The Four Dimensions Within

Brighton (England)

1981-07-11 The Four Dimensions Within Brighton NITL HD, 79'
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Public Program. Brighton (UK), 11 July 1981.

Yesterday I told you about the organized way we are inside ourselves. How God has it organized within us our system by which we get our realization spontaneously, automatically. Today I’m going to describe the mechanism that lies within us. As I told you before, you should not have blind faith about it, but you should not also be people with closed minds. That’s not being scientific. If you’re scientific people, then you must keep your mind open. Because whatever is known to human being, is all limited, because their brain is limited, intelligence is limited. And I’m talking of something unlimited. And that is why one has to understand that there must be something lacking in human awareness that we have not been able to feel, to understand, to be. To be is the main point – that awareness by which we could know something of beyond.

Now, as I told you, whatever is of beyond is not divine. We have within us at least four clear-cut dimensions. On the left hand side of the human being is the subconscious, and beyond it is the collective subconscious. On the right hand side we have our supra conscious, is our future. And beyond it, is collective supra-conscious. Below us is the dead, we can say, or the hell as they call it. Above it is the super-consciousness which is boundless, unlimited.

So when you get any experience from anyone of these dimensions, you do not know which one is the true one. This is the big problem. And that’s why people are mislead very much. For example, a person who is a very, very sad person, who has had very sad experiences within his own being, who has suffered a lot, works through his sub-conscious. He lives in his past. And then he may get affectation from his past. In Sahaja Yoga, we have cured many cancer patients. And in my experience, I have seen that the disease of cancer comes from this collective sub-conscious. It’s most surprising that it comes from collective sub-conscious. All that is dead since our creation is also within us. And we get attacked by those subconscious areas, and we develop this cancer. That’s why Buddha has said that we should not go to any extreme behavior. We being limited, we either move to the left or to the right, and slotted down below to the hell. If you are a extremely sad person and believe in suffering and all kinds of such things, you develop an institution within yourself. It’s a superego which comes to people who are very mild, passive, who bear the brunt, who always think that they have to suffer a lot, who cry, weep – emotionally always disturbed.

Another one is the type, which is aggressive, which thinks of the future, very aggressive, who aggresses others, who dominates. When they also go to the extremes, they enter into another area called as collective supra conscious. And when you enter into that, you suffer from the agony of that in the sense that you may get possessed by someone who is more aggressive than you are. That’s what happened in Germany. Then you forget who you are, start behaving in a very funny manner. Sometimes you think that you have become dynamic, but you have not because you have lost your sense of proportion.

The experiences you get from both these areas can be very, very misleading. For example, a person is sitting, and suddenly he starts jumping in his seat. This can come from both the sides. Maybe people might think that this is something special he has got. But it is not. Because we must understand what is the interest of God or Divine? To make us jump? Supposing a person comes and shows you a trick that you see this flowerpot moves from here to there, you get impressed by that, because for you it’s something new. But it’s not Divine. What is the interest of the Divine in removing this pot from there to this side? God has no interest in showing all such tricks. He has no interest in making you dance like mad or get into any sort of extreme behavior. He wants you to be normal people, first of all. You have to be normalized.

People have experiences. Suddenly they say, “Oh, I felt very happy one day, and I felt my body went up and started looking at the people. This experience is also that of spirits, is not of your Spirit, of your Atma, of your Divine. Because these spirits, about which we do not know at all, we are naive. We do not know how they act upon us; can take away your interest. And we can go with them and can feel that everything is left behind. You may also feel little better with that, because the responsibility you feel is no more. I was amazed how people are seeking such horrible experiences without knowing what it is. For example, there were three scientists from America came to see Me specially, to learn how to do that, to leave the body and go somewhere.

I was amazed. I asked them, “Why do you want to know? You are such great scientists. You are already going to moon, everywhere. Why do you want to do that?”

They said, “Because Russians are doing these ESP experiments, so we want to do.”

I said, “If Russians are cutting their throats, do you want to cut your throats also?”

They said, “No, we want to do it because we want to know when people go to the moon.”

I said, “Don’t try to befool Me. You are doing it only because you think it gives you more power. It does not. After some time you’ll find you’ll be enslaved by the spirits who are helping you to do all these things.”

Christ has very clearly said that we have nothing to do with the dead nor with the spirits. He took out the spirits and put them in the pig. The pigs ran into the sea. But perhaps Christians never realized that we have nothing to do with the dead, and Christ has forbidden us. When the people live, we are not bothered. When the parents are sick, we are not bothered. When they die, we have a big huge thing. We pay for a funeral. We go there, wear a proper dress. And if it’s a black dress, we want to have black diamonds and all that properly done. We pay for it, and we will make big social event out of it. We go to the cemeteries. Even in the churches, we have all the dead put there. We little realize that there these people are lying, and some of them are still there. They are not dead. He has talked of spirits very clearly. Many people who came to Him were possessed. But somehow we don’t want to think of Christ now, perhaps because we think He was too mysterious. I don’t know why. In India, people perhaps know about the dead. That much at least is there, that they try to keep away all that.

A simple thing if you start an experience, you can do it. It’s very simple. If you want to go into the dead and finish off yourself, is just to start jumping, every day, hundred times. You’ll get possessed. Now when you get possessed, you get certain so-called powers because you get in contact with the dead. When you get in contact with the dead, they start helping you, and you feel that you have got these powers and that powers. One example I would like to give because it’s very important. I find in Brighton it is very, very prevalent. Even the children are suffering. I see many people who have these problems because they do not know how to behave towards the dead. There was one Dr. Lang in England who died. And his spirit attacked a soldier in Vietnam or something. This soldier ran away from there and hid himself. And the spirit told that I am such and such. You better go and see my son, and you start a clinic there. Imagine. And this ordinary man – he was an ordinary soldier, he didn’t have any education about medical or anything, he did not know what it was, nothing, just an ordinary soldier – he came to England, saw the son.

And the son said, “I can’t believe the story.”

But then he started telling him about certain very secret things that he had talked to his son, and then believed him. And they started that clinic. And this Dr. Lang, Late Dr. Lang’s International Curative Centre, and this curative centre started sending letters to people who wanted to get cured. And they would say that at such and such time we’ll come into you and work it out. But there was some honesty about it that they said it, “These are the spirits we are working with.” But the people who were so called cured by this late Dr. Lang, came to Me, and I found they were absolutely finished. They had gone bananas as they say. Their nerves were completely finished, and they didn’t know what to do with themselves, absolutely finished. They did feel cured of one particular disease, but they had so many other possessions within them that they didn’t know what they were doing. Now it’s a fact to be explored after Realization.

Now what is the experience of the super-consciousness? The experience of the super-consciousness is that that your consciousness, your awareness becomes more aware, gets enlightened. It becomes. It’s not just lecturing that you have to become something superior or anything, but it becomes. Means you become collectively conscious, you become, again. If that happens to you, then you start feeling another person, and you start feeling yourself. If you are a truthful seeker, absolutely a truthful seeker, then I have to request you as a Mother to be kind to yourself because you have been seeking for ages now, many lives. And today you have again come to seek. Do not get into any camouflage or any falsehood but ask for the real. And the real is when your attention becomes enlightened, when your awareness becomes enlightened.

For example, yesterday you saw a gentleman who had come here. He has never seen this Maharishi Yogi or whosoever it is. He must have paid lots of money to this man. I know the kind of people they could become. I’ve seen them. He has no collective consciousness, he cannot raise the Kundalini of anyone, he has no powers of himself to express, and he is just fighting for a guru who has been done nothing for him whatsoever? “I feel very nice with him” and all these are mental, just mental satisfactions because you want to satisfy yourself. Because you do not want to feel that you have been befooled. All those people who want to have the real thing, really real thing, should face it up absolutely in complete truthfulness to yourself. Why do you want to cheat yourself? Because you are seekers. All such false people will go down into hell, no doubt, and they’ll carry you also with them. So, be careful when I say that. I have openly told about them in 1970 by names, what these people are doing, and how they are attacking you. But nobody is willing to listen to Me. They want to be attacked, they want to be hypnotized, they want to do absurd things, which has no meaning.

Everything that Divine does is absolutely logical but maybe not rational. For example, you will see a flower becomes a fruit. You see it with your own eyes. Then you know that the flower has become a fruit, isn’t it? It’s a living process, which has done this. But you cannot explain how it has happened. Neither you rationalize it that because of this, it has happened, because of this, this has happened. But it’s logical that you see it yourself. If you are really truthful, then you have to give certificate to yourself. Nobody is going to give you certificate nor somebody is going to say, “Oh, you are the epitome of everything,” nor somebody is going to say that you are condemned forever because as I said yesterday, the last judgment has started. Believe Me, it has started.

And the judgment is going to take through the Kundalini awakening, through this residual force which exists within the triangular bone there. You can see with your naked eyes in some people, pulsating. It rises, and it pierces through the fontanel bone area where you can feel the cool breeze coming out. You can feel it, again I say, the cool breeze coming out of your being. You can feel the cool breeze coming towards you if I’m sitting here, or you can see it flowing out. Not only that, but after that, you can feel the different centers on your hands, on your fingers. You can feel the another person’s centers, and you can feel your own centers. You can raise the Kundalini. You can see the Kundalini raising under your hand. You can give realization to people. You can cure them physically and emotionally.

One may say, “Mother, how is it so easy? We have read about Kundalini. It’s a very difficult thing.”

Or there are people who say like that. “And it’s not possible. We know so much about Kundalini. How can that be so simple?”

But supposing it is, then? There is some mystery about Me. Take it that way. Supposing you see a flower blooming into a – say fruit. Then it has happened. Then you are not going to deny that there is no living force? There must be something about Me that it is happening. I’m not willing to tell you now maybe that it is postponed for the time being.

But one must understand that there is something that has happened. It has happened to so many. It must happen to me also. And if it happens, there is something about it. We have to squarely face this fact and not to be deluded by what I say, what I talk, what anybody has talked so far. As I said, you need not have blind faith for Me. But you should not also put a barrier for yourself. If this has to happen to you, let it happen. This is what is your second birth. It is like ‘born again’ as they say, as Christ has said.

Human beings know how to make mess of things very well. They have messed up with everything, Christ, Mohammed, everyone. With Me also they tried.

I went to America in 1970. Of course, you know that for truthful things there are very few people. At least they have not crucified Me so far, or they have not yet sort of come out of it, their all filth. But you know they like such places where there is a circus on. So there were some horrible gurus who were there, and they were doing all kinds of tricks. And people were running to them, and this, and that. And I was also there.

And the gentlemen who arranged My program he said that, “Mother, people are coming with tape recorders, this, that. They are taping your speech, and you should really be careful about it.”

I said, “Why? It’s all right. If they play My tape recorder, then message will be round that the time has started, the blossoming time has come. What is there to be afraid of?”

They said, “No, but they will misuse. They’ll write books.”

I said, “Let them write books. Let them do what they like. But the Kundalini has to be awakened according to Me. So that will come after all to reality. You may write anything. Ultimately you have to face the facts.”

And they said, “No, Mother, it’s more than that.”

I said, “What is it?”

They said, “They might use it for some other purposes. They’ll make money out of it.”

I said, “Let them make money. Let them do what they like. I’m not bothered.”

But you know what happened? I went to Australia, and I met some people who called themselves ‘born again’. I was surprised. And the one who is their leader has been attending my program, I know him too well. They have certified themselves ‘we are born again’, finished. And this one becomes the leader. There’s another one I met in Japan who got his Realization. He started another organization of his own. It’s all right. I don’t mind as long as you give Realization. But his daughter never gave Realization, and so many people got trapped into that. I asked these people, If you are born again, what is so special about you? If you are born again, why do you not treat other people? Let me see. Do you raise the Kundalini? Can you give them Self-realization? Can you give them another birth? An egg cannot say he’s a bird, can he say? Like eggs saying, “I’m the bird, I’m the bird,” they are saying “born again, born again.” The proof of the pudding is that they are not born again at all.

All such false certificates are for whom? For whose conviction? You are your own judge. You have to judge yourself. And you have to be fair to yourself and to nobody else. You have to be kind to yourself that you are born on this earth to be born again and that you should get it. There is nothing else I ask you. Because within us all these things have been nicely planted without your awareness. All these seven centers you see are very nicely planted. They are there. And all the Deities of different characters, like innocence is the first deity, are there. When the Kundalini is awakened, She awakens the different deities. By awakening those deities, you get the reward of those deities. As I told you yesterday when It crosses this, you get Christ awakened. Of course, not this, it is inside on the crossroads of optic chiasma, you can say, which there is a center called as Agnya Chakra. And this center looks after your pituitary and pineal body. When the Kundalini rises, She enlightens all these centers. Christ is enlightened. And the ego and superego which create the idea of sin and the idea of karmas is sucked in – through Christ. It is said that He died for us, for our sins. It’s a fact.

But there was another gentleman yesterday here. He told Me that, “My guru says that I’m suffering because of my karmas.”

I said: “Then why do you have this guru? Why do you pay him? Better pickle him out. Let him suffer for his karmas also.”

He’s suffering.

Then I said, “Your guru has had three attacks. I know very well. And all his disciples get heart attacks. Or the children are crippled. I’m treating them, I know. I’m treating them. “

And he says, “We are suffering our own karmas, but he takes a little. That’s why he gets heart attack.”

I said, “How much?”

He said, “One twentieth.”

I said, “Really very measured quantity?” Now his own child, I did not know, the wife was crying.

She said, “Mother, give me Realization.” And she said, “Mother can You come to my house for a short time?”

I didn’t understand why she was saying so.

Then she said, “Because my child is suffering. She is crippled. And if You come to my house, You can cure.”

I said, “I have to go to somewhere now.”

She said, “All right. I’ll come tomorrow.”

But I knew her husband won’t bring her. He is so possessed.

She said, “You promise you’ll cure my child?”

I said, “I promise. You bring.”

“Will You take her karmas upon yourself?”

I said, “I’ll take the karmas of all the world upon Myself. Come along.”

With all these assurances she was sure, I will do it. He did not allow her to come. She never came.

How would you get possessed? Now why are you identified with anyone so much? You have to identify yourself with yourself.. And with no one else who has not done anything from you – only he has taken from you, asked from you to do this, and do that, and do this, and do that. They are forming cults, and groups, and things. By this you cannot get Realization. You cannot organize God. There cannot be an organization of God. Is there an organization of trees and leaves? Anything living is to be organized by God and not by human beings. Let us face it. Our ego does not allow us to understand that. And this is a living process. This is the evolutionary process within us, which works it out. And when it happens, the last, the epitome or your evolution you achieve.

I would give you an analogy to understand it, which is a gross analogy. So don’t take it too far as the thing is. You just try to understand. Like in a car, you have got a brake, and you have got an accelerator. In the same way within us say there are two powers. One is the left sided one, the brake, and the right sided one, which is the accelerator. He’ll show you there. – And the other one. Now these two manifest outside, the sympathetic nervous system, the left and the right sympathetic nervous system within us. Now the third power is the power that evolves us. Like we can see that we are trying to learn driving. And there is a master sitting behind who is guiding us and teaching us how to drive the car, so by using these two powers, balancing it, understanding it, keeping the car in the centre. We don’t drive car on one wheel, do we? We sit on four legs of a chair. Do we sit on two legs? We ourselves don’t stand on one leg. We have two legs. We always go in a way that our gravity is in the center. But in our lifestyle we are extremist. If we start drinking, we’ll become alcoholic. If you start anything what so ever, if you are a working person who is working, you become workaholic. Any sort of thing one starts, they go into extremes.

So, one has to learn the handling of these two powers. Now the master is sitting and guiding you, up to a point, till you become human beings. The evolution comes up to that. Then the master gives you freedom to handle the car. He sits at the back, in the heart as the Spirit. All right, you drive the car. You start again, left and right, start using it, making mistakes, whatever it is. There is nothing important as long as you learn how to drive. Then you master your driving. Then you become the master. You become the Spirit. This is how it works out.

Now somebody will say, “How much time will it take for me to learn the car?” The answer is, “As much as it will take.” Can you say that exactly after three hours, three minutes, two seconds you’ll become expert in car driving? Much more than that is the living process. You cannot say how much time it will take for a flower to become a fruit. And you cannot say how much time will it take for you to get your Realization. But the action is only of split of a second’s duration, believe Me, not more than that. But there are obstructions on the way. And because of these obstructions it takes time. One has to guide it. Once you get it, and settle down with it, when you become the master of the car, you can handle other cars also very well. And you know how to do it. That’s how a realized soul can give Realizations to others. One enlightened light can enlighten other people. It is as simple, straight forward, matter of fact, down to earth.

In Sahaja Yoga, we deny nothing but untruth. All the saints, and all the prophets, and all the great advents are within us, placed on different centers. Not only that we have to respect them, but we have to know where are they placed, we have to know how to enlighten them. They are the milestones of our evolution. And whatever I say can be seen. For example, as I told you Christ is placed here. And if this center is caught up, you raise the Kundalini, you bring up to that point, and it won’t rise. Then you have to say Lord’s Prayer in the presence of a Sahaja Yogi, in the presence of a realized soul. Kundalini will rise. You will see that. We have done that. But Lord’s Prayer is an expanded, I should say, is the statement of the bija mantra, is the seed mantra. The seed mantra of this charka is ham ksham, is the seed mantra in Sanskrit language. Because this whole system of Kundalini, which was a secret till the sixth century till Adi Shankaracharya came in, was told to people, and people know about it. Even Kabira has clearly written about the Ida, Pingala, Sushumna. Nanaka has written, all these people have written about it. In the Bible also, it is described that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. What are these ‘tongues of flames’? Are nothing but centers.

Then Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me are with Me.” Who are those? He was born in such a horrible place that He had only four years of preach – hardly. Otherwise, there was struggle, struggle, struggle. And twelve fishermen who did not know how to write – you can imagine. I had six very well educated Englishmen for four years, and I was breaking My neck and theirs too to get their Kundalini up there. So you can imagine [laughing] the plight of Christ struggling with these twelve people for four years.

Now, when He is no more, then everybody has become a Christian. To Me it’s a surprise to see this, really. When He lived, when He was crucified, it’s a different story altogether. You denied Him. Everybody denied Him. But the false are always accepted. But no more now. If you try to accept false people, you will suffer. You will even suffer physically. Mentally, you’ll suffer no doubt. You feel very restless. But also physically you will suffer, and you’ll have to come to the truth because God is anxious that you should get your Realization. You should enter into the Kingdom of God because you are the greatest creation of God. And if you don’t enter into the Kingdom of God, He’s not going to be happy. His creation will lose its meaning. You have to find your meaning which you will find. But be open-minded, and get it within yourself.

As you will know the subject matter of Sahaja Yoga is very vast. And I must have given at least 400 lectures by now in Caxton Hall alone apart from everywhere that I have been traveling. And in this short time I can only cover few points here and there. There is a French man who has written a book about Sahaja Yog, but we do not release it to people who are not yet realized because the first state is of thoughtless awareness where you become thoughtlessly aware, but you can cure with that condition. Kundalini has to pierce. Of course, you start feeling it, nicely, but still you have to reach the state of doubtless awareness, which is called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Unless and until you reach that state, it’s dangerous. So there are certain secrets of your own being are not to be divulged.

Like Christ said, “I’m the path, I’m the light,” or something, people crucified him. They could not bear that a human being could be like that. They could not bear it, too much for them, a carpenter’s son? Till He got resurrected, His own disciples would not believe Him. So, certain things are told to you when you really master this art of Kundalini awakening, and then you will know much more. Still there are many lectures, which are taped and are there. But listening to them is not going to help you. By reading, it’s not going to help you. You have to become, you have to become Realized.

There is no organization of Sahaja Yoga. You cannot pay for it. You cannot become members, and think I’m a Sahaja Yogi. You cannot certify yourself. You cannot wear a particular dress and say that I belong to Mataji, nothing of the kind. I do not recognize anyone of them. Neither God will recognize those who just say that “I’m this and that.” God does not recognize your clothes. He recognizes your being. And that’s what is to be recognized by you also that you become that. Rise in your own glory, rise in your own reality and enjoy it. That’s the most enjoyable thing for which God has made us an instrument. And let this instrument be put in connection with the mains. That’s what has to happen. Is the easiest thing can happen, and has happened to so many, and should happen to you in this beautiful place Brighton.

May God bless you!

Yesterday I saw some people asked questions, and they’re quite good and sensible but one was a foolish man, doesn’t matter, forgive him. But if you have any questions you can ask Me. But not too many but sensible questions that will help others. And you must know that you are not the only person who has come here. There are so many who have come here from all over the places, and if you have any questions, you should know that it should help others, and not to disturb them, and trouble them. Just ask the question if you have any.

[One seeker asks something]

Shri Mataji: How do you proceed with…?

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Shri Mataji: Eternal hell? Now, why you are interested in hell, Mister? You said “hell” or what?

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji: Ah…

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji: Why do you want to talk of ugly things My child? You read William Blake*. He is the best. Ah, So great. He has described complete Sahaja Yoga in His book Milton, complete. Even up to a point where we’ll have our ashram Lambeth Vale, up to a point where I will come first and live Surrey Hills. Such details He has described. He’s also described hell and the future of the people who are supposed to be very clever. It’s tremendous. You read Him. In us it is there. It exists. But you are seekers. You should think of eternal life and not of hell. That you can get very easily. You can take two running jumps and go there. [laughing]

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji: Who are…?

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji: No. You cannot force. You have been given your own freedom. So far in evolution there was no freedom given to you. If you do not want, nobody can force it [unclear], very difficult. Even if there is a subtle denial, it’s very difficult. Today I had a bad time with someone like that, I was trying to push someone up and the thing was falling on Me back again [laughing]. Oh. Of course, I’m your Mother. And as a Mother, I have tremendous patience, and love, and understanding, too much. In that love, I try to convince. I’m trying to persuade, to counsel in every way possible. Sometimes I go to a very great extent to make people understand. But ultimately you have to ask for it. They will all come. These are mediocres. Once they see you have crossed the ocean, they’ll come. They want others to have it first. They are not the ones who will jump first to do it. They are mediocres. Don’t you worry, lot’s of them will be coming. Like one fish came out of the ocean then maybe about twelve followed, then many but later on shoals and shoals of them. In the same way it will happen.

First of all you establish yourself within yourself. You become a good Sahaja Yogini. Your own life will transform others. Now we have somebody here who is a Jew. His life was completely transformed. He was a rebellion, he was this, that. He would not talk to people, sort of thing, a very nice honest man, very dynamic. And when he got transformed, his sisters, and his mother, and father who was very well versed in all Jew, this thing, literature – got Realization. They came to Sahaja Yoga, and this gentleman is now willing to write, I mean he wants to write something about Kabala, the relationship between Kabala and Kundalini, and we were discussing it. There is a gentleman from Algeria here whose story I told you yesterday, and there are so many Muslims. His own family, his father came to see Me, mother came to see Me. Actually his mother wanted to go to Mecca.

So he said, “Why do you go to Mecca? Now Mecca is in London. Mataji is not in Mecca.”

England will be a Jerusalem. Remember that. I’ve come all the way from India to do that. Let’s see how the English are going to behave towards it. The river Thames has to become the Ganges. This is the heart of the universe. England is the heart. But the English – very difficult. Six people, can you imagine, for four years? Once they get it, they are beautiful. They are the best young people in the whole world, no doubt, rather difficult to begin with. They’re very sweet. Beautiful they are. Actually they are overgrown, I think. But when they find somebody much overgrown than them, then they are all right, over-read, scholarly, nice people. Takes time for intellectuals to understand this. This doesn’t matter, it works out.

They asked Me a question in your radio, “Which country you find the most difficult?”

I didn’t want what to say it. [laughing]. But the difficult ones are the best. Like I would say the diamond is the hardest stone, isn’t it? But it’s the most valuable. It’s like that. Believe Me. I mean, since the last seven years, I’ve spent most of My time in England. Of course, I go to India, I’ve been to Australia. Australia has been very fast, very fast. They are simpler people. Americans are shifty. I’m going to America also. But it will circulate through you people, I can tell you, because still people think, British are wise, wise people. Let’s see how it works out. But still I cannot force. Again, I will tell you whether you are British or anything. I cannot force you to get Realization [laughing]. That’s one thing cannot be forced. Actually, you have to ask for it. This doesn’t break. Sahasrara doesn’t break, if you have not asked. This goes down, it doesn’t break. You have to ask for it in all humility. That’s very true. You don’t have to pay anything, but you have to ask for it. You have to knock at the door. Door is the Christ. You have to pass through Him. But you have to knock at His door. He won’t open the door unless until you knock. This is the door of entrance.

Is all right? Is there any question? One more, if somebody have, please. Yes My child?

[seeker says something]

Shri Mataji [speaking aside]: What does he say?

[Sahaja Yogi repeating the question of the seeker]

Shri Mataji: Is a very good question because you are a seeker. There are no practices as I said. It’s spontaneous. You see, now see this light is not enlightened, all right, but is ready. What practice do you do to enlighten this, nothing. Bring that light near, and it gets enlightened. It’s like that. You’ll get your Realization here just now. I tell you how to do it. Because these fingers that you have, have all these centers left and right, seven of them – five, six and seven. I mean you place your hands towards Me now because I’m here. Just like this. And close your eyes just close your eyes. And the Kundalini spontaneously rises. You don’t have to do anything. But when you become realized, when this power start flowing through you, then you have to know how to maneuver it, how to raise it, how to keep it there. Like this one, we buy from the shop – all right? And then you put it to the mains, it starts working. But you have to know how to maintain it, how to manage it. That’s the knowledge you have to know later on which is called as Kundalini Yoga, is a knowledge about Kundalini. But otherwise it is spontaneous, “sahaja,” means “born with you.”

It’s just like sprouting a seed when you put it into the mother earth. It is absolutely spontaneous. Everything that is living is spontaneous. So there are no practices as such before Realization. After Realization, you have to know how to maintain it. And we have a nice center here. You can find out. It is 31 College Road [speaking aside: Is it she staying there?] And also they have now started a little shop for people because that was a very good way of contacting people. I don’t know the address of the shop or any of these places. There are many places here in Brighton. We have got Sahaja Yogis who are very good. They know all about Kundalini they are just like you to look at. They are very normal people. But they know about your chakras, they know about themselves, and they can tell you how to preserve this Realization. All the knowledge will be yours. Because now the light is within you, you can see also for yourself. And by practising it, you’ll get it, you don’t have to pay for it, nothing.

So just know you have to just put your hands like this. But later on you must know that it is to be maintained, and that’s a very, very important thing which people miss. Now put your hands like this, just like this. – And close your eyes. – As I said, you have to ask for it. You have to ask for your Realization. You have to ask for your Spirit. Let your Spirit come into your conscious mind. “Mother, give me my Self-Realization.” You have to ask for it. You have to humble down. You should not be obstinate. One thing in Sahaja Yoga, those people who are obstinate or identified with something that is obstinate, it won’t work out. The Kundalini will not stay there. You are obstinate with yourself. It’s not going to help you. Don’t be obstinate. After all you want your Self-Realization, isn’t it. That’s the most important thing. So don’t be obstinate about anything. Just let it happen within you. Just let it happen within you. If you have been obstinate, how can the Kundalini rise? Put both the feet on the ground properly and sit absolutely relaxed.

Now the first thing you feel is a thoughtless awareness within yourself. If you have anything in your neck, please take it out. I think it stops here. Anything in your neck, please take it out, doesn’t help. These material things always catch, better take it out. It’s better. It’s better take it out, because your Self-Realization is more important than anything else, isn’t it? Better take out anything that you have in your necks. Any jewellery or anything you have, please put it in your pockets. You see it has attachments, it has problem. Put it in your purse or put it somewhere. It helps you. If there is any girdle or anything round your neck, some people have girdles here? Make it loose a little. Because that way, Kundalini rises by itself no doubt, but if there is pressure on the spinal cord, physical pressure then it [Unclear] sometimes. Hah, now see, much better, much lighter on the Vishuddhi. It’s very relaxing. First thing that will happen is relaxation.

Now you have to ask for your Realization. It has reached the point, but it’s not breaking through. Just ask for your Realization. Can you take the baby out? You see, people get diverted. Better now. Let your attention be loose. Don’t put it concentrated on to any particular point, please. Keep it absolutely loose, please. Put both the hands like this, like this. You have to forgive, forgive others. Say it thrice from your heart, “I forgive anyone.” Don’t say it is difficult. Just say. “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Even your horrible gurus just forgive them. It’s all right. Forgive yourself first of all. Don’t feel guilty. Forgive yourself. And forgive everyone, please. Say, “I forgive.” Then, without feeling guilty, again I say without feeling guilty say that, “If I have done any mistakes, please forgive me.” You have to… This is Lord’s Prayer. Imagine Christian nations will catch the center of Agnya much more than anywhere else. Just imagine. Ask for forgiveness rise. That immediately say that, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” Because this builds up. It’s a very big fashion in the West to feel guilty for nothing at all. Say Mother, “I’m not guilty.” Please say it again. Say it thrice.

Just go on saying “I’m not guilty.” Heat is coming out of you. So much guilt you have built. That’s why the gentlemen was talking about eternal hell I believe. You are here to enjoy the heavens and not to go to hell. So don’t feel guilty. Now you can put your right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me, and ask a question, please, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask the question. Again, ask the question. Ask thrice, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Going on asking you’ll find the cool breeze will flow into you, left hand, when you ask the question. Now put your right hand towards Me, and left hand on your stomach, and ask a question, “Mother, am I my own guru? Am I my own master?” This is to neutralize all gurus. Just say, “Am I my own master, Mother?” Ultimately, you are your own master. You are your own guru. Now put both the hands towards Me. Close your eyes and ask for realization, “Mother, give me my realization, and establish it. Say it thrice.

Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini.

Aham Sakshat Nirmalam, Sakshat Nirmalam, Shakshat Nirmalam.

Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti, Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti, Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti, Aham Sakshat Adi Shakti.

Aham Sakshat Kalki, Aham Sakshat Kalki, Aham Sakshat Kalki, Aham Sakshat Kalki.

Aham Sakshat Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, Mahsaraswati. Sakshat Mahakali, Mahsaraswati, Mahalakshmi, Sakshat Mahakali, Mahsaraswati, Mahalakshmi.

Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshakt Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini, Aham Sakshat Moksha Dayini.

Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Virata, Aham Sakshat Atma, Aham Sakshat Paramatma, Aham Sakshat Atma, Aham Sakshat Paramatma, Aham Sakshat Atma, Om Sakshat Paramatma, Aham Sakshat Atma, Aham Sakshat Paramatma.

Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti, Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti, Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti, Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti, Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti, Aham Sakshat Brahma Shakti.

Ask any absolute question if you have not [felt?] vibrations. Like you can ask question, “Is there God?” Ask thrice. Hmm, it’s there. Are you feeling? Good. Those who are feeling the cool breeze please raise your hands, those who are feeling it. Those who are not feeling need not. Those who are really feeling please raise your, now, those who are feeling, Sahaja yogis also, please raise your hands. All of you. Good. All the Sahaja yogis should raise. Yeah.

Who is she? Are you a Sahaja yogini? Are you taping Me there? You can’t. I’m sorry. No, please. They are not allowed. Is she with you? Ah?

[Someone speaking from the audience]

Shri Mataji: Ah? It’s all right. Is it? You see because these people now in the, in India have started a new thing that nobody else but a Sahaja yogi can tape, all right?

[Someone speaking from the audience]

Shri Mataji: It’s… so she can’t. You can have the tape. You have taped it?

[Someone speaking from the audience]

Shri Mataji: All right. I’m sorry you’ll have to give the tape because under law we cannot. You see there is a sort of a thing they have passed, and they have told Me, “Mother we’ll not allow anybody to tape.” So, I have agreed. I’m sorry. Because there is a certain protocol about these tapes, and if it is not used with tapes, people suffer. So we would like only Sahaja yogis to tape it. We found out such things happening, and we don’t want people to suffer for nothing at all. There is a protocol.

Those who are not feeling cool breeze raise your hands. Raise your hands. Please.

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