A Great Change

Hampstead Friends Meeting House, Hampstead (England)

1981-07-16 Public Program A Great Chance London NITL HD, 46'
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Public Program. Hampstead, London (England), 16 July 1981.

From amoeba to this stage and today the time has come to become aware of Him, of His powers with your spirit flowing in. You have to become your spirit now at this juncture. You must first decide, and as soon as you become that you are going to give up caterpillar state. That has to be decided. So many have been realized, in this country and in so many other countries.

I wonder how many of them have understood that you are the flowers and how the flower has to be fragrant. Are you that fragrant towards others? Unless and until such a decision is been made, of course I must say the Grace of God is so great that despite everything people are getting their realization. Imagine the Arch Bishop of black magic, who must have heard thousands of people is also getting realization. Can you imagine! Tremendous things are happening I am amazed. How these things are working out, The Grace is working so quickly.

So many people are getting realization. But I don’t know really if it is going to give you the wisdom or not, but you should mature into the beauty of your realization. You are still the same, then what’s the use of getting realization if you don’t want to change. After all you wanted your realization, just because you wanted to change. And it is the change of transmutation so that some of you has to die so that the beauty comes up. And if that is not achieved, that we have not achieved, the goal of self realization. I feel that for all these years whatever I have seen is such a tremendous Grace flowing.

Thousands of people getting realization in Indian villages. It’s amazing, how things are working. It’s fantastic, I could not believe my own self, when I saw all these things happening, but it’s happening, believe Me it’s happening. First we had horrible skeptical people all right, they were questioning, doubting, this that, that subsided. But now this a new race of this egoistical people is coming up which has become so subtle that they also don’t realize that still that caterpillar is hanging on to them.

To grow in Sahaj Yoga you have to understand that the age has come. About this star, when I read I was surprised, that it appeared the time when I was born, really surprising, and it is a star that gives you this power of transmutation. So maybe through this star, the Grace is working it out that you can achieve the transmutation, your evolution, your breakthrough and become that beautiful being which can adorn the kingdom of God. May God Bless you.

Should we have a experience with the determination, all the Sahaj Yogis also must determine. That for anything on the world we are not going to hurt other people. Nothing is more important than human beings. What Christ has said that you turn your another cheek if somebody slaps you in the one, it is for the Sahaj Yogis. All these things, He has said for the Sahaj Yogis and not for other people. So we have to remember that we have to show others by our real transmutation and a quick one. It is so slow that the movement of the earth may be seen, but not, sometimes the movement of the Sahaj Yogis. It is that slow. The pace is so slow.

You haven’t got any place, you come down here, come here, there is a place here for you to sit down, come along, here there is place. Of course those who can sit on the ground, come sit down. Mark, come along come here. You can sit here. Mark, you come here, I mean in the door you see, they are coming in here and sitting, you better sit here, be comfortable. Hari you come this side. Where is Regis? Ask him also to come down, come along, come here. Regis, just come forward. Gavin, would you like to come, there is a lot of room. Its all right. Now anybody can give Gavin a seat because the lady won’t allow you to sit here. That’s cool.

I am sorry there is no chart, otherwise I would have explained to you how this works out within us, how God has made us absolutely ready for our evolution, how it works spontaneously, I am sorry for that but I hope next time we will be able to put the chart and I will be able to explain to you. In any case you should get from these people, there are charts and things to read and to understand, how we are made, so beautifully and delicately within ourselves and how we jump into a new awareness. It’s so simple, so spontaneous and so beautiful.

Will you please put your hands like this towards me, close your eyes, its cool breeze is coming, no window is open. It is all right so that’s from Me. Still on the…
It’s going to work out with everyone. Just the hands like this. Now again I would request you to say that, “I forgive everyone who might have hurt me.” Just say because even when I was saying this, most of you have been thinking about how people have hurt you and not about how I have hurt others.

Now just say that I forgive all those who have hurt me. Thrice. Now without feeling guilty, without feeling guilty, this is very important, thrice I say, because guilty, feeling guilty, feeling guilty is an escape just you have to say ask God, to forgive you if you have hurt others.

Sahaj Yoga works on the power of love and all angularities and all the thorns that make this force, weak, has to be discarded. Unless and until you have got this force flowing fully within you, you cannot achieve any heights in your evolution. So please ask for forgiveness, say thrice at least. If it is said about ten times it will be better but at least thrice. Sahaj Yogis should say 12 times, I think.

Now you ask for your Self Realization with humility, paying attention to your heart, ask for your realization. You are entitled to it. But humility is important because you are asking for something so great, that there should be some emptiness within you in which you receive it. If one is filled with vanity, nothing is going to help.

You should not feel guilty as I have said, or you can say thrice that,” I am not guilty”, its better not to feel guilty about anything. Don’t count all the so called guilts. Please don’t do that because after all you are made the temple of God.

You become first thoughtlessly aware. Means if you watch yourself there is no thought. Just watch within yourself there is no thought. You feel you have become blank and when the Kundalini pierces through your fontanel bone area, when you get your realization, then you feel the cool breeze in the hand. Long pause

How are you feeling? Good. Enjoy yourself. She’s got it already. How are you feeling? In the hand, a little cool breeze? All right …………………just watch me here, just watch me a little, without thinking, just watch me, put your hands straight, little bit straight like this, you see all these centers must be exposed, like this. Close your eyes, stretch your hands a little. You got it, cool breeze in your hands, have you? Very subtle. It is very subtle. Keep your eyes shut.

Start working out, it’s a happening. It has to. It’s good (Mother laughs). All those who have got cool breeze raise your hands. Yes great! It’s all right. You are feeling guilty is it? Or just say,” Mother I am not guilty”. That’s all. Just say that. What is there to feel guilty, you see? God is so great. He is ocean of forgiveness. What guilt can we have, what mistakes can we commit, we are nothing compared to Him, His love is so great. Better close your eyes. It will work out. Just say. ‘I am not guilty’. It helps many people if they say. Will you say that too, “I am not guilty.” It helps many people.

People next to you …what about you? Are you feeling hot? And what about you? And she’s got it. Are you feeling anything in the hand? How do you feel? This lady. No? Watch me. You have to forgive yourself completely. Now little bit close your eyes. Raise your Kundalini. Now, we didn’t have… watch me ……………………………. Don’t feel guilty, got it? Not yet.

Have you been to some spiritualist, some spiritualist? Horrible people, you know. They don’t know what they are playing with. They are playing with fire, they have no idea. Horrible, it is very dangerous. It works for seven generations if they try these tricks. You will be all right. Don’t you worry? Put your right hand on the heart and ask for forgiveness that you went to these spiritualists, it will work out, keep your eyes open. Left hand like that, left hand like that, right here.

She has got it, Shinwah? Hmm, what about you? Are your all right? Still! Somebody can go and see. These people now, you are all right? Good. Just here. Are you all right? Anna please work on this lady. Are you all right, are you feeling any cool breeze? Little bit, just put her right to the left. What’s the matter, put the right hand, it is all beautiful. She is enjoying. She is a born realized child. Rosy, how are you? You must always come and see me, all right, see me, I have so many children like you. Have you seen them? Have you seen all of them playing that side. Must go and talk to them. She is the only child you have? You came to me before also sometime? Yes last week. Yes I saw you, I remember. Is there some new person at the back? There is lady there. Where? Let her come. Jamal, have you brought that Pluto thing with you? I wanted Gavin to publish it, its interesting to see.

The caterpillars, all the caterpillars will have to go through metamorphosis, and how do you do that you know? You have to hang them by their legs and pull it out. Mother laughs. Try, will be good idea. Come for the first time? You’ve been before? Got your realization? Great, then come down, sit down. What’s your name? Kasturi sit down, sit down there. Are you an Indian? Is it? You all look so alike to me I don’t know.

From the name is a beautiful Kasturi you know. The meaning of the word is ah There is a deer in the Himalayas, which has got a navel, which has got an incense in it, the most precious incense is that kasturi, and the deer is not aware of the thing, that it is in the navel of mine and it gets the fragrance, it runs all over the places to find out where the fragrances is coming from, where is it coming from, and it is the navel. The same way we do run all over the places, it is in our heart, the spirit is there, the fragrant instead of seeing within ourselves we run all over. Yes, all right good raise it, raise her, raise her.

Good Malcolm, raise it, raise it, go on doing it, put it down and raise it. You see sympathetic, you put it down then you will work on, that’s it. Hmm, What about you, how do you find? We must meet one day quietly before I go to Brisk[I am not sure about this word] and discuss about this project because there is one Dr. Mutalique in WHO, who has admit to look into the thing, to see, how the things are. I don’t know how to experiment with this things and what to do so. Let us work it out. He is the Head of the WHO in India. I gave him realization in the plane and went back and some sahaj yogis met him. He is quiet is…[inaudible]………because he has got the reports,… …[inaudible]……….. He was quiet anxious to do research in this …[inaudible]………… but now I am here …[inaudible]…………We have to find out a way and a method to bring it on the experimental level so that we can talk to these intellectuals and these great scientists.