Kundalini – germinating force within

Zurich (Switzerland)

1981-08-21 Public Program Zurich Switzerland NITL HD, 44'
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Public Program (with German translation). Zürich (Switzerland), 21 August 1981.

Shri Mataji: First of all, I must really apologise for being so late. There was some confusion about time and I hope you all forgive Me. I am really encouraged to see that there are seekers in this country and they are trying to seek something beyond. I could not think of any country where there could not be seekers.  Because when [UNCLEAR] they see around, I am sure any intelligent man who thinks must be wondering, asking, “What is next?”

[Translator requests to repeat].

I’m saying that in any country I could never believe that, people would be satisfied with what they have and they would not be seeking beyond. Because seeking is the process of your evolution. Through seeking you have achieved this state, human state. And even now you do not know the meaning of your life, at this stage, neither the purpose. So, one has to think: “Why are we here? Why were we made human beings? What was the purpose of the nature? Was that just to earn little money or little material comfort and done?” 

And a question must be asked within: are you satisfied? Are you happy? And once we ask this question to ourselves, we can find out we are not! We have not found out the purpose of our life. Actually, we don’t know anything about ourself. We may know about  moon – now they are going to Saturn and all the places, but we do not know about ourself! And so, anybody who is intelligent as a human being would be saying there must be something else.

But one problem is this: that people who are seeking, also beyond, have been shocked the way people – [UNCLEAR] those who are also seeking, seek to others who told about what is God, what is beyond. They are shocked to see, at the way they behave. Because when you see a religious person you get shocked: because he is religious and he is so cruel! He is religious, how can he be cruel? And then also you see that they are actually hypocrites.

So you don’t know what to do! Now, it is very easy to say that we don’t believe in all that and then turn back. It is very easy to turn your back – saying this is all nonsense – and we turn our back. Because we cannot see the light, accept the dark, and live with it. But you can’t live with darkness! You try it!. People have tried to live with darkness and they have after-effects of that. They have the after-effects of living with the darkness. 

You bump into each other. You bump into each other. You collide with each other. When you live in darkness, you collide! Nations have fought against each other. Wars came up. We have peace and we prepare for war [UNCLEAR] wisdom. These are signs that you are in the dark. It has to be very, very natural for all of you to think that there must be something beyond.

The other day a journalist came to see Me from – she is a Swiss journalist- to see Me in London. She said the people are very happy in Switzerland, there is nothing wrong with them. I said, “Are you sure?” Because they were competing with Sweden in committing suicide! And now they are much ahead of them! Even with all this affluence, why are they committing suicide? We should try to find out. 

If you want to close your eyes to reality, you can do it – for the time being. But if you look at it, see how ghastly it is that young people are trying to commit suicide! I met three Swedish girls in London who were studying in Cambridge. And their vibrations were such as if they were committing suicide, or they were dead or sort of leprosis, or [UNCLEAR]_horrible vibrations they had! I said, “What are you doing in Cambridge? But what do you do all the day?” They said, “All the time we are planning how to commit suicide in a sophisticated manner”. 

Look at the sunset today, how beautiful! Look at the beautiful flowers we have! Look at the beautiful country! Look at this room, how beautiful! And you cannot feel the joy! You cannot enjoy! Something has gone wrong! There is no spontaneity to feel this joy – it’s sogood. Is it something lacking within us? We should ask this question: “Is there something lacking within us that we cannot enjoy?” 

[UNCLEAR statement]. After my visit here […]  I found Zürich has geared up with riots. After I went away, I read in the newspaper that Zurich has geared up into riots. If through material advancement if you had achieved your peace, there should be no riots! That means people are not happy, there is frustration – let us face it! In my last visit, I discovered something else also, very serious: cancer, which is the disease of the rich, is groping the country! But the richer you are, the larger is the number of cancer patients. 

The fourth thing that I felt was that children are dying in their beds! Just sleeping [UNCLEAR]! Yesterday I heard the news in England that every year there are five to six thousand children lost, six thousand children lost! In England, every week two children are killed by their parents even! I mean, it’s worse than Hitler – he didn’t kill his own children! So all these things are happening to human beings and if you are not aware of it, the whole thing will come up like an explosion. So one has to see, on the collective side and on the individual side, what’s going wrong here. 

Now I would like you to take what I say to you as a hypothesis. And as some scientist, you must keep your mind open and not closed: if it actualises then you must accept. But you must keep yourself very open to listen to what I am going to tell you because it is for the benefit of the individual and of the whole.  

And you should be not like journalists, that when you tell them about say Switzerland they will start talking about India. They are more worried about others than about themselves. We have to correct ourselves! We can only correct ourselves. So when I am in Switzerland, I am Swiss. And I am concerned. 

Now here you find, within us, lies in this triangular bone called as sacrum, a force called Kundalini. This bone is called as sacrum, means sacred bone. That’s a Greek word. That’s a Greek word, that means Greeks knew what was sacred. Now this force resides within us as a germinating force resides in a seed. Now, this has to be so because something has to happen within you to attract your attention inside. 

Human attention is very different from the attention of animals. Because human beings have a brain which is triangular, prismatic, like a prism. So the attention is going out instead of staying inside. And evolution that took place so far. did not need this kind of a happening. Because within us this power which is called as the power of desire and this power which is called as the power of action build up two pouches called as superego and ego. Ego and superego. By ego we assert and by superego we condition ourselves. Assert, aggress. And when they develop in childhood, these two meet at a point here, where it becomes calcified. On the fontanelle bone area it becomes calcified.

In the heart here resides the Spirit. Now, the seat of the Spirit is there, where you are seeing the sunlight thing [sun drawing on the map] – seat of the Spirit – in the head here, above, the seat. But it resides in the heart, in the human beings, specially. Now, when it rises – this Kundalini, when she’s awakened – she rises through these centres and touches that Spirit. You can see the pulsation of this Kundalini in many people. You can see it pulsating, just like heart. And when it pierces also, you can feel the throbbing in the beginning. And at the back also, if you use a stethoscope you can see the rising, its throbbing, and sometimes with the eyes you can see it rise. 

But, one has to remember one thing about Kundalini. Many Germans have written about Kundalini. They have had no experience, they just read some books and they wrote it. They went as tourists and they met all tourism people. They went as tourists actually, doing that. And that is how you touch all the peripheries of the nations – they never reach the Reality. They met horrible negative people and they told that Kundalini can be aroused only through sex. And this (triangle) you see is the one that controls the sex, which is below the Kundalini: this square, this centre, there (Shri Mataji showing the square of Mooladhara).

So sex has a part to play in a married life, in a sane married life – but not in Kundalini. Human beings are now above it. Because these are the steppingstones of your evolution. Now, when you say that sex has something to do with Kundalini, it’s so absurd, like say that She is your mother, and it’s a very dirty relationship, it’s a very bad relationship! Holy mother, She is your holy mother!

Or we can reason it out in a very simple way. We can reason it out also: you see, animals have much more sex life than human beings have. They have free sex. Are they going to evolve before we are going to evolve? We have nothing to learn from them. We are ahead of them. They have to learn from us! 

Now some horrible people from India came here to take out your money and to trouble you by telling all kinds of stories. You should reason out that you cannot pay for living things: how much did you pay to become a human being? What effort did you put in to become a human being? It is spontaneous! For example, if you have to breathe and you have to read books for that, half of us would be finished the next moment! We see so many living miracles but we do not pay any attention to them! 

See a flower becoming a fruit: can you pay for it? If it is a living process, it should be spontaneous! But they wanted to exploit you, your naiveness. There was another guru, where Germans and, I am told Germans and Japanese are very very, I mean he is very popular with them, this guru – was. Rajneesh. Because he taught them free sex. For Western people, they don’t need a guru for that! You already have mastered it! And to pay money to somebody in thousands and thousands of, in millions and millions of money, is foolishness, stupidity! 

Now this fellow, thank God I should say, has got a paralysis and he’s run away from that ashram. And his own disciples have burnt his ashram and he had collected such a lot of books you see, all burnt. And in Switzerland you are harbouring all these thugs from all over the world! They have put their sinful money in your banks and you will have to pay for it! 

Now one has to understand that God and sin do not go hand in hand. God and sin do not go hand in hand.  God is Holiest of Holy, and one has to cleanse oneself to be one with Him. And it is the most blissful thing that should happen because He is joy and bliss and complete peace. But when it happens to you, then it is so spontaneous that you get the whole thing in a pack. Like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly or an egg becomes a bird. 

But these things stick on to you! These things stick on to you of the part of the caterpillar sticks onto you, so you must learn how to get rid of them. You must learn how to achieve your complete transformation and complete freedom and liberation so that you become the master, so you become master of yourself. Nothing can dominate you, and you start using the power, the divine power of Love, which is so pure and close: emits through your being. 

You become the instrument of God or His powers. You know how to manoeuvre it and enjoy it. This is why you have become a human being! Like we can say – I always give an example of a television – for an ordinary villager, say in India, it’s like a box that’s all, it’s a box. As for us, we human beings are nothing but a box. As if, we see, we also treat ourselves as if just a box, nothing more than that. But once you are put to the mains, this fantastic instrument of yours starts working! The power of love! Which cures your body, heals you completely!  Cancer can only be cured by this happening within you. If you read the pamphlet you will see how cancer is caused and how it is cured through Sahaja Yoga; you will know – it’s very scientific. We have two doctors in London who are working it out. One of them is working in cancer research, his name is Sri… [UNCLEAR]. Another is David. They are working out how to tell the scientists.

Now you, young people of Switzerland, must open your eyes to this new science that has descended upon you, and should not feel comfortable and complacent with what you got from your elders who did not think about it. Because this is a gift for you! This is your own! And you are on the top of evolution. You are so beautiful, it should not be wasted! This world has to be changed! This transformation has to take place!

All the great scriptures have said about it and predicted it. They all have said you have to be born again. But you cannot give a false certificate to yourself. You cannot give a false certificate to yourself! You have to get it! It is to be actualised! In India, there are thousands who have got it! Even in London, about two, three thousand – three thousand, about, all together, I mean in England. America also we have some thousand. I don’t know exactly, because there is no organisation. America, last time when I went in seventy-three, we gave realisation to about three thousand people!

Australia, also I think we have given realisation to – how many Warren you can say about? 

Warren: One thousand.

Shri Mataji: At least one thousand people who have mastered it! One thousand people have mastered it! Two places are really lagging behind: it’s Switzerland and Germany. So you must awaken yourself to this! You people will be held responsible if you do not respond to it! There is no money to be paid because you cannot sell it! You don’t have to put in any effort: you get it as a right, as your own right, birth right! Only thing, after getting it, you must establish yourself.

Actually it is a collective happening. It’s a mass happening. Of course, it moves slowly in the West, I have seen that. They are easily hypnotised, Western people can be much more easily hypnotised than Indians are. They go into – I don’t know why – crazy things like flying. Flying! Imagine! There is a guru who wants them to fly and thousands go to him. Are you going to become birds now? I don’t understand why,  why ask for flying? And does this guru fly himself? You put him on this leaning tower of Pisa and see if he can fly! 

They are befooling you like this and how can you be befooled – you are intelligent people!? You had such a great person like Christ coming down here! Maybe these religions which were organised religions did stupid things, maybe… Maybe these religions which tried to organise Christ, you see, did stupid things. That doesn’t mean that Christ was wrong! Did He organise anything like that? Did He charge any money? Did He live like a parasite on others’ money? 

But I was amazed the other day in England, I went to a place and they said: “Mother if we pay money for something we feel secure”. Like Swiss bank, where you have to pay money to keep money [Shri Mataji laughs.]! All the thugs feel very secure, you see, if their money is here! You have to change the laws of the people of Switzerland. “Law”, law of the people, you have to change their fate.

The whole world is going to change. It is predicted. It is predicted! You should not lag behind! 

They understand French, is it? All right. It’s all right, but why not have Realisation? You see, My speech has no meaning! Why don’t they have realisation? 

[UNCLEAR/a lady is probably saying they were not able to hear/ the translator was not audible]. Yogi says we should speak louder (the translator)

Shri Mataji: Yes, I’m saying that, you are telling him that: I’m speaking louder than him when you don’t understand. Didn’t follow? I am sorry! You didn’t follow at all?

[UNCLEAR/seeker speaking in French].

Shri Mataji: I know you were paying too much attention to follow him. I know that. What is to do? That’s a good idea. So let us have it now.