Seminar Day 2, how to use the Grace

Domaine de Montrognon, Champagne-sur-Oise (France)

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Seminar, day 2, 4 Chemin de Montrognon, 95660 Champagne-sur-Oise, France, June 21th, 1981, how to use the Grace


Shri Mataji: …Yes, I hope today [we’ll] have something practical about love.

Marie [in French]: Today, Mother would like to speak about something very practical about love.

Shri Mataji: That we should understand when something happens to us what should we do about it. Say, if you are, this time you were tired, you feel tired then what is happening?

We have on the right-hand side the “prana vayu“, it’s the prana, it’s the right-hand side, the major prana. So, the right side energy is exhausted too much. And when it gets exhausted it freezes the heart, you see. I mean, we do the more work through the right, so the left is frozen. So, we should put our hand on our heart, right hand, or put the left to the right when we are tired.

Another way could be to put your left hand on your head, left side, and put right hand towards the photograph. Another very good idea is to get vibrations on the right-hand side if you are very tired or depressed, I should say when depressed. When you feel depressed, then you feel the heaviness here [Back Agnya] also. If it is too much on the back, then you put your right hand and the left hand towards the photograph.

But mostly, you see, this energy of mana is Manashakti on the left-hand side. And then, because of the exhaustion of that Shakti, you feel very, very tired. So then, that means ultimately, you’ll find out that it is too much exhausted here, due to too much use of the left side. So, our right is to be, right is to be raised.

So, the first one is a physical exhaustion. And second one is an exhaustion of your mental, emotional [inaudible] I don’t know what is in their mind, what they mean if it’s superego. If it’s superego, that is mind, I mean. In Sanskrit language, it is called as Manashakti, “mana”, “manasa“.

So, now, these two different things have to be understood that if you have, say, a depression on the right-hand side because of physical exhaustion, then you should try to take vibrations from the left. And when there is a mental exhaustion in the sense that you feel depressed and all that, then put right towards the photograph and the left hand on the head. You might feel also heaviness, you might feel also heaviness on the head, on the left part.

So now, you realize that when there is a depression due to over-mental activity, brain activity, actually your heart gets exhausted – not exhausted but frozen. But on the contrary, you see, when your heart is exhausted, I mean when you mentally or – what you call – emotionally you are exhausted, then your brainless start, the [inaudible] we can say, the brain is frozen. So, it is just the other way round, you have to do it.

Supposing you are physically exhausted, then you should listen to some nice poetry or some music or something romantic or something, say, solacing or peaceful sort of things. But if you are more exhausted because of your too much mental activity or too much of emotional activity, then you should listen to war programs or some things, [Laughter] some things of great excitement [inaudible]. Excitement [Laughter]

But, you see, nothing should be led too far otherwise one moment you’ll be listening to [??] music, to something melodious, you see, so you’ll be this way, that way. Once you have recovered, then you just settle down in the center. This is for balancing.

Now we must understand how to take the Grace upon ourselves. It’s just the other way round. Now, supposing you have the problem of exhaustion of right side and the heart is catching and you are taking vibrations from the photograph, then you put your left hand. So, when you have to take the Grace, you have to take it from the right side and put it on the left-hand side, like this.

Now if you are exhausted, physically you feel exhausted, then this is the other way round one has to go – I mean, I’m sorry – if you are feeling exhausted on the left-hand side, if you have exhausted your energy on the left hand-side, then you fill it up like this [with the right hand], all right?

So, for raising your Kundalini – and it’s to be done on the point – like, supposing you have exhausted yourself physically, all right? Take it. Now, you put your hand on the heart, all right? And the giving of bandhan has to be at this time because the Grace has to come here, it has to be the other way round. ,See, we take the Grace like this. Now, say, if you have to take the Grace with it like that. I’m sorry- the Grace has to come to us on the right-hand side because if right side is exhausted, so what we do is to rise right side to take left. I’ll give an example, one simple example. [Inaudible]

Now, this one [the white candle] is the -say- the sun or we can say the right side. And this [the red candle] is the left side, all right? All right. Now, this one [the red candle] is burning too much; this one is burning too much, it is exhausted, all right? And this one [the white candle] is dead. This one is dead, all right? So, we have to enlighten this one. All right, and this is to be put down a little bit. This is to be put down and this is to be enlightened. All right, do you follow this point?

Sahaja Yogis: Hum [means yes].

This one is enlightenment and this is to be put down or to be given more of energy because it is exhausted. All right? So, to give the energy, what we do is to bring the energy from the Grace on this side. All right? And to enlighten this we raise it.

Sahaja Yogi [to Marie]: Non, non, non avec la main droite, tu remontes [No, no, no with the right hand, you go up.]

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, we raise it like that. We raise the side which is not yet enlightened, which is frozen. Did you follow now?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, absolutely. We take the right side and we pull it up, take the Grace and put it down to the left side.

Shri Mataji: Grace, you put down because Grace cools it down, gives it more energy. Did you follow that point? We’ll be practising it, now, all of you. [To Marie] And you tell them now.

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And Kundalini is also reflecting Grace. So, whatever is present in the atmosphere is the absolute Grace, all right? So, whichever is sleeping is to be awakened, means the one which you have not exhausted, the one which is frozen. Did you follow that?

Sahaja Yogis: Hum [means yes].

Shri Mataji: Marie can feel it?

Marie: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Ah! You must ask Me. Gavin, did you follow? What is the conclusion?

Gavin: So, when it is- you want to raise the left, the right, then you do the opposite and you’re going down-

Sahaja Yogi: No.

Gavin: No?


Shri Mataji: I’ll tell you. When, when it is to be awakened, you see, then you raise it, correct. [Inaudible]. This type. When you have to awaken, you have to raise. But when to have to fill it, when you have to fill into it, you see, then you have to move the Grace onto you. So, the reflected Grace is used for raising the Kundalini. And the real Grace is used for filling.

Gavin: When do we awaken and when do we fill in?

Shri Mataji: Now, the one we have exhausted very much,

Gavin: Yes.

Shri Mataji: We fill it.

Gavin: OK.

Shri Mataji: And the one which are not used, we awaken.

Gavin: So, it’s a matter of how far we awaken left side and we fill it in into right side. OK, now we want to- right side, you awaken right side and you fill it into the left side.

Shri Mataji: All right?

Gavin: All right, OK now.

Shri Mataji: Now, say, if you have too much ego, what will you do?


Because ego, you see, has crossed over so how you are doing is to put this thing left like this and the right side. Actually, ego comes up because of the exhaustion of your right side. All right? So to bring it down, you raise your left side, push up the left side and bring it down.

Like, you can say when we exhaust our right side and work for many – say we plan, we think, or we create something or we go into action of any kind physical or mental, means the brains, you see. Or we live in our future, spoiling our liver, then what happens is our right side is exhausted and the left side is very weak, is frozen. Also heart gets frozen because ego is created as a by-product. Ego is a by-product of our over-activity of the sun line or the Prana-Brahma Shakti. Then what we have to do is to bring it down. So, what we do is to bring the Grace upon ourselves and bring it down, the Grace with this. Do you follow that?

Gavin: Mother, do we do it this way to put the balloon of the ego? On the left side, this way: down, this way, right?

Shri Mataji: Ah.

Gavin: Like that.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no.

Gavin: Because the ego balloon is covering this way.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes.

Gavin: So we bring it down this way, on the right side.

Shri Mataji: What you have to do is only the brain. There is nothing to be brought down because ego is not going to come up to your waist, you see. The brain stays here. Maybe, you see, in don’t know in modern times where it’s going to be.


Now, these days, people are so particular about their waist size maybe?

[Shri Mataji is laughing.] So anything is possible with you, one day you can have a nose starting coming out of your laps, this time I won’t be surprised.

And the nose, you see, everything is possible with human beings. They are trying hard to have a new evolutionary style.

Because there are some who want to believe that there must be some other way around. For human beings, they cannot think of one way. Because there will be no choice left to [inaudible]. But you are made like this that you have to eat from here [the mouth], there is no choice, whatever it is. [Laughter]

And if you try to choose things then, you see, then it happens that the food has to go through the nose. [Laughter]

Making choices also, you see, gives you such a waste of time. But this is ego trick, right-hand side. For example, only one advantage is there that if you use your right side properly, put your heart in it, then you create variety to create beauty. But you create, not choose, you see, there’s a difference. If you start choosing, then your ego will develop. But if you create, then beauty will develop.

But they take about half an hour on a table to decide what they will eat. Instead of that, they should decide what they will not eat. That’s simple. Means you have a wider choice, you can eat whatever is there. But the important things are what you don’t do. But if you say that: “I like”. Say, if I’m sitting down and I say: “I like Buckingham Palace”. Then, do I get it? If I say that: “I don’t like Buckingham Palace” then the rest is available. [Laughter] You can have whatever you like. [Inaudible] human beings, they have a brain of their own type. Animals are like that. Supposing they have some trouble, then they will not eat something that is not to be eaten by instinct and they will eat all that they can eat. But not that on the table you decide half an hour what you will have, whether you’ll have some salmon fish or a trout fish or this fish or the tail of the fish or the eye of the fish.

Or they’ll have an ox, which part of the tail? Horrible, such a waste of time. They sit together, enjoy each other to enjoy the food. And that’s how the enjoyment is in minimum. For Sahaja Yogis, they should develop an attitude towards anything: “I like this, I like this, I like this.” All the time the same. Not go saying: “I don’t like it, I don’t like it, I don’t like it.” Ultimately, they will like something which they cannot have. Like, you see, we had somebody French in India. So, he looked at Indian art, he said: “I don’t like it, it is too much, it is naive.” I said: “How can you certify?” According to French, maybe it is naive, but maybe according to the whole world, the French are naive. So, how can you say it? It is- try to appreciate. He said: “We like art which is very little here and there.” I said: “Supposing, God had made you with very few hairs here and there, would that look nice?” The head, you need a lot of hair, on the eyelids you need less, here you will need another kind. How can you condemn anyone like that? If you have a large heart you appreciate everything.

That’s how you minimize the objects of joys. Every art gives a different type of joy. There must be a thousand types of joys according to Indians’ standards, thousand names. There names, names. There are names. For example, the joy you get when you break your Sahasrara is called as “nirananda“. You know, my name is Nira. I’m called by name “nira” [water] in my home, it’s a short form of Nirmala. It means Maria also.

[Some big noise] [Laughter]

Shri Mataji: Next time I come, I try this. [Laughter]

Marie: It sounds like a sports car.

Shri Mataji: Is it? I don’t know but [inaudible] it could be something better. [Laughter] It is French style. [Inaudible]

It has to be appealing to your vibrations that the point, appealing to your Spirit. That’s only possible after Realization that you can have absolute joys. Before that it is so in the head. It has not absolute value. So, why waste time? All right? Let’s have food.



Shri Mataji: [Inaudible]

In the West, they have “lacquer” ornament.

Sahaja Yogi: Laqué?

Shri Mataji: They say it’s from here “lacquer”

Marie: [Inaudible] They do rather ordinary classical plain things …

Sahaja Yogi: It’s for painting.

Shri Mataji: It’s available for painting. Chinese lacquer.

They do it in France.

You have it here.

Sahaja Yogi: The shop downstairs sells only the-

Shri Mataji: They sell better lacquers or not?

Sahaja Yogi: Many yes. … varnish

Shri Mataji: Lacquer.

Sahaja Yogi: […]

Shri Mataji: How are you? It’s very good.

Sahaja Yogi: It means nothing to You.

Shri Mataji: What’s this?

Sahaja Yogi: [??]

Shri Mataji: This program here in the small hall that she had arranged was very successful.

There were lots of seekers. And you came from that program? [rue de Charonne]

Shri Mataji: What about you?

Marie: He’s come before.

Shri Mataji: Which program you came first?

Marie: Rue de Charonne. It was in that hall that we had here.

Shri Mataji: That’s the right type of people came in there.

Marie: Mother, can you put a bandhan because the administration that runs it, they did not want us to use it anymore. I think they get the idea that we are a sort of “sect”.

Shri Mataji: Sect?

Sahaja Yogi: I think it is a problem we have because it’s very hard to –

Marie: If you put a bandhan on it, I’ll go tot talk to them and I’m sure we can rent the hall there again.

Shri Mataji: You should take [?]

Marie: So I have to go and talk to them.

Shri Mataji: Ah.


Shri Mataji: What about you sir, are you all right?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: We are trying to establish Djamel here. If Djamel is here, he may come to Paris, Djamel.

And I said that he should rent out a place like that, you see. All of us must contribute and then start a place. They do all kind of sort of place

Sahaja Yogi: A public place.

Shri Mataji: Hum. Where you all can live together … Yes, you can take a place- like we have seminars, it’s on hire, in London where you all live there as well as you have a hall and something else. So that for Sahaja Yoga, discipline can be worked out collectively. Otherwise, you don’t grow in collectivity. That’s the problem Alexander has, he says that, collectivity is a problem. At first there conflicts between Sahaja Yogis also. But, once you start living together, your vibrations intermingle and they talk to each other in a way such relationships fit into each other and the angularities drop out.

The problems come from your ego and superego and then you start seeing them clearly when you are with others because then, they are reflected. Then they manifest, you start seeing them.

Come along.

Only in collectivity you can recognize yourself better.


So the circulation of vibrations, you see, is possible if you establish better relationship with each other and that’s only possible when you love each other. But if you don’t love, there’s a big problem. Then you start judging others.

Come along, come along, Olympia. Olympia.

[Shri Mataji is talking to a baby]

What happens, what happens, where did you sleep last night?

Olympia. What’s happening?

So, I would suggest that you should live together and want to be with others. Unless and until you do that here, your– what you call – the collectivity won’t exist. And unless and until there’s circulation of vibrations, you cannot grow. The adaptability with others if you cannot improve, then you cannot grow. So, you have to sacrifice something so much that you think that it happens [unsure] to yourself and you have to accept yourself as part and parcel and then negativity will reduce. Negativity attacks people who are individualistic who have sort of- separated themselves from others and keep away from others. Allan, he has experienced that he says: “Yes, yes”.



There is a mutual help of every flower like that, they are in variety. Explain.

But the whole thing makes a beautiful place. The whole must give a feeling of concord and a complete melody in construction. So, to strike a new note is not always all right. But to strike a new dimension in the note is all right. But to start a some sort of concept that makes a discord, it fails the very melody, it spoils the whole, you see? So one person can spoil the whole. And the whole cannot correct one. So the responsibility of one is more as you are part and parcel of the whole. So you have to find back yourself, you see.

But if you go on saying: “Oh, I’m right. I’m all right. I’ll compete with you” so you create a problem for the whole. And you can create a disaster for the whole, for the collectivity, because the whole has to come up. It’s like to the whole knit a sweater, you can say, if one stitch breaks, the whole sweater is out.

Once you have a hole, it can become a very big hole and it starts to cover the whole knitting. That’s why you have to have improvement before and the consideration of others. If you do not understand your responsibility as an individual to the whole, you really create a big problem. Because now you have entered into the whole knitting. If you are outside of it, there’s no problem. But when you are inside, you have to fight it out. Like, it is easy to tell Me that: “Mother, this is wrong with me and this goes wrong with me. I know.” And that is not the way you can be all right. From the moment you see what’s wrong with you, try to correct it. We have all the methods in Sahaja Yoga. You can establish all your centers.

or example, a catch, you can take a kind of a mantra which you can repeat hundred and eight times. Every day, you do it religiously, it will clear you chakras. I mean, you all are seekers of very high quality, no doubt. But you are not yet aware of your own Self, you see. That’s why you get lost into anything but you have to be extremely positive as far as looking at yourself. Think that you have a diamond and that it has fallen in the filth. Then you don’ say that: “This filth is covering me.” You must screen the filth. Don’t give any justifications. You try to save your diamond, isn’t it? You go all out to save that. No need any explanations. That’s how you run away from reality. It’s a little struggle but you ended up all your conflicts.

Once you decide you are going to be all right, then you’ll end up your conflicts. At any cost, we are going to improve, we should say. And as it is inside Sahaja Yoga, you don’t sacrifice much, you don’t have to sacrifice. Then we don’t demand all your money, don’t demand your comforts or demand all your time! But all these [false] gurus have demanded something. But, on the contrary, Sahaja Yoga gives you all these things. And you are blessed with this.

Despite that, you start taking it for granted. Only thing you have to sacrifice is your ego and superego. Because you are not that! This is only your conditioning that is disturbing you. But, you can say I’m conditioned like that. And you may explain because you don’t want to articulate. You will not be able to adapt anything because you have that ego within you. So ego and superego: both are just the same.

Now, if you put that diamond in the filth, whatever type of filth it is, it is filth, isn’t it? The only thing is that superego troubles you that why you run away from Me. Superego troubles you. But the ego, ego troubles others. Now, how to find out what you are? You ‘ll know when you stay with people. Like, you trouble others. You will demand all the time. “It should be like this, it should be like that. Why not like that, why not this, why this happened, that happened?” “I must have my own time, I must see this, I must see this”. All this is ego. And the superego is that in which we suffer. You may be nice to others but inside you are suffering. And your heirs may be suffering.

Marie: Hum?

Shri Mataji: Heirs, [inaudible] children. So, this is how you discover it. So, you have to work it out both ways.

One thing about Sahaja Yogis that they should know that they are Realized souls. They are saints and they are much higher than all these popes and all of these pandits and all of these gurus, those who are in the market. They are higher than all the priests and all the preachers and all the writers and the philosophers.