In the optic chiasma there is a very small center where Christ is existing

Paris (France)


Public Program, day 3, Paris (France), 11 September 1981.

…Because the tree of life has reached a stage where it has created a human being who is a seeker, not all, but many of them, are in a special category of seeking. Say, about a hundred years back, people were busy seeking power, overpowering other countries, mobilizing all their energies in enjoying their overpowering and the rest of the world was under slavery. Then the power game shifted to more, we can say, the material or possession game. The industrial revolution took place and people started converting matter into different forms. And then came a time when people thought of playing emotional games and I told you how there was a rise of Hitler who was anti-God and how he made the Jews suffer because Jews believed in suffering. They did not believe in God or Christ and they did not believe in Christ, because Christ had already suffered. So they thought that “If we accept Christ, then we cannot say we are suffering” and so they said “We have to suffer.”

That we call as a collective superego activity in which a person wants suffering. Masochism. So a sadist like Hitler came into power and they suffered. Now we have to know that Christ came on this Earth to suffer for us once for all. Now we don’t have to suffer any more. Those intellectuals who talk of this nonsense of sufferings themselves make others suffer by their nonsense. After the Advent of Christ only thing you have to do was to awaken Christ within you, Who would suck all your past and all your future, all your karmas and conditionings and all your desires.

Christ came on this Earth at this point of our awareness, at this point. In the optic chiasma there is a very small center where Christ is existing. This center is very important. Is the door, is the door to the Kingdom of… in between here is the Kingdom of God, the limbic area. You have to just enter into that Kingdom of Heaven by entering through the narrow door or gate which was held by Christ. The method, the technique of awakening Christ was living technique. It is spontaneous. It is evolutionary. It is not that you can think about it and rationalize it. It is not that you can say that we can activate it, or manipulate it, or organize it. It is not in your hands. It is not your area; is the area of the Divine. Like a flower becoming a fruit, is not your area.

You becoming a human being is not your area. What effort did you put in to become a human being? If you can realize that point that it is beyond human control, that God’s grace can only work it out, you would not indulge into any techniques which are dead. Like, it would be like offering a one franc to this flower to become the fruit. So we should not live in absurd ideas. We should come logically to the point that if the Divine Power is living, it has to be spontaneous. With your mental activity you can create atom bombs, neutron bombs and all kinds of problems, but you cannot create evolution. And the mass evolution you can never achieve by organizing in the name of God. You cannot organize God. He organizes you. He does everything. Very difficult for the modern ego to accept such a situation. They prefer to go round the shopping to find out something by which they can pay money and satisfy their egos that they are seeking. I verily say to you, these are all false prophets and anti-Christ. Be very careful about them.

You cannot make money in the name of God. And those who believe who can pay for God should know they can never enter into the Kingdom of God. Second thing is that you cannot use your physical power to achieve God. Within us lies the power of our germination, here. We have that power within us. Every seed has the primula. You put the seed in the Mother Earth. With her warmth the seed germinates spontaneously. You don’t have to go and stand on the head for the seed to germinate. Is the easiest thing to germinate a seed. But, say, about of thousand of years back when people did not know how to do germination, it might have been very difficult to them. When they found out that the Mother Earth can germinate they started doing all kinds of agriculture.

And Krishna came on this center of yours. He talked of collectivity. He is called Krishna, means the One who is come to do the soil. “Krishi” means soil. So He sowed the seed of seeking within us, seed of Kundalini within us, in the sense that the seeking was sown within us at this point when the man raised his head above. And He said in His Gita that “The one that is never dying, eternal, is your Spirit.” That Spirit resides in your heart. And one has to achieve that Spirit. And to achieve that Spirit, in the very outset He said “You have to become.” He was not a shopkeeper who says first the useless things and then the real things. He absolutely, straightforward, He said that “You have to become.”

But Arjuna was an intellectual and a mediocre, His disciple. He couldn’t understand that, “If I have to become something, then why He is saying I should to go to war?” He also believed, like all intellectuals do, that everybody is Christ. Even Christ has said that it is not so. He always talked about the evil, about the Satan. He talked about the fake gurus. He said that “Don’t throw your pearls before the swines” and He took a hunter in His hand to hit the people who were selling God in the church. So Arjuna was dodged by Krishna because he would not come straightforward. He asked a question: “Here You are saying you have to become that and there you are saying you have to fight these evil doers.” So Krishna said “All right.” He gave a very tricky thing. To a complicated man you must give a complicated thing to confuse him. He was an Incarnation. He was the Incarnation of diplomacy. That was also six thousand years back. So he said “All right, you go to war and whatever you do, put at the Lotus Feet of God.” This is the best way to befool a complicated person. So the complicated one believes that “I’m doing this work and serving the Lord.” He believes in his ignorance because intelligence cheats itself. So he very nicely believes that “Whatever I do, I do it at the Lotus Feet of God. I offer it there.”

But it’s not true. One is deceiving oneself. As long as there is ego in your brain, whatever you may do, you will know that, you will feel, you will identify that you are doing it. Only when this ego is sucked in, then you say “It is happening. It is flowing.” Like the sun shines. It is just shining because that is its nature. It is emitting because that is its nature. When you will become your nature, the Spirit, everything will emit. You will not know that you are doing it. You have to become a hollow personality. But Krishna wanted to complicate it.

Second point He said that “There is another way you can worship. Worship Me and everything will be all right”, He said. But He did not say that “You directly worship Me”. He said “Ananya bhakti”. Again a twist. Ananya means when there is not the other, when there is a connection established. That means you have to become. Without becoming there is no use telephoning. No connection with God. The connection has to be established. I’ve heard people, I’ve seen people writing so many bhakti songs. They are saying “Hare Rama, hare Krishna” everywhere, like mad, like abnormal. In that London, on a street they stand like foolish people and beg and sing the praise of Shri Krishna, completely defacing Him. They live on beggary. Now are you going to become beggars after this? Are going to become mad people dancing on the street, getting throat cancers? What do you expect yourself to be when you become?

The fourth thing He said that “There is an arrangement within you, Raja Yoga, which goes into play”. This is that arrangement within you. He says “The tree is upside down”. That is what it is within you all, the tree of life. This is the tree of life which is described in the Bible. So all these four things that He said are one. That is, within us is placed this great mechanism which spontaneously works out our Self-realization, becoming, by which your karmas or your actions become spontaneous and you get connected with God. So you are – your bhakti has some meaning. Your devotion has some meaning.

Krishna was all right. Six thousand years back He only talked to one Arjuna. And since then people have been writing criticisms and criticisms and books after books on Gita and there are at least five hundred books written recently only, recently. This is the complication we are facing all the time. And we should get out of it.

Christ came on this Earth, as I told you, to fulfill what Krishna has said, that it cannot be killed, it cannot be crucified, it cannot be blown away with wind, it is eternal. That’s why He came and Resurrection is the sign of His proving what Krishna said, because He was Divine Love. Then Christianity came. They made a nice jam out of Christ also. They can never understand. To understand the tomfoolery of Christianity you should go and talk to a Jew. And if you want to know about the stupidity of Jews, go and talk to a Muslim. And if you want to know the stupidity of the Muslims, go and ask a Hindu. They all think they are the wisest going round, the fanatics.

How could there be fanaticism in God? This is the madness in which today we are. One side we have the fanatics; the other side we have who do not believe in God. A boy from Algeria came to see Me, very well educated and he told Me that fundamentalists are coming in Algeria and the young people are now taking to communism. So imagine all the old fanatics on one side and all the reactionaries young on the other side. And truth is lost somewhere there. This boy got his Realization. He went and told them that “There is God. We have to first see the blessings of our Spirit. Unless and until you have enlightenment you cannot know anything about God.”

At the time of Buddha, when He came about 2000 years back, when He searched all over the places and He got tired. He exists here, near the ego. He got His Realization and He didn’t talk of God. Because He thought that “Why talk of the further step? And people are so ego-oriented that if you tell them ‘You have to surrender to God’, they say ‘No’, so better not talk of God at all. Just talk of the Spirit”. And He said that “Everything is a thought for the time being”. When you are below this center, there are thoughts in your mind. Beyond this when you go there is no thought. So just to bring down the ego-oriented to the point of Realization, to bring them to logical conclusion that you must have Self-Realization, He very cleverly avoided God.

You have to do it. What to do? The only concern of all these people is that you should find yourself in the Kingdom of God. But how the small children are to be goaded to it? First they talked of all these chakras and their Deities in there and they said “Worship the Deity”. So they started rituals. They created Gods, reproduced them and started worshipping them. So as a reaction to that, they started talking of an abstract God. Whether you talk of the material God or about the abstract God, whether you talk about the flower or the honey, you just talk. You have to become the bee to get the honey. You cannot get the honey just by saying or talking about honey. So everything becomes a talk.

People very religiously sit down and discuss God. It’s most surprising for Me. You have to become. It’s an actualization. It’s a real baptism you must have. It is your right to have it. You are seeking that alone and nothing else. You have to get it within yourself. If you cannot get it, then you are not going to be a happy person. Don’t run after falsehood. Ask for the Reality and the Reality is that the Spirit resides within your heart. You don’t have to travel for that. Guru Nanaka has said “O, mad man, where are you traveling? It is in your heart. You just wait. It will work out. Balance yourself. Lead a balanced life. Don’t go to extremes”. Same Moses said, same Abraham said, same Lao Tse said, same Mohamed said. Everybody has said the same thing.

In the early days of human history there were only very, very few people and it was prophesized many times that in these modern times, the Kali Yuga, many seekers will be born, many men of God will be born and they will become prophets and not mad and lunatics or bankrupts, but prophets and they will have a special quality by which they will make others the prophets. This has to happen. The time has come. It is your own birth right to have it. There is nothing else that you will ask for. So have patience with yourself, for it is very easy to raise the Kundalini in you, firstly because there is a bank balance. I have to cash it. Secondly you deserve it. Is very important to understand, there is nothing selling here. Without the light, without the eyes you cannot see anything. This has to happen.

This is spontaneous, Sahaja. Saha means with; ja means born. It’s born with you. All this is born with you. These centers are the step-stones or, you can say, the milestones of your evolution. This is where you became carbon, the first one, is the matter which is innocent. So this is the innocence. This centre controls four sub-plexuses. It is innocent and it is for your excretion. Now be careful to see that this is placed under the Kundalini, not above. Now this power, when it rises, it doesn’t pierce through this. So the one that controls the sex has nothing to do with your evolution. Those who believe that God can be achieved by sex perversion are anti-Christ. Christ has said that “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes”. But He never said you have nunneries and an absurd, abnormal life, but a normal, majestic life of married life, of majesty and dignity.

This type of people who try to put sex on Kundalini get into terrible troubles in themselves, because the Deity of this center reacts violently with anger. This Deity is sitting here to look after the chastity of your Holy Mother, that is, Kundalini. You cannot touch the Kundalini. Unholy people, who are not authorized by God, when they try all such dirty tricks, they get into trouble and those on whom they try, they also get into trouble. Such people suffer. You know that, what’s happening to such people already. There is one big guru who has been hit on his neck and he can’t speak and he’s run away.

Now the second center that we have here is for our seeking, when we became living things. And Deity here is for our sustenance, means our evolutionary quality. Like the gold has an untarnishable quality, human beings have certain higher qualities than animals. Animals can bear filth, but human beings cannot. So when they start seeking, they start developing their different qualities.

Now these different qualities develop in a human being in ten ways. We can say these are the ten commandments in every God, religion, any scripture. Now these are looked after by a Deity called the Primordial Master. He incarnates again and again and tries to give us a balance and tries to keep us in the center.

The third center that comes out of the second one is of action. When we seek, we start putting it into our action. It moves like this: this side is our physical seeking and this side is our mental seeking and this side is emotional seeking. Now when we start using it only for our physical and mental thing, we neglect our emotional side, or we worry too much about emotions, then we neglect our right side. So there is an imbalance. For example, a person who is very busy, supposed to be, running a rat race, I would say, he eats, he takes his breakfast standing and runs fast. Immediately he works on this side and there is a very important organ called as spleen which goes into action. When he eats, it is already in action. Then it moves into another activity. Then it goes into another action. Such a person makes this poor spleen crazy. And such a crazy spleen creates a very, very serious disease called as blood cancer. Cancer is a disease for the people who are crazy.