Four types of Yoga

Salle Hardouineau, Orléans (France)

1981-09-10 Public Program Orleans NITL HD, 30'
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Public Program Day 2

So any questions please?
Question: She would like to know exactly what the Sahaja Yoga means because she said I was explaining. She thinks it would apply to any Yoga.
Shri Mataji: There are four types of Yoga described so far, by Shri Krishna, because he was a diplomat and He was very aware that people are stupid. He tried to befool them. Because they won’t accept anything straightforward. So the first one He said that is Gyana Yoga, means you achieve it and you become the knowledge. The second one, He says, is Karma Yoga, which means that whatever you do you leave it at the Lotus Feet of God. But that is not possible, is an absurd condition. You can’t just do it. Because as long as you have ego, you are just mentally thinking like that, but you are not really doing it. You have to do something; then you know you are doing it. Only when you get your Realization, then only you say it is going, is coming the energy. Then you don’t say, “I do”.
See, for example you have a brother. You will say, “All right, I will try if I can give him realization.” Then he doesn’t get the realization, supposing. Then I can’t help it. He doesn’t need. It doesn’t work out. You talk the third case. That means you are not identified with “I”. You don’t say, “I did not do”. So without realization if you say that whatever work I do is to serve the Lord, is a myth, is a myth. Because you are still with your ego. You are just doing it to please your ego. And you expect something to happen. You expect, you always expect something to happen. If it does not happen you feel that you have not achieved.
For example, today we have so few people here. I’m not bothered. What can I do? If people don’t have sense, wisdom, thinking, you cannot force them. Today I saw three people sitting on the bench of the road. Perhaps they were seriously discussing there is a catastrophe expected in 1983. He was quite excited. It’s quite enchanting, you see, that there is a catastrophe. And they were saying tha,: “In any case we are going to be destroyed. So why not talk about this?” But if you tell them that you can be saved, they don’t want to do it. So, those who believe that whatever they do it is at the Lotus Feet of God is all wrong, is all mythical. They are all wrong. They really live in fool’s paradise.
Now, the another thing He told is about Bhakt -Yoga, is worshipping God. So He says, in Bhakti Yoga He has used a very interesting word called Ananya. So He said that if you do Ananya Bhakti, then that is perfect. But Ananya means when you are connected with it, when you are one with it. So those who go on praying to God without connection are like people who are telephoning without connection. He said it but in a very clever way. Because people who are ego, full of ego, are idiotic, you see. And He said that if you cannot [unclear: take, make] out the butter in a straight way, you have to bend the finger like this. That’s what He did.
The fourth thing He has described is the Raja Yoga. There is described that something should happen something within us, and there’s a tree of life, and that when it happens then only you get connected.
Now we have another thing which is described, [that] is Hatha Yoga. That was at Patanjali, is about, say, much before Krishna. About, say, seven thousand years back. That time the people lived in a different way. For twenty-five years they led absolute celibate life in a university. And the university was governed by a very highly realized soul with other teachers who were also realized souls. But the pupils there were not made celibate. They were innocent, kept innocent by innocence around, with the atmosphere. Till today even you can’t marry among the same university people. That’s called as Gotra. So Hatha Yoga was the Yoga of these two Kundalinis, the two channels, Ha and Tha, means the Surya Nadi and Chandra Nadi, means sun channel and moon channel. You have told them about it. All right, these Nadis you see there, too, one for your desire, one for your action. So they tried first of all to cleanse these nadis by doing things which were auspicious, like not going to extremes, leading a good life, keeping your attention on God. And then the main thing was Ishwara pranidhan, means the establishment of God in your heart, means realization. After realization they would go into other things.
But this modern Western Hatha Yoga is one sixteenth of what it is really the whole. It has to be done when you are absolutely celibate, before marriage. You should not even have adulterous eyes, so innocent you should be. And these people are just doing physical exercises without even understanding which one is needed for which center, which chakra, nothing. They have no knowledge. It is like drinking all the pharmacy in your stomach without understanding. Moreover, if you pay so much attention to your body, you become emotionally very, very bad. You may develop a stone-like heart. You could be very hot-tempered. Because you don’t pay any attention to your Spirit, you might get a heart attack. In the West people are naive about it. In India nobody does this kind of extreme things; nobody does, except for people who are westernized. The westernized people try to behave like you people do. They see hippies; so they become hippies. They don’t know why. If you take drugs, they take drugs. If you drink, they drink. They will pay any amount to get scotch, say, for example. You see, they have become stupid. So, in the villages people are very, very sensible and wise.
Imagine, if I go to any village in India, there would nothing short six to eight thousand people, coming from miles together on bullock carts. They don’t have radios, they don’t have any newspaper, but how the news spreads. Just like the bees know about the flowers, they come from miles. Here people are so ego-oriented. They haven’t got anything so far. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve been many a times in France, also. In India I only hardly go for two years. One year I was in America, useless people. They liked to do guru shopping. They go to a supermarket of gurus, paying everywhere money. So much foolish! How are we to talk to them?
Then I came to London because My husband got elected. I go to India hardly for two months every year. We have thousands in India. These have seen them. All of them have seen them. But here, whatever you may do, nobody is bothered. They are only depending on the catastrophe to call all the problems. So there is only one thing that has to happen, is the germination of your Kundalini. But you have to have somebody from the Divine to do it. It is all prophesized in Indian scriptures. Even William Blake* has prophesized about Me. Of course, England is better than anywhere else. But in India people know Me. They know what it is. About Christ people knew before [Me], it was all prophesized. But these horrible Jews and Arabian, all these people crucified Him. They wouldn’t accept Him. But this time you better have it. Because God is not going to forgive. You get your realization first, develop yourself, and see with [HUMILITY, SERENITY, SPLENDIDLY], become your Self, and then you can give it to others also. So get out of this ego business.
First of all you cannot give Me anything. I’ve not come here to take anything from you. You are more impressed by people who take money because you think you have bought something. Give up this attitude of shopping. There is nothing selling here. You have to have something which is your own, that is in your heart. People mesmerize you and take away all your money, everything, and you go after such people. There was a guru called Rajneesh. He said he is God. And thousand and thousand were looted in India. He could not smell a flower, as he used to get asthma. It is said that God is fond of flowers. He could not bear this scent. And it is said that God is fond of this scent. He could not see the light, fire. Look at him! And there were thousand going from France. Lots of French men were there, mostly French and Japanese. Because he was anti-Christ. He told them that he can have mass sex, so they were very happy. And all these dirty things he taught them. Now he got paralysis; he couldn’t speak. He has to run away. God has fled now. He went to, he went to, what place God knows, he is lost. But yesterday there was a girl wearing his [unclear: pink silk, thing still]. I told her, “What has happened? Take it out.” She said, “What is to do with this? This, after all, if it means nothing, so why to worry?” That’s a plastic thing. But she must have paid about hundred pounds, I’m sure. So she doesn’t want to give up. It is poison. But she has paid so she must wear it, whether it is poison.
Ego makes your intelligence also very blind. It cannot see. Your heart becomes also very, very, this thing, like a stone. Heart becomes like a stone. You can’t love. You can’t trust other. It’s a very bad curse, because you cannot know that you are wrong. The ideal ego was Hitler. It is like that.
So let us try to get realization, get connected with God, so that you get the knowledge. Not rationally, but on your sensitivity, about collective living, about collective life, to become a super human being. Now whatever you will do, it goes at the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Now you sing the praise and He hears you. A rapport is established. You ask God, “Is there God?” and you will get the cool breeze. That is how He shows. You must ask for reality and don’t live with falsehood. I’ve told last time to the Orleans people that Last Judgment has started. Your Kundalini when she rises, she teaches you how to judge yourself and then She teaches you. She teaches you. You should know how to correct. And if you do not do it, you will be at a loss. The first thing is cancer. Second thing is lunacy. All kind of things can happen on both the sides. This is the problem people should know. The catastrophe is not going to come from outside; it is going to come from within. I told them, but see today how many people have come. This is the problem. All right? May God bless you.
So this is the spontaneous happening of the living God. This is a happening, actual happening. And if I’m doing that to masses, then there must be something about Me. But I’m not going to say I’m God or anything. You better find out who I am. That’s a better thing. If I say anything, your ego will come out. That’s what happened when Christ said that, “I’m the Son of God.” So I’m not going to say anything. It’s a mystery. But you’ll discover later on. All right? Now, any other question? Then we can start.
Don’t bring in other people, because if I say you won’t like. He got into France through this woman. When she died, she had such big, big diamonds. But from where did she get it? She had a huge, big villa here in Paris. And her son has now sued the ashram to get all the jewelries back. Horrible things have happened. There is one big officer who was put in jail because of her, because he has lot of [UNCLEAR]. She used to say that if you have to come to her ashram you must give all her assets, all your assets to her. Why should you live on other people’s money? You are a parasite if you do that. She has given lots of physical problems to all these people. And in the ashram now people have found out this is horrible. So don’t bring in people.
There are real people also. They don’t take any money. They live in the forest. But if they come out, people try to kill them. People are always against real people. They like false people because false people are good at pampering ego. So forget it.

Now any confusion? What’s the matter? How are you? How are you feeling? How are you? Better, ha? Now put your left arm towards me and right hand up.

*(about William Blake)