Seeking the Light

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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“Seeking the Light,” Caxton Hall, London (UK), 17 August 1981.

I must thank Warren for such a nice speech that he has given and all the Australians the way they have taken to Sahaj Yoga. They are all westernised in every sense of the word but there’s something about them where I feel that they are very quick at knowing the truth. I don’t know how. They are not that adamant against the truth. This opening somehow I found.

Seeking is everywhere very strong I feel: America, England, Europe. Everywhere the seeking is very strong no doubt, so there are seekers. Of course there is also a fashion of seeking apart from that. There are real seekers, no doubt about it. And as he said that ego-orientation is one of the characters in the West. That also, one would say, that it is more now in the developing countries because they are supposed to be developing. But the way these people have a special capacity to see the truth, to see the truth, is a very big thing. Even if you are a developing country or a developed country, if you cannot perceive the truth, you cannot assimilate it. That perception somehow, most surprisingly, I found in Australia: most surprising.

Now for example in England I worked very hard, no doubt, for years together. People are hard nuts, you can say; and once they are cracked they are wonderful scholars. They know how to completely sort it out with their brains, everything is there. But there are very few people who do that.

At the time of Christ, you can see, how many could recognise Him? Not even one, not even one, believe me. Except for John the Baptist, of course he was a realised-soul. So, I mean he should not be in the question. The rest of them were just sticking on to Him somehow, as He said, “They had to stick on to me for some time.” And till He got His resurrection, they could not see the truth at all. To perceive it itself is a very big blessing I think. And I do not know why people cannot perceive it because I cannot go to the other side and see myself what the problem is?

For example in this country or in the West, on the whole, the false people have come. They have minted money. They have palaces and they have huge big aircrafts and they have a retinue of things and immense wealth they have collected out of the people who are supposed to be westernised. But Sahaj Yoga, you will be amazed [that] even to crack a journalist is a headache for me. A journalist doesn’t have time for me at all. It’s impossible to go and talk to any newspaper person, leave alone any television or anything like that. Radio is an impossibility here. Can you imagine! With all these facilities God has given you, for spreading the message fast for the wider world. But it is impossible: you can’t talk to them. But let some fake person come in: he’s there; he’s on the television, he’s on the radio. Pope will come and see him. Your Archbishop of Canterbury will go and touch his feet. And he’s a fake, absolute fake! Why? The only thing is that we are very money oriented. They come out with their money. They provide lot of money for publication. They take money and they use it. 

I mean if Christ was to be here, I tell you, He would have no place. Even a mic (microphone) would have been difficult for Him, being a carpenter’s son.

Sometimes I find it an impossible situation to tell them that after all how are you impressed by these people who are taking such a lot of money out of you in the name of God? 

One has to think about it, that it is so money oriented that any man who comes with money impresses people. Amazing in the country which is so affluent! They are suffering from affluence, that’s their disease. And there they are impressed by people who are using money as a purpose of propaganda of God Almighty. Imagine the absurdity! I don’t know what happens to their brains?

This time I went to Edinburgh and people told me that most of the young people are disciples of a person who will not even be liked by the servants of India, take it from me. Even our servants will take money to go to him. He doesn’t know good English, even up to that point you can say. He doesn’t know anything, how to talk to people. He says he’s fourteen year old which he’s not. He’s married an eight-year-old girl. I mean all kinds of things! He asked for Rolls Royces: he has fifty-eight, he wanted a fifty-ninth so they starved themselves and collected money and gave him the fifty-ninth. You the English have done it, take it from me. Can you believe this stupidity? They have starved themselves and have done it. 

They are seekers, seekers of what? Of giving Rolls Royce to this man? I mean I just can’t understand: how can it go to that stupid level? But that’s what I feel that, in Australia people have not accepted anyone like that there. They have not accepted. They are still you see, they did this, they did that, He did everything, Warren, Mahikari, this, that; he did everything that is possible under the sun. They know all the gurus, all the gurus have gone to Australia and they didn’t accept anyone; that’s the main point. All the time they are shaky like this and as soon as they saw the truth they jumped on to it. 

We have to understand that Spirit cannot be related to money by any chance. It has nothing to do [with money]. Christ was a son of a carpenter. Just think of that. He, the owner of all the properties of the world, was born as a poor man. And how can you relate this to money, I just fail to understand. And this little truth Australians knew. And I wish the English, the Americans and the Europeans [would] take out their attention from money and the comfort so called that money gives you; [because then] I am sure, I am sure this country will rise. It has to rise. It has to rise. Unless and until England rises, the world cannot rise. This is a definite thing. Absolutely it is as definite as anything. England has to rise first because it is the heart of the Universe. And the English Sahaj Yogis have to also awaken to their responsibilities, which is very important. 

I will give all my blood, all my energies, all that is possible under the sun to awaken this country to its responsibility as a Spiritual nature, as the Spiritual being, as the Spiritual heart, as the donor of blood, all over. 

And this is what saddens me to see how people are drowning themselves into some sort of an illusion and are not being able to see the truth.

Now as he has told you, that Sahaj Yoga is fantastic, no doubt about it; because you are fantastic yourself! You are the Spirit; you are the Spirit. You have to just become the Spirit is the point. 

Once you become the Spirit you are dynamic; not [only] dynamic but you are the master of everything, you can control things, you can enjoy everything, you become blissful. You can do such a lot because you are the Spirit and you have become the Spirit. It is as simple as that. 

God Almighty has placed this power within us at the triangular bone, it exits there. It has to just rise and give you a real baptism by which you feel your Spirit [for the] first time where it flows like cool breeze in the hand; as simple as that.

Now this happening is a very, very strong happening. For some people it’s a very strong happening, first day; because you are seekers. You are seekers. Believe me you are seekers of thousands of years, born in this country to get what you have been seeking. But what do we expect?

I wish he had not mentioned you the word puja because it can again give you the thing that it is sort of some one-person business. It’s not that. Warren says puja because all these centres have got Deities. Especially this centre is the centre of Christ. You have to make these Deities within you happy and awaken them. And that awakening must take place, you must understand, where these Deities exist. 

And these Deities are nothing but are incarnations of God’s aspect. Like you can say Christ incarnated, who is placed at this point where the optic chiasma is, between the pituitary and pineal body. And when Christ is awakened, when He gets into action within you, then your two things that are shown there — the blue and the yellow, the blue is the superego and yellow is the ego — are sucked in. Means all your karmas, all your doings, your ego and superego are sucked in. That means He has crucified Himself in such a way that He has made within us a passage. When He’s awakened, He sucks that and all our sins — sins are nothing but conditionings and other things that we have got within us. Everything is sucked in. When it is sucked in, then only the Kundalini can rise above that.

Now Sahaj Yogis know that Christ is one of the aspects, is the son aspect of God. And there are aspects where He’s a creator, where He’s a sustainer, where He’s a Master and where He is the Witness. 

All these things, people never gave chance to Him to speak. Now I have been speaking for seven years in this country. But for four years I could have hardly spoken even twice or thrice, because I was struggling with six of them. So we can imagine. You gave Him only three years — or at the most four years — to speak about these things; and how many things He has spoken and how many of these people who were supposed to be his disciples have written down, God alone knows. And whatever they have communicated is so limited that it has created problems for you. But, every sentence, every word that He has spoken is so deep and you can only understand it when you get your Realisation.

When there is no light what’s the use of telling you there are these pictures; there are flowers there and this picture there, and this is the colour of the paper that is put on these walls? What’s the use? There is no light to see. And when you get the light, I don’t have to tell you. As He (Warren) said, “The knowledge starts trickling within you, automatically.” 

You are that Spirit and unless and until that Spirit is manifested what else are you seeking?

A guru says, “I do this thing, I do that thing.” All right so what? What about us? What have got from this gentleman? What has he given us? You must find out — his disciples are there. For example they went to Ganeshpuri, and there everybody was jumping: ‘Ha, ha, ha, hu, hu,’ taking out clothes and I don’t know [what]. And then taking all kinds of drugs and this and that.

For jumping you don’t pay, you can jump without paying! And [for] drugs also they had to pay. Even without payment he could not produce any drugs. So one should understand that this kind of a nonsense and tomfoolery is mockery of yourself! It’s just mockery. 

You are that dignified, magnificent thing, which is the Spirit. And you are befooled by these people. You should see this much at least: that anyone who has given any powers to another person should be accepted, isn’t it?

I mean supposing somebody says that a particular thing is very good, say this kind of a lamp is very good. Then you see at least how it works? If the one who says, “You see the lamp.” You must at least see the disciples of these gurus and then decide. This is very much lacking. Like sheep they follow and they fall into horrible ditches — doesn’t matter as far as God is concerned He’s bent upon saving His Creation. He’s bent upon it: He will do it whatever you may try to destroy. You try your level best to destroy yourself and destroy the world that He has created. But He is all-powerful. He is all forgiving. He is all compassion. He is going to save you whatever you may try! Try your level best! But for a change why not try to save yourself and save others? This is what one has to see.

Now when listening to me also, you should doubt; because you are in free condition. You are not mesmerised by me. If I was a real mesmeriser you could not have asked me any questions. You all would have fallen straight at my feet. There would have been no questioning at all because there are thousands who are doing that stupidly. But you are free. You are free to doubt, no doubt. But doubting what? One has to think, “What are we doubting?” As he said, “I am the most expensive person.” It makes me laugh, because you cannot pay for it. It’s so expensive that all your banks drained out cannot pay for it. All your wealth that you have here so-called wealth that you have accumulated cannot purchase it. It’s so expensive. It is invaluable. It’s the richest thing in the world, that cannot be purchased by any riches. It is, no doubt. But it’s not exclusive. It’s meant for everyone. The doors are open now for everyone. Now don’t you worry. 

Don’t count your sins and your guilts and this and that. Forget that! It’s the Grace that itself is anxious, as I told you; and you all ought to get your Realisation and should grow into it. 

You will enjoy the complete bliss of your being which is so beautiful. Like a diamond it is sparkling. Only thing, you have to just unveil it. And that is not difficult for you, not at all difficult.

Now the things that he has told about the physical side, that’s the minimum that should happen to you. That’s the minimum of minimum that should happen to anyone who comes to Sahaj Yog. Because if you are the temple of God then it has to be cleansed before God is established within you. Before the Deity is sparkled in you, it has to be cleansed. So the cleansing takes place automatically you don’t have to worry about that; that’s automatic. Even a thing like cancer can be cured in no time. And cancer can only be cured by Sahaj Yog, by nothing else, take it from me. It cannot be cured. It may be that you may lose your throat, sometimes nose, sometimes ears, and you may continue with the doctors. But [here], with cancer, you live in one body and get cured. And there are some cancer patients here, sitting down. They perhaps do not know and some of them know also, and have been completely cured by Sahaj Yog. The reason is that your body is just ready, is waiting for that moment when you get the light. 

As soon as you get the light immediately you know where is the problem and you start correcting it. Once you start correcting it…it’s not you, but this power corrects it. Imagine this [electric] light not only enlightens the room but also corrects it. Think of such a thing that is God’s love: that it loves you, it coordinates everything, it makes you cooperate and it blesses you with the highest.

This All-pervading Power has been described in the scriptures. Everybody said, “There is All-pervading Power.” Now you might say, “Where is it? We can’t see. How are we to believe?” Now as I always give an example of a television, which I saw first time when it came to India. That in a village people were told that there is an ether around us and there are lots of dramas and music and plays going on. They said, “How can we believe it?” So they just put the television to the mains and it started working, fantastically. And they were amazed and they had to believe that it’s coming — there’s no other connection [that] is coming — through this. That’s what it is. 

You are an instrument, exquisitely made, beautifully, delicately constructed, just for this happening. 

Of course you have ruined it; so many have ruined it no doubt; you have tried in your childishness. Doesn’t matter; makes no difference. You will get your Realisation. You should have no worry on that point. That’s my worry. Once you get your Realisation then you can give Realisation to others.

Now about the lady that he told who got well and was very sick. I must tell you that first of all she was very, very sick and she was about to die. I was not there at that time. Actually these people were there. Warren didn’t want to say, out of humility I think. These people went there and put my photograph there and gave her vibrations. And she came to consciousness and they were surprised. The one, who was going to die, has been declared, ‘going to die very soon,’ came to consciousness. And they then thought there’s something great about it. Then they came away. Still the doctors couldn’t believe it. And the relations also said, “How can that be? What is it?” She again went into coma, when I was there. But a gentleman, who was related to her, was connected with newspapers. Somehow it worked out and he published a lot that we have proof to believe that Sahaj Yoga can cure people. And that’s how it started and that’s how it worked out. But the first thing was done by Warren and company, not by Mataji.

So they themselves had the powers to cure, to give Realisation, to do all that I can do; and that’s what it is: that once you are enlightened you should manifest your own powers. Otherwise the rest of the thing is nothing but a joke. You jump or you stand on your heads: that you can always do what is so great about it? If it is some God’s grace has to come upon you then you must manifest something special; not only curing but raising of the Kundalini.

Now this triangular bone is called as ‘sacrum’, meaning sacred bone. That means these people, who have given the name to it, long time back, must have known that this is a sacred bone, otherwise why did they call it ‘sacrum’? But I think that knowledge was lost in Latin, in no way must have been, and the knowledge was lost and that’s how they do not know, they just call it a sacrum. 

Now you can see, with your naked eyes, the pulsation of the Kundalini and rising. You can feel the pulsation on your head when it comes there and afterwards you find, completely, it has become quiet. As soon as it becomes quiet, you start feeling in the hands. Of course this [Vishuddhi] centre should be all right. If this centre is not all right you don’t feel in the hands but you feel on the head. This centre is to be corrected then, then you can feel in your hands.

Now this you can do yourself when you are realised. It’s not only me, you can do it also. In Australia, if there are two thousand people who have got Realisation, I could have given only to about five hundred, the rest are done by these people only. You people can give Realisation. But [the] difference in Australia and here is that if an English Sahaj Yogi tries to talk to someone about Sahaj Yoga, the person says, “You are not supposed to discuss religion!” I mean that’s an etiquette, it is supposed to be! You can’t discuss religion. You can’t discuss God. So they run away. [It’s] hard to get even two people in, to talk about Sahaj Yog. This is the problem, otherwise all of them are capable of giving Realisation.

Now Douglas who is sitting here talked to David Prole and knew that he was doing TM and he told him off. And here talking to him, David Prole feeling heated up, absolutely boiling, and he was perspiring! It’s a fact. And when he came to the thing, now he’s got Realisation, he is giving Realisation to people; when he got cured. I mean you don’t need much brains for that, you don’t need any accessories of the world which are regarded as very practical. I would say that Douglas at that time was one of the most impractical people: he had taken drugs and he had taken all these things; and there are many who were like this: some were, some had come from lunatic asylum and they started giving Realisation!

The other day in Norwich there were three persons sitting in [the] front row and were all shaking up before me. I said, “Now from where these have come?” I asked them from where they had come: they said, “We have come from lunatic asylum and we are certified mad people!” I said, “You are certified and you are here? How are you here? I mean if you are certified mad you are not supposed to be here!” They said, “One person came to my program and got well. So the authorities have sent us here for getting well, so we are here!” (Laughter) And I won’t be surprised that these three may start a Sahaj Yoga centre in Norwich, very soon. But I said, “You better return the certificates to them!”

It is such a great thing: you can imagine certified mad people getting Realisation and starting a Sahaj Yoga centre!

There are people who were cancer patients, who got Realisation and have started a Sahaj Yoga centre. So you can imagine how tremendous are the powers of God and how carefully He has made us to be that Spirit. We have no idea; we have no esteem about ourselves. We do not know what [a] great thing we are and what we have to achieve and what we have to enjoy.

Actually He’s such a gracious Father, He’s so generous and He’s so loving that He wants to share His joy with you. He wants you to enter into the kingdom of God and to enjoy that bliss, that happiness, that freedom which has been promised to you in all the scriptures. It’s as simple as that. 

It is so simple that I don’t know how I have given four-hundred lectures about such a simple thing like Self-realisation! And they say they are all wonderful and one is better than the other. But today’s lecture has been a more of an introduction because according to them there are many new people today. 

Whatever it is, I would like to allow you to ask me some questions. And everybody should admit that new people should ask questions and Sahaj Yogis should not feel upset about it. Because sometimes you know the questions can be very aggressive and they get upset. But there should be nothing to worry about it. It’s all right your Mother knows how to handle everything. So nothing to be upset about it because they have already passed strictures saying that, “No questions will be allowed to ask to Mother!” See if I am a Mother and if I have patience, if I have love, then you should not worry. You should not worry about it at all. I have to manage all of them. Sometimes in the beginning everybody is like that.

Just now Warren has told you how he was, because he was made to sleep on the cement — I mean he was not made but he slipped out you see — and next day he was down with very great agitation and he was going back to Australia. But I caught hold of his shirt, I said, “Can you wait for sometime let’s see it might work out.” So it is like that. 

It’s a very sweet thing you know. And I know that children have a right to get angry with Mother. But not too much of it, because after all you are here for a purpose and that purpose must be fulfilled. That’s why I am here.

May God bless you all.

Now, I would like to have really some questions because sometimes these questions also help a lot for me to understand what the problem is. 

Can I have some questions please?

Yes, please.

Seeker: [Not Audible]

Shri Mataji: Yes, Yes, what Warren has told you is a caution. But I know so many people who have got Realisation without any return, they just got it and said, “I have got it [now].” I know so many people who have got it. Warren has given you a thing of caution because he has seen some people that they drop out because Kundalini comes down and they find [it] a little frustrating. But I have all the patience and you should have patience. But I haven’t met anybody who has been with us who doesn’t feel it. 

You may not feel the vibrations but Realisation is there, because when you put your hand on your head you definitely get the cool breeze coming out and you give Realisations to others, that’s the proof of it.

There’s someone who is always caught up on all the fingers, he feels the tingling all the time, but he gives Realisation to so many people. He has given himself [though] he’s caught up. It’s something like this, you can say: even if it’s the fifth hand car it moves, once started. You go on repairing it, but it moves, no doubt. It moves. So nothing to be upset about it.

Man: When did you start (unclear)?

Shri Mataji: When do we? Right now? Me? I don’t know how many thousand years! (Laughter) I was born with this. 

Man: That’s not an answer to the question that I’m asking.

Shri Mataji: Yes, very much, very much, very much; very much realised. I was born as a real great, great-Grandmother, I tell you. I knew everything about it, from my very childhood. I was very conscious; over alert.

Lady: We are always told to beware of the Kundalini.

Shri Mataji: Beware? Yes beware. Beware, beware, yes it’s true. Yes, it’s correct, correct that’s true. 

Lady: Secondly about this because I read about you in The Observer.

Shri Mataji: Yes I must tell you about that. You see the people who have written about Kundalini. I started knowing about them that there are people who have written about Kundalini. And I was amazed because they are absolutely ignorant, not only ignorant but stupid people! I don’t know from where did they get this knowledge because people do not know about this, they started printing it. Perhaps anything you can print isn’t it?

I have seen such a big book where the fellow doesn’t know where the Kundalini is! He says it is in the stomach, then he says it is in the back. He doesn’t know anything. 

Now the trouble is this knowledge was a very secret knowledge, thousands of years back. And it started descending, this knowledge, to people very slowly. Like on a tree there’s only one flower or two flowers in the beginning.

Actually Christ talked about it quite a lot. And other people like Moses and all these people have talked about it. But the ones, who wrote, never got anything, there, perhaps, so they wrote it in a very mystical way like, “I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames,” or “The tree of fire,” and all that; indicative of all that. 

But it so happened that in the sixth century somebody in India called as Adi Shankaracharya — He was actually Buddha reborn — He started talking about it. Self-realisation, of course Buddha talked about it. Then He started telling about these [chakras]; all these nadis and everything He described.

But there is a poet in India whose name is Markandeya who has written about this. They say he was living in India about ten-thousand years back, this poet, about that time. So this knowledge was known to people but was not put down on the paper, was not circulated, was not for en-masse.

Now these people who are writing about it have no knowledge, have no authority and they have tried these tricks. Actually this is the holiest of holy, the sanctum sanctorum within you. And a person who himself is authorised by God can only do it. Authorised by God, not by any theological college or all these things. It cannot be. It’s God [who] should authorise: like Christ, like John the Baptist, like Moses, like that somebody authorised by God can only do it.

So these people tried the tricks, which are unauthorised, and they got the [bad] results because there’s a Deity sitting in the last chakra called as Mooladhara Chakra, which is the root, the support of the root; that chakra. He tries to excite your sympathetic by that and when the sympathetic is excited you get all these heats and this and that and the boils and all. So it is not meant for people who have no holiness in them. You have to be a holy person, who should be able to raise the Kundalini, who should be cleansed, otherwise you cannot do this work.

While there are people who are connecting Kundalini — imagine! — with sex. I mean it’s an absurd thing; She’s your Mother. She is your Mother and has been your Mother all these ages. And it’s like having a dirty feeling for your Mother I would say that. It’s such a filth. So God should punish them isn’t it? That’s how they have it as a punishment. 

It’s not at all to be afraid of your own Mother. Will you be? I mean that’s one thing you are not afraid of, is your own Mother. Should not be. I mean modern mothers I don’t know (Laughter); but that’s what it is. It is [that] they have no knowledge.

Now I must tell you that Sahaj Yoga must have given Realisation to, I don’t know how many thousands, tens of thousands of people. Of course, you may feel a little heated up; or if you are possessed you might feel a little bit shaken up. People who have been to TM, one of them jumped about twenty feet when they heard my name! All these things may happen to a few people. But such extreme cases are very rare. But nothing goes wrong. I mean you are ultimately cured of that. So you might get little effects of that, but nothing serious. I am here to look after you. On the contrary it’s very blissful, very blissful.

If one does not know about something, they should not get into it, isn’t it?

Any other question?

But you must get it, that’s the main point. You see, this if you don’t get, you will never be a happy person. You have to get it and it is your right. It is within you why not get it? It just doesn’t cost you anything. You have to have it. But people refuse to have this. Imagine refusing to be the Spirit. Can you imagine?

They are satisfied. The other day I met a lady who came and she said, “I am quite satisfied with the sinful life I lead, Mother.” I said, “Now what am I to do, if you are satisfied my child? I would only say that a day will come and you’ll come back to me, but I may not be here.” You see all these things recoil upon. 

[It’s] not [just] a question of sinfulness? Even a sort of a casual way towards your Spirit: if you are [only] casually interested in your Spirit it tells upon you, because Spirit resides in your heart and it recedes and you have problems, and you all get into problems with that. 

When they get into problems…I mean a lady who came to me, she said, “I am not interested, this that.” And she said, “I don’t want to do it.” But ultimately she got cancer. And then she came to me and she had a galloping cancer. We tried to help her, but couldn’t help her much. She died. It happens with some people that they come at a stage where we cannot help them at all.

So best thing is to get your own powers of your Spirit and be all right, enjoy yourself. You don’t have to pay bills of doctors. You don’t have to worry about so many things. And automatically the whole thing works out. And also the petrol bill, as he said! (Laughter)

Krishna has said, “Yoga kshema vahamyaham” Means when you have the Union, Yoga, when you become united, with that Divine Power, the well-being is looked after. I mean all the Sahaj Yogis who are here, have benefited even monetarily. 

Because within us lies also the power, which gives us money, which gives us well-being. There is a centre within us, which does that, and if that centre is caught up then people have problems with money; once it is cured, you don’t have. Not money as such but material life, improves definitely.

Seeker: Do the chakras correspond with nerves?

Shri Mataji: What did you say?

Seeker: Do the chakras correspond with nerves, the central nervous system?

Shri Mataji: Chakras are the essences which create our plexuses. And the plexuses are expressing the nerves. So the chakras in any case are the predecessors of the nerves, of the nervous system. They are the predecessor. They are the ones who supply the energy to the nerves. They are the ones who guide the nerves, [the] chakras.

Seeker: Do they come from the astral body?

Shri Mataji: Astral body? Our body is made of various cocoons we can say. We are material being or physical being, we are emotional being, we are mental being, we are spiritual being and all these are like our body. Now the astral being that you know of is actually the soul, we can say, which is this whole body without the element of Earth and Water: that’s the astral body. Now this astral body you should not worry [about] much, because that we get in any case when we die: that we are going to get it. But when we have the body then only we can get our Realisation, not in the astral sense.

But people are trying lots of tricks with these astral bodies, which is a very, very dangerous thing! And it has reached such dangerous limits, because people have interest in this, that I am really shocked the way it is working out.

For example: there was a couple in Switzerland that I met, and they had a relation, their mother, in America. And that lady was trying with one of these astral body persons, those who work on Spirits, and she said that I would like to talk to my grandson. And the grandson is a living child, and the child is in Switzerland. It sounds very fantastic to people. That is something great you see, the child is in there without paying any airfare you can talk to your child, grandchild. It’s very dangerous. And they used to try that on the child and the child when it would sleep in the night, it would be daytime in America. And she would talk to him through this and she would hear the voice of the child. They recorded all that. And one day this child was sleeping and he never got up, he died. And the recording said that, “It is too much strain for me, now let me go grandma, let me go, let me go!” She said, “No, no, wait for a while, wait for a while!” and this spirit controlling woman would not allow the Spirit to go back and the child died there. It’s a very common happening now that the children suddenly die in their beds.

So all these tricks we should not try. Whatever is unknown is not Divine. 

You have the Left Side and the Right Side. This is called as the adi bhautik and adi daivik: means the collective subconscious and collective supraconscious. There are all these dead Spirits. Don’t play with them! Don’t get into this nonsense of astral body and this and that. 

There are some people who say that we want to separate from our body and fly in the air. Why? Why do you want to do that? You want to have your Spirit or not? If you want to have these experiences, I am not for that. And I will ban it, if you ask me! It’s absolutely horrible. Of course people take money for it and people like it to talk to spirits and this and that but is very dangerous. You should never try this with the spirits. It’s a very dangerous line when you do not know about it, one should not get to it.

I have known people who have practiced these things: their great grand children are suffering, seven generations they suffer, seven generations [for] those who even practice it! So it’s a very dangerous game, one should never play it. What is the need? You should live in the present not in the future, or not in the past. It’s the present you have to achieve. So you just don’t worry about these things. 

You become your Spirit. You are to be born again and that should happen to you; which should be an actualisation that should actually happen to you.

And what these Gurus are doing is nothing but putting these Spirits in you and are mesmerising you. That’s how you behave like this: you are no more yourself, you are something else. This is the trick of the trade. They are all using you for their own purposes by just mesmerising and mesmerism is manifested by using the spirits, which they are controlling. Especially for Christians it is forbidden. But I don’t know how they don’t understand.

So let’s have the experience now. It’s just a split of a second needed for that; a split of a second. 

But it depends on, if the landings are very good you won’t feel anything else but the cool breeze suddenly. But if it is not a smooth landing [it] takes a little time. 

As soon as the Kundalini pierces this, you feel thoughtless. There is no thought. So you may try to see just now, put your hands towards me like this; just because the centres are here expressed of the sympathetic. 

Just put your attention to me and see if your thoughts are stopped. And then close your eyes. If that has happened that means Kundalini has already gone above.

It moves very fast, very fast it moves.

Now, a few things you have to accept in Sahaj Yoga: first of all you have to accept that God is the ocean of forgiveness; that He’s ocean of love and He’s compassion and you are not guilty in His eyes at all. And you should not feel guilty before the Ocean. 

So you have to just say before starting your meditation that in your heart, that, “Mother, I am not guilty. Mother, I am not guilty. Mother, I am not guilty.” Thrice you have to say.

Now you have to forgive. 

You must forgive everyone. Just say that, “I forgive.”

Those who say it is very difficult to forgive: actually, not to forgive, or to forgive is all mental activity. 

What do you do by that? Just torture yourself. So please say that, “I forgive,” and close your eyes now. 

Say, “I forgive, Mother I forgive everyone.” Just say, “Mother I forgive everyone.”

Keep your feet on the ground both the sides touching, and don’t move much. Just say, “Mother I forgive everyone.” Say it thrice. 

Now put your right hand on your heart where the Spirit resides, and without feeling guilty, without feeling guilty, again I say, without feeling guilty say that, “If we have done any mistakes, please forgive us, please forgive me.’

Say this thrice from your heart: “If in my seeking, if I have done mistakes; if I have neglected my Spirit or if I have neglected my duties towards my Spirit, please forgive me.”

Just go on saying, “Please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty with it. You are not to feel guilty about it. Just say it that, “Please forgive me.”

I think you should again say, “I am not guilty,” because as soon as you say that, there’s a catch on the Left Vishuddhi.

So you say, “Please forgive me and also forgive me for being guilty.” That would be better. 

Now you ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

Ask the question: “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask thrice.

“Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

You might feel cool breeze coming in. You ask thrice. 

If not, now say, “Mother please give me my Realisation.” Say it thrice.

Just say it thrice and it would work out. 

You will start feeling the cool breeze in the hand, left hand. Stretch it towards me a little bit, stretch it. 

Ask for Realisation. Now don’t feel guilty. 

Are you are getting it now? 

Don’t feel guilty! You are not to feel guilty; that’s the biggest disease of the West.

Now you put your right hand on the head and you might feel a cool breeze coming out from your head. Just see if there’s a cool breeze coming in. Raise it higher, see, maybe. 

Is it? Not feeling. In the hand? Not yet. It will work out.

Close your eyes and ask the question, “Mother am I the Spirit?” Thrice. “Mother am I the Spirit?” Again, “Mother am I the Spirit?” 

Now ask for Realisation; “Mother please give me my Realisation.” Thrice!

Now you can put your left hand on your head and right hand towards me. Let’s say some people have this problem also. Right hand towards me. 

Now, ask the question, “Mother am I the Spirit?” Thrice.

Now you forgive, you just forgive. Forgive. Forgive everyone. Say, “I forgive. I forgive.”

Go on saying, “I forgive, I forgive, I forgive.” Again, “I forgive.” 

All right, getting it? Not yet? All right, it will work out. Now? Not yet? We’ll see. We’ll see.

Are you? Little bit. Now on the hands, just see. May be in the hand, just see. It will work out, it will work out. It takes little time but it works out, it works out, it works out. Don’t you worry. Don’t get desperate with yourself. 

Keep your eyes shut. It will start coming slowly, slowly, slowly, it will start working. It’s very subtle but it starts working. 


(Mother blows into the microphone seven times.)

I think open those windows to pass out some of these heats. Lot of heat is coming out.

Now just see. Douglas, Douglas, see your neighbour, has he got it, on his head? Just see. Here, him. Just see him, not yet?

It’s good. He’s got it, he has got. That’s what I felt. 

Can you see all of you? You have got it. I knew, you got it long time back.

Now see, what about you? 

Just ask for forgiveness, a little bit, all right? Ask for forgiveness. Kathy, can you see? Can you see the gentleman next to you? John! We’ll work it out, somebody will work it out. Don’t you be worried about what they are doing because the Power is flowing from them so they are just working it out.

Who are all the new people, please raise your hands so they’ll come and help you. Just go, come along. Ken, come along. Left Swadishthan – you have to say the mantra of Nirmala Vidya to get over the Left Swadishthan, is quite a lot.

It’s all right I think, a little liver, a little. How is the lady? She has left, left Nabhi. Ask her to put her right hand on the left Nabhi. She’ll be all right.

Felicity, are you all right, better? Please do not feel guilty. If it has taken time, don’t you feel guilty. 

What’s the matter Djamel? Right Heart. Please don’t feel guilty, what are you guilty about, don’t feel guilty, all right. There is nothing to feel guilty, what is there to feel guilty? I mean what crime have you committed? She has got it actually, enjoying. Now, how is this gentleman, right Vishuddhi? Left? You are feeling guilty, Mister. All right? Yes, now put your left hand like this towards me. And now put your right hand here and now say that you are not guilty at all: “I am not guilty.” Just say it to yourself, say it thrice, again.