Hear the music of your Spirit

Paris (France)

1981-09-09 Public Program, Paris, France, Opt, 71'
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Public Program, day 1, Paris (France), September the 9th, 1981

[Starts here]:
Marie: … Que vous devenez, que vous devez devenir l’Esprit. […That you become, that you must become the Spirit.]
Shri Mataji: Once that happens all these great people will be born here. People always are worried about Indian population. Where should they [the saints] be born? In this England? Where every week two children are killed by their parents, heartless? The poor Indians have to bear the load.

The Last Judgment has now started. They are all to be born. There will be a flux of these Realized souls and also the devils to fight. Where should the devils take their place? Among the people who are not divine. If you don’t become divine the devils will be born of you. It is a very dangerous thing.
So, there is a big gap [inaudible] between the Divine and the devil.
But now, whatever work I’ve done in England, I’m quite happy and I think it has started taking its roots. In Paris, I hope things will work out. The Grace of God has to work it out.
All of you who are here should know their responsibility. I give you all this information, you’d better use it. Then you will not blame Me that I did not tell you.
Thank you very much.
May God bless you.

Shri Mataji: If there are any questions, you can ask Me.

Seeker: Oui, je voudrais savoir ce que pense Mataji de la grande catastrophe de 1983?
Marie: What do you think of the great catastrophe of 1983?
Shri Mataji: Nothing. You have to get out of it.
Seeker: Parce qu’elle est annoncée dans les prédictions, elle est annoncée également par les astronomes, elle est prévue par les- elle est vraiment, disons, attendue.
Marie: It has been predicted by all sorts of people.
Shri Mataji: They just want to frighten you. But it has an advantage so that you become alert.
But it can be the opposite. Like, this is going to fall down, all right? And if you bring the force from that side you can take it. We have to build this force. But if people do not take to reality they have to face it.
How many are there from Paris to see I ‘m here?
On the road, we couldn’t drive our car, so many on the road running their rat race! They have no time for God. So the Devi had to come, if not in India, in Paris. What can we do? It is for you people to choose.

Seeker: Oui, mais il y a quand même une concentration planétaire, justement, qui va se manifester courant 83, qui n’a jamais, n’est jamais arrivée en France une seule fois. Il y a eu une expérience, il y a eu un phénomène une fois semblable au moment de la peste noire au cours du Moyen-age….
Alors je voudrais savoir si on peut échapper justement à ça?
Shri Mataji: I mean, it’s going to be meant like this. Don’t get human lights.
Marie: Tout cela, c’est de l’activité mentale.

Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no, no. See, you must get your Realization. You must get your Realization. What happens, I’ll tell you, don’t get too much into mental like this, this chakra goes into the head, all right? To a point, it’s all right, to a point. Take it easy, take it easy, take it easy. Now, what is more important? Because I want you to get your Realization, all right? I want you to get your Realization. That’s the main thing.
I’ve seen people who go on asking questions they [inaudible] to Me. So, better get your Realization, that’s the main point. Now, what did he mean?
Marie: He said there’s going to be a configuration of planets.
Shri Mataji: It’s true.
But do you know about Pluto? About the planet which has come, Pluto? That came with Me on this earth. [inaudible] That’s why you are waiting. If they talk of philosophy they should also talk of Pluto. They just talk of one side.

[French chat about the subject]

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yogis should not ask questions.

Shri Mataji: What did he say?
Marie: He said that if you get Realization you can die from it, it’s not important.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no, no, no! Then you become the tree. The seed dies and you become the tree. You have to grow, all right?
He understands. He’s a seeker. You’d better get it.

Seeker lady: Est-ce que Mataji est née scorpion?
Marie: She wants to know if you are born as Scorpio.
Shri Mataji: No, no. I was born on the 21 of March at twelve o’clock in the daytime, in 1923.
Just do the horoscope and you will know. It’s another way of knowing.
I was born in Chhindwara in the center of India. On the tropic of cancer.
[The French lady notes down the info.]

Shri Mataji: My horoscope has been published in one of the magazines, all right? But still, I’m very elusive. You’d better get the Realization.
Shri Mataji: What did she say?
Marie: She said that she heard the music of “sphere” when she was eight years old.
Shri Mataji: What did she say?
Marie: The music of “sphere”.
Shri Mataji: It’s better to hear the music of your Spirit. All right? Then you are not a medium but you become the master. Then you control everything.
[The lady says that she knows already and she is 75 years old.]
Shri Mataji: You’d better get your Realization.

Seeker: Je voudrais savoir le point de départ de la méditation.
Shri Mataji: What did he say?
Marie: He wants to know the point of start of Realization [meditation].
Seeker: Comment pratique-t-on la méditation Sahaja Yoga?
Marie: How do you practice Sahaja Yoga meditation?
Shri Mataji: The start is when the Kundalini rises. When you put your hands towards Me like this, your fingers have those centers of the left and the right. You take out your shoes.
Let them, let them do it later one. Later on, you can do it later not now. Take off your shoes is better because the Mother Earth helps you a lot. Mother Earth.
Put your shoes at the back.
Shri Mataji [to a Sahaja Yogi]: Open the door to get some space.
Put the shoes at the back.
Now, put your hands towards Me like this. Just like this.

And these fingers are seven centers, one, two, three, four, five, six and seven centers. One on the left, one on the right.
Now, when you get- the Kundalini receives the information through this channel, through this first centre of innocence. Now, when it is received here, the information, then she starts awakening herself. She’s made of many strings of powers, like a rope. Then she starts throwing her strings to the channels here, the channel here [central] through different centers, awakening them, widening them, improving them. Supposing there is an obstruction, then you see the thing pulsating here [sacrum], very strongly in some people who have this. Especially in possessed people.
Now, the obstruction here, if removed, then the Kundalini rises or some people don’t have any obstruction, then she shoots up.
But if supposing, the obstruction here is due to liver troubles you can see the Kundalini going and looking after it. But if there is sufficient space made then, little, little space made, then she rises in any case.

She awakens Christ over here and sucks these two in, ego and superego and then creates a space here. And she just goes up. First, it is like this [closed]. Then it is sucked in and a space is made.
And that’s how you get your real Baptism.

You can feel the throbbing here first. When the Kundalini goes above this you become thoughtless, there is no thought in your mind. When she crosses over you start getting cool breeze in the hand, cool breeze of the Holy Ghost, not hot. If there is hot [heat] or there is shaking that means there is a little friction. You have to just throw it away. Now you should see. Some people get it in the right, some in the left, depending on their imbalances. But any Realized soul who is a Sahaja Yogi knows all about it, can give you a balance, can raise your Kundalini, can give you Realization. The same way it will happen to you. Like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. But the light which is not enlightened cannot enlighten another light. You don’t do know anything, the candle is ready, just you are enlightened that’s how you enlighten another light. It works like that.

After some time, we can use the media like a radio, television, the sound and light energy, to pass this energy and can achieve more masse Realization. That’s how the science has given us all these.

We did that in Australia [She Mataji was on TV] and many people got Realization. Now, there are centres in seven cities of Australia. Paris, I’ve been coming for how many years?
Marie: One and a half.
Shri Mataji: No, no, I came last- how many times I came here?
Marie: You came four times in one year and a half.
Shri Mataji: Four times. And I’ve been only once to Australia. And we are at least, they are one hundred times more people.

Australians are supposed to be the people who are punished for doing something wrong, supposed to be. I mean, they are great-grandchildren but they are very wise, very sensible. That’s what it is. We don’t know how to judge people. But it’s going to be work out.

But then we have a center here, where you should go and study, how truth is truth [unsure] Thanks God we have a centre here where they should learn how to improve themselves. They give all Realization in the centre. But you must have an innate desire to grow. You don’t have to pay anything, only thing you have to attend to the need of your Spirit. When you get the cool breeze in the hands, a rapport is established to the Divine. You can ask any absolute question. Like, you can ask any absurd question: “Is there God?” And you will get a big flow of that thing. To ask about any guru if he is true, you can find out. Most of these who have come to the West are all thieves [unsure].

They are parasites they want to live on your money. They will go to Hell and they will bring all their disciples with them. So don’t be identified with them.

You have to be honest. If you are dishonest with yourself, God cannot help you. If you thinks no end of yourself God says: “All right! Go ahead!” You have to be open and cheerful. Because God is anxious to save his creation. All right?

May God bless you.

Shri Mataji: One more, you were asking a question?

Seeker: [Inaudible]

Shri Mataji: Same question. You are seekers. This is the beautiful children I have seen. These are the seekers. I have come on this earth for these. It gives Me a great, immense pleasure to meet them. I’ve been speaking so much and traveling. Did they understand the program?

Marie: I don’t know.

Shri Mataji: Can you open the door?
Sahaja Yogi: It’s open already, Mother.
Marie: No wind.
Now, put your hand towards Me like this.

[Cut in the audio]

Shri Mataji: I think I’ll be able to say, carry about it. Why should we have Self-realization? It’s a very good subject. Before asking such a question, we have to understand what are we. What is a human being and what are his problems and what he can become.

Now, this is a human being here as you see drawn by Ruth.

Sahaja Yogi: Warren.

Shri Mataji: All right by Warren. You must tell everybody.

Well, you have many exterior forms, inside you are just the same.

[aside] If you can move that side so that they all can see, all right? Can you? That side.

Can you see all?

Now, this human being has got his right side, his left side and from [inaudible] and the four dimension there [at Sahasrara].

Now, this side is his past. When he goes beyond it, then it is subconscious that becomes the Collective Subconscious.

Now, by this side he goes towards the future.

This is the present. Below is the matter, the material thing [under the Mooladhara].

By entering into this realm he becomes collectively supraconscious.

Now, a human being has the freedom to enter in any one of these areas. If you indulge into too much then you move onto left side. This is the side of your psyche, your emotions. Those who say we “suffer, we are unhappy” and enjoy their suffering, they go on to the left side. They like to enjoy that movement of their attention.

Now, those who move to the right side are ambitious beings. These assert the physical and the mental efforts to activate or to act upon the desire.

Now, these, both the sides are easy to go at a human level. Either we live in the future or in the past but not in the present.

Now, below the human being is the material side from where animals and all that kingdom is coming. Now he has also the freedom to become the animal-like. His heart can also become like a stone. All these possibilities are there with this human awareness that you have already.

When you move towards this side, then in the machines and all those everyone’s else matters [unsure] and you start giving too much matter, you become materialistic, then we become slaves of the matter. Like a tree is there to make a chair, a dead thing comes from the dead. Now, if you use a chair, you can’t sit on the ground. You have to take the chair everywhere you go. So with that, you become the slave of the matter by habits.

Now, those who are moving on the left-hand side are the people who find the life full of aggression. So they want to be sick, they want to indulge into emotional ideas. They think they are very miserable and they go on suffering. It is all artificial and imaginary.

Such useless ideas led to the advent of Hitler in Germany. Jews denied the advent of Christ, who came at this point of our awareness [Agnya]. And because he has suffered for us and you don’t have to suffer at all anymore. If you can awaken him somehow, then he can suck in all your sufferings and also he can forgive you.

He takes away all your sins. But Jews did not want to accept this. They said: “We are suffering, we have to suffer.” in Germany. And when there was a recession all over, people were very depressed on the left side. A satanic depressive force was working on them, collectively.

It’s a very, very intellectual nonsensical emotional – what you call that?- blackmail. And the French call “les miserables”. There is no need to be miserable. They ask for miseries and suffering so they have it. You ask an aggressor to come in from the right side. He came on this earth just to make them suffer and they suffered. But even now, they say the same thing.

Now, this is the right side in which you enter when you aggress too much, when you plan and organize. For example, it is planned to reach here, just say by seven o’clock. And you can’t come because there is a crowd. Because you are planning you honk at everyone, you shout at everyone, you’ll be absolutely very aggressive because you came after [unsure].

Because you think you have a right to reach that place exactly on time. That is how you plan out everything, that you should be comfortable, that everything should work out for your comfort. But you do not think about the plan of the Divine. And when it happens that your plans fail, then you start getting angry. They mostly fail.

For example, whatever you produce by this side, atom bomb, neutron bombs, all these things are now frightening you. The atomic bomb is your creation, it’s the human beings that have created it and now they are afraid of it. [Laughter]

What have you created out of your scientific knowledge is all weapons of war. War against your own people, your brothers and sisters, your own part and parcel and that’s how you to destruction.

The left-sided person destroy himself while the right-sided destroy others. In any way, it is destroyed. There is no construction.

The construction comes through the central force of evolution. By evolution, you have come up to the stage where you are today a human being. At this stage of your freedom, you have to choose what you want to be. When you enter into the materialistic side, you become the slave of the matter. When you enter into the left-hand side, you become the slave of the sicknesses like cancer. You get possessed, you become schizophrenic, you end up in a mental asylum. On the right-hand side when you move, you get your heart attacks. Because by moving on the right-hand side you are neglecting your Spirit that is in the heart- human beings without a heart.


The heart should be the heart. In the heart resides the Spirit, the one who is the master of this vehicle till human awareness, this master which is the Spirit, does not come into your conscious mind. He is just watching like a master sitting behind in the car. Now, this is the motor car, this is the accelerator and this is the brake. And the master is sitting and watching the game. Ultimately, you learn how to drive. I don’t know how many cars you break before that, how many human beings you’ve been, but ultimately you know how to drive. When do you know how to drive? When you know. When you know only that is the time when you are the master. Because the master knows now you know how to drive and he becomes one with you. So you become master of your Self, no more a slave of these things.

For example, some people who get possessed start dancing, jumping like fools. All this idiotic behaviour they think is spiritual. God is not going to make you an idiot now. He is going to give you the Super Consciousness. So, you have to become that because that is the seat, that is the seat of your Spirit. Unless and until you become the Spirit, you are not yet connected to the whole. The Spirit is the Collective Being within you. And once you get connected with that, you also become, you actualize the experience of Self-realization which is collectivity.

So, if you are not Self-realized, you are moving like the ship which has no captain, sometimes to this side and sometimes to that area or sometimes to this. You have no purpose, you have no absolute awareness, you are confused. You don’t know whether to go towards materialism or towards aggression or towards depression. You try everything and the world becomes more and more miserable and unhappy. And then one starts thinking that there is a big chock of complete destruction is awaiting us. You don’t have to worry on this part: the One who has created you, the One who has created this universe, the One who has made you a human being is going to give you that which is the power of the Spirit.

It’s like a villager worrying about the airplane, who, to reduce the weight of the airplane, carries his bags on his head. He does not know that the airplane in which he is sitting is carrying his load and the load that he has. Because he is ignorant, he has no eyes to see he is blind. Like in this room, when you enter, and it’s dark, you are blind, you can’t see anything. You falter here and there, hurt yourself. Sometimes you say that this mike is this room, sometimes this candlestick anything whatsoever, you find little bit moving. The truth is that you don’t have the light as yet. That your eyes have still to be opened and that you have all these possibilities built-in you. You have been built up like that in your evolution, all different bits are the milestone of your evolution. Your breakthrough has to come. That will happen through the Grace of God. If you are doing any seeking beyond then must know that it has to be your Spirit and Self.

Now, when you become the master of the whole thing, the physical problems are of course a misuse of this part. And the emotional problems that have come by using this part, the problems of your mental- ah, you see, English words I don’t know, but what I mean, the brain- are also here which you have spoiled. Like rationality, rationality is a limited thing. You cannot go to the unlimited by this limited. Rationality can rationalize anything.

There was a bank robber in France, many people rationalized him to be a saint. You can even rationalize Hitler, everything you can rationalize. It is the intelligence that cheats you all the time to rationalize. But logic is different. Logic comes through wisdom which is to be in the centre. And you develop your wisdom by making mistakes and understanding these two forces [inaudible]. Now, God has placed within us, in the triangular bone, that power which we call the Kundalini. That is like a coil you have in the machine. All your instrument – or the yantra- has been made beautifully with care and with love. And this coil is placed there.

Now, this is not a dead machine and Divine Power is of the Living God. Everything that is divine is spontaneous because it is living like a flower becoming a fruit. What we do is all dead. Only after Self-realization, we start doing living work. I will tell about it later on. Now, this Kundalini rises spontaneously like the Mother Earth works out the sprouting of the seed. Supposing you stand on your head before the seed, will it rise? Can you pay money for its awakening and germinating? Do we pay for to the trees for growing-up? What effort do they put in to become a fruit? What effort have you put in to become human beings?

Did we rationalize? Did we cut our tails? Did we think about it and we have become such beautiful human beings? We must think: “Why” “Why do we have become? Why such a beautiful instrument created? What is the purpose?

You do not know because you are not yet connected to the mains. So, before setting the connection, what’s the use of planning anything? If your telephone is not connected, how do we dial? All efforts we are doing up towards rising, without Realizations, are absolutely useless. Do we mean to say intellectuals are the only people who are going to receive Realization in this world? Only the people who rationalize themselves, and who have read all kinds of books of the world, are going to get Realization? You must know that it is very difficult if you have too much of ego in this to get into that. As Christ has said that it is very difficult for the rich to enter into the kingdom of God as a camel to go through the hole of a needle. It’s the simple people who are wise who get Realization much faster.

For example, in an Indian village if you want to see there are six thousand people in one place where I go, they come from all other places from miles together. There are always in thousands and they get Realization just like that because they are wise. They do not try to rationalize God and also organize it. And they get it. But I was in Portugal or in Spain, very disappointing. They asked Me thousand-and-one questions and I had to work on every individual.

In this whole of Paris, only such so many people are seekers? To Me it’s the same. But very few people really seek in the West. They are ego oriented. They like people who pamper their ego or hypnotize. They run after people who try to fake God, who take their money, take all they have, they spoil their Kundalini and damage them completely. But they are so mesmerized that then they do not rationalize. So I get people who come to me damaged and those who are identified with those people who have damaged them. There is a devil and an anti-Christ who is working it out and you play with it. And there is another type who come to Me who try to rationalize. Both are not good for Sahaja Yoga.

With no mental activity, you can get this Kundalini rise, no physical activity, you can make this Kundalini rise. She knows everything. She is love and she knows a true and a pure love. She is your chastity. She is your holiness still non-manifested, extremely unhappy by the way you have used your freedom. I’ve seen the Kundalini in the most miserable state. She just goes on in desperation, banging her head. Many people have holes in the Kundalini and wounds. These are to be repaired in love and care. But, very few really love themselves and have self-esteem and they do not believe that they are the Spirit, that they are the beauty, they are the joy, they are all the dynamic powers of Divine love.

Now the world is standing at the precipice of construction or destruction. You have to understand yourself, that you have to become your Spirit. No use doing this or that, becoming is the point. Some people have their gurus who have given them no knowledge, no light, they are like blind sheep following their way to Hell. They have to rise and awake to the fact, to know: “What have we achieved?” What powers have you achieved? When you get this power, you can cure people, you can cure the mental people. And you become peaceful and joyful. The time has come for your transformation. You’d better take it. When the transformation comes you’ll become a different person like a cocoon becomes the caterpillar. The caterpillar becomes the- the cocoon of the caterpillar becomes the butterfly. Like the egg becomes the bird. But still, some points of the egg are hanging. So you have to go to transmutation. Both things are achieved by the Kundalini rising. First, she transforms you and then she transmutes you. She does the job and not your mental activity.

When you think, a though rises within you from the past and goes – say from the past or anywhere, from the future- and goes into past. Then another though rises and falls back. Now, you can see the rising of the thought but not the fall. And in between these two there’s a gap, that’s very little, that is the present. You actually jump from here to here, to here to here, all the-what you call them, [inaudible] the ridge, and so that you lose complete contact with this. Some inspiration sometimes drops into you from the Unconscious. But you are not capable to judge it. And that’s how you go on living blind life. If I have to write about the advantages of getting Self-realization, it will be such a big book a real Bible. How can you describe everything? Only thing is that is what you are, this beautiful diamond which I see in you, which you have to be. Do not have any barriers between you, any aggression. Have no barriers of your ego. Try to get your Realization.

It’s very difficult in the West but it works out. In England, I have about seven people, one of them is this Marie, [laughter] who took four years to get established in their Self. Realization is easy but to establish is not easy. After Realization, you should know the technique of handling the Divine Power. As after connecting this to the mains you should know about all the buttons, how to work it out. Because without connection what’s the use of knowing? It is straight forward, simple. But we are complicated, it doesn’t matter, it will work out. You have to have patience.

I will be giving three lectures in Paris, two, two lectures in Paris. The second one is on?

Marie: Friday here, same time.

Shri Mataji: All right. I hope you will all come again on time. Even if you get your Realization, you have to establish it. You all are seekers for ages. And unless and until you find out your Self, you are not going to be happy. I don’t know French, but in English, there is a poet who has written about these times, William Blake*. He said that: “Men of God will become prophets in these times. And these prophets will have the special capacity to make others prophets.” And this [inaudible] England which is lethargic and is going down, will become the Jerusalem. He has mentioned lots of things which are exactly the same [in “Milton”]. Like he said the first lights will be seen and shine in Surrey’s hills. I stayed in Surrey’s hills. We started our first centre in Lambeth’s Vale where I laid the foundations. And it’s written the foundations will begin in Lambeth’s Vale.

So, logically- [End of tape]

*(about William Blake)