Advice on Ekadasha Rudra

Bramham Gardens, London (England)


Advice on Ekadasha Rudra. London (UK), 4 September 1981.

[the first audio us part if the 50 min audio which is not fully transcribed. first 4-5 min is not transcribed. though this part is very unclear. and then next 25 min is transcribed but again after 29 min again it is not transcribed.]

Now if you have left Agnya, that means there’s possession on it. That means all of you have got something of that kind, already you’re caught up, you’re not clean. What is the mantra for this, Gavin? For the back Agnya, Mahaganesh. Mahaganesh, Mahabhairava, correct. Now see, in the brain you’ve got all these seeds of the gods and they are the seeds because they’re the causal of these.

So the first, the causal is created and then the deities are created. So, for example, causal of the Mother Earth is fragrance, all right. So from fragrance comes the Mother Earth. In the same way the causal of Brahmadeva is Hiranyagarbha, all right? He’s called as Hiranyagarbha. He’s the causal of Brahmadeva. Where does he stay in the brain? In the brain of the Virata whatever deities live are the causal and manas also, because they’re reflected. So the causal ones are here in our brain, in our brain, in our brain. At the back here, around the Agnya, now I give you the name, no, around the Agnya. Agnya is Mahaganesha and Mahabhairava, Agnya, at the back. And in front…

At the back is actually Mahaganesha, just in the center. Just in the central point is Mahaganesha. This is the minutest point. Around him moves Mahabhairava, all right? And around this, the rest of it that moves is Hiranyagarbha, all right? Now did you follow that?

So when you think, or whatever thinking you do, through this superego, through this superego, you get the development of this Hiranyagarbha. Did you follow that? And also otherwise, is also, who acts when you think? Is Hiranyagarbha. This is Swadishthana, we call it, this is Swadishthana chakra around it, all right? Now, so Swadishthana is divided into left and right. Left Swadishthana is Hiranyagarbha and right Swadishthana is also Hiranyagarbha, at the back here.

So now to point out first of all, at the back, if you move, is Mahaganesha. Around him moves Bhairava, who protects Mahaganesha. Around it moves, now moves Hiranyagarbha, at the back. But Hiranyagarbha has left and right side while Bhairava and Ganesha, they move on each other. Did you follow that point?

Now in front, in the center here, is who? Kartikeya, in the center; Christ is in the center, in the center itself where the optic chiasma is. Here outside is Kartikeya. What is Kartikeya? Kartikeya is the protector of Christ. Around Kartikeya, they’re all protectors of Christ, moves who? Now who is Mahabhairava’s counterpart? Mahahanumana, Mahahanumana, all right? And around that, what does move? Ekadasha Rudra.

The movement of Ekadasha Rudra is not circular, doesn’t move like that. It moves like that. Or you can say, move like that. Now what is Ekadasha Rudra? Let us see. Can you give the names? Of Ekadasha. Take one by one. Buddha, right? Mahavira. Then Christ, then Mahabhairava. How many of them, four. Then Mahaganesha, five. Did I say Bhairava? Again, again say it one by one, Buddha, Mahavira, Christ, Mahaganesha, Mahabhairava. All right, this is very clear cut for you because just now I’ve told all of them. Buddha, Mahavira, Christ. Then, what else, four are left, four are still left. Mahahanumana, you didn’t tell? Mahahanumana, how much it is now? Three left, no four are left, four, now what are these four? Say, it’s very simple.

Just now I discussed with you Mahahanumana, Mahabhairava, two, Buddha, Mahavira. Four, now, Kartikeya. Kartikeya, Ganesha, sixth. Christ, seventh. Now four more are left, now who are the four more, let’s see, can I have it? Pat, come along. You’ve done lot of reading. They have written it down into something, eleven of these. Brahmadeva, Hiranyagarbha, correct. Vishnu, Narayana, Lakshmi Narayana, how much it is. Shiva, Parvati, everyone. Shiva and Shakti, all right? Eleven of them. Lakshmi Narayana is one, Brahmadeva Saraswati is back, Shiva Parvati has… All eleven are there. Why Shiva and Parvati? Two have to be taken because Shiva is the Guru, Parvati is the Shakti.

So if you catch on void, the beginning of the trouble starts because Shiva is the central path. There Shiva is to be taken as Guru, Shiva is Guru, Shiva is the one who is our Guru. He is our spirit. But he’s not the spirit that protects because spirit needs no protection. Whom do you protect then, also. So when you protect, you protect the spirit but what protects it is the Guru personality which is Shiva, which is Shiva actually. Did you get that?

Now you might say how Shiva is “Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devom, Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat, Parabrahma, Tasmai Guruveh Namah.” Because Guru means a person who is full of Gurutwakashan, is weight, is the gravity. Person who is with gravity, which has some sense, which is density, which is our spirit. Otherwise we have no density, we’re useless. Our spirit goes away, we float in the air as bhoots. So the Guru is everything.

Today I’ve called you here to tell you how to become a Guru. So that’s why I’ve given you this introduction. Is it clear to you? All right let Me know. Now…

(Apparent break in recording here)

See that? just laugh at yourself. With all your knowledge of how many years I’ve been talking to you, look at this, this is the point. How Mother raising your Kundalini just like that, do I tell you something. You all have gone to the wrong gurus, you have done, because… , nothing of the kind. Just because you’re not set here, it’s the Ekadasha Rudra on your forehead, if you bow before any wrong guru. With that your Ekadasha Rudra… Sahaja Yoga is very simple you know. If you put your glass upside down , if you put it like this . Sahaja Yoga is so simple, do you follow that point?

So we reach one conclusion, by mental understanding you cannot understand Sahaja Yoga. So as a guru what should you have? I’ve made a promise. That’s different. Yogini is asking a question. (not clear). You are telling like this, if I say that, “What is the test of, say, guru?” Do you say that it should not become artificial? Now let’s see again quite straight forward, what is the question? No, no, what is the question? Now try to remember. Yogi: What should we have? Shri Mataji: Not at all! What is the question, let’s see exactly. Exactly. Yogini: How do you clearing the catch from seing a false guru? How do you… This is another question but the question I asked is: then what must a guru do? The thing I said, by discussion Sahaja Yoga doesn’t work out then what should we do? I asked the question what should we do?

Make it simple always related to your Mother, you’ll get the answer. Hah! All right? To neutralize the old guru who has been a bad guru you have to surrender to the real guru. If your guru is the real guru then you surrender to the Mother of your real guru. Because your real guru is also surrendered to Me. So all gurus are to be surrendered at the lotus feet of your Mother. Then if it is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, Shiva, Krishna, Christ, anyone of them also, Ekadasha still is more than your Mother’s.

It is very difficult because we want to stick on to something, even the real guru. Christ is a real guru but the Christ you know of is to be also surrendered at the lotus feet of your Mother because we also know that. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha, all of them are My servants. Adi Shakti is the Mother. She’s the Mother of all the gurus, of all the prophets, of all the incarnations, of all the . After Her, only Parabrahma is created, after that only Parabrahma. So when you have got someone like that to surrender, is the real problem, is a maya. That is the biggest problem because you’ve got somebody so easily. Arjuna was a great warrior till the war started, and somebody was a great swimmer when he came to the ocean. Allow your mind to do the work, allow your mind.

So to be the highest guru we’ve to be completely surrendered. Now when you’re surrendered, you don’t doubt. For Me this finger is completely surrendered, say, to My body, it doesn’t doubt My body. Supposing I’m pressing and it receives the information that you’re doing that she informs the brain and informs the body that I’m doing that. If she says something must be done to remove it, the whole body acts, all the fingers act and all the power flows there, the energy flows there where the finger is hurt.

So when you are surrendered there is no question of individualism. Those people who think of any kind of individualism are going to go out of the circulation of Sahaja Yoga. From the beginning, I’ve told you many a time if we take out all those people who want to assert their individualism of any kind. You see, this is a branch, all right, you can see here. In the last stage, I use the same analogy better and better. Outside is the same, all right? If inside and outside is the same and the rest is . If this has to become this, what has to . This myth has to go, all right? This myth has to vanish. So this myth is  based on what, our ego and superego only. Which are actually the end result of all the nonsense we have been. In a sense, all this has to go, vanish, it doesn’t exist at all, that is .

You cannot be a guru unless and until at least, at least you are open to it, that’s coming and going, but supposing you’re like this. Could be like the story I heard in India that there was a stupid fool, two of them. They went inside the restaurant to have something. They sat down on a table and they saw a glass put like this. They said, “What sort of a glass is this, it has no mouth.” So they called the bearer and said, “See we can’t have food unless and until it has a mouth, take it back.” They said, “What sort of a glass is this, it has no water?” Because . But when you’re surrendered the mouth and bottom is , luckily its… That surrendering is to be achieved if you’re going to be the gurus. Now, noted down it’s very personal thing I’m going to say...(Tape interrupted)

This is all mental, how do you . Have a bandhan. How many times you give yourself bandhan? Before sleeping, after getting up, then namaskar to your Mother, , touching My feet, very important, not to come on to the Agnya, supposed to correct. Even sitting down there I’m catching. Actually just do it now.  Do it . On both the feet, again you try. First right and then left. Ah! See now. It’s not mental, this is the point I’m bringing you. It is not mental, now this is

is the point I’m bringing you. It is not mental, now this is (not clear) you all become mentally alert…not clear… open your heart. So sweetness is open your heart…not clear.  When others come we don’t tell them this is how we open our heart. Don’t tell them…not clear… How you open your left Vishuddhi, just say, “Mother I am not guilty. Mother I’m not guilty. Mother I’m not guilty.” 

Too much thinking, too much talking is bad.  Not talking, not thinking is bad. But little thinking, little talking is good.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi