The System Within

Brighton (England)


The System Within, Public Programmme, Brighton UK, 1981-0710

I must thank Kingsley [Flint] for giving such a nice introduction.

When I went to Australia, people asked me, are your disciples all scholars?

I said, they come from all walks of life, there are very few who could really be called scholars but I think after getting realisation, you being the complete knowledge, new venues open within you. You start knowing so many things, like when you enter in this room and it is absolutely dark, you can’t see anything. You don’t know much about it, you don’t know how to walk, where to walk, you may just stumble down, but if there is light, you know so many things suddenly and you are amazed at yourself that you have come to know so many things.

Now this knowledge that you have, is not the knowledge that we read in the books. If I put my finger to this flame here, it will burn. Anybody who puts the finger to the flame, it will burn. Now this knowledge that the finger has to burn has come to us through our experience and is built within us. Everybody gets it without paying for it, without making any effort for it, it is built in within us.

In the same way, we are so organised within ourselves, we are made within ourselves so well that if this happening which he told you about, the awakening of the Kundalini, if it takes place, it is just like this instrument being connected to the mains and it starts working. I mean you are wonderfully made, no doubt about it and thousands of years, thousands and thousands and thousands of years have passed till you become a human being.

This human being, the body, the mind is all made this way, organised this way for one purpose, and the one purpose is to become one with your spirit.

Now, why? why should we become one with our spirit? Because the spirit is the universal being within us, is the reflection of God Almighty, is God reflected within us, in our heart. That spirit is eternal, it is not destructible, it is unattached and it is the witness of our lives. It witnesses what we are doing, it knows all the fields in which we move but it is not in our conscious mind. We cannot feel it, we cannot manoeuvre it, we cannot understand it’s powers.

So the whole being is created, through a power of desire. The desire which is very strong, that you have to become the spirit is still unmanifested. It is residual and resides in the triangular bone called sacrum. Sacrum means sacred. Today on the radio, they asked me a question, that “Here the people are so complicated. Do you find it easy to convince people about God, about Kundalini? They are very sceptical, is it easy for you to do that?”

It’s a very nice question because she could see my problem. Now I have to tell you one thing, that this power that resides within us has been there and many people have talked about it. It has been there, no doubt about it, but in modern times we want to know whether it is there or not. Now there are many people here who have seen the pulsation of this power in the triangular bone. They have seen it and you can also see it, for your conviction, to see for yourself. But I would suggest that there is no shop, nothing is selling here. This kind of sceptical attitude is alright for people who are going to buy something. That they want to know whether it is right or not. Suppose you are entering into a university and you are there to discover some scientific knowledge, then do you go with a sceptical mind? You go with an open mind. You need not be sceptical and you need not be closed. You need not be also following anything blindly that I say. There is no need to have blind faith in Sahaja Yoga, no need at all. It is for you to see for yourself if it works out or not. One should not come with an attitude that if it does not work out then there is something wrong about it, maybe there is something wrong with you, because there is nothing selling here, it is a gift. It’s a gift of God, it’s the grace of God because he is anxious to save this creation. That’s why he is giving it to you, to masses, it has never happened before.

This is something so unique that is happening, I myself am surprised at the way it is working out. So when all this is happening, why not benefit by that? It is you who is going to benefit not me, not at all. When you understand this, your attitude will be much more positive towards taking realisation here.

Now human beings are not going to be happy without their self being discovered, whatever you may try. You give them money, they become affluent then they will become hippies as they become fed up of it. You give them power, they will fight among themselves or they give up politics. They will never be satisfied with all these things because they know it is not satisfying, why? Because satisfaction can only be enjoyed by the spirit. Only the spirit can enjoy. Rest of the enjoyments are temporary, transitory and they vanish into thin air.

All complexities of life, all problems of life that faces you, is because without knowing the absolute you have gone into relative dimensions. If you do not know where Brighton is and you have to go to Brighton, you move about all over the places and never reach the point. You will be complicated, no doubt.

First of all you must discover that absolute, and that has to be, if you don’t do it, you are going to fail, in life, in satisfaction, in happiness. But, it’s not only that, it’s much more because the spirit has all the dynamism of God’s Divine power which is all pervading, which is everywhere, you cannot feel it, it is everywhere. I’ll say it is everywhere, there is music, drama, you won’t believe me until I put a television down here. In the same way unless and until you become one with yourself, you are not going to feel that all pervading power, that blissful power of God because you are not yet there.

You have to enter into the kingdom of God. Now there is another objection that always comes in because people are very much Christian minded and they want to ask me one question which I have been wanting to answer many a time. They said that we can only reach God through Christ. Yes, that’s true but how? Where is Christ? Where is he? Do they know where does he exist? Are we going to pierce through his body? Where is his body? Where do you find him?

He was crucified a long time back, he is no more. He is not in the churches, of this be assured and he is not with the priests at all, then where is he?

He is within us, now where is he within us? No one knows about it, he exists within us. I say he exists where? You see this red mark? Behind that is a centre called agnya chakra, he resides there. You have to enter through that door of Christ, you have to awaken them. Unless and until you awaken Christ, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.

(Mother asks a yogi if they have the chart so she could have shown the exact location of the kingdom of God)

The kingdom of God is the limbic area and to enter into it, you have to pass through this very subtle centre which is placed in the centre of the optic chiasma, the centre governs the pituitary and the pineal body.

You have to cross through that. What is it to cross? What are you? You are your attention. Your attention has to pass through that and awaken that centre. When you awaken that centre, Christ is awakened within you and your ego and superego, your karmas, so called, your sins, so called, all are sucked.

You come into that area called the limbic area, your attention goes there by which you become collectively conscious, or you can say first you become just thoughtlessly aware. You are aware and you are thoughtlessly aware. There is no thought because both the ego and superego are sucked in.

When the Kundalini pierces through this area, the fontanel bone area, I mean it’s a happening. It’s actualisation, it is not just talking, giving your brain a washing, that you are all born realised and carry a banner on your head

‘born again, born again’ as you see many people. I’m quite amazed at them, the way they talk. It’s surprising they go around saying, oh we are already realised souls. I said how? How do you know? The Kundalini is frozen down there, you can see it so clearly. They say we are born again…self certified..

You cannot get this certificate in any of these colleges, you cannot have a course in this. It’s like sprouting of the seed, now what course does sprouting of the seed have to do, poor thing. You just put it in the Mother Earth and it sprouts, Mother Earth knows how to do it.

Now this has to happen within us. Another hurdle in all these western countries I’ve seen is this..why me? It’s a very common question they ask, why you Mother, I say why not you? Better have it (Mother’s sweet laughter)

Better do it yourself, it would be a good idea, you see I would like to retire, it’s a very good idea that you do it for me, and you take my seat. As it is, I’m working very hard and sometimes my husband also gets very upset with it. He said it’s too much you have to work very hard and one day he put a question to some of the Sahaj Yogis, he said, now I don’t understand that when She has given you realisation, why are you troubling her again and again? What’s the matter with you? He is a man who has to deal with shipping and this girl said, Sir if there are second hand ships you have to repair them again and again, but we are fifth hand ships, so what to do?

So, what I said was that this kind of foolish attitude and stupid attitude is not going to help us. For example, this flame is burning, do we ask the flame why do you burn and not these flowers? I mean, it’s somebody’s quality, somebody’s nature, somebody’s gift or somebody’s speciality you can call it.

You could be doing this, I would be very happy if you were doing this, really I tell you, I would have been very happy, but it is not so. Now you know so many things, for example, you know driving. I don’t know, I don’t even know how to sign a cheque, I’m so hopelessly bad in banks. I don’t know how to manage money, I’m hopelessly bad in so many things, but I don’t feel bad about it in any way because supposing I don’t know that, I know this. I can’t open the switch of an ordinary tape recorder, but I can open the Kundalini, it’s alright. It’s a different thing altogether so why should you feel hurt? You cannot do each and every thing in the world can you?

This kind of an attitude will make you unnecessarily put a barrier for yourself, because this is your own, this is within you. I’m a gardener, I’m doing nothing. I’m just like any enlightened light which is going to enlighten you so you should quieten on this point. Please tell your mind to keep quiet on this point.

(some communication from the hall re false prophets)

Nobody talks about them, I’m the only one talking about them. Beware of them. False prophets are there but false prophets can be known, can be understood but people don’t you see people go head long towards false prophets. For example if somebody says that you are going to fly in the air and pay £3000 for that. Are you going to become birds? You use no brains and you just go straight forward into it. There are people sitting here who have become insolvent because they tried to fly with this guru, but the guru never flew.

Now, how to make out a false prophet? The thing is, you cannot pay for God I’m a happily married woman, quite well off, I mean I’m really very happily married, but if I’m doing this work, I’m not taking any money from you, nothing, you can’t pay for it. It’s something heavenly, this is the second point.

Thirdly…the third sign of a false prophet is, what has he given you? Have you got your own powers? Can you feel your own powers? That’s one of the greatest tests. If somebody says that oh my guru is great, he’s really halfway to the lunatic asylum. A recluse and abnormal person. My guru has given me this lunacy and I’ve paid so much money for that. So you ask a question to him, what has he given you really? Can you feel the Kundalini of this lady or this gentleman? Can you give them realisation? Can you cure them? Can you understand where the problem is? Do you understand where the problem is within you? Minimum of minimum!

Supposing somebody says I’ve got my eyes and he bumps into everything, will you call that person a person with eyes? You will definitely say that he doesn’t want to believe that he is blind. It is exactly like this, you must know that if it’s a true person, he will give you your own powers.

(somebody speaking from the public) Mother’s response:

I wish you could meet somebody who is here from Scotland, Peter [Pearce].is he here? You must meet him and you will know, it’s not only money, it’s much worse. I mean, you have to decide. The other day, I had from Norwich, three people who came to see me, and they could not put their hands towards me! They kept going like this and like that (shaking). I was amazed! And I asked them, “Where have you been?” They said, “We are coming from a lunatic asylum.” I said, “Really?” “We are certified mad people.” And where have they been? To your ‘great’ Maharshi (TM)!

There is a lady in London (Mother asks yogis if she has come…she was not there so Mother mentions all can meet. There is further sound from the public to which Mother said ‘do not put me into controversy, better not discuss these horrible people, that’s all I will say, forget them) Further comments from public..

There are people who are suffering from epilepsy and they come to me. They are falling, they have lost all their wealth, their children are on the street, they come to me and they want to be saved. I wish before talking about this, you better talk to those people who have come to me and I have saved them. Not only saved them, but made something out of them. On the contrary, this man has made them horrible. Many people who have been there have become mad. This Mr Ben is suffering from a mysterious disease, from where did he get it? There is one Dr Fenwick, you better go and meet him, he is finding out about this fellow, the way he is giving epilepsy to many and I’ve cured the epilepsy of so many patients that he is coming to me to know how I’ve cured them.

Do you know what dangers you stand with these people? You have no idea, you are so naïve. Did you ask him any questions? Please listen, you have not come here to give lectures, please sit down, listen now. You have not come here to ask questions, you are here to listen to me. Nobody asks questions to this dirty man, never, they just pay him straight forward. Did they ask any questions to him? Ask this gentleman or anyone. You just pray in silence, you are not even supposed to see this horrible fellow, he is sitting in a dais somewhere. The way he has led his life, how dare you compare me with him? You better go and stay with him. No! I’m just saying you have no business to take advantage. You see, this is not proper, this is taking advantage of my goodness, you dare not do these things. I don’t like it. It’s alright once in a while, but not all the time. I have to talk something, you have come here to listen to something, alright? Be sensible. (more noise from public) No, no you are not everything, you are just thinking about yourself not others. You are not the only person sitting down here, if you want to see me, come and see me privately alright? You have to be fair to others isn’t it? They have come all the way to see me, some people have come from Torquay, you should be more just and fair, I think you have not been fair to them. It’s alright once in a while one question I answer but you are on and on and on, you must forget it. Listen to me, it’s not you who is talking, I know who is talking behind it, it’s alright.

Now the people do not say there are false prophets, they never say and when Christ was asked, why do you criticise them? He said, Satan is not going to speak against itself. They are not going to tell, they help each other. They are the people who help each other, and you are so mesmerised by them that you cannot see what wrong they are doing to you, until you reach that point where it’s all finished.

Now we have here (he has not come but will be coming, you should meet him) a gentleman who has been with this man for the last sixteen years. He has lost all his money, he has nothing, he was a diamond merchant his wife is a granddaughter of a Duke, they are on the street. The wife used to get such horrible epilepsy, I cured her. The child was screaming, you were not there, it’s easy to take a stand for somebody who is satanic, at least don’t do that. You don’t know how people are harmed, everyday I’m facing it, everyday I’m curing people. There are three people I know of who got cancer out of this and tomorrow if anybody gets out of you, I’ll have to cure. He has taken all the money, that’s all. I have every right to criticise them and say they are wrong, because I’m the one who’s curing people, who are harmed by them, tortured by them. I’m not saying just for fun sake, people have no courage to say also. How many have courage to say that they are wrong and they have harmed? Very few people, they are cowards, I would like to know how many people can say that openly that they are wrong, they have harmed?

There are some people sitting here, who have been harmed who came to me and I have cured them. You need a lot of courage and understanding, not only that but I am really angry with them because these are seekers of truth. These are people seeking the truth and these people are not to be harmed by anyone. They are to be given their realisation, they have to enter into the kingdom of God.

God is anxiously waiting to give them what they deserve. They are such great people, while these people (false gurus) wanted to make money! They could have smuggled, they could have done other things, money is not the only point but the way they have ruined the possibilities of their realisation! I know of three others who are still in the lunatic asylum and I cannot save them. They are all lost and the government doesn’t want to know anything about it. They went and saw the police and the police said, what are we to do if you are fool and stupid people who go ahead and spend your money and get these devils upon yourself?

You must open your eyes and see for yourself and see what is happening to your brothers and sisters. Where are they going? I’m sorry I have to use strong words but I really strongly feel about all these things. Actually I had no idea that they have really done all these things to you. The more I see, the more I’m surprised. One by one, they are all getting exposed. They are all getting exposed because whatever is false will come to the light, no doubt, I’m sure of it, it will have to come to light but one more thing is there which makes me unhappy, sad and sometimes really restless that these are good innocent people that are harmed so much, beyond repair. I cannot repair them, they are finished, lost and gone.

You are not in this business, I am and I know what it is, how bad it is, how dangerous it is and so unfair to human beings who have been created so beautifully from the amoeba stage to this stage, and these people should come and hit them because they are seekers?! Because they are simple? All ego oriented. Most of these organisations are ego oriented. They pamper your ego, like having a world organisation. They believe in it! Can you imagine, they believe in it.

A person is asked to wear special clothes and are given chairs gilded with gold and they feel they have become ministers and prime ministers. If you want to go on believing myths, go ahead.

I’m here to tell you the truth, whether you like it or not, I have to tell you the truth, and the truth is the thing. Why should I criticise anyone? That’s not my job, but I see the way people are being harmed and tortured, you want me to garland them and say they are very nice people? Should I? Would you do the same if you were in my place? If you were a Mother who feels for her children, would you do that? Any Mother who says that she can do it, I would like to know such a person.

I know how to be charitable and how to be generous, but not to those who deliberately try to hamper your progress in life. They do not criticise anybody, naturally, why will they? No thief will criticise another thief, do they? They are all in one line and work it out.

One has to understand, that a true prophet or a true person, will give you the truth and nothing else. And the truth is that you are the spirit. You have to become that, nothing else. You have to become the spirit. Unless and until you become the spirit, all these other ideas of giving you relaxation or giving you some sort of a patchy thing is not going to happen.

Now the trouble is, in the west, people are extremely naïve, absolutely naïve. They have no knowledge of the internal life, they know about science as we are naïve about science you can say. We are naïve about the lights and things in the banks maybe, but for the internal life you are absolutely naïve and you do not know how many stratas there are within you. The first thing you must know is that you live in the past and the future, not in the present.

The past is the subconscious and the future is the supraconscious. These two areas exist within us, within our body, one on the left hand side and the other on the right hand side. When somebody contracts a disease like say cancer, the attacks are from these areas. These areas are built within us from our creation. They are within us since we were created. These attacks come to us, for example even a virus infection, even a possession that comes upon us, cancer, all these attacks come to us, not because of our present, but because of our past. From somewhere, it attacks us.

If you have to understand yourself, then you must understand yourself in full perspective, not that somebody gives you a mantra and you take the mantra for £300 and the meaning of the mantra is ‘I’m coming’ or some sort of nonsense, which is not even Sanskrit. You don’t know any Sanskrit. So these things are put through in your subconscious and they work on you, and you feel a little bit relieved, like with alcohol you may feel relieved for the time being. For the time being, you may feel very elated and your ego will come up and you become a great person demanding this. Like a man who was walking on the street, was drunk and the king was going on a horse. He asked the king, I want to but this horse now get down from there. So the king said, now you really want it? Alright, tomorrow. He went away. The king was a wise man. The next day he called the fellow and said now do you want to buy the horse? He said ‘sir, the one who was going to buy, is finished, he’s no more’. It’s like that.

Suddenly, you see these subconscious spirits or things that they possess you with, give you a very heightened ego, and the whole thing fizzles out, but you do not know from where they come and where they go, you cannot understand them and you cannot manoeuvre them. When you become yourself, you know each and every thing. For example, this gentleman who was asking me questions, he does not know anything about himself, neither about others. You ask any Sahaja yogi who is here, even a little child will say what chakras are catching in him and what chakras are catching in you. It has to be your own knowledge, in your own awareness, understand you are intelligent people, you are not fools. I’m not talking to fools, I’m talking to intelligent people, who understand things. If something has to happen to you, it has to happen in your awareness, like a dog has a different awareness and you have a different awareness. You take any dog, even if it is a pedigree dog, through any dirt or filth, it doesn’t smell, it doesn’t feel bad, it doesn’t understand beauty, while you do.

In the same way, something has to happen in your awareness and that’s how you have to make it out. Unless and until that happens, what’s the use? What’s the use of coming here? Just arguing with me, no use, you have to get it. You have to get that within yourself. If that can happen within you, then only you will be entitled as a self realised person, otherwise you will not.

There is no organisation for them outside because you are already organised by God. It’s all in there. Once it works out, you start feeling it within you.

Now, why people are false gurus? Let’s see that point, then you will understand. First you must see the background of these people. For example, the gentleman about whom he is saying, he was a clerk, railway clerk. There are many other things about him which Indians know. They don’t mind because he brings lots of foreign exchange. Then there could be any thug or anybody in jail in India, who comes out of the jail and has no place in society and comes to London and sits down with funny dresses, with little horns around and all the British will be at his feet. Very good idea!

There should be no pretensions, if you are true, there should be no pretensions about anything whatsoever. You should be straightforward and normal, because you don’t want anything from anyone. I would say if I asked you to stay with me without paying any amount or any money, you would not accept such a situation. You would feel hurt. But these people are parasites, of the worst type. They live on your money.

Christ was the son of a carpenter, he didn’t ask for money from anyone, did he? He did the carpenters job. You can’t understand it because it’s the ego, it’s a very subtle ego that you have purchased your guru. You cannot purchase Me. You cannot purchase your realisation, God doesn’t understand money, he doesn’t understand banks, that’s your headache. So to understand a real Guru, one should know what you have to expect yourself. Now we have got so many people like you, I mean you are so well read, I see all of you reading all the time, even in the bathrooms when you go, you read. On the trains, you are reading, all the time you are reading and I think nothing is registered there. Otherwise, it is written very clearly, by a very great scientist like (unclear) that there is a collective consciousness within us. That there is some sort of power within us which gives us symbols which are universal in our dreams. He has proved it. If so, then that collective unconscious within us has to become conscious within us.

This is what any true Prophet will tell you. He will not give you a thing that you have to jump all the time or that you have to take out your clothes or stand on your head, because it is very simple to understand that by doing any effort you are not going to go to God. By doing anything you are not going to do. What did you do to become human beings? If it is evolutionary, what did you do? Did you cut your tails as monkeys? You got it without doing anything. In the same way, if evolution has to take place, it will be done without any effort, because it is so vital, it is so important. You do not understand the importance of that, you want to play about with all nonsensical things. The most vital thing today is to evolve and this evolution must take place, and this takes place within us because a system has been built within us already, it exists within us and you can see with your naked eyes the rising of the Kundalini, the breaking of the Sahasrara, the breaking of the fontanel bone area which is the real actual Baptism. It’s not artificially done, you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of you and the Holy Ghost is the power of God which is reflected within us as Kundalini. She rises and She gives you this realisation, though the heart has the spirit in itself, the seat of the spirit, she is here (Shri Mataji must be pointing at the area) and that’s how first the Kundalini rises and you get enlightenment in your brain. First the enlightenment comes to your brain in England. In India it comes to the heart.

Here we analyse, we think too much, we try to analyse everything, what can you analyse? This flower becomes a fruit tomorrow, can you analyse it? Can you do it? Thousands and thousands, billions and billions are being transformed, how can you analyse your transformation? You cannot. With this little brain of yours, with this little rationality, you try to analyse, you cannot. It has to be logical, and if it is not logical then it has no meaning, but it will become logical when it happens, let it happen to you. If it does not happen to you, it’s not going to work out.

These are typical type of people that come and disturb always my programmes, I’ve seen it, for nothing at all, but these are the people who pay lots of money without asking any questions, do not get anything, get horrible diseases into themselves and then they come to me for realisation. I can’t understand what’s happening to you, I don’t know how to make you understand that you have no value of your own, you have no esteem of your own. How can you appreciate such people who are openly befooling you? Who are stupefying you? They do not criticise others according to you, they are very nice people, you mean to say I should not even criticise Hitler? This is not the best way of looking at things. You have to face things as they are, you should know bad is bad and good is good.

Tomorrow you will say, don’t even criticise if people get cancers, don’t even look after it, let them die…praise cancer should I? praise epilepsy should I?

We must understand, God has given us discrimination. We must have our discrimination and understand, what are we doing? What is our life for? Why have we come on this earth? Because I open your eyes to these things, you have to know that I am not false. That’s one thing, I want you to face the truth. I do not want you to live with myths. I could have said that I’ll make you fly, I’ll make something out of this, why should I? That’s not my job, that’s not the way I am. I’m a different type, absolutely different and this is the type always has been denied, not today, always. Why Christ was denied? For what? All of them were denied and all the false were accepted. They even forgave a robber and crucified Christ. Same type of people are again on this earth I find, they do not want to accept the truth.

Now, the society is such, no one can crucify me. They could not have crucified Christ if he did not want to be crucified, he was such a powerful man. He is going to come back with his powers again and he is going to neutralise all these horrible powers in them to cut them out. No doubt about it, but before that time, you have to be counselled, you have to be told how to enter into the kingdom of God. You have to become what you are because the last judgement has started, this is the last judgement. How God is going to judge you? Just think of it, is He going to judge you the way you are educated? The way you are dressed? No. Through your inner happening, through your inner understanding and light that is within you. That’s how he is going to judge you. I’m here to give you light that is your own, just an enlightened light enlightens you. I don’t want to pamper your ego or to run you down but I want to tell you that you should become yourself. I see the beauty within you, I see that diamond within you, that’s why I’m doing all this work. You do not see it, I just want you to feel it and have it, it’s a very simple thing. What is there to be so much worried about? To talk about other people who have done nothing, there are 90,000 people doing TM and what are they? They are recluses, you show them garlic and they will faint. There was a gentleman, I don’t know if he has come, who just on the phone he talked to a Sahaj Yogi, Douglas, who is sitting here and he was shaking. He said ‘I am shaking, what’s the matter with me?’ Douglas told him that you are very hot? He said yes I’m perspiring, I don’t know what’s happening to me. He knew what was happening, he accepted it. Then Douglas asked him, are you doing some meditation? He said yes how do you know? Douglas said, we know, we know all that. He is saved today and he is a big man in Brighton. He is working as Managing Director, otherwise he would have ended up in a lunatic asylum and this is what it is. People do not question such people, they have got their circuses, they have got big (unclear) all things to announce themselves and people think they must be great people.

Christ was a simple man, wasn’t he? He was so simple. He didn’t have any advertisement and all that. He didn’t have all these things to impress you. What should impress you is your own transformation and nothing else. That should impress you. You should ask for your own transformation, for your own happiness, for what you are going to gain. If you even go to a shop, don’t you see how much you get out of it? In the same way, in spirit also you should not see what you give but what you get. It’s not material that you get, you get something so substantial that it transcends all material and all sorts of problems.

We have one gentleman sitting here who you can talk to later, who came last time. He was a drunkard, an alcoholic, he couldn’t talk to me and he was horrid, he behaved about the same way as this gentleman has behaved, because he was so drunk. I forgave him, alright. He went away. He was so lost to life, there was no hope for him. About a month back, again he came to know about my coming, so he came to the centre. These people worked on him. He is a first class man now, he has joined a college, studying there. I couldn’t recognise him, he was so changed, he was looking so much younger, so much better. You must know that the task is so great, the task of saving this humanity. It’s not a simple task and you all should get it for your good, for your meditation, it’s your own. I have not seen anyone, any animal, if you do good to him he barks at you, he does not, but only among human beings who try to deprive you, who try to deceive you, you are happy with them because they have a camouflage. They say things which are very sweet and nice, don’t depend on them, you have to face the fact as it is. These are horrid people, not only horrid, they are satanic, they are extremely evil and they are doing all kinds of evil and I’m not afraid of them.

I’ve said it openly in 1970, against them, each one of them by taking their names. They have not taken me to courts because they know I know about them. They have never taken me to anything, why don’t they file a suit against me? Because, they are cowards, they know what wrong they are doing to you. I can prove it to them.

One should understand that there is somebody who is talking so bravely, that’s a lady also. There must be something about me that I’m concerned, that my concern is so deep that I’m not worried about them, I’m not afraid of them. When I first spoke in 1970, so many people were my disciples, well placed in life, they came and told me, don’t do these things, don’t talk against them, they may come and murder you. I said, let me see who’s going to murder me, none of them. On the contrary, I was amazed the other day, a girl told me that one of them was saying I was his sister. I was amazed. Imagine and another was saying that I was his disciple, this was another news to me. I said, really? I’ve been criticising him right from 1970 and he is saying that I’m his sister.

You will know all about them, first of all get your realisation. Get your eyes, get your spirit get yourself into that which is the glorious, the beauty and the knowledge. Then you will know what I’m talking about. You will yourself know about it. I don’t have to tell you, I don’t really start such a topic except when somebody stands up, he must have come to represent this man, no doubt, but he doesn’t know that he’s representing a Satan. He is innocent, simple and naïve, one has to forgive, you all should forgive him.

May God bless you all.

I would like you to ask me questions but sensible questions not pleading someone because if you want I can say that also. I’m not afraid, I can say but why? Why discuss these horrible people here? I’ve already headaches from them, lots of them, really. For example, these TM people in India, I could never give realisation. We never wanted them near, I could never give them realisation, only after coming to London I started doing it. Amazingly. I could not give them realisation, the Sahaj Yogis never wanted them, they said that whenever anybody came from TM they used to ask, are you from TM? There is no programme. They used to turn them away. They were so difficult, so heavy, impossible. It’s a fact. I mean, we don’t like people to come and trouble us, but what to do? The door is open, anybody can come, you don’t have to pay any money, just walk in. Do what you like. It’s alright, but still, I must say Sahaja Yoga has done tremendous work even in England, where I found it was very difficult. In the beginning, I was working only with six people for four years, you won’t believe it. My husband has been elected to this job and we have been here for seven years, and four years I was struggling with six of them, can you imagine. Only last three years we have been able to do something. I’ve seen it’s rather difficult to break people here, but once they understand, they go very deep down, they are very scholarly and wonderful people, no doubt, and it has worked out.

You can ask me some questions if you want to, but ask sensible questions and not unnecessarily wasting everybody’s time and it’s not only you who is listening to me, others are also listening, so you should not take all my time, isn’t it?

There are many children who are born realised, many children in this country who are born realised and there are very young people I met about three of them today, who are realised souls. Great people, but you would never understand them and they would never understand you, there would be a conflict. I don’t know what’s going to happen if you don’t listen to me. You have to be realised to understand them, because even after realisation there are problems and you start seeing your problems and you have to cure them. You have to get well.

Ask some questions now.

(Question from public…Mother’s joyous laughter while saying that’s the best question)

They have asked for realisation and Shri Mataji proceeds to ask everybody to take off their shoes and sit with hands on laps facing up.

Close your eyes, just close your eyes.

Now what do you feel actually, you see first you feel thoughtlessly aware, means there is no thought within your mind.

If you see your mind, there is no thought, you feel like that, first thing that should happen to you. It’s your own, you shouldn’t believe me, you shouldn’t believe anybody else but see for yourself if there is no thought, but don’t deny anything. If it not so, it goes further. When the Kundalini rises about Agnya, it shoots off, in many people it shoots off. First experiences have been very great with many people and then when it passes through the last centre or pierces through this fontanelle area then you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. Some people who smoke too much do not feel it in the hands so much as they feel it in their heads because this centre is spoilt.

Now close your eyes, you have to close your eyes because when the Kundalini rises, if your eyes are not closed, it won’t rise above Agnya. It’s just the opposite of mesmerism. Close your eyes…place both your hands straight like this because these are the centres of the sympathetic within us, these are seven centres…five, six and seven (Shri Mataji must be referring to a chart). Just close your eyes. Let it go, don’t force your attention to be fixed anywhere, just let it go. Now the first problem I feel that is collectively within you is that you have to forgive others. You better forgive, forgive everyone, just say I forgive, that’s very important, it will unload your mind. Say it thrice, Mother I forgive, it’s very good for you to say that I forgive. Please forgive.

Now after saying that, you have to also say that if I’ve not paid full attention to my spirit or if I’ve been negligent about it, forgive me. But don’t build guilt at all, just say forgive me and it is finished. Don’t build guilt because this is another fashion to feel guilty for nothing at all. There’s nothing to feel guilty.

Say thrice please forgive me if I’ve not paid attention to my spirit. Immediately I think you should say I’m not guilty, thrice, because this may build a kind of guilt.

Immediately after saying please forgive me, say that I’m not guilty, thrice, please say.

Now you can ask a question, Mother am I the spirit? Thrice. Put your right hand on your heart and ask the question, with all sincerity and truthfulness, because Sahaja Yoga judges your truthfulness. Just ask Mother am I the spirit?

Just ask a simple question and you will get vibrations in your hands as proof of it. Ask it, most of you will get it, cool breeze in the hand, cool breeze of the holy ghost. Don’t think about it, it’s a happening. If you think about it, it will never work out. It is beyond thinking. It will just work out. If you start thinking about it, it’s going to be another useless wandering that’s all. You will be wasting your time as you have wasted so far, you will be wasting more. Don’t think about it.

Now if you’re feeling on the left hand then put your right hand towards me, both hands. If it is not working on the right hand, then put left hand on your stomach, maybe something wrong with your stomach. If it’s not working on the right hand, put it on the stomach asking a question, Mother am I my own guru? Am I my own teacher? Ask a question to me.

If you are getting in both hands, don’t think about it, it’s there. You got it. Ask the question, if it works then you will find a cool breeze coming out of your head. It’s a mass happening, it’s happening to thousands, so it should happen just see if it is coming out of your head.

Now put both your hands towards me and close your eyes and don’t think, just don’t think, please close your eyes. Don’t watch others, just close your eyes.

Shri Mataji Blows…..

Those who are feeling the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Those who are not feeling the cool breeze raise your hands because we will have to just work it out, alright. I’ll have to ask some of the Sahaj Yogis to come and see what’s the problem, you shouldn’t mind because tomorrow when you get it, you will be able to do it yourself. I will also come and see, because it means there is some sort of obstruction and we have to remove it. Now it’s flowing from the hands of these Sahaj Yogis and they are giving thing to their aura because they don’t want to be caught up with your auras, but then when they raise your Kundalini, you will see yourself how they work it out. They are just like you people, they have learnt and you are going to learn from them, then you are going to do the same, alright.