The Mystery of God

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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“The Mystery of God”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 8 June 1981.

Yesterday you all enjoyed the music and I was very happy, at your enjoyment. Music plays a very dynamic role in human life, one has to understand that. One of the mysteries I was describing to you, last time, also, created by naad, they call it ‘naad’, you can say the logos or the first sound, the Om, the Brahma. The sound, first time, the sound that was created, when the Primordial Mother, or the Primordial Power, of Divine Love, the Power of God, separated from God Himself. God was the Witness; Witness of the Play of the Divine Power.

There is no difference between the two. God Almighty, and His Power are just like the sun and his rays. For us, for human beings, this is impossible to conceive the mystery. Moreover, in our ego, we think that we can understand Him, is another mystery for me. But, to me it’s a very sweet thing to see human beings trying to comprehend the mystery of God. It’s like a little child trying to understand the table work of his father; or could be much more.

But this sound, the first sound, which is described as also ‘logos’ I believe, is the sound of this Primordial Power, of this Divine Power, that has created the whole universe. Now one may say that, “How are we to believe that this sound exists?” Of course, one should not believe. But whether you believe or not, it exists! So why not discover it. Instead of discarding something, why not discover it? Is a better way of looking at things. You should keep yourself absolutely open, and see for yourself if it is true or not.

For any scientific man, it is important to be an open-minded person. If he is bound by some traditional ideas or some sort of old-fashioned ideas or some sort of hypocritical ideas, or fanatical ideas, such a person cannot be a scientist. For any scientist it is important to be a very open-minded man, objective and not subjective. You remain subjectively very controversial when you are not Self-realised. Before that every subject is a different subject. Someone likes a blue colour, someone like a red colour, someone likes a green colour. Someone likes to eat ice cream, someone likes to eat something else. Everybody is a different person subjectively. Some person like a blonde lady, someone likes with the dark hair, and everybody has a different idea. There’s nothing like absolute among people, naturally, because they have not reached their absolute. So you are absolutely subjective. For music or for anything, whatever you like, is all subjective – colours. I was watching a TV for interior decoration once and I was amazed the colours they used, were so fantastic, so beautiful. I liked them very much myself, but I had some other people watching they said, “Horrid! They are absolutely horrid!” I said, “Then what colours you would like?” “Something grey.” Really? “Or something pale or insipid.” They didn’t mean insipid but the colours they liked were insipid according to me. Because if you enter into a room with that kind of insipid thing, I mean you would really recoil back thinking, “Oh God what sort of people are living here?” But the ideas have changed quite a lot that people now think of warmth. I mean naturally they have avoided many colours which are not warm, which are dull. But still it is subjective depending on the conditioning of people. I mean for example Indians like a particular type of colours and English like another type; everyone likes different.

So some absolute has to be found out. So everything that is subjective is useless for a scientist, no doubt, but scientists have not reached their absolute either. What they know as absolute also turns out to be not that – whatever law is said now. They said that everything moves, and goes on moving, like Newton’s Law was; but Einstein challenged it. Some said that the things are made of atoms, then they came out with another theory saying, “No, it’s made of molecules.” So you are also discovering something, challenging it, checking it, and understanding it. Whatever looks today the truth, may not look the truth tomorrow. So this is not truth. If the truth is changing, it cannot be the truth.

There’s something illusory about the whole thing because what you think today as the truth doesn’t remain as the truth tomorrow. So there’s some sort of an illusion that is working in between. Something you like in childhood, you may not like it in your old age. It’s all the time changing. The subjective mood depends on so many things: your family, your treatment, your childhood, your parents, your relations, the country you are born in, the culture you are brought up in. Everything gives you this personality which has that subjective feelings or subjective understanding.

Now the science confuses, confuses more when you see that whatever we have produced through science has not given us joy. Our hearts have become just like stones and we have created devils and devils and devils: like atom bombs and hydrogen bombs and this and that, and now we are frightened of them and we are fighting, “No more hydrogen bombs!” and “No more nuclear things!” and “We don’t want nuclear weapons!” Who has created them? You have created them and now you are against it.

Human beings are wonderful. They create something, and then they create an organisation against it. It’s rather wasteful I think to go about like this. First you build up yourself and knock it down. Then again build up something else and knock it down. It’s very frustrating and one feels so puzzled and confused. But truth is never confused. Truth remains the truth. It never changes. It is absolute – it is nitya. It is never changed. It remains the same. It may manifest in different forms but it never changes. And what is the truth?

What is the truth? In very simple words, what is truth – that God loves us. This is the truth. That He created us because He loved us. It is His love that has created us. He looks after us. He protects us. He guides us. He gives us our evolution as a human being and then He gives us a higher status, higher consciousness by which we know His powers and the powers flow through you – [this] is the truth. This does not change. At monkey stage the truth was there, at human stage the truth is there. Whether you are a drunkard or a sinner or a saint, the truth remains that God loves you. He may punish you in His love – that’s a different point. He may be angry with you in His love, but He loves you. Loves what? What does He love in you is your Spirit. The Spirit in you that sparkles. He sees that spirit. He tries to bring it out. For example, you see a diamond, and you see that it is lying in the mud – you lift it from the mud. You clean it, wipe it, chisel it, and make a beautiful diamond out of it. Anything that is created has had to go through some processes. In the same way, you have gone through your evolutionary process. But with what delicacy, with what understanding, with what love!

Imagine, supposing you have to become a monkey suddenly, how would it be? Very painful! Won’t it be? And extremely embarrassing too. (laughter) But we have come out of monkeys as they say, supposing we have. Then, it has happened without our knowledge,

without any embarrassment. I mean imagine a monkey suddenly becoming a human being losing his tail, he must be feeling quite nervous about the whole stuff! That he cannot jump from trees to tree, he cannot behave like the monkeys do. I mean it’s rather difficult, isn’t it?

And to create this beautiful thing called as human beings, without any pressure on him, without any effort on him, without any money load. Because these days interest rates are very high up! God knows, if He had charged you money like the gurus are charging you, to become human beings from monkeys to this stage I don’t know how much you would have paid off!

That’s the thing is that He loves us and you can’t understand His love, that His love is His own satisfaction. He loves you because He enjoys His love. His nature is to love. That gives Him completeness. That gives Him His own meaning. That is His play. That is His joy. And that’s the only Truth. Everything may change in this world but that Truth remains. If you have this faith within you – that He loves you – despite the fact that you have had bad problems. It’s all human beings who create problems for you, God doesn’t create any problem for you. You do not know how much He looks after you. How many problems you have created for Him so that there is a barrier between His grace and you. People have created mountains and mountains between Him and themselves! They don’t want to have Him. He’s there to pour down all that He has and here such a big balloon of an ego carrying you through without receiving a single drop of that grace.

So, we have to understand, that we are still children, and children have to behave like children. Not to say that we know everything. Actually you don’t know anything, I would say, till you have got your Realisation.

His love never changes. Then His love is victorious – victorious. It surpasses all the efforts of human beings to lose it. Everything we do, everything that is possible under the sun, to make Him unhappy, frustrated, angry with us. Whatever good He does to people, they will turn it into something nonsensical. Say for example, give them money: let them have some Lakshmi’s prasad is to, let them have some money, some well-being, materially – that’s the best way to ruin people. Give them money and they’re out for breaking their heads. Absolutely! You give them the power. Any power you give them, political, economic and other sorts of, social – finished! They know how to break themselves, completely destroy themselves.

The whole wisdom works out at destroying your attention and your holiness and your innocence, your beautiful being that has been created with such, tender care and love. This is supposed to be ‘freedom’ you know, – liberated. With this kind of mess it’s rather difficult to make the children understand that you are destroying yourself so they have to have some shocks. You tell a child, “Don’t put your finger in the plug!” But if you say, “Don’t put!” Then that must go. It’s a sort of a worm in the head! “Oh, they have said not to put? We must!” So they will put the fingers in there. You said, “Don’t put it!” – still. Then again you say, “Don’t put it!” Still. Then you say, “Alright, go ahead!” And then they get a shock! It can be serious, but what to do? They don’t want to listen to you. I can understand children [being like that] and some very old people are like that, I have had very funny experiences of old people also. We had a gentleman here, a High Commissioner, long time back. Indian people have a speciality in appointing very old people as Ambassadors – shaking. I don’t know! Americans also do that. And this gentleman was standing next to another gentleman whom we knew very well you see, so we went there and he said, “Meet Mr Gupta.” I said, “Look at that! This fellow’s name is something else. Say his name was Varma for example. So he says, “Sir, I’m sorry, my name is Mr Varma.” He said, “What did you say? You mean I said wrong?” He said, “Not that sir, but my name is Varma.” So another fellow comes in. He says, “Please meet Mr Gupta.” He says, “Sir, I’m sorry my name is Varma.” He said, “Do you mean to say I’m telling it wrong? What do you mean by this?” “But sir but my real name is Varma. Everyone knows me.” “Doesn’t matter! Do you mean I am telling you wrong names?” Then another fellow comes in. He says, “Now meet Mr Gupta.” So the gentleman says, “But I know him, he’s not Gupta, he’s Varma. How do you say Varma?” “But because I say he’s Gupta, you see.” In the same way [if] the children are obstinate it’s alright but what about the in-betweens? The people who are grown-up, who are mature, who do not suffer from senile decay, who are supposed to be sensible, at the helm of affairs, very responsible people – you see them and you don’t know whether to put them as children or senile, where they stand. One can’t understand their obstinacy and their stupidity! The way they deny all that is Divine, all that is beautiful and just run headlong, towards ugliness and unholy things, inauspicious. And then they end up with something tremendous that has no chance for them to return. Something horrifyingly powerful that engulfs them.

So, for us it is necessary to understand, basically when you come to Sahaja Yoga, you must have your wisdom intact. If you have no wisdom it’s going to be very difficult. I mean I have seen people, walking out of lunatic asylums and coming to Sahaja Yoga because the door is open to anyone who wants to come in. It’s free too. I mean anyone who has no place to go anywhere, they come round here, or they go to some cinema show, they didn’t get the tickets can come and sit down here also, for seeing. There could be all kinds of people coming down from all kinds of places but, though Sahaja Yoga opens doors to everyone, how much do you open your doors to Sahaja Yoga is more important. That is what is wanted, is the wisdom. Wisdom to understand that, we have not found the Truth, and we have to find it. And that must happen to you.

There cannot be any brain-washing about it. There’s no other way, but the actual happening, the becoming. That has to take place. But you cannot demand anything here. No! It’s a humble asking for that happening. You have to ask for it.

It is, to be judged, by your Kundalini awakening: how much time you will take, how far you can go. Without that, we just can’t say.

You see, there are people, “Can you give me realisation in five minutes Mother?” On the phone I hear the voice. I hear the vibrations! Oh God! I said, “Can you come tomorrow?” “Then will You give me in five minutes?” I said, “Then can you come day after?” I know I can’t give him in five years! Because vibrations are horrid! I have to work, I have to work for that person. Then he calls me. I said, “Come along today my child.” “Mother, give me my realisation.” – it works out. It’s the attitude [that is] very important. If you have [an] aggressive attitude Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work out.

You are all welcome. You are welcome in my heart, there where the rebirth takes place, no doubt. But you should value the love of God, and should know that He loves you. And you have to be humble to receive it: that the grace should flow on you that, you should be gracious to receive it. Imagine you go to some place as a guest, and there a big dinner is laid down, and you go and with a big thump on the table and you say, “How dare you do this!” Then they’ll say, “Some lunatic has walked in!” They’ll say “Oh, get out!” That’s exactly what happens to many people who come down to us. In Sahaja Yoga you have to have a balanced – sainyata – balanced wisdom. Wisdom that gives you a balance. If you keep that for a month I am sure you will establish yourself fully and it will work out. It’s your own, it’s for yourself. You have to have it. You have every right to have it. Agreed. Everything is yours but you have to have a little patience with yourself and respect and attention. This is very important. Then this brahmanaad I was talking about, this Omkara, is made of three powers within us A U M, and these three powers are called as Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati in Sahaja Yoga.

These are the three powers that exist within us. Mahakali power is on the left-hand side, as you see, which comes from the right, comes down, is the power of desire. Right-hand side power, called as Mahasaraswati, comes from the left to the right, and the central one is the one called as the Mahalakshmi power which gives you your evolution.

So you have a left-sided power, which is called as Mahakali’s is the power of desire, the right side one is the power of action, and the central one is the power of evolution – the third one, the centre one.

The centre one, is the one that has created you into a human being. This is the subtle power within us. But we have expressed them in the gross, that the left and right sympathetic nervous system, are expressed by left and right-sided power. And the parasympathetic nervous system is expressing the central path, called as sushumna – as far as we have achieved in our human awareness.

So in our human awareness we have reached a particular point. To go beyond this, is the modern problem is the latest, the extra, what do you call that – ultra-modern. Ultra-modern problem is how to raise our consciousness to that point where we become one with our Selves, with our Spirit. Otherwise you have no meaning, no meaning to your life. You don’t know why you exist. You may go to a hundred places, do what you like, you have to find out your Self. And that is done by the power within you called as ‘Kundalini’ which rests in the triangular bone, in the coccyx, in three and a half coils, and it rises through all these centres, six, which are placed above it, and gives you your baptism; where the Kundalini breaks through this point, called as ‘brahmarandhra’ in the fontanel bone area. And you achieve that, you become that – that collective being – so that you start feeling a cool breeze flowing in your hands and feeling the different centres. It’s the becoming.

And the whole system starts changing, the priorities start changing and you start seeing the working of the Divine Power. That is love. Not the love that we understand [which] is limited but love that is emitting all the time, ceaselessly. The love that knows, the love that loves, the love that coordinates and cooperates and runs this whole world. That’s the Truth. The rest is all falsehood, is all illusion. It’s that Power managing everything in this world. The rest of it is all a fake. That’s what you have to achieve. That’s how I hope you are here.

May God bless you all

Now. Any questions?

I am sorry I am taking tea and you are not taking the tea!

Any questions please? Any questions?

Thoughtless! The Kundalini has risen above this. You cannot think of a question. That’s the first trick I do. Kundalini has risen over. Because thinking is a horrid thing! You don’t know where you go, like an octopus here, there, there, what you gather.

Yogi: Mother would you please vibrate some lemons and chilies for me? (laughter)

Shri Mataji: What is it my son?

Yogini: He’s asking Mother if you will vibrate some lemons and chillies.

Shri Mataji: Of course, of course. That I will do. Not just now. Just wait, I will do it later. Let me give them Realisation first.

That’s very interesting. That’s another mystery. We have a new relationship in our family and there was a doctor, and his wife has been sick for the last eight years and she’s very nervous and she’s having lots of problems, this, that. So I told her, “Alright you get some lemon and chilies I’ll vibrate it, and they’ll work it out.” She said, “What? I’ve paid so much to the psychologist. I’ve been to this place and that place!” I said, “Only I need lemon and chilies but you have to pay for it. I can’t pay for that!” She said, “Alright.” I said, “Now you try me.” So she brought it. In India it’s very cheap you know, lemon and chilies. I vibrated and gave it to her. Next day she came up. “Oh God, what’s happened? I’m perfectly alright. What did you do with the lemon chilies? What has happened, what’s the mystery?” But her husband is a very fine man, a doctor. He said, “What is this? What is this magic? What have you done? I couldn’t get this wife of mine cured all these days! We did every thing, operations, this that. How these lemon, chilies have cured?” I said, “Now I’ll not tell you but later on.” Such simple things. That’s the mystery. The vibrations: same thing.

In Sahaja Yoga some things will sound very strange to people. For example when they give a bandhan to their aura. When they try to move their hands. Because from the hand, the power is flowing you see. So you put, a bondage to your aura, so that nothing negative comes to you. You see like this. Indians may understand it but not in the West. But I am sure [that] when Christ used to do like this, in the beginning, most of the people must be laughing at it. Not understanding what all this is. Or when they started doing Namaz. Now everybody’s doing Namaz. Specially in London I think we are all becoming Arabic! That suits us better. I was surprised that there are schools and schools for all the executives to learn Arabic now. It’s the money religion started. And when Mohammed Sahib started this thing, I mean, everybody used to make fun of him. It’s complete Kundalini jagruti! Namaz is nothing but Kundalini jagruti it is. But these Muslims do they know? Or those who laugh at them? Nobody knows. Both are in the same boat, because one are doing blindly and another are just laughing at them blindly, again.

Now the Hindus when they do puja and aarti do they know what they are doing? They don’t know! They do it because traditionally they have been doing it. They don’t know how they are giving bandhan. They don’t know what they are doing, what is this movement is, nothing they know. But traditionally they are doing it. Whatever it is all these things have meanings.

In Sahaja Yoga you know the meanings of everything. The meaning of these Incarnations like Prophets, like Krishna, Rama, Christ, Mohammed, Moses, every one has a great meaning in our lives. All that you discover after coming to Sahaja Yoga, not before that. Before Realisation nothing can be understood. But once you know, you know. Those who do not know should not laugh at people who know. On the contrary they should try to know and then laugh at them. Then they won’t! Then they respect each other and love each other.

No questions there?

Seeker: I would like to ask a question actually. I got my Kundalini awakened by another guru and I’ve been doing sadhana, but I feel like I’ve reached some kind of blockage and we’re not taught how to overcome these blockages at all and I just don’t know what I could do.

Shri Mataji: How can they tell?

Seeker: They told to just keep doing more.

Shri Mataji: You see, that’s the trouble with all of them. Naturally they have to keep some sort of a detective story going on isn’t it, to sell in the market. They ‘know’, but they don’t tell you, then why do you want to listen to them? You should not. You should ask them, “Please tell us.” For example somebody says, “We can fly.” “Alright, you fly for us!” You should ask. Nobody has said so far. Why don’t you write letters to this gentleman who’s teaching you ‘flying’. Tell him to drop himself from Leaning Tower of Pisa. (laughter) Yes, good idea!  To all of them. You see those who say, “You’ll do this you’ll do that.” You say, “You show us what you do!” But you do not. You go headlong. But the trouble is, oh God, the way you are impressed by this circus! How can there be a circus of God? It has no pretensions. It cannot have any pretensions.

Seeker: I’m not actually doing TM. I’m following the teachings of…

Shri Mataji: What were you doing?

Seeker: I’m not actually doing TM practices. Siddha Yoga.

Shri Mataji: Who is that one?

Seeker: Swami Muktananda

Shri Mataji: Ah! Does he look like a siddha? How can you believe him, now tell me? First of all. Now I’ll tell you, I agree with you, but you people are so simple. So simple. You go into his ashram, you meet his disciples: poor things you know, they are good people, no doubt; lost, absolutely no doubt. But what have they achieved? All good people tossing their heads there. Have they known anything? Do they know anything about the Kundalini? Do they know how to raise the Kundalini? They know anything about the chakras? Nothing. Then how is it that you are also there?

What I am saying is that these poor things do not know anything. Now you ask here all these Sahaja Yogis are sitting – they’ll tell you where is the catch. Even a child will say the same thing. Not necessarily [that] they should be very intelligent here, or something very developed. Any child will say the same thing as others will say because it’s there on the fingers; they are all going to feel the same way. But if you go and see these horrid people! I mean they made the guruees and all these, what you call these, spoons around, we call them chamcha in our language, means the assistants you know, who made a big ado out of these big things. There’s no direct rapport with this Muktananda! Horrible thing I say. How many people he has finished like this!

They want money. Let them do smuggling! Why are they after all the saints? They want money that’s what they want, nothing else. Their interest is money. But also they want to ruin the saints. They want to have it from the saints. Why don’t they do smuggling, they’ll do better, than many smugglers. That’s their interest. You cannot purchase God. Have they transformed anyone? Why not see other people? Are they transformed? Are they relaxed? They all have blockages. And then they very nicely say, oh very good explanations they have. One of them came to me from this Muktanand, and he said that, “This guruji says, that, ‘You have got this blockage because of your purva karmas, the bad things you have done in last life.’ ” I said, “Really, and what did he say that you were in last life?” “He said I was a pig!” I said, “What bad things pig can do?” “He says might be a pig might have hit a human being.” I said, “I have not seen any pig hitting a human being. So what bad karmas a pig must have done?” I said, “This fellow must have been a real pig in his head to tell you that.” He doesn’t even have intelligence to tell you that you were not a pig, but something that is aggressive at least he should have told you! And then you must clear out your karmas you see. So I said, “What does he do about it? Sitting down there taking money for what? If he cannot clear out your karmas then he’d better retire!” If you have to cleanse your karmas, then what is he doing there? I mean, imagine he has opened a shop, for repairs, and if you have to repair your things then why is he there? What is he doing? “Oh he says he can wash off our one sixteenth of the karmas.” Really? But why only one sixteenth? He can wash off all your money alright. And why only one sixteenth. But why do you believe these stories?

They made a big mistake, the Christians I should say: they misinterpreted Christ. The message of Christ never reached India in time to say that somebody was born on this Earth, to take away all our sins. If He’s awakened within us, all our sins can be washed out because He is sakshat Parabrahma, He is sakshat Shri Ganesh – purity Himself. If He’s awakened within us, all our sins He can, suck in. These horrible Christians went there to convert Indians, and now Indians have come to convert you! That’s what it is. Nonsense! It’s a very subtle action of negative forces – all anti-God. It has nothing to do with God. Christ is a part and parcel of God as Shri Ganesha is. There’s no difference between the two. He incarnated on this Earth for this particular purpose.

Every time you see this church service, “God came on this Earth, to die for our sins.” Alright then what are you doing about it? What does that mean? That means: if He’s awakened within you, then He sucks all your karmas and your sins so-called. That’s why these people give you these explanations. And nobody can tell them off because they start with one theory that side, that we have committed our sins, and that’s why we have to pay for it. And here there are people, “We have done original sin, and for that we must suffer.” The Christians are suffering from where? I don’t know. And there the Indians are saying that we are paying for our karmas, that’s why we are suffering and here these are suffering. This is all nonsense, I must say. How God must be feeling about the people, who have been bestowed upon, by all His grace, by all His love, by all His beauty and are ‘enjoying’ the sufferings and announcing to the world, “We are suffering!” He wants to suck all your sins. What sins can you commit also, human beings? What sins can you commit? You tell me. What sins have you committed? Specially you the saints who are seeking God – what sins can you commit?

Thank God in India the idea of sin is not so strong. In a village, Indian village, a pastor went there, and he told them something about Christ and something about, in their own way, he preached them something. And they didn’t know what to say when he was going, for a farewell, to be kind to him. So they said, “Thank you very much for coming to our village and telling us what is sin. We did not know!” (laughter) What sins can you commit? You tell me. What sin? I am talking about Ocean of Love, Ocean of Forgiveness. Is He going to sit down and count your sins or He is going to count the days when you have to have your Realisation, you have to enter into His kingdom? He is your Father who loves you. Any father who loves does not sit down counting the sins of his children. He is just counting days and days just for His children to enter into His Kingdom to enjoy Him. What sins can you commit? And why are you suffering now? Christ did for you all the suffering. Now why are you suffering? That’s why the Jews don’t want to accept Christ because they say, “We are suffering.” And wherever they go everybody had to suffer because of them! But they want to a create a story [that] they are suffering now, because if they say, “We are not suffering,” means they accept Christ and that they don’t want to say. Two thousand years they must suffer more, make everyone suffer with wars and things. Because they cannot accept Christ.

So this kind of madness all over! I mean everybody is just the same. There’s nothing to choose. It doesn’t matter. Still Sahaja Yoga works out. Sahaja Yoga works out because, as I told you, there’s one eternal truth: is that your Father, God Almighty, loves you. Remember that. Write it down everywhere so that you’ll have confidence in yourself. Alright?

I’ll put this Muktananda right don’t you worry! How much money you have given him?

Seeker: Not very much.

Shri Mataji: Dekhiye! Abhi dekh lijiye! Mahati, apne desh ke logon ki! Kitne rupiye khae in logon ka! (meaning: Look! Our country’s money collectors – how much money they have eaten of these people!)

Put your hands like this, just now.

Just put your both the feet straight on the ground.

I see someone there! Hello, congratulations! I have been dying to see the baby! Can I have her! Oooh ho! This dolly little thing! I’m sorry I couldn’t come to see you in your house! Such a sweet thing as you are! Such a sweet thing! May God bless you. She looks like me! (laughter) Beautiful! I’ve been dying to see her! Beautiful! Born Realised. Great soul. Now the eyes have opened. Must put oil there, vibrated oil.

May God bless you.

Hmm. Now put your hands straight with both your feet on the ground.

Close your eyes please. Don’t fix your attention anywhere. Don’t say any mantra or anything. Just leave your attention free. The Kundalini has to rise and break the Sahasrara, then you start feeling the cool breeze in the hand.

Anybody having just a handkerchief for me? Just I forgot to bring I think.

(5 minutes of silent meditation follow)

Hmm! Better now? Why don’t you see these people who have come for the first time, from the back? Douglas, you organise!

Close your eyes! Close your eyes! They’ll see from the back.

Just close your eyes, just keep your eyes shut! They won’t touch you, you won’t know what’s happening. They’ll just raise your Kundalini. Alright?

They will try to raise your Kundalini so don’t worry about them. Just they won’t touch you. They will know that you have got Realisation or not, where there are problems.

You got it? Have you? Are you feeling the cool breeze in the hands? No? What’s the matter?

Are you?

Anna, just see.

All here is Ekadasha Rudra – complete. Put a bandhan on it. Ekadasha Rudra. Complete. No, this way. Whole thing.

They have got it, she has got it. This one has got it.

They get it fast, lose it fast.

He’s got front Agnya.


Ask him to put right hand on the heart.

He’s got Vishuddhi. Just give a bandhan.

Left Swadishthana he has got. Hmm?

Void. Void is there.

You can also do this, to raise Kundalini, once you have got Realisation you see.

She’s got Void, she’s got Swadishthana, Vishuddhi. Haa!

Right Heart. Ask him to put his left hand onto the Right Heart. Ask him about his father.

Haa! Now? Better.

Hands to be straighter.

Ekadasha still. Work it out. Say the mantras. Heat was Ekadasha. Turn it around. Alright now?

Hamsa he has. Left to the Right, just raise it. Other way round!

He too has been I think to some guru. Ask him, he’s been to some guru. Ask him. All of them. Ask a question.

Is he alright? Void!

How is he? Agnya.

How is he? Right to the Left.

Not to feel guilty. Please don’t feel guilty. Say that, “I am not guilty.” Alright? Not to feel guilty at all.

Is he alright? Are you alright?

Alright, everybody feels that way, doesn’t matter. The one who is giving you also felt the same way so it’s alright. Haa! Now it’s alright. Alright?

Seeker: Yes.

Shri Mataji: Good, good. Your face is changed.

Seeker: Very calm now.

Shri Mataji: Yes, very true.

Hmm. Ekadasha Rudra.