Talk to Sahaja Yogis

Warwick Road Ashram, Warwick (England)


Transcript of advice to Warwick Road Ashram 1981-07-21

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. Can you bring the baby to Me? I think the church is to [UNCLEAR]. 

So, now, also you have to baptise this one. All right? 

The child is baptised already because she is born-realised. But the problem is she has been baptised by these unauthorised people.  And so she has a problem in the Sahasrara. And the Sahasra is to be brought [UNCLEAR]. You all say the mantras.

Sahaja Yogis: Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali, Trigunatmika Kundalini Sakshat Shri Adishakti Mataji Sakshat Shri Bhagwati Sakshat Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah,

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Adishakti Sakshat Shri Bhagwati Sakshat Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah,

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Kalki Sakshat Shri Sahasrara Swamini Mokshapradayini Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Shri Mataji: They put all the bhoots into the children. Horrible people.

She is a realised soul. She should be good. All right. All right. All right.

[UNCLEAR/Shri Mataji is soothing the baby which is crying/giving instructions].

I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. There is no need for the child to cry. That means there is some trouble. Always. 

See the attack comes on this as soon as the child is born and [UNCLEAR/it] become active. There is an attack on the [UNCLEAR] and they really do not know. People are so vulnerable; you can’t help it?

[UNCLEAR for 10-15 seconds]. They don’t understand anything. It is a child. [UNCLEAR]. It has no “pada” (station). Especially the Agyna left and right is caught up so much. The child can suffer. And it happens. And she is a born realised. Imagine. Did she baptise the child?

[UNCLEAR response from Sahaja Yogini].

Shri Mataji: Thank God. Annie? What’s that, the box? Your [UNCLEAR]?

Sahaja Yogini: [UNCLEAR/People are wasting/using money. Wasting money?].

Shri Mataji: [UNCLEAR]. People [UNCLEAR] very fast. [UNCLEAR] some problem. In some way. 

Hello, come. Are you better now? Are you better.

You write it down. [UNCLEAR]. Those people who have been to Narakasura, the first problem is that their faces [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR/ those who have been to Narakasura’s house]. [UNCLEAR]. 

First of all, we must say the mantra of Narakasura that Twameva Sakshat Narakasuramardini, all right?

Now, this must be [UNCLEAR], you change your bath [UNCLEAR].

Left hand up. All right. Begin. 

Then you put your right hand on left Vishuddhi.

Now you must go on saying the mantra. Now say Twameva Sakshat Narakasuramardini. Now say that.

Sahaja Yogis: Om Twameva Sakshat Narakasuramardini Sakshat Shri Adishakti Sakshat Shri Bhagwati Sakshat Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Namo Namah.

Shri Mataji: Now this mantra should be said by those who have been practising TM or had anything to do with TM at any time, about at least twenty-one times.

Go on till you get to twenty-one times. Then you increase. This mantra is a siddha mantra. Siddha means that you get the power. One of the thousand powers of the Goddess. With that She killed Narakasura. So by that, all these things will disappear, all the [UNCLEAR/influences] of Narakasura. Start with twenty-one. 

Now all those who suffer from any guru problem in the Void. [Break]. It should be recorded, with all respect, “You are my guru”. With all respect. Say that. “Mother, Thou Art My Guru”. You can say it in English. Does not matter. But you see, with respect. And the Guru is a thing where no questioning. No question.


So put your right hand on the stomach and left hand like this. And go on say, moving right hand like this – “Mother you are my guru. Thou Art my Guru”.

[Sahaja Yogis repeat several times, “Mother, Thou Art my Guru”].

Shri Mataji: See all the vibrations. 

Now, emotionally you should feel that.  [UNCLEAR]. I am your guru speaking to you. 

I am the Mother of all the Gurus. So it is a double…See, understand, I mean, any other person who is supposed to be a great guru [UNCLEAR], this, that. But not the [UNCLEAR]. See Markandeya. Markandeya is one of them. He was a great guru. And a very great saint. 

[UNCLEAR for a few seconds]. See, this is all the projection, still [UNCLEAR]. Firstly, that you had a guru who is in complete [UNCLEAR] and complete integrity. Can you understand? That you are so perfect [UNCLEAR]. And this will start [UNCLEAR]. This is the first. 

And the second thing is that when you think that you are so fortunate, all the [UNCLEAR] will go away. “Oh, I am no good, this I have done, that”; forget it. Forget it, forget, forget, forget. When you are sitting in front of your guru, forget that I [UNCLEAR]. Because if your guru [UNCLEAR]. For that, it has [UNCLEAR]. So surrendering before your guru, [UNCLEAR/surrender].

All your conditioning. Everything is conditioning. Whatever you say, “Mother, if I have to die” – like that attitude drops off. And you will be amazed at how you will be the strongest person. That is how [UNCLEAR].

When you said, “Mother, you are my guru”, actually what you have to feel is you are your guru. Is that. [UNCLEAR/you should flower into that]. Because your Mother wants you to be your guru. That is [UNCLEAR/so sweet?]. But in the beginning, you have to say, “Mother, you are my guru”, because that helps you overpower your guru. But actually, you are becoming your guru, because you are already your own guru.

Because when you can feel, “Oh God, I am catching Agyna”. Who is telling? It is your own guru, in your stomach. Is telling, “You, Mister XYZ, better look after your Agyna because you are catching on that”. Like yesterday [UNCLEAR/Cooly] was [UNCLEAR] and he was catching on Heart. Started smiling and when I found [UNCLEAR/you better handle your heart] and it was piercing him. So whatever one does, is reflected back and you start correcting because you can’t bear it. Your body only teaches.

To improve yourself is easy. You have to, first of all, cleanse your Void, is it not? Ekadasha Rudra is only because of Void. If your Void is clear, then Ekadasha does not come. Ekadasha is a lack of understanding of how [UNCLEAR].

You know that cancer sets in. So be careful. How much you have been subservient to a false guru. And to overcome that, how much more you should be. Of the real being, isn’t it? Absolutely. Once you work it out that way, mentally understanding how much you should be in awe that you know God. [UNCLEAR/ Because I am with you there all the time]. I am very easily accessible for all practical purposes. I am a very, very, very loving Mother.

But don’t take liberties with Me. Never take this attitude because you cannot cope with it. Even if I am [UNCLEAR] this way, don’t take liberties in any way with Me. [UNCLEAR for several seconds/be serious]. But still, whenever it is possible you should think that [UNCLEAR/about surrender].  I have to [UNCLEAR/serve?/save] you. I am your Guru, I have to [UNCLEAR/serve?/save] you.

But whatever is possible, whenever is possible, some service to your guru, “seva”. Service is a horrible word, but seva. [UNCLEAR]. Even cleaning the [UNCLEAR], washing the home of your guru. Anything you see, of your guru, is precious and has to be [UNCLEAR]. Any such opportunity you get, jump into it, feel happy that you can be of some service. The reward is that you become [UNCLEAR]. On the material level I would say, this happens. 

On a spiritual level, your spirituality is raised. This is the foundation to be spiritual. See, the Mother Earth. The more you ingrain into Her, the better is the foundation. And the building. In the same way, the more you ingrain yourself into your Mother, all your [UNCLEAR/wishes?] can be fulfilled. Wishes fulfilled. But practice must be done every day. 

Every weekend or so, you must gather – to go out somewhere to the sea or the river – talk of Sahaja Yoga; nothing else. Sit in a group, try to cure yourselves and practice your gurudom there. See how you talk to others. How you behave. You see deception or in any way bossing – any such nonsensical thing is not going to help you. And a proper personality, proper understanding [UNCLEAR]. 

Very serious people can pull you down and very frightened people can also pull you down. So you have to be in the centre – be cheerful, confident, kind but still, dignified. Everything must have a relevance to a spiritual [UNCLEAR/level]. [UNCLEAR for some seconds]. Get rid of your guru problems. Let us see – the load is unbalanced. Now, most of you who suffer from guru are left-sided. Take it from it. 

Take Narakasura for example. For example. He was killed by the Goddess. So is the left-side. On the left side is the Devi. One thousand names of the Devi; try to remember at least seven to eight by heart. [UNCLEAR]. 108 [UNCLEAR]. Not sufficient. Say those names. Not like a mechanical thing but with understanding. 

Lemon and all these things will help. Try them out. The vacuum that is there can only be filled by spirituality. And that can only fill if you understand that you have to have tremendous faith in your guru. Tremendous faith. And complete [UNCLEAR/reverence/innocence?]. Then only it will work out. 

Now the other day I don’t know if you understood the mantras or not. But at least, twenty-five per cent, I should say fifty per cent were for your [UNCLEAR], what you sacrifice. Mostly the people sacrifice their intelligence, [UNCLEAR], most of them. What you sacrifice is the most important. What you should sacrifice are all material comforts and material things. You must learn to be spartan. 

And you will be amazed that Maharashtrians are the most spartan; most spartan. They will finish their bath quickly, they will go, arrange their routine, come out clean, they are really very speedy. In a room like that, ten people were living with one bathroom. So that is what one has to become – spartan. I mean, it is a very good way of making your body less [UNCLEAR/lazy]. 

Whatever you try with your body, only so many times tell your body. 

[Recording probably breaks and resumes].

Everyone has that depth. A proper way of talking to one another.  Like French style. Always complaining. Always sarcastic. French can talk to French; they are all one. One says one thing, another says another thing. It is not a good thing. For Sahaja Yogis. You should be pleasant and never, grumpy types, grumbling all the time, miserable people. Talking about your misery, “That is not good, this is not good”, or about the others also.

You see about [UNCLEAR/others], “Did he tell you this? Did he do this? This is not good, that is not good”. It is not a good style of life. You can never enjoy yourself and nobody can enjoy you. Do not complain about anything. Avoid all the complaints. I mean you see Me, “I have never complained of anything whatsoever”. Even if I find out there is anything wrong. 

In fact, I never complain. About puja, you did not have certain things yesterday, I said, “Don’t worry. You did not do this. All right”. Did I shout at you? Or complain? Or do something? But some people do it with a very [UNCLEAR]. But there is no complaint. 

Complaining nature is the worst thing which is given and I must tell you, the French also – their tongue. And English people, they are [UNCLEAR/obstinate]. Their [UNCLEAR/obstinacy?] makes the Indians too because they find some [UNCLEAR] lunatic effects. 

[UNCLEAR for forty seconds]. And the complaining, irritated temperament is the worst of all. Some people are so irritated that you don’t know how to talk to them. Impossible. If you are irritated, the best thing is to have a nice massage, you see. Take a nice massage of say, oil or something, [UNCLEAR]. There is also Vitamin B complex, for people who are irritated. Take Vitamin B complex, [UNCLEAR/you will feel all right]. Else you can have a steam bath. A steam bath is very good for irritated people, you see. It will soothe them. 

Using oil for the hair is also very good for the hair. Little oil should be there. You see, that also takes out irritation. Putting oil into the ear, I mean it is just like putting oil in your being. You oil your being – then the frictional irritation is less. 

This irritable nature also comes by ego-oriented temperament. That you are something special. “What am I?”, ask yourself some time. “What am I? What do I think of myself? What is so great about me?”.  People should think like this, “What was I before Sahaja Yoga? I was [UNCLEAR]? What was I? Nobody”.  God does not recognise.  Any one of them, be it a king or [UNCLEAR/pope], God is not going to recognise. He is only going to recognise the Sahaja Yogis, that is all.

You may be anything – God is not going to recognise. You walk in with anything – God is not going to do so. So in, [UNCLEAR] good points of [UNCLEAR]. For example, I was to say [UNCLEAR]. Now take their good points. Not their bad points. Now what are the good points of French, let us see. French have one good point, very good point. That whatever they do, they do it properly. They try. Even if they have to arrange some puja or [UNCLEAR], they are not haphazard. That is the good thing about them. They are not haphazard. They systematically work it out and they do it properly.

But English can be haphazard. Can be haphazard. When they do something, can be haphazard. So you have to learn from them not to be haphazard. But French should not think any end of themselves because they are not haphazard. So what they should think is that what defects we have got and what good things others have got. If you start seeing good in others and bad in yourself I tell you; you will become [UNCLEAR]. To begin with. This is for ego-oriented people. 

Good in others and bad in yourself. Because by seeing bad in yourself you can correct – can you correct the bad in others? I mean, take, let us just take an absolutely practical example. Supposing I see another house is dirty. What is the use of My seeing the other house is dirty? My house is dirty; I better clean it. I have all the right on My house and I can do of My house. I cannot do up the other house. So what is the use of seeing the bad of others?  If I see in My house [UNCLEAR/what is dirty] and if I can see the good of others, I can bring that in My house. It is as simple as that; it is practical also.

To see the good of others and bad to yourself. If you can bend yourself and without getting jealous of others – without those two things, if you can work it out on those lines, it will help you a lot. 

And for the English, I would say that they are good at admitting their faults. Very good at admitting their faults. That is something about the English. But that also sometimes can works as a [UNCLEAR/guilt] – “All right, I am sorry”. Murder somebody and say, “I am sorry”. Does not work out, you see.  “All right. I murdered him. So I am sorry”.  But other things [UNCLEAR] come round and so what? You better come to the court. 

So just by saying sorry you can’t get out of it. But they will admit their faults. That is one thing good about them, they admit. But they must [UNCLEAR/correct] also. If you admit your faults and you do not correct, you continue with it because it is a very good sort of [UNCLEAR/freedom?] – go on saying, “All right, I did this, I did this” without [UNCLEAR], “I am sorry for this”. 

But you should be the judge of yourself. And punish yourself.  Like, if you have been harsh to someone or said something bad, or in some toxic way you have behaved – then do not eat your food. I tell you, that is the best punishment. For two days. Just be on water. For two days; then see what happens. You will behave yourself, I tell you. Just punish yourself. 

If your eyes are still hovering, [UNCLEAR/blindly], close your eyes and walk like a blind man. On the road also. [UNCLEAR]. Close your eyes. Just don’t see anything. For two days you are not allowed to see anything. Sit before the television with closed eyes. Your eyes will be cured.

Punishment. Because you are the judge and you are the punisher. Judge yourself and punish yourself. Say that, “[UNCLEAR], this is what you have done. Now let us take punishment”. And then start punching yourself. And you will be amazed, this body becomes absolutely first-class.

You know, that somebody is sitting in front of you, somebody watches – you cannot cheat that person. We say that [UNCLEAR], somebody who is the knower of the king. And once you start judging yourself, you become the Spirit. Your attention becomes the Spirit. You become detached. You start saying, “Oh this Nirmala is [UNCLEAR/ this”. You start talking in the third person. I mean I, many a time, do that. This Adishakti does that. [UNCLEAR]. 

Even if I am tired, I am very tired, This Body says that “I am tired” – I say, “[UNCLEAR/Listen], this Adishakti won’t listen. She will go. Whether you like it or not”. So poor Body has to assemble itself and all that. So Adishakti is the ruling Deity of This Body, so This Body has to accept whatever the Adishakti says.

So establish your Spirit because you are the Spirit. And you should say, “Oh this Spirit is not going to listen, better listen to it because it is a dominating Spirit”. Whatever it is. And then the body reacts – you get energy, you get [UNCLEAR], you benefit. All your identification finishes once and for all. Misidentification. So this one has to achieve and understand. And that is how gurudom and all [UNCLEAR] will get rid of you. 

All the mantras of the left side are very good for the people who have got problems of the left side. 

You can start it off from the left side, as you know, the first one is “Shri Nirmala Vidya”. 

The sign of the left side is the person who suffers from the left side – when I am talking he will go off to sleep. If you feel sleepy when I am talking, know that you are suffering from the left side. All right. At that time, what you have to do is to say; first is “Nirmala Vidya”. By Nirmala Vidya you [UNCLEAR]. 

Because once you finish off with Nirmala Vidya, the basis of all this left side comes upon [UNCLEAR/Nirmala Devi]. 

Then you turn to right. Now, for right, you have to awaken yourself to raise your right side. 

Now, for raising the right side, start with the Mahasaraswati – prana shakti. Then, you have got Hanumana. Then Rama. Then, on the right-hand side [UNCLEAR]. Like that, you can go on taking the names of all the chakras. Actually [UNCLEAR]. Ultimately, you can say, after coming to [UNCLEAR], Mataji. 

So for the right side, when you have to go to the right side – then you start all the right-sided things. Brahmadeva. Brahmadeva is prana shakti. Vedas, Gayatri, Savitri, these are all right-sided things. All these you say, your sleep will go away and you will become Surya. This is Surya. This is Surya Nadi. Surya is the Nadi. Surya is Saraswati. Prana shakti. All these are right-sided. And Panchmahabhuta. Is the five elements. 

All these things are on the right-hand side. If you can evoke the right side, then your left side can become very [UNCLEAR]. You need more of the right side. If you are suffering from the left side, you can start from the left side, the basis and Swadishthana chakra. Or Ganesha, Mooladhara chakra and Swadishthana. And then it shifts all to the right and put the right to the left. All right? Correct? Did you follow this point? If you are suffering from the left side. If you are very sleepy type – in your sleep you get tired.

Now, right-sided people who have right-sided thing should start the other way round. Right-sided people should start the other way that they first say the right-sided basic thing that [UNCLEAR/catches].  Now can you tell Me which is the basis for the right side? Tell Me. Please tell Me.

Sahaja Yogi: Swadishthana.

Shri Mataji: For the right-sided people. You see, what [UNCLEAR] is less, if you are a right-sided person? [UNCLEAR]. Basic?

Sahaja Yogi: Swadishthana.

Shri Mataji: Na. See, the first affectation is here, if you are a right-sided person. Where is the first affectation?

Sahaja Yogini: Swadishthana.

Shri Mataji: Na.

Sahaja Yogini: No?

Shri Mataji: Affectation. Which portion is affected the most by right-sided people? 

Sahaja Yogini: Ego?

Shri Mataji: You see, at the left side is Ganesha, at the right is Kartikeya. But deeper than that, his real affectation starts on the Heart chakra. 

Before anything was created, it was God Almighty. The Spirit. Isn’t it? Even before Ganesha came into being. [UNCLEAR]. So first of all God, that He exists. That is there in our heart. That “I am the Spirit”. For a right-sided person, that “I am the Spirit”. That He is God Almighty. And “I am just His reflection. And let Him bless me. And I have to surrender to Him”. All that.

Ask Him for [UNCLEAR] at that time. At the Heart. You have to awaken your heart if you have a right-sided problem because the heart is like that. If you are right-sided. So affectation is really to the Heart and not so much to your Swadishthana if you are right-sided. Swadishthana is the cause. But the affected portion is the heart. 

So try to develop your heart. Try to make your heart more giving, more forgiving, more serene than [UNCLEAR]. Heart. It is very difficult. I tell you, left-sided people are very easy to control than the right-sided. Left-sided people are in a problem, they will themselves [UNCLEAR/feel the ache, the pain], the trouble and [UNCLEAR]. But the right-sided people are very harsh to others. They can be very aggressive or even hot-tempered, but they never see that they are.

So the heart must be opened out.  You should be affectionate, you should be compassionate, you should be kind. So the heart must be absolutely beautiful. [UNCLEAR]. Subtle. For the right-sided people. And the right-sided people always dominate and the left-sided people receive that. Sometimes they give also, complaining and all that. 

But open your heart. Open your heart. Not just talking of heart but really, really something of the heart. Just do it. Love. That is the only way right-sided people can work it out. [UNCLEAR] just how harsh you have been to others. 

If you understand the whole and you understand that you are part and parcel of the whole, then it is easy to understand how you are against the whole. 

The other day I was talking to a gentleman, an MP – about immigration we were talking. And he said that if you count the people who have immigrated from this country – and he said those who have gone to Eurasia, fifty million. The whole of Australia, North America, South America everywhere – see how the English have gone. It comes out to exactly eighty million people. 

They have been immigrating since long, you see. And not immigrating; they have been rulers. They wiped out people completely. You cannot get one Chilean for medicine in South America. I have seen for Myself. You can’t get one real Argentinian. I mean, they are Spanish only. Everywhere.

He said that only from England, eight million people have emigrated outside. If they all have to come back, [UNCLEAR/we could tell them] what you have done to other people. You have killed them, finished them. [UNCLEAR/greed/selfish?]. Then they [UNCLEAR]. Naturally. 

Then you don’t talk of immigration. I mean, what are you doing? You have allowed some people to immigrate. They are not rulers. They are not viceroys. You keep them at the substandard level.  I mean, it is cruelty. Absolute cruelty. I mean, I don’t know what to call – not only cruelty to these people but also a kind of a high-handed attitude that “we can emigrate everywhere we feel like but nobody can dare come into our…