients, I mean really, they’re putting their hands into a mouth of a serpent. They don’t know how they’re affected. They don’t what happens to them. That’s why they’re so perverted. I mean Freud you can explain because, you see, he must have been contaminated with all kinds of problematic people, you know, very pathological people, and when these people come to you, you try to sort of cure them, you cannot, because they are absolutely off people, you see. But you try to build them up and this is all artificial sort of thing, you try with them. And what you do it to exchange that disease, or to also share it. And then, that’s why this psychologist when, they write they look so abnormal, because they always meet abnormal people, they never meet normal people. So to them, you see everything, like Freud every thing is sex, I mean, any normal people would say, ” Eh, what’s that, how could it be?” So that’s what happens with the patients, that’s why I said could be your profession because you meet all kinds of people. Sometimes what we call very physical troubles are starting from the mental, very much I tell you, even cancer. You’ll be amazed, that I have now treated many cancer patients and have not come across one of them, even one of them, whose problem doesn’t start from the left side, meaning the mental problem. See you’ll be surprised that cancer is, actually the base of it, is a mental problem. Now the doctors have said that they saw some proteins attacking and triggering cancer, and these proteins they call as protein 58, and some such names they give them. And these are living proteins they enter into us, into our awareness, and they live within us in areas, which are unknown to us since creation, they have said it now. But this I’ve said about at least ten or eleven years back. What are these areas, from where they come, how they attack us But this is the setting of thugs (?), and how the triggering takes place.

DELETE seeker interrupts.

Yes, there must be something that triggers it. But the left side is the side, which we call as the side, which has to do with our emotions. Now the trouble is, doctors also do not consider that left and right sympathetic nervous system are two different systems, they think they’re one. I mean so far they do not know that they’re absolutely two different systems and they work separately. But because they’re so connected you see, that you feel that both are one, but they are not. In Sahaja Yoga you can find out, that they’re two systems and they work separately, one is for emotions and another for physical and mental activities. And this must be the reason, you just put your left hand and you’ll be better off I think, and your right hand like this.

DELETE (Now new people who are they? Good. Did you feel any cool breeze? Did you feel any cool breeze in the hand? Mother converses with seeker about feeling the cool inhands.)
I’ll tell you what cool breeze is. When you become subtler personality, you see, it is everywhere, this is all pervading power. You don’t feel it normally, but when you become subtler, then only this feeling starts coming in and that is the proof that you have become subtler. You must start feeling the cool breeze coming from here. That’s the proof that you have become subtler, that means you are twice born according to us, because that is the sign of a realization. Now it’s written in the Bible also that one feels the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, you see, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.

But Bible is a mystery of mystery, because first of all, they never allowed Christ to live long. I mean, he could only work for four years, can you imagine? Four years I was struggling with six Sahaja Yogis in London. Four years I was struggling with six of them. I must say Christ at least had twelve of them. He was better off. He could not though give them realization, he was a bit fed up, and this is what it is. And then to explain all the mysteries I mean, you cannot put your foot anywhere. See you don’t understand there are limitations If they say anything everybody is sitting there, “You said so, all right catch hold of him. Did you say so, all right, listen?” As if you know, everybody is feeling attacked. There’s such a lot of fear is in human mind is. That anybody says anything which is truth, they can’t bear, can’t bear the truth. In Sahaja Yoga also there are mysteries. Everybody doesn’t know everything, in the beginning gradually they come to know. In the beginning everybody does not know everything because it’s difficult for human beings to bear the truth. It’s not that I have any fear from you. Like if you know anything about me I’ll have any problems, because thank God, you cannot crucify me this time. But I have a fear about you because you’ll be upset. You will be upset, not it’s me, you will be upset, oh that’s the truth. So the Sahaja Yogis are prohibited from telling much about me, better talk about Sahaja Yoga, Kundalini, this that, because people get upset about it.

DELETE( Now just put you hands like this, just like this, put your both hands (inaudible) )

Now it’s a spontaneous happening, has to happen. If it does not happen then there’s a problem. And that problem is to be corrected, and there are ways and methods of correcting. Now, for that, you have first of all, to see where is the problem is. Now for those who are realized souls have got this flow of this energy in them. Now if they move their hand even like this they say, “Oh, they were doing hands like this.” If they have to move, I mean supposing there’s a screw that is to be driven in, you have to drive in the screw, isn’t it? You have to do something about it. That is also objectionable for people you see, if you sit here transfixed if they try to do anything them people run away. We have had such horrible experiences of these, running away people. We call them Bhadaruyi in our language. Bhadaruyi means those who always run, take on the run, who are always on the run. That if somebody tries to raise the Kundalini also they say, “Oh,” see these are mad people they just run away. They just want to hear what they want to hear. They have their own conceptions, and they want to see those conceptions being said to them, just pampering them. But that’s not the truth. Somebody has to tell you the truth, and people are not willing for that. It’s a big problem, to talk to people. They’ll go on asking you questions after questions. Then what is this, then how is it, why is it Mataji alone, that’s very common in England. “Why Mataji?” I said, “You do it please, for God’s sake, I’ll be very happy. I would like to retire.” But why is it Me, better ask God Almighty, why is it Me? But if it is Me, I have to bear the cross, what to do. Why it was Christ? I mean, you could have been better that way, some people can say, that any one of you could have been better than Christ, could be, might be, but why not?

So you come to the point, that you cannot explain everything in the beginning, if you do you get upset, people get upset. So just we say, “All right see now first of all let it be, first feel the cool breeze.” If that cool breeze is there then we talk about it later, all right. So step-by-step we go. First of all you must feel the cool breeze. Otherwise the other day I was reading an article about because, these people have taken a bath or some bath they were sitting and meditating. So the lady had a big objection to the bath. I mean what is the harm, if they have to meditate in bath, what does it matter. If you meditate in a palace they will say, “Oh these people are all sitting in a palace, all right.” If you are sitting in a bath they will say, “They are sitting a bath.” What do you do, you hang in the air they say, “They were hanging in the air.” I mean, you have to be something, isn’t it? Like some of them have an objection, why should she be an Indian she could have been English, Baba, what to do, I became an Indian, I had to be something, isn’t it? It’s such a helpless condition. You don’t know what to do with yourself. This is the problem and this what happens, that’s why I say, you first get your cool breeze all right, then we’ll talk about it. . Now this you cannot get by yourself, can you? You cannot. By thinking can you? No.. So you should get your cool breeze that’s the first condition of Sahaja Yoga. If you do not get your cool breeze then you are not yet started understanding. This is the first thing that should happen you get your cool breeze, then maintain it, then go further, all right?. So we have to see if you are getting the cool breeze or not, then we’ll talk about it later.

DELETE (Are you? Not yet, what about you? Look at this visshudhi. So are you a Jew, no, or a Christian, which one? Are you doing a catholic or protestant? Everyone did some sort of mistake, no doubt. You can feel it here, you see, just feel your forehead here. You can feel with your left hand, here higher, see there’s a lump. Is there, can you feel, that’s it that’s the problem. It will work out, just rub it, rub it hard. Are you better doctor, just put this hand, stiff your not well doctor, you have to have some treatment, all right.) You are not normal according to Sahaja Yoga and you need little treatment, all right. So I’ll tell you what treatment we have to give you for this.)

A seeker asks a question about raising Kundalini being dangerous and Sahaja Yoga

This is, you see it would be dangerous for anyone to so something which they do not know. For example if somebody says, “Car driving is dangerous,” would be for a person like Me, I’ve never driven a car, you see. Next moment you’ll find Me sitting on a tree and the car in (Inaudible). [Shri Mataji laughs] Absolutely I tell you, I can’t drive even one inch. So with such a person if I say car driving is the most dangerous thing, should you accept that? The same thing, somebody has to know the job. First of all it’s a Divine work, it’s the work of God Almighty. Such a person has to be a holy person, has to be a honest person, has to be divine, otherwise they never come. (?) If you are not a holy person, can you raise the Kundalini, which is the holiest of holy within you? She doesn’t understand unholy people. She doesn’t like them. So such a person has to be something that, that’s why it’s difficult for these people who want to make money out of Kundalini awakening. Like some people might say that, “To sprout a seed is the most difficult thing. You have to pull out the seed, you have to pull out the primule,” but for a farmer, it is very common knowledge, that you put it under the mother’s care. The Mother Earth looks after the seed, very simple, She knows the job. So one has to know the job, and those who do not know they try all kinds of tricks, which is unauthorized, unholy and sinful, that’s why they suffer.

But to Me it is Sahaja, to Me it is absolutely My nature. I’m a Kundalini addict you can say in modern terminology, or you can say that what else, I don’t know what other words you use, I’m not so modern. But a sort of a – the whole attention in a person I have is of Kundalini. I don’t know a person otherwise. The face wise I don’t recognize people so much as I know from their Kundalini. So it’s a different play into which we just go. After Kundalini awakening takes place, then your attention also becomes, you see, so subtle that you can see Kundalini around, you can. If there’s a clear sky you can see Kundalinis around, you can. And you start seeing the Kundalini’s of people and feeling it, I mean not with the eyes, but you start really feeling them, all around, you just go about like that. Like my own two grandchildren who have come now are realized souls. So today somebody came in and they came and told in my ears, that “This man has a bad stomach, ask him to go to bathroom.” So I asked the fellow, “Have you got pain in the stomach?” He said, “Is terrible.” Said, “You better go to the bathroom the girls are saying you’ll be better off.” And he had a big motion, he felt very much better. Now these two girls worked on the fellow, in such a miraculous way, he did not know. He said, “I was having a terrible pain, and when I came here it was even worse.” They told me, and they’re little girls one is nine and the other is about five, and they did it.

Now there is a nice announcement that I would like to make, that we are having a nice music program on,( DELETE Gavin you tell about that,) pure classical Indian music which will be good, from Sahaja Yoga point of view also, because you can use these notes for transmitting vibrations, it’s very simple to do that. (DELETE, and I would request all the Sahaja Yogis to attend this program and we’re going to have dinner after that together. And I hope Koolie have you fixed the hall. So will you tell them Gavin what time it is and where. Gavins speaks about arrangements.)

You see, this is just meant for Sahaja Yogis, because only the Sahaja Yogis can understand the value of this particular program, because it’s more the notes, and the extension of these notes, and the permutations and combinations which we are going to work out.

(DELETE so please ask all the Sahajs Yogis to attend it, from Brighton and all these places if they could come would be a good idea. As it is they come for Sunday program so I think it will be all right. So are you all right now? Seeker answers mother. )

No I know, you see. So I tell you it is true, you see, it’s such a big book I read, such big book on Kundalini. And the fellow says, “Perhaps the Kundalini is in the stomach.” I said, “Now what to do?” And because it is written down, it’s a law. You see for people if it is written down it become a Vedas. They just can’t talk to them. Said, “But in this book it is written in this.” How much does it take to write? In the stomach he writes in such a big book. And a German, imagine, supposed to be very meticulous and truthful, writing such a big book, and saying that it is in the stomach. When I saw it I said, “And such diagrams, you can’t imagine.” All the diagrams of Gray’s anatomy is there, everywhere, all sorts of diagrams there. I said, “This man what is he talking, God only knows.” You see God is something everybody can use, anywhere. There’s no law against it, do what you like. People have used God for their own purposes.

(DELETE Is it working out? No. Good. Are you all right, are you feeling? Just you can feel it just see if it is not there on the head. May be a little hot there. Is it hot? Warm, all right it will cool down. It should cool down a little. Are you all right? Good. Are you?)

Seekers asks a question about facing one’s real problems.
Now I’ll tell you the answer to this very simple is. Say if you are in the water, and you see the waves coming into you, and you are frightened of them, but by some chance if you get into the boat, you can enjoy them, and you can see them. Now it’s nice to say that when you are in it, you face them better, actually you do not, because you have no solutions. You have no solutions. And when you are above them, then only you can solve the problem. To give a very gross analogy we can say, you are going in a car, all right. And something is wrong with the car, you have to get out of it to see, you have to get out of it to see the problem clearly, to solve it. If you are in it, you are involved into it, you are biased, you are in fear, you are in trouble, you can never solve the problem. And then, it is even more dangerous because then you play into the hands of people who have vested interest. They may play about with it, and would like to use that to blackmail you, or to trouble you, or to torture you. But in Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to tell Me anything. I mean, there are no confessions, I mean, there should be no confessions at all. What is the need to confess, because I know what’s the problem is. But I know the problem, and the problem that is at the root of it, at the base of it, which has not yet taken the shape of an actual problem, but where it is really troubling you at the root of it. For example, before the thought rises in you, it is first stirred in the abstract, you see. In the same way the problem is in the abstract that comes to the gross.

So if you can know the problem at the abstract point, you can cure it, in a much better way and improve it. But you have to get out of the problem to see it. Your mind has to be out of it to see it, to solve the problem. And then, when you are solving it yourself you are solving it through your ego or your super-ego. You have only two ways, either you solve it with your aggression or with your depression, there’s no way out. But the Self has a power of enlightening the whole thing, like this room is in darkness for example. One way would be to clean this room or to solve the problem of this room, is to aggressively come inside, go like a bull in a china shop, do what you like, hit yourself and get out. Another could be, to be afraid of, see come here, get underneath some, one of the chairs sit there like a rat, and go off go of to sleep, and get out, thinking maybe that we have faced the problem. But you have not because there is no light and your eyes are not open. But when the lights are open, you walk in, you know what’s the problem is, you clear it out. So one must have enlightenment. Without your awareness being enlightened, you cannot find out how to cure yourself, how to get out of the problems. Just see, anybody fighting a devil in the dark, you don’t know whether you are fighting yourself or the devil. So light is important to see and that light is the Spirit.

Seeker makes a comment about actualizing the Spirit.

Actualize is the point, actualizing. Is not just talking about it, actualizing. No it is there, actually it is there, I can see it, it’s there. It’s to be actualized, and already God has placed within you this power, which is called as Kundalini, which actualizes it. Now why it rises, awakens, because something has to happen within you so that your attention is attracted inside. Once your attention is attracted inside then that attention gets enlightened. Once you get enlightenment you can feel your own centers and you talk in a way that people will say, “Mother my right Agna catching,” means my ego. But they don’t mind saying that, “Then Mother, I’m getting egotistical.” They don’t mind saying that, because they can see themselves. They might say, “Mother my center heart is catching,” means your – I’m are feeling insecured,(sic) all right? It has to work our first, you can only have the value of this when you get it. You do not stand on the fence, just have it. Have you been able to solve your problems? Not so far. So better try this method. It is so dynamic that the problems do not exist. Your priorities change, then you start solving the problems of others, you become your own master.

The situation where, somebody who is afraid of a car, then the somebody starts learning how to drive a car, and the driver teaching. Then somebody learning how to drive a car. Then after that, the master of the car, you become. You become the master of yourself. Complete master of all the problems, you become, and you play them just like a drama. That situation is very much close, then must you deny it? Tell your mind to understand, magnitude of your own capacities, which have not yet manifested, you see. They must manifest, you have to know that they have not yet manifested. They must fully manifest, you must find out meaning of your being, you must find out the role of your life, why you are here.

(DELETE Better now David, now put your another hand toward me. The other one, Just (inaudible) will be better.)

There’re so many ways also to correct yourself in Sahaja Yoga, which you have to try later on. But at the first shot you get realization then you have to establish yourself, no doubt. (DELETE No question from any Sahaja Yogi so far. Gavin or someone.) They’re beyond question, they’re problem solved, David)

I have to ask you one question, When are these journalists going to start writing something constructive? Otherwise, they are just waiting for some horrible things to happen, and to publish it. How to make these journalists understand, that the time has come, for them to write something that will not shock everyone. Actually we are under shock because we read newspapers, and the world is not that bad, human beings are not so horrid. There maybe one ripple here and there, but I mean, the way they make life so miserable that you find as if it’s hiding here or there, everywhere. Why can’t they think that they should publish also something that accomplishes joy and happiness? It’s very difficult to understand this.

Seeker makes a comment About people getting paid for printing bad news.

But I must say that they must have found out also what they do with all this payment. You see, all they are having strikes, they are closing down most of the newspapers. That means it’s not interesting.

Seeker makes a comment about bad news selling.
(DELETE Mother comments, they have.)

One has to see why people do not like them very much now, because of this, people are fed up, even from their economics point of view. They should change their trend and their methods and give some good news, and some good things. Always bad news doesn’t sell. Even this manager of this lady, she is such a, I can’t understand the disgraceful things they are talking. No respect for (inaudible)

(DELETE seeker interrupts and asks a question and Mother speaks in Hindi.)

She is asking Me a question, “Does Kundalini passes through all the three nadis or one nadi?” It only passes through Sushumna but the grace flows onto these two. Yes, see the question? Different. She’s the one. Question is at a different level, see. See the difference. Attention is somewhere else. So the new people, all of you have felt the cool breeze or not? I don’t think you are feeling it, (inaudible), it has to be worked out.

(DELETE what work do you do? Seeker answers that she is a theatrical agent. Theater. Um better now. Relaxed are you feeling in the hand. Good, this is remote control. Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi, and with seeker. Is she feeling, this lady who asked the questions, did you feeling any cool breeze. Just put your hands like this just a little bit, lets see. You’ve been to some spiritualist, never. What work do you do? Seeker answers Mother. “Office work,” you have to forgive, you have to forgive, all right. Just say, “I forgive,” that’s all, just say, just see, in your heart. You say, “I forgive everyone,” in your heart.” (Mother speaks Hindi.)

It’s very subtle, keep your eyes shut, it’s very subtle thing, so please pay attention to your fingertips. Pay attention to your heart, to your Spirit in your heart, and say that, “Am I the Spirit?”

(DELETE Are you feeling, see now left hand. And you are relaxed, watch me without thinking, and just keep your eyes open, watch me without thinking. Hum, better, are you relaxed, are you thinking now? Just watch me again, better, still better. Yes, it is working out, you see, first day sometimes it doesn’t work full way, but it does work out, is working out now, see. It’s very subtle happening and sometimes it takes one or two days, three days, four days.)

Seeker speaks.

But what is the use of becoming that? No use becoming anything, you see you have to become the Self, that’s all. All right, now keep your mind to that, that you have to become the Self, you have to become the Spirit. Don’t put your mind to anything else. You cannot become anything else, but your Self, that’s all. All that is myth, all right? To just become the Spirit, tell yourself, “I have to be the Spirit, I am the Spirit.” You have to tell yourself it’s important, that helps. ( Delete Ah, now, better, good.)

May God bless you.