Chelsham Road Ashram, London (England)

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Marriages – Chelsham Road Ashram, London (United Kingdom), September 8th, 1981

(INAUDIBLE) Hopefully Gregore?!

G:”Yes Mother”, you better announce (INAUDIBLE)

G: Yes,

G: “The brides come in to wash the boys, and every body who is not…” Stand the brides, stand facing. G:”Each bride, if she can recognize her future husband…(INAUDIBLE) please try to make no mistake…

Please move in, move in the circle, all the brides… All right? And now, just place them, and now, you see and now say that, `Would you like to marry them?’ Everybody should say, `Yes’, come along. Rub it here in a way that you can collect it. G:”Rub it in such a way that you can collect it to keep it afterwards.”

Oh Ruth, this dress is going inside that. Don’t put it out with fingers. No no, not that. See, it is not that in India. Now anybody who does not want to have marriage after this can decide then. That’s the chance. You could have brought the children. I think we should have two, two rows. can’t just fit there. Can we have two rows of boys? Can you take their photograph? It is called as`Jaimaal’ (garland). Alright, now the second one. Lift her, lift her veil. You have to lift her veil! Now lift her veil, not that, that’s alright. You put it back and lift her veil, no, let it be in (INAUDIBLE), Let it be. Good, very good. Now, which is (INAUDINBLE) Good. Now kiss her. Now those who are married should go at the back. I mean those who have been garlanded. Garland, garland, go,go. You go for a new honeymoon now. They are really surrendered, both of them. In a second they accept. So well surrendered both of them, in a second. See now, surrenderence is the only way you get your vibrations. You see the, I think the girls have to sit in front first and then the boys. I think this you can move down to another end. May God bless you.


Come along. (INAUDIBLE) I don’t know where you put (INAUDIBLE) Alright, alright, bring her here. All right, you see this thing Put your hands under My feet. Both the hands. Now through you America should be awakened. Sit down Don’t cry! Don’t cry or weep, alright? You’re alright. It’s alright, very good. May God bless you all! Beautiful. Happy? Very good. Excellent. May God bless you. Very good. Everybody clearing out so much. Now say Ganesha mantra. Now one by one you can wash My feet with the same water. Just put your hands in this and wash My feet, one by one. Good now? Are you all right? Not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty, not to feel guilty. Keep on saying:`I am not guilty’. Good. Done. Now see? Good now? (INAUDIBLE) May God bless you!


Come along. Look up. Good? Good,good! First the boy has to put the ring to the hand of the girl. (INAUDIBLE) Now this is the right side what we call is the material side of love. Purify. And for that, fire is, as we always use fire and you know Deepa (oil Lamp) and all that we use it in the same way it is going to be purified. Use this fire and the water as we use as you know that, to use water also, and the flowers. They represent the fragrance of these. Flowers are the highest (INAUDIBLE) In the same way you are the highest, those who are realized. What he is saying, that this is to be purified then the matter should be purified because married life is the epitome of materialism. If you cannot have a good married life, all your materials have no meaning. No, zero! That’s why your material side is to be purified, sanctified, is auspicious. And that’s why we are trying to purify the elements, elements which have created our chakras, and you know that. So elements must be purified, and they have to be worshiped and to be in such a way that all the deities which are of these elements, can be also awakend. Alright? So this is the purification of these elements, within us and without. Both things. (INAUDIBLE) Vedas did that. How it is related to Sahaja Yoga you can see clearly. This is the bride’s place. You have to keep it in such a way that you should take it thrice. (INAUDIBLE) Take it in three gulps, take it. What you have to do, it should not be forgotten. (INAUDIBLE) And not feel bitter at any point. Just try to be sweet. In the beginning especially when you… And don’t go on demanding. Sometimes we feel we have a wife or a husband who is a office of demand. It’s not giving. Alright? Must learn to give and give and give, all the time. Enjoy the giving part. Now , where is the knife? Can we get the knife? Sixteen is a very auspicious number, you know. Sixteen plexuses. Is for the Virata, for the collective. Now I hope, collectively all of you who are married today, will try to make your married life extremely successful and an example for others. Try to be sweet, nice people. Be kind. Actually you should enjoy. That’s the thing you do not know. Must learn to enjoy. Everybody is looking so beautiful, only thing, you must learn to enjoy. And put your ego on one side first of all. All the egos and the things that stop your enjoyment, absolutely. It’s the ego that stops your enjoyment. Finish it off. Tell him not to come in between because he will just spoil everything. He tells you, “Don’t do this, otherwise you see she should take advantage of you. or she, if she is (INAUDINBLE), she’ll take advantage.” No reservations in marriage between husband and wife, no secrets, nothing. Just be kind. And you should not say something that is not to be said, for example one of the keys(?) aspects, about your past life never talk. Forget it, it’s over now. That’s something very wrong, talk of the past life and to be very confessing, There’s no need. Talk of something nice: What you are going to do, what you are going to achieve and what you are going to have. And enjoy. Not of your past life, over, forget it. Alright? Be kind to each other. Be nice to each other. Enjoy is the point. Those who enjoy the most their married life are nearest to my heart. But they should be in Sahaja Yoga. Those who enjoy married life without Sahaja Yoga are stupid. Alright, so here I have to (INAUDIBLE) All of you (..?) down here, alright?

May God bless you all.

May God bless you all.